The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 6 - Man in the Mirror - full transcript

Toby faces a mentally unstable suspect in the murder investigation of a psychiatrist.

I tell ya, this is real nice,

us getting together to have breakfast.

It seems like we've
all been so busy lately,

we haven't had the chance lately to just...

Catch up.

Yeah, it's the sparkling
conversation I miss the most.

Sorry, this oatmeal is really good.

- Hmm.
- Right?!

This is the best I've ever had.
And I don't usually like spinach.

Well, I can't take all the credit for it.

Or any, really. I mean,
it was my cousin, the chef,

he came in early to
try out some new dishes.

Why would you do that? You
guys are gonna change the menu?

Well, the food sales haven't been
quite as brisk as the bar, so...

thought we'd switch things up a little bit.

- Is it paying off?
- Well, I mean, you tell me.

The food's great, right? It's getting
the word out that's the problem.

It's a shame, you know. Food
this good deserves attention.


You know what? I'm gonna
talk to David Fickler,

the restaurant critic at my paper.

Are you serious? You think you could
get him to review the restaurant?

I mean, I can't make any promises, but...

- He owes me a favour.
- Oh, my God, I've got to tell

my cousin. It's gonna blow his mind.

After breakfast of course.
I wouldn't want to interrupt

this wonderful conversation
that we're all having.

- Go, go, go!
- Thank you. You're amazing.

Fantastic. That's wonderful.


- Yo, it's open!
- Come on, man.

Forget about it, let's go!

Stop! Police!

- Oh, jeez.
- Police! Hold it right there!

Dispatch, we've got a 10-44

at Clarkswell and Monument. I need a team.

When I was a paramedic, I responded
to a lot of late-night calls out here.

You don't want to be
wandering out here after dark.

Not much better during day.

- Hey, good timing.
- Do we have an ID?

We do. Dental records are a match.

Her name is Rachel Westbrooke, a
prominent psychiatrist in the city.

- A long way from uptown.
- Anyone know she was missing?

A colleague called it in when she didn't
show up for work a couple of days ago.

And... judging by the state of
the body, she'd been in the trunk

for most, if not all, of that time.

A uniformed officer found the body

when he was investigating
a B and E on the car.

- Cause of death?
- She was stabbed

multiple times in the abdomen.

We'll know more when we
get the autopsy results.

- This isn't her car, is it?
- No.

The car belongs to a...

Jason Varden.

No relation to the victim
as far as we can tell,

but we're still looking for him.

Well, these parking
tickets date back a week,

so the car must have been
here when the body was dumped.

Murder weapon was a broken bottle.

We found it in a trash can.

- Any prints?
- Nothing useful,

but I did rescue some personal
effects from the trunk though.

Let's see: baseball glove,

blankets, jumper cables,

a pair of men's eyeglasses.

None appear to belong to the victim.

- What about a purse?
- Haven't found one yet.

You think this was random?
Maybe a mugging gone wrong?

Or someone wanted it to look that way.

- Was she married?
- Unmarried. Parents deceased. No siblings.

The colleague who called it in was...

Dr. Mallory Kesler.

I know of her. I'm a fan
of her book Mind-field.

It examines how cell brain
activity relates to mental health.

It was a total game changer.

I know what to get you for Christmas.

Here to see Dr. Kesler.

Marcus, hi.

Make yourself comfortable,
and I'll be right in.

Thank you.

Dr. Kesler, I'm Sergeant McCluskey.

This is Special Consultant
Logan. We're with the IIB.

Of course. You're here about Rachel.

We just heard. It's...

devastating to say the least.

When she didn't show up for her sessions,

Dr. Lowry and I, both feared the worst.

Was it unusual for her to miss work?

She's never missed a day
as long as I've known her.

Many of our patients rely on routine.

So Dr. Lowry and I have been

covering her sessions as well as our own.

Was that gentleman one of her patients?

Yes, um... Marcus Simms.

He's a lovely man.

He's been with Dr. Westbrooke for years.

I'm hoping I can help him move past this.

You seem to be handling
this all pretty well.

Not really.

It's textbook abnegation.

I'm still in denial.

Do you know if Dr.
Westbrooke had any enemies?

God, no. She was loved by everyone.

Wish people respected me half as much

as they respected her.

- Were you two friends?
- Great friends.

She had a really big heart.

And I would have done anything for her.

Your findings are solid.
You have to publish this.

Thank you. You're the best.

Was Dr. Lowry close with her as well?

I really shouldn't speak for Nate.

But he should be back
from lunch any minute,

if you don't mind waiting.

Yeah. Do you mind showing
us Dr. Westbrooke's office?

No, not at all.

Here you are.

- Take your time.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

No computer.

Really, not much in the
way of personal effects.

- What's that?
- Appointment book.

Last entry the day she disappeared. "H.H."

- That's it? Just the initials?
- Yeah.

Pardon me.

- I'm Dr. Nate Lowry.
- Toby Logan. IIB.

Hi. Mallory mentioned that
you wanted to speak with me

- about Rachel.
- Yeah. I'm so sorry

- about your colleague.
- Thank you.

Can you think of anyone who
may have wanted to harm her?

No, no. She was an amazing woman.

- Did you guys get along?
- Oh yeah, we were very close.

- Your patients deserve better.
- You stay out of my business.

This has nothing to do with you.

Was there a recent argument?

Everyone has disagreements
from time to time.

Rachel was... She was very passionate.

She was...

I'm sorry, this is all very fresh.

Do you have any idea why she was
in Parkdale last Friday evening?

No. I can't imagine what
business brought her there.

Do you know if she had a boyfriend?

Rachel was married to her
work. It's all she had.

Thank you.

So you think Lowry's hiding something?

He downplayed his relationship with
the victim. I'd say that qualifies.

I spoke with the owner of
the car Westbrooke's body

was found in. I confirmed he had
been out of town all week on business.

He recognized all of the items
in the trunk except for one.

Said he'd never seen the glasses.

Okay, well, we know
Westbrooke didn't wear glasses,

- so maybe they belonged to the killer.
- Sent to Alex for analysis.

You find anything interesting
at Westbrooke's apartment?

It's what we didn't find
that was the most interesting.

There's no laptop, no cell phone.

I did find this though.

It's a phone list of Westbrooke's patients.

- Look at this. Harvey Holden.
- H.H. That's Westbrooke's

last appointment. You got
an address on this guy?

Yeah. He's in an apartment
building on Fuller Avenue.

- Near where the body was found.
- That's why she was there.

- She was making a house call.
- Let's go.

Oh! Well, well, well!

Twice in one day. At this rate
I'll have to start charging you.

I'm not eating.

Oh, maybe I'll take a dessert
to go, but that's not why

I came by. I wanted to give
you the good news in person.

The critic? The critic is
coming to review the restaurant?

The food critic's gonna
come review the restaurant.

That's amazing! When's he coming?

He's coming tomorrow, but I can't
give you any other information.

What? No, no, I need details.

- No.
- How he's look like?

Does he have any allergies?
Will he accept a bribe?

What's the going rate
for a bribe these days?

Can I bribe him with a gift certificate?

I've already said too much. Critics
like to be as anonymous as possible

to make sure they get the real experience.

Yeah, okay. Alright. But let me repay you.

Please. You name it. Anything I can do!

- Dessert menu.
- Yes, okay. Great! Rebecca,

can you get this young lady all
of the tiramisu she wants, please?

I don't want...

- Ahmed!
- Okay...

Thank you so much for taking the time

to speak with us, Mr. Holden.

No, I welcome the company.
Just watch your step.

Excuse the mess.

Since I left the
university, my books, art...

and papers have become my only companions.

Well, we're here to talk about one of
your other companions, Dr. Westbrooke.

Something's happened to her, hasn't it?

What makes you say that?

She never misses our appointments.

We found her in the trunk of a car.

I'm sorry. I know this
must be very difficult.


I just lost the one person
that makes my life bearable.

Were you pretty close to Dr. Westbrooke.

She was my only friend.

... Followed her every move...

Did you ever hope for
anything more than friendship?

No. Of course not. It wasn't like that.

- That's private! Don't touch!
- What are you doing with this?

There's nothing in here but Dr. Westbrooke.

I followed her accomplishments.

Do you wear glasses?

Reading glasses. What does
that got to do with anything?

I think we should continue this
conversation down at our office.

Please. We were friends.

She trusted me. I helped her with her work.

You can come on your own accord
or we can get an arrest warrant.

- The choice is yours.
- I can't. Please!


- Please! Oh!
- Hey!

Mr. Holden, come here. Sit down.

When was the last time
you left your apartment?

Five years.

Don't worry, we're not
gonna make you go anywhere.

There's no way that he
killed Dr. Westbrooke.

He's agoraphobic.

Autopsy report places her time of death

around 50 hours, before her body was found.

- Defensive wounds?
- None.

She likely didn't see the killer
coming until it was too late.

Or she knew her killer,
and her guard was down.

The results on the glasses are
back. The lenses are prescription,

so the owner probably wore them regularly.

- Fingerprints?
- There was a partial,

but we couldn't find it in the database.

So unless one of our suspects starts
bumping into walls, we have nothing.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Let's go.

Hey guys, wait up, I got something for you.

A killer wrapped in a bow?

Nothing as extravagant,
but I think you'll like it.

- Bank statements?
- Yeah. I did some digging

on Dr. Lowry. Turns out
he has a private account

set up for just one specific transaction.

- Where's the money coming from?
- Cooper-Weiss Pharmaceuticals.

Yeah. They've been making
the same monthly deposit

into that account for the past 26 months.

Sounds like they have
Lowry in their back pocket.

- If Westbrooke found out...
- Then that might explain

- the argument that you saw.
- Right. Exactly. That, my friends,

- is what you call motive.
- Well, let's go see

if Lowry's partnership
with the drug company

was a deal worth killing over. Thanks, Dev.

What exactly is it that
you're accusing me of here?

We just wanna ask you a couple of questions

about your relationship with
Cooper-Weiss pharmaceuticals.

Wouldn't your time be better spent

looking into Dr. Westbrooke's murder?

This is part of that investigation.

What could my private financial
dealings possibly have to do with it?

Wish she'd never found out about it.

Can you tell us about the monthly payments.

I'm not doing anything illegal.

And that's all I care to say on
the matter without a lawyer present.

I'm changing your prescription
to something more effective.

Cooper-Weiss manufactures
Dinoxipan, don't they?

See, we know that you've
been shilling for them.

It's the new wonder drug, especially suited

to easing the symptoms
of anxiety and depression.

Some new drugs need an extra push

to get to a wider market.
But I would never prescribe it

to any patient who
wouldn't benefit from it.

No, of course. You're just
thinking about your patients, right?

This has nothing to do
with your bank account.

Dr. Westbrooke found out about
this arrangement, didn't she?

This is the professional
disagreement you mentioned.

She objected on ethical grounds,

but I wasn't breaking any laws.

She was... disappointed.

- Does Dr. Kesler know about this arrangement.
- If she did, I'd have heard.

- Why is that?
- She dedicated

an entire chapter of her book
to her belief that big pharma

are the bottom-feeders
of the medical world.

She equates them to parasites.
For me, it's just business.

Okay, those are good. I would
do those limes a little thinner.

Hey Rebecca, what's with
the... The back of your hair

looks like, I don't know, it
looks like someone sat on it.

You know what? Why don't
you focus on your own hair.

- Whoa! Rude.
- Okay. You look like Elvis... Elvis

- I was going for. I'm sorry.
- Elvis.

It's not... It's just the stress
of the situation. I'm sorry.

Hey, Oz, what's up?

I'll tell you what's up.
You're a crime reporter, right?

I'd like to report a crime.
A crime that your food critic

does not have a single picture
of himself on the internet.

I told you, he likes to stay anonymous.

I bet he does. I also found
out every new restaurant

he gave a bad review to
shut down within 3 months.

Maybe this is a bad
idea. Why don't you call

the whole thing off? Tell
him I changed my mind.

- It doesn't work like that.
- Oh, God. What do I do here?

What about a grease fire?

You know what I mean? Start a
little grease fire in the kitchen?

Shut down the place for 3 weeks?
Lay low. Reopen as a hookah bar.

Huh? Or a sweat shop. No
one reviews sweat shops.

Oz, you're being... Oz.

Did you just use my name as an adjective

to describe what I'm doing right
now? I'm a little insulted by that.

- Also a little flattered actually.
- Sit down. Come sit.

- Just...
- Use watch it with the napkins, please.

- Okay?
- No.

- Fork is a little dusty.
- Just put it down. Put down the fork.

Take a deep breath. You
have nothing to worry about.

Your menu is wonderful.

Your place is wonderful.

We gotta change it. Rebecca,
we gotta change all this.

- Change what?
- This. Are you blind?

I'm sorry, but all of this
needs to change. Immediately.

- Please. I said please. Right?
- Yeah.

It's not you, it's me.

Clearly. Right? It's not
your issue. I'm sorry.

What I said about your hair, that was rude.

You stare at the screen so
long without going cross-eyed?

I guess that's my superpower.

It's not as cool as yours, sure, but...

You find anything suspicious
on any of the security cams?

Nothing that points to our killer, but

I was able to confirm something.

Okay, there. That is Westbrooke
leaving Bloordale Station,

- 8:40 pm last Friday.
- She has a bag with her.

Which more than likely
contains a wallet, cell phone,

laptop. And since we didn't
find them at the crime scene,

there's a high probability
that the killer took them.

Oh, hey, ooh. Can you freeze the image?

Guy right there. I recognize that guy.

That's Marcus.

The patient from Kesler's office.

Marcus, can you explain to us

what you were doing at the Bloordale
Station, last Friday evening?

I, uh, I don't remember.

It'll be okay, Nick promised...

Just tell them the truth
and they'll let me go...

You weren't alone, were you?
Was someone else with you?

I, I don't know.

I don't know anything.

Shut up. Trying to help.
It's okay. Shut up. It's okay.

- Dr. Kesler I presume.
- You must be Detective Becker.

Staff Inspector actually. This way.

I just got word that one of my
patients, Marcus Simms, was picked up

and brought here for
questioning. Is that accurate?

I cannot divulge that information.

Well, if it is true, you need
to release him immediately.

Whatever information you get
from him won't hold up in court.

Why is that exactly?

I told you that I don't know anything.

Okay, I don't know why
you won't listen to me.

I want to show you something.

That is you in the
security footage, is it not?

I can't do it. I'm so confused.

Shut up. Please, help me.
It's okay... I need. It's okay.

It's okay.

Look, I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.

Pathetic little whiner. I
should've dealt with this

myself from the start.

We're not talking to
Marcus anymore, are we?

You got that right, buddy boy.

Dissociative identity disorder.

It's quite a mouthful, Doctor.

It used to be known as
multiple personality disorder.

In Marcus's case, he appears to cycle

between 3 distinct personalities.

That's interesting. We're
only aware of 2 so far.

And this is real? This
is not some kind of hoax?

The brain is a complicated machine.

There have been D.I.D
studies that show one persona

can be addicted to drugs,
while a second persona

shows no signs of addiction or withdrawal.

- That is incredible.
- But extremely stressful.

So I'm sure you can understand why
you need to release him immediately.

No, no, no, no. Hold on a second here.

None of this changes
the fact that Mr. Simms

is a suspect in a murder investigation.

Marcus is a sick man,

but he's not capable of this.

Even if he's innocent,

it's possible that he may have witnessed

- whoever did kill your partner.
- I was a paramedic, alright,

I dealt with emotionally
distressed people every day.

I know I can get through to him.

I'm sorry, but Marcus is
in a very fragile state.

Pushing him too far could
cause him to withdraw

into a catatonic state. I can't allow that.

And if I have to declare
him a material witness

to keep him here, I will do so.

Do I need to get a judge to intervene here?

Alright, let's step back a little bit

and let's think what's the
best thing for Marcus here.

And I know I can get through to him.

Okay. But I want to be
present at all times.

If I feel he's being pushed too far,

I will put a stop to the proceedings.

I'm gonna get a warrant,
check out this Marcus's place.

Get Dev down there, see if he
can't find the murder weapon,

Westbrooke's computer,
anything that's gonna link him

- to having killed her.
- On it.

Thank you.

Hey, watch out. Come here.

Come on. Hey, come on, come on.

Come on, move it. What did they order?

"Bank wankel"? Did you have a
stroke while you were writing this?

- They want drinks and appys.
- Yeah, that's what you think.

They just want drinks and appys.
Maybe that's their whole plan.

Wait for us to lower our guard,
then BAM! They order the mains.

They want substitutions food
allergies. No, no, no. Not on my watch.

Can I go now?

- Yeah, go ahead.
- Thank you.

- Sorry about the hair thing from earlier.
- It's not a problem.

Hi, how are you? How can I help you today?

- I'll take a menu please.
- Sure, no problem. My pleasure.

There you go.

Actually, I hand stained
those myself from balsa wood.

Yeah, we do everything artisanal here.

You enjoy that, take your time
with that. A lot to take in.

Thank you.

Come to see your man in action?

- Sorry?
- Hey, don't be coy. The jig is up.

I spotted your boy the
second he wandered in here.

- I'm just here for some dinner.
- Oh, sure!

Go ahead. Eat whatever
you want on the house,

of course, just stay out of my way.

I've got a critic to impress.

Are you thirsty? You look thirsty.

Why does this man not have
a drink menu in front of him?

Marcus, we need to ask you

some further questions regarding
your whereabouts Friday evening.

Ask away, beautiful.

Marcus, take it easy.

If you ever want to take a
break, you just let us know.

Always calling me that. I hate that name.

So, are we talking to Nick?

Yeah. What?

Nick, I'm Special Consultant Toby Logan.

This is Sergeant Michelle McCluskey.

We've got a few questions for you.

Were you following Dr. Westbrooke?

No. Why would I do that?

This is a waste of time.
What he was thinking?

I told him to knock off
the sneaking around crap.

Alright, so maybe it wasn't you.

Maybe it was someone close to you.

Is there someone else
we can speak to, Nick?

Someone who might have seen
what happened to Dr. Westbrooke?

What did you do?

No. There's just me.

And I told you, I didn't see anything.

Are you sure?

Because someone has Dr.
Westbrooke's blood on their hands.

Are you sure it's not you, Nick?

All right, I think that's enough.


Can't tell them. Shut up! It'll be
Okay. Can't let him out. Can't tell them.

That was impressive.

I've never seen Nick back
down like that before.

- Marcus?
- Sam.

It's nice to meet you.

I wish it were under better circumstances.

Sam, we need to know

why you were following Dr. Westbrooke.

Um... I was...

very fond of Dr. Westbrooke.

- I wanted to protect her.
- Protect her from what?

Well, the world is a terrifying place.

I keep it from the others, but I've seen

horrible things my whole life.

Dr. Westbrooke had an
appointment down there.

And I know what can happen.

It's a... it's a dangerous neighbourhood.

I was supposed to be her
guardian angel. I failed her.

Did you see what happened to her?


Nick disapproves of my concerns.

If he catches me, he pushes me under.

What does that mean? To be pushed under?

It's kind of hard to describe.

It's like being paralyzed in a storm.

I can hear voices and see shadows

on the other side but I can't
move, I can't communicate.

Sam, you said that you
cared about Dr. Westbrooke.

We need help speaking to Marcus.

Can you help us, Sam, please?

Do this for Dr. Westbrooke.

I should talk to them. No.
Let him talk, it'll be Okay.

Stay out of it.

- Marcus?
- Hmm?

Did you see who killed Dr. Westbrooke?

He might've seen. He might've done it.

No. He's not like that.

You don't know that. I
know him. Everyone has a...

It's okay. Marcus, you can tell
us what happened. What did you see?

- No.
- Shut up!

- It's safe.
- Not happening.

No, uh... Sh-sh-sh!
He might have seen.

- Who killed Dr. Westbrooke?
- He might have done it.

- What happened?
- I...

- What happened?
- No, no, no, no.

Please stop this now.
It's too much for him.


He didn't mean to do it!

He would never,

ever hurt her on purpose!

- You don't know that.
- Marcus, who?

- Marcus, please.
- Marcus, who?

Marcus, please.

It's Ok, Marcus. Who wouldn't hurt her?

No! Okay?

He's not here.

Marcus is not coming
back out to play anymore,

Okay? This is over.


It's Okay.

We're done.


So, what did you find at Marcus's?

It's Marcus living there, but there's...

3 different bedrooms. As you can
see, they're all totally different.

It's like 3 different people live there.

All the beds have been slept in.

And there's even another
pillow and blanket on the couch.

It's gonna be difficult. It's like
having a time share in your own body.

- Anything else?
- Yeah. I found a pair of jeans

with bloodstains, they
were wadded up and thrown

behind a bunch of junk in the basement.

I've got Alex analyzing them as we speak.

So this guy might be our killer.

You gotta be straight with us here, Nick.

Do you know who killed Dr. Westbrooke?

I already told you. I don't know anything.

Idiot! What did you do?

You hid her body, didn't you?

- You put her in that trunk.
- No.

Yeah, I think you did.

I think you know who killed Dr. Westbrooke.

- You're wrong.
- You saw who did it.

- You're wrong.
- Who killed her?

You're wrong!

What did you see, Nick? Nick?

Stop this now, or I will.

- Okay.
- What did you see?

Who did it?

- Tell me.
- Hey.

- What?
- It's Okay, Nick.

- We're done for now.
- What?

You must know that nothing
he says is reliable.

The man was clearly under extreme duress.

We're just trying to establish a timeline.

You're confusing him in an
effort to elicit a confession.

- No, that's not true.
- Before you start

throwing around
accusations, you should know

that earlier we found bloody
clothing in Marcus's apartment.

That blood was a match
for Dr. Westbrooke's.

In light of this development,
I'm still gonna set the wheels

in motion to have Marcus moved to a
mental health facility as soon as possible.

Doctor, there are still a
lot of unanswered questions.

We're trying to solve
your partner's murder here.

- You think I've forgotten that?
- Well...

Right now, my responsibility
is to protect Marcus.

If he is persecuted any further,

I promise you there will be repercussions.

I'm getting through to him. I
just need more time in there.

He's mentally unstable.

If I can't arrest him, he
needs to be institutionalized.

My reads aren't adding up.
We're just missing something.

Well, you said yourself. You saw he had
blood on his hands. I presume that...

I didn't see him kill her. If he
did it, why is that piece missing?

I just need to dig a little deeper.

If for no other reason
than to support your theory.

You support this play?

Absolutely. I trust Toby completely.

If he thinks that Marcus
wasn't capable of this,

he would be the first
one to put a stop to it.

Why do I feel like the
inmates are running the asylum?


I'll stall Kesler as long as I can.

Time's ticking.

So here's a timeline of when
each of Marcus's personalities

were active during the 2 hours
surrounding Dr. Westbrooke's murder.

Between the video surveillance
of Sam following Westbrooke

and my read of Nick seeing the
body, there's a 30-minute gap.

And somewhere in here, one of his
personas must have seen the murder.


But Dr. Kesler says it's not uncommon

for folks with D.I.D. to completely block

traumatic events out of their
mind. It's like a defence mechanism.

Let's just hope that
last piece of the puzzle

actually comes bubbling to the surface.

- Let's hope. Can I see the...
- Yeah!

... the photos of
Marcus's house? Thank you.

So, the results came back on
the partial print on the glasses.

They're pretty sure it belongs to Marcus.

- Very well. It's another mystery put to bed.
- Maybe not.

According to his licence,
his vision is 20-20.

Of course, the licence expired 5 years ago.

Well, his vision could have
deteriorated since then.

I didn't see him wearing
glasses in any of my reads.

And with a prescription that heavy,

it would be hard to fake
your way through without them.

So what are you suggesting?

Maybe they're someone else's glasses.

I think I just figured something out.
I need to speak to Marcus first, though.

- Alright. I'll talk to Kesler.
- No, no, no.

I want to speak to him alone.

Dr. Kesler's not gonna let me
go as far as I might need to go.

I need you to trust me on this one.

Are you comfortable?

You need anything?

I need to get the hell out of this box.

Must be hard protecting
the others like you do.

You think it's by choice?

I'm the only one around
here with any sense.

Is that why you hid the body?

To protect the person
you think who killed her?

Someone else was there that night.

Someone else you're pushing under.

Can't let him out. He'll
take us all down with him.

Dr. Kesler thinks there's three
of you, but that's not true is it?

You see I think there's one, two, three,

four of you.

Who sleeps on the couch?

Who's the fourth person, Nick?

I don't know what you're talking about.

We found these at the crime scene.

Who do they belong to?

I hope to hell you know
what you're doing, Logan.

Does he want to come out?

Does he want to talk to me?

There's no one else.

Nick, look.

The amount of evidence that
we have gathered against you

right now you look pretty good for murder.

So you're either gonna spend
the rest of your life in prison

or a mental facility.

Now, what if the person that
you're protecting didn't do it?

What if they saw what happened

and they could point us
towards the real killer,

that could clear your name.

You're trying to trick me.

I'm not.

Think about it. You're a smart man.

What do you got to lose?

Let him out.

I'm telling you, don't do this.

I need to tell. We have
to. It's the only way.

Let me talk. Tell them.

- You want your glasses?
- Where...?

There you are.

Ah. It's better.

I am Special Consultant Toby Logan.

- Henry.
- Nice to meet you, Henry.

Nick, Sam and Marcus were
trying to protect you.


I didn't do anything. I'm innocent.

- I'll deal with it.
- Thank you.

Dr. Kesler, can I help you with something?

Where's Marcus?

The paperwork is in order,
and I was told he'd be ready

for transfer in 10 minutes.
That was 30 minutes ago.

Why don't you have a seat
in our conference room?

I don't want to have a
seat. I want my patient. Now.

It's just gonna be a few more minutes.

You're still questioning him
aren't you? You have no right.

- I'm gonna put a stop to this.
- Look, we've identified a fourth persona

that Marcus has been hiding,
and we believe he may be the key

to figuring out who killed Dr. Westbrooke.

So we are going to
continue questioning him.

Why don't you have a seat?

Henry, I want you to think carefully.

Did you see what happened
to Dr. Westbrooke?

Where you there?


I used to spend time in the area.

There was a Shawarma joint
down there that I really like.

And I was mega-hungry so I
guess I came to the front.

But I couldn't find my glasses,
they were in the wrong pocket. So...

all I really saw were shapes and...

I saw someone coming after a woman...

What else?

Did you see the face of the killer?

Not at first.

Not until I put my glasses on.

Dr. Kesler...

Okay, well, thank you Henry.

You don't know how close I came
to pulling the plug in there.

I'm glad you didn't cuz
I saw what Henry saw.

He didn't kill Dr. Westbrooke.

So you're saying we're back to square one?

Not at all. I saw the killer's face.

It was Dr. Kesler.

So you're saying that
Westbrooke's own partner

- who actually killed her?
- That's what Marcus saw. Yeah.

The Nick persona just saw the body

and thought the Henry
persona had killed her.

That's why Sam and Nick
were trying to protect Henry.

I see now why the good doctor was so intent

on getting him out of here.

Well, let's go see what
she has to say for herself.

I hope you're ready to release my patient.

No. Not quite. We've made
a breakthrough with him.

We think that he can help us close this
case. Have a seat, we'll fill you in.

I don't see how that's possible.

It turns out there's a fourth personality.

And that persona witnessed the
murder and saw the killer's face.

You have to understand that nothing he says

can be assumed to be truthful.
He's an extremely disturbed man.

Well, he was able to describe
the entire scene in great detail.

And who did he suggest was the killer?

I think you know. You pretended to
care about his well-being, didn't you?

You just wanted to see how much he knew.

What are you talking about?

It was you who killed Dr. Westbrooke.

- That's ridiculous.
- Why'd you do it?

I'm sorry but my research completely
contradicts the main thesis of your book.

Your conclusions were irresponsible.
People need to know the truth.

Look, I'm telling you,

I didn't kill her.

She was my friend.

Making it look like a random
street crime, that was smart.

But I wonder what we're going to
find when we search your apartment.

Go ahead. There's nothing to find.

Nothing but ashes.

Well, we know you burned
Dr. Westbrooke's papers.

You have no proof for any of this, so....

Unless you're going to
arrest me, I'm leaving.

You know, Doc, I actually read your book.

You wrote about irrational behaviour

when dealing with a perceived
threat from a loved one.

And how some people
would remove that threat

by destroying that loved one,

refusing to admit responsibility
even to themselves.

Kinda sounds like what
you did to Dr. Westbrooke.

Don't throw writings you
barely understand back at me.

The authorities will be in touch
to effect the release of my patient.

Thank you for coming in.

She's right.

All we have is the testimony
of a severely deranged man.

We need evidence, hard
evidence to make this stick.

Westbrooke was killed
over a research paper?

The paper contradicted Kesler's book.
Her career and reputation were at risk.

So that's motive. Now we need
hard evidence to support it.

Kesler burned and Westbrooke's
computer and the report.

There's gotta be the other
copies of the report, though.

I even checked the printer
memory at Westbrooke's practice,

there's no trace of it, so...
either it was printed elsewhere,

or Kesler left no stone unturned.

Keep looking. It's all we got.

- Maybe not.
- What do you mean?

Marcus has got us this far.
Maybe we're missing something.

How much more do you think
you can push this guy?

I'm not sure, but he does want to help.

- It may be our only shot at Kesler.
- Yeah.

I don't know how much
help I can be, I just...

- I really didn't see that much.
- You might have seen something

that's important to us.
I want you to think hard.

What happened to Dr. Kesler
after she hurt Dr. Westbrooke?

I saw her get in her car...

... and drive away.

- That's all I saw.
- That's very helpful.

Okay, go now. I shoulda
known he couldn't do it.

- Marcus?
- I did good. You did good.

- You're Okay.
- Yeah.

- Was he of any help?
- He did good.

I think he's gonna be
able to help you guys.

Oh, Okay...

Thank you for your help. You did great.

He saw Dr. Kesler leave in her car.

Maybe she had blood on her
hands when she opened the door.

We might be able to grab
something from there.

Now we just need proof of motive.

So, we know she had help
editing her book, right?

You think she had Harvey Holden look at it?

It's possible. I'll get
Dev to head over there now.

I'll get a warrant to check her car.

Get her back in here.

You better have a damn good reason
for dragging my client back in here.

Your client is under arrest for
the murder of Dr. Westbrooke.

It's absurd. Based on the testimony

of the constructed
persona of a troubled mind.

He might as easily have said you
were at the scene of the crime.

His testimony was helpful, but
it wasn't as damning as the traces

of Dr. Westbrooke's blood we
found on your car door handle.

For such detail-oriented person, I'd
have thought you'd have done a better job

- cleaning up your mess, Doctor.
- Don't say a word.

This doesn't make any sense.

Why on earth would I hurt Rachel?

Well, that is a good
question. Why would you?

Dr. Westbrooke's review of your work.

It invalidates every one of your theories.

Where did you find that?

It turns out Dr. Westbrooke trusted
one other person with her research.

Are you familiar with a
patient of hers Harvey Holden?

She trusted a patient to review her work?

- Mallory...
- Not just a patient.

Mr. Holden was a college professor
until his agoraphobia became heightened.

We've got you for premeditated murder.

Of course, you could always take
your chances with an insanity plea.

You know, we make that
raspberry coulis right in house.

- Really?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Can I get you anything else?

Heavens no. But I have to say...

... that was the most
incredible meal I've ever had.


Okay, that is...

Wow, crazy, good.

That's the sixth person
he's done this to today.

- Could I get the bill?
- Oh no, no, no.

You put your wallet back in your
pocket. Your money's no good here.

My God, this night just
keeps getting better.

I'm even inspired

to write an epic poem about the experience.

- You mean, after your review, right?
- Review? What do you mean?

- You are David Fickler, right?
- Not according to my birth certificate.

- Would you excuse me for a moment, please?
- Of course.

Could you just help the
gentleman on his way out the door.

- Yup.
- Thank you.

Why didn't you tell me
that wasn't David Fickler?

- You didn't ask.
- Hey, how did everything go?

It didn't. Fickler didn't even show up.

Oh, he was here. And by all
accounts, did a great job.

Really? Like seriously?

What do you mean? Like four star well?

More like three and a half. I hear
the beef Wellington was a tad dry.

I can live with that. I mean, that's our
special recipe, that's how we do it here,

but that's fine.

Oh my God, when this review comes out,

the whole restaurant's gonna blow up.

I gotta tell to Ahmed! We're gonna need
a second location. We can franchise.


- Ahmet!
- You're not gonna tell him?

What, that David Fickler
is just a pseudonym we use?

Or that I'm the one
who took the assignment?

- Was the beef actually dry?
- You'll have to read my review.

You're good. Can we get a few shots. Two.