The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 5 - Game Over - full transcript

Dev learns that an old friend who is a game designer was killed. So the team investigates. When talking to his people, they say he was a good guy but Toby senses that they are keeping things. Like he was having a disagreement with some associates and he was having an affair.

Eight million and counting.

Not bad for a game that hit online stores

less than an hour ago.

Enjoy the show, guys.

This is what four years
of hard work looks like.

If Ogre Fury doesn't sell 100
million units by breakfast,

I'll eat my keyboard.

8.5. Where's Duncan? He
should be seeing this.

He's chained to his desk, where else?

Though I can't imagine
what's more important

than his own game release party.

Dun-can. Dun-can!

Dun-can! Dun-can! Dun-can!

Ok, ok. You win. But,

if he gets pissed and wants
to know whose idea this was,

I'm throwing you all under the bus.

I'm just going to get him.

Duncan, are you busy?

Come on, Duncan.

Join the party.

It's not gonna kill you to
have a drink with the coworkers.



Get help! Somebody call 911.

For the win.

- Nice.
- Oh! There it is.

That's how you darts, my friend.

Hey Doug, why don't you put
that up on the big board.

- Good for another one?
- I'm good, I'm good.

You've been kicking my ass all day.

Alright, well the clinic
stays open for another hour.

- So, I'd advise you to take some notes.
- Oz, Oz.

This blonde girl here,

- she's been checking you out.
- What, that one?

- Yeah.
- How do you know?

- She's just sitting and smiling.
- She's not being subtle.

Yeah, she's smiling at you.

I guess. Huh.

How do I not pick this
stuff up? My game is just...

I'm, I'm clueless.

There's your opening. Go, get in there.

- Go, go, go!
- Ok, ok. Alright.

- Hey, should I bring a...
- Don't... don't bring a dart. Just go.

Why would you bring a dart?

- Hi.
- Hey.

- How you doing?
- Good, thank you.

Oh good, good.

You know you've got the most amazing eyes.

You're sweet, thank you.

Is that your natural eye colour?

- Or is it like,
- Um, uh huh.

colour contacts? Is that, like, do people...
is that a secret when you have those?

I can never tell, you know?
Oh my God. Jeez, I'm so sorry.

Here, get your purse. Look,
I got it on your dress.

You want me to just...
No, that's inappropriate.

You can go to the washroom
and clean that right off.

We have really good dryers.

And then maybe afterwards
I could get your number?

Are you kidding me?

- A little rusty.
- Yeah, I'm a little rusty.

That was... that was humiliating.

Can't show my face around this
place again, I have no mojo.

- How do you do that?
- I don't know how I got into this.

Dev, what's up?

Friend of mine was just
found shot to death.

He runs a gaming company.

They found his body in his
office less than an hour ago.

- I gotta get down there.
- Hey, Dev. I know he's your friend but,

we can't crash a crime scene.

- We've gotta call Becker first.
- Call him on the way.

You coming or not?


Can you give us a minute, please?

Thank you.

Who would do this to
Duncan? He's a game designer.

Said he was shot twice, close range.

No exit wounds.

There's no shell casings.

Totally cleaned up after themselves.

No signs of a struggle,
so whoever did this,

they either got a jump on him or...

Or was someone he knew.

You guys were close, huh?

We used to be.

- What happened?
- I became a cop.

Duncan stayed in the hacker lifestyle.

We lost touch.

A few years ago, he cleaned up his act,

started designing games.

I've been following his career ever since.

He's a good guy.

Sorry it took me so long,

Adam got home as quick as he could.

- You ok?
- Yeah.

Nothing a little caffeine won't fix.

Dev, you alright?

Yeah, still shell-shocked.

I'll be ok.

Yeah, I'll bring you up to speed.

It's alright, Becker called
to brief me on the way over.

How'd you get him on board so quickly?

Dev did the talking. You know
he can be very persuasive.

- That's true.
- He certainly was,

if by persuasive you mean they
refuse to take no for an answer.

- Do we have any suspects?
- No, not yet.

Well, there was a security
camera in the lobby on the way in.

We should check out that footage.

Dev's all over that.

There's also a service door
at the back of the building

that was left open for caterers
and other party traffic.

Unfortunately there was no camera there.

So there's no way to tell if our
killer came in that way. Great.

Who found the body?

Vanessa Reinhold. She's the lead designer.

Number two in the pecking order.

She discovered the victim in
his office shortly after 3pm.

Nobody else was seen entering or
leaving the office previous to that.

Let's go talk to her.

Well, I already have actually.



She's all yours.

Will we be able to leave soon?

It's been kind of a tough day.

I understand. We just have a
couple of questions for you.

Of course. Anything you need.

When was the last time
that you saw Duncan alive?

The day before yesterday, I think.


He was in his office prior to the party,

- you didn't see him then?
- I arrived this morning and...

heard music in his office
so, I knew he was there

but I didn't see him.

Not until...

- Who else was here at that time?
- Nobody.

I arrived early to prepare for the party.

And you didn't... Pop
your head in to say hello?

Duncan prefers solitude. We...

try not to bother him
when his door is closed.

Not if we value our jobs.

What do the employees think of him?

Did they like him?

He could be demanding some
days, and dismissive, others.

Rubbed some people the wrong way.

They didn't know where they stood with him.

Anyone in particular?

I know these people.

They're game programmers, not killers.

No matter how much of
a jerk Duncan could be.

What about outside the office?

Did he have any enemies?

Not that I'm aware of.

You sure?

- There's no one you can think of?
- No.

These demands are bleeding me dry.

Not my problem, Eddie. Finish
the contract, or I'll ruin you.

Try it. That would be a mistake.

You didn't see anyone arguing with him?

- It was heated, threats were made?
- No.

These are good people.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

We know that Duncan wasn't married,

but do you know if he
was in a relationship?

Yeah, there was definitely someone.

I mean, he wouldn't admit it, but

I have a sixth sense for these things.

Do you have a name or description?

Duncan was a private person.

He was good at keeping secrets.

Thank you for your time.

Hey, how's it going here?

I've seen what I need to.
Forensics can handle the rest.

Ok, well we still haven't
been able to determine

whether Duncan was killed
during or prior to the party.

An autopsy report'll give
us a clearer picture of that.

- You get anything useful?
- Yeah.

I saw a heated argument
with some guy named Eddie.

Do we know anything about this guy, Eddie?

It kinda looked like they
were in a contract dispute.

Eddie wanted out and Duncan threatened

to ruin him if he didn't
honour the contract.

Smaller game companies like
this can't handle everything

in house so a lot of work is contracted out

to specialty shops.

Well if we go through Duncan's records

and flag any recent
work for hire contracts,

- maybe we'll find this Eddie.
- I'm on that.

Chasing a lead with old
fashioned police work.

You guys are spoiling me.

Hey, goodnight, kids.

Oh please, go ahead. Goodnight, ladies.

Alright girls, we're gonna...
have to call it a night here.

Can we have one more drink?

Pretty please? I'll leave a big tip.

Ha! Ha! Wow.

That's a very generous offer but,

we are over an hour past last call so,

I would lose my license.

- Party pooper.
- Wow, ok.

Well jeez, I've definitely been
called worse things than that.

So I'm not gonna take it personally.

- Thanks...
- And you know, ah, if you like,

I could buy you a drink
another night at another bar?

You're asking me out?

How old are you?

- You could be dating my mother.
- There's no need to be nasty.

Ah um, do you by any chance
have a picture of your mother?

I wouldn't want to rule out any prospects.


So we'll just put a pin in that, then?

You... maybe until next time.

Come back. Come back, anytime.


So why would Duncan be keeping
his relationship a secret?

Maybe he's trying to avoid
office gossip or maybe

Vanessa read the signs wrong
and he didn't have a girlfriend.

There was nothing in his cellphone records

or contact lists that indicate

any phantom lady friend.

Tell me we have a solid lead.

All of the employee
statements have checked out.

- None of them owns a gun.
- Ok.

What about under the
surface? You get anything?

Well, yeah. Most of his team disliked him,

some more than others. But there
was a begrudging respect there.

I didn't see any of them pull the trigger.

That doesn't mean they couldn't
have pulled the trigger, right?

It just means that you weren't
able to see it right then.

That's true.

- What's that you got?
- This is Ogre Fury.

This is the game that Duncan was working on

for the past 4 years. Dev
said we should check this out.

No, thanks.

- I don't do video games.
- Well, you should.

It's scientifically proven
to keep the mind sharp.

It helps maintain hand-eye coordination.

That's what the gun range is for.

Hey, d'ya find our guy?

- That's him.
- That's Edward Duffy.

He owns the motion capture
studio that was contracted

to do the CG animation for Duncan's game.

Just pretend I'm not a game nerd.

Motion Capture. When the
performance of a live actor

is recorded and then it's reskinned
as a character from the game.

Basically, it makes everything more real.

It's like you're playing a movie.

God, I miss Pacman.

Duffy's business is tanking,

fulfilling the contract was
costing more than he was making.

So, the longer the job went on,
the deeper he went in the hole.

That's why they were arguing.

See, Eddie wanted out of the
contract before he went broke.

- Duncan wouldn't budge.
- Yeah, but once the game was released,

wouldn't he make his money back?

Subcontractors work for a set fee,

they're not in line to make
a penny from the profit.

- Sounds like motive. Nice work.
- Thanks, but that's not all.

I looked at the rest of the contracts

and I found another deal that
seemed even more predatory.

Dynamic Solutions.

What do these guys do?

They write dynamic libraries...

stock elements that are the
building blocks for most games.

Duncan bought Dynamic's code for a steal,

much less than it's valued, which is
unusual in such a competitive market.

Who was Duncan dealing with over there?

Simon Fields.

Alright. Let's divide and conquer.

McCluskey, you and Logan
go talk to Edward Duffy.

See what his thoughts on revenge are.

Grab your coat.

We're off to talk to a man about some code.

You'd better take a lead on this one.

I haven't exactly brushed
up on my geek-speak.

- Simon Fields.
- Uh, yeah?

IIB. We'd like to speak
with you about Duncan Quinn.

Yeah, of course. Come on in.

I was sorry to hear about Duncan.

Tell me about Dynamic Solutions.

Well, we're based in the UK

and we operate a number of code farms
throughout India and Eastern Europe.

- "Code farms"?
- Coding's labour intensive.

Production's a lot
cheaper in those countries.

This is actually our first push
into the North American games market.

We know that Tough Critter bought
your dynamic code library for a song.

How do you survive with
such small profit margins?

Well we did our research.

I mean, we knew that Duncan's
game had a great buzz behind it

and now that it's a massive hit,

we have the cachet to charge a premium.

Everybody wins.


almost everyone.

D'you get along with Duncan Quinn?

I mean, I only met him
a few times in person.

He was definitely a tough negotiator.

He drove down the price of the library

more than we were comfortable
with. But, paid off.

- When did you last speak with him?
- A few days ago.

I called him to congratulate
him on the impending game launch.

He told me that our codes
were "perfectly adequate."

Hey, for Duncan, that was very high praise.

You know, I think
Becker's warming up to you.

I'm not sure that Becker does warm.

Give it time.


Pathetic humans.

State your business or be gone with you.

We're with the IIB. Open the door.

- You have ID?
- Do I have ID?

Yeah. I have ID.

To the camera, please.

Thank you.

- Is that freaky enough for you?
- Yep.

Games have come a long way
since my first Nintendo.

Alright everyone, take a break.

We'll pick it up again in a bit.

Doesn't look like much, does it?

But, once we've finished
layering in the effects,

they will the most fearsome
knights in the realm.

- You must be Edward Duffy.
- That I am, pathetic human.

Ha! I'm sorry, I can't help myself.

And it does scare away the bill collectors.

Is that an ongoing concern that you have?

Sadly, yes. We,

got slammed pretty hard by a recent job.

You referring to the
Tough Critter contract?

I guess you've asked around.

So, this is about Duncan's murder.

It's all good. Just routine.
Not here to make an arrest.

We know that you and Duncan
Quinn had a rocky relationship.

Duncan squeezed me for
all he could and then

when I didn't have the operating
cash to finish the work he...

gave the project to a
rival studio to finish.

- The ultimate insult.
- Complete betrayal.

If it weren't for some
last minute feature work,

I'd have shuttered the doors already.

Must have made you very angry.

Are you asking if I killed him?


Ha! Ha! I assure you, I did not.


Is best left to the imagination.

Do you own a gun?

I am more of a two-handed
broadsword type of fellow.

You know if Duncan had a girlfriend?

Not that I know of.

But I wasn't really up on his social life.

Ok. Well, thank you for your time.

- Pretty cool.
- Yes.

I got Duncan cozying up next to a woman.

He was pretty nervous that we were here,

I did see him kill Duncan,
but, with a video game Ogre.

So, does that mean he actually did it?

Come on, mojo.

You've gotta be in there somewhere.

Excuse me?

I know you came in with
that gentleman over there.

But rest assured, you'll
be leaving with me.

You. Me. Dinner. Dancing.

Breakfast. What happens in between?

Well... depends how you
play your cards, sugar lips.

That's right, I called you sugar li...

Who are you kidding?

- This is for you.
- Oh, ok. Just put it there,

I'll, uh, get to it next.

What am I testing it for?

Um, deliciousness?

Oh! Sorry.

That was really sweet of you.

I could definitely use a jolt right now.

Mmm. Moka shot.

- Damn, you're good.
- Well, I try.

Uh, I have your autopsy
report for your friend back.

Just came in a few minutes ago.

Here we go.

They pulled two .45 slugs from his chest.

They're in decent shape so,
we should be able to match it

with the murder weapon if it's found.

What about toxicology?

No alcohol, no drugs.

Unless you count the gallon of energy
drink they found in his stomach.

Time of death around 5am.

Are you sure that's accurate?

Liver temperature never lies.


- Thanks.
- Yeah.

- Enjoy the coffee.
- Thank you.

Hey, Dev.

You find our girl yet?

You tell me.

I've got a list of all the female mo-cap

performance artists that worked for Duffy

in the last six months and I

took their headshots from
various agency websites.

So, say when.

How you doing with all this?

I'm ok.

You know what's really bothering me though?

He was killed 10 hours before
his body was discovered.

In his office. Surrounded
by coworkers. No one noticed?

From what I saw,

he was the kind of guy who
didn't have much time for people.

The Duncan I knew respected
and trusted his friends.

People change.

Especially when money
and power are involved.


There had to be someone else
who saw that side of him, too.

There she is.

Mary Woodley.

Maybe we just found someone
who knew the real Duncan.

I can't believe this is happening.

How well did you know Duncan?

We saw each other around the
mo-cap studio all the time.

- We're friends.
- Were you guys more than friends?

We enjoyed each other's company.

Are you saying you weren't
romantically involved?

It wasn't a serious relationship.

It was complicated.

We're gonna find out eventually,
it's better if we hear it from you.

Well, like I said, we saw
each other around the studio.

His passion for the
work caught my attention.

But, seeing him was a mistake.

- I, I ended it.
- Why, what happened?

How could you do this to me?

I'm so sorry, it was a mistake.

Was there someone else?

Is that why you guys
were being so secretive?

My boyfriend, Carl.

We've lived together for two years.

I love him, but I was confused.

A few nights ago, he
found out about Duncan.

It's over, I swear.

He left angry.

He hasn't been home since.
I don't know where he is.

You think he's capable of hurting Duncan?


I don't know.

He was so angry.

My fault. Destroyed two lives.

You saw him leave with the gun?

- Yeah.
- Michelle?

- Yeah?
- This just came in.


Ok. So, there's a Smith & Wesson

registered to Carl Ronson
at the same address.

.45 calibre. Same as the murder weapon.

And you say that she has no
idea where Carl may be holed up?

She was worried about him.
If she was thinking about him,

if she knew where he
was, I would have seen it.

Well there was no hotel
charges on his credit card

so, maybe he's staying
with friends or family.

- I'll put together a list.
- Fine.

I'll get an APB out immediately.

I have Carl Ronson's cellphone records.

He hasn't made or received
a call in the last 24 hours.

- Maybe he turned it off.
- Or he dumped it.

Probably figured we could track his signal.

I recognize one number from the call log.

One of the last calls he
made was to Edward Duffy.

The guy who owns the mo-cap studio

that Duncan almost ran into the ground.

Makes sense that they would
know each other through Mary.

They both had strong motive.

Maybe they conspired.

Think we're heading back
to the ogre's lair, right?

Bring your broadswords.


- Back so soon?
- Well, you lied to us, Eddie.

We know about Duncan and Mary Woodley.

Alright, alright.

I should've told you about her.

I made a mistake, I'm sorry.

What about Carl Ronson?

We know he's been in contact
with you. Where is he, Eddie?

Damn it. Do they know he's here?

He's here, isn't he?

How come there's two figures
there but only one actor?

He begged me for a place to lay low.

I didn't know what to do.


Hands behind your back.

Let's go.

Alright, there's no need to
make this difficult, Carl.

We already know about
Mary's fling with Duncan.

We also know you were angry

- but were you angry enough to kill?
- No.

Son of a bitch deserved to die.

If you don't want to talk, that's fine.

But we found your gun at the back room

at Eddie's where you were staying.

Your fingerprints were
the only ones found on it.

So, the ballistics tests
will do the talking for you.

I didn't shoot the guy, ok?

But, I'm not sorry he's dead.

When was the last time you saw him?

Hey! I'm talking to you.

I was not the man. I'm busy here.

You were there, weren't you?

- The day he was killed.
- I went there, ok?

Not to kill him.

Just wanted to scare him
into staying away from Mary.

So what happened? He said the
wrong thing, you got angry...

You're not listening to me.

I didn't shoot him.

My gun wasn't even loaded.

So what happened between the two of you?

Nothing. I barely even got his attention.

I thought about bashing in his face.

But I came to my senses and I left.

Didn't want any trouble with the cops.

Lot of good that did me.

So why go into hiding?

When I heard he was killed,

I knew I'd look good for it.

I didn't want Mary dragged into this

so I asked Eddie to help
me lay low for a bit.

It's my mess. Not his.

Well, if you're innocent you've
got nothing to worry about.

Cops see what they want to see.

Ballistics came back on Carl's gun.

It wasn't a match. It hadn't
even been fired recently.

So, he was telling the truth.

Yeah he was right about
something else, too.

Whatever project Duncan was working
on was taking up all his time.

He seemed disturbed by it.

Could you see it in your read?

Was there a monitor...?

Just random numbers and symbols,

kinda like a complex math equation.

At least that's how Carl
processed what he had seen.

Sounds like coding.

And it's not uncommon to fix

little bugs in the days
leading up to a big launch.

- Yeah, that sounds right.
- I'll have the

tech boys go through the raw
game files on Duncan's laptop

and see if they flag anything.

Well, I might even join them.

If nothing else, it'll be nice to
see how his coding skills have evolved

since the good old days.

Sounds like a fantastic evening.

Don't make fun. You have your baby...

and I have mine.

Well, I can't wait for the Christmas cards.


I checked the call logs
on Duncan's office line

and he called Simon Fields

four times at Dynamic Solutions

the day before he died.

The same Simon Fields who said he
didn't speak to Duncan for days.

Let's go.

Yeah, that was my fault.

Could you give us a moment, please?

Look, I was travelling.

I had my phone turned off
for the flight and I forgot

to turn it back on, ok?

Duncan's weren't the
only calls that I missed.

- Where did you go?
- Just a day trip to Chicago.

We were planning on opening
up a satellite office there.

Do you know what he was calling you about?

Said he team was turning in sub-par work.

He said he needed additional library
elements to help pick up the slack.

But he wanted the new
codes for the old rates.

- I refused.
- That was it?

Yeah, it was probably
just pre-launch jitters.

From what I've seen so far, Orgre
Fury's a pretty amazing achievement.

- Yes. It looks great.
- So you've played it?

Have you gotten to level three?

Well, nah. I've just seen the graphics,

I didn't get to play
it. We, we've been busy.

Uh, right. Yeah, what am I saying?

Thank you for your time. We'll be in touch.


Something is going on
here and I don't know what.

Well, maybe we should talk to
someone closer to the situation.

Someone with a sixth
sense for these things.

- Thank you for seeing us again.
- I'm happy to help.

- Are you the only one here?
- I sent everyone home.

The game's out in the world. I...

figured they earned a few days off.

That's actually why we're here.

In the last few days, did Duncan
mention anything unusual about his work?

No. Not at all. But, he
wasn't much of a sharer.

Well, I thought the work was a
bit of a collaborative process.

It is, in the loosest sense of the term.

Each level is programmed by
its own individual design team

and then Duncan takes those
files, he stitches them together

and filters them through
his own creative engine.

He snatched level three from
us. Didn't trust our work.

Well that sounds like it
would be hard on the team.

Nothing new for Duncan.

Just when you got your
foot in he'd pull the rug out.

He said he had some ideas for

spicing up level three

and that he would finish
the programming himself.

- Excuse me. I have to take this.
- Yeah.

Sounds like Duncan was overly
protective of level three,

I think it hurt her people
more than she admitted.

I'll call Dev and have
him focus on that section.

In the morning, we can take
another look at Vanessa's team,

see how deep that resentment really ran.

Hey, you want another one?

I'm good.

It's really messed up, what
happened to Dev's friend.

Look, you gotta promise
me you're not gonna go

and get yourself killed.

It goes without saying, that is the plan.

I'm being serious though.

Ok? Look, I can't even
talk to a woman these days

so, if I lose my best
friend, I'm dying alone.

Oh, jeez. They're everywhere.


Don't be so hard on yourself.

Maybe you need a little practice, you know?

Practice? Like, on what?
Like, a body pillow?

Wait. Come here. Here, come here.

- What?
- Talk to me like I'm a...

a woman. A lady. Look, I'm alone, gorgeous.

Come on. What are you waiting for?

Ah, ok. Um.

Can I buy you a drink?

Let's be serious here.
You offered me a line.

Don't give me a line. Be yourself.


- What do you want?
- Just be authentic. Be you.


Alright. Let's do this.

- Hi, my name is Oz.
- Hello.

Before I say anything,
I should let you know

that I'm a mess right now.

I just broke up with
somebody that I thought

was going to be my soulmate.

So, I'm kind of on the verge
of an emotional breakdown.

But, then I saw you

and I realized that I don't
want to be one of those guys

that ends up alone,

unable to love anybody.

I want to be able to make you laugh,

make you feel safe,

make you feel like you're the
most special person in the room.

You know I've got a lot to offer.

I'm the kind of guy you take
to meet your parents, or even,

you know, take to your high
school reunion, we could do that.

- Get a cabin in the woods. I...
- Yes.

I'll have a drink with you.

- That was good.
- Really, that worked?

I mean, it was a bit needy, but
look, it was you. It was authentic.

You're charming. Authentic Oz is charming.

Yeah? Ok, authentic Oz. I can do that.

That was so incredibly sweet.

- You're such a lucky guy.
- Thank you.


- Did that really just happen?
- Yeah.

Oh no.

Nice moves.

- Nice moves!
- Oh!

My gosh that is really humiliating.

I thought that I was the only
chronic night owl in the department.

I didn't realize how late it got.

I got wrapped up in some work.

Oh, uh. Anything that I can help you with?

Maybe. Um, do you know
how to read computer code?

It's not something I usually

tell boys but yeah, sure.

I can hold my own.

Great, 'cause I could use some fresh eyes.

I think I found something
buried in Duncan's game code.

What kind of something?

Well, if it's what I think it is then,

he's not just some
ego-driven perfectionist.

He's a straight up criminal.

The backdoor code was well-hidden.

If I hadn't known to look
closely at level three,

I probably would have missed it.

So you would think that's
why Duncan was trying

to get additional code library from Simon

so that he could mask it under
another level of encryption.

So this bad code does what exactly?

It allows the programmer to hack
into the player's game system.

From there, it's a snap to
steal credit card numbers

or any other personal information
stored on the online account.

So when you defeat the level three boss,

you're not just unlocking the next level...

They're unlocking their bank accounts.


How much we looking at?

Well, with a hundred million units
of the game already on the market,

that's a number with a
heck of a lot of zeroes.

The good news is that we should
be able to limit the damage.

But it's gonna come at a cost. A game
recall would be all over the place.

The perps would know that
we found out the code.

So we lose the one card that we're holding.

Do we know where the cash is going?

Not exactly. The bad news is
the main cash flow is buried

behind a continuously evolving code wall.

- English.
- Pretend that the code is... a door.

Now, we manage to jimmy the lock but,

before we can get the door open,

another door with an even
better lock slams shut behind it.

So what's the good news?

Well, I thought that he may
be working with a partner

so, I kept looking.

What I found was a secondary
stream in the cash-flow,

only this account path

had a small flaw in the code
and I was able to crack it.

Do you have the account holder's name?

I do.

I don't understand.

This is the first I've
heard about a backdoor code.

I had nothing to do with this.

We found the account in your name.

- Your signature was used to open it.
- I swear, I don't have a secret account.

I can hardly pay my credit card bills.

What's happening? Why
won't they believe me?

Why did you kill Duncan?

Did you find out he was
lowballing your end of the score?

Maybe he tried to cut you out completely?

How can you say these things to me?

I didn't do anything wrong.

I would never hurt Duncan.

I understood him better than anyone.

- She's gotta be lying.
- No, no. Look.

I don't think she did it. All I'm
getting is confusion and denial.

- That's not what I wanna hear.
- Maybe she was set up.

Duncan could've forged her
signature on the account.

She's Duncan's second in command.

I don't buy that she didn't
know what was going on

- underneath her own nose.
- Look, I'm telling you, I thi...

No, I'm telling you.

I need more to go on
than a couple vague reads.

So unless you've got a more
viable suspect on the table,

you put her life under the microscope.

He's wrong.

Alright, what you got for
me corporal? What is this?

Well, I was playing the
game and I got to this point.

This is the level boss.

Defeating him is the key

to unlocking the console's
security safeguards.

And that's when I realized I had
seen this point in the game before.

When we spoke to Simon Fields,

he asked me if I'd played Ogre Fury yet.

And I saw this same
sequence running in his mind.

So I thought him thinking about
the exact place in the game

where the code was buried
couldn't be a coincidence.

He had to be in on the scam.

Why would Duncan bring
Simon Fields into it?

- Doesn't make any sense.
- Stay with me.

I'm trying.

Ok, this is the original code that
Duncan bought from Dynamic Solutions.

Ok, wait for it. Oh, you see this?

Why don't you just cut to the
chase. Tell me what it means.

What it means is that we've been looking

at this whole thing backwards
right from the start.

It wasn't Duncan who
programmed the bad code,

it was embedded from the beginning. Sorry.


So Dynamic Solutions brought
the scam to Duncan, that's it?

Well it may explain why Duncan had to die.

They couldn't have any loose
ends pointed back at them.

That was the team that
I sent to pick up Fields.

His office has been
cleared out, we lost him.

We'll find him.

All right guys. I know cops and hackers

don't get on so well but, um...

As you know, one of our own,

Duncan Quinn, was murdered and I
need your help to catch his killer

before he disappears completely.

Now each of you were chosen
because of your specific skills

and your ability to gain access to
information that's off limits even to me.

Now, I've given you all the
necessary intel on Simon Fields

to get started so, happy hunting, kids.


That's a good start,
Danny, but keep digging.

- What's going on here?
- Dev's summoned the troops.

Hey guys, I love the enthusiasm

but, one at a time please.

He's using the hacker community
to help track down our guy.

Dev's network can utilize alternate
channels to get us intel quickly.

How quickly?

Well, it takes us hours. Takes him minutes.

And these alternate channels,

I presume they're strictly
legal. Is that right?

Just forget I asked. Get it done.

Guys, I got some information
on Dynamic Solutions.

Uh, it seems legit on the surface

but I was able to access
some buried financial records

and the code farms are nothing
more than fraud factories

and there's not one shred
of paper that leads back

to any specific individual except for one.

- Simon Fields.
- And he doesn't exist.

Ok? It's an assumed ID. And a good one,

but not good enough. My girl,
Blackcat77, found three other IDs

with the exact same layers of encryption.

So they were all created
by the same person?


And... looks like only
one of those IDs is active.

Greg Miles. We have a
credit card under his name.

We're tracking his movement.

Hey guys, I'm back. I'm sorry, I was AFK.

Uh huh.

Looks like there was a hotel
booked under the credit card,

but he checked out this morning
and he booked a town car.

When's the pickup?

It's at 20 minutes ago. Should
I notify the car service?

No, he might be armed.

I don't want this turning
into a hostage situation.

Guys, I'm going to need
a route on the limo.


Alright guys, keep tracking him.

It looks like he's headed westbound
on the lakeshore towards the key.

Yeah, what do we have down there?

Island airport?

And he chartered a private plane.

Ok, well he's going to have to
go through customs at the airport.

After that, he might be out of our reach.

Guys I need you to have some fun, alright?

Throw up some roadblocks to this limo.

Make sure they hit every
red light. Buy me some time.

Attention all passengers,

this is the final boarding
call for flight 107 to Chicago.

I repeat, final boarding call
for flight 107 to Chicago.

Simon Fields?

Or do you prefer Greg Miles?

On the ground, now! Now! Get down!

Out of the way. IIB everyone, stay calm.

You looking for this?
Get down, on your knees.

Get down, on your knees.

There must be some kind of mistake.

There's no mistake.

You killed Duncan Quinn.

You sabotaged my game.

I'm pulling the plug. Taking you down.

Your mistake was you should have
never targeted one of my friends.


I just read him.

Duncan wasn't a part of
it, he was trying to fix it.

That's why he was killed.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How'd it go?

Well, turns out Fields was wanted
for several international crimes.

And he admitted to the murder,

but he's gunning for leniency

in exchange for giving up his bosses.

Becker's not gonna cut a deal?

Nah, nah. We've got
everything we need up here.

Including the location of the account
where the money was being transferred.

Becker's putting a hold on it now.

I'm just glad that Duncan was cleared.

He may not be the same easy
going guy that I remember,

but in the end, he tried
to do the right thing.

It's a shame he had to lose his life.

He could've gone to the police he
didn't have to try to fix it himself.

Guess you gotta understand
the gaming business, right?

Even a little delay of a
few weeks would have been

a massive hit to his
cash flow and reputation.

Hey. Don't wanna break up the party,

I just wanna let you guys
know that Vanessa Reinhold's

been released. Cleared of all charges.

Why did they try to set
her up in the first place?

Well, Fields knew that once we got to her,

it meant the code had been
discovered. So, that was his cue to

get out of town.

Thankfully, your weird
brain thing helped stop

that from happening.

- Hey, I'll take that as a compliment.
- Yeah, take it as you want.

You guys wanna come over to my
buddy's bar for a few drinks?

Ah, thanks, no. I've gotta
jet, but have a good time.

I am going to try to see my
baby before she goes to bed.


That leaves the two of us.

Mmm no, I'm going to sit this one out.

I'm gonna crush some ogres.


- Hey. Eh! Eh! Eh!
- What? Come on.

What? I'm getting the hang of this. C'mon.

- Be right back.
- Ooh.

'Scuse me? Hi. Um.


Um, I was standing over there,

holding these darts and I wanted
to come over and ask you...

Will you marry me?

Well, I don't know.

Do you need an answer right now?

No. Not necessarily. I mean, we could

start with a coffee and see
where it goes from there.

You know, weigh the pros
and cons. It's a big step.

- Coffee sounds great.
- Great, ok. I'm Oz, by the way.

I guess I could've opened with that.

- Lisa.
- Lisa...

And for the record, I
kinda liked your opener.

Good. Good. Ok.


- Did you see that?
- I saw that.

- Did you see that?
- Who's back?

- I might be back.
- Who's the boss?

That's a valid question.

You get her number?

You got her phone number, right?

I'll be right back.