The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Wrong Man - full transcript

Toby and Michelle go after a murder that contains the same circumstances as those of a case Michelle worked on years ago. Is this a copycat murder or was the murderer Michelle put away innocent?

- Here we go.
- Where's your smile?

Where's your smile?

Aww. She was laughing.

What an angel!

Well, you should have seen her at four
o'clock in the morning making a fuss.

Ohhh. Honestly,

I never could have imagined
this a few months ago.

This can't be as awesome
as running around with me

chasing bad guys, though, right? Well...

Hey, hey. Don't tempt
her. You're a bad man.

- No, no, no, not me.
- Cheers.

The club's been getting busy,

so... it's a luxury having
one of us at home. A few more

weeks of Adam's cooking, and I'm not
gonna be able to chase anyone anywhere.

- Nice.
- Guilty as charged.

Hey speaking of home, how's the new place?

It's great. The painting's almost done,

we've got the furniture in, and we
just gotta put stuff up on the walls.

Must be different decorating for two.

Tia's been doing most of the work.

She's got great taste.
Maybe not in men, but...

- Come on.
- Makes me feel a bit grown up, though.

- Why don't you try one of these on for size?
- Yeah!

That's right. Hey.

- Yeah, I gotta take this. Excuse me.
- Ok.


What's up?

When did it happen?

I'll be right there.

What do you see?

I, uh, actually I've got
to get going. That was Dev.

- What's going on?
- A homicide.

- He said I had to see it to believe it.
- Sounds interesting.

I'll message you later.

- Adam, good to see you.
- You too, Toby.

I wonder what's up.

Someone had a bad day.

Yeah, the worst.

Vic was Sandra Perry.

She was a partner here
at Carver Communications,

one of the biggest ad agencies in the city.

- Enemies?
- According to our employees,

- everybody loved her.
- Well, not quite everybody.

So, why is this on our radar?

Well, there's something you should see.

Oh, that's creepy.

- Yeah.
- She was bitten?

No, shot.

The snakes were put on her after the fact.



But, um...


Can you give us a minute with the room?

And, uh, keep all this
under wraps, please...

no talking to the media.

So, you asked why we caught the case.

There were three identical
murders four years ago.

Snakes were present on the scene.

It was all over the
internet. The Serpent Murders.

Right? Did they ever
figure out why the snakes?

Well, best guess was
that snakes are a symbol

of vengefulness in some
mythologies. You know,

Satan was portrayed by a snake
in the Garden of Eden, etc.

Right. They caught the guy, though.

That's why they called us.

The man who committed the
murders, Samuel Murley,

was arrested and convicted three years ago.

He's currently playing
house in a federal prison.

- So what's this, a copycat?
- That or...

we caught the wrong guy.

A mistake like that would bring a lot
of heat onto the arresting officer.

That arresting officer is

our very own Sergeant Michelle McCluskey.

It's days like this that
make living worthwhile.

The thrill of hunting a killer?


- Snake poop.
- You're going somewhere with this?

I was able to determine what the snakes
ate the last few days before they died.

- And that's important because?
- The snakes are exotics, but

we couldn't track them
through local stores,

which means that the
killer bred them himself.

- So they're a dead end?
- That's where the rat poop comes into play.

The snakes were fed standard rats
like you'd buy in a pet store,

but the killer probably bred them
as well so as to not leave a trail.

But the rats were fed dog food...

specifically, according to the
levels of copper proteinate,

fishmeal, and cracked barley, Tipper brand.

♪ Your best friend's best meal ever ♪

I love that... I love that commercial.

I know, right? Uh, Tipper was

also fed to the rats
in the original murder.

I'm gonna track listings
of local pet food retailers

that stock the brand. I may
be able to track the killer

- through atypical purchases.
- Here's another interesting detail.

The victim's tongue was slit.

Just like the three original
victims of the Serpent Murders.

The split tongue was made
public during the trials,

but the brand of dog food wasn't.

Did you run the bullet used to kill her?

Nine millimetre, same calibre as used
in the original murders, and it appears

- to be from the same weapon.
- Which we still haven't retrieved.

What do we know about Murley?

Well, he's a top-flight plastic surgeon.

Rosedale, Forest Hill clientele.

Michelle originally made the connection
that all three of those original victims

consulted with him about
their plastic surgery, and

all three of them went
elsewhere to get their work done.

All right, so, seeing as Michelle
is so zoned in on this case,

don't you think we should bring her in?

Someone leaked the details of
Sandra's murder to the media,

and they're already
making a circus out of it.

I think we should leave
her out of it for now.

I want to hit this case hard.

I want fresh eyes.

I just got a text.

Looks like the victim's husband's
upstairs. They need us up there ASAP.

Mr. Perry?

We're sorry for your loss.

I want to know why someone killed my wife.

Are you sure that she
didn't have any enemies?

This is a woman who
volunteered for charities.

Everybody loved her...

her employees, friends...


What am I gonna do?

Were there any new people in her life?

What, you mean like lovers?

We mean people she may
have done business with.

People who called at home. People
who may have become fixated on her.

No, nothing like that.

Your wife ever have cosmetic surgery done?

She was comfortable with her looks.
She would never go in for surgery.

TV said that there were snakes there.

Her tongue was cut.

Just like the women that
were killed a few years ago.

There were snakes,

but as far as a connection
goes, we're not sure of that yet.

You don't want to admit you
didn't catch him the last time.

Mr. Perry, we are very confident
that we put away the right man.

You have to say that.

Protecting your own.

But we all know... my wife

died because you let the real killer walk.

Mr. Pelc, taking into account the snakes
found at the scene of this most recent crime...

Wait, go back for a sec.

It should be clear to everyone

that this validates our contention

that Dr. Samuel Murley did not commit

the so-called Serpent Murders.

The IIB imprisoned the
wrong man, and what's worse,

allowed the real killer to walk free,
giving them the opportunity to kill again.

The IIB must be held accountable.

That's what this is about,
folks. That's all for now.

Thank you very much.

- We got the right guy.
- I know you did.

But they're saying I could
have put away an innocent man.

Toby and the guys, they can handle this.

I know the case better than anyone else.

And if they need you, they'll call you.

You don't have to be Superwoman right now.

You just have to be Supermom.

Your junk is a lot classier than Toby's.

Thanks. Do you think?

I think he should read an
interior decorator's mind

from time to time, you know? Get some tips.

- Well, I like his taste.
- Yeah, but you have to say that.

- And you don't?
- No. As his good buddy,

it's my sworn duty to bust
his cojones any chance I get.

- Oh. Well, I'm glad I made the cut, then.
- You know, where is this guy?

I'm supposed to be here helping
you. Here I am doing all the work.

A child did this?

You guys have been busy.

You suggested we all do dinner
and you're the one who's late.

Right, yeah, ok. I'm sorry.

I just, um...

A homicide came up.

Actually, something kinda creepy, so...

Oh, my God. You pulled
the Serpent Murder case.

Is that true? Jeez, it's like
a house full of mind readers.

We don't know if it's connected.

I remember it now. It
was an IIB case, right?

Yeah, Michelle made the bust.

Jeez, and now with this new murder, they're
gonna put her whole case under a microscope.

You think it's the same guy?

Some of the details are
the same, but there are

inconsistencies, like, um, the first three
victims were all patients of this guy Murley,

the one Michelle brought
down, but this new one wasn't.

- Do you have any theories?
- Could be a copycat.

Someone inspired by his infamy.
Michelle should be on this case.

You know what? That's a tomorrow problem.

For now, you just need to worry about getting
some dinner going so that somebody doesn't starve.

- Thank you.
- Ok,

starvation is not on the menu
tonight. Steaks, however, are.

I'll put 'em on the grill, stat.

Another call from Command came in a few
minutes ago. I told them you were in the field.

That's the third call this morning.

I'm trying to dodge them until
I can feed them some good news.

Hey, Dev, you got any more info
on the pet food used for the rats?

Yeah, I found out that it's sold
in over 50 stores around the city.

And if this guy is as
smart as we assume he is,

then they'll have moved around
and kept the buys low key.

Yeah, we still haven't been
able to make a connection

between Samuel Murley and the victim.

According to the husband,
she wouldn't even think about

getting plastic surgery.

What about the surveillance
logs from the office building?

The killer went in through a service
door, went up the fire stairs,

- so there's no video and no fingerprints.
- So we're flying blind.


- Hey! Hi!
- Maybe not.

This is an unexpected surprise.

I'm back on the Murley case.

I don't think that's a good idea.

- Why is that?
- I think if you handle

the case, it might be perceived
that we're covering our asses

rather than launching a fresh
investigation into a homicide.

There are people who will leverage this to
get Murley a new trial, and I'm not gonna

let him out on the street to kill again.

This is her case. If she wants
back on it, I'm all for it.

Where would you start?

First, I need someone to fill me
in, and then we go talk to Murley.

You think he'd actually help us?

No, but with Toby, that
might not be so important.

You know, my guess is,

he's in communication with whoever
picked up where he left off.

Tread lightly.

This case is a minefield.

- Ok.
- Welcome back.

Not quite the way I expected it, but, uh...

Will you contact the prison and
let them know we're on our way?

- So, we're on the road?
- Let's go.


I've kept up on you.

Congratulations on your new baby.

Well, I assume you feel you
haven't taken enough from me,

so what else have you come to collect?

We're investigating a murder very
similar to the ones that you committed.

You say I committed.

What has your partner told you about me?

That I'm a monster, that I'm
psychotic, that I butchered people?

She found proof that you're a murderer.

Because I happen to have met
those three women that died?

- Well, there was also snakes in your house, your car was...
- I've always had snakes.

My father was a herpetologist.
Did that make him a killer too?

Did your partner tell you
that they were different kinds

of snakes than the ones
found with those women?

I had nothing against them.

I'm a physician. I wanted nothing
more than to help my patients.

But it was the ones

who didn't want your help that you killed.

- Janice, Paula, Marta.
- I tried to help them, and they didn't want it.

That's not something I can control.

Why is she doing this to me?

Everything I did for them.

Have you been in contact with anyone
who'd want to commit more murders?

Do you think I'm trying to convince
someone to kill innocent people?

The prison says that you
get an awful lot of fan mail.

I see.

You believe that one of these

might have done this new murder,
and you think I can help you.

Well, if they did the original murders,

you could help us prove your own innocence.

- Their letters disgust me.
- Were there any from somebody

you believe capable of committing murder?

I have no idea. I threw all
those letters out, unread.

To love someone for
killing. God, that's so...

so misguided. Who would do that?

Mr. Murley,

if anything comes to you,

you get the prison to contact us.

If we can find proof of your innocence,

we'll work to set you free.

I wonder if your partner
feels the same way.

- You're a beautiful woman.
- Excuse me?

You're a beautiful woman.

One day soon, my innocence will be proven,

and I'll be back at work.

The Buddha says, the best
way to overcome ill will

is to present a gift to one's rival.

So, to show you I have no bad feelings...

I'd love to offer my services.

With some work, you'd be perfection.

I'll work with what I have, thanks.

Get him out of here.

Tell me you got something.

He seemed disgusted with the
idea of someone being a groupie.

Ok, then we're just not
asking the right questions.

Look, he's guilty, ok?
And he knows something

- about how did this latest...
- Honestly, Michelle, you know what?

From what I read, I'm not so sure that
he did the original murders either.

I'm telling you, Murley is guilty.

No, I read he considered himself innocent.

Yeah, but if his thinking
is disordered, you could have

just as easily seen the sky being green.

Michelle, or he could be innocent.

At the time of his arrest, he passed
a polygraph test with flying colours.

Yeah, as do half of the true psychotics,

because they can control their emotions.

Look, where are you going with this, Toby?

Do you want to open up my
original investigation too?

I'm saying, whoever did the new killing

followed details that were
never released to the media.

And we've got to be open
to the fact that maybe

the original killer is still out there.

Look, my case against Murley was solid.

He knew the women, he
wrote letters to them,

asking them to reconsider
letting him do the surgery.

He kept snakes.

His car was found close to the
scene of one of the murders.

This is a different killer.

Michelle, I read him. I read him thinking

he doesn't communicate
with murder groupies.

Well, then he talked to someone else...

someone he didn't even know he
was giving the information to.

Here's a list of the visitors
he's had since he's been in.

There haven't been many.

- So, what, he's had his visitations restricted?
- No.

There's a lot of people
who want to talk to him...

reporters, TV people. He just
doesn't want to see any of them.

There's a number of visits here from
Ken Pelc from the Freedom Project.

Yeah, they've been fighting
for him since he went inside.

- What about his cellmates?
- Dr. Murley's had

one cellmate for most of his time inside...

a badass ex-biker named Noah
Barnes, in for manslaughter.

Well, we'd like to see Noah Barnes, please.

You'll have to look him up on your
own. He got out three weeks ago.

Thank you.

- Ok. If you'll excuse me.
- Yeah.

So, if this Noah Barnes
guy has killed before,

could he be out there
killing to free his buddy?

They had nothing but
time in here to plan it,

so he's been out long enough to
source the snakes and the victim.

Let's see if Dev can get us an address.

- Is Klein in?
- Oh. Uh, actually,

he said he had a meeting,
which is probably a good thing,

'cause the superintendent's been
calling like every 30 minutes.

I mean, this Murley
case is just blowing up.

Did you check in to Murley's cellmate?

Actually, Barnes went off
his parole officer's radar,

but I managed to dig up one of his friends,

who told me that Barnes
was staying with his sister

at a place just off Carlaw.
I'll text you the address.

Let's go talk to him.

Then I want to talk to
whomever's in charge.

Sergeant McCluskey. Can I help you?

I know who you are, Sergeant.

I'm Ken Pelc, director
of the Freedom Project.

This is Lucy Carnevale, our legal intern.

Yes, I followed your work.
Your advocacy has helped

many people, and helped direct the
investigation towards finding the real killer.

I didn't come here to be praised, Sergeant.

I got a call from Samuel Murley.

You've just been at the prison
attempting to implicate him

- in this fresh murder.
- Why don't we continue

this conversation in our conference room?

We went to visit Dr.
Murley because we believe

he may have some insight
as to who the killer is.

Dr. Murley had no idea who the Serpent
Killer was three years ago, and he has

no idea of who they are now.

You should understand that we are currently

preparing fresh legal
action against the IIB

and you personally

for false arrest and malicious prosecution.

Malicious prosecution demands
that there must be an absence

of probable cause at the
time of the officer's arrest.

We did our job, and we did it well.

Guilt was proven to the
satisfaction of the court.

That guilt was based on
circumstantial evidence.

A murder weapon was never presented.

He's an innocent man.

Of course, any help the IIB could provide

in effecting Dr. Murley's release will be

taken into account as
we proceed in our suits.

Yes, I know how you would take
our cooperation as an admission

of false arrest. No, we
are not in the business

of freeing the guilty, so
you're gonna have to carry out

this crusade of yours on your own.

Pelc finds out we're
talking to Murley's friends,

he's gonna have a field day with us.

All the more reason to get this
dealt with as quickly as possible.


- Noah Barnes?
- Don't tell me. You're cops.

Ah, you're perceptive. Maybe you
can tell us what we're doing here.

Since when do you need an excuse to
hassle somebody who's been inside?

You were cellmates with
Samuel Murley, right?

- You two were pretty close?
- He was a solid guy.

- Didn't belong in there.
- Yeah? Is that why you tried to help him get out?

- What?
- Where'd you put the gun, Noah?

I don't know anything about any gun.

- I gotta get rid of it.
- That's not true, is it?

You're crazy.

I got somewhere to be.

No, you have to be where we tell you to be.


Look what we got here.

And that would be under arrest.

I didn't even know that the gun was there.

That's gonna be pretty tough
to sell once the lab results

come back with your prints all over it.

Out of prison for three weeks
and you're already in possession

of an illegal weapon. That
alone will put you back in prison

for a few years.

- What do you want from me?
- We want to know about

- your deal with Murley.
- I told you I didn't make any deal.

He needed someone to make it look like
the real killer was still out there.

Think I'd kill somebody for him?

Crazy. Get out of my life.

He was a good guy.


He wouldn't have killed
the people they said he did,

and I sure as hell wouldn't
have killed anyone for him.

We know that he told
you where he hid the gun.

I don't know what you're talking about.

All right, so,

you want us to believe that
you're not working with Murley.

Fine. What prisoners was he close to?

None. He kept to himself.

No, there must have been someone.

You want to take a look at people
that were jammed up with Murley?

Take a look at the head guard, Halloran.

Halloran was real close with Murley.

He used to sneak stuff in for him.

Barnes was shocked that we
thought he would kill for Murley.

- What about the gun?
- Ah, he got it from a biker.

My bet is ballistics will
prove it's not our weapon.

You read Murley thinking

he wouldn't get someone to murder for him

and his cellmate thinking he was innocent.

Maybe it was someone who
did it without being asked,

someone that Murley didn't even know.

Who happened to know unpublished details
of the case, like the brand of dog food?

Well, if Halloran is
sneaking things in for Murley,

maybe he's sneaking information out too.

- You really think a guard would broker a hit?
- Anything is possible.

Murley seems to have everyone he
needs under some kind of spell.

If Halloran is a big
enough fan, he could have

even done it himself. I think
we should get him in here.

Look, you asked me to come in, I came in,

- but I want to know what this is all about.
- You lied to us about who helped Murley.

- What do you mean?
- You were helping him.

You smuggled things in for him. No.

We know about the cell phone.


Murley's a good guy.

Who killed three women.
You have one chance here

of keeping your job, Mr. Halloran.

Tell us the truth.

He said he didn't do it. I believe him.

Yeah, so it's ok then?

He helped me.

He gave me some medical
advice when my wife was sick.

I told him what she was complaining about,

and he figured out it was cancer
even before her doctor spotted it.

- He saved her life.
- Right, so you owed him.

Did you go as far as killing for him?

No. No.

Sam's no killer. You're
gonna try and blame me.

- Never hurt anyone.
- All right, so all you did was

get him his cell phone. Who paid for it?

The people at the Freedom
Project gave it to me.


Mr. Pelc.

I know that Murley's a
high-profile case for Pelc,

but do we really think he's a killer?

- It's worth looking into.
- Yeah, well, in the meantime,

Pelc got to a judge. They're
reopening Murley's case.

- No, they can't do that.
- They can and they will,

and the only support we're gonna
get from the IIB is throwing you

and the rest of the unit under the bus.

Come on. With Michelle's record,
this is the thanks they give her?

No, this is how they cover their asses.

We need to clean this up quickly.

The first thing we need to do
is find out what Murley told

Pelc, and more importantly,
what Pelc did for him.

I'm looking for Mr. Pelc.

Thank you.

Sergeant McCluskey.

If you've come here to try to intimidate us

into stopping our campaign

to free Samuel Murley,
you're wasting your time.

We know you snuck a phone into the prison.

- Ken, this interview is over.
- We have testimony from the guard

who helped you, so we can carry on here,

or down at our office, whatever you prefer.

The man's cut off in there.
If we're gonna help him,

we need access to coordinate our strategy.

Yeah, would that strategy
involve killing an innocent

person to cast doubt on Murley's guilt?

Do you know how insane that sounds?

This organization represents
scores of falsely accused inmates.

If I were to commit crimes
to get all of them out,

I'd be the biggest mass
murderer in history.

Insane! Grasping at straws.

I'm afraid any further communication

will have to be conducted
through Miss Carnevale.

I trust you'll make a
note of their accusations.

Well, the IIB is certainly
making our job easier.

Please tell me you got something.

I think he's telling the truth.

- All right, let's head back to the office...
- Let's call it a day, Michelle.

- I think the bad guys can wait.
- Ok.

You know, I am sorta getting
used to living out of boxes.

It's kinda romantic. Well, there
would be a hell of a lot more romance

if we could find a clear
path to the bedroom.

Lot to be said for unpacking.

So, how's Michelle doing?

It's one hell of a way for
her to return to the job.

Can we go off the record?

Reporter mode: disabled.

Look, all the evidence we're finding,

it looks more and more
like Murley never did it.

The brass is looking to
throw her under the bus.

Yep, that doesn't surprise me.

Organizations protect the organization

ahead of its members, no matter
how honourable the member is.

Yeah, well, it's making me rethink my
ideas about loyalty, that's for sure.

But you were inside his head
and you didn't read any guilt.

It's great that you're
loyal to your partner,

but there's a chance Murley
really might not have done it.

Look, she brought me into the
unit. If they're gonna burn her,

I can't see myself staying.

You know what?

- That's tomorrow's problem.
- Are we done?

- Yeah.
- Good.

The only problem we have
now is finding that path

- to the bed.
- Hey,

- what makes you think we'll get there?
- Oh, hey.

- Hey.
- Sorry to interrupt.

I, uh, had to go out
and get some wall filler.

- Wall filler?
- Yeah, yeah, I was putting up a painting upstairs,

and I, uh... kinda made a mistake.

You made a hole?

Well, I don't know at what point it
technically qualifies as a window,

but, hey, nothing I can't fix

with some wall filler and a lot of paint.

I'll be right back.

Mr. Fox?

No? Ok, how about...

how about your bottle?

Are you hungry? No?

Ok, ok, all right, it's ok.

- Just talk to me.
- She's not buying it, huh?

- You want to see Daddy?
- Yeah, let me give it a try.

Come here, you. What's up,
babes? What's up? What's up?

You just want to look around,

right? Yeah, you want to go to the park

or something? Hmm? Are
you giving Mom a hard time?

Hmm? Look, Mom's under a lot of stress.

It's gonna be ok, babe.

You got the right guy.

Even my partners aren't
sure of that right now.

You know, if Murley gets
out, my career is over.

- They're not gonna fire you.
- No, worse. They'll put me

at some desk job with low-priority cases.

That's how they deal
with their dirty laundry.

Well, maybe that's not
such a bad thing, huh?

Get you off the front lines,
keep you at home a little bit.

I've worked for 10
years to build my career.

I can't just...

throw it away like that.


We're here for you, babe.

Hey. Any news?

I keep ducking calls from Command,

but this isn't going away.
If Sandra Perry was targeted

for a reason, we need to know what it is.

We still have no idea if or when
this killer is gonna strike again.

Uh, guys, I think I came up with something.

Unfortunately, Michelle,
you might not like this.

I've been checking connections

of the three previous
victims and Sandra Perry.

When I ran the credit card purchases,

I found that they were all clients
of a place called Calla Spa,

and all four of them were getting
treatments from the same man,

Terrence Fellows. He's the owner.

But if he's been out there
for the last three years,

why would he start killing again now?

That's what we're gonna
find out. Toby, Dev,

you go pick him up. I'll
arrange for a search warrant.

- What do you want me to do?
- You go home.

- What?
- You're off the case for now.

Continue with your mat leave
like you originally planned.

Hey, hold it. What are you doing here?

Pressure from the Freedom Project

is bringing down too much heat,

and you're a little too
close to this right now.

I was afraid the bosses would shut me down

to cover their asses, but I
never expected it from you.


- We'll fight this, Michelle.
- What if he's right?

Let's go.

Excuse me. IIB. Who's in charge here?

Welcome to Calla Spa,
gentlemen. How can I help you?

- Yeah, you in charge?
- Yes, I am.

We've got a few questions for
you about some of your clients.

Wow, I hope nobody went on a crime
spree. Who are you interested in?

- Sandra Perry is one of them.
- Oh, I heard what happened. I'm so sorry.

She was a nice woman. But I'm
not sure how I can help you.

You can tell us about
your relationship with her

and the three other clients of yours

who were murdered over the past few years.

Are you accusing me of something?

Well, seeing as we just
found this in your car,

- I'm afraid we are.
- I don't have a gun.

Let's go on back for a chat.

Come on.

We found the gun in your car.

What's gonna happen when
ballistics comes back and says

it's the same weapon
used in all four murders?

Did they plant it? Did someone else?

Who'd do this to me?

Come on, you didn't find it
odd that three of your clients

were killed within a
space of a couple months?

Hold on. When was I supposed
to have committed this murder?

Between eight and 10 the night before last.

Well, I was at an event with
a client the whole night,

and I stayed at her
house. You can call her.

All right. Give us her name and number.

Can I talk to you?

Ok, so, assuming Michelle's right

and the new murder was done by a copycat,

the new killer would have had to have
done the same research that we did,

and found someone who was also
connected to the original Murley victims.

Right, and then he picked a
random woman who was connected

- only to Fellows.
- Ok, well, whoever they are,

they're clearly focused on
their mission to get Murley out,

so... unfortunately, that doesn't
help us get any closer to who they are.

We gotta see Murley.

I asked the guards

to contact the Freedom Project
to let them know you're here.

Oh, that's fine. We won't be here long.

I told you I can't help
you, and that hasn't changed.

But ask me anyway. What
must happen must happen.

Everything will unfold as it is intended.

I don't think you're gonna be so...

zen when you hear what we have to tell you.

You see, we found the murder weapon.

You hid it inside the Buddha.

The Buddha is about perfection, not death.

Yeah, this is starting to make sense,

'cause this isn't about you
claiming to be Buddhist, is it?

See, we thought the snakes represented
revenge, but that's not it, is it?

The serpent transforms, rebirths,

- perfects itself.
- In your twisted mind,

you actually believe that
you're helping these women,

that you're perfecting
them, transforming them.

I offered them beauty.

They rejected it.

I bore them no ill will.

So, you wanted whoever killed
Sandra Perry to continue your work.

Why are they doing this?
What about my things,

- my Buddha?
- Don't worry, they're safe.

Everything is safe.


I think I know who had the gun,
and she might be our killer.

Yeah, I read Murley again.
He still doesn't see himself

as guilty, but I saw him with the gun.

He had it hidden inside of
a Buddha. You were right.

Ok, well, now we just need to prove
it. Uh, who had access to his things?

- The Freedom Project people.
- Yeah, but you read Pelc

- and felt that he was innocent.
- I did, but I also read Murley speaking to Pelc's legal intern

Lucy Carnevale. She said that she
had his stuff and that it was safe.

Do we buy a law student committing
murder to get her client off?

Well, I think it might be more than that.

I think she might be fan. I
pulled up her school records.

In university, she was a legal
prodigy, specializing in serial killers.

She even kept up correspondence
with a few of them.

One of her professors noted that

her fascination with serial
killers bordered on the morbid.

So, why now, and why
does she choose Murley?

Sometimes serial killers are just
waiting for a catalyst, right? Maybe...

maybe Murley's insanity
is in tune with her own.

Well, she'd been offered other
interning positions for much higher pay.

I can only think that
maybe she took the position

at Freedom Project just
to be closer to Murley.

So, she's looking for a
partner, a mentor, a lover?

- Maybe all of the above.
- Well, I checked with Pelc's office, and Lucy isn't in.

But I did manage to get a home address,

which I am texting to you as we speak.

I also spoke to Klein
and secured a warrant.

We don't want this one
getting off on a technicality.

Michelle, this is your
case. You belong there.

I'll meet you there.

I have to go.

But you be safe, ok?

I will.

Dev, you go left. Toby, take right.


You ruined everything.

Why is that? Because we found out
that you killed an innocent woman?

Put your gun down.

Put it down!

Kick it away.

You think you're so smart.
You're nothing compared to Samuel.

Well, that's not really a
competition that I want to play in.

You know in university I carried
around a murder kit that I made?

Some knives,

a hammer,

duct tape,


a mask.

I tracked winos in alleys,

but I never made my move.

I studied killers, those
who had the strength

to follow through on what they had to do.

I... dreamed of being like them.

Dr. Murley gave me the
inspiration to actually do it.

Just put the gun down, Lucy.

There's no walking out
of here, ok? It's over.

But I have you.

We'll walk out together,
and I'll let you live.

You really think you can do that,

after you've had a taste of what
it feels like to really kill?

Maybe you are smart.


Don't do it. Don't do it.

You die here, Murley will never
know what you did for him -

how much you loved him.

You have no idea.

I understand his need for perfection.

You understand his commitment

to the spiritual aspect
of physical perfection.

It's like you're inside his head.

And that's why you knew
he'd still have a gun

'cause there's work to do.

But you couldn't share that
with him, because he threw your

letters out like he did with
all the other murder groupies.

- That's not what I am!
- It's not what you are. You're committed.

That's why you volunteered

for the Freedom Project so
you could be closer to him,

so you could free him.

You want to help continue his mission.

It was splitting the
women's tongues that told me.

Perfection, rebirth through
pain. Beauty through death. Pure.

When I read the Buddhist myths of
the Nagas, the serpents, I understood.

I wanted to be a part of his work.

I wanted him to offer me
the gift of his beauty.

Kill for him, kill with him, together.

- I wouldn't reject him like they did.
- It's not too late. You guys could still be together.

If I did here, they can
say I did all the killings.

He can still be free.

Don't make me shoot.

Stay down! Don't move.

Don't move.

That was a nice move.

A little rusty, but did the trick.

Welcome back.

Is it time? Have you come to release me?

We caught the woman who
was copying your crimes.

She worked for the Freedom Project.

Then you caught your killer.

She told us everything...

Where you hid the gun, how she got it.

Then why are you here?

Because I wanted to look you
in the eyes when I told you

that you are never getting out of here.

I won't be in here forever, Michelle.

And my offer still stands.

I would love to work on you

when I'm free.

Pelc and the Freedom Project
have been strangely silent

- for the last 24 hours.
- Well, I can't imagine

they have too much to
say when it turned out

that their lawyer was the
one who was the killer.

She got herself put away, and she
cemented your case against Murley, though.

You know, I have to admit,

it was pretty smart, the
way that she figured out

the secondary connections
to the spa and those women.

I mean, she could have killed
any one of the spa's clients

as a decoy. Sandra Perry was just unlucky.

How are you? That was
one hell of a takedown.

Yeah, I made my move out of instinct,

but when she had that gun to
me, all I could think about was

how Carrie was gonna grow up without a mom.

Superintendent congratulating you?

Not quite. The Commissioner
of National Security

has just assigned me a
posting with Interpol.

- Oh.
- What?

You're not gonna take it, are you?

I tried to decline, but
apparently that's not an option.

They have committed my services to
the Paris office. I leave in five days.

For how long?

I don't know.

For what it's worth, I've suggested

that you'd make a great
candidate to lead the team.

I... I mean,

I'm just getting used
to being back at work.

Oh, come on. You know you want it.

I would make a great boss.

So, where does that leave
us? Where do we go from here?

In the short term, I'm
gonna search out a bar,

and anyone is welcome
to join me if they care.

I can do one drink and then
I have to put a baby to bed.

One drink. Babies to bed.

- Let's go.
- All right, let's do this.


Mm, hey.

How did it go?

We got the bad guys.

And now you're home.

Now I'm home.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, I heard about Lucy Carnevale
being arrested for the Perry murder.

Yes. Yes, even serial
killers have their fans, huh?

- And Michelle's ok?
- Yeah.

She came through like a pro.

It might take her a little while

to get adjusted to being back, but...

good to have her back.

You read my mind.

That is a curse I would
not... be able to live with.

Tell me about it.