The Listener (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 9 - Love's a Bitch - full transcript

I take it you were able to get
away without too much trouble.

I've got a few hours
before anyone misses me. You?

I'm not expected anywhere
until the morning.

Well, then,

I guess that means we have
all the time in the world.

- OK, give me another one.
- 69 COPO Chevelle.

OK, uh, Chevelle...
427 V8,

- only 400 made in the world.
- That's pretty good.

- OK.
- 68 L88.

68 L88.

170 mph, 550 horsepower?

- Mm-hmm.
- All right, keep 'em coming.

It's like you're cramming for an exam.
You're just meeting Sandy's father.

I'm just meeting
Sandy's father...

The man clearly doesn't

- Help me understand, bro.
- OK,

he started his own brickworks
company from scratch, all right?

He has won the entrepreneurial award
the last five years in a row.

He's a hard-driving, old school,
A-type personality

if there ever was one, OK?
He's into muscle cars,

and fishing,
and he's a crossbow enthusiast.

That's a real thing. You think
that this is going to impress him?

Well, you know, when Sandy got
divorced, he saw how hard

it was on her, so now that
we're serious, he's gonna be

taking a really tough look at me, and I'd
like to be able to pass the smell test.

- Do you even own camouflage?
- OK, that's it.

- What? What are you doing?
- I'm cleaning up. Thank you.

- I've never seen you clean up.
- Well, it's happening.

Get used to it.
(Phone ringing)

I'll be right there.


I think you're gonna do great.

Hey, can you grab
those newspapers on the...

And he's gone. Sure. I'll get
that later. What am I thinking?

Hey. IIB. Excuse me.

- Hey.
- What have we got here?

We have a white male, mid-30s, looks to
be dead about three, four hours tops.

Looks like he bled out right here.
You think he put up a fight?

- He was stabbed in the back.
- Any suspects?

Not yet. But he only
checked in five hours ago

and it looks like the bed has
been occupied.

OK, so what are we doing here?

Mr. Potter was a British
attaché to the Consul General.

MI6 has asked us to personally
help in the investigation.

So, our victim was a spy?

Let's go.

The Listener 04x09
Love's A Bitch
Original Air Date July 31, 2013

I'm just home to change,

and then I have to run out
again. Another big case.

Well, I'll probably be at work
when you get home,

so I'll put
some dinner in the fridge.

I know. Again.

We'll talk when we talk.

We'll see each other
when we see each other, OK?

Thank you for being

- so understanding about this.
- By this I assume you mean

the thing we're
not talking about?

I don't want
to pressure you, OK?

I know having a baby is
a big decision.

It is. But it's also not fair
to leave you hanging. You know,

I'm just... I'm trying
to wrap my head around

what it would mean to raise
a child and work in this job.

You don't have to do that
alone. You know that, right?

I know.

You'd make a great dad.

I know.

I've been trying to tell you.

Go save the world.
I will still be great

when you get home.

- What do we know?
- Well, our British diplomat,

Jeremy Potter,
checked in to the hotel at 7 pm.

And was killed at 10 pm.

No forced entry
or defensive wounds,

so he probably knew his
attacker. And forensics also

confirmed that he had sex
not too long before he died.

And Mr. Potter checked into
the hotel for one night only.

Could it be a crime of passion?

It's possible,
but the phone cord was cut

and his cell phone is
still missing.

Which is why he couldn't
call for help.

- Right.
- Forensics seems to think

that the killer was left-handed,
and the murder weapon was

a 10-inch blade, so I'm thinking
maybe some type of hunting knife

or something.
He was stabbed in the back

- and bled out within minutes.
- So this is the work of someone

- who knows what they're doing.
- Looks like it.

I talked to the British
Consulate. They were

tight-lipped, but my sources
tell me that he's on an MI6

- watch list.
- Did they tell you why?

He was somehow mixed up
in an investigation

into an international
drug cartel.

- Well, maybe the cartel took him out.
- The Brits want his cell back.

Maybe there's something
relevant on that.

Maybe. I've secured
a 24-hour news blackout

on the story
until we find out more.

MI6 are keeping a lid
on the British media.

But we need to find out
what Jeremy Potter was into.


Mrs. Potter, we're gonna do
everything that we can

to find who killed
your husband.

Thank you.

He was a good man.
This has been a terrible shock.

We just need to ask you
a couple of questions, OK?

Of course.

Did you notice anything unusual in
your husband's behaviour lately?

He seemed a little distant.

He's been busy.

And, honestly, I suppose

I've been occupied
with our son, Jordan.

Did your husband ever talk
about his work?

Did you ever notice
anyone following him

or any unusual phone calls?

No, I'll meet you there.

I have your information
from the agency.

I don't know.

There are always
sensitive issues

that a diplomat must not share
with his wife.

All right. Do you feel that
there might have been something

he was holding back from you?

He was secretive.

He needed to be for his job.

But he was getting tired of it.

We were discussing
making a change.

Was he thinking
of leaving the service?

Yes. Jeremy was
a brilliant man.

He could have done well
at any career that he chose.

I'm sorry,
but we do have to ask you...

Where you were last night?


Of course.

I was here at home

with my child.

We'll confirm that she was home last
night, but I don't think she's a suspect.

I read her listening in
on a phone call with Jeremy.

He was making arrangements for a
meeting set up by "The Agency".

- Could be the CIA.
- Maybe he was playing some game

with the Americans and
his own people took him out.

Anything's possible in the spy game.
Especially if he was a liability.

I have Jeremy's travel
itinerary from the consulate.

He made frequent trips
to Hong Kong over the last year.

OK, well, that's a popular spot
for offshore accounts, right?

A young father doesn't
jump ship without a life vest.

Maybe the cartel's financing
his retirement plan.

He was going to Hong Kong
to make deposits.

I'll look deeper
into his financials and see

if I can track large deposits
or upgrades to his lifestyle.

OK, we'll head to the British Consulate
and see if we can pry any information.

I thought these magazines were supposed to
be full of pictures of women in bikinis.

This is just car, car, car..

Now we're talking. Huh?

Do you think her parents are
proud of her?

Uh, not really appropriate
for during work hours.

You can get back to the job.

Enjoy your magazine.

Daddy, this is Oz.

It's very nice
to meet you, sir.

That's quite the grip
you've got there.

- Nice suit.
- Oh, thank you! Thanks.

I thought you were a nurse
or something.

No, I'm actually the head of
Emergency Services. Not that nurses

like our Sandy here aren't
an invaluable part of the team.

Not that she's "our" Sandy,

"our" Sandy, like...
Ha! Ha! How was lunch?

- I took him to our favourite place.
- Pho Hung? Did you just die?

- Those noodles just melt in your mouth.
- It's soup.


Uh, speaking of soup,
you know...

my friend is in the process

- of souping up his Pontiac 455.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Seventy?

Yeah, that's
the classic year, right?

- Super Duty?
- You bet.

- Super Duty didn't come out 'til 73.
- Ah. My mistake.

But like the Super Duty,
this baby also has

round pored cylinder heads and cast
iron exhaust header manifolds, so...

Probably the finest American
engine offered that year.

Wow. You really know
your stuff.

Oh, I dabble.

- I should get back to work.
- OK, well, it was very nice

- to meet you, Mr. Wardwell.
- You too.

- I hope to do it again. OK!
- You can let go.

OK. Yeah.

Thank you for meeting
with us, Ms. Parkhurst.

As you know,
MI6 has asked for our help

in finding whoever killed
Jeremy Potter.

I'll help however I can.
But you'll have to understand

that I cannot share certain pieces of
sensitive or confidential information.

- Of course.
- Is it true that MI6 was looking into him?

If you'd like to know
about MI6's activities,

- I suggest you ask MI6.
- What about his trips

to Hong Kong? Were those
sanctioned by the consulate?

They have been investigated.

There has been no proof
of malfeasance on Jeremy's part.

Was Jeremy acting suspicious?

I think you've been watching
too many spy films.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm due at a meeting.

Well, if you think of anything
that could help us, please call.

She's lying.
She has a file on him.

Anything on Potter's

No big deposits, no diamonds
or luxury cars purchased.

But the hotel sent over some video
from the night Jeremy was killed.

That's him getting out
of the elevator with a woman.

- Could this be our killer?
- They got off on the same floor,

and this was about an hour and a
half before Jeremy's time of death.

The doorman flagged her a cab.
The cab company just sent me

an address where she was
dropped off on the west side.

Relay it to Toby and Michelle.
Have them pick her up.

Oh! And tell them to be careful.
She could be a trained killer.

I see movement.

IIB! Open up!

- Can I help you?
- Jessica Traynor?

I think we're gonna need

Rob, there's a sippy cup
in the fridge.

- I know, Jess, I know.
- I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

We just need to ask you
a couple of questions,

but maybe you'd prefer to go
somewhere a little bit more private?

I've got my hands full.
You can ask me anything here.

Can you identify this man?

Why are you asking me?

- If you could just answer the question.
- What's going on here, Jess?

They just want to know if
I know this man... and I don't.

You sure?

- You're sure that no one knows?
- You don't trust the agency?

I've never met this man before.

(Baby crying) You need to tell me
what's going on here, Jessica.

- I don't know!
- His name is Jeremy Potter.

He was found murdered
in his hotel room last night.

What does that have to do
with my wife?

I met with him last night.

You were the last one
to see him alive.

Can we discuss this
somewhere else?

Yeah, why don't you
come back to our office?

Rob, just take Russell

It's time for his nap.
Call a lawyer.

(Baby crying)

So, how long did you know
Mr. Potter?

I didn't know him.
Not really.

So you just met him last night?

It sounds horrible
when you put it like that.

We met through the agency.

- Which agency?
- Samantha Matheson.

The website for cheating spouses. They make
cheating look as wholesome as apple pie.

Have you used
the website before?

No. It was my first time.

I'm not that kind of person.

So, what happened
after you two had sex?

Thank you.

I took a shower and then I left.

- What time was that?
- Sometime after eight.

Did you see anyone suspicious
in the hallway?

- No.
- Jeremy say he was in danger?

We didn't talk
about our personal lives.

I really wish I hadn't gotten
involved in this.

The Samantha Matheson Agency. It's an
anonymous hookup site for married people.

Didn't that used to be called
an airport bar?

Jeremy Potter was a member
for about a year.

- I checked his records.
- I'm guessing

the company doesn't bill their
clients as Samantha Matheson.

That would be funny explaining that
one to the spouse, wouldn't it?

It actually comes up on the bill

as "The Cookbook Club".
The company sells itself

on privacy. It's got
a 100%-secrecy guarantee.

- What does that mean, exactly?
- Well...

It means that this website is
very difficult to hack,

even for a Jedi master.

So, why don't you
join the site?

I... Yeah.
I could take the easy way out

and make a profile, poke around, and see
what the site's all about, I guess.

Just make sure it stays
as research.

What about our suspect,
Mrs. Traynor?

My reads pointed
to a lonely housewife.

If she's a spy, that's one hell
of a cover story.

She is left-handed.
There's still a lot

we don't know about her
or our victim,

but they do have one thing
in common: the website.

- Pay them a visit.
- All right.

Let's go.

Beautiful. Beautiful.
That's great!

- Tanya Wilkes?
- Yes. Can I help you?

IIB. Can we chat
for a minute?

- I'm kind of busy right now.
- This won't take long.

Keep going.
It's OK.

Yes, what can I do for you?

Adultery seems to be
a booming business.

I take it you don't approve of the
service I provide. That's fine.

Is your company based
on personal experience?

I'm happily married.
Never felt the urge to stray.

But some married people are
desperate for excitement.

There's a market for it.
I saw a way to monetize that.

- How does this work?
- Well, our clients register

on the site. They create
a profile. They browse.

And if they want to make contact,
there is a fee for private messages.

- And what is it that you provide exactly?
- A safe place to play.

Everything our clients do
on our site is completely secure

and secret.
What's this about?

Jeremy Potter was found murdered
in his hotel room last night

after hooking up with Jessica
Traynor. Both clients of yours.

That's... shocking news.

But I'm not sure there's
anything I can do to help you.

- Why not?
- Well, I'm known

for providing maximum secrecy
and privacy to my clients.

This is a homicide
investigation. If you don't

share whatever information
you have, we will

shut down your website.
You understand that, right?

Of course.

Is there anything
you're not telling us?

Woman: Name's
Don Hutchison...

Cookbook Club cancellations
can only be made by members.

Woman: He can't! My husband
is dead! He was murdered!

If there's anything relevant
I can think of,

I will definitely
share it with you.

If you do, you give us a call.

- Of course.
- Thank you.

All right, how's it look?

This is Don Hutchison:

43, married, father of two.

He was found dead in the Rainbow
Motel 10 nights ago.

He was stabbed to death, and the phone
cord was cut. Same MO as our killer.

- I'll let Metro know we're gonna take over.
- Good.

Let's find out what
our victims have in common...

foreign connections, ties
with the intelligence community.

They both have glasses. Same hair,
same eyes, same facial features.

You think someone's using the
website to profile their target?

- More like a hunting ground.
- Two deaths in 10 days.

If we don't get this guy soon,
there's going to be a third.

We might be looking
at a serial killer.

I just talked to my contacts.

Jessica Traynor has absolutely no
ties to the intelligence community.

That's the same as our second
victim, Don Hutchison.

He's not a spy.
He's an investment banker.

Well, we spoke
to Mr. and Mrs. Traynor.

I see couples therapy
in their future.

- Did you get anything from them?
- An alibi for the night

of the murder. He says that
they were watching TV all night.

- He could be covering for her.
- Nah, he was pretty angry

with her. I don't see him lying. Jessica
swears she never met Don Hutchison.

OK, so, let's assume for a minute
that Jessica's telling the truth.

There has to be someone or something
that connects these two victims.

- What else do we know about them?
- Well, I did some digging

and these guys have totally
different careers.

They live on opposite sides of
town. There seems to be nothing

connecting them other than their physical
similarities and their affinity for cookbooks.

All right, so the only real connection,
then, is this damn website.

Might want to shake that tree
until it bears some fruit.

Mrs. Wilkes.

You again.

Who's that?
Don Hutchison.

Somebody is using your website
as a hunting ground.

The bodies are starting to pile up.
There's been another murder?

And you're going to help us
before it happens again.

I told you before.

My business is built upon
absolute and total privacy

among consenting adults.

Every member signs a detailed
disclaimer absolving us

- of any responsibility.
- So we'll get a warrant.

I have a top Bay Street firm on retainer.
They'll tie up your warrant until doomsday.

You lied to us. You knew
about Don Hutchison's murder

- but you kept it from us.
- Thousands of people use

my site every single day. How could
I possibly know it was connected?

Word will spread like wildfire.

You know, we're gonna have
to have that press conference,

let the world know there's a killer
out there stalking your clients,

that the Samantha Matheson Agency
is a dangerous place to play.

You can't do that.

Yeah, we can, and we will.
And while we are at it,

we'll bring you up on charges
of obstruction.


What do you want?

Names, addresses,
personal details. Everything.

Well, you can have the client
data, but the conversation

and hookup data scrubs itself
clean every 24 hours.

It uses proprietary software.
It cost me a fortune.

I couldn't even begin
to tell you how it works.

So you find us someone who can.

Hey, Mr. Boone.
Thanks for coming in.

- Yeah.
- Get you a glass of water?

No, I'm fine. Listen,
this won't take long,

will it?
I gotta get back to my office.

We'll have you out of here
in just a minute.

I gotta tell you,

the security system you built,
it stonewalled even me.

Well, then it's doing what
it's supposed to, isn't it?

We want to know: can someone log in and
access the other members' messages?

No. No, that's impossible.

It's a seven-pass low-level
deleted every 24 hours.

DND-quality security.
One of my clients, by the way.

What about if it was still
in the database?

Could an administrator monitor
and duplicate it offline?

(Boone):Code monkeys...

We know you subcontracted out
some of the work.

I don't know what you're talking about.
This is all my software.

If you parcelled out your work, that
would be a huge security breach.

I need all four subroutines
by tomorrow. Ten bucks an hour.

Do it fast. Doesn't have
to be pretty, OK?

Look, we know that you're using outside
coders to do your work for you.

Now, if you did the same thing with,
say, the Department of National Defence,

that would be
an indictable offence.

Could I get
that glass of water now?

Yeah, could we get the names
of the coders?

- We got lots of water here for you.
- Thanks.

Dad, you really didn't need
to pick me up from work.

I walk home alone every day.

- Oh, you know. Town's full of creeps.
- You're back! That's great.

I got some great news
for you, sir.

- Call me Bill.
- Oh!

OK. Bill. Well, I got three
words: Classic Car Pageant.

Opening night of the auto show,
two tickets.

- This is tomorrow night, right?
- Yeah, you heard about it?

Yeah, I was hoping to
take it in before I left town.

- Well, then, you and I are on!
- Yeah?


We were supposed
to go to Tara's play.

It's opening night.
Her first lead role.

Yeah, but it's a play, you know? I'd
rather go at the end of the run.

Let them work out
all the kinks.

Plus, your dad seems pretty excited
about the Classic Car Pageant.

Yeah, of course.
Go. You boys have fun,

OK? Old cars. Yay!

- So, what do you say, Bill? Are you in?
- Sure.

All right! Tomorrow night it is. I will
see you there. Pedal to the metal.

I'm gonna bring
the car around, sweetie.

OK, I'll be out there in five!

'Cause you're talking
to her... call me sweetie...

Hey, is it just me, or is he
not that excited about this?

- That's just him. Mr. Gruff.
- I'm sorry about the play.

I totally spaced out on it. I
promise you we'll go another night.

It's fine. If my dad likes you,
missing opening night's fine.

- You're sure?
- Of course! It's fine.

- Look, fine!
- OK. You're the best.

- I'll see you later.
- Bye.

Metro did another sweep of
the first victim's hotel room.

They didn't turn up anything. Not surprising.
It was 10 days ago.

So, Boone didn't make
the software himself,

so it looks like we have
12 more coders to look into.

"Interests: opera, fine wine,

"gourmet dining. I'll take you on a romantic
ride around town before sweeping you

off to my bedroom."
I like this.

- Is that me?
- Well, it's you.

But it's a fantasy you.
Klein 2.0, if you will.

It's a fake profile that I made
so I could lurk around the site.

- Is that my vacation photo?
- I think it's a good shot...

I'll take it down.

I'll take it down now.
OK, guys,

so, using what Boone just gave
us, I can monitor traffic,

but he was right. The messages
are encrypted with 256-bit keys,

so I can see the open chats,
but that's about it.

Is there anything
on the coders that he used?

- Give me a second.
- OK, but if he had

outside people working on the site,
one of them could be eavesdropping.

Are you saying that someone could
be periodically cloning the drives

and if they created the security
algorithm themselves...

Then they could break into it
whenever they wanted to.


Guys, hold up.
There's someone else in here.

Administrative access, but it's
not us and it's not the agency.

- Can you track them?
- They got a lot of proxies,

but I can trace it through...

Istanbul... Sydney...

Portland... Seattle...


- All right, I got an IP.
- Can they see you?

No, I'm a digital ninja.

It's registered to an apartment
complex in Rexdale.

A Tom Walton. That's one of
the guys that Boone gave us.

He's a 19-year-old computer
engineering student at York.

Let's go pick him up.

Purely out of curiosity,

how many hits
did that profile get?

Uh... you wanna see?


Still nothing.

I bet you 20 bucks
I know what you're thinking.

I didn't read your mind.

What am I thinking?

You're thinking these guys got what they
deserved because they cheated on their wives.

Wow. You really...
You think I'm that judgmental?

No. I just... I know you. You have a
strong feeling about these things.

I don't get
all of the sneaking around.

The kids at home.
All of the lying.

People lie.
It's what we do.

- I lied to Tia constantly.
- You didn't cheat on her.

No. But, you know,
I looked her in the eyes

and I would lie about my thing,
about what I do with the IIB.

I couldn't take it anymore.

- You told her?
- Yeah, I had to.

I figured it'd only
be worse if I didn't.

I think that the only thing
you can control

in a relationship
is your own honesty.

You gotta hope that the other
person does the same.

Didn't work out so well
for you, did it?

Michelle. Look.

Check this out.

That's him.

Tom Walton? IIB.

What is this about?
Tom, what is this about?

Gotta scrub the drive.

- He's going to erase his hard drive!
- Go around!

Get off me!
Ow, ow, that hurts!

I already told you
I didn't do anything wrong.

- So why did you run?
- Where I'm from, cops get in your face,

- it's not gonna go well.
- Well, where I'm from,

you run,
you did something wrong.

- I panicked.
- Well, we spoke to some

of the other employees
that worked on the site.

They said that you programmed
the security code. Yeah, so?

You wrote the code. You were the
only one with high-level access.

What, were you stalking
these people's interactions?

What? No.
That's not even possible.

We traced your IP address.
You created a backdoor.

You were on there
watching them connect.

Let's talk about Crystal Bennett
and Louisa Lopez.


These are the aliases
you created. What kind of game

are you playing? You get off
on watching these guys?

Is that why you lured them
to their deaths?

OK. This, this is crazy.

All right.

- You recognize these men?
- No.

No. Who are they?
These are our murder victims.

These are the men
that you stalked.

No, no, no, no. I didn't...
I didn't kill anyone.

These are some serious
charges, Tom.

Where were you two nights ago?


I was with someone
out in Pickering.

His name is Leon Riddel. I have the
bus ticket somewhere. You can check.

No. You want to keep your little
affair private, Leon?

Five K. Meet me
at the bus station.

How do you know Leon?

From the Samantha
Matheson site.

But I didn't kill anyone.

- Were you blackmailing him?
- He deserved to pay. He was cheating.

Look, I only set up
these profiles

to find good blackmail targets.

All these guys had
good jobs, nice families...

It says here that your father
left you and your mother

when you were a kid.
Did your dad leave your mom

for another woman?
Is that what this is all about?

Well, none of the other guys I blackmailed
up and left their wife and kids.

But I didn't kill anyone.
Yeah. So you keep saying.

And none of these guys

that you ID'd them
from the website?

No. I'd make something up. Like I was the
kid, someone their wife worked with,

that kind of thing. Trust me,
once these guys are busted

they don't really want
to ask questions.

But you didn't
kill them, right?

Well, you better hope extortion is the
only thing you're charged with tonight.

- What's next?
- Let's call Leon Riddel.

- Check out his alibi.
- I get a lawyer, right?

Tom had quite the collection

of stalker videos.
I should have made popcorn.

OK, so he caught them
in the act on camera

- then he would demand hush money
- Doesn't mean he didn't kill our victims.

His exchange with Riddel was on his
mind the night Potter was killed.

So, I just got off the phone
with Leon Riddel.

He saw Tom two nights ago.

- Does he live anywhere near Potter's hotel?
- No. But he paid him off.

his wife still found out

about his extracurricular activities, so
he's willing to charge him with extortion.


Martell just spent half an hour
bending my ear.

The British Consulate want
a progress report.

They seem to be more interested in
recovering Jeremy Potter's cell phone

than who actually killed him.

Which means they probably knew about
his secret affair the whole time.

The update is the man that we have
in custody probably did not do it.

I'm not sure that's exactly
what they're looking for.

There's the mother.

Mrs. Walton.

I don't understand
what's going on here.

Why did you take my son?

- Do I need to get a lawyer?
- Follow me.

I'm sure there has to be
some type of mistake here.

My son didn't do
anything wrong.

Well, your son, at the very least,
is facing extortion charges.

What do you mean, extortion?

He blackmailed clients of
a website that he helped create.

That website.
He said he needed the job.

You know what?
It is wrong what you're doing.

- I'm making money.
- Tom, it's not worth it.

- It's wrong!
- It's money that I'm making and you're not!

Thank you, Mrs. Walton. We'll let
you guys consult with your lawyer.

I don't feel sorry
for those men.

I'm sorry, what was that?

I mean, you know, of course,

they didn't deserve to die.
That's not what I meant.

(Phone ringing)

- I gotta take this.
- Yeah.

- Hey, what's up?
- Hey Toby! How would you like

to go see an indie play
tomorrow night?

- Play?
- Yeah, it's actors,

on a stage,
and they're saying stuff.

No, I know what a play is. I was just
wondering what I did to piss you off.

- I need a favour.
- This ought to be good.

OK. Look, Sandy wants
to go to the opening night

of her friend's play, but I'm going
to this car show tomorrow night.

You know, I'd rather go
to the car show, to be honest.

No. I'm taking Sandy's dad. But I didn't
want to leave Sandy hanging high and dry.

And you want me to go to a play. An indie play.
With your girlfriend.

When you put it that way, yes.

So, Sandy's cool with you blowing
her off to hang out with her dad?

She knows I'm trying to score
points with her old man.

All right. All right.
You owe me. Huge.

Huge, a huge solid.

You sure that Sandy's cool
with this? Really?

Yes, what did I just say?
Yes, she's cool with it.

- All right. Just text me the information.
- OK, thank you. Thank you.

I will right now. Bye.

If Tom's not our guy,

we still have a killer
on the loose.

- Is there anything suspicious?
- I'm tracking the halfdozen guys

whose profiles most closely
resemble those of our victims.

I've got a bad feeling
about this.

- Can you shut it down?
- The whole site?

I mean, yeah, I have the program

that Tom wrote to subvert
the site's security but...

Our killer is using the agency to target
victims, and we're letting it happen.

But if we shut down the whole
site, how are we supposed to...

There's someone else
in the system at admin level.

What are they doing?

- "Has to be tonight."
- He's watching them make a date.

They're gone.

Can you track them?

I got an IP.

It's the same place.
It's coming from Tom Walton's.

Isn't Tom still in custody?
Get Toby.

So, who else has access
to your Wi-Fi?

- No one. It's secure.
- Someone hacked

into the agency's website
from your IP address.

OK, well, maybe
someone spoofed the IP.

Maybe someone's setting me up. I don't
know, I've been here.

Who else has access?

Someone in the building?
A friend? Another programmer?

(Tom): Oh, my god. Mom...

- The codes... You didn't...
It's your mother, isn't it?

She knows how to breach the agency's
security. She knows the codes.

She taught me everything
that I know.

- Your mother's a programmer?
- Before her breakdown, yeah.

But she couldn't get work
doing it anymore.

Tell Dev the focus is
on the mother.

Please, sir, you have to leave her out of this.
It's not her fault.

He left us with nothing. She
doesn't know what she's doing!

Please leave her alone.
She didn't mean it!

Dev, OK, where are we
with Kay Walton?

I'm tracking her through
registries of an outpatient

psychiatric programs. She was
diagnosed with bipolar disorder

over a decade ago. Looks like she's
currently employed by a cleaning company

that has contracts with most
of the major hotels in the city.

Tom was three years old when her husband
left her. So she was traumatized.

There were alleged incidents
of violent outbursts,

but no arrests. I did find
a picture of her ex-husband.

And he looks a lot
like our victims.

Looks like she has unfinished
business with the ex.

A lot of innocent guys are
paying for it.

So, if she works for a cleaning company, she
has access to any hotel room they service.

Yeah. And it looks like they have a
contract with the Starlight Hotel.

Kay Walton is planning
her next attack tonight.

- Now we know where.
- And when.

I almost can't believe
I'm doing this.

Is this your first time?

- Yeah.
- It's OK. It's mine too.

Really? You're not
just saying that?

It took a while to find
someone I'd be comfortable with.

Here we are.

Mr. Channing... I think you
could say you just got lucky.

IIB. Let's talk.

You're too much.

Back for another go?

It's not going to happen
this time, Kay.

- Put your weapon down, now!
- Drop it!

Please. Put the knife down.
No one has to get hurt.

We know what
you've been through.

You don't know
what I've been through.

You don't know anything!

They... they deserved it!

Your husband cheated on you.

He left me for her.

He left our son.

You can't punish these men
for what your ex-husband did.

You're gonna put their families
through the same thing

that you and Tom went through.
You gotta end this, Kay.

It would have been
our 20th wedding anniversary.

Get down.

Thank you.

Go home to your family.

(Kay crying)


All right. Twenty bucks
I know what you're thinking.

- I still owe you $20 from last time.
- Yeah. You do.

Yeah? You think
I'm that predictable?

Yes, on certain issues, yeah.

- OK. Let's hear it.
- All right.

You are thinking that Trevor did
not learn his lesson tonight,

that he's just gonna go
onto another cheating website

and find himself a new Yvette,

that a leopard doesn't
change his spots.

Wow. You are
very wrong, Logan.

- Yeah?
- Uh-huh! I'm thinking the exact opposite.

I think Trevor's
gonna go home tonight,

he's gonna kiss his children,
and he's gonna vow

to never make the same
mistake again.

No. This does not sound like you. You're
trying to win the bet. Do you need to borrow

money from me? Look, I
know I can be predictable.

I know I'm not really a go-
with-the-flow kind of girl.

- And I like control.
- I never knew that about you.


Maybe it's time for me
to change.

You're going to make
a great mother.


Doesn't mean you don't owe me
20 bucks.


Our team just recovered

Jeremy Potter's cell phone
from Kay's apartment.

MI6 were relieved to find out

that none of the files were

What happens to Kay Walton?

She'll undergo
full psychiatric evaluation.

What about her son?

Well, we still have to figure out how
many people he actually extorted.

Somehow, I don't think too many of
them are going to come forward.

That's why we have subpoenas.

Any more security breaches?

No. The site hired a new firm
to plug the holes.

Is my profile still on?

The requests keep piling in.

You wanna take a look?

I'm single.
It wouldn't be cheating.

Where's the fun?
Shut it down.

Good job today.

(A bottle pops.)

That really was so good.

Panko crusted.
Who knew?

I thought
I'd try something new.

Are you sure you don't have
to be at the club tonight?


I told them to call if there's
some sort of catastrophe,

but otherwise,
tonight is all about us.

You really are amazing,
you know that?

It was just panko, babe.

I honestly...
they said it was amazing.

I'm sorry for making you wait.

- Don't...
- No.

You deserve an answer.

When the time is right, Mich.

I'm ready.


If you're ready.

I'm ready.

(Sandy): Oz, we're here.

Come on in.

- I cleaned up a bit.
- Hi.

Hey. Bill, this is my good
friend Toby. Toby, Bill.

- Hey.
- Toby?

- Yeah.
- You're taking my daughter to the play?

Actually, there's been a bit
of a change of plans.

Toby's gonna come with you
to the car show.

- Yeah!
- Oh. Why?

Well, I know you're only in
town for a short amount of time

and I really wanted to get to know you
better, but I actually told Sandy

that I would go to this play with
her tonight. In fact, I promised, so...

- Oz, you really don't...
- I actually do.

I'm sorry, Bill. I can't go
with you to the show.

I think you're making
a good choice.

- You do?
- I do.

Oh, OK.

The only way you're gonna
impress me is if you

treat my daughter right.

Oh, great! Look at that.
All right. Great.

- Bill, thank you. Thank you.
- So, Toby...

Yeah, let's do this.

- Oz is a good friend of yours?
- Yeah. I've known him a long time.

- Good. I wanna hear all about him.
- Yeah. I've got some stories.

- You guys have fun at the indie play.
- Uh, Toby, actually, could you

just... hang on... just for
a second, before you go? Toby!

- That's gonna be fine, right?
- It's gonna be fine.

It's not like he has any dirt
on me or anything.

It's gonna be fine.