The Listener (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 12 - False I.D. - full transcript

When Toby and Michelle go after a suspect in the murder of a Latin crime boss, their case is halted by interference from the police superintendent.

Alex, my friend.

- You're late.
- Am I?

- Did you make the exchange?
- Does the boss know

you're spending all his money
on bogus passports?

These are worth their weight
in gold, amigo. He'll see.

But there's a problem.

You've been seen somewhere
you shouldn't have been.

You know I wouldn't
do something so stupid.

You've been hiding
something from me, Alex.

Hector, I can explain.

You've been playing
a very dangerous game!

The Listener 04x12
False ID
Originally Aired August 21, 2013

- All right, thank you.
- Hey.

So, what does this Monday
morning have for us?

Male, around 40,
shot three times at close range.

- Do we have an ID?
- Nothing confirmed,

but he's got a graffiti-style
tattoo on his back,

and what looks like...
it could be tattoo removal

on his face and neck.

It could be linked to one
of the Central American gangs.

His Beemer's being impounded
as we speak.

There's no registration,
of course.

Well, nice clothes, fancy car.
If he is a Latin American

street thug,
he's certainly had a makeover.

But why did Metro bring us
into this?

Ah. First responders found
these under the body.


A couple of Latino guys
in their early 20s.

- Huh. Are these real?
- Or forged, or fake. Not sure.

Well, if they're fakes,
they're pretty good.

Makes me wonder how many more
of these gangbangers are

making their way into our
country under bogus identities.

Gotta love Mondays.
Let's go.

Hector Suarez.

Yep, that's him.

A suspected higher-up
in a Central American

crime syndicate. He's been
on the RCMP and DEA's

watch lists since he showed up
here a couple of months ago.

What do we have from the scene?

Well, there's no ballistics
match on the kill-shot bullets,

but the passports turned out
to be high-end forgeries.

I thought that was becoming
next to impossible.

The typesetting was done
by someone who definitely knew

what they were doing,
but the booklets themselves,

they were the real deal. So, someone got
a hold of a bunch of blank passports.

According to Passport Canada,
the ones we found were obsolete

and slated to be destroyed.
The new books will feature

a digital information chip.
Much higher security.

Sounds like our criminal
friends got their hands on them

- just in time.
- The passport office is doing

an inventory, but this could
just be the tip of the iceberg.

I'll work with them and see if I
can find any security breach.

- Okay.
-According to our intel,

Hector reported
to Roman Delgado.

He's a textile importer
and a suspected kingpin

in an emerging Latin American
crime ring right here.

So who knows how many fakes
could be out there.

There could be an army
descending on the city

trying to carve out their own
piece of the pie.

- Find out what Roman Delgado knows.
- You got it.


Finally I get to welcome
the police in my humble home.

Usually you people are watching
from afar.

I'm Sergeant McCluskey, this
is Special Consultant Logan.

We're from a Special
Investigations Unit.

Special investigations.

I'm flattered,
but not surprised.

You have quite the reputation
back home.

Is that why you fled?

Any successful businessman
in my home country is a target.

It can be dangerous.

- So I came here.
- To sell textiles.

I import fine fabrics and sell
them to manufacturers. Espresso?

Did you know Hector Suarez?

We were close.

- It's a tragedy he was killed.
- Do you have any idea

- who would want him dead, or why?
- All I know is

he was new to this country.
He was working very hard

to make a better life.

The numbers are coming in.
You can have them all.

- Wait...
- This is the only way.

Was he helping you
expand your business?

If he was, that wouldn't
sit well with the competition.

I don't know what you mean.

Was he looking for trouble?
Did you trust him?

Hector had ways of making
enemies in the old country, hm?

I do things differently.

- Gabrielle.
- Perdón.

I'm sorry. You are busy.

This is nothing
that can't wait.

These are my special
investigator friends

McCluskey and Logan.

- Did you know Hector?
- Hector was her fiancé.

This country is supposed
to be safe.

We come here
to escape the violence.

Violence has a way
of finding people.

- My condolences.
- Thank you.

Look, this is not
the best time.

OK. Well, if you think
of anything else,

- please give us a call.
- Thank you.

Delgado wasn't

Not completely, I got Hector telling
him that "numbers" are coming.

- As in, people?
- Yeah, I think so.

Superintendent Martell.

To what do we owe the pleasure?

I've been sent from on high to
check up on my favourite IIB unit.


So, where are we in
the passport security leak?

Well, it's leading us
into the criminal underworld.

There seems to be
a new Latin gang in town,

- and they're bringing in muscle.
- And according to our intel,

the Kingston Connection is
none too happy with that.

Chris Jernigan, their leader,
does not like competition,

and Hector
Suarez paid the price.


Well, if we make a break in the
passport case, you'll be the first to know.

Maybe Suarez was
a loose cannon.

Well, if the Kingston
Connection heard

about Delgado's plan
to bring in gang reinforcements,

Martell is right,
they could have an axe to grind.

All right.

Mr. Jernigan? IIB.

"Mr. Jernigan?"

Me hope that don't mean
I'm in trouble.

Oh, no, we just want
to talk to you.

- You wanna talk? Talk.
- Are you aware

that Hector Suarez was
gunned down last night?

- Never heard of him.
- He's part of an emerging

Latino gang that's making
inroads in this area.

And what makes you think
me know anything about that?

We just wanna know if
we should expect more violence,

more bodies showing up.

Violence is bad for business.

Even if someone's trying
to take business away from you?

Maybe someone
from Delgado's operation?

Me know nothing
of such an operation.

You're asking me to trust him?
I think you should.

We take care of things
our own way.

And we just wanna make sure that
things don't escalate out of control.

You wanna help me?

Good afternoon.

Ready for something to eat.


Yeah. One of Delgado's guys
acting as a go-between,

but it wasn't Hector Suarez.

So, it looks like Jernigan's
still a free man.

Yeah. I didn't get a connection to Suarez's
murder, but he definitely knows Delgado.

I'm getting a sense
that something's in the works.

Metro's been looking into the alibis of all
of Jernigan's closest known associates.

- So far everything checks out.
- Were we able to get

- any prints from the passports?
- Actually, we're in luck.

Even though they were wiped

we were able to get
a partial palm print.

Cross-referencing it
with the new palm print database

didn't turn up anything,
so I thought, let's scan

the files of employees
of Passport Canada.

- I'm sensing a "Bingo".
- Mrs. Hanson...

Hanson is my ex's name.

OK, Natasha. Maybe

you can explain to us how your palm prints
ended up on a bunch of stolen passports.

I, uh, I handle
lots of materials at work.

But these passports were meant
to be destroyed, but they were

forged and they ended up
in the hands of criminals.

Do you know anything
about this?

Maybe you made a mistake.

You weren't trying
to facilitate

the entry of dangerous criminals
into our country.

We should remind you that stealing
passports is a federal offence.

Now, we'll do everything we can

to make sure your children don't
watch their mother go to prison,

but you're gonna have
to help us out here, OK?

He offered me a lot of money.

Who did?

He didn't say his name,

but I remember he had something
on his neck, like a burn mark.

He said they'd be used to help
refugees make a fresh start.

Did you deliver the passports
to this man?

Someone picked them up.

I needed the money.
I thought I was

helping people.

- I can't go to jail.
- Get yourself a lawyer.

- We'll do what we can.
- We've been looking for the wrong guy.

- What about this guy?
- No.

- This guy?
- No.

- How about the earring guy?
- No.

OK, well, if the guy you keep
seeing is Roman's friend,

then he sure doesn't like
being photographed.

Or he's a ghost.

Or he's a ghost.

He is well connected.

So, how do we find him?

Last month the RCMP put a GPS
monitor on Roman's car.

They logged any place he stayed
for a significant amount of time.

Maybe one of these places
can lead us to our ghost.

So, I suppose I've you
to thank for plugging the holes

in Passport Canada's
security breach.

- We'll close the case. Well done.
- Well, not done exactly.

The Central American criminal organization
is scaling things up, which can only mean

- more trouble on the streets.
- The RCMP are aware of these developments.

They're well beyond the scope
of your original assignment.

Which has opened up
into something bigger. You will

be reminded that there is a
discretionary nature to our caseload.

This is a redundant use
of resources, Alvin.

Then we will be
as economical as possible.

Why don't I walk you
through the numbers?

So, where has Delgado been
spending his time?

It all seems very routine
to me...

home, a few fabric warehouses,

tailoring shops. Mostly just
criss-crossing the suburbs.

Chris Jernigan saw him enter
one of those eastside

condo buildings
with a food court.

OK, it looks like he stopped
a bunch of times on Carlaw.

OK, seriously, I'm starving.

I told you, we should
have got something.

I didn't think we were gonna
have to wait around this long.

There he is.

Excuse me.

- Do I know you?
- IIB.

We need to talk to you
about some forged passports.

Found under the body
of Hector Suarez.

- It's him.
- You're gonna have to come with us.

I don't think so.

- So, the shooter got away?
- Yeah, he knew what he was

doing. I took a picture of him.
We canvassed the building,

got an ID.
He goes by Alex Parro.

The neighbours don't know
much. They said that he keeps

to himself,
comes and goes all hours.

So, not exactly
a nine-to-fiver.

And you read it? The shooting?
I did, I did.

Hector reached for his gun,
but Alex beat him to it.

Well, if Hector and his boss
Roman didn't see eye to eye,

maybe Alex did the dirty work
and took Hector out.

Or maybe Roman's in the dark

and Alex is taking out the
internal competition on his own.

Yeah, but what's his play
here, you know? Is he trying

to kill his way to the top
and Hector got in the way?

What about the fiancée? Whatever got
Hector killed could have her in the line

- of fire as well.
- Well, let's see if she's

recovered enough
to ask her a few questions.

Hey, Dev. Where's Gabrielle
Navarro right now?

Uh, let's see.

We have her under surveillance,
so right now...

check the logs...
Yoga class.

- Aligning her chakras.
- All right, Dev, why don't you

go with Toby? I'll check in
with you guys in a while.

Sick. Feels like
I never left this place.

Yeah, it's cool.

All right, it's all yours.

Hey, stranger.

- Hey.
- Klein let you off the chain?

- I have an hour.
- Mm-hmm.

So I brought you
Szechuan noodles. Extra spicy.

- Food!
- Yes.

My favourite.

You guys open already?

Uh, no. That's Gaines.

He, uh, he just needed a...

space to meet
with some associates.

- Gaines, your investor?
- Yeah.

He uses the back room
if it's not booked.


Really. One of the perks
of being an investor.

He just needs a space to have
some drinks with some people.

It's a little extra money
in our pocket.

And we're gonna need it, right?

Yeah. No, you're right. I just, um... I
guess I'm quick to look for trouble.

That's the thing about trouble.

If you look for it,
you're gonna find it.

- Hey.
- Sorry.

Hey, Gabrielle?

This is my associate,
Corporal Clark. We're just gonna

ask you a few follow-up
questions, if that's OK.

Of course.
Any way I can help.

Thank you. What did you know
about Hector's business?

All I know is Hector was
helping Señor Delgado.

Do you know what he was doing
with Delgado?

Do you want her out?
Don't ask any questions!


Hector was very private
about his activities.

What do you know
about Alex Parro?

Alex? He's an associate
of Hector's.

Why do you ask?

- I can help you.
- Well, we just want

to ask Alex a few questions
about Hector's murder.

- Alex didn't kill Hector.
- How can you be so sure of that?

They were friends,

and Alex is not a murderer.
Do you know

where we can find Alex?

I don't even know
where he lives.

OK. Thank you.

I'm gonna freshen up,
if you don't mind.

- Sure.
- OK.

She's been texting Alex.
He texted her something about

"Meeting at our place". Can you
find an address?

Uh. maybe.

There's no password.

This goes back for months.

OK, there's only
one address in here.

- I think I might have got it.
- Let's call it in.

Good work.

All right, B Team.

- Hey.
- Hey. I thought you had plans.

Yeah, I thought you could
use a little help.

All right. A guy
matching Alex's description

checked into room 212.
He hasn't checked out since.

OK. How was yoga?

Gabrielle is trying
to get someone she cares about

into the country, but Hector's
not gonna let that happen

unless she does as she's told.

- Could point to domestic abuse.
- Maybe she took matters

- into her own hands.
- Maybe she has someone doing it for her.

Her and Alex are more
than just acquaintances.

So, this seedy motel,
this is their love nest?

- Yeah. You set?
- Yeah.

All right. McCluskey's here.
We're standing by.

- What's your status?
- A Team is assembled.

B Team is securing
the back escape routes.

OK. Once they're
in position, we move.

Ten- four.

What's all that?

Uh... we have the suspect cornered,
tactical units are on scene.

He's not gonna slip
through our fingers this time.

Alex Parro?

So, you read my report.

I didn't authorize this.

Go off com.

Oh, something's happening.

You've got significant resources
tied up based on what?

Because we know it's him.
And I didn't realize

I needed your permission
on tactical operations.

Where's the evidence, Alvin?
There was nothing in the report.

- Nichola, you have to let us do our jobs.
- Corporal Clark, I'm ordering

this operation terminated.
You tell your operatives.

- Stand by, McCluskey.
- Ten-four. Standing by.

- That didn't sound like a termination.
- Oh, we're not done.

Please enlighten me why you feel
the need to undermine

my authority in the middle
of a tactical operation.

This is not about authority. Look, our
most reliable intelligence indicates

that Suarez was killed
by the Kingston Connection.

Looking elsewhere is a waste
of the department's time

- and resources.
- The Jamaicans had

nothing to do with this.
Metro has investigated

a dozen likely culprits,
and all their alibis check out.

Our instincts on this have been
right all along.

Instincts are one thing,
evidence is another.

Look, I will keep your team
on the case,

but if you have a problem
doing things my way,

I've been given authority
to have you removed.

Well, I do have a problem
with that, Nichola,

and I'd suggest you look
into your marching orders.

Paid suspension
until resolution of the case.


What's going on? B Team has
spotted him. He's on the move.

- Stand down.
- We're going to lose him.

It's over, Michelle.
Abort the operation.

What the hell just happened?

So, Klein's out?

Yeah, Martell suspended him.

You're kidding.
So it wasn't him who shut us down?

No. They got into it last night, and
I guess he just lost the battle.

He's usually good at managing
Martell and keeping his cool.

Not last night. He was crazy when he left. I
thought he would have called one of you guys.

- No.
- Looks like perfect timing.

- So, how do we start the day?
- Um,

Klein usually brings us in
for a briefing.

Yeah, I thought it would be
best to give him some time off

to recharge. Until then,
you can report to me.

OK, boss.

- So, are we off the Suarez case?
- On the contrary.

You're IIB's most elite unit.

I can't imagine anyone more capable of
bringing Chris Jernigan to justice.

We've been over the files many times; he's
been out of the murder business for years.

Central Americans are
moving in on his turf.

It's the best motive we have,
and you're the best unit

we have, so I'm sure it won't take long for
you to find something on him. And you,

I need you to clean up
the passport file.

All right, well, I think that
just about does our briefing.

- Great.
- Yeah.


Hey, Chris,
talk to you a minute?

- "Chris" now, is it?
- Well, you're not in trouble.

We're just curious, you know. People
are saying you killed Hector Suarez.

- Who say this?
- It's the word on the street.

Word on the street give me
too much credit.

Me have no enemies.

- Good day.
- Good day.

All right,
Chris and Delgado have a deal.

So, why is Martell trying to pin
this on the Kingston Connection?

The intel's coming from somewhere.
RCMP must have a source.

- Only one way to find out.
- Yeah.

Corporal Clark.

- I have a forensics update.
- Mm-hmm?

OK, Passport Canada reports

nearly 100 books missing.
It's possible that those have

also been forged with false IDs
for Central American criminals.


Yeah, and the forgeries bear
similar trademarks

to the work of a master forger
who was recently paroled.

Hmm, is that so?

Yeah, I mean, he may be able
to ID some of the criminals

that Suarez has been trying
to get into the country,

so we could stop them
at the border,

or at least tail them
if they're already here.

All right, why don't you
put it in your report?

Excuse me, but I feel like it would
be wise to act quickly on this.

I'll look into it and decide
how to allocate the resources.


Thank you.

Hello. Well, this would be
a lot easier

if we could just meet you
in the office.

What's wrong with Adam's bar? It
perfect for a secret rendezvous.

I just hope it doesn't get you into
any more trouble with Martell.

Nothing I can't handle.
With Toby's reads

as our only evidence, it was
a battle I wasn't gonna win.

I have faith you guys can
manage without me.

There's a lot
to catch you up on.

Hold on a second. How often do
we all get a day out together?

I'm just gonna go
say hi to Adam.

- Hey.
- Hey, you.

What's that all about?

- What, Gaines?
- Yeah.

- It's nothing.
- I saw you take money from him.

Is that how his investment
works? A few hundred

- trickling in at a time?
- No, of course not.

Well, I see you
pocketing cash, Adam,

it makes me think of one thing.

I'm not gambling, OK?

Look, they are, all right?
He's running a small game

in the back room
for his buddies, that's it.

- I knew it.
- What?

He pays me a little percentage on the side
to look the other way. It's not a big deal.

With your history,
it is a big deal.

I'm not gambling, OK?
And every cent of this

- goes to our future. Our future.
- And what happens if you get busted?

You could lose the club.
You could lose everything.

That's not gonna happen.

And what am I supposed
to tell them?

What, Klein? He likes the game
as much as anybody else.

No one is
getting hurt here, Mich.

And I can't be
second-guessing myself,

looking over my shoulder
for your approval

every time I make a decision,
OK? So please, just let it go.

Wrong answer.

How's Adam?

Fine. Did Toby bring you
up to speed?

Yeah. It appears our murderer
Alex Parro has lofty ambitions

within the local
organized crime scene.

Martell keeps sending us down dead-ends.

Yeah, and sitting on valuable
time-sensitive information.

I don't understand. Is there
something we're not seeing here?

- Has Martell been compromised?
- Why would she send you packing

in the middle of an investigation
on organized crime?

Martell is a lot of things;
corrupt isn't one of them.

She's likely being fed bad intel

from above. It's not exactly
like she has access to

- our primary source of evidence.
- She's gonna be watching us like a hawk.

Then take care
not to raise suspicion.

And due to the seriousness
of this case,

I think you need to use any
and all means at your disposal.

Are you saying you want me
to read one of our own?

Well, we have a policy
against it, but in this case,

intentionally or not, Martell
has you chasing your tails

while Delgado builds an army.

Well, in this case
I will make an exception.

This is interesting.
I have feelers

out at Airport Security.
This is from my contact.

- I thought you were off the clock.
- You know me better than that.

Gabrielle Navarro's
been detained.

She tried to run. Thanks.

I had her flagged for search
and... well, well, well,

a forged passport has turned up
in her luggage.

We can't bring her to the IIB.

Well, I'll have
Airport Security hold on to her.

Let's go. I don't think I can
sit here for another minute.

Thank you.

Why do they keep me here?
I... I've done nothing wrong.

Carrying a forged passport through
customs would refute that.

I missed my flight.
Now they're gonna be so worried.

Who's gonna be worried?

It's time that you started
cooperating with us,

unless you want to be deported,

with little chance of ever
entering the country again.

Who is this?

Is this your mother?

Is she in trouble?


You're never
gonna see her again!

Did Hector ever hit you?

Hector had a temper.

He hit me. He...

We met at a club,

and he bought me things,
gave me attention.

After he came here, he got me

a student visa so I could
join him, but my mother was...

She was left behind?

She... she had
health problems,

and Hector promised
to bring her here

and give her the best care
in the world.

- But there was a catch.
- He proposed.

I had no choice.

For a while, we were happy,

but then I told him
I wanted more from life...

go to college,
make new friends,

and he forbid me

to leave his house.

I wanted to end the engagement,
but he made it very clear

that he had powerful friends back
home who could harm my mother.

You were trapped.

I had nowhere to go,

nobody to turn to.
Except for Alex.

I can get you out of this.

I love you.

I love you.

We know
that Alex killed Hector.


- No. That is not possible.
- People are protecting him,

- including you.
- What happens

if Delgado finds out
that you tried to flee?

I mean, I'm sure he has friends in
powerful places back home as well.

Where is Alex?

You need to go home.
Leave the country

before it's too late.
I'll find you there.

I don't know.

Alex, he's not a killer.

He only wanted to help me.

I guess you have to be
careful who you trust, huh?

We're done.

- We'll do what we can, OK?
- Thank you.

I saw Alex telling her

that he'd find her
in her home country.

We're running out of time
to find this guy.

Especially with Martell
breathing down our necks.

Maybe her boss owes Klein
a favour.

That'd be nice.

I have a favour to ask, Walter.

I'm not here to listen
to complaints

about your superior.
I support her decision.

This has nothing to do with issues between
myself and Superintendent Martell.

This is about a murder suspect,
Alex Parro,

the fact that Martell seems
to be acting on orders

to divert our investigations
away from him. So, before

this costs me or anyone
in my department their careers,

I'd like to know
what you're hiding.

Blow our agent's cover?
Snake Head compromised.

Alvin, you know better
than to ask

about operational matters
so far above your pay grade.

And you know better than to think
I'm doing this for the money.

I can't help you.

Lovely day for a walk.

I obviously struck out.
How about you?

I got a homerun or a foul ball,

- depending on how you look at it.
- Really? Do tell.

I think the person who killed Hector
is one of us.

So, Alex Parro

is an undercover
RCMP operative?

He's a part of something
called Operation Snake Head.

But there's no way
an undercover op would be

allowed to continue his mission
if he shot and killed somebody.

Even in extreme circumstances,
like self-defence,

his handlers would
extricate him immediately.

Maybe he's lying to the RCMP. He said
the Kingston Connection killed Suarez.

They think they're getting
reliable information.

So that's where Martell's
so-called intel is coming from.

But he must know who we are and
that we could blow his cover.

That's probably why
he wants to leave the country.

Guys. Boss. Look busy.

- How do we get around Martell?
- Well, we need to prove to her

that Alex is RCMP and that she's
protecting a rogue agent.

- Here she comes.
- Good afternoon, Superintendent.

- So, what's going on?
- We're just working on our briefing.

Last night, Suarez's fiancée
was detained at the airport.

A search turned up
one of our forged passports.

We also spoke
to Chris Jernigan, and he claims

the Kingston Connection had nothing
to do with Suarez's murder.

In fact, Jernigan had a deal
with Roman Delgado,

and it's likely that Suarez had
a problem with it.

We have reason to believe that it
was Alex Parro who took him down,

and we'd like your permission
to use any and all resources

necessary to bring Alex
to justice.

Command isn't telling me
the truth.

I'm afraid at this time
you cannot continue.

She's not being told
the whole story.

Her strings are being pulled
just as much as ours are.

Then I guess I won't be hacking
into the RCMP covert-ops files.

And while you are
not doing that,

we'll try to find
the murder weapon.

Thank you.

Mr. Delgado.


And Logan.
Back again?

- You doing a sweep?
- No, I'm just having some

technical assistance here.

- That's enough for now.
- You got something to hide?

Offer the deal.
Hector can't stop it.

The Kingston Connection will

Alex warned me about you, and
you've been harassing him as well.

Well, we believe
that he killed your lieutenant,

- Hector Suarez.
- Lieutenant?

Oh, that's funny.

- I run a business, not an army.
- Oh, that's right,

yes, a textile business.

But let's just say for the sake
of argument that Hector wanted

to go to war with the competition. Maybe
you had Alex take care of that problem.

You know, you can say
what you want,

Alex did not kill Hector.

Look, there's a simple way
to clear this up.

We find Alex's gun,
we check the ballistics,

it doesn't match,
the guy's off the hook.

- You'd be wasting your time.
- If you're so sure about that,

- then why don't you lead us to him?
- Nah, I don't want to make it

- that easy for you.
- Mr. Delgado,

just a little hint would
be great.

Collecting payment...

Yorkdale Tailors.
This is a big city.

So good luck.

It's gonna be like
finding a needle in a haystack.

That haystack is gonna
be near a tailor shop.

- Dev, are we sure this is the place?
- Yeah, it's a front

for one of Delgado's bagmen. It makes sense
that Alex would be collecting a payment.

- All right, then we'll wait.
- And guys, I hacked the file,

and Alex Parro is none other
than RCMP Agent Ryan Bautista.

OK, it turns out this guy is
one of the...

Well, I was gonna say "Good
guys", but not so much now.

OK, how long before the RCMP
security is on to you?

Hopefully longer than it takes
for you guys to get this guy.

What about Martell?

I've been running passport
forgery interference on her.

It should be at least an hour before
she gets through my boring-ass file.

- Thanks for taking one for the team.
- Again.

Why would an undercover agent make a deal
with rival gangs that he infiltrated?

He brings the two sides
together, acts as a go-between,

then uses the intel to become
stronger than either one of them.

Something doesn't make sense.

- Hey. Toby.
- Yeah.

- Out of the car.
- Come on.

Hands where I can see them.

You have no idea who I am.

Oh, actually yes, we do, agent.

The smoking gun.

Is there anything else
you want to share with us?

Two hundred and fifty K.

Lots more after we make the deal
with the Jamaicans.

If you think I'm gonna talk...
and spoil the surprise...

Well, if forensics matches
that with the bullets used

to kill Hector, you're gonna
have a lot of explaining to do.

All right.

Superintendent Martell.

I'd like to introduce you
to Alex Parro.

- Why did you bring this man in?
- Because we followed your orders

and we found the evidence we needed
to convict Hector Suarez's murderer.

- And this is him?
- Like you said,

we're the most elite unit
in the IIB.

You really didn't know,
did you?

You're being jerked around,

You've been ordered to protect
a rogue undercover operative,

whose real name is
Ryan Bautista.

Is this true?

Are you RCMP?

Bring him in. Come on.

What the hell is going on here?

I'm being hung out to dry.
I need answers.

Oh, a lot of people are going
to want answers.

I'm gonna have
to call you back.

What are you doing here?

this is my office.
Thank you for cleaning up.

this came from the RCMP
seized-weapons inventory.

It was issued
to Agent Ryan Bautista

for Operation Snake Head.

His fingerprints are gonna be
on that gun,

and forensics are soon gonna
match it with the bullets

that killed Hector Suarez.

He's been lying
to his handlers.

He was seduced by the world
he was meant to expose,

and you've been ordered
to cover it up.

I was told our intel was

- I'll get to the bottom of it.
- In the meantime,

I'm gonna need you to let my
unit investigate this our way.

Any resources you need,
just let me know.

You're loving this, aren't you?

Little bit.

Looks like we got a rogue agent
off the streets.

Is it too early for celebratory drinks?

No, something's been
bothering me.

We know Bautista set up a deal. When
we arrested him, I got something...

that he didn't want
to spoil the surprise.

A surprise? Like what?

I doubt it was flowers.
Let's grill him.

All right.

You have given all
of law enforcement a black eye,

and now you're going down
for murder.

As a cop, you'd better hope
for solitary.

Was it worth it?

You're not finished yet,
are you?

Don't trust Roman.
Gun up, watch your back.

Roman thinks he's making
a deal with Jernigan,

but you've sold him out.

Where the hell are you guys
getting all this crap from, huh?


You think you're smarter
than us, don't you?

You think you've always

been one step ahead,
but you know what?

We've been watching you.
Even when we were told not to,

- we we're watching.
- You trying to start a war?

Get them to kill each other.

Just doing my part to speed up
the judicial process.

A hero,

cleaning up the streets.

Yeah, that's right.

You guys get to go home

every night and forget
about these monsters.

But I gotta live with them
every day.

And you have no idea
what these men are capable of.

And we're not doing enough
to stop them! So, yeah,

if this thing goes sideways,
they all die,

- fantastic.
- Last time

organized crime factions went
to war in this city, there was

a dozen innocent victims
hit in the crossfire.

Yeah, well, sometimes
there's collateral damage.

Five of them were school
children. Is that what you want?


So why are you risking so much?

You've been hiding
something from me, Alex.

Gabrielle. Hector knew
about you and Gabrielle

and he was gonna shoot you.

I did what I had to do.
It was self-defence.

She said the two of you were
planning to escape.

I was undercover.

She was my only light.

She was the only thing
keeping me from going insane.

We were going back
to El Salvador together,

start over.

I had the passports
for her mother forged.

She had nothing to do
with any of this.

Your full confession might
get her off.



She deserves a better life.

So, what's the surprise?

What are we missing?

Will you let me see her?

I don't know

how you were so certain
about Bautista.

Your team is good.

He made us look bad.

If this had escalated,

I would have worn it.

You know he was going
to kill us both, don't you?

Please forgive me.

Don't wait for me, baby.

Don't wait.




Mister D. Come here, man.

Great. Right here.

You ready?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey, is this a joke?

- No, brother.
- Where's my money?

Me no come here to be insulted!

Where's my money?!

Hi, this is Michelle.
Leave a message and I'll get

back to you as soon as I can.

Hey, it's me again.

Are we not gonna talk
about this?

Come on. Just call me.

You OK?

- It's just my arm.
- OK, I'm gonna go.

- No, no, wait for backup.
- There's no time!

Drop it!

No, no, no. Stay with me.

- Stay with me.
- EMS are on their way.

I shot him.

I killed him.

Toby. You did what you had
to do.

Toby? Toby!

Come on. Stay with me.