The Listener (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 11 - House of Horror - full transcript

Toby and Michelle investigate the murder of an actor during the filming of an allegedly cursed horror movie.

God, this isn't happening.

Please, I just wanna go home!

Come on!

There's nowhere to go.

Your friends are all dead.

It's just you and me now.


No, no, no.

Don't waste all those
beautiful screams...

We've got the whole night
ahead of us.

It's play time!



Great take, guys!
I love the energy.

Are you okay, Nikki?

It's my wrist.
I think it might be broken.

Come here, let me look.

Good work, Vince.
You all right?


Call 911!
Vince is down!

That's real blood, man.

He's been shot!

How is that possible?

The gun was supposed
to have blanks in it!

It did! I loaded it myself.
It was full blanks!

He's not breathing!

Come on, Vince,
don't do this to me, buddy!

Wake up!

Is he...

He's dead.

The Listener 04x11
House of Horror
Originally Aired August 14, 2013

Is it true?

Oh, wow, this is a circus.

I thought Klein wanted
to keep this off the radar.

This has to be a hoax.

I love you, Vince.

I can't believe he's dead.

- Hey.
- Can you believe it?

This guy's been dead two hours

and already the vultures
are circling.

How did word get out so fast?

It goes out on Twitter

five minutes before
the ambulance arrives

and before you know it,

the whole thing's gone viral.

Body's not even cold yet.

Welcome to the future.
Was this guy popular?

Yeah, Vince Masterson,

a big cult movie star.

Now this was supposed to be

his triumphant
big screen comeback...

"Death Manor"...

A remake of a popular '70s
scream-sploitation movie.

That's Dev's word, not mine.

He also said that
the original movie

was thought to be cursed,

that one of the actors
died during filming

and there's some other
tragedies that surround it.

I don't know.

So what's the story here?

We know that Masterson
was shot twice in the chest

with a 9 millimeter,

with a gun that was supposed
to shoot blanks.

So the blanks were switched out
with real bullets?

No, the whole gun
was switched out.

Now the props master,

he swears he put
the fake gun on set

just prior to the incident,

but at some point

it was replaced
with the real deal

and no one saw the switch,

and we still haven't found
the props gun.

So who's the shooter?

An actress by the name
of Nikki Hutton.

She seems pretty shaken up.

Are you Nikki Hutton?

You mind if I take a look?

Ah, yeah, sprain, huh?
Maybe hairline fracture?

You gonna take her in
for an X-ray?

I'm Sergeant McKluskey.

This is Special Consultant

Can we ask you a few questions?

You guys have to do this now?

It's okay, go ahead.

The gun that you fired,

you didn't realize
that it wasn't a prop?

I was in character.
It was in the moment.

It looked the same,
it weighed the same.

Okay, you can bring her in.

I'll check in on you soon,
sweetie, okay?

So you two are with
the film crew?

Uh, yeah, Zack Gladstone,
director, producer, writer.

Rick Robson,
Vince's body double.

Can either of you
think of someone

who might have had a beef
with Vince?

No, he was...

Everybody's best friend,
you know?

A good man, a great actor...

and my meal ticket.

Yeah, I second that.

I mean, the guy was a pro.
Hell, if it wasn't for him,

this movie may not have
even happened.

What do you mean?

I've been trying
to get the project

off the ground for years,

but the studio wanted
a more experienced director,

not a first-timer.

So I brought the project
to Vince

and he went to bat for me.

It's his movie
as much as it is mine.

And not a day went
by that he didn't remind me of that.

So, now that your star is dead,

what's gonna happen
with the film?

We'll get it finished.

I mean, Vince would've
wanted us to keep going,

curse or no curse.

Oh, Zack, don't start up
with that crap.

Yeah, we've heard
about this curse.

The original '70s
version of "Death Manor"

was actually shot
at this same mansion,

and during the shoot

the actor playing
The Blood Butcher

was killed
when a stunt went wrong.

I mean, a fireplace poker
actually impaled him.

And do you believe
in this curse?

For me, it's all about
getting my movie made.

- Thank you.
- Break a leg.

Thank you.

All right, that's
enough for tonight.

I'll swing by
and get the last load

tomorrow before work.

This is awesome.

I can't believe we're actually
living together.

Easy, babe,
you know it's only until

the loft Reno is done.

Yeah, but you know
what this means, right?

At least for a month or two,
it's sex on demand.

No travel required.

It's so cute
that you believe that.

Oh really?

Hey, isn't that
Toby and Michelle?

Holy crap, it is!
Where's the remote?

Live at the
scene where sources tell us

that beloved genre actor
Vince Masterson

has been shot and killed
during filming

of the remake
of "Death Manor."

Toby's on the set
of "Death Manor"?

I love that movie!

A cult film from the '70s,

it was intended to be
the stepping stone

for Masterson's big comeback.

Dude, you're on the set
of "Death Manor"?

I just saw you on the news!

This is a crime scene, okay?
This is not a set tour.

Oh, come on,
is The Blood Butcher dead?

That's gotta be
a publicity stunt, right?

It's not a publicity stunt.
It's real, he's gone.

Do me a favour.
While you're there,

don't go into any scary
basements or attics

and stick to the buddy system.

- I gotta go.
- All right, bye.

I think I got
everything I need.

Thank you very much.

- Hey, Rick.
- Rick.

Welcome to the last house
you'll ever see.


It's the logline
from the original movie.

It was on the poster.

No, don't know it.


Okay, forget it.

I've been interviewing everyone
who had access to the set

two hours before the shooting

and no one has any idea
how the gun was switched.

You guys find anything

We talked to Nikki.
She's genuinely shook up.

Zack, the director,

did not seem to be all that
upset about Vince's death.

No, no, I read him.

He's not as enamoured of Vince
as he would like us to believe.

Okay, that's interesting.
Now it's my turn.

Looked at the numbers
from the gun

that was used in the shooting,

it was registered
to Vince himself.

He was carrying a piece?

Yeah, apparently he's been
getting death threats,

but I checked

and he never reported them
to the police.

So he got himself a gun.

Gun's on the way to processing

and the body's on the way
to the morgue.

I have seen a lot
of blood as a paramedic,

but this is a lot of blood.

But most of it's fake.

It's just corn syrup
and food colouring,

but it looks real, doesn't it?

You like this stuff, don't you?

Are you kidding?

I was raised on a steady diet
of horror flicks.

I mean, this is my wheel house,

and to be standing
in the original "Death Manor,"

this is like church.

Well, when you're finished
your sermon,

you can fill me in on the rest.

If they ask you anything,

you clear it
through me first, okay?

- Okay.
- Thanks.

Hey there. IIB.

Can we talk for a minute?

Of course.
We're all anxious

to get to the bottom
of who killed poor Vince.

And you are? Angela
Harvey, Unit Publicist.

This is a great tragedy.

Yeah, it is.

Look, we're gonna need
everyone to tell us

everything they know.

Yeah, of course.
I'll make sure everyone knows.

Had you worked
with Vince before?

Yeah, I had the pleasure
of working with Vince

on his last six pictures.

Can you think of anyone
who'd want to hurt him?


He was the kind of guy
who brought coffee to the crew.

Everyone loved him.

Mostly because none
of them would be working without him.

You find out what
happened to my husband?!

Rachel, I promise you,
they are looking into it.

I can't believe this.

Hi, Ms. Masterson,
I'm Toby Logan.

I'm with the IIB.
I'm sorry for your loss.

Why is this happening?

We're gonna find
whoever did this and...

do you know anyone
who'd want to hurt your husband?


We loved each other so much.

Come here, come here.

- Not right now.
- Sorry.


Well, I'm trying to figure out
if she was lying.

Her and Vince had
a volatile relationship.

All right, I'm gonna go
check out Masterson's trailer

and see what I can find there.

You guys might want to talk
to the props master,

Gary Mailor,
see what he has to say.

I'm telling you,
I followed protocol to a tee.

I set the blank rounds
in the gun

and then I just staged it
on its mark.

The set A.D. can back me up.

Do you have any idea
where the prop gun ended up?

Not a clue.
It just disappeared.

Do you know
who could've changed it?

Anybody with access to the set.

So, myself, actor,

pretty much anybody
that's on the crew.

Okay, were you and Vince close?

Hey, he's the talent.
I'm a technician.

I'm just doing my job.

Maybe now they'll
start believing in the curse.

What do you think
about this curse?

Before today, I was pretty sure

that this place had
some seriously bad mojo,

but now I'm certain of it.

I mean, the actor who played
The Blood Butcher

was killed here not once,
but twice.

If not a curse, then what?

How about premeditated murder?

Oh, a flesh and blood killer?
That I can handle,

but you can't run from a curse.

Sooner or later,
it's gonna catch up to you.

This is the first time
that we have the murder weapon

and an I.D. on the shooter,

yet it's still not enough
to go on.

We have several individuals

who had opportunity
to plant the gun,

but what we're lacking
is motive.

Well, everyone that Michelle
and I talked to,

they spoke highly of Vince,

but they were thinking

So this guy was unpopular.

Love him or hate him,

a lot of people were riding
on his back, though.

Did you talk to the wife?

She had access
to Masterson's gun.

Yeah, Toby
talked to her briefly,

but the set doctor had given her
a bunch of sedatives.

She was pretty out of it.

What about this actress, Nikki?

She's the one
that grabbed the gun

and put two slugs in his chest.

Maybe she arranged it too.

No, I don't think so.
I was inside her head.

Her pain and grief
were genuine.

I can't believe you
guys just left me there.

Don't you know what happens
to brothers

when they get separated
from the group

in horror movies?

Bad things, that's what.

All right, did you grab
Masterson's laptop?

Yeah, it was in his trailer.
I'll see what I can find on it.

I also found these.

Divorce papers.

Divorce papers
with an ironclad pre-nup.

Those go through
and the former Ms. Masterson

doesn't get a thing.

Vince took a bullet

and his new widow
just dodged one.

I think we just
found our primary suspect.

Don't you people
have any decency?

My husband was just killed.

Look, we understand
how difficult this is

for you, okay,

But we need to know if
you had access to your husband's gun.

Of course,

but I never touched it.
I hate guns.

I hated that Vince carried it
with him constantly.

Did he have a gun
because of the death threats?

At first, sure,

but, eventually,
I think he just liked

having it with him.

It made him feel
more in control.

And was he?
In control?

What do you mean?

Well, we've heard
from some crew members

that you and Vince
had been fighting.

We've been together
a long time!

We're both passionate people!

Did things ever turn violent?


Nothing like that.

Vince has a loud bark,
but he's a puppy dog.

He loves me.
He would never hurt me.

You sure about that?

That sneaky son of a bitch.

Why do you think
he wanted a divorce?

Was there another woman?

I guess I always knew

that wannabe
was gonna be trouble.

You're referring
to his co-star, Nikki?

Knowing Vince,
he probably pissed her off too.

Maybe her having his gun on set
was no accident.

When was the last time
that you talked to Vince?

We spoke on the phone
this morning.

I was on a flight in from LA
when he was killed.

You know how I heard the news?

The TV in an airport lounge.

Can you imagine?

I'll check her alibi.

Dev's still working on
Vince's hard drive.

Did you get anything?

Yeah, she saw Vince
with his co-star, Nikki.

They were about to hook up.

I think it's time you two
talked to the Scream Queen.

Hairline fracture,
you were right.

How did you know?

I was a paramedic
once upon a time.

Hopefully I'm gonna be able
to get a few hours sleep

before my call time tomorrow.

You're going
back to work so soon?

Yeah, I feel like Vince
would've wanted that.

You two were close?

We spent 12 to 14
hours a day together,

for three months.

We were friends.

Were you guys anything
more than that?

It wasn't serious.
We were just having some fun.

Were you guys having an affair?

Things like this happen
on movie sets.

What happens in "Death Manor"
stays in "Death Manor."

Yeah, something like that.

I was going to break things off
with him

before we finished filming.

Even if he wasn't married,

I don't think what we had
was meant to last.

Do you know the irony
of this whole thing?

My character wasn't even
supposed to shoot Vince.

What do mean?

Originally the cop's gun
wasn't supposed to be loaded

and my character
would manage to escape

and then somehow
The Blood Butcher

managed to survive,

and then these new pages
came in.

So Zack changed the script?

He got into a big fight
with the studio about it,

but he got his way.

Thank you.

So why would Zack
make changes to a script

that would put his meal ticket
in harm's way?

Why don't we find out?



Aw geez!

What? What is it?
Are you okay?


That was not here
when I went to bed last night!

Yeah, I told you I was
bringing the last of my stuff

over this morning.

That is not stuff!

Stuff is an ironing board
or a hair dryer,

your "Sweet Valley High" books.

That? That is an urn

with a dead person in it!

Okay, Oz, be nice.

That's my Great Nana.
She was a wonderful woman.

Okay, I know,

I probably should
have warned you,

but I promised my mom
I would take care of her

while she was traveling.

You're okay with it, right?


Nana would have loved you.



- Uh uh...
- Really?

I'm sorry, but she's
staring right at me.

What do you want from me?!

Okay, you know what?
I have to go to work.

Enjoy your day off.


And be nice to my Nana.


Oh. Oh!

- You're welcome.
- Good morning.

What have we got?

Well, I've been going
through the footage

trying to spot the moment
when the gun's got switched,

but no dice.

You sure you're not getting
a sneak preview of the movie?

I'm not gonna lie,

I did browse through
the original last night.

It still holds up.
I also managed to track down

the threats that were on
Vince's computer.

They started over a year ago

and the last one
was four months ago.

Do we have an I.D.?

Not yet.
I'm still working on it.

How was the survivor girl?

Survivor girl told us
that Zack changed the script

the day before Vince
was killed.

Okay, I had someone trace
the photo of Vince's body

that appeared online.

It looks like it originated
on Zack's cell phone.

Well, it's a little
less creepy in the daytime.

If you say so.

Guys, grab your phones.
Get ready.

Come on, lock it up.

Finals, four minutes.


All right, action!

Okay, that's great.

Now you look down.

Follow the blood.

You know she's got
nowhere to run.

And cut!

Check it!
That's my favourite.

Thank you, sir.

So, is that Rick?

Yeah. Can't tell
the difference, right?

I mean, Rick was born
to double Vince.

You know what the best part is?

What's that?

Rick's a
certified stunt guy.

He can work with real blades.

Not the cheap looking
plastic ones

that Gary supplies.

That, my friends,
is authenticity.

Real blade, is it?

Yeah, I mean, we have to go back
to the fake one

when Nikki arrives.

Can we speak to you
somewhere a little bit more private?

Uh, Lisa, leave it on,

and we're gonna go again
in five!


Hey, Zack.

Um, you have this blank.

- No, get rid of that.
- Okay, perfect.

What can I do for you guys?

You leaked the photo.

Okay, sure, I took the picture.

I thought it might...

Get a little bit
of extra publicity.

Every little bit helps,
you know?

I have a responsibility
to the money men.

Why did you change the script?

It wasn't supposed to be Vince
that got shot.

We want to capitalize
on Nikki's performance.

Don't tell her,

but we want to make her
the survivor girl

for the sequels.

You know, The Blood Butcher,
he can die and come back.

He's The Blood Butcher.

What, I'm a suspect?
Let me tell you something.

I've had to rip apart
my entire movie

just to try to make it work
without him.

And just so you know,

I was the last one
to get to set for that shot.

we have a crisis in wardrobe.

Look, guys, I'm sorry,

but I gotta get back to work,

Dev, what's going on?

I got the results back
on the gun.

Other than Vince and Nikki,

there's only one other set
of prints on it.

Vince's wife.

Actually, no.

A lady named Angela Harvey,
she's a publicist on the unit.

Her prints were on file
from a possession charge

a few years back.

Angela Harvey?

Thanks, Dev.

So why would the publicist's
prints be on the gun?

Maybe she's feeding
the PR machine.

Angela Harvey?

Hey, can we chat for a minute?

Of course.

Whatever I can do to assist
with your investigation.

Vince was a close
personal friend.

Do you make it a habit

of suing your close
personal friends?

We know about the lawsuit.

It's complicated.

Well, we have time.

Look, I don't wanna
do this forever.

I was looking for
a smart business opportunity

and celebrity-backed restaurants
are cash cows.

So talked to Vince
about going in with me,

I put up the capital,

and he was the face

who was gonna bring in
the customers.

So what happened?

He backed out
at the last minute.

I had everything I owned
in that project

and it all disappeared

You must have hated him.

No, it was business.

So was the suit,
but I never hated Vince.

I'd like to show you something.

Why are you showing me that?

'Cause it's a photo
of the murder weapon

and your prints
are all over it.

I had absolutely
nothing to do with his death.

So how are your prints
on the gun?

I was in his trailer
the other day.

He was waving the gun around,
showing it off.

Hey, what is thing?!

What, are you crazy?

I took it away from him.

If someone had got a picture
of him drunk

and waving that thing around,

it would have been
a publicity nightmare!

So you took the gun.


I gave it back to him
and told him to get rid of it.

I realize now
that if I'd taken it

and disposed of it myself

he'd still be alive.

All right,
thanks for your time.


Excuse me.

She's telling the truth.

Well, she's still a suspect.


Yeah, what's going on?

Dev ran the wife's alibi.
It doesn't check out.

She actually arrived
on an earlier flight.

Head to her hotel
and pick her up.

You lied to us, Rachel.

I mean, you must have known

that we were gonna check out
your story.

I just panicked.

My husband is dead.
I wasn't thinking clearly.

Why'd you change
to an earlier flight

at the last minute?

Vince called me
the night before.

He'd been drinking.

He said some pretty
terrible things.

About the divorce?

I wasn't gonna let
him, not without a fight.

I went looking for him
when I arrived.

I went to set, but I saw him...

Arguing with the director
right before the scene.

Do you know what
they were arguing about?

You've gotta do
at least one stunt!

If you do it,

you're the one to scare her
in the house!

Aw, forget it!

Zack, do not
walk away from me!

I don't really
know, but it was heated

and I wasn't gonna get
in the middle of it.

I went to his trailer.

Between the traveling

and all my emotions
swirling around,

I passed out.

When I woke up,
I didn't even know where I was.

I went to set to look for Vince
and... that's when I heard.

I can't believe he's gone.

So we have an I.D.
on the individual

who was sending Vince
those death threats.

His name's Ryan Shaw.
Turns out he's a known stalker.

Okay, great,
let's bring him in.

No need.

He got picked up
for aggravated assault.

He is currently doing
5 years in Kingston.

Oh, okay.

We are back to our
"Death Manor" crew.

No one from the outside world
had access to the set,

so our killer is
one of these people.

Vince backed out of that
restaurant deal with Angela.

She's got motive.

Rachel, the widow,
she stood to lose a lot

in the divorce.

No, I don't see her
as a killer.

I was reading her.
She's hurting.

Maybe it's guilt.

Rachel saw Vince
and Zack fighting.

I mean, they were really
going at it.

You know, guys, if
this was a horror film,

the killer would be the person
we least expect.

The hair and makeup lady
with the crazy cat posters

all over her trailer.

Even more unexpected.

Okay, look, we
have multiple suspects.

We have two guns
and we have one dead body.

One avenue that we have not
looked at yet

is Death Manor itself.

I mean, if we can get a handle
on the geography,

maybe we can figure out
how the killer pulled this off.

Can we get the blueprints?

I tried. I had no luck,
but I did, however,

uncover some of the more
macabre details

about Death Manor.

There were two previous deaths.

A builder was crushed
by a falling beam

during construction
of the manor in 1907,

and one of its previous owners

Was killed in a kitchen fire
in the late '50s.

Okay, is this going somewhere?

I'm just saying
I think that we need

to keep our minds open
to the possibilities.

No, no, no, do not say it.

"The Curse of Death

So when The Blood Butcher
flings open the door, Nikki,

you're going crazy with fear.

You know that you have this
one last chance to survive.

So you grab the jar of lye

and you throw it in his face
like this!

And Rick, you start clawing
at your face and your eyes,

but nothing can stop you.
You're The Blood Butcher.

So you're already turning back
towards her as...

You rush past him,
right out of frame, okay?

Just remember to keep
your injured hand by your side

so that we don't pick it up
on camera, okay?

Yeah, I've got it.

No problem.

All right, okay.

Let's try one, guys.

everybody, let's go!

You have a minute?

This is not a good time, guys.

It's a rhetorical
question, Zack.

We need to talk to you.

Five minutes, everybody.

Were you and Vince
having problems?

I'm the guy the studio
took a chance on.

I can't afford to piss off
my star.

That would be career suicide.

Well, we have a witness
who saw you two fighting

on the set.

Uh, what?
Yeah, hold on a second.

I did have an argument
with somebody,

but it wasn't Vince.

It was Rick in a costume.

That's right.

That's what the argument
was about.

Vince insisted on doing
the stunt

and Rick didn't want him to.

Had that happened before?


Vince came to me three hours
before with the idea.

He said he wanted to take off
his mask during the shot

and show his fans
that it was him.

How did you feel about that?

I loved it.
That's why I fought for it.

The fans would've loved it.

So why was Rick upset?

I don't know.
Guys, you just...

Go ask him, okay?

Look, I'm losing
the light here.

Okay, we're back, people!

Oh! Oh geez! Mmm! Ah!

Agh! Agh! Oh! Agh!


Hey, just a sec.

- Yeah.
- What's going on?

I don't think
I can live with her, man.

You guys have been living
together for like - what?

No, not Sandy, okay?

She brought her dead Nana's
ashes and a portrait

that has been giving me
the evil eye all day, okay?

I thought I could handle this
living together thing,

but I am not ready
for this at all.

Get professional advice, okay?

Yeah, that's real funny,
funny guy.

You know what?
We'll see who's laughing

when I leave the place to Sandy
and her Nana painting

and I come move in with you.

Look, I gotta get going here,
all right?

We'll talk later.

You wanted to see me?

- Wow.
- Yeah.

We understand that you and
Zack had an argument yesterday?

We had a difference
of opinion, yeah.

Well, we heard it was a
little more heated than that, Rick.

What happened?

Look, Vince counted
on me to protect him,

even from himself.

I was just doin' my job.

Did you think that this stunt

was too dangerous
for him to do?

Maybe he could've
handled it back in the day,

but that was a long time ago.

Look, I was afraid
he was gonna get hurt.

Looks like I was right.

I should've stopped him.
He was in no shape to work.

What kind of
condition was he in

before the scene?

Look, I've been working
with Vince

my whole career, all right?

We were like twins.

Go on.

Well, he said he had
a buzz on per usual,

but he was pretty drunk.

I know I'm alive
because he did the scene.

I shouldn't complain,
it's just that...

It feels like
I should've stopped him.

Well, do you think
him being drunk

influenced his decision
to do the stunt himself?

It clouded his judgment,

but the decision
to do the stunt,

that didn't come from Vince.

Who'd it come from?

The prop master, Gary.

Gary had a beef with Vince
the night before the shoot.


What? You got all night.
Make another one.

Yeah, thanks a lot.

I guess he wanted
to get back at Vince.

Gotta get this to Rick.

It's gonna be one hell
of a scene.

Do you think the audience
will know

that he's in the movie
more than you are?

Actors are pretty insecure
and Vince was a fading star.

He was easy to mess with.

Gary must have really
disliked him.

Emotions run pretty hot
on a film set.

I just keep thinking about
how I should've stopped him,

and then I think
what could've happened

if I did.

Look, anything you guys need

to help catch this guy
that did it...

Thank you.
We'll let you know.

We'll get this guy.


Hey, Gary!


Look at this.

Fake rounds.
This is the prop gun.

That's not fake blood.



Look at me, look at me.
I'm gonna call this in.

Well, he's lost a lot of blood,

but good thing you found him
when you did.

You saved his life.

When can I talk to him?

Not tonight.
He is heavily sedated.

All right.

You mind if I stay around

Of course.

My shift's ending

but I'll let
the on-call nurse know.

Thanks, Sandy.


Can you hear me?

I want you to think
about the attack.

What happened to you?

You better have my money,

or do I have to tell the cops
what I found?

Hey, I just
spoke to the surgeon.

He was sliced with a large,
heavy blade.

Yeah, I just saw the attack.
It was a cleaver,

and whoever attacked him

was wearing
The Blood Butcher outfit,

so I won't be able
to I.D. him.

Okay, so what's the motive?

I think Gary might've
been blackmailing

whoever attacked him.

We need to find out who attacked

and we need to find
that cleaver.

Dev, what's going on?

I just got the forensics
report on the prop gun.

The stuntman, Rick,
his prints are all over it.

Okay, let's bring him in.

Yeah, about that,

according to
the production coordinator,

Rick is AWOL.

Do we have an address?

Not exactly.

They pay him a living allowance
like everyone else,

but apparently Rick likes
to just pocket the cash

and sleep wherever on set.

So I guess we're going back
to Death Manor.



Care to explain this?

The blanket?

Come here.


Just come
over here for second.

what is your problem?

Nothing! No, it's not
problem at all, listen.

What is that painting
doing here, okay?

I mean, did you put it there
just to remind me

that your family's constantly
watching me from afar,

- judging me?
- Are you trying to get rid of me?

Is that what this is?

This, this, this was a mistake.

No, no, no, no, no!
I love having you here.

It's just that...
three is a crowd.

Okay, I...

You know what?
I get it.

It wasn't fair of me
to spring this on you.

To be honest,
it kinda creeps me out too.


What happened to your finger?

Oh, nothing.

What was I supposed to do?
Tell my mom no,

I didn't want her around?

Of course not.
Hey, come here.

It's okay, it's okay.

Look, maybe Nana
and I just got off

on the wrong foot, okay?

I could win her over.
I won you over.

- Yeah, you did.
- Yeah, I did?

- Did I win you over?
- You did win me over.

- Mmm, mmm-mmm, you know what?
- What?

We should probably put
the blanket back on

for this part.

You know what?
I got a better idea.

Wow, it looks
like a ghost town.

This place is even
creepier with no people around.

Backup should be here
any minute.

I'm gonna go look for Rick.

I'll meet you
in the parlour set.

Whoa! No, no, no,

Dev would probably have
something to say

about us splitting up
with a killer on the loose.

Well, I've seen
enough horror films to know

that the heroine
always survives.

The sidekick however...


- Hey.
- Hey, it's me.

Found the costume
that Rick was wearing

when he attacked the props guy.

There's blood
on the boots here.

It's real.

Okay. We might have our guy.

I'm in the parlour
looking for the real cleaver.

So far I've just found
the prop.

Okay, well, be careful,
and keep in contact with me.

Copy that.
I'll keep you updated.

- Logan.
- Zack.

What're you doing here?

I gotta work out my shots.
I still got a movie to finish.

The sets locked down.
How'd you get in?

There's an old service tunnel
down in the basement.

Lock's been rusted off the doors
for years.

Well, you know your way around.

I know everything
about this place.

I immersed myself
in its history.

You know, that's what all
the great directors do.

They believe in preparation
and research.

What's in the backpack?

Oh, scripts.

Story boards.

- Whatever.
- No, you're lying, man.

You've been lying
the whole time.

You're the only one
who has access to everything.

You stole Vince's gun,

then you switched it out
with the prop gun.

You're making a mistake, Logan.

Come on, man,
we both know you did it.


You're mistake
was coming alone.


We have Rick in custody.
Get this:

We found him pounding shots
at a bar two blocks from set.

Brave man or just stupid.

Okay, I'll get Toby
and we'll head back in.


Hey, it's Toby.
Leave your name and number

and I'll get back to you.


Well, we could do
this all night, Zack.

Hey, why don't we talk about
how you killed Vince.

That had to have been tough.

Sorry, Logan, no spoilers.

Aw, come on, man.

You gotta at least tell me
why you did it.

I mean, you had zero motive.

I had the best motive.

My movie.

No offense to Vince,

but his life didn't mean
anything to me.

This movie means everything.

I'm sorry, I don't follow you.

When Vince died on set,

this movie became more than
a low budget piece of fluff.

It became a part of history.

Okay, I get that, I get that.
And what about Gary?

Gary's an idiot.
He brought it on himself.

Hey, is that
what I think it is?

I can explain.

Yeah, well you better talk fast.

He knew what you were doing.

He blackmailed you,
so you tried to kill him.

It was just one more mess
to clean up.

That makes sense.
You pinned it on Rick.

I figured you guys
were looking at him already,

so who better than Rick
to take the fall?

I mean, that's his specialty,

Drop it!

Or I drop you!

Turn around, Zack.

Do you want the
good news or the bad news?


I called St. Luke's,
Gary's gonna pull through.

The bad news is the judge
ordered a psych eval

on our director.

I think he's heading
for the psych ward

instead of prison.

I wonder if they'll have
movie night?

You know what really
gets me about all this though?

I have no doubt this movie
will be released

and probably do big business
on the back of this.

Well, I'm not gonna lie to you.

I'll be first in line
to see it.

That was closer
than I woulda liked.

I don't want to get caught
flat-footed again.

You wanna carry a weapon?

I mean, there's only so much
I can do without one.

I'd at least like to have
the conversation.

It'll take a lot to get
you trained up

to carry a weapon.

Yeah, I'm up for it.
Bring it on.

I'll get the
wheels in motion.

You survived.

Yeah, barely.
Uh, so how's the case?

You know, it's over, man.

I'm gonna grab a hot shower
and a cold beer.

Wait, you're at your apartment?

Yeah, I just walked in.

Toby, there's something I gotta
tell you about Sandy's Nana.

What is this in my kitchen?

So you've seen it already?

I'm sorry.

You know, you said
it wasn't such a big deal

so I thought maybe you could
babysit her for the night.

One night, that's it.

Thank you. I owe you big.

And, hey, anytime you need
to store cremated ashes

or the spooky portrait

of some long-dead relative
at my house,

be my guest.

All right, all right,
let's chat tomorrow, okay?

Good night, Nana.