The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 9 - Crossed - full transcript

Toby starts doubting his abilities after Michelle questions the veracity of his insights during their investigation into a wealthy philanthropist's murder.

Yes, today's turning out
to be another

edge of your seat nail-biter
as both of these teams

vie to move another step closer

to the 100th
Grey Cup Championship.

And what may be the best part?

The fan videos people are

in the hopes of winning free
tickets for this year's cup.

Some guys should never

take their shirts off.
Dude, that's gross.

- Uh!
- That was nice.

Didn't know you could do that
with a football.

Who are these crazy people?

I can't blame 'em.
Grey Cup 100.

We should have a made a video.
We would have totally won.

Some kind of Criss Angel,

David Blaine,
mind-reading thing.

Yeah, IIB would love that,
huh? I think we'll be sitting

- here on the couch.
- Oh, man, I got to bounce.

What do you mean? Come on, it's
half-time, we've got half a pie left.

What can I say? Sandy's
a better kisser than you are.

- I imagine.
- Look, we only get the same night off once a week.

We're just gonna fit in a date
before my shift. OK, right?

- Follow your bliss. - Are you sure?
- Whatever floats your boat.

- OK, Toby.
- Get some sleep.

- Man, I got the cheerleaders, I'm OK.
- Cheerleaders aren't real.

- It's all pretend.
- Anyway, go.

- Say hello to Sandy.
- One day, you'll find someone.

One day, Toby.

Hello, this is Franca Burrows.

Happy office warming.

You're more than welcome.

Everything is in order, I hope?

I'm afraid I won't be able to join you
this evening, something has come up.

Exactly. No rest for the wicked.

Listen, I really am counting on your support
for the Children First Benefit next week.


Well, listen, don't hesitate to get a
hold of me if you need anything. OK?

Take care. Bye-bye.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Thanks.

- Hey, there.
- Yeah, you're good.

- All right.
- Klein, hey!

- Good, I'm glad you're here.
- The chief of police,

- this must be someone important.
- Let's just say the victim's

in case of emergency contact
is the minister of Justice.


Her name is Franca Burrows.

as in the Opera Theatre?

Yeah, and the Art Centre,
the sports teams,

the mobile phone empire,
all founded by her husband,

Kyle Burrows. Supposedly,
they were the perfect couple.

Her father was a senator.
Both of her parents passed away

leaving her six generations
of very old money.

She parlayed her inheritance
into a successful

real estate firm of her own. - A real
Upper Canada aristocrat.

Whoever killed her tried to make
to make it look like a robbery

- gone wrong. Purse is missing.
- But not her $600 phone

or her luxury car.

She was strangled
with some kind of rope,

not really a mugger's
weapon of choice.

It wasn't easy either.
Franca put up a fight.

Hopefully, forensics
can pull the DNA.

Messy, public.

The killer wasn't a pro,
but he thought about this.

Our canvas puts her
at a bistro down the street.

Her waiter says that she
and a male companion argued.

- She walked out.
- Do we have a description of this guy?

Yeah, we do, but it's not
a match for the husband.

- Whom we have trouble reaching.
- How about a phone? Anything?

Well, it was still receiving
calls and texts

- when we got here.
- Yeah, people wondering

- where she was. She had plans.
- We sent it to Dev

to check it out. Let's find out
where he's at with that.

Dev, any luck
raising Kyle Burrows?

His cell's off. There's no
reply at home, and his office

is closed. But there's nothing
from him in her recent messages

- that I can see.
- What about next of kin?

There's no living blood
relatives, no kids.

Franca's husband
was all she had.

[Any leads on this guy
at the bistro?]

No, but there was
a pretty hostile text exchange.

It was about an hour
before the murder

[from someone named Lucy.
Something about Franca leaving.]

[No death threats, but I got to say, but
these ladies were not in a good place.]

Can you identify her,
track her down?

Her geo-tagging's off,
but I can trace her old-school.

[Just give me a second.]
No luck finding Burrows.

Well, prominent people
with money and influence,

maybe someone
was after them both.

OK, I got it. Franca's BBM
hater was a Lucy Estevez.

It was her partner
in a real estate firm.

All right, break the news
in confidence

to her, Dev, and bring her in
for a little chat.

Well, he found
her business partner.

We don't want Burrows finding
out about this on the news.

- Whoa! What are you doing here?
- Oh, come on!

I just outfoxed six
of Toronto's finest for this.

- That's Franca Burrows, isn't it?
- What are you? A reporter?

Mindreader. With a police
scanner in my car.

Tia Tremblay, crime desk,
Daily Record.

This is the part where
I neither confirm nor deny--

- What if I have a hot tip that could
blow this thing wide open for you?

- What is she doing in here?
- Oh, Mr. Klein,

Tia Tremblay for
the Daily Record. I'm a big fan.

Show her the way out.

So much for the freedom
of the press.

The victim's husband doesn't even
know she's dead yet. Back off.

But heaven forbid, I miss
your photo op at the perp walk.

Come on.

- Did you say anything to her?
- No.

Good. Flacks like that will do
anything to make the front page.

Hey, Oz, who do we have here?

Ah! He looks exactly
like Glen Suitor.

- Who?
- TSN?

- Oh, my God! 89 Grey Cup?
- Rider pride.

He got blindsided by 600 pounds
of Argonaut defensive line.

No broken bones, but I gave him
a little something for the pain.

Did we get that on camera? I'd
like to see a replay of that hit.

Ha, he's made that joke
a few times already.

Well, he's stable, so...

- let's get him a CT and X-ray.
- OK, coming up.

Thank you.

- Oz?
- What?

You just saved
a Grey Cup champion's life.

Hey, you know, just gotta take it one
day at a time. Do it for the team.

Leave it all in the field.
It's gut check time.

- Are you done?
- Homerun! Here's the "swish"!

- OK...
- Thanks, coach.

OK, I got it.
Kyle's on the red-eye.

We'll be waiting for him
at his house when he gets there.

I'm sorry.
I can't believe this is real.

I should wake up from this.

She'll call.
It will be a bad dream.

When was the last time
that you spoke with Franca?

Oh, we were texting last night.

Right up until the murder.

I thought she was giving me
the silent treatment.

What exactly were these two
of you fighting about?

Nothing, it was stupid. Work.

According to your text
message conversation,

she said, "Leave me alone.
I've had it. I'm out."

And then you said, "If you screw
with me on this, you're done!"

The rest of the conversation,
it doesn't get any better.

It was about a job.
We were both exhausted

and losing it a bit.


we've been friends
since kindergarten. Franca...

...she was a little sister
I never had.

No secrets, no punches pulled.

I loved that about us,
and so did she.

Really? Because it sounds like Franca
was ready to end your partnership.

Idle threats on both sides.

We were invited to bid
on a waterfront development.

I wanted it, and she felt
it was anti-environment.

And how did the two of you usually
resolve these disagreements?

A long weekend at a spa.

We always worked things out.

My head for business and her
big, sweet, bleeding heart.

Oh, my God,
we were a great team.

She had her inheritance
to fall back on.

You needed this business
to work.

The company was her baby.
Franca was the name,

she was the draw. I was
just lucky to be a part of it.

I had no incentive
to want her dead...

if that's what you're implying.

Do you know anyone who did?

- Where was she?
- The Distillery District.

I had this feeling that she started
seeing someone who lived in that area.

Like an affair?

- Do you have a name?
- I wouldn't. Franca was the soul of discretion.

Do you think her husband could
have known something about this?

Kyle works as hard as she does.

Look, if she was cheating
on him...

it would have been
out of loneliness.

They barely saw one another.

They were both so busy.

OK. Thank you.

We're very sorry
for your loss, Mr. Burrows.

Franca was like Lady Di.

People adored her.

- I want to make sense of this.
- Well, the first thing

we can do is find whoever's
responsible for this.



- How can I be of help?
- Did Franca have any enemies?

Any business rivals?

Someone who was upset
by a property deal?

Not that I was aware of.

How about any personal issues?

Big money and fame don't tend
to bring out the best in people.

We were happy and healthy.

In love.

We had everything we wanted
from life, from each other.

So there was no outside
romantic interest?

What are you saying?

- Our marriage was very strong.
- Franca was meeting someone

for dinner close to where she was killed.
Do you know who she was meeting?

Franca worked day and night
on top of her charities.

We were both so busy,

I admit
I don't know her schedule.

I've been away.

- Oh, yeah, that's right. Where were you exactly?
- Newfoundland.

- I was in transit most of the night.
- Well...

we'll be in touch
if we have any more information.

Again, we're very sorry
for your loss.

Just get the monster
who did this.

That's right, we will.

I mean, whoever could have done
this was definitely a monster.

Are you sure you're OK?

Is there someone we can call?

Thanks, but...

...I want to be alone.


Well, we'll go through his alibi
with a fine toothcomb,

but if what you saw
is really what happened, then--

- I know what I saw.
- Sergeant McCluskey, Mr. Logan.

- How did you get up here?
- My sources tell me

you were back at the Burrows' place today.
Am I right? Is Kyle a suspect?

- The media desk, 2nd floor.
- The "no comment" office. Yeah, I've been there.

- They know less than I do.
- Make sure she gets out of here.

I will. I'll be right there.

How about you, Mr. Logan?
Comment? It might be worth

- your while.
- OK, you know what?

Ambushing us is not the best way
to get what you want.

Want to give me a crash course
in communicating? How sweet.

This is the 2nd time you said you had
something for us. What is it? Shoot.

Quid pro quo?

You know what? If what
you have is worth it, maybe.

Not exactly starting
from a place of mutual trust,

are we, Toby?

All right, you know what? I
don't have time for these games.

Games, hey! Whoa.
How come you quit being a medic?

- I didn't.
- And how come whatever it is you do, never gets entered

into IIB's evidence against
the accused in any trial?

Because it's never any good,
OK? You're reading our cases?

I'm doing my research.
Wanna comment now?

I can't tell if you're serious.

Can you make sure
she gets out of here, please?

Thanks anyway.

Kyle Burrows was mid-flight
from Newfoundland

when Franca was killed. I got
five statements to confirm it.

Apparently, the offshore drilling
boom in the North Atlantic

needs wireless solutions,
and he's their go-to guy.

So his alibi is clear
for the whole week?

Yeah. He had back-to-back meetings. Most
of his time was spent on an oilrig.

- He was really only alone when he slept.
- I saw him do it.

- Maybe he thought about it.
- No.

I double-checked
for anything to indicate

that he could have hired someone to do it.
I checked his personal accounts,

his business expenses.
There was nothing out or order,

especially no hitman-size
money going out.

Yeah, because
he did it himself.

You said yourself, sometimes
you read people's intentions.

Not this time.
It was too sharp.

It was too detailed.
He killed her.

What about her business
partner, Lucy Estevez?

Her alibi is soft.

I mean, she was at home,
working alone.

She claims that her and Franca were
like sisters, but I'm not sold.

But she did say
that she thought

that Franca might
have had a lover.

Maybe she just wants us
looking elsewhere.

Possibly. I'm checking
with their mutual friends,

business contacts to see just
how real that "sisters" act is.

Oh! As for who Franca
fought with at the bistro,

I checked the name
of the reservation

and came up with this:
Thomas Szabo.

Who is this?
Who's Thomas Szabo?

It's a local architect.
He's got some co-ventures

with Franca's firm.
He has no criminal record.

OK, Dev, you keep
digging on Lucy.

You and I are going to go talk
to this Szabo.


Me and Franca?

Who said that?

So you two
weren't involved?

Professionally. She single-
handedly put my work on the map.

She was my muse and patron,
but not my lover.

So, you met outside of work,
maybe had dinner last night?

She wanted to review
the timelines

on a new project, yes.

- How did that go?
- We argued.

She walked out.
I warned her this would happen.

I should have stayed
the hell away from her.

We know you didn't argue
about deadlines.

You were arguing
about your relationship.

You were lovers.

We got closer during
the time we worked together.

Last night...

I should have kept my mouth shut. I
crossed the line and said something.

- About money?
- About Kyle.

They seemed to be having
some problems.

I was trying to be supportive.

I should have walked her
to her car.

- But you didn't.
- I went for a few drinks.

I don't know
when I got in or how.

I know that makes me
a suspect, but...

I would never have hurt her.

- OK. We'll be in touch.
- Thank you.

His grief for Franca is genuine.
I don't get him killing her.

They were having an affair. If she told him she
wasn't leaving her husband, he could have gone

- into a rage.
- He wanted her to leave Kyle.

And did I mention
that Kyle is the killer?

- What's going on with you?
- All right. This reporter,

she said that she has something that we could use.
Maybe we should talk to her.

- What did you get from her?
- I didn't get anything.

- I can't read her.
- You can't read her?

- You tried?
- Of course.

She seemed sincere, so...

Toby, no, that's a hook.
That's how they get you to talk.

Obviously, she doesn't need one
for you, though.

Oh! Dev says Franca and Lucy

had partnership insurance.

One dies,
the other gets her stake.

Franca was worth 6 million.

- Uh.
- Sounds like motive.

It's a common thing.

Franca's lawyers advised us
to get the insurance

in case of accidents.

- Right, like if one of you got murdered.
- Do I need a lawyer? Because

- you guys are way off base here.
- You two were at each other's throats.

I already told the other
detective, it wasn't like that.

But maybe you wanted her share of the business,
so you could run it the way you wanted to.

I wanted her
to be happy...

for once in her miserable life.

Or maybe you wanted
to help her out of a bad spot.

You knew she was miserable.

Even little rich girls
get abused.

Franca grew up
as a princess, but...

Kyle beat that out of her.

You're saying
that Kyle abused her?

She always swore
he never hit her.

He didn't have to.

He broke her
in a 100 other ways.

So why didn't you
say this before?

I said

Franca cared
about her reputation...

which was linked to Kyle's.

So what?
She was embarrassed, ashamed?

She made me swear
that I wouldn't tell a soul

that Kyle was anything
but perfect.

She didn't want to be pitied...

she wanted a way out.

Abusive husband

killing his cheating wife.

Is it starting to sound
like a story that you buy?

I'll just wait for the DNA
to get back in from the lab.

I know he did it.
This is not about the DNA.

This is about you guys
not trusting what I do.

- Toby.
- So one possibly

unreadable girl,
and I'm unreliable.

I need more than a read,
I need proof.

Yeah, look, I could get
in trouble for seeing you.

You wanted to know

why my work at IIB is never in
any of the case records, right?

- Yeah.
- OK. Behavioural evidence

is easily dismissed in court.

What's on record is the results,

the hard evidence.
That's what sticks.

So tit for that,
what have you got on Burrows?

A few months back,
I was at this gala

on a tax fraud story,
and Kyle and Franca

were out back after,
on their own. He was drunk,

screaming at her.

He slapped her. The cops came,

she wouldn't press charges.

And there's no record
of that with Metro?

I checked. Nothing.

My editors wouldn't run it
out of fear of Kyle,

but now I know
I should have pressed harder.

So, that's it?
That's what you got?

- Yeah.
- OK.

So you're saying
this incident never took place?

Absolutely. I would never hit
a woman, let alone Franca.

So why three separate
sources told us

your marriage was in trouble?

You were never here! You don't
want to be in this marriage!

Listen to me!
Just be here when I get back!

We had an arrangement.

And discretion was key.

If she cried on any shoulders
about it, it was news to me.

Well, jealous lovers could be

potential suspects. We're gonna
need to talk to them.

I was never with anyone
for long enough for them

to be jealous.

As for anyone
she may have been with...

we never discussed names
or details.

Just a lot easier to save
your breath and kill her.

Sergeant, you and your partner
are no longer welcome here.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have a funeral to arrange.

- What the hell was that?
- I saw it again.

I saw him lunge at her.

Look, you just can't accuse
a grieving husband

of killing his wife when there's no
proof, and he has an airtight alibi.

He did it. I saw him do it.
That's my proof.

And that's not how it works.
Toby, you know that.

OK, so maybe
I went at this guy too hard,

too quickly,
but I know he's guilty.

Burrows has the kind of money
that buys friends

in high places. I'm sure he was on the
phone the minute we walked out the door.

All right,
so what happens next?

Now, we have to make sure

you walk out of this
in one piece.

Toby! Michelle!

My office.

- What's up?
- You had an unauthorised conversation

with a reporter
from the Daily Record today?

- With Tia, yeah.
- First name basis.


The paper's using the Freedom
of Information Act to put us

- under the microscope.
- I didn't say anything to her.

I'm just going to give you
one warning, OK?

If you talk to the media again,

you're off this case.

Yeah. Sure.

- DNA results are back.
- Yeah? Previous offender?

No, we can rule out
the husband and Lucy Estevez.

Leaving us Thomas Szabo

or a world of persons unknown.

Great. Thanks.


- Hey, you, how is it going?
- Liv, hey, uh, well.

Pleasant surprise.
So are you on a case?

Uh, no, unofficial,
below the radar.

- What's going on?
- Well...

something's wrong.
I've got this read

of this husband
killing his wife,

but there's no way
that he could have done it.

And there's this girl...

I've been trying
to read her, nothing.

- Nothing?
- Yeah.

That's new.
How are you feeling?

Like I could use
a self-diagnostic

with someone I trust.

Thank you
for your cooperation, Mr. Szabo.

How long 'til I'm cleared?

We have our lab standing by.

You get that I was with her
that night?

I mean, we hugged, kissed hello.

We're only matching samples that she could
have acquired while defending herself.

I loved her.
I wanted to help her.

- So she was leaving Kyle?
- That was the plan.

He scared her out of it.

You aren't the first to read
our so-called private messages.

Are you saying
that Kyle hacked her phone?

Or one of his tech guys. Yes.

When Kyle found out about us,
he flipped out.

He told her that she, uh...

needed to end it with me,
that she needed

to be home to greet him
when he got back to town

or else.

OK, we're going to need you to stick
around town until we get the results back.

If Kyle hacked her smartphone,

he could track her movements. He'd
know exactly where she was gonna be.

OK. And we're absolutely sure
there are no holes in his alibi?

Yeah. I dug a little deeper
and ran all contracts

that his corporation has entered
into looking for potential

bogus subcontractors.
If he made a deal with somebody

to kill his wife,
I can't find it.

All right,
your grandma's middle name?


Your biggest regret?

- Your father.
- Yeah, missing his funeral.


that's 20 out of 20.
You're fine.

Right. So it's got
to be the girl.

Maybe, but we don't know
how it works when it does.

We sure as hell not gonna figure
it out when it doesn't.

I'm open to theories. Uh...

childhood illness,
metal plate in her head.

You're the only one who understands
it when you experience it.

What if I can't anymore?

There's that read
I got wrong from that guy.

Well, maybe that's
something else altogether.

- What do you mean?
- Maybe it isn't the read

- itself, but your interpretation of it.
- Look, it wasn't an imagining

or an intention. This was
a memory, a recollection.

I'm sorry, Toby. Short
of tracking what's going on,

detecting patterns, triggers...

- Thanks.
- You're OK, that's what matters.

What do you mean
you can't?

I can't hear her thoughts.

I can't see
what's inside of her head.

She just smiles,
and I see nothing.

- Oh, so you like her?
- Yeah, right up until

- she got Klein pissed of at me.
- Wait, I thought the guy

who didn't kill his wife
got Klein pissed of at you.

I don't know, man, I've been
trying to figure this thing out

my whole life. I finally do,

and I got a purpose
for it, and...

now it abandons me.

I mean, for those of us
who can't read people

like an open book, unexpected
surprises happen all the time.

- Right.
- Does every thought you have solve a case?

- No.
- But they still hired you anyway.

Look, if I can't trust myself,
they can't trust me.

Well, Toby,
I mean, this ability

to read minds
that you have is incredible,

but the greatest gift
is what it's already given you.

And you know how to read people.

You know people inside and out.

This guy Kyle, man,
he wanted his wife dead.

I could feel him doing it,
he enjoyed it.

So trust that.

Maybe you don't know how he did
it yet, but you know he did it.

So stick with it.
Get deeper into his head.

You're in a rush?
Something holding you back,

weighing you down?
Maybe a conscience?

- I said I'm done talking to you.
- I know a lot about you,

- a lot more than you think.
- Get out of here.

Yeah, I've seen what happens when
someone turns their back on you, Kyle.

I know you killed her. She was
leaving you for someone else,

and you couldn't handle that.

Leave me alone
or I will have your badge.

Yeah, let me take you
back there.

You snuck up on her.

You concealed your weapon
'til you're right on top of her.

- All right, that's enough.
- She had her back to you.

You got this surge of
adrenaline, you can't wait.

You're insane.

You haven't heard
the end of this.

- Leave it on.
- What's going on?

I just received this court
order denying our unit

- further access to Kyle Burrows.
- Because we're on to him.

Tia Tremblay saw Kyle
physically hurt Franca.

- I was just following up on that.
- Tia again.

- Yeah.
- You got this from reading her?

- I can't read her.
- Can't?

What do you mean "can't"?

- You knew about this?
- This is the first time it happened.

Tia is not relevant
to our investigation.

Keeping secrets and covering for one
another's screw-ups absolutely is.

- This woman is a shark!
- She's not, and she didn't get anything.

She could sink all our careers.

In light of the fact
that your abilities seem to be

malfunctioning, not to mention
your judgement, you're

off this case and relieved
of duty until further notice.

- Was that really necessary?
- Well, had to be done.

- Not like that.
- He's lucky I only took him

off the case,
not out of the whole damn unit.

- Well, without Toby, there isn't a unit.
- Let me assure you,

we are well on our way to that
being the situation anyway.

Toby confronted Kyle Burrows
on his own property

without permission. I just spent
the last hour on the phone with

Superintendent Price putting out
that particular fire.

Toby is sure
that Burrows is responsible.

With the state
of his gift right now,

his opinion means nothing.

- He made a mistake.
- He's made multiple mistakes:

talking to the press, inaccurate
reads, or worse, no reads at all.

If we can't trust his ability,
then he's a liability, period.

- What if he's right?
- You have Logan's back.

- This isn't about loyalty.
- Burrows' alibi

is airtight. His DNA
was not a match.

I'm aware of all of that,
but Toby and his abilities,

they've earned my trust.
And I'm not gonna go back

on that because of one or
two mistakes in this one case.

This one case?
The high profile nature

of the victim, we're already
under increased scrutiny.

I can't have a member
of this team,

any member, acting outside
the chain of command.

If he can't play by the rules,
I can't protect him.

I'll talk to him.

Later. We still have
a murder to solve,

and we're a man short.

- Hey.
- Hey. You're a dangerous man to be around right now.

- Why is that?
- Kyle's lawyers

are all after Klein.
He's disavowing

- all responsibility for your actions.
- That's a mistake.

Going after someone
as powerful as Kyle

on your own, that is a mistake.

I'm just trying
to save the team.

- What do you think?
- I think whatever you said

must have scared
the hell out of Burrows.

Hmm... I thought
my read was off,

but it wasn't,
it was just incomplete.

So I went there
to get more, and I did.

I got a clock,

I heard a steam whistle...

and I got Kyle cutting
a blonde woman's throat

with a knife.
It wasn't Franca.

- So two blondes?
- Uh-huh.

Do you have any idea
who she was?

No, but he killed her.

Yeah, they must be connected.

- What's going on with the DNA?
- Szabo and Lucy are cleared,

but we know that Kyle found out about the affair.
He threatened Franca.

But he didn't kill her.
Someone else did.

Whoever Kyle killed
is the key to this.

- OK, I will look into it.
- Good.

Which means you won't.
The only way we're gonna

get you back at the IIB
is by nailing Kyle by the book.

All right. Got it.

These ambushes are getting
a little old, aren't they?

I called your office.
I know what personal leave means

I'm sorry if anything I said
got you into trouble.

The access of information stuff
was my editor. OK?

He golfs with Kyle Burrows. He
knew I was at the crime scene.

He asked me who was working it.
I didn't realise he was looking

for an angle to come
after you or your team.

You have no reason to trust me,
so maybe I can give you one.

You like anything in here,
it's yours.

We both know Kyle Burrows
is behind his wife's murder.

The thing is he didn't get his hands
dirty, he had someone do it for him.

Yeah, well, the evidence
does not support that.

Rich people meet
a lot of desperate people.

It's too risky.
He chooses the wrong guy,

the whole thing
blows up in his face.

- Or he keeps coming back to
haunt him: blackmail, extortion.

That's a tough role to cast.

It requires a type of trust
that Kyle cannot give.

But the world is his oyster.

His personal travel itineraries.

Don't ask, just listen.

Kyle was in Vancouver
three weeks ago.

He was booked as the keynote
speaker at a tech conference.

He bailed the last two days
of the conference.

OK, so something came up.

The man has never missed a date
with the limelight in his life.

He fell off the grid
for two days.

That time could have been spent
finding a hitman to kill his wife.

Buying a birthday gift.
Maybe he met a woman.

Another reason
to check out Vancouver.

If he goes
with a non-local hitman,

it would make it harder to trace a connection
back to him. What have you got, Logan?

I don't know. I don't know.
But if I get something,

then I promise you,
you'll get the exclusive.

Thank you, Tia.

This isn't enough.


Kyle killed that woman in
Vancouver about three weeks ago

near that antique steam clock
in Gastown.

Toby, I told you
to stay away from him.

[No, this is from Tia
who did not come after us.]

It was her editor
who is a friend of Kyle's.

- From Tia? Toby--
- [Can you just look into it?]

If she's pulling something,
we'll both know.

I can't tell on my own.

It just goes along
with what I got from Kyle.

OK, I'll have Dev look into it.

[Look, Klein's out for a few
hours on some depositions.]

I checked Kyle's

travel itinerary against
recent homicides in Vancouver.

There were four,
but only one of them in Gastown

that matched the hours
that Kyle vanished that day.

- Hey, this is the girl that Kyle killed.
- "Brigit Lynde.

Cause of death..."

Her throat was slit.

Brigit Lynde,

she's a retail buyer,
married, no kids.

She declared
personal bankruptcy twice.

- So what's the connection to Kyle?
- Maybe one of his lovers.

Maybe. I checked
his client list

and business contacts
and competitors,

I haven't found
a connection yet.

- How about family connections?
- Well, her husband,

Steven Lynde is a publisher. Another
Toronto boy who made it big.

Try connecting Kyle and Lynde, see
if there's any recent contact.

Yeah, there are lots
of connections here.

They went to the same
university, Blake.

They graduated the same year. They
were even in the same frat together.

They graduated ten years ago.

- Check for class reunion.
- What are you thinking? - Have you ever seen

this old Hitchcock film,
Strangers on a Train.


So we know that Kyle Burrows
and Steven Lynde

at their fraternity reunion.

They agree to swap murders.

Their lives aren't connected to the
victims, so they'll never get caught.

It's a long shot, Michelle.
Reunion could have been

sheer coincidence. And what's
Steven Lynde's motive?

Is there any evidence that
he also wanted his wife dead?

Brigit Lynde told her book club

that he hit her and repeatedly
threatened her life.

- So he's suspect number one.
- Airtight alibi.

Exact same elements as Kyle: both
were travelling, both have witnesses

for every waking hour.

So maybe a little more
than just coincidence.

All of this came from Toby.

You're saying we need him?

I'll work the back channels, get him reinstated.
Get him back on the case as soon as possible.

He's supposed to be resting,
I don't want to bother him.

Don't be nervous.
He wants to meet you.

- He asked me twice. Just go.
- OK, OK.

- Come in.
- Hey, Glen.

It's Oz. I brought you in.

How are you doing? Are
you feeling good, comfortable?

I am now, thanks to you. I want
to thank you for saving my life.

It's a good handshake
you got there.

- I've got something for you.
- Oh, we're not allowed

to accept gifts. I was just doing my job.
That would be unethical, so I can't really--

- Oz, these are VIP

50 yard line seats to the 100th

Grey Cup championship,
and I want you to have 'em.

I'm actually applying for management right
now, so really I got to set a good example.

I hear you. Leadership's important.
It is in football too,

but the guys will think you're
nuts you don't take these.

Yeah, I got a friend who's probably never
gonna want to talk to me again, but I...

Maybe I can just see them.
Can you just

crack that? No! You know, it's fine. Thank you.
Thank you, but I will pass.

Hang on. Hang on a second. Maybe there's
a way we can still work this out.

- Oh, look who's back officially.
- Ooh! Got a keycard.

- All right, very cute, very cute. So what have we got?
- Uh, well, Steven Lynde

is supposed to be at Mont Tremblant
at a literary retreat all week long.

- But he isn't.
- No. According

to his rental car's antitheft system, he's
been in Toronto for the past two days.

- Killing Franca Burrows.
- And there's no record the car was stolen?

- No. So, I have an OPP unit tailing him as we speak.
- Where?

Looks like he's headed
eastbound on highway 401

towards the Don Valley
Parkway junction.

Yeah, he's heading back
to his alibi in Mont Tremblant.

Let's keep eyes on him.

Dev, can you hack

- into Kyle's phone?
- Yeah, piece of cake.

How could you be this stupid?

- What are you doing here?

I was on my way out of here!
I was free and clear!

We said, "no contact"!

What are you thinking?

I didn't send you this.

So this is what?

- A setup?
- Dude,

- do not flake out on me now.
- Something's going on.

Somebody put us together,
somebody knows!

Calm down.
Let me think about this.

You caved, didn't you!?

I knew that I couldn't trust you!
Would you sell me out for a deal?

Nobody has anything on me,
you idiot.

You must have done something.

We need more.

- Are you wearing a wire?
- Why would I be wearing a wire?

I have more to lose than you do.

You are pulling something,

but I am not going down
for a double murder

alone! This was your idea.

I didn't think you were serious
until you cut my wife's throat

and left her lying
in the garbage.

- Go, go, go, go!
- Go, go, let's move!

- Freeze! IIB!
- Don't move!

- Give it to me.
- Let's go. Get down.

Give me your hands.

We're clear.

That's right. Criss-cross

just like in the movie.

Thank you. It was a team effort.

I can't give away
all our secrets, Jeremy.

I just hope
that your trust is restored,

and that my budget
is fully approved.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

We'll talk. All right.

- Logan?
- Yeah.

Hey, so I guess you're out
of the doghouse with Price.

Well, he's just
shocked and amazed

that we, once again,

solved the unsolvable crime.

I gotta say half of that
was Kyle's arrogance.

It was more than that.
I need to give credit

where credit is due.
After a shaky start,

you really came through for us.
I'm glad to have you back.

Well, thanks.
Apology accepted.

Oh, no, don't mistake that
for an apology.

I was well within my rights
to remove you

from the investigation, and I
will not hesitate to do it again

if you ever break protocol
like you did today.

- I will keep that in mind.
- Please do.

And in turn, I will try

to better understand
how your...

process works.

Maybe I can give you a little more
leeway in that department in the future.

You know what?
I would appreciate that.

I'll see you tomorrow.
Bright and early.

Sounds good.

The very first Grey Cup game
was played at Rosedale Field

in Toronto in 1909.

And since then, this legendary
symbol of Canadian unity... Hey!

- What are you doing here?
- This is your lucky day.

- It's not my birthday.
- You know, luck isn't even the right word. Blessed.

Cool, what do I do?

Would you just open it please
before I explode.


You're kidding me!
Are these real?

- Yep.
- How did you get them?

And on a personal note, I want
to say thank you to Oz Bey

- for coming to my rescue.
- Nooo! Are you kidding me?

- I saved Glen Suitor's life.
- He just said your name!

- Oh, man, you're famous!
- And he gave you those tickets

to take me to Grey Cup 100.

Nice! Good work!

- Yeah.
- Well, I... Oh, hey.

I'm going to probably
not take you actually.

- It's OK, right?
- This is, uh... is this...

This is, yeah.

OK. You know, it's fine.

Are you kidding me?
It's Grey Cup 100, man.

Me and you all the way.

- Nice.
- It's nice, right? Tia, this is Oz. Oz, this is Tia.

- Nice to meet you.
- She's a reporter.

Nice! This just in,
I gotta go.

All right? OK.

- Glad you could come.
- Thanks for the exclusive.

Well, it was authorized and everything.
Thank you for your help.

- You want to sit down?
- Oh, I didn't come to stand.

Good. That is great.


- is this off the record?
- Celebrations are strictly "me time".

OK. I've got to take
your word for that.

You want a drink?

- Sure.
- Good. I am gonna

have to ask you what you want.
What would you like to drink?

Something fruity.

- Ha! Ha! Ha!
- OK. Fair enough.