The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 8 - Now You See Him - full transcript

When Magnus Elphrenson escapes prison again, Toby must help Michelle recapture him before the criminal mastermind seeks vengeance on his nemesis.


Magnus. Just the name screams
"super criminal genius guy".

Prison psych team
tested his I.Q.

He scored off the charts,

Why don't you just tell me what
the hell it is you're up to?

Maybe it's all a misdirect,
like a magician.

- Gregory Harrow?
- Hey, what's up?

A little over five years ago,
Gregory Harrow is suspected

of murdering a woman
in college: Andrea Fry.

I need you to find
Magnus' link to the case.

Who's Andrea Fry?

Who are you?

Andrea Fry is Magnus' daughter.

- You're on a mission for justice.
- Do you believe in evil,

- Mr. Logan?
- So what are you in for?

I have many sins
to account for.

- Couldn't escape,
so he did the next best thing:

- he brought Harrow to him.
- Into the same damn cell.

Our appointment with destiny
has merely been delayed.


Mr. Wyle,

I hope you have
some good news for me.

Guy's been through six lawyers
in the last two months.

I guess nobody's crazy enough
to stay on the case.



Hey, how did it go, man?

It was good, dude.
Paramedic skills still intact.

Like there was
any doubt, come on!

So Sandra's sick with the flu, huh? You got it?
It's been going around.

- Yeah, this thing's been a killer. Dodged a bullet, there!
- Too bad you weren't riding

with me, though. Bonnie and Clyde, back at it.
You'd be Bonnie, of course.

You're a better Bonnie.
You look good as a blonde.

You know, you're not the first
person to tell me that.

Well, it's not me that makes
the schedules, man. It's Ryder.

Yeah. And ever since Elyse
got transferred, Ryder's been

sticking me with every mouth
breather under the sun.

- Mr. Bey, need you on the rig.
- Hey, sir.

Oh! Yes, sir.
And who am I riding with today?


I take it
that you have an issue

- with my scheduling?
- No, no!

- Think you can do a better job?
- No, not at all.

May I ask why

I have the pleasure
of your company today, sir?

Well, I'm not just
a supervisor, I am a paramedic.

And as a paramedic,
I like to keep my skills fresh.

Oh! You've come
to the right place.

His skills are very fresh,
sir. I can vouch for that.


I feel like today
is going to be a long day.

- Good luck, Bonnie.
- Toodle-loo, Clyde!

Give him a minute.

OK, Magnus. Let's go.

Got some bad news? I guess you won't
be getting out of here anytime soon.

I think I'll stick around.

Lockdown! Put us in lockdown!

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About a half hour ago,
a unit recovered

Magnus's abandoned vehicle
there, near 16th Avenue.

- Have you been in touch --
- ...with metro? Yeah.

It's the first thing I did.
They got roadblocks set up

- in a three-kilometre radius.
- Local airports?

I already briefed airport
security, they got Magnus' photo

and all his knowns. He's not
going to fly anywhere today.

- OK. Easy on the caffeine.
- OK, look, I think we all know

we won't be able to track Magnus
using conventional methods.

His I.Q. is off the charts,
he is extremely resourceful

and he will always stay
ten steps ahead of us.

I've been in a lot of people's
minds, nothing like Magnus.

Trying to get a read on him is
like trying to hold on to a jet.

We need to think faster
and figure out where he's going

- and get there before him.
- Michelle,

you know him better than
anybody. Where's he heading?

This is pretty easy: Gregory
Harrow. He killed his daughter,

- he's going to take him out.
- That's what I thought at first

but... take a look at that.

Gregory's dead?
Last I heard, he was in jail.

Gregory was released
after six months.

His father paid for the best litigators
in the city, got him out on appeal.

- A few days later, his card was
punched: motorcycle accident.

The fickle hands of faith
cast him a smackdown.

- You can't cheat justice.
But the question remains:

- where is Magnus heading?
- He could be coming after you,

Michelle. I mean,
you put him in jail twice.

No. He's not after me. It was
a game for him between us.

Magnus has a specific goal.

It's believed
he has a sizeable nest egg,

possibly in the Caribbean.

50 million still unaccounted
for. They never found it.

Then, we search again. If he's
trying to leave the country,

then we have
a very short window.

Dev, you keep in close contact
with metro. Can you put out

a system-wide alert
to all the federal agencies?

You and I are going to go talk
to Magnus' accomplice.

Have you ever been
to Kingston Pen?

First time for everything.

You're the litigator
Robin Wise.

Sorry. I work
by referral only.

- Hmm...
- Do I know you?

Oh, we haven't met.
Magnus Elphrenson.

Please, stay.

I could scream for help.

That would change the tone of
this conversation very abruptly.

- Can I take this?
- Could I have a coffee, please?

Thank you.

What do you want from me?

I consider myself
a very resourceful man,

a man who can find
the answer to any question.

But there are some questions
even I can't answer.

I was watching them
on the monitor the whole time.

Looked like
any other legal meeting.

Thank you.

So, what are you thinking?

From meeting with the other
lawyers, Magnus knew the drill.

While the guard was bringing
Magnus from his cell,

Magnus' accomplice put an
induction shunt on the camera.

It hijacked the signal
and fed it to a recorder,

which captured 20 seconds

of them talking quietly
at the table...

...played it back in a loop
into the guard's station.

It was seamless.

Gave them ample time to open
Magnus' cuffs, change clothes,

change hair...
By the time the camera

was turned on again, the guy
already had his head in his hands.

- The guard said it wasn't more than two or three minutes.
- That's all he'd need.

Magnus would have been
practicing this for months.

Let's bring him in.

Nice forgery. Shawn Wyle,
LLBC, criminal Law.

Look, you guys got me on this already.
What do you want from me?

- Information.
- I got nothing to give.

You helped a prisoner escape
from a federal penitentiary.

Come on!

He must have given you
some kind of incentive.

But all the money in the world

won't do you any good
in here, will it?

If you help us out, I can talk to the Crown,
maybe get you out of here before retirement age.

But you have to give us
something that will help.

Look, I don't know anything.

- Where you headed?
- I'm going to find a nice,

shady spot by a temple,
beneath a Banyan tree.

We already have a rough idea

of where he's headed.
Somewhere hot, tropical.

All we need is a little help
narrowing it down.

If you guys
want help finding Magnus,

you've come to the wrong place.

Banyan trees and temples.
Could be Cambodia,

India, Thailand.

He'd never give anyone
his actual destination.

That's right. He knew
we would have got it from him.

He wants us to think
he's running.

But I don't think
he's going anywhere.

He's got unfinished business.

We just have to figure
out what it is.

(phone ringing)

Hey, Michelle:
we had a Magnus sighting.

You're OK?

He wanted to know the details
of Harrow's prison release.

What did you tell him?

That Harrow's father hired me
to file a motion of appeal.

And this appeal
was based on...?

Some issues with the chain
of evidence.

But it was obvious
it wasn't going to be granted.

Harrow cut me loose
a week later.

But Gregory Harrow
was released.

That wasn't my doing. (Thinking to herself):It
always helps to be a rich man's son.

- What did he say when you told him this?
- He said

that I told him everything
he needed to know.

And then he gave me this.

He said it's for you.

"On wrongs,
swift vengeance waits."

Alexander Pope:
one of his better lines.

So Magnus still sees himself
as the avenging angel.

I've been on with Metro.
They've been checking

security cams, traffic cams,
in the area of the coffee shop.

There's no Magnus
on any of them.

He worked out the camera angles and only moved
when there was someone there to cover him.

There are units canvassing
the area. Maybe we'll get lucky?

- Don't hold your breath.
- He exposed himself

to a lot of risk
to talk to the lawyer.

Sounds like
he didn't get much, though.

- She said that he got what he needed.
- Yeah, I got a read off her.

She was thinking, "It helps
to be a rich man's son."

So I guess she thinks he got out of prison
because of his dad's money or influence.

Dev, can you pull up
Gregory Harrow's file?

Yeah, but he's dead.
What do we care?

Because Magnus cares.

Copy that.

Weird, the file's incomplete. It
stops when Harrow went to prison,

and then the next entry
is just "he's dead".

- It's been redacted.
- So what are we looking at?

- Another agency who doesn't want us to look
at this file? - Doesn't mean we won't get it.

Whoever put the fix in on this is
working at a pretty high level.

We have to find out what happened to Gregory
Harrow in the month before his death.

Give me three hours,
a bag of cheesy puffs

and some grape drink. Stat.

Hey. I'm going to go home,
grab a shower,

change my clothes.
How are you doing?

I'm fine. I'll be better once
Magnus is back behind bars.

Hey, look, you got him before,
You'll get him again.

He's the smartest criminal
I've ever tracked.

Look, we're in this together,
OK? We'll get him.

OK. I'll call you
when I have something.

All right, cool.

So, sir, you decided
to brush on your skills,

and you chose me
as the... brush.

I am sure flattered.
Tickled, really.

- Honoured actually. Honoured.
- You're blathering, Mr. Bey.

Well, blathering was my minor
in my college. That was a joke.

They didn't really have blathering.
Well, it was an MFA course,

but you had to get your bachelor
in rambling first,

and then, you'd go right
to blathering.

- You're still blathering.
- OK.

(Woman on the radio): Dispatch to 113. We
have a man in seizure, a man in seizure.

Winston Churchill
at the Queensway. Over.

113, we're on our way.

- Be there in about five minutes.
- Dundas to the 427?

- No, we're going to take the Lakeshore.
- This close to rush hour?

(Sighing): OK! Yeah,
we can take the Lakeshore.


Hello again, Mr. Logan.

You truly don't know what a pear tastes like,
until you've been denied one for years.

You should have called ahead, I
would have got some organic ones.

Keep emptying your pockets.

Oh, I took the liberty
of disconnecting your internet

and your land line. Forgive me
for being overzealous.

If I don't check in soon, you
know they'll wonder where I am.

I'll be a ghost by then.

Back against the pillar.

So, why are you here?
Why me?

I considered paying a call
on Sergeant McCluskey,

but I'm not ready yet.

We'll have our time.

OK, I see,
you're here for a reason.

What is it?

This is about
Gregory Harrow, isn't it?

You know, I find it very,
very interesting, Mr. Logan,

that you've been made a full-time special
consultant in Sergeant McCluskey's unit.

It's not that unusual.

The IIB employs specialists

with unique
investigative expertise.

And no offence,
but you're a paramedic.

You're an expert in intubation,
not investigation.


what does she see in you?
What is it

that merits
her special attention?

I don't think you're here
to talk about my resume.

Why did you harass
the Harrow family lawyer?

She had information I required.

- What information?
- Don't play games.

You know she said she had nothing to
do with Gregory Harrow's release.

So, what does this
have to do with us?

By now, sergeant McCluskey
has looked at Harrow's record.

I need to know what happened
to him between the time

of his release
and the time of his death.

You don't expect me
to tell you.

Oh, now here's where
it gets interesting.

One of two things
just happened.

Either you know the answer
I'm looking for

and you're keeping it from me...
or you know nothing

and you're trying to bluff me
into revealing my hand.

So which is it, Mr. Logan?

You're bluffing.

You don't know.

(Magnus sighs.)

I imagine the files
were adjusted.

What are you planning on doing?

I can't do all
of your work for you.

I'm sure McCluskey
is already working things out.

Nipping at my heels.

(Thinking to himself): The sins of the son are
sometimes paid by the father

Good day, Mr. Logan.

Klein, what's the status
on Magnus Elphrenson?

It's nice of you
to take an interest.

We have some promising leads.

Word upstairs is you've been
sniffing around the wrong trees.

That sounds unhealthy.

What's really going on?

Someone in your unit
was flagged doing a hard search

- on the Gregory Harrow file.
- Flagged by whom?

I don't know.

All I know is that I got a call.
Feathers were ruffled.

Well, give me a chance
to smooth them out.

- Who do I speak to?
- You needn't worry about that.

All you need to worry about
is finding Magnus.

We'll find him.
Of course,

it would be infinitely easier if
we had the information we needed.

We need that file.

Come on, Jeremy, we've been
in the trenches together.

No one needs to know
where it came from.

He sent you a text
to come pick me up?

From your cell.
He left it outside.

Oh, that was nice.

I just don't understand
why he would come here.

Why come after you?

He came here trying to pry
information from me.

He said he wasn't ready for you.
I think he's afraid.

Magnus isn't scared of anything. Did
you manage to get anything from him?

Yeah, I think he has a serious
beef with Harrow senior.

Or he just wants us
to think that.

No, I got it from a read.
He doesn't know I know.

Well, however Harrow fits
into this, we have to make sure

we're making the rules
of this game, not Magnus.


- What are we dealing with here?
- He was seizing

- when we arrived. - Administered 10mg
of diazepam. Put him on a phenytoin drip.

He's stable. - His heart rate is slightly
elevated; there's a tremor

in his left hand even after the
seizure passed. I'm thinking--

- I was thinking it was brought
on by alcohol withdrawal.

- What he said.
- Makes sense. I'll run some blood tests to confirm.

You're really enjoying
this, aren't you, sir?

Yeah. You know what?
Let's take lunch on the road,

you know, see if we can get
in another call.

- Hey Oz.
- Oh, Spike!

- Look at this guy!
- How are you, man?

- Got the big stun gun in there.
- Yeah. Don't touch the tazer.

- What's going on with this?
- Ah. I got shrapnel

from a door charge, you know.
Just got a couple of stitches.

No biggie. Not like that time
at the junction, remember that?

The guy with all that C4?
All of it goes off at once.

- Takes out half a building.
- Wow.

- It was a terrifying day.
- This guy, he kept

his cool the whole time.

No, I'm serious, man. You're one of those guys, you know.
You had our back the whole time.

- Right back at you, slick.
- All right. Be good!

Careful! Don't get
that thing wet!

Nice uniform. Those SRU boys
wear them well, don't they?

Mmm, something about a man
in Kevlar. Ooh!

Please. Black and grey?

- Yawn. Let's go.
- Oh, now he wants to go.

Mr. Harrow's
been waiting for you.

Come in, sit down, please.
Can I get you a drink?

No, thank you.

Well, thank you very much
for coming by,

but I have already been made aware
of Mr. Elphrenson's escape.

Do you have any idea
why he would be after you?

After me? No reason.

He had a problem with my son...
my son is dead.

Well, we think he still might be
interested in you for some reason.

I can't imagine why.
He's already taken

everything I care about.

Somehow, he managed
to contact us from prison:

emails, phone calls, threats.

Threats seeking justice
for his daughter.

My wife finally found it
intolerable, and she left me.

As for my son...

I refused to speak to him
after he got out of prison.

The things that he did
to that girl were...

I should have you locked up
and throw away the key!

Still... he was my son.

Magnus believes there was
some kind of injustice done,

due to your son's
early release.

I'm afraid I don't understand

- what you're talking about.
- He believes that you might

have pulled some strings
to get Gregory out of jail.

I don't care what he thinks.

I see no reason for all
of this to be dredged up again.

We're asking these questions
because Magnus is asking them.

We're just trying to figure out
what it is he wants exactly.

Well, unfortunately,
you've come to the wrong place.

So, I have a meeting
in just a few minutes.

- If you don't mind...
- Thank you for your time.

Not at all,
always happy to be of help.

Dev, any luck finding
the Harrow file?

No, sorry. I feel like I've knocked
on every door I can. I just...

Next time, come to the master.

The master, eh?

Wait a second,
this is exactly what we need.

How'd you get your hands
on it? Forget I asked.

Thank you.

Two weeks after the motion
was filed by Robin Wise,

another motion for appeal
was filed. No more compelling,

but the judge granted it.
His stamp's here.

Yeah, but there's
another stamp right next to it

from another office. Code CF10.

- What is that? Military?
- Or Intelligence.

- OK, before we get
all conspiracy theory:

The prison release
was signed off by a dune named

Michael Thorpe,
from Correctional Services.

What do we have on him?

Mr. Thorpe is retired.

He left public service
in September, 2010.

Wait, this isn't right,
then. Look, he signed this

January, 2011.

look at these signatures:

the death certificate,
the prison release.

[Michelle]: Different name,
same signature style.

[Dev]: Yeah, you're right.
The handwriting's identical.

These are all forgeries.

Including the death

Michelle? Metro's on the line. There's
been a break-in at the Harrow house.

[Man]: Mr. Harrow was gone
for the day.

I stepped out for supplies.

When I got back,
the back door was open.

- What about your alarm system?
- Disabled.

Security monitor too.
They don't know how.

- Magnus.
- Is Mr. Harrow here?

In the study.


Ah! Sergeant McCluskey, I'm sorry
you had to come all this way.

- There's no need, really.
- We understand you had a break-in.

Well. Terrence found
the door open

and he overreacted.

Well, your security system
was disabled, and your cameras

were blacked out.
I wouldn't say he overreacted.

Yes, well... The point
is that nothing was disturbed

and whoever did this
went away empty-handed.


What? Where are you going?

Is this your son's urn?

Yes. Is there a problem?

I think I know why Magnus came.

- Why?
- I think he took a sample

of Gregory's ashes.

He doesn't think
Gregory Harrow is dead.

Neither do I.

DNA results are in.

We know the individual
was young and healthy...

and apparently four-legged.
It was a pig.

- Come on!
- Yeah.

So if we know this,
Magnus knows this.

Results are in,
Gregory Harrow is alive.

I know.

You can't,
the results just came in.

I found out another way.
Conference room. Everyone.

Team, this is
Sergeant White, CSIS.

I'm here to talk
about your case.

If you don't mind my asking,
why is this on your radar?

Gregory Harrow is in the highest
level of witness protection.

- OK, I'm sorry.
Let me get this right:

you sprung Harrow from jail,
forged documents,

faked his death
and put pig ashes in the urn?

- Harrow was a valuable asset.
- What did he do

- for you exactly?
- That's a state secret.

We're asking you to work with us, Sergeant.
Harrow's life is at stake.

All of this is above
my pay grade.

From what I understand,
Harrow shared a prison cell

with a certain individual,
a person of interest.

This person of interest,
he was a... What was he? A spy?

All I know is that Harrow
put his life on the line

in order to assist us
in bringing this individual

to justice. And in return
for that favour,

we offered certain...

concessions regarding
his sentence.

[Michelle]: What could he have to
do with intelligence operations?

[Man]:I don't care what you tell them,
just shut them down! This ends now!

You're not telling us
the truth, are you?

Someone's scared. And she's
just here to shut us down.

- Your investigation into this Harrow matter goes no further.
- He needs to be warned.

CSIS has the situation
under control.

You don't know
Magnus. He will kill him.

Best of luck with your case.

Sometimes a convict
gets lucky and he shares a cell

with someone of interest:
a spy, a gangster,

a terror suspect.
If he's smart, he gathers intel

and turns into
something of value.

Gregory Harrow is not the
sharpest knife in the drawer.

Even if he did have
amazing intel, he wouldn't know

- what to do with it.
- What are you implying?

- This is a cover-up.
- She was scared.

I saw a guy telling her
to shut us down.

Who's her commanding officer?

Colonel Ranna. He's
top-flight intelligence agent.

I find it difficult to believe
he's been compromised.

Charles Harrow has endless
finances and serious clout.

He could have gotten to Ranna.

We're reaching here, guys.

Shouldn't we be focused
on capturing Magnus?

- We've got every available unit scouring the city.
- Let's bring in Charles Harrow.

Alright, right now,
all you have are allegations.

Find some proof before you turn my
life into a political nightmare.



I've been going through
Charles Harrow's books.

It's a bit like
falling down the rabbit hole,

but I think I've found where
the body might be buried.

Harrow made significant

to a number
of philanthropic organizations.

- How significant?
- Six zeroes significant.

A rich man giving
to charity isn't strange.

Yeah, except...

that one charity in particular,
I noticed a big spike

in donations right around the time that
Gregory went into witness protection.

I'm bringing him in.

Actually, my son

assisted in bringing down
a Russian spy

that he met in prison.

He was placed
in Witness Protection

for his own safety. They won't
even tell me where he is.

Why didn't you
tell us this before?

Well, I was sworn to secrecy.

You said you were estranged from your son.
Was it also a lie?


When Gregory was arrested for
what he did to that poor girl...

I have to tell you,
my family's life was ruined.

And by everyone thinking that he was
dead and buried, you could wipe

his slate clean.
You could start over.

- Colonel, I'm asking
man to man:

please, help me.
I don't blame you, Charles.

- Blame me for what?
- For buying your kid's way

into Witness Protection.
Getting him a new life.

He's your son:
who could blame you?

- How did it go in there?
- I got him talking

to a Colonel.
Must be Colonel Ranna.

Maybe he's not as clean
as his rep would suggest.

"At every word
a reputation dies."

Alexander Pope said that too.

You know how you're always telling me to
follow the money? So I followed the money,

and you know, the charity that
Harold contributed millions too?

They immediately contracted
a private security firm,

here in Canada-- - OK. Can we prove that
Ranna took money from Harrow?

Yes. Forensic accounting
will get you every time.

Ranna's an advisor
to the company.

- Oh, man.
- Hm!

- Oh, man!
- Didn't I tell you?

Who would have thought a laundromat
would have the best coffee in Toronto?

I used to go there twice a day
when I was on the road.

Any emergency call
in the area, I would take it,

just for this, even if I was
halfway across the city.

- Hey, to good coffee.
- And good company.

So what are you really
doing out here, sir?

- I told you.
- Right, the "sharpening

of the skills". I don't buy
that for a second, sir.

What is this?
Some sort of supervisor test?

Like a secret shopper screening
kind of a thing?

It's nothing like that.
I miss it.

The road, the adrenaline,

the camaraderie, it's just...

- The coffee?
- Yes, the coffee.

So I figured, you know,
I'd give myself a little reward,

go back in time a few years,
see if the road is as much fun

- as I remember it being.
- And is it?

Yeah. Hell, yeah.

Colonel Ranna?
Sergeant McCluskey, IIB.

McCluskey, I've heard
good things.

- They say you're one to watch.
- Thank you, sir.

Look, we don't want to waste your time, we're
here to talk to you about Gregory Harrow

It was reported to me that
you had stumbled onto this.

I'm sure you both know
this is highly confidential.

And if there's nothing more,
I do have a committee meeting.

We know that Harrow paid you.

How did it feel to give
a new life to a rapist

and murderer?

I was doing my job.

Harrow had vital intel that led

to the arrest
of a person of interest.

- [Michelle]: We have no evidence of that.
- I've covered the bases,

the Russian is already
out of the country...

You come down here
and question me on matters

of national security?
I would have

expected more from someone
with your reputation.

Forensic accounting
will get you every time.

Intelligence Officer's actions
are protected

by the Security
of Information Act. I suggest

- you read it sometime.
- The Act doesn't cover

personal accounts.
I have actually read it, sir.

Look, you know
how this is going to go down.

What do you want?

Well, the truth
would be a good start.

Charles was sent to me
by a mutual friend.

He said that his son
wasn't safe,

that Elphrenson was planning
on killing him.

He asked for my help. I had use
for him, and he helped.

- For a price.
- This was an official action.

Once I gave him his new identity,
I washed my hands of all of it.

Alright, can you
tell us where he is?

Your cooperation
will be on record.

If you're gonna go
any farther with this,

you're gonna have to use
that proof of yours.

But if I were you,
I would think carefully

before taking this
to the next level.

We don't have much time.

Gregory Harrow is going to die.

It's sensitive intel
protected on a secret server.

Yes, we found the servers.

- How do they know about Wipserv?
- We know about Wipserv.

You can help us.
You know how to get in.

This information will not
be made available to you.

You've made a mistake.
You can make it right.

Just think about it,
tell us what the password is.


If you want any more. You'll
have to go through the D.N.D.

- We're OK.
- Hm-hmm.

So he said Gregory's new identity is
on a secure server. Can you get us in?

Well, servers are a lot like
an endless series of doors.

- I need to know which one.
- Try Wipserv.


Alright, you're one for two.

- You got a login?
- Try invictus.

[Dev]: Well, yes.
You're batting a thousand

- today, buddy.
- I've got my moments.

There he is.
Right there. Wow.

[Dev]: OK,
Gregory Harrow is now

Jeremy Metzger.
He's living in Vancouver.

This is the information that Magnus wants more
than anything. We need to keep this tight.

(cell phone ringing)

- Yeah.
- [Hello, Michelle.]

- Magnus.
- What?

- Keep him on the line.
- I just wanted to thank you and your team.

- For what exactly?
- [You want to keep me talking]

[to give your associate a chance
to run a tree. He can]

take all the time he wants,
he's not going to find me.

He's using a VOIP
and a spoofer.

- What does that mean?
- It's complicated.

- It means he's good.
- I set the table for you,

and you've served it up
just the way I needed it.

Magnus, you don't have to kill
Gregory Harrow.

- He does need to die.
- OK, I almost got him.

I've caught you twice before, Magnus. You
know what they say? Third time's the charm.

It was nice to hear
your voice, Michelle.

We'll talk again soon.

Ah... he's gone.

- Is that enough?
- He's here!

He's here. He's in the building.
He's in the server room.

Security, we have a breach. We
need to lock the building down

immediately. Lock it down.
Full sweep.

[Michelle]: Dev,
stay in contact.

Michelle, wait. He's
in the elevator. He's jacking

- in the security system.
- [Klein]: Everyone, we have a security breach.

How did he get my cameras?

I'll bring him to you,
I got control of the elevators!

(alarm ringing continuously)

[Toby]: Alright,
he's almost here.

He's gone.

- How did he do this?
- Well, we're talking

about a man who escaped
maximum security

not once, but four times.

Security has been over the entire
building, nothing. He just vanished.

- Wow.
- I was just in the server room.

It looks like Magnus
was camped out down there.

He punched a hole
in my firewall.

He's been watching my computer. It's safe
to say that he knows everything that we do.

So, he's got the new name
and address.

Well, he played us all the way.

Let's contact the IIB field
office in Vancouver.

See if they can find
this Jeremy Metzger.

- Alright, then what?
- We put him in a safe house

and wait for Magnus.

(woman speaking hysterically
in German)

Wow, that's a lot of German. Ma'am,
I need you to calm down. Can you

breathe for me, please?
There you go.

He's in anaphylactic shock.
I'll give him a shot

of epinephrine, and then
we'll get him to Emerg--

No, he's already had an epi-pen.
It's not doing enough to

bring down the tongue swelling.
It's blocking his airway.

He's getting air. The epinephrine
will continue to give him relief.

The best thing we can do right now
is just to get him to St-Luke's.

It's getting worse, sir, we have to give
him the intercardial injection. Sir?

Sir, it's not a discussion,
the ICI kit, please.

Ma'am, I know this looks bad,
and you can't understand me,

but it's gonna be fine. We're
gonna get him to the hospital,

OK? Just need you
to calm down, we got this.

(woman speaking in German)
OK, here we go,

here we go.

(cell phone ringing)

- [Vancouver credit bureau.]
- Yes, hello there.

This is Andrew Preston,
I'm with CPB Collections.

I'm trying to contact
a Mr. Jeremy Metzger

regarding a delinquent account.

Last known address
is 2166 Robson.

Do you think you'd be able
to help me with that, please?

Woman: [Certainly,
just give me a moment.]

[Jeremy Metzger
is no longer at that address.]

[His accounts have been paid
in full and are now closed.]

Oh, dear, I see.

You wouldn't happen to have a forwarding
address? - [No, but there's a note.]

[Inquiries into Metzger's
accounts should be directed]

[to the firm of Mintz and Mint
in Toronto.]

- [You need their phone number?]
- No, I have it, thank you.


I'm here at Metzger's address,
but Metzger isn't.

The place has been cleaned up
for a long time.

OK, thanks for the update.

So, I spoke
with "Jeremy's" landlady.

Turns out he moved out of the
apartment two and a half months ago.

Two months ago, he was charged
with sexual assault in West Van.

Come on... he did it again?

Charges were dropped
for lack of evidence.

Alright, so where did he go?

Wait, I got a read off Charles.

He said, "I should lock you up
and throw away the key."

Maybe that was after the sexual
assaults in Vancouver.

He brought him home.

(phone ringing)

- Man: [Harrow residence.]
- Sergeant McCluskey from IIB. I need to speak to Charles Harrow.

Mr. Harrow isn't here. He's up at the cottage.
I just told your colleague the same thing.

- My colleague?
- [Special Consultant Logan.]

- [He called here a minute ago.]
- Number of the cottage?

There's no phone service,
not even cellular.

Well, then I need the address.

- Thank you. Dev--
- Yeah, I got it.

- Toby, come on.
- I'll send backup your way.

Just once, can you bring me something that
doesn't come from a drive-thru window?

Be grateful for what you get.

[Michelle]: Is this
the right road?

I don't know, it's not
on the GPS. But I think it is.

I don't get this guy. I mean,
I get protecting your son,

- but the kid's a monster.
- Maybe it's love or guilt.

Whatever it is,
he's just as guilty

as his son, allowing him
to hurt women again.

Let's just hope
he's still alive.

(door slamming)
Oh, don't run out now...

especially when I went
to so much trouble to find you.

We have some unfinished business, Gregory,
that I am very anxious to put to rest.


How did you find us?

Gregory has mild epilepsy.

You picked up a prescription
for Dilantin.

How the hell did you know that?

First rule of war:
know your enemy. And I know

all about what you've done.
On your knees.

And you...

sending the wayward son
to Vancouver...

with a new name...

and a hope, hm, that this time,

he'd stay out of trouble.

But you just couldn't help
yourself, could you, Gregory?

I didn't do anything
to that girl.

That's just what you said
at the trial about Andrea.

- My daughter.
- Like you're father of the year or something.

- Gregory, shut up!
- What difference does it make,

- Dad? He's going to kill me.
- I know what he did to your daughter...

I'm sorry, but it
can't be changed now. Please...

I'm begging you
father to father.

Please don't kill my boy.

- Dev, where's our backup?
- They said they would be there within 10 minutes.

Well, we don't have time,
we're going in.

You know, in all my crimes...

I have never spilled blood

and I don't wish to,
but tonight

justice is the master.

And I will be its servant.

Welcome, Michelle!

Now we can begin.


- Drop the gun, Gregory.
- Don't listen to her, Gregory,

- she's the one who put you in prison.
- Think about what you're doing.

- You back off!
- Don't do this, son.

- Just shut up!
- Put the gun down, and we can talk about this.

There's nothing
to talk about, Gregory.

The power is in your hands.
Are you a man or not?

He's done something.

Don't do it, Greg!

[Charles]: Gregory, no!
What happened? Is he OK?

The gun backfired.

[Charles]: Quickly.

(Charles weeping softly)

He's gone.

No! No!
(Charles sobbing)

I'm sorry, Charles.

I know your pain.

- So?
- Turns out the dose

from the epi-pen
wasn't strong enough.

So your emergency ICI
saved his life.

I didn't say that. Your idea
could have worked, too.

I just had to make the call.

Yeah, it was a good one.
The type of call

I'd like to think
I used to make back in the day.

You know,
I was thinking about that.

- I know you said you missed being on the road,
right? - I miss it once in a while,

but I love my job
and I'm damn good at it.

You see, I think I'm good
at this job, and I should stick

to it. Maybe this supervisor
thing is not for me.

Are you kidding me?
The way you took control,

the way you put me in my place?

That is supervisor behaviour.

Are you sure? You seemed
pretty mad when I did that.


Look, being a supervisor's
not a job description.

It's an attitude,
and you got it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Got that...
street smart

kind of swag? Right? That's
a thing. People say that, right?

- Swag?
- Yeah, you shouldn't say that.

Do you know a place
where I can find the best

breakfast burrito in the city
'cause I am starving.

Look, I know this place where they
make their own spicy salsa...

burn your face right off.
Oof! Lead the way, sir.


So he got what he wanted,

Gregory Harrow is dead.

And he didn't even pull
the trigger.

- He got Gregory to do it for him.
- He looks pretty happy

for a guy going back to prison.

Maybe, he's planning
his next escape.

It's almost
like you read my mind.

Sync & corrections by honeybunny