The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 7 - Poisoned Minds - full transcript

Toby and Michelle investigate the death of a pharmaceutical executive who released a drug with killer results.


Wow! I have not seen
so much vomit since frosh week.

Stick with this job,
you'll see plenty more

where that came from.

I think that maybe
you and I need a drink?

- Yeah, ok. Are you buying?
- I'm buying, yeah.

Careful, Elyse.

Slippery slope with this guy.

She offered!
That was an offer, right?

I'm gonna get changed. I'll let
you know where we're gonna go.

Yeah, ok.

- What was that?
- What?

- This look.
- I was just looking at her.

Right, uh-huh.

Maybe my love life has been
stagnating a little lately.

It's time I bought a clue.
So what does that mean?

It means that, uh...
Your man oz here

might just be putting himself
back on the market.

- Huh.
- Yeah.

Ok. Leaf game tonight
at Freddy's?

- Playing the Penguins?
- In a few days. Bruins tonight.

- Argh, Bruins...
- What?

I'll be crying into my beard
by the second period.

No crying!
We own them tonight,

- yeah, all right!
- Oz!

Hey! Ah, I just got back,
but I wanted to surprise you

before I started my shift. I...
I have so much to tell you.

Can I...
I'll call you later? Yeah?

Hey, Toby.

Sandy. Timing
is everything, right?

Not a word.


Ladies and gentlemen...
(Tapping on glass)


management team and guests...

I'd like to take this moment
to announce that this has been

Cooper-Weiss pharmaceuticals'
most profitable year ever!

So let's all raise
a slender glass of bubbly.

And I'd like
to make this toast to you,

to the people without whom none
of this would have been possible.

(Many): Cheers! To all of you.

And while we're at it,

let's toast
to seven-year-old Amy Kalb...

who liked running
and playing softball

and drawing pictures of horses...
Sir, this is a private event.

And who now lies
in mount pleasant cemetery

after being prescribed
Cooper-Weiss' Jannex.

You are out of line,
sir. All right,

can somebody please call secu...

(Coughing and sputtering)


Call 911!

We need an ambulance.

He can't be dead.

Please tell me he's not dead.

I know how
you must feel, Ms...

Christa Merker.

I'm V.P. Of production
at Cooper-Weiss.

We'll do everything
we can to catch who did this.

I have to go check out
this other victim.

Yeah. So what's the story?

As far as we can tell,

it's a prank gone wrong.
There have been six victims,

but so far only
one fatality, a big one:

Jeffrey Brandt, CEO
of Cooper-Weiss Pharmaceuticals.

Could it be accidental?

I've ordered a tox screening
on the whole buffet,

it's a shame too, because the
shrimp cocktail looks delicious,

but as far as we can tell,

it's a focused attack on
the members of the head table.

- Suspects?
- There's suspect number one,

right there:
His name is Harold Kalb.

He's one of the organizers
of this protest group

that was picketing the dinner.

He made a scene during Brandt's
speech. Ten seconds later,

the head table were dropping
like flies and Brandt was dead.

I'll start talking to anyone
who had access to the food.

All right.


Is Brandt's wife
gonna make it?

Her heart rate's erratic,
but she'll be stabilized.

It's a funny thing:
It looks a lot like salmonella,

but food poisoning
usually takes a little longer.

So what's with the protesters?

Two years ago, Cooper-Weiss
released an anti-rejection drug

called Jannex. It shot
Cooper-Weiss to the big leagues,

but it's been linked
to four deaths.

So, do we believe
these claims?

Not our focus.
Right now, we sweat this waiter

and find out
what the hell happened here.

- (Man): I've been telling
you all night:

I never even touched the food.
What about the champagne?

It was alreadyon the table.

All I did was open the bottle
and fill the glasses.

So you poured six glasses
at the head table,

proposed a toast,
but you didn't take a sip.

This is personal for you,
isn't it?

We know you lost
your daughter.

That's why you and your wife
started the class action suit.

We waited two years
for a new kidney.

Amy was seven years old,

spending 20 hours
a week in dialysis.

The doctor said everything
was supposed to be okay.

To make sure that
there was no rejection,

the doctor prescribed
a new wonder drug.


A week later,
her immune system shut down.

And then the pneumonia hit her.

Another day and she...

- I can understand
why you would want to hurt

the people who did this to her.

I didn't put anything
in that champagne.

I didn't want to hurt anyone,
just to shame them.

Well, between us, a few suits
spewing their foie gras

does have a certain
entertainment value.

I wanted them
to confront what they did

so that what happened to my Amy
never has to happen again.

Then someone else
from your group did this.

No! The people in my group
are the victims!

I didn't poison anyone.

(Dev): I ran
the catering staff.

They're all long-term employees.
There's no connection

to Cooper-Weiss,
no criminal records.

And they all travel
and work in groups,

so they all have alibis
for at least two hours

before the event.
How about Kalb?

I think he snuck in when the
catering staff was distracted.

So he had access to the room

and the champagne.
What about the other guests?

From the reports
I've received,

there was a bunch of people
milling about the head table,

but none of them had
a problem with the company.

Did we get anything
from the coroner's office?

The lab did
Brandt's blood work.

They found this
in the bottle of champagne.


It's a poison derived
from foxglove.

It mimics salmonella,
but acts a whole lot quicker.

So someone was trying to make
it look like food poisoning.

But witnesses said they saw Kalb
uncork the bottle at the table.

I got them to check the cork.

They said they found
a small puncture in the cork,

like someone maybe injected
the bottle with poison.

Why did Brandt die
and the others just get sick?

Maybe he ingested more?

Could he have had
a pre-existing condition

that made him more vulnerable
to the digitoxin?

The coroner's still working
on his medical records.

But otherwise, the digitoxin should've
landed him in a hospital bed, not the grave.

All right, keep looking.

Klein still thinks
Kalb's our best bet.

Well, I can't confirm he knew
the poison was in that bottle.

And I get the feeling
he was as surprised

as everybody else when people
started getting sick.

We don't have anybody else
with a better motive.

If he wanted to poison
the head table,

why isn't he
taking credit for it?

I get the feeling
he just wanted to be heard.

Don't let your sympathy
cloud your judgment.

These people have
every reason to be upset.

They're just regular folks
who became victims.

Okay, so let's throw
the net wider.

I'll get Dev to look
at the other protesters,

see if any of them
have a history of violence.

I'm glad to be back,

but battling heat,
exhaustion, viruses,

and snakes is not as bad

as fixing doctors'
sloppy patient reports.

Can you just give me a second?

Hey, oz! You want to go
grab a coffee?

Hey! Uh... I can't.
I'm so busy right now!

I'm behind on paperwork.
Ryder's been all over my ass.

Oh. I just thought, since
I've been away for a while...

- yeah!
- ...You'd want to spend some time...

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- So, maybe after work...

(Cell phone ringing)
Yeah, I don't know...

This is ryder. Okay.
I gotta go. I'll call you.

(Dev):You're sure?

All right, send me
the results right away.

That's why you're my favourite!
She's not my favourite.

So I dug up Brandt's medical records.
Nothing that could combine

with digitoxin to kill him.
And we already know

the cardiac arrhythmia wasn't
triggered by the digitoxin.

Anyone else
would have stopped there,

but I always go
that extra mile.

Especially with

So I did another
tox screening on Brandt's glass,

and guess what they found.

That's a marker for cyanide.

Yeah. It was
a trace so small

that no one would've ever
really noticed it.

But combined with the digitoxin,
it was enough to kill.

- What about the other glasses?
- Brandt's was the only one that came up positive for cyanide.

So whoever put the digitoxin
in the champagne

also put the cyanide
in Brandt's glass.

They must've wanted it
to look like food poisoning.

So we're not looking
at a case of corporate mischief.

Jeffrey Brandt
was targeted for murder.

This might change things.

Maybe Harold didn't kill
Brandt after all.

What it means
is we've been looking

at the wrong crime. The old
suspect might still apply.

- Where do we go from here?
- Knowing we have a specific victim

means we start looking
for specific motives.

Well, I don't know
if I found a motive,

but I did find someone
who had a beef with Brandt...

So I was checking the security
tapes of a bank down the street

to see when Harold entered
the hall. I couldn't see Harold,

but I did see this.

(Toby): Jeffrey Brandt.

Who's he's arguing with?

(Alvin klein):
Her name's Christa Merker.

I talked with her at the scene.
She's V.P. Of production.

She looks like one
very unhappy lady.

Jeffrey was the best boss
that I ever had.

Is there anyone in the office who
had a problem with the company?

Nobody. Everybody
is here because they believe

in Cooper-Weiss.
In what we do for people.

The protesters
see it differently.

They don't understand
Jeffrey's mission statement.

"Ethics before profit."

What were you
two arguing about?

It was stupid. I found a small
discrepancy in our numbers.

(Thinking to herself):
If a quarter million

can be considered small.
What was the discrepancy?

It was a bookkeeping error.

I guess I shouldn't have asked
him about it before the dinner.

He got mad,

he said he needed
to keep his focus.

Can you be more specific
about this bookkeeping error?

I can't talk specifics
about company business.

Even if it could help
find your boss' killer?

(Thinking to herself):
Jeffrey why you?

Why did it have to be you?

I'm sorry...

Okay, well...
Thank you for your time.

Please call
if you think of anything else.

Well, did you superpowers
get anything?

Yeah, I think she knows
a lot more about the books

than she's letting on. They
were off by a quarter million.

Did you see where it went?

No. But she was talking
to Jeffrey Brandt

about something to do with it.
(Cell phone ringing)

So whoever took it
might have killed Brandt

to cover their tracks.
There's our motive! Hold on.

Hey! Okay, good.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Brandt's wife
is able to talk now.

Mrs. Brandt is stable, but
heavily sedated, so go easy.

- Okay.
- Cool.

Mrs. Brandt?

I'm sergeant McCluskey.
This is special agent Logan.

We'd like to ask you
a few questions, if that's okay.

Why did they do it?

Why did... why did they kill
my husband?

Well, that's what we'd like
to talk to you about.

We found cyanide in his system.

We believe your husband
was murdered.


Do you know anyone who
would want to harm your husband?

We know who did it.

The protesters...

My husband was a good man.

I know this is difficult.

Did your husband have
any specific enemies?

Vallance is in charge of
the money. This is on his head!

Did he ever talk about missing
money from the company?

I don't know anything
about money.

I can't help you.

Please leave.


(Cell phone ringing)

Dev: [Michelle, it's me.]

One of the guests at the
Cooper-Weiss party came forward

with some camera phone footage of
what happened at the head table.

- Anything interesting?
- [The cfo, Thomas Vallance, he didn't get sick.]

In fact, it turns out he didn't
drink the champagne at all.

Okay, we'll check
him out. Thanks.

Claire thought about Brandt
talking to someone on the phone.

He blamed Vallance for something
to do with the money.

Let's see if he's to blame
for anything else.

I'm surprised the iib
has gotten involved in this.

Well, Jeffrey Brandt
was an important man;

That makes his homicide
something we're interested in.

Homicide? You're saying
he was murdered?

Why? By who? Well, we were
hoping you could tell us.

Well, I don't know. Someone
was trying to kill everybody

at that table.
Not quite.

His glass was laced with cyanide.
He was specifically targeted.

You had a lot to gain
from his death.

Oh, you're accusing me?

We understand you're going to
be the new CEO of Cooper-Weiss.

- Pending board approval.
- You two also had an argument

about a missing sum of money.

That was a discrepancy
in the books.

It has been made right.
A simple accounting error.

There were other
differences as well.

Look, he was an idealist;
I'm a bottom-line guy.

But the fact is,
we needed each other.

You guys had no problems?

No, you can't go on like this.
No, listen to me.

No, you listen to me!
We're done.

All right, fine.
I'll meet you at the magnolia.

Nothing that couldn't be
sorted out peacefully.

So you were
at the head table,

yet you didn't drink
the champagne.

I'm on antibiotics.
You can check with Dr. lang.

My assistant will be happy
to give you his number.

- We'll do that.
- Look, if you really want to know who killed Jeffrey,

why aren't you talking to the people
who were howling outside our dinner?

- The protesters.
- The protesters. Did you know last week,

one of them dumped a bucket
of blood on Jeffrey's car

as he was leaving
the lot. Kalb.

The waiter, yeah.
Harold Kalb, we know.

No. I'm not talking about Harold. I'm
talking about his wife, Rebecca.

Vallance was lying
to us about something.

I got him on his phone
arguing with someone.

I think it might have been
Brandt. He said they were done.

You know, I kind of felt like they were on
the point of some kind of break. You know,

maybe Brandt's murder
was the next step.

I'll have Dev
check the phone records.

I did throw the blood
on his car.

Someone had to get
through to him.

We have a witness who believes
you are capable of a lot more.

That wouldn't happen
to be Thomas Vallance?

He's been trying
to discredit us for months.

He knows our daughter
was the victim,

that her story
will sell newspapers.

What story is that?

That Jannex
has fatal side effects.

They knew
and they covered it up.

So you must really hate
Jeffrey Brandt.

His product killed
my daughter.

But that doesn't mean
that I wanted to kill him.

Was there anyone else from your
group who was out for revenge?

Why are you picking
on the victims?

My husband was in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

Leave us alone!

So I searched for members
of Kalb's organization

and cross-referenced with
a list of threatening letters

to the company. One of them
stood out among the rest.

It was sent by this guy:

Charlie enzo, 36 years old.

He was an early
test case for Jannex.

This guy sent
a series of letters

that could be described
as death threats to the company.

He was a member
of the Jannex class action suit,

but dropped out
three weeks ago.

This was his last known photo.

- So... what? He's dead?
- Well, there's no obituary, but here's where it gets weird.

Apparently he left his apartment
and just disappeared.

He was last seen at the hospital
for his dialysis treatment.

Charlie enzo. He was in about
three weeks ago. On the fourth.

This is going to take a while.
You want to grab a coffee?

Uh, yeah.
I'll walk with you.

- Okay.
- Cool.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.

And you have
to answer me honestly.

Depends on the question.

You think oz and I are good
for each other, right?

(Silence) Wow! I should've
told you to lie.

- What do you want?
- Decaf.

- You want decaf?
- It just...

It kind of feels like he's been
avoiding me lately.

Okay, look. Uh...

Oz is a...
He's a sensitive guy.

You know, when you suddenly left
to follow your dream,

it kind of took the wind
out of his sails.

I just think he doesn't want
to get hurt again.

- I didn't mean to hurt him.
- I know.

It's just that when
your dream goes sideways,

it doesn't mean you can come back and
expect everything to be like it was before.

What if I told you my dream
didn't go sideways?

Six weeks away
can focus a girl.

I just kept reading
all of his emails,

and I knew I had to come back.
You quit?

I missed him.
Stupid, huh?

So what do I do?

Well, uh... I don't know. This
is going to take a little time.

You got to finesse this,
a little tlc.

- I could... get him something.
- Right.

- Something, something special.
- It's got to be good!

This is the guy who got you
a mailboxfull of roses,

who put you in a hot-air
balloon, tried to take you away

to the Caribbean on a whim.
The leafs.

They play the pens tomorrow
night. He'd kill for tickets.

- He'd kill for those tickets.
- Thank you, tobe.

- My pleasure.
- Oh! Here we go.

Enzo comma Charles. Yeah, we do
have a pick-up address listed.

- Yeah? Nice.
- But you'll never guess where.

Cool. Thank you.

(Michelle):This is where
a terminal patient lives?

Yeah! I'd like
his healthcare plan.

Well, if you get anything,
go easy on him, okay?

He might be extremely

(Talking and laughing)

Charlie enzo?

(Sigh) Looks like the
party's over, ladies.

We need to talk to you
about Jeffrey Brandt's murder.

- Oh, he's dead?
Imagine that: He beat me.

You're barking up
the wrong tree.

I had nothing to do with it.
Then allow me

to read from the letter
that you wrote to the company.

"Before I die, I'm going to see.

"Jeffrey Brandt skinned
and fed to rabid wolverines."

Okay. Maybe I went a bit far
with the Wolverine thing.

(Breathing hard): But I'm
in a different place now.

I've grown to accept my fate,

when they paid you off.

gave you $250,000.

We checked your bank account.
You want to tell us otherwise?

What do you want me
to say? I took money.

- From Brandt...
- From the company.

I signed a letter saying
I'd dropped out of the suit.

I felt bad abandoning
the others,

but we weren't gonna win.
What else could I do?

Look at me now.

You know, I used
to run marathons.

Now I can't run
across the street.

- I do understand your anger.
- No you don't.

I sunk every penny I had into
beating those bastards.

For every lawyer I threw
at them, they threw two back.

But hey,

at least I'm going out
with a bang.

By spending your money
on booze and girls?

No, not all of it.
If you must know,

I made an anonymous donation
to the anti-Jannex group

to help them with
their legal fees.

I gave up.
It doesn't mean they have to.

So, enzo's donation
checks out.

The class action suit received
an anonymous $100,000 donation

four hours after he took out
the money order,

and left four days after that.

- So where did it go?
- Nobody knows.

Maybe it was someone paying to
take the fight to the next level.

But if the poisoning
was a paid hit

then who is our mysterious
outsider? It doesn't seem to be

Harold Kalb...
Whoever it was

would've had to access
to the champagne and the glasses

before the meal. But with
all the people milling about

the lobby, anybody in the room
could've had opportunity.

And they would've had to have the seating
plan to know which glass was Brandt's.

What about Vallance?
He hated Brandt.

He paid out the quarter million

and he didn't drink the bubbly.

He had a prescription for antibiotics,
I double-checked with his dentist.

You've never bent the rules
when you're on antibiotics?

Point taken. But, if he were
the killer, don't you think

he would have drunk the
digitoxin to cover his tracks?

When in doubt,
follow the money.

So, I just have
a few new questions.

We were actually able
to meet up with Charlie enzo.

He's the guy who received
the missing $250,000.

You guys are good. Even I couldn't
figure out where it went.

Right. Well, I think you know
who paid it to him.

Jeffrey, you know Vallance
took the money.

We could tell them.

Thank you.


Thomas Vallance.

He had a lot to gain
from Jeffrey's death.

What were they fighting about?

After Jannex,

Jeffrey wanted more transparency
in his testing.

He planned to introduce
testing by an independent body.

I take it that's not
how Jannex was tested.

We pay the lab a lot of money. Sometimes
they don't want to give us bad news.

They don't want to? Or they've
been forced to stay quiet?

Was Vallance in charge
of product testing?

I know your boss preached
ethics over profits.

I know you believe that too.

If Vallance had anything
to do with Brandt's death,

we need to know.

I decided to look into
the Jannex product testing

after your first visit.

It took me four hours to find
it. Failed test results,

along with a draft of a letter

that Jeffrey was going to send to the board
to make a case for Vallance's dismissal.

- He was going to fire him.
- Jeffrey wanted a clean slate

before his proposal

for independent drug testing
was announced.

Also, you'll find
a funding plan

to pay back the victims
for their losses.

(Thinking to herself):
Jeffrey, why did you do it?

It shouldn't
have happened to you.

I think your boss
would've been proud.

Okay, you are officially
my favourite paramedic

of all time. Favourite, wow!
What about Toby?

Toby... nah, the name
doesn't really ring a bell.

- Hey, oz!
- Sandy!

Come meet the partner
of the year.

Okay, it's not that big
a deal, the tickets were free.

What tickets?

Leafs-penguins tonight,
front row golds!

Do you mind if I paint
my face, is that cool?

Uh, no. No, it's not.

It was nice to see you
and I will see you later.

- That's... some partner.
- I know, right?

So how's it going?

I just, uh...

I wanted to tell you
that they are doing...

construction outside
the ambulance bay.

That's what you wanted
to tell me?

Yeah, they made a...

A hole... it's just...
It's deep.

They made
a deep hole. Okay.

I will watch out
for it. Thank you.

That's... that's it.
I gotta go.

All right, okay.


Toby Logan! Hey,
just the guy I'm looking for.

- Right on!
- Michelle asked me

to look into Vallance and Brandt
meeting at the magnolia.

It turns out it was the magnolia
hotel on frame street.

When did they meet?

That's where
it gets messed up.

Sure, there were phone
records to Brandt,

but that's not
who Vallance met there.

Security cameras in the lobby

picked him up meeting
Claire Brandt

three times in the last month
and heading up to a room.

Okay, what's he doing
with Brandt's wife?

Exactly. Maybe she's not the
devoted wife she claimed to be.

All I know is one poisoned glass

of wine and they have control
over the whole company.

And Claire and Vallance sat
on either side of Brandt.

You think one of them
could have killed him?

Maybe both. All I know is
that's motive and opportunity.

Now all we need is evidence.

You're getting good at this.

June 2nd, June 9th
and June 12th.

What were you doing
at the hotel magnolia

with Thomas Vallance?

My husband bought a number
of shares of the company

in my name
and Thomas asked to meet

to discuss
some tax ramifications.

We know you two
were having an affair.

Were you working with him?

Did you help him kill
your husband?


I didn't kill my husband.

So who did? Vallance?

I don't know.

It was a confusing time.
Cooper-Weiss was doing well,

but there were storm clouds
on the horizon.

My husband

was planning something

that didn't make
sound business sense..

The indedepent testing.

Tom was convinced
it was too costly

and that it would hurt
the company,

and he asked me
to help convince my husband.

So then what happened?

So he asked to meet
at a hotel,

strictly business.

But he had charm
and he had swagger

and he had wine.

(Laugh) It was very good wine.

I was so lonely!

(Crying and sniffling)

And I was so angry at Jeffrey

for spending so much time
at the office.

But you know what
the worst part of this is?

Vallance was just using me.

It's like I was some piece
being moved around in some game

between him and my husband.

I thought he cared about me.


How could I have been so blind?

Jeffrey never
found out about it,

but I promised myself

that I would make it up
to him somehow.

I never had the chance.

(Alvin klein):All the more
reason to look at Vallance

for the murder.
Because he had an affair?

That makes him guilty
of bad judgment.

He hid the results
of the Jannex trials.

He was at war with Brandt, he was sleeping
with the guy's wife. How much more do we need?

- Proof.
- Who brought him in here?

You did. Look,
whoever did this

has a sophisticated
knowledge of poisons.

Vallance is a businessman,
not a scientist.

Yeah, but he works
in a company full of scientists.

He has access, motive
and opportunity. Stay on him.

My relationship with Claire

has no relevance here.
Things like this happen.

You mean like pay-offs
to your victims?

I didn't have to pay anybody,
the courts were on our side.

What about the money
that you paid Charles enzo?

That money came
from a slush fund.

Look, enzo was hurting
our credibility

and I did what any other person
in my position would do:

I paid him, and fairly.

Some people would call
that misappropriation.

Did you know that Brandt
planned on firing you?

That's absurd! My position
was completely safe.

(Thinking to himself):
He wouldn't have fired me,

he couldn't afford to.

Look, you can't
hang this on me.

I did not kill Jeffrey Brandt!

Someone is trying to take this company down
and Jeffrey's murder had to do with that.

- So who is trying to take this company down, then?
- We found out last week

that someone
hacked into our system,

was rooting through our files.

Specifically security and
r and d. Why don't you ask them?

So I pulled some strings.

I got I.P. Routings
to the intrusions

into the Cooper-Weiss

Now, they all went through
ghost servers in Europe.

I'll give you three guesses as
to whose I.P. Address came up?

- How about you just tell us?
- Rebecca Kalb.

Turns out she has a background
in I.T. Security.

She made intrusions into
all departments in the company,

but she focused on research
and development.

Okay, but that doesn't necessarily
connect her to the poisoning.

Well, that's the thing:
One of the documents

that she accessed actually had
physical details of the venue,

including the seating chart
for the dinner.

She has some questions
to answer.


- You have one new message.
- Oz: [Card game's off, buddy.]

[Guess who's seeing
the leafs tonight?]

[Smack dab in the golds.]

- Nice.
- [Yeah, that Elyse]

[Is pretty much everything
I could want in a partner.]

[No offence but,
Toby who? Okay, bye.]

I'll tell you right now:
If you had let me paint my face,

they totally
would've won that game.

Oh, please! At least we got
to see some nice goals,

too bad they were in the wrong net.

Um, are we not going
to your place?

My place is kind of undergoing
a bit of a makeover

right now, so...

And Toby's not going to mind?

Toby? Nah,
I don't think so.

I'm kind of thirsty.

There's drinks.
Toby has drinks.

- Just... give me one minute.
- Okay.

- I'll be right back.
- Yeah, one minute, sure.

(Cell phone ringing)
Hey, Toby, listen.

Don't get mad, but Elyse
and I are using your place

for a couple hours, tops.

And maybe grabbing
a couple beers and some snacks.

Oz, what happened with Sandy? She bought you
tickets to the game, and you bail on her?

Wait, what?

[She wanted to make it
right with you, ]

[So she got you tickets
to the game.]

This is information that I could
really have used yesterday!

Oz? You got my beer yet?

Okay, I gotta go.
I gotta go, bye.

(Michelle):You lied to us.

It seems you've taken

a very active role in the war
against Cooper-Weiss.

You hacked the specs to
the dinner and you helped plan

your husband's little stunt.

I orchestrated Harold's
infiltration of the banquet,

but poison was never part
of the plan.

Maybe he did it without
your knowledge.

He was one of the only people

who had access to the champagne
and Brandt's glass.

He'd never do that. Never.

You were there
inside the restaurant.


I was outside in the crowd.

(Harold Kalb):
My wife didn't do anything.

And neither did I.
We know she opened the door

for you. We know
she was in the restaurant.

What, you think
Rebecca did it?

No! She just got me in.

I got Harold in,
but I never poisoned anyone.

Neither did he.
It's getting very hard

to distinguish the truth
from the lies here.

Look, I'm sure there was a time
you were left alone

with the champagne
and that's when you did it.

No! I never saw
the champagne.

She wasn't near
the champagne.

It's like I told you.
I came in...

I changed into
the waiter's outfit.

I just wanted to say my piece

and get thrown out...

Or get arrested.
It would all be good press.

- So you lost sight of your wife.
- For a few seconds.

That's all it would take
for her to inject the bottle

with digitoxin and to coat
Brandt's glass with cyanide.

No. She didn't poison them.
You think my wife would do that

knowing that
I'd look guilty for it?

Well, that's a good question.

Why would she want to frame you?
She wouldn't!

All right, if she wouldn't
and you didn't, then who did?

I don't know!

The bottle was on the table.
All I did was open it

and fill the glasses.

Can we talk for a second?

We have to test
the champagne glasses again.

- What are we looking for?
- We'll find Vallance's prints

on Brandt's glass.
Vallance pushed his glass away,

Brandt picked it up. The poison
was meant for Vallance:

The wrong man was murdered.

(Dev): You were right. There was a partial
print on the base of Brandt's glass

that we thought belonged
to the wait staff.

But it was matched
to Thomas Vallance.

Question now is,
who'd want to kill Vallance?

- Okay, so we're back at the beginning.
- Maybe not.

Dev, do you have access
to Brandt's email account?

- Yeah, why?
- Check for anything to do

with Jannex testing.

Whoever tried to kill Vallance
knew he was responsible

for the deaths. Right, right.
Someone Jeffrey Brandt told,

someone loyal to him. Someone
with a background in chemistry.

Yeah, good call.

Brandt sent the information to
Christa Merker three weeks ago.

She told us she didn't learn
about it until yesterday.

Well, all the details
of the Jannex trial are there.

Christa and Brandt knew
that Jannex was a killer...

and they both knew that Vallance
hid the results and paid off enzo.

I read Christa and when
she said, "why'd you do it?",

I thought she was innocent,
but really she was just upset

that the wrong person
had been poisoned.

Didn't she say that Vallance
was going to be fired?

Why didn't she just wait
for Brandt's to get rid of him?

I don't know, but I saw
Vallance threatening him.

- Sounds like you've got your killer.
- Let's go talk to Christa.

You knew the truth about Jannex
for a long time, didn't you?

Christa, we know
you didn't want this to happen.

We know you didn't want
to kill Jeffrey.

So what happened?

When Jeffrey found out,

he was horrified.

He didn't tell anyone but me,

said we had to play it smart.

is a very powerful man.

We needed a solution

that his lawyers
would never be able to sink.

The way he sunk
the Jannex trials.

Those people didn't
deserve to die.

We did this to them.

Our product.

All because Vallance
corrupted the test results.

So your argument
with Jeffrey was about Vallance.

When Vallance found out
that he was going to be fired,

he threatened to blame
a cover-up on Cooper-Weiss

instead of himself.

It would have ruined
the company.

- So Brandt relented.
- It was blackmail.

He had to give in
for the good of the company,

which meant Vallance would stay

and another Jannex
could happen in the future.

So you felt like
you had no choice.

One life lost to spare many.

Well, a judge will take
your story into consideration.

I killed my mentor.

What's a judge going
to say about that?

You're going to have
to come with us, Christa.

(Sharp intake of breath)
I don't think so.

What did you take?
(Deep intake of breath)

Did you take cyanide?
(Sharp intake of breath)

- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah.

Look, our job was
to solve a crime,

and we did.
That's a win.

Christa thought she was doing
the right thing.

For the victims,
for her company,

for the people
who'd be hurt in the future.

And she killed a man.
The law still frowns on that.

The world is a better place
today than it was yesterday.

Is it? There's
two people dead,

and a man responsible
for killing

four innocent people walks away. How do we
know he's not going to kill more people?

- If he does, we'll be there.
- So that's what we do?

We wait for the bodies
to pile up?

I sent the information
to the department of health

and welfare.
It's in their court now.

What'll they do? They're going
to sweep it under the carpet.

I don't like it either.
But there are official channels.

Thomas Vallance and Cooper-Weiss
are no longer our job.

That said,

maybe sometimes,
these things are better handled

through unofficial channels.

- Hey!
- Hey!

You guys enjoy the game?

Not as much as the pens fans.

Just treat him well, okay?

You've got yourself
one hell of a guy.

That's the thing.

I was actually going
to give you the same speech.

I should get back to this.

- Bye!
- Bye!

- Sandy.
- Sorry for coming unannounced.

Oh, no, it's good.
I wanted to talk to you too.

- It's about you and Elyse?
- You know?

I mean, not that there's
anything to know.

Nothing happened.

It almost did, but I...

I couldn't go through with it.

Why not?

Because I would've rather
been at the leafs game

with somebody else.

But I don't get it.

She's beautiful, she's smart,

she doesn't have to pretend
to like hockey like I do.

What could you possibly
not like about her?

Yeah, now that
you mention it...


She's not you.

Can we try this again?

Oh my God! Oh!