The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 6 - She Sells Sanctuary - full transcript

Toby and Michelle investigate the link between a cult and the disappearance of three young women.

And The Turkish Tornado!
Make it a hat trick. Shooting!

Oh, nice save!

Turkish Tornado.
That's... I like that.

- Hold on a second.
- What's going on? You all right?

No, I thought it was Sandy.

It's this gymnast that broke her leg that
we brought in. She keeps emailing me.

They like a man in uniform.

OK, this is her.

She sent that
to you on purpose?

Yeah. You know what this is?
It's 'eau de commitment", OK.

I have the stink of
un-attainability on me and these

women are just
coming out of the woodwork.

You're a free man. I thought
Sandy left things kinda open?

Well, actually, I told Sandy that I
would be here when she gets back.

So I would like to be the kind
of guy that sticks to his word.

Yeah, we all would, man.
I mean, but are you?

Yeah, I guess I'm taking advice now
from the king of self-imposed solitude?

All right. Fair enough.

- You can, uh...
- Hey, guys!

- Elyse.
- Hey.

Toby, this is Elyse.
I trained her last year.

- Really nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

I didn't know you guys
have a team. Do you mind?

- You wanna play, yeah sure?
- Yeah, thanks.

- What are you doing here?
- Rider said I should come in and set up my locker.

- Thank you for leaving OZ without a partner.
- Yeah, you got my old job.

- Good for you.
- I did. I'm totally stoked.


- Congratulations.
- How are you? Huh?

How's, uh... how's Sandy?


Sandy is in Africa.

- Yes.
- She's in Africa?

- Yeah.
- No way! That's amazing.

Yes. Mrs. Africa.

So, uh...
you wanna play?


Go ahead. Could be fun.

You know, actually,
we should get back to work.

Yeah. That's enough kidding
around for one day, guys. OK.

- Really?
- Yeah. I mean, you know it's a... it's a...

Careful about that. It's just
been a lot of goofing around.

- Does he want to play?
- Nah, he's gotta come with me.

So we gotta get back to work, guys.
C'mon! Time. People to save.

(Telephone ringing)




Mom. Hi.

- Hi. I'm sorry. Did I wake you?
- No. No.

It, uh... I'm just...
I'm just surprised, that's all.

How are you?
Is everything OK?

Well, actually, I was
wondering if I could come home.

Like tonight.

Yes. Of course you
can come home, honey.

Where are you?

I'm... I'm at a bus stop.

I don't know when
the next bus is coming.

I want you to stay
where you are, OK?

I want to come
and pick you up, OK?

So just... I want you
to tell me where.



Hi. Sorry.
Sorry. No, I'm here.

I'm at the community centre
at Steeles and Mississauga.

OK. Listen. I'm gonna
be there in 20 minutes.

I want you to stay put.
I want you to go inside.

OK, honey? I'm on my way.


Thanks, Mom.

Hey, Mom. I love you.



She said that she
wanted to come home.

And I told her
I would come and get her.

I told her to stay put.
I get there and she's gone.

She's just vanished. And I
know exactly where she is.

The police know exactly where--

- So, uh, got your
message. What's going on?

Hope you got some sleep.
That would make one of us.

The Crown Attorney wants

our unit to take over
a Metro investigation.

Very high profile.
Top priority. Starting now.

Welcome to Special Assignments.

Three girls have gone missing

from the same bus stop
in the last three weeks.

They were last heard
from between 8 and 10pm.

From a phone booth. No other
evidence. No known witnesses.

Same age.
Same time. Same place.

This is normally a case
for the Sex Crimes Unit,

- but they messed up.
- Metro was overzealous

in their hunt for the
first two missing women.

They target a local organization
called The Heart of Artemis.

Oh, Artemis. Yeah,
the cult. I know them.

- Please, don't use the "C" word.
- New religious organizations.

Like a church, or a mosque,
or the local scapegoat.

Local police were convinced
that the first two victims,

who are not members of Artemis,
were being held inside.

Uh, yeah. Artemis sued
for police harassment.

The latest victim, Blaire
Donleavy, now, she is a member.

So if the predator is
from Artemis,

why would he abduct somebody
from where he lives?

Well, we have to assume
that these women were

at the wrong place
at the right time.

But, as it stands right now,

our predator has
a six-hour head-start on us.

I need you two to talk
to Blaire's mother and then

focus on viable suspects.

Dev's already at the scene
talking to potential witnesses.

Something was wrong.

I could feel it.

A mother can sense these things.
It's like a sixth sense.

And you're sure
Blaire was by herself?

She didn't mention
anyone or any problems?

No! She wanted to come home.

Don't you understand?
She wanted out of that cult.

For two years she wouldn't even
speak to me.

Were the two of you close
when she joined Artemis?

Are you asking me how
I could have let her

get mixed up with those people?

My daughter and I had our
problems. Of course we did.

But loving each other
was never one of them.

- We're not judging anyone, Mary.
- Well, maybe you should.

And maybe you should start
with that guru, Mitch Deerfoot.

He's got a past.

And I'm convinced he's got
all of those girls in there.

- Have you met him before?
- Are you kidding me?

The families are
completely banned.

He convinces these kids that
everything outside is toxic.

Including their mothers.
I am begging you. Please...

You have got to get
my daughter out of there.

Mitch Deerfoot. Ex-philosophy professor
and founder of The Heart of Artemis.

He was charged 10 years ago for allegedly
slipping a college girl a roofie.

It was dismissed for lack of evidence.
The local community's been

trying to get them outta there ever since.
He set it up about five years back.

- Is there anyone else in the local sex offender registry?
- Yeah. I definitely got a fit.

This guy. P.J. Martin.
Convicted serial rapist.

He used to stalk women
and rape them at knifepoint.

He lives near Artemis
and he also works from home.

OK, well, Toby and I will
go talk to Deerfoot and Martin.

OK, canvasses are up.
Public warnings are out.

I'll recheck with the bus drivers and
all the women's known associates.

You might wanna leave your cell phone
in the car when you get to Artemis.

They believe that all
modern technology is unclean.

[Crowd]: Go home!
Cult go home!

Hey, don't forget your phone.

- [Crowd]: Cult go home!
- Excuse me.

- Excuse me, please. Excuse me.
- Let her through.

IIB. We're here
to see Mr. Deerfoot.

- You've got an aura.
- Excuse me?

It's nice.

Artemis is a sanctuary.

We're about returning
to a more natural,

humane way of life.

We value purity
of heart, mind, of spirit...

which we believe to be eternal.

So we take care of ourselves

by living modestly,
cleansing constantly.

We take vows of chastity
and of abstinence.

We don't want anything
to do with a toxic modern world.

And so visitors,
the outside world, are what?

- They're contaminants?
- Distractions.

We do work on neighbouring
farms for food.

May I offer you
anything? Tea?

- No.
- No thanks.

You're afraid what's in it?

You're sure you wouldn't like

your legal team
present, Mr. Deerfoot?

I've never broken the law.

I did break a very vindictive
woman's heart 10 years ago.

It seems
I'm still paying for it.

So sexual assault
isn't serious to you?

This conversation is about
finding our beloved Blaire.

You know she planned on leaving
Artemis last night to go home?

I wished her well.

Then I went to bed.

You had no problem
with Blaire leaving?

No. We're all free to go.

We don't kidnap new members.

We aren't holding
the missing outsiders.

Your neighbours
feel differently.

We gathered that when they
tried to burn the place down.


Nina? Nina and Ben.
They worked with Blaire.

- They'll tell you about the outsiders.
- We've all been harassed.

Sworn at.

But lately there's a man in
a car. He takes pictures of us.

Especially the women.

He watches them.

[Nina]:He follows us
everywhere we go.

- Have you reported this to the police?
- Uh, yeah. Nothing happened.

We just assumed he was one of yours. You
know, sent to spy, satisfy the prejudiced.

Who, if they would just take the time to know
us, they would understand that we're pacifists.

We loathe violence. In any form.

Well, that guy
gives me the creeps.

He's sincere.
Ben, Nina, all the others.

No one contradicts
anything he said.

Devoted followers
make great alibis.

I mean this stalker they were talking
about seems pretty convenient.

- No, he's real. They've all seen him.
- I'll get Dev to check into it.

Remind me about this next
guy, the... the rapist.

Right. P.J. Martin.

He's convicted of three
sexual assaults at knifepoint.

He got out of jail a few
months ago. Lives alone, nearby.

Well, sexual assault
often goes unreported.

- These three girls could just be the beginning.
- Oh, boy.

- Imagine how many phone calls you missed?
- [Crowd]: Cult go home!

Can you let us out?

(Twigs snapping)

Help me! Help me!
Please help me!

Please help me! Please help me!

(Ambulance siren)

So, apparently she tried
to refuse treatment.

She told the cops she wanted
to be taken back to Artemis.

- Did someone call her mother?
- Yeah, she refused that too.

Right now we need to talk
to Blaire. She's our only chance

- of getting these girls back.
- One problem: that's not Blaire.

Let me find out
who this girl is.

Um, it was just after nine.

Last night?

No. This morning.

Near McKay farm.
I walk their horses.

It's my daily offering to Artemis.

- You were there alone?
- Yeah.

Um... I was late for morning
reflections. So I was running.

He must have hit me in the head.

Knocked me out and...

Ugh. I woke up in this gross
sack in the back of some truck.

You know... I had
no idea where I was.

Did you get a look at him,
or did he say anything to you?

Fawn, we think that he did this

to someone else from Artemis:
Blaire Donleavy.

No. Blaire went
home to her mom's.

She went to her mom's, right?

Blaire went missing waiting
for her mom to come pick her up.


OK, what's the last thing
that you can remember?

Um... Uh...

Some man's shadow.

I don't know.

No! How many times? How many
times do I have to tell you?

You're sure
he didn't say anything?

What about the truck?

It was a brown pickup.

And it... it stank.
Like vinegar.


Look, I don't know
where I was. I just ran.


Tell me you saw more
about this truck.

No. I saw a man
beating her up.

But the injuries
don't match what I saw.

Daytime abduction nowhere near the
bus stop doesn't fit our M.O.

Dev has a lead on the truck.

- Guess who owns one? P.J. Martin.
- Our serial rapist.

No engine.

My nephew's
never-ending project.

Thinks this piece
of junk is a classic.

I use the grey car in the driveway.
You can check that out too.

Where were you
at 9am this morning?

I'm counsellor
at a halfway house in Parkdale.

Fellow sex offenders.

I signed in at 6am.

- And last night between eight and midnight?
- My son's birthday.

It was at his mother's.

Do you recognize
either of these women?

Yeah, they look
like cult girls.

Used to run a roadside fruit stand
till the locals shut them down.

Great apples.

So two more. So fast.

He's escalating.

I see you've been
following the cases closely.

I have no choice. Cops come by every
time a teenager misses her curfew.

Look, I know
my criminal profile

is close to your predator's M.O.
But... I spent 13 years

in maximum security.
Rehab. Therapy.

I kinda resent having
my life defined by it.

So do the women you raped.

We'll check out your alibis.

Let you know if we have
any further questions.

He's absolutely
counting on that.

He's good. He's smart.
I'll bet he's never been caught.

I sent Toby back to Fawn.

He's OK on his own.
He's very disarming.

So, Toby said that
he saw the rapist

watching Blaire and Fawn,
but nothing else.

Could he be the Artemis stalker?
The guy with the camera.

All of his alibis check out.

So that leaves us with...


Or persons unknown.

So maybe there was
one sexual predator

after the first two girls

and someone else
after the Artemis girls.

Two predators
working the same area.

A copycat.

Hey. So, forensics
is back on Fawn's stuff.

There's no DNA.
But trace soil on the rope

used to tie her hands is unique. It's some
kind of clay that's found in ponds up there.

All right. Send a K-9 unit
and a ground search crew.

Let's check every pond
within a 15km radius

of that bus stop.
I'll handle the media.


"Mothering Earth
abides our missteps.

"We're still human, after all.

"The opposite
of pure isn't poison;

it's giving up on ever
feeling clean again."

- Hey, did you find Blaire?
- No. Not yet.

Just, uh, just coming
to see how you're doing.

You're a bad liar, man.

- It's Toby, right?
- Yeah.

- This is my friend Ben.
- Hey, Ben.

- You jealous much?
- As if.

Get lost.

No concussion.
That's really good.

How'd you get away with that?

- They made some allowances for me.
- That's pretty rare.

You're a faker.

- I know what you're thinking.
- You do?

Yeah. You're thinking what's a nice girl
like me doing in a cult like Artemis.

Sure. That's crossed my mind.

You don't know
what it's like, do you?

To feel safe.
Like you belong.

To be loved.

No one would ever
hurt me in Artemis.

You say that like
you know who would.

- No. I didn't mean it that way.
- Are you sure?

'Cause I get the feeling that this isn't the
first time someone's tried to hurt you.

I'm sorry.

I'm really, really tired.

Hey. Hey, Ben.

You're telling me you wouldn't wear a bullet
proof vest if it had realistic pecks and abs?

- No. - You'd look like He-Man!
- You are so weird. Hey, Toby.

Hey, what's going on?
You all right?

Elyse, would you grab us a few
slices of pizza? One each.

- I don't need a slice.
- Well, I'll eat two. - I'll get take-out.

What's going on, man? You look a little
rough around the edges. You working a case?

Sexual predators.
Missing girls.

Cults. - Oh, wait. Is this that
place that's been on the news?

- Artemis.
- Artemis. You deal with that?

Yeah, I'm a... you know,
working the Artemis case.

You know, everyone in Artemis

they have this beautiful
way of looking at you.

This light and warmth and

everything. It's...
it's kinda cool.

And this one girl,
Fawn, she's a victim.

And I'm trying
to get through to her.

I know there's something
else there. I can feel it.

I'm trying to read her,
get things from her...

I don't know, I can't.
I'm just...

- Where did these come from?
- The corner store. They also sell sandwiches and salads.

Whoa! Ciabatta bun. Toby!


I'll be up front.

- That's a sweet girl.
- Yeah, she is.

Did you, uh... Does Sandy know
about this sweet girl?

Sandy's busy saving the world.

She doesn't have time for
long conversations like that.

Or even to return
phone calls really.

(Phone ringing)

- Always helpful. Thank you.
- Michelle, what's going on?

We just found Janet and Lindsay.
Yeah. We need you back at IIB.

Our serial predator is
now a serial killer.

Obviously my heart, uh...

Goes out to the members
of the families of those girls.

But... it's absolutely tragic...
but there's been no arrest made.

And IIB has not given
us any word. There are now two--

I don't mean to be the downer
here, but the chances of finding

- Blaire alive are now less than 10%.
- The first two were killed

within 72 hours
of their abductions. Thanks.

- Ritual killings?
- After feeding them some type

of fluid that accelerates clinical dehydration.
Some form of vinegar

that Fawn smelled in the pickup. Toxicology's
working on exactly what that is.

Medieval Europeans took
vinegar medicinally

to flush the system.
Could it be ritual purgation?

So maybe it's not sexual.

Maybe it is.

What if he's blaming these girls
for exciting him?

- Well, that would dial us back to Artemis, wouldn't it?
- Yeah, who've just

formally refused to give us
their membership list.

What if it's a family member,
an ex-member, or, you know,

someone with a bone to pick?

Or that stalker
they were talking about.

I think Fawn knows who he is.

Talk to her.

OK, listen.
It's going to be OK. All right?

OK? Our thoughts are
with Blaire.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

She's... Blaire says she's dead.


Can I talk to her a minute, please?
Do you mind if I just...

- Yeah.
- Thank you.


Hey, Fawn.

Fawn, we think
she might still be alive.

We don't know
for how long. Look,

I know what it's like
to know things.

Terrible things. Things that
you think you can't tell anyone.

Not like this.

Yeah. You know
what he's capable of.

The people he doesn't
fool, he hurts.

They're scared just like you.
Look, I promise.

You help us find him, he will
never hurt anyone again.


Ask my father.

He'll know.

Thank you.

Why the hell didn't
you bring her home?

We're Fawn's parents,
for Pete's sake.

- Is she all right? Where is she now?
- She's fine.

She went back to Artemis
after she was released.


She's a prisoner of a cult.
What are you thinking?

She says
she feels safe at Artemis.

I take it you
two feel otherwise?

[Mother]:This is it.
You've done it now.

Don't you know what
goes on in that place?

The kind of perverts and cons?
The sort of crap they believe?

Well, you must be desperate
to get her out of there.

I imagine you've tried
everything. Anything.

Son, all we can do now is pray.

OK. We never got
a clear shot of this guy

on the surveillance tape,
but we did get a license plate.

He drives a rental car,
and it's registered to...

this guy.

Whoa! Hey, yup.
That's our guy.

This guy gave a photo to Jim.
He's our stalker.

Ok. He goes by the
name of Donald Ramsay.

He's a cult deprogrammer.

He specializes in involuntary
extraction and forcible confinement.

"Mental cleansing
for the post-cult mind."

- Sounds like a good cover.
- Yeah. Let's go deeper.

OK. According to his credit
cards he's been

at a motel on the Lakeshore since just
before our first girl was abducted.

Well, this is our first
hot lead for Blaire. Let's go.

IIB. May we come in?


What's that smell?

Clean. I need things clean.

- I have allergies.
- Mr. Ramsay, do you

extract people from new
religious organizations?

- Try to deprogram them somehow?
- You mean cults?

Bet if your sister or daughter
or husband was in one,

- you'd call 'em what they are.
- Nice-looking girl.

It's my daughter.
She's dead.

- Cult.
- I'm sorry for your loss.

Are you?
Don't touch that, please.

What is it that you do
exactly, Mr. Ramsay?

I spare families
from suffering as I have.

Oh, and we're supposed
to believe that that stops short

at kidnapping?

(Camera shutter)


- OK. We're gonna need to know your
whereabouts-- - That's enough. Get out. Now.

Don't come back unless
you have a warrant.

You got it.

The suspect threw my guys out.
I can't get more without a search--

Oh, for crying...

No warrant. There's no law against taking
pictures, evidently, and no hard evidence

connecting Ramsay to the murders or
Fawn's abduction. It's all circumstantial.

So we're protecting the rights
of professional kidnapper

whose clients believe the right to worship are
subject to their personal opinion. That's great.

Well, let's get him on that. Let's get him
for conspiring to abduct Fawn Georges.

And then once he's in here
we'll drill him for Blaire.

Well, Fawn never saw her
attacker, and her father isn't

gonna admit that he paid someone to abduct
his own daughter. - Let's try the mother.


Jim says a wife can't testify
against her husband.

In some cases.

You'd be making a statement
in your own defence.

Mrs. Georges,
this is Ms. Donleavy.

- Hi, Carol.
- Hi.

I'm Mary. I'm very happy
to hear that Fawn is OK.

Thank you.

I understand that she and
Blaire are very good friends.

Yes, they are.

I need your help.

Carol Georges' sworn statement
that Don Ramsay was paid

to abduct Fawn.
Let's get those warrants.


Present for you.

Oh, nice of you to pack all this up for
us, Mr. Ramsay. It's all evidence.

[Michelle]: Blaire's
about the same age

as your daughter was
when she died, right?

Does she remind you
of her, Don?

[Don]:I take pictures of all the girls
to show their parents where they are.

[Michelle]:So you're not
stalking these girls?

Targeting them to prove to them
how lucky they are to be alive?

Like Blaire.
And Fawn.

I never touched Fawn.
Never had the chance.

- [Michelle]: Let's start back at the beginning, then.
- Thank you.

Toby, anything?

No. I'm not getting him
with any of our girls.

This guy likes
zip ties, not rope.

He's our stalker,
not our killer.

What about Fawn?

I'm getting he never
had a chance to get to her.


Toxicology came back on the
dead woman's stomach contents.

Cider vinegar. Don here uses
household vinegar.

- He cleans everything with it.
- Allergies.

- Hey, ask him about the truck.
- I did. Earlier.

You asked where it was.
If he never drove it,

he wouldn't know where it is.

The stalker and the
killer work the same turf.

- Maybe they crossed paths.
- OK.

It was a beater. It was covered in crap,
so I figured it was a farm vehicle.

It was cruising the bus stop, I
don't know, maybe cruising girls.

I don't know. I never saw the
driver because it was always dark.

It didn't have any plates, and
that's it. That's all I know.

- Cult go home!
- Give us our children back!

You're not wanted here!

Brown pickup?

No. Not that I can think of.
Of course, we don't drive.

- We need to question everyone.
- They're all suspects? Again.

This truck is linked
to all of the abductions.

Now, look.

Your people.
They work the farms.

Someone might have seen where
this guy is hiding the truck.

We need a list of every member.
Background checks will clear all of them.

We've been through all this.

This is an invasion
of their right to privacy.

No. This is about more than privacy, Mr. Deerfoot.
This is about Blaire's life.

Don't forget that.

We need the public's help
to find a brown pickup truck.

It's in the media release.
That's my statement.

I added our coroner's results to a similar M.O.
search and got a match to a series of killings

- in Vancouver.
- Four sex trade workers

abducted, force-fed vinegar,
strangled to death, dumped,

- no arrests.
- Yeah.

With over 20 forensic elements
that match with our guy.

The last body was found
six months ago.

Get me RCMP Regional
Command of Vancouver.

All right. I feel your fear.
And I do. I know your concerns.

But you saw how these
officers cared for Fawn.

They need every one of us now.
For Blaire.

OK? So what I want you
to do is just open your hearts

and share what light you can.
Because she would do it for you.

Believe me.


So, we're looking for an old,
beat-up pickup truck.

Brown. You might have seen it
on one of the farms around here?

No more bodies found

in Vancouver for the last
six months. That's confirmed.

No suspects.

Check that Artemis
list for newcomers.

I just got a hit from the DMV.

A traffic camera in Mississauga caught a
plateless brown pickup running a red light.

- The driver's nice and clear.
- I love you.

Um... Artemis.

There's three new members
in the past six months.

Two of them have checked
out OK, but this last guy,

- it's like he doesn't exist at all.
- Klein. Hold a minute, please.

- Where's Michelle?
- She's already at Artemis.

Nice. Circulate the picture.


Bring in the next group.

It's OK. Thank you.

This is the next group.

- You OK?
- Yeah.

- Those beautiful children!
- Excuse me. Outta my way!

- We don't want you!
- Go away! Leave us!

Cops said to give it
to Sergeant McCluskey.

It's for you.

It's from Klein.

- Yeah.
- It's still so beautiful.

- We need to see Ben right now.
- Ben?

Ben left. He said that Fawn was
already overexposed to outsiders.

Oh, I love it here.

Ben? But, no!
Ben! Ben!

I don't know. We, uh, we can't
find either one of them.

There's this place I heard Ben

and Fawn talking about
in the hospital.

Yeah? - It's dusty. It's made of wood.
Maybe a building?

- What? Is it a shed? A barn?
- A barn! It's a barn.

It's got machinery in it. Gears.
Where is this? Do you know?

- Yeah. The Robson's barn.
- That's where they are.

It was a converted
mill or something.

Dev, we need a unit to every
barn within a 10K radius.

We're heading
to the Robson barn.

This is the place.



He's gotta be close.


(Board creaking)

- Can you help?
- Yeah.

Here it is.

Dev, we found a tunnel.

Send backup ASAP.
We're going in. Track us.

All right. Call me back.
What do we got?

Well, the coordinates line up with tunnels
used by the underground railroad.

They were used to smuggle slaves
from the States

and later used by bootleggers
during prohibition.

The problem is that they were never
mapped properly, so I'm getting confused

between the tunnels themselves
and the city storm drains.

OK. But he had a way to get
those bodies to that pond.

So let's track the stream. Maybe
there's a drain that intersects.

(Computer beeping)


OK, look. There's an exit point
at a creek just upstream.

That's it. Let's get everything
we have over there. Lock it down.

- Toby!
- Blaire?

Blaire. Hey.

Blaire. Blaire. Hey.

Hey. Blaire.

She's got a pulse.

She's breathing barely.
She's alive, but...

we gotta get her outta her.

Got her?

All right. The tunnels are clear.
The heat sensor showed up nothing.

Continue the ground search. He's
gotta be out there somewhere.


(Clanking metal)

You were the one.
You saw our desire.

(Fawn sighs)

I need to make her pure.

To set her free.

She had all this...

The others were sent
to test me.

Fawn tests me more.

It's not a test, Ben.

What you feel, what you see when
you look at her, that's love.

And that's beautiful.
That's pure.

You have the light.
I see it.

She has it too.

All I ever wanted was
to protect her.

- Keep her safe.
- You have.

No, I failed.

I know what it's like

to be consumed by your thoughts.

It's the only thing
you have on your mind.

It's lonely. I know.

You gotta let me help you.

I need to make her pure.

Hey. Hey. Hey.
No. No. No. No. No.

Ben! I know you see
the light in me.

I'm with you.
I can help you.

I can help her be free.

You gotta trust me.

Trust me.

Let me do what's right.

I can help you end this.



(Fawn trembling)

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's going be OK, Fawn.

(Austere choral music)


(He clears his throat)

- You came. I'm glad.
- How are you?

- Good. I'm well.
- Good. How's Blaire doing?

- Well, she's recovering.
- Good.

I can see that you relaxed
the policy on family members.

Yeah. Yeah, before all this,
you know, we welcomed everyone,

anyone, to Artemis. Then we...
we locked ourselves away.

Made us blind to certain

realities we needed to address.
So... change is growth, huh?

- Good luck.
- OK. Be well, Toby.

- Thank you.
- OK. I'll talk to him.

I want to talk to you about something.
Thank you for looking after my daughter.

- How's your mother?
- Pretty great, considering.

She filed for divorce
and she's not giving me grief

about being with them.

She's got her own transcendence
to work on now. Thanks to you.

That's good.

Don't worry.
You can take it with you.

It's harder to find
outside, but it's there.

You just have to look
for it in others...

to see it in yourself.

(Magical shimmering)

(Dramatic music)

- For food I got skills.
- Oh, hi.

- Hey.
- Hey, man. I totally knocked.

- Um, I made him use his key.
- You don't got food at your house?

No, we're just having a little cooking lesson here.
She's teaching me how to make

a real meal. Takes like
10 minutes and it's fantastic.

- She's got a real touch.
- That's nice.

It's not just condiments
and delivery numbers.

- That's nice.
- Would you like to join us?

- No, I'm... I'm beat.
- Please! It'll be fun.

You and I can build
a dining room table out

- of all of his take out boxes. - OK. All right.
I'm recycling those in the morning.

Next time.

- Next time. - Thank you.
- Don't dawdle.

- OK.
- Like a duck.

It's just a friendly dinner.

I'm trying to, you know, expand
my horizons, so she's making me

- a meal.
- You like her.

I just... It'd be fun to...
What's going on with the, uh...

The girl in the cult?

- She's good.
- Are you good?

- I'm good.
- You don't need to talk about anything? I can go?

- No. I'm good. - Cool. I should get back.
- Leftovers, eh? Bring 'em back.

Yeah, I will bring them back
tomorrow morning.

- Be safe.
- You're a pal, huh?

Don't worry.
I got the door.

(Magical shimmering)