The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 5 - Rogues' Gallery - full transcript

At a swanky hotel bar, Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) intercepts Luke "Manny" Manson (Chad Faust), a renowned art thief she's been pursing for years. His return to Toronto can only mean he's involved in an upcoming heist and she plans to use his capture to the IIB's advantage - to smash a huge international theft ring. Though he utters some serious threats, she manages to arrest him without incident. Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Oz (Ennis Esmer) are checking out of the EMS station for the day. Oz is amped to be assigned acting supervisor but quickly finds himself in over his head after a patient accuses the paramedics of theft. With Klein's (Peter Stebbings) consent and Dev's (Rainbow Sun Francks) assistance, Michelle goes undercover as a security specialist for Manny's crew. But since it's a dangerous undertaking, and she won't be wearing a wire, she enlists Toby's telepathy for protection.

So, Ryder has left you
in charge?

Until he gets back from visiting
his sister in Calgary, yep.

- Yeah? When does he get back?
- Monday.

- Until then, I'm supervisor.
- Acting supervisor.

Look, it took long enough to
convince Ryder to even give me

this chance. I cannot let
anything go wrong.

- Not on my watch.
- You'll be fine, man.

(Other guys talking)

That'll be all,
Mr. Logan.

- Yes, sir.
- That'll be all.

♪ That's a girl don't answer
to a polygraph machine ♪

♪ Tip my wings down
see if they're mighty ♪

♪ Escape the new regime ♪

Hello, Manny.
It's been a while.

So, how'd you find me?

I have my sources.

Right to the point.
Some things don't change.

Finish your wine.

You're here alone?

I didn't want to make a scene.
Are you carrying?

- You know how I feel about guns.
- Ready to go?

I am.

But not with you.

That gentleman over there is with me.
You make a move, and you'll be dead

before the cuffs clear the bar. I would
hate to see that happen to a friend.

How do I know
you're not bluffing?

Good night, Michelle.

It really was wonderful to see you again,
but let's not make a habit of it, OK?


Next time, make sure the guy you're using
for your bluff doesn't work for me.

You're really enjoying this,
aren't you?

You have no idea.

Let's go.

Really, Manny?
The silent treatment?

You think
that's a smart play here?

You don't want to talk,
you don't want a lawyer,

so what do you want?

A 27ounce rib-eye would be

Maybe a little shiraz
to wash it down.

I can get him a bag of chips,
some coffee if you'd like.

- What do you think?
- Or you could chew on this.

Parking lot camera
at the Nemitz Gallery, 2005.

- You recognize anyone?
- Never seen him before.

He's handsome, though.
That's all you got?

The Yorkville Art Market, 2006.

Security cameras disabled,
but the ATM camera next door

- not so much.
- This is small-time stuff.

You're right. I might not be
able to put you away for life,

but 18-20 is nothing
to sniff at.

So what do you say, Manny?
You got some names for us?

Biggest job of my life,
and you're screwing it up.

This next one's a big one,
isn't it?

It's the game changer.

Come on,

how do I know about the last
painting you stole here in town?

Nice try, pal. Nobody knows about
the Toussaint but me and Eddie.

I imagine the Toussaint will buy
you a lot of steak dinners, huh?

How's it going with Manny?

Well, I think Toby just opened
the door for us.

Last chance, Manny.

What's it gonna be?


Yeah, there's a job.

Head guy's name is
Trevor Whelan.

- Now we're getting somewhere.
- [Michelle]: Who else is on the crew?

We don't find out
until the day, and even then

- we use codenames.
- No. That's not good enough.

All right, wait, wait.

The food chain goes up.

Whelan has a boss.

I hear he's a big player

- on the European market.
- No name, no deal.

I only know
who I know, sweetheart.

OK, here we go.

- Trevor Whelan.
- Linked to six major art thefts

in the last four years. Eight
arrests, but no convictions.

So how does a guy like this
keep getting cut loose?

He always has an alibi.
He leaves no

physical evidence at the scene.
There's no trail to follow.

In order to make the charges
stick, we have to catch him

in the act. Unfortunately, he always
seems to be two steps ahead of us.

- Maybe not this time.
- Whelan's a big fish,

no question, but I want to know what
European boss he's in bed with. Hojgaard?

- No, he'd never work with North Americans.
- De Luca? Carnicero?

De Luca lost most of his
business after his third bust

last year. Carnicero...
it's possible.

Well, we're on to something big here.
I can feel it. I want to know more.

So, tell us about this job.

You said the crew uses

Whelan's idea.
He goes by Grumpy.

- Grumpy?
- We're all named after the Seven Dwarves.

- And you? What's your name?
- Bashful.

- That's cute.
- Not my first choice.

What's the target gallery?

We don't find out until
the day of. I'm telling you,

this guy is careful.
He's bordering on paranoid.

But he tends to go for that
post-impressionist junk.

- But it's for sure a go?
- As soon as Whelan finds

his security systems specialist,
we're good to go.

- What kind of system?
- Vance-Nord. High-tech stuff.

OK. You're gonna
do something for me.

- All right, I'm listening.
- You're gonna get in touch with this Whelan,

and you're gonna tell him that you
found your security systems expert.

So you're a professional
art thief now?

- Should I be hiding my Monet?
- I do have

- undercover experience.
- You're talking about the Roth case.

Yes, the Roth case.
We suspected a security company

of rigging their systems
to fail. To prove it,

I learned system specs
of every major manufacturer.

Yeah, that was all academic.
Applying that knowledge

in the field is a whole
different skill set.

I can do this. If we pull it off, we follow
the trail right back to Whelan's boss.

All right, you need hands-on training,
a crash course in security hacks.

Well, that I can help with. I
think I can get her up to speed.

OK. Dev, get her
everything she needs to learn

- these new systems.
- I'll need a cover story.

Whelan's careful. Make sure it's airtight.
He'll do his research.

Hi. Can I have your autograph?
I'm a huge fan.

You know, 'cause an autograph is
like a... signature.

It's... OK.
Tough crowd. Hey.

Hey. Oh, that reminds me. I have
something to talk to you about.

- Oh, uh, how can I help you?
- We have-- Ow! Ow! Mr.--

Mr. Hibbard, how many times do I have to tell you?
That is not appropriate?

Tessa, did I ever tell you

that you look
at stunning as ever?

- Tessa?
- Allison,

do you mind escorting Mr.
Hibbard back to his bed, please?

- I'll see you later, Tessa.
- OK.

I've got a surprise
for you tonight.

Well, somebody's hot
for Doctor.

Dementia--with Alzheimer's. Anyway,
he thinks I'm his dead wife.

Poor guy. Although,
on the bright side,

it does give him licence
to pinch bums whenever he wants.

- Do not make fun. - What? That's a bonus.
- Anyway, I need some advice

on how to deal with Ryder about
a situation we have right here.

First of all, Ryder's out
of town. I'm the acting

supervisor right now,
so maybe I can help?

Well, Mrs. Slatterly came in
today--mild heart attack.

She's claiming that someone
stole her bracelet.

- One of the staff?
- She says it's one of your guys--one of the paramedics.

(He sighs)
OK, I'll look into it.

- I don't want to get anybody in trouble, and just--
- No, no, it's part of the job.

- Come on. I got it.
- OK. Thanks. - Hey, no problem.

- [Toby]: Still nothing.
- He'll be here.

Unless he smells a setup
in that cover story you planted.

No way.
It's ironclad.

I hacked it deep
into every law enforcement

and underground
criminal database I know--

and I know a few.

See? What'd I tell you?
Here we go.

Get in.
Girl in the front.

So, how is it I never
heard of you before?

I keep a low profile.

You used to be in security design?
Griffin Security, was it?

Yeah. High-end cyber-locks. I was
there for about three years.

- What systems did you work on?
- I cut my teeth on the Magnatron series,

did some preliminary specs
for the Werewolf 360 sensor...

But it was the seven-point
Diamond clip--

- Clamp. - What did I say?
- You said "clip".

(She sighs) Keep going.

Then there's the big one.
The work I'm most proud of is...

The Griffin-X4--

designed that
from the ground up.

I don't remember seeing
your name in the design credits.

Head of R&D stole my specs,
got me blacklisted.

I quickly learned there's more money
in system cracks than system design.

What's this I hear
about a recent job you pulled?

- Some old stamp?
- Yeah, the Lipreski Collection.

I manually disabled
a laser system.

I went in through a skylight,

- and two minutes later I came out with an 1846--
- Oh, that's wrong.

Eighteen forty-seven.

I knew that.
It just came out wrong.

- Do you want to take a break?
- No, I'm good.

Eighteen forty-seven
two-penny Mauritius worth...

1.8 million. That's not bad
for "some old stamp".

I'm impressed.

I don't know many people
that could disable a laser L9.

I think you mean the L7.

The L9's still
under development.

(He chuckles)
Enough foreplay.

Tell me
about decentralized electric

- mortis locks.
- Smart doors.

They work independently.
The only way to take them all

down at once is
to re-centralize them.

Impossible. They're not tied
to a central processor.

I can't give away
all my trade secrets.

Fine. Show me instead.

There's a jewellery store behind
us, two doors down. You see it?

[Michelle]:Yeah, I see it.

[Whelan]:Independently owned,
always closed on Sundays.

Nothing too complicated,
but should suffice

- for this little test.
- What kind of test?

You want on this crew,
you're gonna hit it for me.

Right now.

I need my gear.

You're as good as you say,
you don't need anything

that isn't in your handbag.

You could walk away from this
right now.

- Is she prepared for this?
- Not nearly as much as I'd like, but it's her call.

This is a waste of time,
but fine.

How long do you figure it'll
take to disable the system?

- Eight minutes total.
- I'll give you five.

You'll give me eight, and you
won't question my timings again.

Clock's already running.

Are you close enough
to read Whelan?

There's a lot of interference, but
I think I can hone in on him.

So, what happens if she's not
back in time? Is she out?

Something like that.

Won't be the first time
I've had to bury a loose end.

Seven minutes, 47 seconds.

Pictures are one thing...

Looks like we've found
our security systems expert.

That's great, man.
You won't be sorry.

- So when do I get to meet the big boss?
- What are you talking about?

I didn't know you were in town.

I like to know
who I'm working for.

I wasn't expecting you
so soon, Carnicero.

- What's up? You got something?
- Oh, yeah.

I give the orders,
I get you your cut, that's it.

There's nobody else
that concerns you. Are we clear?


I'll be in contact soon
with the rendezvous details.

- You'll meet Doc, our driver, there.
- Do I get a nickname too?

I'm thinking Happy.

I was hoping for Snow White.

That's cute.

I don't like cute. Out.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- Finders keepers. A girl's gotta eat.

I'll be damned.
Carnicero's in our own backyard.

We asked for the big fish, and
we got the great white whale.

So, who is this guy?
What's his story?

He's one of the most powerful
art fences in the world.

Guy showed up out of nowhere
a few years back. Now we figure

that more than half of all
stolen and black-market art

filters through
his organization.

- We can't shut him down? The cops can't shut him down?
- Well, he says well hidden.

I mean, all we have to go on is the
name and, of course, his reputation.

- What's his rep?
- "Carnicero" is Spanish for

"butcher". Word is
he lives up to the name.

If he's in town for the score,
Whelan could lead us right to him.

He's got to be in contact with
someone here other than Whelan.

Let's put a list together of local art
felons and their known associates.

- That's a big list.
- Not if we narrow it down

to people with ties to Europe
over the last two years. - OK.

McCluskey's at the place
we set up?

And you got her up to speed
on the Vance-Nord system?

- She should be going through it as we speak.
- OK. Fingers crossed.

(Knocking on door)
Mrs. Slatterly?

Hi. I'm acting Supervisor
Osman Bey. I--

- What, you've come back
for more?

I don't have anything else
of value.

No, actually, I just wanted
to let you know that we're doing

everything we can to track down
your missing bracelet. - It's not missing;

it was stolen.
Why don't we just start at the beginning?

- Well, I was shopping in the--
- Hang on.

- I was shopping--
- Just a second.

Uh, go ahead.


I was shopping at the mall,

and I started
to have chest pains.

Your guys showed up and
they put me in the ambulance.

And then the tall one,

he said that he had to take off my
bracelet so he could put in an IV.

He tells me
he put it in my purse.

standard procedure, ma'am.

Yes, but when I checked
my purse, it was gone.

Have other people been
in this room?

I don't know.
I-I-I can't keep track

of everyone who comes
in and out and in and out.

Right. OK. Of course.
I understand.

It was a gift

from my daughter.


Help me get it back.

OK. So, once I'm plugged
into the gallery interface,

I run this program, and
it takes out the motion sensors

and pressure plates.
OK, now for the tricky part.

The smart doors aren't tied to the
interface; they're individually rigged.

But each door does have
the same computer chip,

which means they're linked
by a similar element.

They're electronic.
They key is the power supply.

You got it.
OK, now,

by tapping into the building's
power supply and sending

the right level of fluctuation to the
doors, the computer chips will reset.

Damn. What did I do wrong?

Try increasing the power flow
incrementally. Too much surge

will automatically trigger
the alarms.

(Dev laughs) Nice work, lady.

But one shot,
so keep practicing.

So, Whelan just sent word to Manny.
He wants to pick you guys up

at the same location
in about half an hour.

OK. I'll go get Manny out of holding
and get him all geeded him.

- OK.
- Hey. So I imagine this would be a lot easier

if Dev was there with you.

Yeah, but if I'm being watched
and they see a cop at my place--

- Oh, your cover's blown.
Got it.

So, uh, how do you feel
about this?

There's just one
last precaution, OK?

I can't wear a wire,
and a phone is too risky,

so if I need
to send you guys a message--

- You want me to read you.
- Just this one time.

Everything is set. Do I need
to remind you to be careful? - No, but.

I'm guessing you will anyway. Best
case scenario, we run the job,

Whelan leads us to Carnicero,
and we take them both down.

But if anything goes wrong,

we cut our losses and
take down Whelan. Got it.

- You want Dev and I to keep an eye on her?
- I've got Metro for that.

I need you guys working the Carnicero angle.
We need to put a face to that name.



Say hello to Happy.

Hey. I've heard
good things.

- Cell phones out.
- This has my cracking software.

I can't work without it. - You'll get it
back once I disable the transmitter.

I'm also synching them
to my phone.

So any call you make, any text,
I'll know about it.

Arms and legs apart.

You're checking us for wires?

Pays to be cautious.

(Scanner beeping)

Caution's a two-way street.

(Scanner beeping)

- Happy?
- That's my name.

Guy's hiding one of the biggest
stolen collections in the city.

Yeah, well, that'll have to wait. Any
hits when I mentioned Carnicero?

The same as everyone else. He's
heard of him, but that's it.

Eleven down, 14 to go.

We've been at this
for a couple hours.

Is there an easier way
to get this information?

Welcome to the glamorous world of
police investigation, my friend.

What's the hold up?

Grumpy likes
to gather the troops early,

keep tabs on us.

- Can I help you?
-- Yeah.

For starters, you could tell me
what gallery we're hitting.

You familiar
with the Simons Gallery?

- Yeah, there are some high-end pieces there.
- Not for long.

They also have newer security applications.
I should update my cracking software.

Whoa. You're not going

What do you think you're doing?

Like I said before, no one's going
anywhere until the job's over.

This how you foster
a healthy team environment?

Have a seat. Relax.

You're the boss.

It's an early Fortin.

Her first foray
into the surreal.

Very popular.
And extremely fake.

- Paint's practically still wet.
- Valla Florian?

Yes, that's me.

- IIB.
- What is this about?

We understand you did some
travelling last summer in Europe.

- What of it?
- You ever hear the name Carnicero?

It's not familiar.
Don't panic. They can't know.

You see, we think
you do know him.

Devon, I have a question.
Is it illegal to sell fake art?

- I think so, yeah.
- Sweetie,

excuse me. Let me
assist these gentlemen.

Everything here is radiocarbon
dated to prove authenticity.

So this is an original?

Hmm. Why is it that I can
still smell the paint?

(He sniffs)

Look, you asked me
about Carnicero.

I just remembered,
I have heard the name.

- Go on.
- He contacted me out of the blue,

asked me to meet him in Nice.
Said he needed a local dealer

he could trust to store
some of his sale pieces.

- So you've seen him in person?
- No. That's not how he does business.

These pieces of his,
did you receive them?

He was supposed
to contact me a few days ago.

I never heard from him.

OK, well, if that changes,
call me immediately.

- Fine.
- Oh, and you might want to double-check the authenticity

of your works for the next
time we visit. Got it?

I saw Carnicero's car in Nice.

It has a vanity plate
that says "Mariposa".

I'll have Interpol run it
and see who it's registered to.

(Dialling on phone)

(Phone ringing)

- Klein.
- Hey. Do you know the name

- Valla Florian?
- Uh, yeah. Um...

- [Man]: Here you go.
- Insurance fraud, right?

Related to, um...
an art theft last year.

It turns out that Carnicero recruited
her a couple months back in France.

She's waiting on further contact.
Do you think we can get a wiretap?

Yeah, I'll run it by the Crown
Attorney's office.

In the meantime, I need you guys to get down to
Whelan's safe-house and check on McCluskey.

- I thought Metro was handing that.
- They are, but she missed

her check-in. There's been
no in and out for hours.

Try to get Logan in
close enough. She may be trying

- to send a message.
- OK, we're on it.

Well, thanks a lot, guys. I
appreciate you checking, all right?

Hey, Oz.
How goes the investigation?

I just talked to the team
that brought Mrs. Slatterly in,

and they're certain that they
put the bracelet in the bag.

I even had them double-check the truck,
make sure it didn't fall out in transit.

Oh. Well, thanks anyway.

I mean, maybe it wasn't EMS. It could
have been taken after the fact.

I guess that's possible.

What about someone like
that guy? They've got access

- to all the patients' rooms.
- Carl?

I guess he's an orderly.
It's part of his job.

I don't know. There's something
about Carl I don't trust.

- He's got really shifty eyes.
- They're not shifty;

he suffers from mild
sensory exotropia.

Well, that would make what I just said
incredibly insensitive, then, wouldn't it?

- Yes, it would.
- Tessa, sweetheart.

- Are you ready for your surprise?
- Maybe later, Mr. Hibbard.

- See you.
- It's her birthday, you know.

Yeah, I'll make sure to get
her a card from the gift shop.

And Carl the orderly,
you just made my list.

(Tapping on the hood)

You OK? You seem
a bit jittery.

Ah, it's the adrenaline. I always
get jazzed up before a job.

That's why we do this, you know.
It's for the rush.

Always on the run,
constant threat of arrest--

what a rush.
- You and I aren't so different.

You say I'm on the run. Who do
you think I'm running from?

I'd rather be the hunter
than the prey.

Ah, yeah. My little sister was
just like you.

She worked eight years
for an insurance company,

saving every penny to take
a trip to the Mediterranean.

That was her dream.

Then one day, boom,
she drops dead.

Brain aneurysm.
Twenty-eight years old.

You know about that, huh?

I spent a lot of nights
going over your fil..

Probably know more about your
family history than I do my own.

My sister was always a small
girl, you know, a slight build.

She was delicate.

Fragile like a butterfly.

- Bet that wasn't in your files.
- Look, I'm sorry for your loss,

but that doesn't excuse
your choices.

These guys you're working with--
Whelan, Carnicero--

- Wait, what? Carnicero?
- Yeah, you know him?

(He sighs) (Door opening)
He's got a nasty reputation.

One mistake on his jobs,
your whole crew disappears.

- That's it. Ready to roll.
- [Whelan]: OK, we leave in 30 minutes.

Thirty minutes.

What if you got in closer?

Brick walls.
No windows.

I might be able to read her, but she's
not gonna know to send anything.

(Phone ringing)

(Toby sighs)


- Hey. It's me.
- I'm in the middle of something.

I got a question for your police friends.
What constitutes probable cause for a search?

It's very easy. If you're
in doubt, just don't do it.

OK, cool.
I'm going in.

Oz, hey--

- Hey, what's going on?

- Ah! Carl!
- What the hell are you doing?

I was just checking your lo--

I'm in the middle of this
investigation for stolen--

- I'm reporting this.
- That's not necessary. I was--

You're totally, clearly not involved.
- I'm reporting this.

You'd report to me in the
first place, and I'm clearly--

- I'm reporting this.

- There's gotta be a way.
- I'm open to suggestions.

I've got an idea.

You smell smoke?

Everybody stay put.

Excuse me. I got this.
I got this. I got this.

Simons Gallery. Four of us leaving shortly.
Industrial cleaning van.

- Hey, I said wait inside.
- Where there's fire, there's alarms. I'm not sticking around

- for the cops.
- We're fine. We've got a job to do.

- Target vehicle approaching.
- Stand by.

I don't see Michelle.
Something's not right.

If Whelan's made her,
he won't hesitate to kill her.

We go in now,
we lose our shot at Carnicero.

Klein said anything goes wrong, we
cut our losses, we take Whelan down.

All units move in now!


Go! Go! Police!

Get down on your knees!
Hands above your head!

Do it! Hey!

- What are you doing here?
- We got called

to do a job at this address.
Work order is in my pocket.

He's telling the truth.
He's just a cleaner.

We lost Michelle.

Hey, this isn't
the Simons Gallery.

- Problem?
- No. I'm impressed.

Keep the crew guessing,
they stay sharp and focused.

Uh-oh. You got me
all figured out.

Now, listen up.

Bartholdi Auction House.
The security system's

virtually identical
to the Simons Gallery.

How many guards on duty?

None. Only thing a guard can
do that this system can't is

get himself killed. Doc stays
with the van. Let's go.

I'll keep it warm for you.

- Thanks. How did you know?
- Just caught a glimpse of it.

(Phone ringing)


Hey, I was asked to call this
number if the cops showed up

- at the gallery.
- You're saying they did?

Hell yeah. Yeah, they were waiting for us.
It was an ambush.

The money will be
in your account.

OK, I'm plugged into VDB's
main security system.

It'll just take a minute
to loop in the signal.

Next up, smart doors.

I did a scout earlier. There's three
doors between here and the showroom.

- OK, well,
we have two options:

one, we disengage each door
separately, which is

the safer play
but more time consuming;

two, we hack into the main power line,
blow all the electronics at once--

fast and dirty,
but more room for error.

Option two.
I have faith in you.

Metro lost them.
Eight other galleries

in the city use the Vance-Nord
system. I say we hit

the closest ones first and work outwards
from there. - There might be an easier way

to do this. Manny said that Whelan
had a thing for post-impressionism.

Most high-end galleries are gonna
have something from that period.

But will every gallery have a
masterpiece worthy of Carnicero?


OK, we have a Cezanne
at the gallery on Woodbine,

I have a Munch at the AGO--
that's 10 minutes out.

Hey, right here. This.

I saw this when I read Whelan.

It's a Gaugin.
It's worth close to 40 million.

- That's at Bartholdi's Auction House
in Yorkville. Let's go. - Wait, a minute, no.

- I also saw it when I read Manny.
- When was that?

When we first brought him in. I didn't
think anything of it. It was so quick.

So Manny knew they were gonna
hit this place the whole time?

I can't say that for sure, but if he lied
about this, what else did he lie about?

Michelle could be in a lot
more danger than we thought.

I'm calling Klein.

- [Whelan]: Six minutes.
- Too much power too fast,

this place gets louder
than a Metallica concert.

Give her time. She has as much
to lose as we do.

After you.

Your instincts are right.
This guy's making moves

we couldn't have possibly have predicted.
Get in there and take down Whelan.

- I could use some backup.
- I'll take care of it.

- Whoa. What do you think you're doing?
- Years of driving an ambulance.


Don't take another step.

Nice catch.

Can you shut it down?

Guess that's a yes.

Ain't she a beauty?

Looks like it's your time
to shine, Bashful.

[Michelle]: Wait.

There's no plates
on the frame. Just the glass.

Each piece is
individually armed.

You losing your touch, Manny?

[Whelan]: All right, we take
the Gaugin, we leave the rest.

I'm gonna head to the office,
loop the security cam footage,

make it look like we were never here.
Be done by the time I get back.

Both hands on the wheel now!

Yeah. Whoa.
Whoa. Hey.

He's got a nasty crack
on the head.

His pulse is strong. He's gonna live,
but he's gonna have a nasty headache.

IIB. You two are with us.

There's more units on the way,
ETA 10 minutes.

Well, we're going in now. You two stay with me.
I'll explain as we go.

You missed your calling.

- You ever want a career change...
- Done.

I wasn't sure you were gonna
be able to pull that one off.

What, are you questioning
my abilities now?

I've been questioning
a lot of things.

For example, how I ended up
with a cop on my crew.

Take that painting out
and get it prepped for travel.


I don't know what you think

- you know here, but--
- Allow me to fill you in.

New crew member comes in,

perfect résumé--tends
to get me a little nervous.

So I sent a decoy van around to
Simons Gallery, and guess what?

- The cops were all over it.
- And what does that prove exactly?

Somebody on this crew tipped
them off.

It doesn't take a genius
to narrow it down from there.

- We're done.
- I'll deal with you later.

As for you, Happy,
you've outlived your usefulness.

- Drop your weapon now!
- Ugh!

- You OK?
- Yeah. I'm good. What took you guys?

We were enjoying the show.

If you'd all be so kind
as to lower your weapons.

- Where'd you get the piece from?
- I'm a resourceful guy.

- Come on, Manny, don't blow it.
- I was serious before.

If you ever get tired of being a
chronic do-gooder, you look me up, OK?

Toward the door.


There's nowhere to run.
The cops are swarming outside.

You're a terrible liar.

You have a guy waiting
on the outside.

But how did you know what gallery we were hitting?
Unless you knew the whole time.

No, I never told him.

You're Carnicero.

This was interesting, Michelle.

Let's do it again.


Get down!

(Alarms going off)

Oz? I just talked to Carl.
What were you thinking?

I don't know.
I got so drunk with power,

I mean... That's it!

As soon as Ryder hears about
this, that's it for me ever

- being a supervisor.
- It's taken care of. - What do you mean?

I told him I'd have coffee with him
if he promised not to report you.

Oh! Thank you!
Oh, my God.

But there is a condition.

Close the investigation. One creepy coffee
date is enough, thank you very much.

Consider it closed. You do admit
that he was creepy, though?

- Happy birthday, Tessa.
- Mr. Hibbard.

Do you know what time it is?
It is very late.

- You should be in bed.
- But I have a surprise for you.

Something very special
that I found just for you.

Uh, Liv.

I think I know
where the bracelet went.

Wow. That is some serious bling.
He's a keeper.

Do you like it, Tessa?

It's beautiful, Kevin.

Thank you.

I am going to bring this back
to Mrs. Slatterly.

Thanks, Oz. Nice job.

You have a good night.

- OK, where are we at?
- Manny's picture's in the hands

of every department and agency--
local and international.

We've also put surveillance
on Valla Florian.

He won't go back to his old
plan. He's too smart for that.

- What about this car of his?
- We're working with Interpol to try to track it down,

but the plates were registered
to a fake name. - "Mariposa."

- That's Spanish.
- "Butterfly."


That's his sister's nickname.
The son of a bitch was

practically flaunting it
in my face.

Hey, you should all be proud
of yourselves.

Whelan isn't exactly small potatoes.
He's offering to hand us

a warehouse full of stolen art
in exchange for leniency.

I had him. I had Carnicero
and I just let him go.

It's not your fault. I read the
guy, and I couldn't even tell.

We'll get him.

Knowing his identity is
half the battle.

♪ My breath is moving
like the sand on your shore ♪

♪ The sound the smell are
moving in today ♪

♪ Our voices echo
into valleys too fair ♪

♪ It's all right,
it's all right, it's OK ♪

♪ I need to find my mind ♪

♪ Need to find my way ♪

♪ Need to find my way ♪

♪ I need to find my mind ♪

♪ Need to find my way ♪

♪ Need to find my way ♪