The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 12 - The Bro Code - full transcript

Oz's (Ennis Esmer) celebratory mood after completing his supervisor training program proves short lived when he's visited by a troubled childhood friend with a serious problem. Tommy Nordett (Jonny Harris) witnessed a murder and now fears the killer is after him too. Oz agrees to help him if he talks to Toby (Craig Olejnik), who confirms his story is true. With Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and Dev's (Rainbow Sun Francks) assistance, Toby investigates the unreported crime, which leads them to Xavier Barkin (Fulvio Cecere), a well-known bookie with a penchant for evading conviction. While Klein is angered that IIB resources were enlisted to help Oz's sketchy buddy, he's interested in the Barkin connection, which soon spins out into another betting ring run by rogue associates with itchy trigger fingers. And it quickly becomes apparent to Toby that by helping Tommy, his incredibly loyal best friend Oz has put his own life in danger.

Could you read that again,
please, one more time?

- Really put some oomph into it.
- This is the last time.

All right,
make sure you enunciate.

- All right. "Mr. Osman Bey--"
- Go on.

"On behalf of the Emergency
Medical Services

"Certification Board,
it's our privilege to inform you

"that you have completed
the 24-week training program

and now are certified for the
position of station supervisor."

- Mm!
- "We wish you--" Ah, come on.

That is music to my ears.
And could you pass me

- one more slice of pizza, please, my good buddy?
- Oh, why, yes.

It is my, my pleasure,
Mr. Supervisor.

Ooh, I like that.

"Mr. Supervisor."
I should change my name.

"Oh, lovely weather
we're having, Mr. Supervisor."

And then I would
walk in the door.

There would be trumpets--
the whole thing.

You know what? I gotta-- I'm gonna
be very honest with you here, man.

What I love about this letter
and this certificate--

I almost don't recognize you
because you've just become

- so humble.
- OK, can you just let me have

a little moment with this, OK, before the
illusion of power is shattered? I mean,

sure, it's a beautifully printed
piece of paper

in a very expensive frame,
but that's it.

It just says I can do the job;
it doesn't say I have the job.

Why didn't you say that
before? Like, I got all this

- 'cause I thought this was a bit of a celebration here.
- What do you want me to do?

Ryder's not gonna leave the job
any time soon.

He'll be doing that job
when he's dead.

I don't know. He's got grey hair.
He's a stress ball.

You're early.




Mr. Bey. I understand
congratulations are in order.

- Thank you, sir.
- I guess I'd better be

watching my back, huh? Got some
new blood waiting in the wings.

Oh, don't worry, sir. Your old
blood is perfectly safe.

- What was that?
- Not OLD blood;

just, mine is newer. That's
all I'm saying. It's like wine.

Ah. OK, listen. Don't worry
about it. Listen, uh,

there's someone here to see you.
Says he's an old friend.

- OK. Thank you.
- Old blood...


Look at this! Look at you, man!
It's good to you see ya.

Tommy, what the hell are
you doing here?

What, I can't drop in
on an old friend?

How did you even find me?
I haven't seen you in,

what, like three years?

- What, do you need money again?
- What? No. Come on, man.

Look, I know I've hit you up
in the past, OK,

but this is different.
I'm clean now.

- Oh, yeah?
- I'm six months clean!

- Wow! I don't believe you.
- It's true! I swear.

Look, Oz...

You're my oldest friend, and...

I don't have anywhere else
I can go right now.

Yeah, you don't get to play
that card anymore. Really good

to see you, though. Love the
chain. Really working for you.

I saw a guy get shot
last night.


It happened right in front of
me. Corner of Pearl and Duncan.

You were involved
in a shooting?

No, I was on my way home.
I was minding my own business.

- So you didn't know the victim?
- No. I don't think so.

I didn't get
a good look at him, but...

the shooter is
a different story.

I'm sorry,
you knew the shooter?

Yeah, well, not by name,
but I've seen him around the bar

a few times.
The thing is, Oz, he saw me.

He even took a few shots at me.

- I got shot at last night!
- OK, calm down, all right?

That doesn't mean
he recognized you.

That's what I was thinking.
Except for I go out for a coffee

this morning. When I get back,
my apartment had been

broken into. Now,
that's gotta be him, right?

I mean, what if--what if I was
home? What if I'd been there?

OK, just-- Wait a sec,
how did he find you so fast?

I don't know. Everybody at the bar knows me.
He could have asked around.

Right. What did the cops say when
you reported this?

You didn't report it to the cops.
Why am I not surprised?

I know how they're gonna treat
a guy with a track record, OK?

Look, I just... I just need a place to
crash for a couple of days, all right?

When this thing cools down, I'll
be out of your hair, I promise.

You know what? We're going to
meet my friend Toby first. Yeah.

- He is a lot more adept at handling this type of situation.
- Ozzy, come on, man--

First of all,
don't call me that.

If you want my help,
we go do this thing first.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's going on, man?
How are ya?

- Hey.
- Come on in. Who's this?

- Toby, this is Tommy.
Hey. - Tommy.

Can I talk to yo
in the kitchen for a sec?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Stay here.

OK, so this is Tommy. Comes around
whenever he needs your help,

splits, and you're left
cleaning up the mess Tommy.

That's... actually a very
accurate description, yeah.

- All right, so you're getting involved again.
- It's a pain in the ass, OK?

- But he says he's clean.
- And you believe him? - I don't know.

- That's why I'm here.
- You need me to read him.

If he's telling the truth, he's in more
trouble than he's ever been in his life.

All right, what happened?

Hey, what's Tommy doing?

Hey, Tommy! What's the deal,
where are you going, man?

You failed to mention
that your buddy here is a cop.

I'm not a cop,
I'm just a consultant.

- Yeah, for the cops.
- Tommy,

you came to me asking for help.
If I say Toby's OK,

he's OK.

All right.
I'm sorry, buddy. I, uh...

I'm a bit twisted up here.
I haven't slept, you know?

No, it's all right, man. I get
it. If I'm gonna help you out,

I just want to know
if you're using or not.


No, I've been clean
for six months.

Getting off the needle is
the smartest thing I ever did.


All right, look, uh,
Oz gave me the rundown.

He said you saw
a guy get killed last night?

Yeah, I was
in spitting distance.

All right, we'll bring you in,
you can give a statement.

No. Last time I dealt
with cops, I cooperated myself

into three broken ribs
and some jail time,

- OK? I'm not dealing with cops.
- All right, look, Oz,

if he's not going to cooperate,
the only thing I can do is

go to Metro and see
if they've got any leads.

Well, he's not safe in his house.
It got broken into this morning.

- Really?
- Yeah.

All right, well, if they're going after him,
they're going to start with his friends.

You get that?

- I never thought of that.
- All right, I'll go see

if I can find out anything
about the shooting.

In the meantime,

you guys stay here, all right?
You need to lay low.

- I can't ask you to do that.
- Look, you're not asking, OK? I'm insisting.

I'm going to go check out where he saw the
shooting, see if I can find any evidence.

I'm going with you.

I'm getting you involved
in this, I gotta go too.

All right.
Look, make yourself at home.

All right,

- don't touch anything.
- Yeah.

So, what is it
with you and Tommy, anyway?

I don't know, man.
We used to be inseparable,

from two to, like, 12.

Just a couple of snot-nosed kids getting
in every kind of trouble you can think of.

Then my parents lowered
the boom. The way they saw it,

they didn't immigrate from Turkey for me
to waste my days as a shiftless layabout.

- Layabout.
- Yeah, that's my mother's second-favourite word.

After "cataclysm", which she threatened to
unleash upon me if I didn't do what she said.

So I had to stop hanging out
with Tommy.

He kept getting into trouble-- dropped out
of high school, drugs, the whole thing.

So why does Tommy keep coming
back to you?

I don't know. I guess
I got a soft spot for the kid.

I figure under that mountain
of bad behaviour

and terrible decisions
he's got a good heart.

You know, you don't have
to be involved in this; I do.

So I really appreciate you,
uh... helping me out.

Don't thank me yet.
I can't guarantee any results.

You do understand the concept
of a day off, right? It means

you don't actually have
to come in to work.

Yeah, I do. Uh, but I've got
a big favour to ask you guys.

What, and take us away from
hours of super-fun paperwork?

- What's going on?
- Oz's friend, Tommy,

he saw, uh,
a murder last night.

Recognized the shooter
from a bar.

- And this Tommy is reliable?
- Not really.

OK, well,
has Metro been informed?

No. I don't think so.
Oz and I, we went by the scene--

no body, victim's car was gone.
See, here's the thing:

I got a read of Tommy, and I saw the shooter.
He took a few shots at him.

OK, so have Tommy come down
and file a report.

That's the other thing:
he doesn't really want to talk

- to the cops.
- Right, so we have

no body, no evidence,
and an unreliable witness

who doesn't really want
to talk to the cops.

- Big favour.
- Yeah.

Well, Klein's out of the office. I mean, I
guess we could work on this for a few hours,

but we can't file
an official report.

All right, let's hear
what Metro's got.

- Uh, where did it go down?
- Pearl and Duncan, around 1am.

Pearl and Duncan.

No. No gunshot victims admitted
to any hospitals.

It must not have been reported.

Well, look, I got a good look
at the shooter in my read.

Maybe we can do a composition?

OK, you boys knock
yourselves out. I got paperwork.

- We will.
- I'm gonna take my jacket off.

- Hey, Oz, you want a sandwich?
- You sure made yourself at home fast.

What can I say?
Fear makes me hungry.

Well, Toby and I went down to the crime scene.
We didn't find anything.

All I can tell you is
they were there last night.

- Fridge.
- Oh, sorry, Mom.

What is this?

I like my cheese slices
orange and individually wrapped.

What am I, Rachael Ray? This isn't
even my house, for crying out loud.

You know, Oz, this is gonna be fine. I've
been in tougher situations than this.

Yeah, well, that's your world,
not mine. I prefer to patch up

people who get shot
than to get shot.

Did you ever think
we'd end up so different?

It's all choices, Tommy.
You had the same breaks I did.

I don't know.
I never had your folks.

Your folks cared for you, man.
They cared for you so much,

you weren't allowed
to hang out with me.

I never felt
like anybody cared.

Doesn't mean you had
to throw it all away. I mean,

- don't you get tired of calling me, asking for help?
- Yeah, I'm not proud of it, but

I'm telling you,
that's behind me now, bro.

Yeah well, I'd love
to be able to believe you.

And I don't blame you
if you don't.

I know I've screwed you over...
so many times.

I know I can't ever make that right, but
it doesn't mean I'm not going to try.

Hang on.

Hey, buddy. Any luck?

What's the name of the bar
that Tommy saw the shooter in?

Hey, what's the name of the place
where you saw the guy with the thing?

- The Horseshoe. Queen West.
- Did you get that?

Yeah, I got it.
Hang tight, man.

- OK.
- What's his internet password?

Yeah, we are. Bye.

You going to cut me
half of that, or what?

Hey, uh, we got a composite
of the shooter from my read.

Tommy saw the guy at the Horseshoe. I'm gonna
go by and check it out. Want to join me?

Yeah. You put word out on the
car Toby saw in his read?

Yeah, but without even a partial plate,
it's not really going to help us.

I mean, there's hundreds of vehicles that
match that description in the GTA alone.

OK, well, if there's
any missing persons reported,

match the names
against the vehicle types.

- Yeah. You got it.
- Thank you.

♪ Keepin' the beat
if you lose your bet ♪

♪ Fryin' bacon in my-- ♪

- No. I don't know.
- OK. Thank you.

So, how's it going?
You get anything?

- No, nothing.
- Let's try this guy over here.

How you doing?
You recognize this guy?

- We think he might be a regular.
- What do they want with Dom? Guy's a psycho.

Sorry. Don't know him.

OK, well, if you lied to us, we could
make your life very difficult.

Ratting out Barkin's crew is
a good way to get dead.

Like I said, never seen him.

- Huh?
- Guy's name is Dom.

Think he works
for a guy named Barkin.

Could be Xander Barkin.
He runs the largest bookie

operation in the city. We've
been after him for a while now.

- Really?
- Yeah?

Hey. We got a hit on the car.
The same make, model, and colour

was found dumped out on the spit
at the waterfront.

- Who's it registered to?
- Jake Salisbury.

I'm trying to get a hold of him, but there's
no answer on any of his contact numbers.

- OK, where is it now?
- It's at impound. Metro already knows you're coming.

We have a guy
who witnessed a murder,

and rather than
report it to Metro

you hijack this team, you did
some digging around on your own.

Am I understanding this

He's a childhood friend
of my good buddy, Oz.

He's had some trouble
with drugs in the past.

He's a little paranoid
about the cops.

So now we're going on the word of a junkie.
This just keeps getting better.

- Well, he's clean now.
- OK, you said you have the shooter's name?

- Yeah, his first name is Dom.
- That's not a lot to go on,

but I can check for a connection
between that name and the victim.

No. We hand the case over to Metro.
They can handle it from here.

- OK, what are we going to do?
- We have more pressing cases.

A guy is murdered, the killer's on the loose.
Is that not pressing enough?

This isn't about a case for you;
this is about a friend of yours.

Well, that doesn't make it
any less urgent.

What do we know
about the dead guy?

His name was Jake Salisbury.
He was 28.

The coroner just confirmed
the cause of death was

- two 9-mil slugs to the chest.
- Which matches what our witness saw.

He kept out of trouble for the most part.
He was single, no kids. And up until

- six months ago, he worked construction full time.
- He was let go?

Well, according to his crew
foreman, he just came in one day

and gave notice,
never gave a reason why.

- We don't know where he went?
- I looked into his bank accounts, and it seems

that unemployment pays
better than a day job.

So he's working
under the table.

All of his recent deposits were cash,
so I looked at his phone records,

and he has ties to--get this--
the Black Bull Pub.

Which is a front for Xander Barkin's
illegal sports betting operation.

Well, why didn't you open with this
piece of information to begin with?

Now we have ourselves a case.

- Hey.
- Thanks.

There you go.

Is that like Turkish coffee
or something?

Well, it's coffee,
and I am Turkish.

What? - I'm just thinking
about that guy that got popped

last night, man. That so easily
could have been me.

I mean, that's where
my whole life has been headed.

Yeah, I know,
you kind of had it rough.

I shouldn't have been
so hard on you earlier.

Well, I bring it on myself.

But I'm telling you,
seeing that last night,

that's a wakeup call.
That's not going to be me.

- Well, that's up to you.
- But I'm telling you...

this coffee is crap.

- Yeah, it's really bad. I mean, I'm drinking it, but it's awful.
- Did you use coffee and water?

Hey, what's up?

Hey, Oz. Can you ask Tommy if he
knows a guy named Jake Salisbury?

The name Jake Salisbury mean
anything to you?

No. Why, should it?
What's going on?

Don't worry about it, man. Hang in there.
He doesn't know the guy.

...all he wants
is a big right to the jab.

Once he comes in--look at that.
Great movement, but he's got...

Xander Barkin.

- Long time, no see.
- It's OK, Grant.

She's an old friend.

- Isn't that right, Sergeant McCluskey?
- I see you've been upgrading.

It's been a good couple years.

How's Mr. Klein? Please tell me
he's making another run at me,

'cause my lawyers haven't had
anybody to chew up for a while.

- Look, we've got a few questions to ask you.
- Look, it talks!

- Heh-heh.
- Do you have a bookie on your crew named Jake Salisbury?

I may have an employee
by that name.

I don't know. I'd have to check.
Why? What's he done?

He was killed last night.
You know anything about that?

It's got nothing to do with me.

What the hell is this?
Some kind of setup?

Do you have a guy named Dom
on your payroll?

If you mean Dom Westing, your information
is a couple years old. I haven't seen him

in ages.
Not since I paid him

to get the hell out of town.
Testimony would have sunk me.

Thank you for your time.

Wait, that's it?

Always a pleasure, Sergeant.

He was surprised
about Jake's murder.

He paid Westing
to get out of town

to keep him off the stand.

- Hey. How'd it go with Barkin?
- I need you to find me

a current address for
Dom Westing. He may recently be

back in town, so check hotels
or rooms by the month.

Will do. In the meantime,
I tracked down someone

you'll want to talk to.
A rounder who knows Jake.

- One of Barkin's guys?
- No, a rival under-bookie.

He probably just smells the opportunity
to take down the head of the competition.

- Is he in interrogation?
- No. He'll only talk to you on his turf.

- Reggie Danks?
- Damn. You're a cop?

Sergeant McCluskey.
I appreciate your cooperation.

Yeah. Well,
I was promised immunity.

- We'll honour those terms.
- All right. I'm thinking I can

get some previous charges dropped too.
You know, as a show of good faith?

Aha! Look, don't push
your luck here.

What can you tell me
about Jake Salisbury?

I know he was a young

A real Turk.
Guy came out of nowhere.

I made a play for him, but
Barkin has the deeper pockets.

- He's that good?
- For a time.

What happened?

Way I hear it, Boy Wonder started
having a string of bad nights recently.

- How bad?
- Well, three or four big payouts over the course

of a few weeks.
You hear the numbers involved,

and suddenly it's not surprising
he turns up dead.

- So maybe his luck ran out.
- Ah, that's one possibility.

You have another?

My theory,
he was running a grift--

he had a partner on the outside
who would place bets with him,

then Jake would fix the book
once the scores came in,

make sure his boy won.
Then they'd split the profits.

Is this a common practice
among bookies?

Not the ones who want to live
long, healthy lives.

- Hey, there.
- Hey.

So, he's telling the truth.
That means Jake has a partner.

- Anything else?
- Well, yeah. He thinks you're really, very, super-smoking hot

for a cop, and he would love
to take you for a ride. - OK, no, no, no.

You don't want
to hear the rest of this?

- No, thank you. Really.
- I saw it. It was quite vivid, actually.

Dev, did you find
an address for Westing?

I did. It's a short-term
apartment rental on Adelaide.

The owner said he paid up for a month,
but it's up at the end of the week.

- Well, he's planning on leaving town again.
- Why would he come back at all?

Well, Reggie said Jake had
a silent partner.

Maybe Dom Westing came into town long
enough to run a grift with Jake,

- then he splits with the profits.
- Yeah, the timeline matches.

- Yeah.
- So, the murder wasn't a hit

put out by Barkin, but instead, what,
a disagreement between partners?

Or it could have been
a premeditated double-cross.

- That's a credible theory.
- Agreed. Let me see if there's a connection

- between Jake and Dom.
- Well, in the meantime, let's bring him in for questioning.

Can't hide from me,
you little prick.


I thought we weren't meeting
till later.

Got tired
of sitting around waiting.

Oh, come on, Rand. What is this?
I told you I'd take care of it.

Heh! Heh! Heh! You've really
done a bang-up job so far.

You got the cash,
or did you screw that up too?

I got what he had.

- What does that mean?
- He tried to undercut us.

Only came up with half the cash.
Deserved what he got.

Letting that kid
get away was sloppy.

I'll take care of him!
I got an idea who he's with.

Some paramedic.

You made a mess here, Dom.
Now I gotta clean it up.

Why don't the bad guys
ever live on the ground floor?

Call it in.

Stop! Police!

So, the shooter man gets shot.

Some kind of vicious
criminal cycle.

The killer left cash and ID,

but nothing else
to tell us what he was into.

Well, maybe we'll get
something with fingerprints.

I doubt it. Looks like
the killer was a pro.

Yeah, I don't think
it was Barkin.

- As far as he's concerned, Westing is out of town.
- So maybe we tipped him off.

Now we just need to prove how
Jake and Westing were connected.

And then we need to figure out
why they both had to die.

You think whoever shot Westing
knows about Tommy?

We should call Oz.


Here we go.
Some real coffee.

Should be infinitely
more potable for you, sir.

- Oh, why, thank you, James.
- James? What is that from?

Yeah, remember you used
to double me on that old BMX?

I used to say, "Oh,
to the bus station, James".

- Yeah, how could I forget?
- We used to spend days down at that place, man,

playing the videogames,
stealing wine gums.

Do you remember,
we used to look up,

we used to look up
at the destination board

and just dream that if we could
only get on one of these buses

we'd find some
amazing adventure.

I don't think I want the kind
of adventure you find on a bus.

Sometimes I think I should
have got on one of those buses.

All I ever found was grief for everybody
around me-- for my family, for you.

You know, I always appreciated that even
after we weren't allowed to hang out,

- you still kept in touch.
- Yeah, well, poor judgement was

- always one of my strong suits.
- No, that was decent of you.

You're a decent guy.
I'm glad that you--you know,

you finished school,
you got a good job,

a girlfriend, some money,
you're out there saving lives.

You did good, man.
I'm proud of you.

Hey, you think they still got
that Alien Nightmare game down there?

Man, the quarters we wasted

on that thing, we could have
all gone to dental school.

No, I was down there
a couple of days ago.

All the games are cleared out. It's all fixed up.
There's a little café in there now.

- Ehh.
- Still the buses, though.

- Hey, Toby. Talk to me.
- Hey, Oz. We found the shooter.

You found him?
So it's over?

Maybe not.
Uh, he was dead.

But that's... enough to get
Tommy off the hook, isn't it?

The shooter was the only one
that Tommy saw.

All right, look, we don't know
who else he told about Tommy.

You gotta keep him under wraps until
we've figured out who ordered this hit.

OK. Will do.

- What, they got him?
- Somebody did. He's dead.

You gotta stick around here
a little while longer.

Well, there's worse places
to stick around.

Tommy, the night of the shooting, are
you sure there's nothing else you saw?

Oz, how many times
do I gotta tell you?

I saw one dude shoot
another dude,

and this dude ran as fast
as my legs could carry me.

Is there something
you're not believing here?

I didn't say that. This is
just moving outside of my area

of expertise. I'm thinking maybe
there's something we missed.

You know what? I'm starving. How
about we get some Chinese food?

How about there are dangerous men
out there trying to kill you?

Yeah, you don't need
to remind me.

- Can I help you?
- I sure hope you can.

My brother was taken in for
a heart attack the other day.

- I'm sorry.
- And he said that the medic who took him saved his life.

He's, uh, medium-tall,
dark hair.

- Oh, Osman Bey, yeah.
- Well, my brother wanted me to give him this as a thank you.

Sorry, we can't accept gifts,
and Oz is off today, so, uh...

I'm sorry, what was
your brother's name again?

Oh, yeah.
It's, uh, Tony. Uh...

I really wanted to say
thank you personally myself

as well, so... maybe I'll just come
back another time, OK? Thank you.


OK, so, I've been looking
deeper into the connection

between Jake and Dom Westing.

And everything just keeps coming
right back to Xander Barkin.

Yeah, but Barkin thought
that he had paid Westing

to get out of town.
Those two weren't tight.

Well, maybe Westing found out what Jake was
doing and tried to get back into Barkin's camp.

But if Westing had just done
a favour for Barkin,

why would he kill him?
That makes no sense.

I don't know how to put this politely, but
you know what doesn't make sense? We're

investigating a double murder
where our only lead is a witness

- that doesn't want to talk to us.
- We bring him in, we're going

to lose him. He's not going
to make an official statement.

Well, the guy's got a history
as a drug addict.

- I'm not sure how much his testimony's even worth.
- I read him. He's clean now.

He saw the murder.
He's a witness.

Maybe there's something
he's not telling us.

Look, Barking didn't know anything about
Jake's murder, but he did know about Westing.

Maybe we can get him on Westing's murder.
If we get nothing,

I'll do my best
to bring Tommy in.

OK. Got a deal.

You people keep coming
back here, you're going to have

to decide whether to order
cocktails or deliver warrants.

I thought you might like to know Don
Westing was murdered this afternoon.

Sucks for him.

Oh, Roughriders are killing me!

A Girl Guide can go
through this defensive line.

You really don't care
that he's dead?

Look, I told you
I knew him in passing.

There's a lot of rounders
like him out there,

and a lot of them get
themselves killed.

It's not like I'm going to go
to his funeral or anything.

Who the hell is hooking me up
with this?

And you had nothing
to do with it?

I've been here
minding my business all day.

And if you two didn't keep
coming around here

with status reports, it wouldn't
even be on my radar.

What about your friend Grant?

You were here
all afternoon too?

I had some, uh,
business of my own.

Now, if you're done, I'd appreciate you walking away.
I've got nothing for you,

my people have got nothing for you, and this
football game is turning into my worst nightmare.

Sucks for you.

So, he was surprised
we were coming after him

- for Westing's murder.
- Is he surprised that he was dead?

- Couldn't tell.
- What about his friend Grant?

He was busy--
with a woman.

I want you to find out what this
idiot Jake got himself killed over,

and why they're
coming after me for it.

I'm on it.

Come on, you're an insult
to the game!

Boy, you are terrible
with chopsticks, man.

How did the people
who came up with rice come up

with chopsticks to eat it?
Doesn't make any sense.

What, are you doing a bit?
That's awful.

I'll be here all week.

Here, try a bit of this one.

- Huh? Oh, yeah.
- Huh?

Yeah. OK,
don't eat all of that.

So, when was the last time
you talked to your parents?

They don't want
to hear from me.

Come on, I can't believe parents
don't want to talk to their own son.

I can't believe it either.
What a couple of jerks, right?

That's screwed up.

So, how about you?
Why'd you become a paramedic?

- Honestly?
One word: Humber River.

That's two words.

- Like "dumb ass".
- You know what I mean, right?

- I think I do.
- We were, what, 10?

We were idiots
to go fishing in that river.

I must have swallowed four gallons of
water before you jumped in to save me.

After that,
I knew I wanted to jump in

- and save people too, so...
- Serious?

- Yeah.
- Well, my last good deed.

- Come on.
- Ozzy, man, I wish I could be more like,

you know, your new buddy, Toby, on the
straight and narrow, always on the up-and-up,

but... it's easy
for a guy like that, you know?

He probably had
all the advantages--

- Hey, Toby's had it tougher
than anybody, OK?

In a WEIRD way. He just never let
it decide who he's gonna be.

Osman Bey!
Metro police! Open the door!

Metro police!

It's probably nothing, OK?
Toby probably sent them.

Let me just go talk to 'em.


OK, I'm gonna call Toby.

Come on.

- Here he comes.
- Go, go, go. Get back, get back, get back, go, go, go.


You know, we would be able
to help you a lot more

if you would just come
into our office.

No. No cops.
I told that to Oz.

- It's not part of the deal.
- I don't know or care what it is you've done

or what warrants are open
for you right now, but there's

a killer out there, and we're
just trying to protect you.

You know everything I know.

Me going down to the cop shop
isn't going to change anything.

Dev, what's going on?

The guy said he was a cop.

I thought maybe you forgot
and you sent him to check on us,

but then he pulled out a lock-pick
and the biggest gun I've ever seen.

You get a good look at the guy?

Yeah. He was a big guy--
not like fat, but... port--

like s--like husky.
- What if I just, you know...?

Just think of the guy,
all right?

OK. Just think
about the guy. That's it?

As far as I know, he's not
someone we've dealt with before.

- OK.
- Hey, Tommy.

- Are you sure there was just one shooter?
- Yes.

One shooter. I've said that
a hundred times. And the guy

who showed up here, I've never
even seen that guy before.

Why are they still after me?

You said that the guy I saw is dead, right?
So I can't hurt them anymore.

Well, someone obviously
doesn't think that.

This is unbelievable!
I'm gonna get killed,

- I don't even know why.
- They've made Oz.

The safest thing for you to do
is come down with us to the IIB.

No. No!

Look, I'm no stranger
to this, Toby.

If I end up in that cop station,
I end up wearing this murder.

Tommy, they're just trying
to help you over here.

- Yeah, sure, Oz, like people have been helping me all along.
- Excuse me?

So, we may have got lucky.
Dev turned up a guy

who placed some bets
with Jake at a bar

called the Cha-Cha Lounge a few
hours before he was killed.

There was a bartender
who was working at the time.

He's bringing him in
for questioning.

OK. That's good.
Hey, Tommy.

All right? Just take--

- Hey, uh, do you know
the Cha-Cha Lounge?

Yeah, it's on Parliament,

Jake Salisbury was drinking there
a few hours before he was killed.

Good, maybe you'll find something out.
Maybe I'll get my life back.

All right, they don't know
you're here, OK? Lay low.

You're safe here. Stay.
Give us a few more hours.

We're going to try
to get you out of this, Tommy.

- Anything's possible, right?
- Yeah.

Thanks, Michelle.

Thank you for coming in.

I don't remember
being given a choice.

This isn't like any cop shop
I've been in before.

Well, we're not regular cops.

So, you were working
at the Cha-Cha Lounge yesterday.

- Recognize that guy?
- Yeah.

He's not a regular,
but I remember him.

He was nervous.
Had a few vodkas straight up.

- You talked to him?
- Nah, he was pretty tight with the guy he was hanging out with.

- He met someone?
- He knew him.

They were thick as thieves.

- That him right there?
- That ain't him.

Guy was... skinny,
kind of skeezy.

OK, well, thank you
for your time.

He'll show you out.

- What'd you see?
- Not what I expected.

Hey, Tommy. Take it easy, man, OK?
Toby said he'd be right back.

Oz, I've tried to be
a good friend to you.

I need you to know that.

OK, I know that tone.

Don't answer that.

It's Toby.


Oz, listen to me. Tommy knows Jake.
They were at the bar drinking together.

- What?
- Oz, he's been lying to you,

to me, the whole time.

I don't know. Just...

keep him there
till we get back, OK?

Yeah, sure.

What's going on, Tommy?

All right, let me explain.

Me and Jake, we scammed a little bit of
money, OK, from a guy that Jake worked for.

And we got busted. Jake talked to the guy.
He said if we gave the money back,

everything was going to be fine, all right?
So we set up a little payoff.

I had to go get my half,
so I was late getting there,

and by the time
I got there, Jake...

The whole thing was Jake's idea.
It wasn't my fault.

It wasn't your fault? What,
a bunch of somebody else's money

just ended up in your pocket
by accident?!

Jake said the whole thing was
going to be safe!

Tommy, life is about choices! Why
do you keep making stupid ones?!

- I-I-I gotta go.
- Tommy, wait.

- No, they're going to be coming for me now, Oz. I gotta go.
- Tommy, I can't let you leave!

Oz! I'm sorry,
I gotta go.

One way or the other,
I'm going.

I'm sorry.

I know you don't believe me.
I'm trying to make this right.

You figure
he's going for the money?

He'd better be.

Barkin's starting
to ask questions.

I need this cleaned up tonight.

I'm sorry that I dragged you into this.
I should never have trusted the guy.

Look, I read him. He seemed
to be telling the truth. - Yeah.

Bear with me for a moment, because
I seem to have lost the plot here.

Dom Westing killed Jake.
But why?

Tommy said that they had stolen money
from a guy that Jake was working for.

That would be Xander Barkin.

Yeah, but when Toby re
Barkin, he didn't have a thought

that he'd done anything
to either Jake or Westing.

Well, that was
the last thing he said

before he pulled a knife on me
in Toby's apartment.

I don't even know
the guy anymore, so...

All right, maybe there's
someone else involved in this

- that we haven't spoken to yet.
- Did he say anything that could tell us where he was going?

No, nothing. I mean, I knew
he was keeping his share

of the money. Maybe he went
somewhere to go get it.

Well, where does a guy
like that go to disappear?

Well, wherever he's heading,
he's going to have a bunch

of killers on his tail.
I'm going to put out an alert.

OK. Thank you.
You know, right until he left,

he said he was still trying to do the right thing.
Can you believe that?

Maybe he was. Humans are
complicated. Let's go.

No, humans are idiots when they believe
humans that are lying to them.

Look, you were
a good friend to him.

You did what you had to do.
He betrayed that trust. OK?

- Look, I gotta get back.
- All right. I'll see you later.

- Yeah. It's gonna be OK.
- Yeah.

Hey, it's Toby.
Leave a message for me.

Hey, Toby, it's me. Um...

Michelle was asking if I knew
where Tommy might be going,

and, uh, this could be
a complete long shot,

but we were talking about the bus station
where we used to hang out when we were kids.

I think he might be trying
to get out of town, so...

I'm going down there
to find him.

I'll call you again if I do.

Attention all passengers.
This is a final call

for Toronto to Thunder Bay.

Stopping at Sudbury...

Is this your idea
of doing the right thing, Tommy?

I gotta go.
They'll never let me live.

Look, if you had trusted me, we
could have got this thing sorted.

You could have given the money back,
we could have put these guys away.

Put these guys away?
That's your world, not mine.

- Tommy, come on.
- Oz, I don't know why you're bother with me right now!

You're right! You're absolutely
right! I'm a total screw-up!

I always have been,
I always will be!

Just because you've made
some bad decisions before

- doesn't mean you have to keep making 'em.
- What's your problem?!

I mean, isn't this what you want? I'm out
of your hair now. I'm out of your life.

I will never ask you
for anything ever again.

I never said I wanted--
Look, just come with me

to the cops, OK?
They can help you.

It's too late.

I got a bus to catch.

Guess what? You already
missed it. I'll take that.

Hey, he's got nothing
to do with this!

Well, he does now.
Get in the car.

- If we get in that car, we're as good as dead.
- I told you to get in the car.

No. You're just gonna
kill us anyways, right?

- Get in the car!
- Oz, go! Go!


IIB! Drop your weapon!

Hold it right there.

Oh, jeez. Here.
Put some pressure on it.

- Hey. How is he?
- I think it's through and through. He's gonna be OK.

- I'll call it in.
- Yeah, OK.

- Come on.
- You know where it is.

- Why did you do that?
- Because he was gonna kill

both of us.
You didn't deserve that.

Gee, Ozzy, I'm sorry.

Just take it easy, all right?
Help's on the way.

You're saying that Barkin's right-hand man
found out that Jake was cheating him,

so he decided to take out Jake
and keep the money for himself.

Right, exactly. And Starr was
gonna let Barkin think

that the money was just lost, as
meanwhile he brought Don Westing back

to take out Jake. - Right. But when Starr
found out we were on to Westing,

- he had him taken out as well.
- See, when I asked Starr about that afternoon,

I got the wrong read because
he didn't kill Westing.

- He ordered Rand to do it.
- Yeah, The other guy from the bus station.

- Right.
- Well, if we're looking

for a new definition
of no honour among thieves,

I think we might have
just found it.

- Hey, buddy.
- Hey. Come on in.

So, am I still, uh,
welcome here?

Well, to be honest, you were never really
welcome; you were just kind of tolerated.

Listen, I'm sorry if I got you in any
trouble with that stuffed shirt, Klein.

Are you kidding me, man?
The bad guys were taken down,

the headlines were secured.
He's a happy guy.

- How's Tommy?
- Oh, Tommy's good.

You know, he's probably scamming the
nurses out of extra Jell-O as we speak.

How are you two?
You guys good?

I appreciate him saving
my life and all, but as far as

us hanging out, I think that's
probably not good for either of us.

Come on, you two must have
got something out of it.

You know, a real friend is
someone who's there for you

to help you as much
as you're there to help them;

a friend who knows that sometimes you don't
have time to go to the grocery store

because, oh, maybe you were holed
up on the run from killers;

a friend who would never let you go hungry.
Know what I mean?

Yeah, I'm not sharing
my food with you.

Is that all
our friendship means to you?

- Pulling that card?
- I'm very disappointed.

It smells so good.

Those puppy-dog eyes.

Pull up a chair. Come on.
Just don't touch the broccoli.

Hey, I don't want
to eat the broccoli.

I got my eye on these peas.

I wouldn't
touch the peas either.

- They're not--
- Oh, God, they are not cooked.