The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 11 - Captain Nightfall - full transcript

With Toby (Craig Olejnik) grieving Olivia's death, Oz (Ennis Esmer) tries to shift focus by asking about his current case - a string of violent home invasions that have left citizens on edge. Meanwhile, when a curious neighbor tries to thwart another robbery, he's confronted and beaten by the masked thieves only to be rescued when a third man intervenes before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. At the hospital, Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and Toby talk to the victim, who doesn't remember much. Toby concentrates and is surprised to see visions of the third man wearing a superhero outfit. Anxious to placate the terrified public, Klein (Peter Stebbings) presses Michelle, Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) and Toby to find a connection between the crimes. As Toby searches the mug shot database for a match on the victim's visions of his assailant, Michelle discovers the homeowners were all supposed to be vacationing when the break-ins occurred. Toby contacts reporter Tia Tremblay (Melanie Scrofano) and learns there have been reports of a costumed guy roaming around town. With the help of Oz and the other on-duty EMTs, Toby gets a location for the mystery man. When they arrive on scene, their supposed superhero is badly beaten and stumbling. But before collapsing, he identifies himself as Captain Nightfall.

Oh, come on!

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's going on?
What happened?

Does the five-second rule
apply to canned goods?

No. Come on, are you
kidding me? Seriously.

- What, are you hitting the heavy bag again?
- Yeah.

You know, Olivia would hate to see you
punishing yourself like this.

It helps me clear my mind.

What's going on with you?
You look winded.

Yeah, well, I just had
to jog half a dozen blocks

trying to keep this frozen
yoghurt from melting, so...

- Uh-huh.
- Phew! Really feeling the burn right now.

Let me guess: the car's
acting up again, huh?

Acting up? No, this was complete
vehicular betrayal, my friend.

I gave the Red Thunder the best two
years of my life, plus a kick-ass name,

and how does it pay me back?
By cacking out

two blocks outside
the Fresh Co parking lot!

How's your new case going, by the way?
You making any progress?

Yeah, you know, 15 break-ins, one woman's
dead, three other guys were beaten.

You know, we're still
at square one. You all right?

Yeah. I'm sure
you'll figure it out.

Yeah, well, we better soon.
The whole city's freaking out.


Forget the fro-yo.
it's just "yo" now.

- No, no, no. This is the best.
- Really?

Put it in the microwave.
Come on. I'll get a spoon.

- We can save this.
- That's disgusting.

Pete? Diane?

- 9-1-1.
- Hey!

Ugh! Oh!


- Ah!
- Oh!


Well, let's get
the hell out of here!

I'm here at this Rosedale home where
yet another break-in has turned violent,

leaving a man in hospital
in serious condition.

He joins four other victims
of similar attacks,

including 26-year-old
Tara Simms,

who was beaten and killed in her
Richmond Hill home last week.

This, despite the mayor's

- You OK?
- Yeah.

I keep expecting Olivia
to walk around the corner.

Everything about this place
reminds me of her.

Yeah. I felt the same way
when my dad passed away.

Couldn't walk through a precinct
without hearing his voice

in my head. Hey.

Oh, hey. I figured
I'd be seeing you guys here.

- How's he doing?
- Daniel Norton,

age 43: multiple contusions, bruised
kidney, and a grade- three concussion,

So, in short,
he's messed up pretty good.

- Can we see him?
- He's awake, but, uh,

I don't know how cognitive
he'll be. Yeah, brain injuries

are tricky things.
You know what? I'll take you.

Mr. Norton,
I'm Sergeant McCluskey.

This is Toby Logan.
We're with the IIB.

We'd like to ask you
a few questions

- about last night's attack.
- I don't remember much.

We understand.
Anything you can give us

- would help.
- I'll do my best.

- Five minutes. That's it.
- Yeah.

Did you get a look
at your assailants?

It was dark.
It happened so fast.

It's OK. Take your time.

Two guys wearing
black ski masks.

We struggled...

I grabbed at one of their masks.
Saw his face.

- Ooh!
- Would you be able to give us a description?

He was white.

I don't...

I'm sorry, I-I didn't
get a good look.

OK. Is there anything else
you can recall?

Blinding flash of light,
and then... I don't...


Was there someone else there?

I thought maybe
I saw... but...

OK. Get some rest.

Thank you for your time.

OK, when you say "costume",
you mean like, uh, Spiderman?

More like Batman--

dark, hiding
in the shadows.

- You sure he was really there?
- I don't know.

If he thinks he saw it,
then I saw it.

Well, Norton suffered serious
head trauma, which makes him

an unreliable witness,
so for now let's just focus

- on the crime itself.
- OK, well, once again,

the target house was in a quiet,
white-collar neighbourhood.

Right. And the two perps fit the
description given to us by the previous

witnesses, which supports the theory
that this is the work of the same crew.

- These attacks are escalating.
- It's also consistent with the pattern.

It's only a matter of time
before they kill again.

All the more reason
to figure this out quickly.

I just spent the last 20 minutes getting torn
a new one by our favourite superintendent,

- so, please, give me a suspect, a solid lead, anything.
- Well, we're still

waiting for the lab to process
evidence gathered

at the scene, but if it's
anything like the others,

- we shouldn't hold our breath.
- What about your read

of the victim? You said he got
a look at one of his attackers?

- Yeah. I did. Just a glimpse.
- Well, a face doesn't help much unless we can put a name to it.

Well, if he's got a record, he'll be
in the database. I can get Toby set up

- with the identi-kit.
- Yeah, do that.

And then check with the pawn
shops. See if there's

any recent inventory
that's linked to our robberies.

I feel like we're
missing something.

I want you to go over the case
files of each crime scene again.

Talk to the homeowners, look for
patterns, hidden commonalities.

Our best hope of catching these guys is figuring
out where they're going to strike next.

Well, that's easier said
than done. Everything points

to these houses
being chosen at random.

Yeah, I don't buy that.
These crimes are connected.

Let's figure out how.

Hey. Gift from the lab boys.
It's a hollow copper

tube filled with traces
of flash powder inside.

Came back clean
for fingerprints.

Mm. So that could be the blinding flashing
light Daniel Norton was talking about.

Could be. It's homemade but well crafted.
Whoever made it knows what they're doing.

You see? There was
someone else there.

Looks that way.
How's it going here?

No luck matching the face
on your read of Daniel?

After three hours of this,
they all look the same.

Well, why don't you go home
and get some rest? I'll give you

a call if something else
comes up.


Yeah, I know I missed
deadline, but I have a new angle

for the piece, so just keep your
pants on for 10 minutes, OK?

Tia, it's Toby Logan.

- Toby, hey!
- Hey.

So sorry. I thought
you were my editor.

Uh, if you're busy right now,
I can call you back later.

No, no, it's fine. It's fine.
It's nice to hear from you.

Are you, uh, still working
the home invasion murder?

- Yeah.
- Mm. Jealous. I wanted that story so bad,

but it went to my senior crime reporter.
Let me guess: you

had a break in the case, and you're
insisting on giving me the exclusive?

Not exactly. Actually, I was hoping
you could help me with something.

- Related to the investigation?
- Possibly, yes.

OK, shoot.

This might sound weird,
but have you guys gotten

any reports of a guy
walking the shadows,

wearing a mask and costume?

- Anything like that?
- Actually, it's funny you should ask. We've had

a few calls to the hotline, but
I assumed that they were pranks.

Well, they probably are.
Do you mind sending me

the locations of those sightings
just in case?

Well, I will send you the call
transcripts on one condition.

What's that?

If this leads to something,
I want first crack at it.

Keep me in the loop
as much as you're allowed.

Uh, you know
I can't promise anything.

OK, I'll take that
as a yes. Thanks.

You sure your partner's OK
with this?

What, James? Yeah, he's fine
back there. He's got a book.

- Turn right up here.
- By the way,

driving around looking
for a rogue superhero,

you officially have
the coolest job in the world.

Well, he's not a superhero.
You know, it's not like

he has powers or anything.
He's just a dude.

You don't know that.
You have powers.

You're a unitard away from being in the Justice
League. Batman never had any powers,

and he's widely considered to be the
greatest superhero that ever lived.

- He never lived. He was a comic book character.
- He's alive in here, Toby.

I might be wasting
your time here anyway.

I mean, what are the odds that this guy's going
to be in the right place at the right time

- for us to spot him?
- What if I told you

there was a way to drastically
improve your odds?

- How's that?
- Check this out.

This is Uni-21
calling all units.

We are on the lookout
for a rogue vigilante

dressed like a superhero. Over.

- This is Baker-12.
- Are you loaded, dude?

Just keep one eye on the road
and another in the shadows.


- Count us in.
- Uni-21, this is Alpha-19. Yeah, we're in too.

- All right?
- Nice.

We have something.

My three favourite words
in the English language.

So, I couldn't figure out
why they were breaking

into some houses
while the homeowners were away

and some while they were home.
I just chalked it up

- to the random nature of the crimes.
- OK.

Turns out there is
a common thread after all:

all of the owners were
supposed to be away

at the time
the incidents occurred.

Tara Simms, she was booked on a flight to Mexico.
She was turned away

at customs because
her passport was expired.

You're saying she was murdered because
her vacation plans fell through.

Yes. All the houses were
supposed to be empty.

So I was right. It wasn't random after all.
These houses are being targeted.

Yeah, and whoever is responsible is keeping
tabs on the homeowners' activities.

They're being targeted
for what exactly?

Each victim provided
an inventory of stolen items.

There is nothing of significant
value taken from any of them.

So what is it
they're after?

Alpha-19, you still with us?

This is Alpha-19. Sorry for the radio silence.
We had to make a pit stop to gas up.

- We're back on our route.
- Pit stops are a part of life.

- Thanks very much.
- Copy that.

Sorry we couldn't be
more help for you.

Ah, don't worry about it, man.
You formed a roving network

of paramedics. It's pretty
genius. Batman would be proud.

- You think?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I don't know. We covered all the hot
spots in the city. If your boy is out there,

- we would have found him.
- Maybe he took the night off.

I still got about 10 minutes on my shift.
You want me to keep driving?

- Baker-12 calling University-21. Come in.
- Yeah, go ahead, B-1-twiz.

Either we're
losing our minds too,

or we may have
spotted your guy.

- Excellent. Where at?
- Heading down

Indian Crescent.
We've lost visual now,

- but he's out here somewhere.
- Roger that. Thank you.

- Nice.
- Lock and load.

Hey, whoa, stop here.

Yeah, over there.
Put your lights on him.

Hey there.

How you doing?
You all right?

Let's take a peak here.
We're here to help you out.

Watch yourself, Toby.

Ooh, OK. Ooh, OK.

Hey, buddy, you OK?
You look like you just went

a few rounds with the Hulk.
You know where you are?

- You know your name?
- I'm Captain Nightfall.


So, how's he doing?

Well, he took a pretty good beating,
but it could have been worse.

His, um, costume cushioned
the blow somewhat.

I wonder if that vest is
bullet proof.

He's lucky he didn't have
to find out. Nothing's broken,

but he'll be sore
for a few days. Uh, we also ran

some blood work while he was
out, but now that he's awake

and refusing to give us
his health card or any

personal information,
we can't treat him any further.

- You're going to release him?
- Soon, yeah.

Just waiting for the on-call
doctor to sign off on him.

- Thanks, Sandy.
- I'll see you later?

Yeah, you will.

Hey. How are you feeling?

I'll be fine.

Is there something we can
call you besides Captain Nightfall?

There is no more Tim.

Safeguarding your secret
identity. I can respect that.

I mean, nobody knew who Batman
was under the cowl, right?

- It's Bruce Wayne.
- Well, that was a bad example.

So, what happened?
Who did this to you?

Were you trying
to prevent another robbery?

Look, somebody has to keep
these neighbourhoods safe.

No family should have
to live in fear.

Hey, I couldn't agree more.

That's why my buddy, T here,
is on the case.

The cops are useless.

I've accomplished more in one
night than they have in a month.

So, how'd you get involved in this?

I... I was out patrolling,

and I heard the commotion,

and I saw these two goons
beating on a defenceless man.

I confronted them,
they got away.

I've been tracking them
ever since.

So, why the costume, the codename?
Why not just be yourself?

Because that would put
my family at risk.

- This is enough. I've had enough. Just go.
- Happy? Goodbye to my own son!

Now it's time for me
to make mine. Off you go!

- Hey, I've got your paperwork ready at the desk.
- OK, thanks.

We'll talk again.

- Hey. I got your message.
- You should probably get back to work.

- Oh, hey. Yeah. OK.
- Where is he?

He's in emerg.
He's about to be released.

OK, well, Klein wants him
brought in for questioning.

Well, he's trying to help out.
He has no part in this.

No, we don't know that. He knew where they
were going to strike next. I want to know how.

Hey, have you guys seen
your superhero? He hasn't been

- officially discharged, but his costume's gone.
- He's gone?

- Please tell me you got an ID.
- I think his first name is Tim.


OK, we're on our way.

OK, facial recognition
only found the one match, so...

- is that our guy?
- It's hard to tell with the beard.

He has a history

of violent crime,
did a stint for armed robbery.

Looks like he got released
two months ago.

That's right around the time
our crime spree started.

Yeah, but he's small time.
There's no way he planned something on this scale.

If he is responsible, he's working for someone else.
Do we have an address or a place

- of employment?
- Uh... well, if anyone knows how to get a hold of him,

it'll be his parole officer.
Let's get him out of bed.

♪ I'm frightened
I'll do something wrong ♪

♪ Without thinking ♪

♪ And all this love ♪

♪ I can't do anything ♪

♪ Tonight ♪

I didn't really
picture Hawn

- as the flyer-delivery type.
- Well, there's not a lot

of work out there for ex-cons, and gainful
employment is part of his parole.

- That gives him a great opportunity to case houses.
- I already thought of that,

but none of the target houses were on his route--
they weren't even in the same neighbourhoods.

- Eric Hawn?
- Yeah?

- Hey. IIB.
- We have a few questions

- for you about some recent robberies.
- Sure, just give me a sec.

This is a composite of the man
you saw in the read.

So, do we have any idea who
this guy is in relation to Hawn?

I mean,
he could be his boss,

his partner--I can't say
for sure. I just got a face.

All right, so if we get a match we'll see
where it leads. In the meantime, I've had

Metro put an APB out for Hawn.
For now he's still

- our only link to these crimes.
- Maybe not. I mean,

Nightfall knew exactly where Hawn and
his partner were going to strike next.

- He even claimed to be tracking them.
- Tracking them how?

Well, he didn't get
that specific, but...

I still haven't decided
if this guy is a misguided

good Samaritan, a dangerous
vigilante, or a complete whack-job.

- Probably all of the above.
- If he could help us,

I think we should let him.

You know where he is?

I think I can
find him, yeah.

OK. I'll have Metro
pick him up.

No, no, no, wait, wait.
Let me do this my way.

He's not a fan of cops. I think
I can get through to him.

I can't even believe
I'm contemplating this.

- Fine.
- Thank you.

Go find Batman.

So, you recognize
anything yet?

No, but the angle of the tower
is right. We should be close.

- I can't believe you guys are going to team up.
- It's not a team-up.

- I've just got to talk to the guy.
- Well, that's how it starts.

You don't like each other, then you talk,
you realize it was all a misunderstanding,

and then you team up
to defeat a common foe!

- Yeah, that's not going to happen.
- Hey, so, uh,

I made an appointment at a
dealership to go for a test drive.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, you want to come

with me? I could use
a lady's perspective.

My son, right?
Bye to my own son!

You made your choices. Now
it's time for me to make mine!

Hey, hey, hey. Pull over here.
There he is.

All right, thanks.
See you.

Hey, Tim.

That's your name when you're
not Nightfall, isn't it?

- How the hell did you find me?
- That's your kid back there, is it?

Yeah, that's... that's my kid.
My wife, she won't let me anywhere near him.

She won't even let me talk to him.
I mean, how messed up is that, right?

Kid loves his comic books more
than he loves his old man.

I'm not here to give you
a hard time, man. I'm...

- I need your help.
- What kind of help would a cop want from me?

I'm not a cop.
I'm a consultant.

All I need to know is
how you figured out

- where those robbers were going to strike next.
- No way. Trade secret.

You know, I saw those flash tubes you made.
They're pretty impressive.

Yeah. I've always been pretty
handy with the gadgets,

and electronics too.
I used to work in computers.

Cool. You, uh, you think
you can maybe show me

these electronics?

- What is this?
- I don't know.

- What is this?! You son of a bitch! You set me up! Why?
- Whoa, whoa, Tim! Relax!

I have no idea
what's going on here.

- Timothy Lamb. Please come with me.
- What's happening?

Sorry, hey, IIB.

- Who called this in?
- The wife.

Guy's not supposed to be
around her or the kid.

Come on. That restraining order is total crap.
She can't keep me away from my kid.


All right. Whoa.

- Hello?
- Hey, Toby. It's Sandy.

We got the blood work back
on your friend from last night.

Hey, yeah, is everything OK?

this would be privileged

doctor-patient information,
but, um, since the patient

- is MIA and you're the one who brought him in...
- What'd you find?

He has a rare degenerative
blood disorder.

There's really very little we can do
other than make him more comfortable.

So what are you saying
exactly, Sandy?

He's dying, Toby. He has maybe
eight months, a year left at most.

- Did you find the guy from Toby's read of Hawn?
- No. Couldn't get a match.

- The guy's probably never been in the system.
- What about the pawn shops?

Yeah, came up empty.

No one's moving the stolen goods
yet, which leaves us trying

to figure out where
our perps will strike next.

There's 16 target houses
in nine separate neighbourhoods.

Now, we know the crime itself, it isn't
random, but there's still no discernible

order to which
these houses were hit.

I even looked to see if maybe they all joined
together to form, like, a giant pentagram

or the face of Elvis
or something, but they did not.

- So we're back to square one.
- No, maybe not.

I also built a profile
on each neighbourhood

where one or more robberies have occurred,
and from there was able to extrapolate three

other areas that closely match the same
parameters but haven't yet been targeted.

So the next robbery could happen
in one of those three areas.

Based on the profile,
there's a good chance of that.

Nice work.

Thought you might want

to get to know your hero
a little more.

Amateur boxer
turned IT technician.

Brains and brawn.
Too bad he didn't use

his gifts
a little more wisely.

Aggravated assault, DUI--
Why am I looking at this stuff?

He's not the avenging angel
you seem to think he is.

I think I can
get through to this guy.

Why is this
so personal to you?

He reminds me
a bit of myself.

Do I agree with his methods? No.
But I think his heart's in the right place.

Well, don't fool yourself.
He's not you.

Maybe he's not, but I think
that I can stop this guy

from getting himself or someone
he cares about killed.

You see, that kind of talk
freaks me out.

Do you want a coffee
or something?

No, I don't want
a coffee or something.

God, you just don't give up,
do you? Man.

We got something for you.

OK. Yeah, thanks.

- Can I go now?
- You've got to read it.

You... you understand that?

It means that I'm
a walking dead man, yeah.

- I got it. Thanks.
- So you know this already?

Hey. I'm on your side.

I know I can't save
my own life, OK?

All I'm trying to do is save
somebody else's.

Why is that such
a terrible thing?

I'd rather go out in a blaze of
glory than in a hospital bed.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- What's up?
- We found Hawn.

What we can tell you is that the
body was found in this alley

just a few hours ago.
The victim of the shooting has

just been identified
as 32-year-old Eric Hawn.

So far no arrests have been made
in connection with the crime,

and Toronto Metro Police are
asking anyone with possible

- information to plea--
- Homeless man found him.

Two shots to the chest
from close range.

Someone didn't like the fact
that we were closing in on Hawn.

There's no witnesses, but we're
checking security cameras in the area.

Forensics did find this.
It was on Hawn's jacket. It looks like

- an audio surveillance device.
- Someone put a bug on him.

Yeah, the lab is taking a look now.
I'm gonna go check in with them. You want to come?

Actually, uh,

- I'll catch you up.
- OK.

Hey. Tia, what's up?

Hey, I just thought I'd check in and
see if those phone tips paid off.

I can't talk specifics,
but, yeah, they paid off.

Thank you. I owe you.

See? Now we're
getting somewhere.

How about dinner? My treat.

Forget dinner.
I want the exclusive.

You don't even know
what the story is yet.

It doesn't matter. If it's
connected to the home invasion,

then it's got front-page potential, and
that's like our currency around here, so...

All right. I get it.
I'll see what I can do.

- Thank you. That's all I'm asking.
- Cool.

Yeah, so, the lab confirmed
that that bug wasn't

just a simple audio transmitter;
it also has GPS capabilities.

- A tracking device.
- Exactly. And they also confirmed that it's homemade,

just like those flash tubes found
at the Rosedale crime scene.

That explains how Nightfall knew
where Hawn was going to strike next.

Yeah, I should never
have let him go. He may know

- who actually killed Hawn.
- Maybe, maybe not. I mean, he was in police custody

- at the time of the murder.
- Hey, guys. I've got to show you something.

So, the only camera
that was near the alleyway

where Hawn got murdered was in a
parking lot across the street.

- Are you saying we have him on camera?
- No.

But see that car pulling in?

Keep your eyes on it.

Hey, that's the guy
that I got from Hawn.

I already ran his plate.
His name is, uh, Albert Jacoby.

He's an investment consultant at Reiser
Financial, a local private investment firm.

What's an investment consultant doing
getting mixed up with an ex-con?

Let's go find out.

Here's the kind of people
I associate with:

doctors, lawyers, CEOs, CFOs--

your garden-variety multi-millionaires,
the kind of people

who are extremely conscientious about
who handles their investment capital.

So, uh, you can see
that, uh, consorting

with known criminals would be
counterintuitive to my job.


Yeah, you got a nice office.
You must do pretty well for yourself.

Not as well as the boys
on the 18th floor,

but, uh, yeah,
sure, I do OK.

What were you doing
in the parking lot?

I was just picking up
my dry cleaning.

I have a receipt here

This was supposed to be simple.

You all right?
You seem a little nervous.

Of course not.
I'm fine, perfectly fine.

Just be cool.

If they had a warrant,
they'd have issued it by now.

Got it.

Here. Anything else?

No, that's
good enough for us.

He was worried we had a search warrant.
I think he's hiding something.

Well, we don't have enough
to get a search warrant. Yeah?

It's me. I just got word
from Metro. There's been

- another home invasion.
- We're on our way.

It was terrifying.
All I kept thinking was:

"Please, don't let us end up
like that poor woman."

- The one who was killed.
- How many of them were there?

- Two. Both wore ski masks.
- Did they take anything?

DVD player,

some jewellery,
a few hundred dollars cash,

and my wife's
wedding ring.

That's how I got this.

Well, you two are fine now.

So, we have two perps--
same as always.

Either Hawn's already been
replaced, or they were always

working with a bigger crew,
rotating guys between jobs.

You see this?

Sorry, uh, is that your laptop
out there?

It is. We got lucky on that one.
All our personal stuff's on it.

So, what, they take a DVD player
but they don't take a laptop?

I compared this list of stolen items
with lists from the other target houses,

- and I found a commonality.
- Something taken from each house?

Actually, it's, um,
it's what wasn't taken.


Yeah. Exactly. At each house, at least
one of the computers was left untouched.

So maybe the robberies are just
a cover-up for another crime.

Exactly. It's a good theory,

but I need to look at those
computers so I can confirm it.

Well, I'm sure the victims
will be happy to cooperate.

What's wrong?

I just got a text saying that
Albert Jacoby's office was

- broken into.
- He sent you a text directly?

- No, it's unknown.
- Let me run the number.

This gives us a legal excuse
to go poke around.

Mr. Jacoby?

I wasn't expecting
another visit so soon.

What can I do for you?

- What happened here?
- Nothing,

just a little incident.

Looks like someone turned
this place over pretty good.

No, it's fine.
Really. This is

nothing to bother
the police about.

Damn it.

So, everything's here?
Nothing's missing?

Yes, everything is
accounted for. Not a problem.

But I do thank you
for your concern.

OK, well, if you change your mind and you
want to report this, give us a call.


- That son of a bitch.
- The footage was taken from Reiser Financial

- earlier this evening.
- I think Nightfall's the one who tipped us off.

Well, the text was sent from an internet phone
provider, but I'd say it's a same assumption.

- He wants us to know he's helping us.
- This is his idea

of helping us? He could derail
the entire investigation.

Yeah, but why would he trash the place?
What was he looking for? And how did he know

- about Jacoby in the first place?
- Damn it.

- Here's your answer.
- What?

He put a bug on me just like
he did with Eric Hawn.

He was listening to us,
he knew where we were--

He heard me say that Jacoby was
hiding something in his office.

OK, you know what? That's it.
I want this Tim Lamb brought in. Now.


Albert Jacoby?
I have what you're looking for.

- What?
- Your laptop.

- Who is this? I-I don't--
- If you want it back,

it'll be a million in cash

I'll text you the location.
Come alone.

Well, he's not here.

And if he were,
I'd have him arrested.

- Do you have any idea where he might be?
- Try the bar.

- Which one?
- Any one. Tim was never really fussy.

- Well, thank you for your time.
- Is my dad in trouble?

Maybe Captain Nightfall can
help him.

Now's really not the time,
OK, Dustin?

I'm sorry. He's obsessed

with comic books.
It's all he talks about lately.

Mrs. Lamb, do you have
a recent picture of Tim

- that we could have?
- Sure. In the den, I think.

you know Captain Nightfall?

He's my friend.

He comes to visit me

Oh, cool, man. When was
the last time you saw him?

A few hours ago. But he said
he couldn't see me anymore.

He said that I have to stay up
and watch the news tonight.

Yeah? Did he say
anything else?

I promised
I'd keep it safe for him.

Did he give you something?

You know, we might be able
to use it to help your father.

Can you get if for me?
Oh, thanks.

So, Tim left this stuff
with his kid earlier.

What do we have?
A laptop, keys, cash.

Yeah, his personal stuff.
He's not expecting to need them anymore.

Well, maybe there's something on the
laptop that will lead us to him.

Hello. Come to Daddy now.

There you are.

Hey. Is that the computer

- from the last break-in?
- Yeah,

- and it's been tampered with.
- How so?

It's been infected with
a sophisticated form of spyware

that copies information and
transfers it to an outside system.

It's great for stealing intel
that normal hacking can't crack,

like secure accounts
with layers of encryption.

Right. And they did this
without anyone noticing?

Well, it's as simple as plugging in
a flash drive and hitting Enter.

OK, so, where does
the information go exactly?

Any computer can be set up
as a receiver

and record data
from any number of targets.

You're kidding.

I think I know what Nightfall
stole from Jacoby's office.

He left the evidence
with his kid for safekeeping.

So, Jacoby's computer contains all the financial
information of every one of our victims.

Bank balances,
trading account numbers,

passwords-- luckily no money
has been transferred yet.

But without this laptop,
he can't access anything.

Jacoby would kill
to get this back.

Didn't you say that Lamb told his
kid to watch the news tonight?

Yeah, I'm guessing he's
planning to confront Jacoby.

But without this to trade,
he's a dead man.

I think that was
always the plan.

Doesn't she handle beautifully?
The test drive is my secret weapon.

Once you're behind the wheel
of this baby, you're sold.

Hey, what do you think, Toby?
Red Thunder 2.0?

- What's the mileage like?
- Best in its class, hands down.

You hear that?
Hands down he said.

Michelle, what's up?

Hey. So, Nightfall's
on his way to meet with Jacoby.

- Right now? Are you sure?
- Yeah, we ran Jacoby's phone records. He was

sent a text demanding a meet
at nine o'clock at a warehouse

a the corner of Queensway and
Cawthra. It was the same phone

used to tip us off to
the robbery at Jacoby's office.

That is why Tim said goodbye to his son tonight.
He's not expecting to get back from this.

I'm leaving now.
Should I pick you up on the way?

Actually, you know what?
I'm closer. I'll meet you there.

- Is everything OK?
- Queensway and Cawthra

in a hurry, man.

Hey, I've been wantin
to open this baby up. It's time

to take the highway
to the danger zone.

We should take the side streets.
The highway's probably a mess right now.

OK, let's take side streets
to the danger zone.

- I'm sorry, what's happening?
- Oh, don't worry about it, boss. Just buckle up.

It's about to get
a little bumpy.



Ooh, a little snug there.

Pull over! Let me
show you the trunk space!

Woo. Man, oh, man. I think
I might have to buy this car.

Great! Why don't we head back and
get the paperwork started?

Thanks for the lift.

- Don't need me to stick around?
- I'd really like to go back now.

- Michelle and Dev are right behind us.
- OK. Hey, be careful.

Hey, so maybe we could talk about a bit of a discount.
I'm a little bit concerned

about some of the wear and tear
on this vehicle.

- What are you doing here?
- Trying to keep you from making a huge mistake.

- Stop interfering in my life.
- You mean your death?

That's what this is about,
isn't it?

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- Your son loves comic books.

That's why you created Nightfall
for him--because you want him

to remember you
as a hero.

Here's your ambush,
just like you wanted.

Hey, man.
How you doing?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Texas.

There's no other way for me.

Dying like this does not
make you a hero.

I'm dead no matter what.

Hey, look. I just lost
a close friend of mine,

and my biggest regret is
not being with her near the end.

You do not want Dustin to grow
up with that kind of regret.

It's not too late, Tim.
You can go home,

and you can be
with your son.

Think about it.

I was hoping I'd get
another crack at you.

I'm going to enjoy this.

Let's go. Come on.
Move it.

Just deal, man.

Hey. Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, wait a minute.

You're working with this clown?
That's entrapment.

Yeah. Why don't you
tell that to the cops

- when they bust you guys?
- I just want my laptop back.

I wish we could help you with that, Albert, but
I don't have it. It's in an evidence locker.

This is not the plan
that we agreed to.

Well, this is what's
happening, so...

what happens next? You going to
kill us like you killed Hawn?

This whole mess was
your doing.

If I go down,
you go down harder.

The beatings, the dead woman--

you didn't ask for that.
It was just supposed to be a few robberies,

- but it got out of hand.
- Enough! End this or I will.

What? You don't give me
orders. You work for me.

All I ever do is clean up
your messes.

I've still got
a trick up my sleeve.

- Do it.
- Ah! Ah!

Drop your weapons!

- Weapons down!
- Let me see your hands!

All right, all right.

Ballistics going to match this gun
with the one used to kill Hawn?

I'll take that as a yes.

- You OK?
- Yeah.

The bullet just grazed your arm. You're going
to be fine. You know we had a team-up.

- We had a what?
- Thank you for the save.

Yeah, no problem. And thanks for what
you said earlier. You were right.

Klein's going to be happy
to be off the hook with Price.

Yeah, Jacoby's going down
for everything.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

How'd it go?

Well, I just had
an in-depth interview

with a superhero who helped
bring down the major crime ring.

- So, pretty well.
- Oh. Lucky. Lucky. You get everything you need?

Absolutely. He was very
forthcoming and very sweet.

And had a lot of nice things
to say about you.

About me? You sure?
What'd he say?

You'll have to wait
for the article.

All right, I will.

Listen, you...
you've mentioned dinner.

- Is that still an option?
- Yeah.

Great. I'm buying.

And, again,
thank you, Toby.

Thank you.


OK. No problem.

- Captain Nightfall! Just a few questions!
- I'm not going to be taking

any questions, if that's OK.

But I, um...

It's way past
your bedtime, mister.

- Can I just see this?
- OK.

or fight crime to make a difference.
So that's why I've officially decided

to retire from the hero game.

I want to spend more time
with my son.

It's Dad!

Oh, my god. Tim?

Dustin, son,

if you're watching this
right now,

I love you, pal.

Now get to bed.
It's late.

Thank you.

So, Jacoby gave us everything.

He used his firm's resources to
find suitable targets. The plan was

to sit on the stolen intel until
he had a whole bunch of victims.

So he could drain their
accounts all in one shot.

Yeah, I did the math.
It was close to 50 million.

Phew... That's not a bad
little retirement nest egg.

He swears he tried
to pull the plug

when things turned violent.
Hawn refused to listen.

And that was the night
that Tara Simms was killed.

Yeah, after that, I guess
Jacoby was in too deep.

I hate to admit it,

but Nightfall did us a favour
by trashing Jacoby's office.

I know. That's why
I'm not pursuing his arrest.

Well, that and his promise
to hang up his costume for good.


Here you go.

- It's decaf. Sorry.
- No, that's fine.

Julia's been taking my new diet
restrictions pretty seriously.

Thank you.
So, you're home now.

- Must feel good.
- Yeah, yeah, it does.

I mean, it's just
on a trial basis, but...

It was my idea, actually.
I... thought it made sense

for Tim to be closer to Dustin
under the circumstances.

Right. So, I guess,
uh, you know.


No more secrets, right?


I mean, that's how all these problems
got started in the first place.

I was too embarrassed to admit
that I started drinking again,

and everything just kind of
spiralled from there.

That's actually kind of
why I'm here. Um...

I've got a friend

who's a nurse at St. Luke's.

And she would love for you
to come in for a few more tests.

Don't be stubborn.
Listen to him.

Yeah, she thinks that with
a proper course of treatment

maybe they can buy you a little
more time-- as much as a year.

And every second counts.

Yeah, it sure does.

Hey, listen. When we were
at the warehouse...

how did you know
I was gonna make a move?

Trade secret.

He's a pretty good drawer.
You teach him that?

Hey, buddy.

That is awesome. Let me guess:
is that Captain Nightfall?

It's my dad.