The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 9 - Jericho - full transcript

A break in a six-month cyber crime investigation leads Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) to pursue a reckless hacker, Bennie (Devon Bostick). When Michelle and Dev question him, Toby (Craig Olejnik) "listens" and reads someone in Bennie's mind known as "Jericho-11." Surveillance on Bennie leads Michelle and Dev to a female blogger known as "Hack Grrrl." To avoid tipping her off to an investigation, Michelle and Dev send Toby in undercover to meet her. A telepathic read of "Hack Grrrl" leads them to Peter Duquette (Aaron Ashmore), a cyber security expert. With millions of social insurance numbers potentially at risk of identity theft, Klein (Peter Stebbings) and Michelle alert Kenneth Niles (Michael Dyson), a Revenue Canada security consultant. When Peter's name is mentioned in connection to "Jericho-11," Niles reveals Peter is a paid consultant to the agency. "Hack Grrrl" arranges for Toby to meet with Peter at Peter's condo and, while they meet, Dev plants a surveillance program in Peter's computer system. As Dev digs through Peter's system, Toby does some digging of his own and concludes "Jericho-11" may not be a hacker but a target - a computer built for Revenue Canada to store and back-up data in the 1980s. When Klein discovers the computer's files are slated for destruction, Michelle, Dev and Toby must act quickly before millions of identities are compromised. Meanwhile, Oz (Ennis Esmer) is paired up with a new drop-dead gorgeous recruit, whose attraction to Oz threatens his ongoing relationship with Sandy (Tara Spencer-Nairn).

- One - One... - Two - Two...
- Three - Th... - Go!



Winner takes all.
All or nothing. alright?

[esp]: Yeah that's not
going to happen.


You all right?



Well at least
I didn't score.


Yes sir.

That's fantastic; I'll
be there in fifteen.

What's that?

We just got our first big
break on these computer

thieves we've been
after for six months.

Guys who steal...

No, no, hackers, hackers.

Hackers over on
the dark side.


Well it's a big game for
those guys isn't it?

Yeah it is till
someone gets greedy.

Well that's it?

I'm done.

I gotta go to work.

Good game man, that's fun.


You love this
stuff don't you?

It reminds me when I was coming
up, stuff we used to pull.

What are these
guys up to now?

They've been picking off one
financial site after another.

They get in so deep that they
become the system administrator,

then they can hack credit card
numbers at will.

Someone's trying to
break in right now.



Let's move;
I'll meet you out front.


Look I don't have that
kind of cash right now.

It would just
be till payday.

No, dude, listen.

Come on; I just bought a
motor bike, I don't have

extra cash floating
around, you know.

Look if you don't trust
me, just read up here...

It's not that I
don't trust you...

You short of some
cash Mr. Bey?

No sir, I'm just a little
over extended, that's all.

Well maybe I can
help you out.

Oh... I don't think you
should lend me money sir.

I didn't say I was going
to lend you any money Mr. Bey.


Look you guys are about to
do a change in shift. right?

Yeah, yeah, we got four
days off in a row.

Well how about you think about
taking on some extra shifts, huh?

Maybe because I got this recruit
from Barrie, you know...

She's looking to do ride-along,
get her accreditations.

What do you think?

I don't know, I...

Working with new recruits, that's
not really my forte you know,

- I'm not really the teaching type.
- Yeah.

Uh huh. Yeah.

I think that I'd probably
end up doing them

a disservice, to be
honest with you.

Her name's Elise.

Yeah, I'll do it.

You sure?

Yeah, yeah, I'll do it.

Yeah I could use
the money too.

No I'll do it...

Toby volunteered...

- I'll totally do it.
- He's got days off.

Hey what's up man?

Do I know you?

No, but I know you.

I don't think so.

Yeah, your computer's beaming
some pretty nasty signals up there.

Thought you guys were
smarter than that.

Really gonna make me...







[grunts, groans]


He sure spooked easy.

Well maybe he didn't want to be
found in possession of these.

Blank credit cards.

There's got to be ten
thousand in here.



So how's he doing?

It's probably just a
sprained ankle but we'll

get some x-rays
done to be sure.

Did the car door hurt him?

Hm... hurt him?

Well, he's got a severe
case of bruised ego.

Worst case I've ever seen.

Can we talk to him?

Sure, go ahead.

Benny, Benny, Benny, next
time you pull a stunt like

that you might not just
sprain an ankle man.

Who told you my name?

Oh this is official.

You popped up on
the radar at IIB.

Why don't you tell us about
that bag of credit cards?

Belongs to a friend of a
friend, asked me to hold

on to it for him.

Well if those cards are
encoded with stolen credit

card numbers you could be
charged with possession of

stolen property.


If they weren't
then why did you run?

All right, this friend of
a friend; does he have a name?

Probably, yeah.

Mind if I take this?


Look kid, I don't know what
you got yourself mixed up in,

but it may be a little more
serious than you think.

Are you going
to charge me?

I haven't decided yet.

Then we're done talking.


He's got a bit
of an attitude.

It's all right,
I know the type.

Thanks for stopping
by before you left.

No problem.

He's telling the truth about
holding cards for his friend.

There's something else on his
mind; something bigger.

A guy named Jericho 11.

Jericho 11?

Yeah, you know him?

Yeah the name just popped
up recently but I wasn't

sure if it was a real
person or an invention.

It's very real to him.

So you said you have
the next four days off?

I'm guessing not anymore?


Thank God you're here.

Come on, please hurry.

Okay. What are we
looking at here?

We were just getting ready
to start the ceremony,

everybody is
in their seats.

I think she's having
a arart attack.

Okay, all right.

Can you just get her up here?
Here we go... have a seat.

Okay. Alright.
What's your name?


Alicia, okay.

Alicia, I'm Oz and
this is Elise.

Can you tell me what
you're feeling?

My chest is tight,
I can't breathe.

Her grandmother died of
heart failure when she was 83.

Okay, we have shortness of
breath, heart palpitations...

BP is 140/90.

Okay. Just take a
slow deep breath.

Let's all take a nice
slow deep breath.

Okay ma'am are you
experiencing any pain,

is your vision blurred.


I think she's stroking out...

No, no you're not having
a stroke

and you're not having
a heart attack.

But I have seen this
condition before;

I believe the technical term
is pied froid?

Cold feet?

Alright? You're a little nervous
maybe, and who wouldn't be?

You know what it's
your big day....

You got like 500
people in there.

you probably got mom yak, yak, yak
in your ear all day.

So let's just think about

how you felt when he
proposed to you.

What's the young
man's name?

- Ryan.
- Ryan.

Ok... I bet he took
you somewhere really nice.

- Rome.
- Rome!

I was thinking more
like The Keg, but okay,

you're in Rome and you
got butterflies in your

stomach and your heart
is racing.

And those are
the real feelings.

Just take one
more deep breath.

Okay now if anything else
comes up, if you guys need

anything else
you can give us a call

but I think you're
going to be just fine.

Thank you.

Ma'am I need you
to sign this.

And you know what; if it
doesn't work out in there

then you can
give me a call.

I'm kidding, obviously.

That's very inappropriate.

Come on.

Don't forget this...

- Thank you.
- Throw that at somebody.


Wow, I completely misread
her and you nailed it.

Oh, this is why
you're here.

There's only so much you can
learn in the classroom, right?

I like your
bedside manner.

So neither Cyber crimes or
Financial has anything

on this Jericho 11?


And what about
the credit cards?

All blank.

And the computer he used
to track them with?

It was wiped clean by a cell phone
command before we got to it.

Then we got nothing;
we can't charge him.

Well actually we've
had a surveillance team

following Benny since
he left the hospital.

I was really hoping that
it would lead us to Jericho 11...

Oh good, and?

He met someone very

Huh... who is she?

Marisa Patterson.

Cyber crime knows her as
'hack girl'.

She is a blogger.

She is sort of the
Perez Hilton of hacking.

She writes about you

and you're a hacker
then you know you've made it.

She is very
anti-authority, big chip

on her shoulder.

Could she be Jericho 11?

Doubt it, but she
may know who is.

Problem is she
protects her sources.

There's no way she's going
to give up his identity;

especially to a
bunch of cops.

I think we should get
someone next to her.

Let's do it.

You know I do not see you
as a hacker my friend.

You can barely program
your own cell phone.

They briefed
me, so I'm good.

All right...

Puck right in the side...
gets it out in front...

Leman stirring
away on a breakaway...

he scores!

Oh holy Mackinaw!

My goalie's... look stuck.

Okay man... but you can
play with a stuck goalie.

I just know where
you're going...

- ... with the puck.
- Oh you do do you? Come on.

You think you're the only
psychic in the house?

How's the newbie?

- What, Elise?

- She's interesting.
- Yeah?

I'd call her hot.

I wouldn't say

Listen Toby if you're
going to mess with these hackers

they got their own language,
their own codes... ohh!!

Oh dear; that is ugly.

You can't fake it,
that's all I'm saying.

No I got a cover story.

They... I got a whole bunch
of credit card numbers

and I need to pass them...
do you want to test me?


Got it all worked out.

Yes, so Mr. Logan how did you
come to acquire these numbers?

Well I scoped a few
Point-of-Purchase terminals

at a few businesses

and I put a z-bot in
to access the servers...

I hit a few keys and my bank
account gets fatter every day.

Is that so?


What can I do for you?

I was hoping you
could hook me up

with someone in the
market for identities.

Who would give
you that idea?

A guy named Benny said you
could hook me up; help me out.


I don't know who the hell you are
or what you've been told?

But... you have me all wrong.


I'm a blogger, I
write about hackers.

And half of them don't make
a nickel for what they do.

Are you offended
by what I do?

No. It's worse than that.

It bores me.


Look I just... I didn't
mean to... Okay!

Don't touch me.

Sorry, I won't touch you.

Do you know Jericho 11?


I'm going to give you a
little piece of advice, okay?

Bad things happen to people that
get involved with Jericho 11.

Bad things.


That's him.

Yeah, that's the guy Hack Girl
saw when I mentioned Jericho 11.

Peter Dukette,
25 years old.

Dropped out of Queens
computer engineering after

a term for a more
lucrative life in crime.

Arrested for identity
theft, fraud.

Suspected of numerous
counts of online impropriety.

Looks like he
changed his ways.

He runs a firm that tests
companies cyber security.

There are some big
accounts here... GM, Ford,

Canada Bank Financial...

So these companies are
okay with a hacker like this?

They trust him?

Yeah hackers make the
best security consultants

because they know
all the tricks.

What about that hanging
guy that you saw?

Not sure, that feels
like a suicide...

And that equipment room?

No idea.

Maybe we need to see what
Mr. Dukette has to say.

Yeah, you want
me to come along?

No, Peter and Hacker
are on [inaudible] communication.

I don't want them
connecting any dots just yet.

I'll get my coat.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How you doing?

Great. How's your
new partner?

She's good, she's good.

She's a little raw but I think
she's getting the hang of it.

You free tonight?

Sorry, I have plans.

Okay, no problem.

Are you free tomorrow,
maybe later in the week?

Maybe, I have a few things
but... give me a call.



My apologies for the mess,

we cancelled the main
service when we wired in.

Oh, Mr. Dukette you seem to
have done very well for

yourself given your less
than stellar start.

Well we all make mistakes
when we're young.

Isn't that right Mr. Clark...
or is it Lockdown?

That was back around
'97 though right?

How many [Inaudible]?

Four hundred and

Let me guess,
Shark 367 firewall.

Now you're just
showing your age.

I believe that you
know Benny here.

Yeah, yeah I do.

He's a very talented

He writes some
excellent code.

What are they working on?

They're testing a new
phone app security;

it's a cross-site
scripting hole.

Persistent or


The developer thought that HTML
anti-decoding on 5 xml characters...

Would be enough to
prevent the cross-site.


They're wrong and that's
how I make my money these

days is by saving companies
from people like I...

well we, used to be.

Now... how may I help you?

We're looking for someone
named Jericho 11.

We believe this person
may be involved in

a large-scale
identity theft.

And why would you
think that I know him?

Well unless I'm wrong you've
moved in the same circles.

I don't associate with
those sorts anymore.

I meant with your work.

You are one of the good guys
now right, a white hat?

They still
call them that?

They do.

No I haven't heard of this
individual but I do,

I will be sure to let you know.

We would appreciate that;
thank you for your time.

Thank you.


So Peter Dukette seems
to know a lot about you.

You want to fill me in?

Not especially.

There's a reason that juvie
records are sealed Michelle.

Dev, I know you've had
your run-ins with the law;

I've never asked any
questions before, but...

it's never affected a case.

I got caught hacking into the
Department of Defense at 16.

They offered me a deal,
either help with the RCMP

or face the music.

Turned out I liked
being a white hat.

Well it sounds like
your legacy lives on.

Once you're in cyber
space you live forever.

I'm a digital artifact.

And what about Dukette;
you think he is gone back

to his old ways?

Is he Jericho 11?


I don't know but we both
know he's hiding something.

Okay, maybe it's time to
call our mind hacker...

The one who doesn't
need a computer?



Basic tube in [Inaudible]
to the base of the epiglottis

...inflating cuff...

securing tube... and time.

Fifty-seven seconds.


Beat that.

I honestly don't think I can;
that is a very impressive time.


Yes, absolutely.
Good for you.


Hey it's almost quitting
time; want to grab a beer?

I can't tonight; I got
to get some work done.

Thank you though.

Oh, okay.

How about tomorrow?

It will be my treat...
I have per diem.

- Per diem? - Yeah
- Wow!




Hey, hi, it's me, sorry.

What are you doing here?

I want to talk to you
without getting stabbed.

What do you want?

I need your help.

All right, the truth is
my name is Lars Trenton.

I'm head of security at
a data storage company.

We got hacked, someone
stole credit card information.

I think the person who did it,
his name is Jericho 11,

I need you to
help me find him.

I already told you I don't
know who the guy is, okay?

And why should I help you;
you lied to me.

You lied to me.

You're not just a blogger,
you're one of them.


All right, so how do you
know so much about them;

how do you know
how to find them?

You know all that because
you are one of them.

You're a hacker.

You can believe whatever
you want to believe.

All right,
okay, I'm sorry.

Let me start
over, all right?

I need your help.

Why should I help you?

Because maybe you want
to find Jericho 11

just as much as I do.

I'll share my theories you
share your theories,

we pool our resources.


[esp]: He's fishing, how
much does he really know.

I know a lot more
than you think.

I don't know.

What does the name
Peter Dukette mean to you?


You think he's Jericho 11?

Whether he is or isn't

we think he's the one who
hacked our company.

I don't know anything;
I can't help you

with this, I'm sorry.

What happened to you?

Someone do
something to you?


The way you pulled a knife
on me, that's not natural.

[esp]: I don't need your pity.

This isn't pity.

But if you want to talk to
someone you let me know.


[recording]: If you want
to talk to someone you

let me know.

So who are you;
Dr. Phil or Lars Trenton?

Nice choice of
name by the way.

Thank you.

I saw the hanging guy
again; I think it has

something to do
with Dukette.


And the room full of junk its
actually old computer equipment.

Anything else?

Yeah I saw thousands of
sequences of numbers,

three groups of three, like
social insurance numbers.

Identity theft; I mean
that could be worth millions.

I have to ask again, do
you think she's in on it?

I don't know; maybe.

Benny, mind if we talk?

I got nothing to say.

Good, then you can listen.

Look you don't know me,
I don't know you, but we got

a lot more in common
than you think.

Give me a break.

I used to be a
punk just like you.

Maybe you still are.

Let me guess, you're good
at computers, you go

places no one else can

but then you realize that
there's money to be made.

Is that what
happened to you?

No, I got caught.

Maybe you're
not that good.

Maybe you're not that bad.

What's that mean?

It means you can still make
something with your skill.


You're a cop right; what
do you make, $75 K?

Well I could use more, we
all could, but it doesn't

mean I run and
become a black hat.

I'm not black hat,
I'm green hat.

I go where the money is.

You're in a position to
help me get the guys that

don't know right
from wrong.

Sorry, I'm just doing this
for the fun of it okay.

You're not mixed up with just
hackers; these are criminals.

That means you and me...

Look we're on a
collision course.

Well I got places
to do, okay.


I can assure you Mr. Klein
that Revenue Canada's data

is absolutely safe.

It is protected by a
bulletproof firewall

second to none,
designed by myself.

No one is questioning your
ability Mr. Niles, however

IIB has reason to believe
that a malicious hacker

is targeting Social
Insurance Numbers.

Since Revenue Canada
handles so much of the

data we felt obligated
to inform you.

You realize that I am just a
consultant for Revenue Canada.

Well it is our
understanding that you are,

for lack of a better term,
their head of internet security.

Listen, I've been
around computers a long time

seen a lot of code, I've
seen hackers, good and bad,

come and go.

That's why they hired me.

So you've heard of someone
using the handle Jericho 11.

How did you
find that name?

So you have heard of it.

Some chatter has come to our
attention regarding that name.

We've been investigating
but so far nothing has

been substantiated.

You think he has something
to do with this threat

to steal SIN numbers?


Does the name Peter Dukette
mean anything to you?

Yes, why?

Well we have reason to
believe that he's Jericho 11.

I find that very unlikely.

And why is that?

Peter Dukette is a paid
consultant to Revenue Canada,

in fact he was the one who
tipped us to Jericho 11.

So you're telling me that
Dukette, the guy that you think

is Jericho 11 is actually
working for the good guys?

Apparently yeah.

I mean granted I don't
understand that much about

the world of hacking but
it seems like all the good

guys and bad guys are kind
of bleeding into one another.

Yeah, white hat, black
hat, hacker versus cracker...

tickling fan,

See the problem is whoever
Jericho 11 is, he is going

to steal the SINs, it
doesn't matter if its

Dukette or some other cat...

...Kette or cat... that's good.

- What?
- What?

Here I am... hey.

Do you want to
meet Peter Dukette?


He's having a party
tonight at his loft.

- All right.
- Be there at 11:00.


Hey what's so important
that you had to call me on

my night off?

Forgot to have you sign my
report on the pedestrian mishap.

Oh, okay...that's actually
pretty important.

You look terrific
by the way.

Oh, thank you.

I'm going out
with some friends.

Oh yeah?

Are they here; they
can come inside.

I'm not sure I'm
ready to share.

I don't bite.

I meant you.

Listen Oz, I just wanted to
thank you for taking me on,

making me feel
so comfortable.

I was a little worried about
who I'd be partnered with.

It's all part of the
job and... you're good.

I think you're going to
have an excellent career.

Want to call me later?

You want me to ca...

Hey, this is good I think
how it is, actually.

You're right, just give that
to the nurse and you're cool.

Oh, pen...
all right see you.


Hey what's up?


All good?

Why wouldn't it be?

No, nothing.

Does seem a bit
young for you.

Oh that's just work
related stuff, you know

totally platonic.

Plus, she's, uh, she's
out of my league so...

Ah, but if she weren't...

That's not what I meant.

Then I guess I fall right
into your real house.

Do you want to
go for a drink?

I'm actually meeting
someone for drinks right

after my shift.



Hey Oz.

Hey, hey Liv, how are you?


Meet me in five Sandy?


Oh, Oz was just telling
about his trainee...

What's her name?


Poor thing has to wear a
dress that's a couple

of sizes too small.

Oh, mustn't have
gotten paid yet.

Okay...hey you guys are
going to have fun tonight.

I'm going to go; I'll
catch up with you later.

You do that and oh,
say hi to Elise for us.


How's it going?


Lars Trenton,
he's with me.



Would you like a drink?

I would love a drink.



Are you okay?
You seem distracted.

Yeah, no, I just think I
chose the wrong career.

Well trust me, not all
hackers live like this.


Vodka soda please.

And I'll get a scotch.


You must be Lars Trenton.

Hey... Peter Dukette.

Yeah, hey, nice
to meet you.




Marisa tells me that
you're having some

difficulties with the
business venture.

I am, yeah.

I hope you can
help me out.

Well if Marisa vouches for
you it's good enough for me.

Let's talk.
Would you excuse us?


What are you
doing here cop?

My job.

You're really
getting on my nerves.

Good, good,
Ido what I can.

Black hat battle's
about to begin.

What do you say you
and I have a go.

I don't do that anymore.

You scared, afraid
you lost your touch?

All right here's the deal;
you win I'll get off your case,

I win you show
me a little respect.

Somebody said they used
to call you Lockdown...

I got a new name for you
old man, Dialup.

I was just hoping that you
could point me towards the

sort of individuals I'm
looking for...

and I'm not looking

for your average black hat
that hates the Jameson's...

Who are you looking for?

I'm looking for someone
like Jericho 11.

[esp]: Where
are you Jericho?

Then again maybe I'm
chasing a ghost.

Possibly but if he's
anything like me I bet

he's interested in a few
thousand credit card numbers.

All right, well what
interests you Mr. Dukette?

What interests me
Mr. Trenton is water,

alternative energy.

The future... I am interested
in changing the world.

For the better?

I believe so.

What if I told you my
goal in life was to see

Wall Street destroyed?

Is that a bad thing?

No, no, it's
outdated model.

Hm... we agree on that.

It's corrupt.

It's destroying the middle
class that it should serve.

And do you know
what gleaning is?

Is it biblical?

The poor were allowed to
scour the fields after the

harvest had been taken,
collecting what they could

for themselves.

You understand?


Yeah I think so...

if the existing economic
system were destroyed then

the average guy would be able
to find wealth in the rubble.

Close enough.

Now if that's
Jericho 11's objective

then more power to him.

Unfortunately for now
my job is to stop him.

But there is a revolution
coming and I'm sure that

he'll be part of it.


Guys... it's the hack off.


I hope you found what
you were looking for.

The guy's got a
lot of big ideas.

He's developing a
Messiah complex.

It's a merging of the internet
with the human conscience.

It gets me kind of hot.

So you arranged this
whole thing to convince

me he's not Jericho 11.

Well like you said, everyone
has their secrets, right?

What do you say...
HOC, Norad,

your old buddy's
at the Department of Defense...

Not hacking anything.

We just penetrate,
no damage.

Department of Defense.


Ready, set, hack.


Benny's found
the source code.


So has Dialup.


[esp]: Sequel injection...
get the blind data.


[esp]: Go man!


[esp]: Come on, he's
decrypting the password...


We have a winner; Benny!



I hate to break
it to you but that kid

might be past redemption.

That's what I
was counting on.

I just planted a z-bot in
Peter Dukette's system.

I'm not following you;
speak English.

Okay I knew I couldn't get
behind Peter Dukette's

- firewall unless I was invited.
- Yeah.

It cost me the battle
but it's in there.

We now have access to
all of Peter Dukette's

computers and
whatever he is into.


Lockdown is back baby!

Who's Lockdown?

- Is that you?
- I'm Lockdown.



The z-bot is in, I got to
take it nice and slow though.

Dukette could have
a trap set up in there.

I got a hit off someone in
that room about something

called blind data.

Blind data?
I'll keep that in mind.

So Dukette was looking
for Jericho 11 as well.


Maybe he really is
on the up and up.

I don't know; there's
something up with him.

My hits off Benny and Marisa
have been quite accurate.

Speaking of Marisa, I mean
that girl, she's 22 years old,

a few minor charges for
theft but nothing crazy.

She's just a bit
of a street punk.

Makes you wonder if she got
mixed up with Peter Dukette.

Yeah, a little more than
mixed up from what I saw.

You mind if I
borrow that phone?

No, not at all.

All this religious stuff
Peter's been talking about...

The name Jericho...
I think there's something there.

I'm going to go find out.

Let me know if
you get anything.

See you guys later.

So I think I got
something, okay?

That name Toby was talking
about, Blind Data?

They own a server and
Peter Dukette and his minions

have been snooping around
on it quite a bit.

Well given his job I'm sure he
looks at servers every day.

No doubt, but Blind Data
is owned by Kenneth Niles.

The security consultant
for Revenue Canada.



Good morning, after you.

Look yesterday after work,
did I do something wrong?

No, no, no, you did not.

Okay because you know,
I was just hoping you'd call or...

I'm seeing somebody.

There you go. I should
have said that earlier.

I just started
seeing somebody.

It's kind of great and new and
I kind of really like her so...

Okay, that explains

Right yeah, I mean I think
that you're great and uh...

if I had met you six months
ago, who knows.

But there it is.


- Okay?
- Yeah.

Well if anything changes...

[radio]: University 21,
personal injury, female 42,

Grange and John...

Unit 21 responding, copy.

Shall we?




Blind Data is just one of
a number of companies I own.

Onsite scrubbing,
destruction of hard drives

and backup devices.

We take redundant
information and safely

dispose of it.

Well is there any reason
that Peter Dukette would

need or want access
to that company?

No, none that
I can think of.


Well this so-called
redundant information,

this is people's names,
credit card numbers,

their security codes,
even their SIN numbers?

Could be?

Maybe he's planning to
steal that information

from Blind Data.

Impossible; the man works with
me, I trust him completely.

Well, I believe the going
rate for SIN numbers

on the black market is
what, $10 a pop.

Ten dollars?

So if he were to hack into
your site how many numbers

are we talking about?


Well that's a lot
of money Mr. Niles.

Enough to tempt
anyone I should think.

Really appreciate you
sharing this with me;

I'll look into
it immediately.

[phone ringing]


Hey we've been looking at this
Jericho 11 thing all wrong.

You know when I first read
Benny I thought it was

a person, but what if
it's not a person?

What are you
talking about?

Look in the Bible.

Jericho is a city with
huge strong walls

protecting it; a guy named
Joshua blows his trumpet

until the walls collapse.

Jericho is not a
hacker, it's a target.

But what if it's a
computer behind that wall,

behind a firewall?

Getting into these
archives was like raising

Lazarus from the dead.

Anyway Jericho 11 was
the name assigned to a

computer built for Revenue
Canada in the early 1980s.

Its primary function was
data backup and storage.

And one of the engineers is
none other than Kenneth Niles.

He must have
known all along.

So Jericho 11 is sitting
around gather dust with a

whole bunch of old
electronic equipment,

like magnetic backup tapes.

The equipment room that
Toby saw in his read.

It's old stuff, outdated,
forgotten by the world.

Yeah, except for Kenneth
Niles who has long since

left Revenue Canada and
started up his own business.

Disposing of old data...

Like those old
Jericho 11 tapes.

Suddenly he has access to
millions of SIN numbers,

all he needs is a buyer.

And who better to help set
that up than Peter Dukette.

So how does he do it?

Me, I'd bring Jericho 11
back online, transfer the

data to a secure server
that I own and let the

middleman handle the rest.

That's why Dukette was
probing Blind Data server.

He was prepping
for the transfer.

Okay there's just one thing
that's bothering me here.

Does Dukette seem like
the type of guy

who would share his plan?


So how did Toby get his
read from Hack Girl;

how did she know?


[knocks on door]

Mind if I come in?

I'm a little busy.

I just want to talk to you
about Jericho 11 and Joshua.

Joshua Patterson,
your father.


Hello, Hi, yeah.

We have a problem.

Only one?

I just got off the phone
with Revenue Canada and

yes they recently signed
a deal with Blind Data to

destroy the
Jericho 11 files.

Suggested by Kenneth
Niles no doubt.

Well exactly, but
here's the thing.

Blind Data just
moved up the date.

To when?


I'll take Kenneth Niles.

I'll take Peter Dukette.


It's a cool place.

So you actually
sleep up there?


Want to tell me
about your father?

My father was a
quiet, brilliant man.

He went about his business
asking for nothing,

receiving nothing.

He worked for
Revenue Canada?

Kenneth Niles took
credit for everything

about the Jericho 11 project.

I mean it was my dad's idea,
even the name, the whole thing.

That's kind of funny,
Joshua protecting Jericho.

My dad said
nothing, not a word.

Even when Revenue
Canada downsized him.

After all Kenneth went
off and started his own

business, why
couldn't my dad?

What went wrong?

Kenneth Niles is
what went wrong.




Step away from
the computer!

What's this about?

Jericho 11.

You said you didn't
know anything about it.

My work is highly
classified, absolute

discretion is required.

Well we have officers
raiding Dukette's office

right now so unless you
start talking you're

going to find your
computer privileges very

limited in prison.

This is a good day for you
to leave work early Benny,

if you know what I mean.

- Dude...
- Hey.

I said this is a good
day to leave work early.


My dad started his own IT
security firm, right?

But his major client got hacked
so his reputation was ruined.


This is a man in his fifties
with no way of starting over.


You're in big
trouble Mr. Dukette.

I know, there were 14 million
SIN numbers on that computer.

At $10 apiece that's a lot of
money for you and your partner.

I'm surprised you're not
more upset seeing how

you're about to lose it.

I told you before that I'm
not a criminal anymore.

In fact I was going to
redirect all that money to

something useful.

Of course, Kenneth he
didn't know that; he would

have been very upset when
he found out but who is he

going to complain to?

You were going to redirect
that money where?

Haiti maybe, Sudan...I was
thinking about building

solar farms there, having
the locals run them.

A little microeconomics
project in mind.

See that is how you burn
the system down, Lockdown.

It is by empowering
the little guy.

Yeah well it's too bad none of
that's going to happen now.

Well the irony is that
it never would have.


Because someone is stealing
the SIN numbers from my

computer as we speak.
I've been hacked.

And one day it was
just... was all a
bit too much for him.



And the hacker
was Kenneth Niles.


So I hacked his computers
and I watched

for years to try to find
some way to pay him back.

But not just for what
he did to my dad,

but for everyone that
he screwed over.

And that's when I found
out about what he was doing

with Jericho 11, and I also
knew about Peter's involvement.

What, so you pretended
to be attracted to Peter to get

close to him, to steal their
big payday, is that it?

I would have never
sold those numbers.

It's 14 million
people's lives!

Peter would go...
he would go on about these

benevolent concepts but
really he couldn't care less

what happened
to those people.

He was just like how
Kenneth Niles could care less

what happened to my dad.

And now these lives
are in your hands.

Yeah they are.



My life is in your hands.


There's $140,000,000 here,
fourteen million lives.

That's crazy.

Do hard drives
like microwaves...?




[zapping sounds]


- Hey.
- Hey!

...Oz, why are you
waiting out here in the cold?

I was kind of hoping
we could have a little

private moment.

- Okay.
- Yeah...

Uhm... that was ridiculous
what I said yesterday.

I didn't... you know,
the whole league thing,

- That was a bad joke... - Oz
- I was... - Oz

Oz...? shut up.


Look here's the deal; I
used to be married and now

I'm free and I want to
start enjoying life.

I mean I can be a lot of
fun but I'm not looking

for a commitment you know,
and I'm certainly not

looking for exclusivity.

You cool with that?

You free tonight?

Actually no.

- It's alright.
- Maybe tomorrow?

Yeah, tomorrow works.

You know Oz there might
come a day when you're

not cool with this.

I'm cool with it now.



So any news on the SIN numbers?

Whoever hacked Peter Dukette

hasn't done anything
with them yet.

Yeah, I have a
feeling they won't...

Do you?


You know that Hack Girl
has vanished.

Did she?

You wouldn't know anything
about that would you?

Not at all no.

No, no, of course not
because if you did I'm

sure you would tell me.

You'd be the
first to know.


Though I have a feeling
she'd be hard to find.

Do you?

Just have that feeling.