The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 11 - To Die For - full transcript

Toby (Craig Olejnik) is brought in to authenticate the testimony of a star witness - a celebrated restaurant chef - in the trial of a mob boss charged with shooting his business partner.

I really can't stay very long.

I have to be up in early hour.

Did I say something at dinner
that i should know about?

No, I'm just exhausted. Its all.

Look, you can...

You can spend the night, you can crash here.

i can get you to work in the morning.

I'll sleep on the couch.

No funny business, I promise.

Of course if you started any funny business...

Look, I have...

this rule...


No sleepovers on a first date.


unless it involves fitsy pyjamas.


Do you like cowboys or dinosaurs.

Cause I've got both.

Well then, maybe I should have some coffee?

All right I've got a French Press.

Oh God.

What's going on?

I can't stay.

Yes you can.

Billie, sure you can.

You have cats?

No I dont. I hate cats.

Why would I have a cat?

I have to get out of here...

before my face swells up
and my lungs collapse.

Let's talk about this.

Wait a minute, what?

Woah, what the hell.

You told me you had no pets.

That is not mine.

I will not be lied to.


I do not know how it got out of his cage.

You brought a ferret into my house.

Look I was just trying to do Sandy a favor, okay.

My place does have a strict no pets clause.

Woah, this is Sandy's ferret?

Sandy's niece.

Went to asia for six months.

and then, Sandy was gonna watch it
but her landlady's like

The ferrets are disease carriers. Which
a total fallacy by the way.

All right, look, okay.
The ferret is out.

I want my keys back and you no
longer have privileges at my place.

All right, that's fair.

Hey, what's going with the your new
assignment you told me about the chef.

Yeah, Dylan Morris, he's... this guy
is testifying against a mob boss.

Are you serious?
The witness protection guy?


That's huge news, it's everywhere.

It's like good fellas meets admiral.



So what you gonna do for him, i mean...

read him his last rights?

I don't know, I don't know,
if I knew I...

Yeah, you wouldn't tell me.

That's fine, it doesn't bother me.

You're okay with it?

I'd lied about it.


I'm thinking about...

a barn.

A barn?

One those old not quite falling down
places that you see out in the country

Yeah, there's one in Prince Edward County
I've had my eye on.

Unfortunately Dylan,

I don't think that you're gonna be opening up
any restaurants in witness protection, but.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

it makes you feel better to fantasize

Well it's certainly better...

So what's going on?

a bullet in my head at any moment.

Uh, that's Dylan Morris our star witness.

In the next two weeks until trial,

we will have people on all of our witnesses
twenty four-seven.

We've got you covered.

Says the spider to the fly.

And who's this?

That's the Crown Counsel Isabelle Desante.

I want to take you back
to the night of the shooting.

Well, you don't bore easily.

The jury hasn't heard it.

The Crown Counsel is worried that
Dylan's testimony won't be enough.

Klein wants us to dig up whatever we can.

Which is why you're here.

We're hoping there is something
he might have overlooked.

Something he might be seeing.
But not saying.

Sigh, so the last customer had gun.

My cousin Jack,

he manages the restaurant for me.

He and I are going over the index totals
and we hear an argument.

So I go into the wine bar.

I see Will my business partner

is having it out with Zapata.

Your other business partner.

Can you tell the court how you first
came to meet Nick Zapata.

This is for all the marbles, Dylan.

You screw up in the stand,
the whole case goes belly up.

and so do I?

That what you were going to say?

Shall I repeat the question?

Before Sterling got involved...

I went to Zapata for some start up cash.

The two of them never
got along from the beginning.

And I did everything in my power
to keep them apart.

Clearly, they make an arrangement to meet
at the restaurant after it closed.

The second shot...

Stirling stopped moving.

And I was afraid that
Zapata was going to do me too.

He just dropped the gun.

told me to clean up

and then he left.


I saw what he described
exactly how he said it.

No question?

No, no.

But he seem a bit nervous.

Yeah, well the man is about to put away a mob boss,
I think you'd be nervous too.

Okay, so Dylan hears an argument
in the wine bar...

and he finds his business partner, Will Sterling
yelling at big time crime boss Nick Zapata.

about how he wants his investment back.

And then in front of Dylan,
Zapata kills Sterling.

Let's hope it's enough for the jury.

So, in the beginning,
Dylan covered up the murder, right?

Yeah, that was our bargaining chip.

We don't prosecute in exchange for Zapata's testimony.

Well, then he points the finger at Zapata,

I mean, doesn't that feel a little self serving?

That's the downside of flipping
a co-conspirator.

Hopefully, the jury sees Zapata is the greater evil.


Dylan's cousin Jack is on his way up
if you wanna observe.

and one of my people is on
the sous chef Magda Desmond

So that should do us for the witnesses.

Isabelle, I'd like you to meet Toby Logan.

Toby, this is the Crown Counsel,
Isabelle Desante.

Pleasure, Mr. Logan.


Mr. Logan is our resitting consultant
on facial expressions.

Stuff like that.


So tell me, how do you know
if a witness is lying?

Their lips are moving.

Remind me to get you to
screen my next jury pool.

Thank you.

Hey Jack.

How you doing?

Oh, hanging in there, you know.



I'm getting kind of tired
coming to this place though.

Right this way Mr Nassiter.

It'll all be over soon, all right.

All right.

It should have been me
who walked into that wine bar instead of Dylan.

The guy who's done time for aggravated assault

would have been a better peacemaker,
is that it?

Like I said, I'm not proud of my past.

I did some things.

things that I paid a price for.

But Dylan, he helped me get around that

And in gratitude you hooked him up with Zapata?

My cousin came to me for help.

his restaurant was going under.

What's so difficult for you to get about that?

Oh, we get he was in trouble, but
not everybody goes to the mob for a loan.

Well not everybody's tapped out of the banks.

Know what I mean?

I'm supposed to sit there and watch
my cousin's dream go up in smoke?

when I had a direct line to some easy money?

Two weeks from now,
you're talking to the jury.

We're sitting there,
we hear this yelling and.

it's obvious is coming from the wine bar.

so I get up to go and have a look

but Dylan's like.
No, no, no, no.

I'll go see.

I hear two shots.

I go for the wine bar,
I see Zapata running out.

I go in, find Sterling, dead.

So you know Zapata says it was you
who had a bad blood with Stirling.

That if anyone had motive,
it was you.

He says a lot of things.

But you don't deny wanting Sterling out.

I knew bringing him aboard would be a bad news.

but Dylan, he had big plans.

want to expand and what not.

But then...
bang, bang.

Dream's over.



the only difference between
his memory and Dylan's memory.

is that Jack off to go check the argument.

Other than that, pretty much the same.


Amy Sterling the victim's wife.

She's downstairs.

Okay, have her come up.

She was hoping she didn't have to.

I wish I had more confidence
that monster will be convicted.

Well, the Crown Counsel believe
she can make her case.

I can barely get that woman to return my calls.

She's doing everything she possibly can,
I promise you.

People say, Zapata is too powerful
to be touched.

Not this time.

When Will found out who
his partners really were...

he felt like he'd been kicked in the gut.

We were blind sided.

And now he's dead and the whole world
thinks that Will was a crooked businessman.

I can't even begin to imagine how
difficult this has all been for you.

They killed my husband, then they
destroyed his reputation.

I can't bring him back.

I just wanna save his good name.

We will.

Don't irritate it.

It can't get out right...
I mean everything is...

No, no, no. How's it going to get out
It doesn't have opposable thumbs.

All right.

Well I guess look, if it's for Sandy I guess
you can keep it in the locker room.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Smells bad enough in there as it is.


So, uh how long you figure it's gonna...

all right, he or she or whatever
is gonna be here?

Oh, it's just a couple of days.

My parents is gonna take it but
they live above the restaurant.

So, they can't...

Hey, wait a second.

You wouldn't consider?

Consider what?

Taking the thing.

I mean you got kids.
I know you love your kids.

I mean this thing is hours of fun.
Look at the way it's playing with those...

Forget it, Mr Bey.

It's just I couldn't think of a nicer family
and a better home really.

I said NO!

You want to drop the case?

Not at all.

In fact, I want to raise the ante.

I'm sorry, are you trying Zapata
on murder charges or not?

What Isabelle is getting at...

Thank you Alvin,

but I think I can get at what
I'm getting at.

You traded your little fish chef for
a bigger fish, Zapata.

Now I want to use Zapata to trade up to a really big fish.

Well, now I know I'm missing something.

We had an unexpected breakthrough
late last night from Interpol.

We think we can tie Zapata to an
international money laundering

scheme involving hundreds
of millions of dollars.

Great, so we can get him for murder and money laundering.

Why throw up the baby with the bathwater?

It's not about throwing anything up.
Michelle, it's about...

It's about using it, leverage.

We plea bargain our way into a case
against the International Syndicate.

And you think he's gonna give up his
crime pals to beat a murder rap.

If he thinks the murder rap is going
to stick, then yeah, you bet.

You support this?

Uh. I like to accuse myself if possible.

I've been working this case since
we took over from Metro.

Getting Dylan to turn wasn't a matter
of saying please and thank you.

And now you want me to
tell him to just forget it?

She's got a point.

What happens if your star witness

gets cold feet on the day of trial.

what then, you lose Zapata on murder.

and any chance of landing
the whales that he was swimming with.

She's also got a point.

Well, I just told Will Sterling's widow that
the man who killed her husband would pay.

Well that's a limb you went out on
Sergeant Mcclusky.

Not me.

I don't know what you hoped to get
from dragging me down here, again.

Well it's not the murder I'm so
interested in per se Mr. Zapata,

it's a trip that you took to Europe last fall.

October 2nd,

this is you emerging from a bank in Zurich.

Now those two gentlemen that you're with
there, they've since been brought up

on money laundering
and racketeering charges.

Some people just take the
wrong path in life.

Well, you're not aware that new
international banking regulations

require reporting of
suspicious transactions.

That's good to know.

Arthur, take a note of that.

Now we know that you opened a common
account with both of those gentlemen.

and that withdrawals and deposits

from said account are in excess of
ten million dollars a month.

What do you got against a businessman
trying to make a legitimate living?

You go to trial in two weeks for
the murder of Will Sterling.

A murder I did not commit.

Well I have an eye witness
that says different.

And quite frankly Mr Zapata
with your background,

I don't see a jury being
disabused of that notion.

Arthur, she's now accusing me
of abusing the jury.

No, Mr. Zapata, what I'm saying.

What the Crown Counsel wants is for

you to give evidence against these men

and others in exchange
for the murder charges

being dropped.

Well that is very interesting.

Isn't that interesting Arthur?

You gals just blew it.

I'm sorry?

You told us you have nothing.

I said no such thing.

Your murder case just flamed out.

We know you were at the
restaurant that night.

I never said I wasn't.

You got into a heated
exchange with Mr Sterling.

Because he was scum.

I told you he wanted
to pull his money out.

Jack was furious, he had more
of a beef than I did.

When I left there were still going at it.

Like I told you ten times,
Jack should be on trial here.

not me.

And as far of the plea bargain,
you can shove it lady.

cause the only deal that I'm interested in
from you is for you to drop all the charges.

and make a public apology.

Sad to say that didn't go well.

Well, it might have gone better
if you let me do the talking.

But i guess you got what you wanted.

No, offering to negotiate the murder
charges showed weakness.

Michelle, this is not the slamdunk case
that you seem to think that it is.

Dylan Morris could be playing us for fools

hoping that we put away a very
powerful man who wants him dead.

If we don't get him on money laundering,
you better hope to hell

that the murder charge sticks because if
Zapata doesn't go down, one of us just might.

We better find some new evidence soon.

or this trial could be over before
it starts.

No pressure.

So you're saying that Zapata threw
the wine glass and then left.


He never fired the shot.

No, I mean...

I mean the reading ended
before the shot was fired.

Let's say...

let's say Dylan has rehearsed
the story so many times that when he...

when he tells it, what he sees, what i saw

is the fictional version of
what actually happened.

Which means Zapata could be
telling the truth.

Jack shot Sterling and
Dylan is covering for him.

Let's go talk to the chef.

This is my associate Toby Logan.

How you doing? I brought you some
Cannoli from Scott Chillis.

I appreciate the thought but
Scott Chillis isn't quite

the restaurant it used to be.

Okay, well, you don't want them,
I'll take them home.


No, no. That's fine, it can stay.

So what's up?

You are aware that terms of your
witness protection are null and void

if you perjure yourself on the stand, right?

Whoa, whoa who said anything
about perjury?

What did you say about these?

It's a gift, if you don't want them...

That's a day old.

Do you see how soft the pastry is?

You don't serve day old.

Have you been completely honest with
me and the Crown Counsel?

Do you think I'm crazy?

You think that I'm going to screw around
with my life on the line.

You knowingly got into business with
the mob, yeah.

I think you're capable of high risk behavior.

What is this really about, sergeant?

What, suddenly you don't trust me?

I don't think trust was ever in the equation.

Simple question.

How did Will Sterling end up dead at
your restaurant?

Sterling found out about the operation.

and he wants a piece.

That cannot happen.

I told you he was trouble.

From the begining.

So let's get him down here,

Right now.

It was Zapata.

Look I don't know how many ways
I can say this.

You're forgetting who's on trial here.

I'm the one that's put my neck
on the line to bring down a guy

that you couldn't lay a glove on.

Yeah, when the trial is over.

we can show our appreciation.

Well perhaps

you could show it now.

I wanted to cook one last supper.

If you will. For the three of
us who started the restaurant.

Me, Jack, Magda.

It would mean a hell of a lot to me.

You're a target, Dylan.

I don't think you want to show up
at your own restaurant.

this close to the trial.

The defence is going to scream collusion.

It's over anyway.

You know whether I take a bullet or end up

in some godforsaken suburbia.

I'm done.

I'm done.

Dylan, Jack and Zapata met the night
before Sterling arrives.

They were talking about how Sterling had found
out about the big money laundering operation.

The international scheme at
Interpol turned up.

Right, now I can't figure out if
Sterling wanted a cut of it.

or he wanted hush money.

Right, and Zapata wasn't having it.

Right, neither was Jack.
So then what happened?

That's it...

I need another crack at them.

I gotta get them when their guard's down.

Yeah, okay. I just need to figure out how to

tell Isabelle all of this without letting
her know where I got my information.

You'll figure it out.

So you say you want to go after
the big fish

well, Sterling was killed because he
threatened to expose those big fish.

And you know this suddenly how?

I reviewed all the physical evidence
in light of the new Interpol

information including everything
Sterling left behind.

He was researching a bunch of companies
the days before he died

Nothing looked suspicious, we thought
he was just looking for new investments.

But now...

You think they could be tied
to our global money launderers.


Okay, say...

Sterling stumbled upon the bigger scheme.

Maybe he went to Zapata and threatens
to expose him with it.

You think?

Why wouldn't Sterling go to the

Because the authorities
don't pay extortion fees.

Seems like nobody's hands
were clean on this one.

But only one person pulled the trigger.


So you think she knows
about us?

Michelle? she's pretty smart but
I think we've been pretty discreet.

Forgetting the odd copy room encounter.

I wish that I was as confident about her
smartness as you are.

Trust me, there is nobody better.

Well thanks to her I've built a case
on marginal evidence

and witnesses who stand to gain from
the prosecution of Nick Zapata.

Are you sure this is about the case,

and it's not just about two
accomplished, ambitious women,

letting their personal animosity

get in the way of
their professional duty?

We have a history.

Something I don't know about?

Yeah... that's because she made sure
it never crossed your desk.

We had a run in. You remember those
arrest in the financial district

last Christmas?

Well she accused me of grandstanding

because I insisted that there was press

at the perp walk.

And I said something that I shouldn't.

And we never did work it out.

Answer it.
I'm going to take a shower.

Hey. Am I calling too late?

No, no it's fine.

Where are you?


Um, um, I'm at home.

I think you left the shower running.

What's on your mind?

I have a proposition for you.

I'm all ears.

Well good.

Bring your ears and your playmate down here
first thing in the morning and I will explain.


He wants to go back to the restaurant

and cook a final meal?

He is very passionate about it

And of course he wants to invite the
other witnesses.

Look, I know it sounds like a bad idea but
just think about it for one minute, here.

We could bug the entire place there

would be no chance of them colluding
without our knowing.

We may learn more in four hours than
we did in four months.

And none of it's admissible.

Yeah, I could seek a court order

but then we risk entrapment.

The wine would certainly flow, lips
would loosen.

It's not the worst idea I've ever heard.

I have a far more per se it concerns,

How much safer as he
pinned to a hotel room?

Look I'll make sure the entire place
is locked down.

And I suppose that you wouldn't want to
chill the coversation with your presence?

No, I'll have a man there.

Let me guess your behavioural whizz.

Mr. Logan. Yes.

Yeah, you want to prove
you're right that much.

No, I want to get to the
truth that much.

Dinner at eight,
back in their cages by twelve.

Armed escorts both ways,

all raw Intel comes directly to me.

This backfires I will deny that I ever
agreed to it.

I know we'd find some common ground.

Jeez, I'll do like a cavity search for dinner.

Give me a call if you need anything,
all right.

Yeah, I will.

Hey, let me ask you a question
before you go.

Sure, what?

Ryder seem like he's acting strange
to you lately?

No, not really.

I don't know he seems
kinda touchy.

Like moody, sullen, not really himself.

You know, it seems pretty normal to me.

Look I'm a little busy with this
case right now, so I don't really want to...

It's worth the shot.

I gotta go feed the ferret.

Good luck with that.



Hey, how you doing?

Are you sure, you don't want
to join me for dinner?

No, I'm good. But...

I'm just gonna be right around the corner
if you need anything.

Okay. These guys are gonna let me in?

Yeah, you good.

All right.

Mr Logan, right?


I'm Jack.

What can I get you?

I'll take uh two fingers
of your best Irish.

You bet.

Sorry gentlemen.


I see you've met Mr Logan.

Toby, you can call me Toby.

Please tell me Magda's in there.

She's been chopping and

mincing since 5.

Care to see the kitchen?

Sure, yeah.

This is where the magic happens.


Magda, this is Toby Logan.

Hey, how you're doing?

Toby is a cop, who is not here for food.

But we'll pretend otherwise.

Love lobster.

We use them to perfume
the white asparagus.

Okay shoo, no one is allowed in my

unless he prepared to work in it.

It's not your kitchen yet Magda.

Sorry slip of the tongue.

Mmm. Killer.

Who wants to get fed?

What the hell are you doing here, Mr. Bey?

I came to feed the ferret, sir.
What are you doing here?

I moved out.

Of your house?

Yes, of my house.


Well... may I ask the nature
of the problem?

The nature.

My wife kicked me out.

Oh that sucks.

Yeah, it does.

Is it another woman?

No. no, um...

apparently the problem is me.

Can you believe that?
All me.


My anger.

She wants me to go to...

anger management and I said no.

Well... I don't know what to say.

You can say good night Mr Bey.

Okay, good night.

Can you feed the ferret or...

You know what, I'm sure I can
take care of that.

Okay, just...

half of that bowl, should be fine.

It's all right.

To my friends.

May we always remember
the happier times.


I'm going to get the dessert.

Pardon me.

Would you mind telling me what the
point of all this is?

Oh I don't know, the end of my life
as i know it.

Thought maybe I'd mark the occasion.

You're not the only one whose life is
going to change.

You know what Jack,
have a drink.

In fact have a bunch of drinks.

Is that supposed to make it all better?

Is that gonna get our lives back?

Look, I wanted to make sure that you,
me and Magda are on the same page.

That's all.

How do I know that what you're telling
the cops is the same thing you're telling me?

Getting all paranoid on me know Jack

They're already asking about my being
pissed off that Sterling was brought in.

We all stick to the same story.

And nobody gets hurt.

Cr?me Brule.

Thank you.

Do you mind?

Of course.

Listen I gotta check in
with the boss.

A short leash?

Something like that.

Know the feeling.

Must be a little nerve wrecking with
the trial coming up.



Takes a lot of guts to stand up
to a guy like Zapata.

I'm not so sure guts is the right word.

It's more like a death wish.

Say, this must be where you passed
Zapata, right?


I read your deposition.

You said that you passed Zapata as you
were coming into the wine bar.

and he was leaving.

He is going to bring
all of us down.

End this right now, end it right now.

Do it.

So you're saying that Jack was
actually in the wine bar

with Dylan, Zapata and Sterling.

Yeah, it was Zapata who put the gun
in Jack's hand

and Jack is apparently the one who
shot Sterling.

Okay, well let's see if...

you can put Dylan through his
paces again.

I'm gonna text you some questions
I'd love to get answered.

Alright, got it.

Mmm... three words un freakin

This is wow.

Anyone can give you the taste

but it's the aromatics, the mouth feel

that's what sublime.

I noticed on your wine list,
that you've got an '05 Sauterne.

That's my favorite.

Excellent choice.

I've got a bottle in the wine bar,

Give me two secs.

Do you mind if I join you?


After you.

Something on your mind Mr Logan?

I don't really think you're
interested in the wine bar.

No I'm not, but it's a nice
wine bar though.

Just, I'd be cool whatever with
a few new facts.


Yeah, we can confirm that Zapata
brought a gun to the restaurant that night.

I told you that from the start,

not exactly a revelation.

True but the fact that he gave it to
Jack and told him to shoot Sterling is.

No that's ridiculous.

Zapata is just tying to save his skin.

End it.

Do it!

Jack was scared, his hands were
trembling, maybe he missed on purpose.

Dylan, we know that Jack shot

Just the first shot.

All right it's the one that grazed him.

I didn't say anything because...

I was trying to protect him.

The same way we'd protect him
when we were kids.

Zapata shot him, the way that you
would put down a dog.

He fired the only shot that mattered.

I'm sorry,

I've been driving around all night.
I've got to tell you something.

Tell me what?

Your wife is right, sir.
Hang on... just...

think about it for a second.
look how you are with me.

Not just me but...
mainly me.

And you know sometimes I deserve it,
but I don't think that I deserve this.

I don't think anyone deserve this.

Deserves what?

That, that right there.

You don't even know you're doing
it when you're doing it.

I mean I think you should take this
anger management course

and get your life under control.

You know... I care about you.
We all care about you.

Good night.

Sure I knew Sterling, he was part owner.

So how you swing getting the restaurant?

Oh I have Dylan to thank for that one.

His generousity or stupidity for
getting involved with the wrong people.

A little bit of both I guess.

What do you have to do in return?

Just keep up the restaurant's reputation

make sure people never forget who
made it what it is.

That's it?

It's all you have to do?

It's pretty sweet deal.

Good, he bought it.
And so will the jury.

Only I don't buy it.

Neither will the jury.

Hey, so tell me you have something.

I think we have a game changer here.

I think you may want to reconsider
your dinner invitation.

That's Dylan's story,
and Magda sticking to it.

Well, if she is lying,
than Dylan is too.


I already told you everything

Why would I lie?

Maybe to get off from the shadow
of Dylan?

Take over the restaurant
without having to lift a finger?

I wouldn't do that.

You know that the restaurant was
used to launder money.

I stayed out of the business side
of things.

Well, Dylan had a lot to hide
and he needed help.

I had to back up his lie,
I didn't want to, I never wanted to.

We know he made you lie.

All three of your stories are in
sync for a reason.

You still say that you saw Zapata
leave the restaurant

after the shots were fired?

After the first shot yes.

Everyone says that there was two shots
one after another

but I'm beginning to think that maybe
there was time between the two shots.

It's gonna come out either here or
in court,

the different is you'll face perjury
once you've been sworn.

Zapata was literally walking out
of the restaurant doors

when the second shot was fired.

That only leaves person left with

I'll be ready in a minute.

You're not going anywhere
until you tell us the truth.

I've told you the truth.

Several versions.

Yeah, stitched together from bits and
pieces of what actually happened.

Look, I really don't know what you're
hoping to get from me

that I haven't already told you.

You bought Magda's silence with
the restaurant.

You falsified Jack's involvement.

So what else aren't you telling us?

They know.

We had a good thing covered. Why you'd
have to go and ruin it?

you shot him.


You shot him...

and you framed Zapata.

Who set me up?

I even know where you hid the gun.

When Sterling found out how much
money Zapata was making

from the money laundering he
wanted in.

He knew who is he getting in bed with
right from the beginning.

That's not what his wife said.

Well then, she's either a liar

or blind.

Then, I take it Zapata didn't want
to share the wealth.

Zapata gave the gun to Jack...

just like he said.

Told him to shoot.

Jack's always been the tough guy.

But he didn't have the stomach to
kill a man like that.

But you did.

Good morning.

Am I the only one who
thinks a celebration is in order?

You know that was very clever of you
setting up the scene of the crime

so that Dylan would confess.

Well thank you, if you hadn't signed
off on the dinner

none of this would have
been possible.

This is a surprise.


Oh nothing, nothing it's just nice
to see you two getting along.

Why wouldn't we get along?

Yeah, two strong women
expressing our opinions

doing our jobs.

Why wouldn't we be supportive of one another?

No... I just mean...

What do you mean?

I have no idea.

That's what I thought.

I gotta go.

I'll call you about lunch.




Look, I'm uh...

I really overreacted about the
whole thing.

I mean...

How were you supposed to know that
I was allergic to furry things.


I was thinking maybe if you're
free tonight... that...

Yes, I am, I'm free.

C'mon no not again. Billie.

Excuse you. You all right?



Is there a problem?

Okay, no...

You okay ma'am?

Sir, it's okay.

Oh, she's allergic to them, I'm sorry
about that.

Mr. Bey.

Yes, sir.

You know I'm just booking out
from the ambulance

take this little guy home
to see the kids.

That's great, sir.

I just wanted to say...


Thank you.

It's no problem sir.

Have fun with Cynthia.

She's a girl?

I guess.