The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 10 - Desperate Hours - full transcript

When Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Oz (Ennis Esmer) are dispatched to a routine call in the financial district, they are unexpectedly taken hostage by two men posing as security guards who are carrying out a victim suffering from a gunshot wound. When Toby hits his radio's panic button, Ryder (Arnold Pinnock) and the dispatch team listen to the radio transmission and, aware of the events occurring, alert Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and the police. Toby and Oz insist the victim requires immediate medical attention that only a hospital can provide, but the hijackers refuse. When the victim's condition worsens, Toby and Oz are faced with a life-threatening scenario: perform a surgical procedure to keep the victim and themselves alive. With time running out and Toby and Oz's lives at stake, Michelle and Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) must learn the identity of the hostage takers and figure out their next move. When they discover that the gunshot wound victim has been convicted of investment fraud for running a Ponzi scheme and is out on bail awaiting the results of an appeal, the urgency increases.



Damn it Oz... how do
you turn this off?



Hey, Oz...


Hey, you got to
get a new ringer.

No way, that way I always
know it's for me.

It's ridiculous.

Hey we gotta roll.

You know Sandy's
a vegetarian.


I don't even have to look at
it to know it's a meat lovers...

How do you know
it's for Sandy?

She's all you've
been thinking about.

Hey... not cool man.
You can't do that!

I'm not reading you;
I mean you're walking around

like a comic book
character with a bubble

above your head and there's
Sandy and puppies and...

Okay, all right.

Now without reading my
mind, what am I thinking

about right now?

You got a poker face on;
I imagine you are trying to

make me think that you're
not thinking about

Sandy when you are... I right?

Well you're wrong about
the pizza; it's for Ryder...

He called.

It's for Ryder.

Yeah, let's get going.

Look if I do Ryder a favor
or two he can help me switch

some shifts and I can sync
up with Sandy's schedule...

Is that what it's
called nowadays?

University 2-1, respond.

Uni 2-1, go ahead.

A code 4 CTAS, 3-Level size,
corner Richmond and York...

...12th floor,
broken ankle.

Okay, we're on that.

Well I hope you didn't
guarantee 30 minutes.




All right, got the doors.

Ladies first.


Well we go out
on an easy one.

Yeah, I bet some banker
hurt his ankle chasing his

secretary around the desk.

Wait a minute;
I wonder if we jinxed it.

A bleeder.

What happened here?

He shot himself.

I thought you guys called
in a broken ankle.

Yeah, he doesn't
have a gun permit.

Look, he's a really good
guy; I thought maybe we'd

avoid the
police, you know.

This looks serious.

Bullets not through and
through; it's still in there.

Pulse is not good.

Is he going to be okay?

We're going to have
to call this in.

Sir...can you hear me?

Sir, can you hear me?

He's going into shock.

Let's get him
to the ambulance.

I think I recognize this
guy from somewhere.

He looks familiar.
Let me get the door here.

Hey Oz, radio it in,
I'll get him secure.


Guys, you will have to
talk to the police.

- I don't think so.
- Okay...


Put the
radio down, drive.




Sync & corrections by Alice

You know this is actually pretty serious;
he should get to the hospital.

Just keep driving.

Where do you
want me to go?

Just shut up and drive.
No lights, no sirens, no hospital.

Just do your job.



You shot me!

Shut up.

I get it; you called in
the ankle thing because

you didn't want the cops,
that's cool with us.

We can let you out and we'll
take him to the hospital.

Will you just
fix him please?

- Fix him!
- All right.

He's not going to die, right?

Please tell me that
he's going to be okay.

How's your pain
out of ten?


It's going to get a
lot better after this.

There you go.

University 2-1
1070 respond.

That's fine, it's nothing.

Just leave it alone.

University 2-1,
1070, respond?

They'll stop;
don't worry about it.

University 2-1...

Would you answer it?

- Answer it!
- Okay... uhm...

University 2-1,
please respond!

What do you
want me to say?

I want you to say
the right thing.

Yeah this is uni 2-1... sorry,
I dropped the radio there.

It was a sprained ankle, false
alarm so we're just headed back.

1070, all clear,
have a great day.

Okay, you too.

What the hell was that;
why didn't you answer?

I'm the one with the gun here.

Look okay, he hesitated
but he answered.

Okay the police
are not coming.

We're with you.
We're going to help you.

Can you get this gun out
of my face... please?


No more messing
around, either of you.

Where are those
guys; I'm starving.

What's a 1020 on
University 2-1?

They were supposed to
be back half hour ago.

I sent them on a broken
ankle that turned out to

be nothing, said they're
on their way home.

Let's see... University
2-1 is... there.

What the hell are they
doing down at the Lakeshore?


All right, GPS isn't going
to be a problem anymore;

it stays here.

Whoa, whoa.

[laughter ring on phone]

It's just my phone,
it's just my phone.

Down, get down.

All right, get in
the driver's seat.

Baby go up there,
keep an eye on him.

Come on, answer the phone.

Whatever you want
man, I don't care.

I just want to make
sure this guy's okay.

Mr. Cool guy, I will shoot
you in the face, all right.

You listening to me?

Maybe we should
just forget it.

We can't do that now.

[esp]: Hit your
panic button...


So when I'm done with this
gunshot wound you two are

going to let us go, right.

Turn it up.

Sir, its Logan.

When he's in the
clear we'll see.

You know what will
help me get him fixed?


Putting that gun away.

That's not
going to happen.

Get Metro on
this right away.

He's right James,
sorry, no names.

We got two suspects; one
male James, one female -

vic's been shot.

I need this guy fixed now!

All right, okay, okay.

Do you know anything about
him; his medical history,

anything about this guy?

You want to know what
I know about this guy?

His name is Ted Winters
and he ruined us,

that's what I know.
How's that?

Ambulance University 2-1
last known location

Cherry Road near the drive-in.

They're on their way.

Okay. Come on guys, come on.

What the hell
is that light?

What light?

The red light on your radio;
what is that?

What happened?

Radio's on.

Maybe they just got
their radio boss.

Who heard us? Who heard us?


Oh that's it,
that's great.

Well that's great.

Does this thing
have a GPS?

No, just the ambulance.

I'm supposed to trust you?

We don't know what we're
doing, okay? So it's a bad idea.

We're in it now okay;
there's no turning back.

Come on.
This is what we're going to do.

Radios, cell phones,
everything all right.

You get his, okay?

This is all I got.

Toss those outside.

You, drive.


Sgt. McCluskey please.

Yeah tell her it's
Toby Logan's supervisor;

it's an emergency.

How long ago did the
ambulance go off the GPS grid?

Seventy minutes ago.

Metro's been informed?

Yeah, now I'm
informing you.

I understand Mr. Ryder.

You're on this right?

I'll do everything I can.

Look I don't know what
Toby does for you but

every time you
call, he's gone.

I understand.

Dev, let's go.

Hey, Toby and Oz
come in yet?

They're responding
to a call.

Oh, are they
going to be long?

I don't know.

Okay well I only have
twenty minutes so when Oz

gets in just let him know
he's missed his chance to

have lunch with me.

All right, I'll do that.

Is there something wrong?

No, no not at all.

You sure?

Yeah, I just think it's
bad form when one of my

men stands up such
a beautiful woman.

Well I'll make him
drop and give me ten.


See you.

You got anything?

No, no, nothing.

He needs help.

Who the hell are you?

We're first responders;
he needs more than us.

That's not
going to happen.

Well then you're
killing him.

I just want you to know
we are not bad people.

No, you're just
doing bad things.

No, we went to talk to him,
he pulled the gun.

We don't even know
anyone who owns a gun.

[esp]: And it
can't be traced.

Hang in there,
hang in there.

What is happening?

BP is falling.

If we don't get him to a
hospital he could die.

Hey shut up.

He's got a bullet in
his leg, that's all.

This is not
what we wanted.

We should just stop.

We can explain to them
that it was an accident.

What are we
going to do huh?

We're going to explain
that we accidentally took

two paramedics
at gunpoint?

Come on!

Please, it was
just... let them go.


Oh my god.

He's going into shock.

We need to get him into
surgery to get this bullet out.

Take the bullet out then.

We don't do that; we're
paramedics, we are not surgeons.


I guess you just
go promoted.

Got something
over here.

Let's get those
checked for prints.

I appreciate the call.

You got anything?

We might be able to get
some prints off those.

Have you had any other
contact with them?

No, but you'd be
the first to know.

Is there anything
else you can think of?

Just what I told you;
the victim's name is

Ted Winters, an
office in the building...

Toby and Oz were called to...

The Ted Winters;
the Ponzi schemer?

I don't know.

You said a man and a woman;
did you get any names?

She called her
partner James.

They seemed pretty
much on the edge.

We're going to
get them back.



What's the next step?

Check out Winters' office;
I'm going to see what

I can find out
about this James.

With just first
name to go on?

Yeah, maybe he's one of the
guys that Winters ripped off.

Good luck.





Baby come here;
I have a plan okay.

I want you to keep an eye
on them, I'll be right back.

Come on.

Why are we here?

This is where you're going
to do the thing on the guy.


No, no, we need a
sterile environment.

What about inside
the ambulance?

It's too tight.

Okay my partner and I we
want to help you guys but

honestly it would be a lot
better if we got this guy

to the hospital.

Listen, I don't think
you guys get it okay.

We need him fixed because
we're not done with him.

We'll clear an area,
we'll do it here.


How hard is it to
take out a bullet?

If we were surgeons it
would be relatively simple.

Enough talking;
you say he needs surgery,

perform the damn surgery.

[esp]: Keep him busy Toby;
I think I have a plan.

Alright. If I'm going
to cut this guy open I don't

know how deep that bullet is.

I need you guys to help
me clear a space here.

Honey I don't know, ok?
everything has gone wrong...

...maybe we
should just...

Maybe we should what babe?

Take him to hospital?

We do that we do more
time than he will.

He's the bad guy,
not us, okay.

Hey you go help your partner.

Edward Winters,
financial crimes.

Arrested him 8 months ago
for investment fraud.

He got 12 years; that's
pretty heavy for white collar.

Yeah, the guy's a
gazillionaire... he opted

for the jury trial not
the smartest move in the

middle of a recession.

So what happened
to the money?

It's gone.


Yeah, according to
Winters he lost too.

You believe that?
So where is it?

Who knows?

Checked the mattress,
can't find it.

I'm guessing it's
getting a tan.

And everyone who
invested lost.

Well the ones that got in first
got great results as promised.

Everyone else, you know,
got three percent on the dollar

plus the satisfaction
of seeing him convicted.

So why is he out?

He got twelve years, he
appealed, someone listened...

today's a big
day though...

Yeah, why's that?

Well the result of the
appeal comes in tomorrow.

Word is its not
looking good.

Who posted his bail?

Probably some
bail bondsman.

Check the public record.

I was hoping you could
save me the keystroke.

Some people aren't too
happy that he's out on

bail awaiting an appeal.

They put a bullet in him.

No a big surprise.

Ponzi schemes prey on the
people with the most to lose.


Can I clean that up?

Once that blood seeps
into the wood it...

You guys have
everything you need?

Just wait till we clear
out of her if that's okay.

Thank you, I have a new

tenant moving in the
day after tomorrow.

Who came in and stole
all the furniture?

That got repo'd by the feds,
except what you see here;

not really
worth anything.

Hey what can you tell
me about Ted Winters?

You heard about
the Ponzi scheme.

Of course.

The biggest one in Toronto
history, but hey I never

had a problem with the
guy; always paid his rent

on time, stayed here for
18 months until he...

Until he went to jail.

He phoned me this morning

and told me he didn't need
the office anymore.

You still have
that number?


Personal finance manager.

You know he took people's
money and promised them more.

There is only one way to
make money in this world

my friend; real estate.

Yeah, good stuff.

Listen, a lot of people
are obviously pretty upset

at the way Ted Winters
took their money.

Have you had any trouble
here, you know, arguments,

that sort of thing?

Not here,
Courts, for sure.

Surveillance got anything?

No cameras.

Why have I needed
them before now?

Whole world is on candid
camera now brother;

you might want to
look into it. Nothing?

Pulled the tapes from
underground lot, saw some

images but they're
grainy as hell.


Thanks for your help.


[talking in background]



Get over here!

Get over here now.
Get on the ground!

Come here, come
here, come here.

What the hell?
Get in the chair.

Baby, tie him up.

Get the tape,
get the tape.

Tie him up.

[esp]: They're
distracted man, go!



This is ridiculous,
get in here.

Okay, okay.

I'm going to need
some help here.

Not from him;
he stays where he is.

Not from him; I need someone
to talk me through this.

Nobody's coming
here, no, no, no one.

I have a friend....she's a
surgeon; she can talk me

through it on the phone.


That's our best shot at
doing this right and after

that you can do whatever
you want wit this guy;

I don't care.

[esp]: Ask to use their phone,
they can trace the call.

Turn your GPS off on your
phone, I can use that.

No. No phones,
it's too risky.


I'm going to use the radio
in the ambulance;

they can't trace that.

- Good idea.
- It's a good idea.

It's a good idea.
I'm not an idiot.


What do they want?

They haven't
made any demands.

Then what?

Look Winters, the
guy they kidnapped,

he's in pretty bad shape.

Olivia's about to walk
them through surgery.

That gives me two hours to
find that damn ambulance.

Can she stretch it out?

Can't do that; it would be
putting the man's live at risk.

Toby and Oz are
already at risk.

You don't think
I know that?

Hey any luck?

I've narrowed it down to
six people named James.

Any suspects from there?

I'm trying to get a
voice match here;

do you think you
can take over?


Let me know if
you get anything.

Where's Klein?

He's in court
this afternoon.

Any news on the ambulance?

No nothing yet.

Check Metro for updates.


Here's Dr. Fawcett.

Hey Liv.

Hey Toby...

Hey Liv, uh, it's good
to hear your voice.

The two of you okay?

Yeah, never better.

That's great; I'm missing
dinner for the two of you.

All right let's
get on with this.

What are we dealing with?

We have a GSW to the
left sartoriuous...

No, no, no medical jargon
I want to know what's going on.

You try that again...

Liv, we have a gunshot
wound to the upper left leg.

Without an X-ray to
specify that the bullet is

of no immediate concern
its safer to just clean

the wound and leave
it in the body.

A hot bullet is

No, look, I know that he's
bleeding quite a bit here Liv.

What's the S & D
on his BP?

Liv, can you do that in
plain English from now on;

everyone here wants to
know what's going on.

I'll try my best.

Okay, thank you.

His blood pressure is

How much morphine?

We've had him maxed at ten
since we picked him up.

Without an X-ray or MRI we have
no idea what we're heading into.

This guy has got to live.


Toby are you there?

Yeah, Liv, uh, look
there's going to be no MRI;

we need to
do something.

They guy's been bleeding
for over three hours now.

Okay you're going to have to find
the wound and try to stitch it up.

Yeah, okay.

Can you walk me
through that?

I'm going to need you
make an incision a little

above the ligament and
then extend it downward

about two inches, okay?

You can do this Toby.


Wish me luck.

Hey, I found our most
likely suspects.

It's James and
Clare Madison.

Voice prints were
a close match.

I sent Metro over
to their place.

Let me guess, they
weren't there.


And I got their victim
impact statements.

Let's have a look.


All right Liv,
got it open here.

What have you got?

Looks like the bullet is
lodged against the

fermoral artery right at the tear.

This could pose a
situation of massive

hypoglemia or even a
possible exsanguination.

What the hell
does that mean?

It means if I pull the
bullet out it's either

going to save
him or kill him.

So tell me
about the Madisons.

James and Clare Madison,
they've been married for six years.

James works at a shipping
place on the Queensway.

Clare was a dial-a-maid.
She used to clean Winters' house.

Here is James and Clare Madison's
victim impact statements

There were four of
us, two couples,

pooled our money together.

He said he needed
the $250,000 buy-in.

He later let us
in for $150,000.

We thought we were lucky.

We leveraged
everything to get in.

We got in just before the
thing went off the rails;

we lost everything.

We have a voice match?

Nothing that will hold up
in court but it's them.

The real bastard in all
this is Ted Winters.

Ted Winters.

You know that; so we lose
all our money right,

where's the
justice in that?

This guy deserves
more than jail,

let me tell you that much.

Deserves worse;
what, like a bullet?

Like that guy can bend
spoons with his hatred.

They went in with
another couple?


Let's find out who they
are, see if they're in on it.

Okay, I'm on it.

The tourniquet's on,
circulation is under control.

What's next?

Sgt. McCluskey's got a lead.

I need one of you
to clamp the artery

before you remove the bullet.

As soon as it's out
you need to stitch.

All right look, you gotta let
my partner go I need him.

No way.

Just untie him

It's not happening.

Look its him or you?

We never said anything
about killing him.

Jim please,
please, let him go.

All right, untie him.

You don't do anything
stupid right.

Hey Liv it's Oz, just
putting on gloves here.



Clamped Liv, what's next?

You ready to go for
the bullet Toby...

Yeah we are.

Okay as soon as it's
out stitch it up.

Are you looking at a
lot of blood there?

No, no, it could be worse.

Now's as good
a time as any.

All right, going in.


Bullet's out.

Artery damage?

Tiny, about 2 mm.

Good, that's good, a
couple of stitches will do.

All right, what
happens next?

As soon as Toby's done he
can stitch and finish.


You heard her;
do what she said.




They're gone.

Sgt. McCluskey,
we lost contact.

I understand you must be
frustrated Mr. Ryder.

Right now we're following
every lead we can.

Are we any closer?

Yes, I will call you the
minute I have any information.

Mr. and Mrs. Everton,
I really appreciate you

taking the time to talk
about the Madisons.

Anything you can tell me
at all would be a great help.

Well we don't talk to James
and Clare anymore, so...


Last week James
called out of the blue...

And what did he want?

He'd been reading the
chat rooms.

There's one for the
victims, said that Winters

got out on appeal.

He was livid.

I told him to go for a
jog, go lift some weights,

there wasn't anything we
could do about anymore.

None of us could afford to
lose the money we lost.

Winters fleeced us, so if
he's in danger don't ask

me to feel bad for him.

Well thank you
for your time.

Sure, I'll call if
I hear anything.

Okay, thank you.

Hey... so what do you have?

Wes Everton owner of a
small shipping company,

they foreclosed
two weeks ago.


And James Madison
used to work there.

Not a bad place to
hide an ambulance.

That's a pretty big if...

Let's check it out.

All right, that should be
all he needs right now.

What he needs is to get
up and get out of here.

He just had surgery; he's
going to need some time.

James. His blood pressure is
dangerously low; he needs

to rest right now.

He doesn't have
time to rest okay.

The cops are going to
be here any minute.

They're not going to have
trouble finding this place.

We're wasting time.

Hey, hey...

Come on man, just go easy
on him, he has to recover.

Let me tell you something.

He goes back in ... when he
goes back in we lose our

chance to get everything we're
owed; do you understand me?

Ted Please, please just
tell us where the money is?

Look at me;
where's the money?

Come on back off man.

There isn't any money.

Back off from him.


There is money Ted; the
courts didn't get it.

Where is it?

No money...


No money? You think
we're stupid Ted?

I was at the auction.

You had eight Rolexes at
that auction Ted... eight!

Hey, hey, look at me,
look at me.

- Do the right thing.
- Blood pressure is dropping.

Just give people
their money back.

James, take it easy.

Stop... stop.


Come on...

You've ruined a lot of
people's lives, okay.

Give us the money back.

Listen to me. I need
enough to get away.

You help me, you'll
get your money.

I knew it. I knew it.

I told you, I knew
you had the money.

Where's the money?
Where is it?


Where's the money...

I know where it is
okay; he told me.


When we were in the ambulance
he told me where it is;

I know where the
money is.

Back out of the
way... come on.

Alright. There's no pulse,
he's in arrest.

His heart has
stopped beating.

I'm going to start

Okay, you got the pads?


Come on man; should have
been in the hospital.


Got the bag?
Ready, go.


All right,






There's nothing.

[flatline sound]

Oh god no, no, no, no.

This is on you man.

She's on you.

He's dead, man. This is
your responsibility,

this is your fault!

Shut up.

Good people huh? Good people
who rob pockets of a dead man?

What is that?

A key.

All right, now we're going
to find out if you were

telling the truth about
knowing where the money is.




Is that Winters?

Is he alive?

The blood results should
be in soon.

Not fast enough.

Look don't worry; I'm sure
it's just Winters' blood.


[phone ringing]


Yes, yeah, I'm on
the scene right now.

It's not one of
my boys is it?

It's Winters.

It's what?

I don't understand,
Winters was fine,

we got him
through surgery.

The defibrilator is out; it looks
like he went into cardiac arrest.

The Coroner
hasn't ruled yet.

They're isolating the
blood samples to make sure

that it's just Winters.

This wasn't a case where Toby
was working for you was it?


Look we're doing
everything we can to get

them back and I promise
you Mr. Ryder, we will.

We shouldn't have
left his body.

What kind of
people do that?

Hey, you gonna let us go?

Yeah, if you're not lying.

Here's what's
going to happen.

You're going to go in
there with Clare,

I'm going to keep a gun on
your body for collateral.

Anything hinky happens
she's going to call me;

I'm going to put a
bullet in your pal.

And when we find the
money we bring it back.

Then we tie you up
and we call it in.

That was before James.

We can't just call it in.

We're murderers.

No, no, he died.

I did not kill him.

Believe what you want.

I didn't kill him!

He's dead James!

We went in to get the
money; we went in to do

the right thing.

And then he
pulled a gun baby.

[esp]: There's no
money left....

where's the
goddamn money....


We have
to call 911.

Baby that was his gun.

If he didn't pull it,
it wouldn't have gone off.

That is self defense.

You hear me?

That is self defense;
we are not murderers so you

go in there with the
paramedic, you get that

money we can still
make this right.


Damn it!

Hey, they're okay;
I'm sure they are.

It sounded like the
operation was going just

fine; why haven't
they been let go yet?

You know, for all we know
Toby and Oz could be stuck

on the side of a
road somewhere.

They were responding
to a broken ankle call;

routine call on a sleepy
Sunday morning.

It's not like they were running
into a burning building.

I worked with a woman a
couple of years back,

she just checked into emerg
for her shifts and some

crack head takes
a knife to her.

Is that supposed to
make me feel better?

I'm just saying, you make
saving lives your business

at some point you're
going to risk your own.

It's going to be fine.

They're smart guys,
they'll get through this.

I just don't know about
the people they're with.

Hey... whoever took them
has no idea what they're up against.



All the goods here are
being held in escrow.

Here, take a look at this.

The van's unaccounted for;
there's a good chance that

it was the
get-away vehicle.

Okay let's get
this to Metro.

Who were Winters' friends.

What are you thinking?

Maybe the bail bondsman
didn't post his bail.

Who was listed
as the surety.

Our records show the bail was
posted by an Alexis Moores.

Any connection to Winters?

No connection to Winters
but she worked here as a

receptionist at Everton Express
along with James.

She's not on the
victim's roster.

Well she wouldn't be able
to post his bail if she was.

Maybe James and his wife knew
that, had her front for them.

Why would the
spring Winters?

Well ten grand is worth it
if they're able to collect millions.

Why kill him?

I don't know; maybe
it was an accident.

What about Toby and Oz?

They needed them
to keep him alive.

Now that he's dead?

[sigh] I don't know.


You know you guys are in
deeper than you think.

Now we are, yeah.

We just wanted to get
our money back;

everybody's money back.

So why did James
bring the gun?

He didn't.

Yeah, you sure?

I mean Winters
is out on appeal.

How easy would it be
for him to get a gun?

It was in his office.

Police would
have found it.

I've been watching James
handle that gun;

I think he brought it.

You know I've never been
good with money either.

Obviously I didn't want
it to go down like this.


You know I would have left
you guys back there,

I just didn't want to run
the risk of you calling it

in before we got our
money, that's all.

Yeah well you don't want
to do anything stupid.

Yeah, okay,
that's very funny.


You think
I wanted this?

Okay, all right,
you stay there.


This is it; this is our
chance to make things right.

Ahh, come on.

Money's not in here!

Winters is dead and the
money's not in here.

It's over.

Of course he wouldn't
have the money here;

God, we're so naive you
know, thinking that we could

just Robin Hood our way
in and save the day.

So are we free
to go or...?


God what are
we going to do?

Let us go; we'll give you that
head start we talked about.

James, give me the gun.

Put your hands out.


Oh my God. Diamonds!

They got to be worth at
least half a million.

It's enough.

Think about it James; think
about what we can do with it.

We can do the right thing.

He had the money,
he had the money.

What was he going to do?

[esp]: Toby this isn't good.

You take the cell
phone, give it to me.



I'm going to check
his messages.

Text messages
from some number.

The guy had an airplane
waiting for him.

This is good.

This is good?

We're going to do what he
was going to do, we're

going to take that plane.

We got to; we have to
take that plane, babe.

All that talk about the
future, about family?

If we stop now we
lose all of that.

Winters had a plan...

He had a plan.

All I have to do is text
whoever is on the end of

this line and we got a
shot at a new life;

we got to take it.

You're right,
you're right.

You text him back for
Ted Winters, you're on your way.

I love you.

If you love her so much
you guys should give

yourselves up.

You guys are just piling one
mistake onto another here.

Shut up!

Stop talking.

You, you drive.


We're not
going to kill you...

Yeah, like you weren't
going to kill that guy.

All right, look; we get
there you let my partner go,

you take me. I don't care.

[esp]: There's no way I'm
leaving you with these guys.

Now we're not letting
either of you go,

not until we're safe.

We can't.

Hey, so what do you have?

Forensics found Winters' jacket
in the back of the ambulance.

Found his passport
in the lining.

That's good work.

Looks like he still had enough
scratch to pay for the best.

This proves he wasn't going
to show up for his appeal.

Did we contact
the borders?

I already did.

You're moving to the
head of the class.

Got this ticket.

Albany airport.

He was going to take a
connector from there to Belize.

Puddle jump to any
safe haven he wants.

Yeah, check out Bishop's
Road and RR 27.

It's Green River; looks like
there's an airfield there.

Let's go.




There... okay baby, where
do you want to go?

I don't know; wherever
Winters was...



You have.. you,
you can't be here.

Those texts were from you?

You bastard; you were going
to fly him out of here?

Yeah, yeah we were, to get
the money back we lost

listening to you.

So you were going to
betray your friends?

And I suppose you kidnapped
Winters to help us?

It wasn't supposed
to go down like that.

Eva, I swear we were just trying
to get all of the money back.

Yours too.

How did that
work out for you?

The police came by;
they were asking about you.

So where's Winters now?

He got what he deserved.

What the hell happened?

He's dead.

It was just an accident.

We just wanted everybody
to get their money back.

Let's go; we got
to get out of here.

Oh no, no, you're not
going anywhere without us.

You're going to
fly us out of here.

No, no, no way.

Yes you are if you want
your share of the money.

What the hell's
he talking about?

Tell me!

James, show them.

How much is that?

It's enough so we can
get back on our feet.

[esp]: They're not paying
attention to us...

Come on man, you just fly
us out of here like you

were going to
do for Winters.

I think you were going to
keep it all; I don't think

you planned on sharing
that with anybody.

Well Eva it doesn't matter
now does it because

I'm going to split
it with you okay.

Let's get out of here.

What about you?

You were going to fly
this crook out of here.

[esp]: Here's our weak
link Toby.

We did what we had to do.

[esp]: She's barely aware
of the gun...

We just... we have
to stick together.

This money is making us
all crazy but if we just

fly out of here all of
problems will be over.


Hey, huh, whoa...!

Okay, guns on the other
foot, there you go.

Okay, okay, okay.

Oh boy.



I got it.

Okay, okay.

James, get away from the plane;
you're not going anywhere.

What are you going to do
kid, you can't shoot all

four of us.


Let's go.

Get away from the plane.
Get away from the plane.

You're going to
have to shoot me.

I will... shoot you.

Come on, shoot me!


I guess I don't
have to now.


For what it's worth I hope those
diamonds make it to Winters' victims.

We'll the feds will make sure
they get where they need to go.

I'm guessing it's
not to you two.

He ruined us, okay;
we're victims.

Yeah you were until
you kidnapped him.

James be quiet; can't
blame anyone else anymore.



Good to see you guys.

Good to see you too sir.

Oh you owe me
$18.50 by the way.

For what?

The pizza.

No way; you didn't deliver it;

have you ever heard of
30 minutes or it's free?

I can't believe you're
trying to collect on that.

I never agreed to that.

- Sir I got shot at today.
- I don't care if you got shot.

- You don't care that I got shot?
- Do I look like I care?

So mean...

Oh hey...

How are you?

Oh my goodness;
were you worried about me?

I'm good.

I was worried
about both of you.

That's nice.

Yeah, but one of us probably
more than the other right?

Don't push it.


Excuse me.

Good work.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How you feeling?

Glad you showed up;

I don't know if I could have
pulled the trigger.

How do you guys do that?

You kept your cool.

And you've done me
a few favors, I guess

it's only fair I did you one now.
Sync & corrections by Alice

Sync & corrections by Alice

Sync & corrections by Alice

Sync & corrections by Alice