The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 1 - Lady in the Lake - full transcript

Still haunted by guilt over the murder of his friend Detective Charlie Marks, and the disappearance of his mother, Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) has resolved to stop fighting against his mysterious gift and use his telepathic abilities to help others. When he revives a woman (Rekha Sharma) who nearly drowned, her amnesia gives him the perfect opportunity. But unbeknownst to him, she's tangled in a case of corporate espionage and murder, and she might not be the victim he presumes. As he sets out to help her remember her past, she's also being investigated by Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) of the Integrated Investigative Bureau, who has taken a special interest in Toby's connection to the woman and uncovered his more-than-coincidental history with a number of major criminal cases in the past.

My mom would say everybody's
got their own gift;

she never did tell me
how I got mine.

That's okay, it's not
important anymore.

What matters now is I accept
what I've been given.

I used to wonder where
my gift would take me.

Now I realize it's up to me.


Can't a guy have fun?

Anybody else want
to make a bet?

You got to bet on it, $10,
all right man, in the

grassy shirt.

Anybody else want
to place a bet?

You there sir,
what's your name?

Okay, who else?

I'll take that.


Keep your money kid; I'm
doing you a favor, trust me.

[blurred voices] Sacrifice
the knight and I can

save my queen.


Five to one; he's got to
win all four games;

I don't see
him doing it do you?

There you go.

[hearing spell] It's simple,
in ten moves, guard the king...

how can I forget rule
#1, six and beat six.



[blurred voices]

What happened to my plan?

One more time.

Good game.

Thank you.


I don't think he can win
one more game; I don't

think he can win one more game.

There it is; he did it;
that's four for four.

All right let's wrap this up.

Who has money on this; thank
you, thank you very much.

Can you teach me how
to play like that?

No, but I can teach
you how to play.

Deal, next Wednesday.

Deal, same time.

All right.

Thank you very much ladies
and gentlemen; be good,

stay in school.

Hold on man; that was
intense man, huh.

It was a little crazy right.

What are you going
to do with your hit?

Mind putting that
in that for me? Thank you.

I'm going to head out of here.

Are you serious?


You want to make
me feel bad now?

Great, good stuff. I love
donating. I love it, it's fun.

All right. Thank you.

I got nothing; sorry man.


We were at $250 each.

The point of this whole
venture is to use your

ability to make a fortune.

You're not thinking

You could be a legend;
a con man for the ages.

Not my style.

So what; you're like a
telepathic Robin Hood?

Stealing from the unjustly
rich, giving to the

unfairly poor?

So I take a wee fall into
the unfairly poor category.

Is that right Little John?

Have you looked at
your paycheck lately?

University 2-1 distress
call, female, unknown age

found unconscious and
pulled from the lake.

University 2-1
we're on it.



Hey, hey, she's over here.

Rule number one; what's
rule number one?

Don't run.

Exactly, we run, we trip,
we fall, we might get hurt.

We get hurt what good are we.

We're no good.


Now ladies and gentlemen
can I have you all clear

out of the way please and
give us a little space?

I pulled her out from the
lake; I'm not sure how

long she's been there.

Okay thank you.

Can you come over her please.

Ma'am can you hear me? Ma'am?

A little space, there
you go, come on over. It's okay.

I got a breath guys; go get
the blankets and stretcher.



Hey Oz, hey Oz, come here.

Where is she going?

No, no, no, we're going
to help you, relax.

You're okay.

I got you.


So before long you
know Toby and I managed

to grab her before she
could dive back in and

the kicker is that she's
amnesic so you understand

if we don't chase after
her, then you know what

can happen in that situation.

Mr. Bay you broke rule #1.

Well you know under the

as I was telling...

You ran after this woman
and you do not run!

Excuse me.

Oh the lovely Dr. F.

Pick me, please.

Can I go Mr. Ryder.

I'll uh, I'll finish this
up later, thank you.

Thank you.

Not a problem.

My office in five minutes!

Oh my god.

So what's going on Liv?

It's about that amnesia
victim you brought in.

I was thinking we could
take a look

her dig some stuff up.

Yeah, but Liv, you know
she's got amnesia.

Yes but the full memories
are still there somewhere

and I'm thinking if you
feed a detail or two back

to her it might job something.

It's a lot of work.

Aren't you the
least bit curious? Come on.

Look Liv, I don't see how
I can read thoughts she

doesn't have.

Sir, I can explain.

The woman was clearly
in distress and...

Sit down.


That's not what I want
to talk to you about;

at least not right now.


Okay, what did you want
to talk to me about?

You went out on a call
a couple of months ago,

campus pub, lady had
irregular heartbeats...

Yeah sure, I remember. Is
there something wrong?

That depends on
your point of view.

Personally I'm a
little shocked.

Seems that you are to
receive a commendation for

your actions in the field.

A commendation?


Well sir I'm, I'm speechless.

I'm speechless too Mr.
Bay, but don't stay that way.

Ceremony's a week from
Sunday and you're gonna

need a speech.

Huh, okay.

All right, thank you. Great.

I am full of joy for you.


Hi, we've got decent clothes.

They're not haut couture
but they'll do for now.

Thank you.

And let's get you
settled in over here.

Here let me help you with that.

Oh thanks.

And I thought you should
meet one of the paramedics

that saved your life.



So it's Ann is it?

Oh, that's what she calls me.

After Anastasia, the lost
daughter of the Romanov's.

Of course, yes.

So any breakthroughs?

Oh no.

I've been trying.

Manicured nails,
likely not a maid.

And you were wearing a
power suit, a kind of

businesswoman I bet.

I doubt you are married.

Cause there's no tan line
on your ring finger.

Do you remember when
Toby was helping you?

I remember him trying.

Yeah where were you
running anyway; where were

you going to go?

I don't know.

Doesn't make any
sense, any of it.

You were upset; something
had disturbed you.

[sound effects]

What the hell are
you doing; stop!

[sound effects]

When we found you on
the beach you mumbled

something about
a man and a boat.


oh no...'s like there's
something there

but it's just out of reach.

It's so frustrating.

Well maybe we
better let Ann rest.

That was a strange read.

Everything was murky,

there was a pulse of light,
she's so [inaudible].

Thank you... but there was
something there right?

Yes there was; traces of
it anyway...whatever it

was it just felt wrong.

So now you do want
to know what's up.

Yeah, I do; I'm a
little bit curious.

Dr. Fawcett?

Shane Lawson; you called
for a neuro consult?

Toby Logan.

A consult, yeah I did
do that, didn't I.

Right, right I'm sorry,
she's right over...

she's right over here.

She was found this
morning unconscious.

Looks like someone's in love.


It's lust.

Are you okay with that?

Yeah I'm fine with that; Liv
and I broke up forever ago.

Okay, just checking.

How are you; are you good?

Still divorced.


Okay haemostatic gauze...

Talk to that amnesic?

Uh, yeah, her memory's gone,
she doesn't know who she is.

Wound closure kit...

It's like she sees bits and
pieces; this massive void.

Sounds like me the Monday
after Lalapalooza.

Oral rehydration salts....

There we go.

Tell me you're not
getting involved.

I am not getting involved.

I mean you can't help but
feel for her but I'm not

getting involved.

Who is it that if you go
down this road again

I should stop them?

What road?

The "I sense someone is in
danger, let me try to help

and now I'm in
world of hurt" road.

It's not that kind of thing.

Toby I know you've been
through a lot, feeling

guilty about losing
Charlie and the

disappearance of your mom,
but do you really want to

do this again?

Oz, I appreciate what
you're doing, protecting me.

You don't have to
save everybody Toby.

It's hard enough trying
to save yourself.

I'm not trying to
save everybody.


I don't understand, a
high-powered woman just

drops off the face of the earth
and nobody's looking for her?

It doesn't make any sense.

Well I thought that if
you could push a little

harder, to jog her memories.

Because if she was
attacked, I mean they're

still out there somewhere.

I just have to be careful to not
plant any ideas in her head.



Okay, to deals.

Thanks Brian.

I hope this isn't
a private party.

Yes, it is, but
you're on the list.


So what's the word on Ann?

No hematoma, no sign of brain
swelling, ran EEG, C scan, MRI.

Given the results on
the baseline,

CBC, CR, LFT, ING serum.

Sorry, are we here to talk
about good news or bad news?

Oh it's good, good.

It just means that there's
no damage to the brain

itself, which means here
memory loss is temporary.

That is good. So what's
the treatment.


Just wait it out.


Sorry guys I got to take this.



Toby, right?

Yeah, Sean?


Shane. Good to see
you again.

I hope this isn't too
sensitive a subject...

word is you...

We broke up.

So you don't mind if I ...

I screwed up. Yeah.


Hey should we invite
him to the poker game on

Wednesday night...


Have a good night boys.

No room at the table.


Wait a second; you're
not jealous are you?

Him, come on.

He is in really
good shape though.

Like distractingly good shape.

Well I've been working it out.


Did you see the paper?

Yeah, I saw it; I'm on my
way to the hospital right now.

Martin you were supposed
to get rid of her.

Now she's in the paper.

I told you this was going
to happen the minute she

started asking too
many questions.

What do you want me to
say; you were right?

I'm going to find
her and finish it.

Excuse me sir, can I help
you with something.

Just got a little turned
around that's all.

Hey you remember that
campus intubation?


Oh, right you were off then.

Okay well Ryder he paired
me up with this hot shot,

the rookie, Watanabi.

Oh Watanabi he's good man.

Well the commendation
is for the intubation.

All right, that's
good; good for you.

I mean it'd be good if I
earned it, you know, but

Watanabi did the intubation.

He's not qualified.

No he's not qualified.

I swear to god I turn my
back to two seconds and

he's got the tube down
this woman's throat.

So on the call sheet we
wrote that I did it.

All right so maybe if he
hadn't acted so quickly

maybe the outcome would
have been different;

maybe you guys did
the right thing.

You know what; it's okay.

Whoa, who's that;
is that Ann?

What's she doing out here?

Hey, hey Ann? Hey, hey.

What are you doing? They
did not discharge you?

Where are you going?

I have this terrible feeling
and I have to get away.

[hearing spell]


Ann, there you are.

We were worried.

Dr. Lawson wants to run
some additional test.

I'll take her.

Here I got her, don'
worry about it. Come here.

Thank you.




I think you got to
keep an eye on her.

We will.

No, I think someone
tried to kill her.

You need to get her security.

We will, I promise.




Looks like she cleared out.

So where did she go?

Toronto Island Ferry schedule?

I doubt she went sightseeing.

[knock on door]


Come back later.

Okay sir.

Let's go.

I've got a guard
at the hospital.

I feel like I'm in danger.

I don't know why.

I'm sorry Toby, I don't know
f f this is going to work.


I appreciate what you're doing.

I'm a social worker on wheels.


Well let's see; I
remember seagulls.

Okay, seagulls at a
beach, that's good.

[ferry boat horn]

That horn.

Try to remember that night.

It's like I can see
something pulsing.

Like a lighthouse.

There's a lighthouse
on the island.



Let 's go check out the island.


I don't remember...a
thousand people ride this

boat every day.

My number: if he's here again;
you get the other half.

Do you want this back?

You hold on to it.


You know it's very hard to
get an appointment with you.

Well I'm sorry about that;
I'm a very busy man.

I don't usually deal with IT.

You probably don't
even know my name.

It's Roman, Roman Prisblanski.

Well Roman, you're message
said it was something

urgent you wanted
to discuss with me.


What does that
have to do with us?

It's an environmental
assessment; it's not very

flattering toward Northern
Superior Mining though is it?

Yet when the report went
public it was simply glowing.

It was as if it had been
altered or something.

Where did you get this?

You remember you dead
scientist, Steven Murchin?

On his hard drive.

You were sent to scrub that.

And I did but I believe in
insurance, so I made a backup.

What do you want?

Instructions are all there.

Money goes into an
offshore account; a dime

less or a day late and that
report gets leaked on the web.

Your lady lawyer
was very interested.

I don't think she's
on your team is she?


How much longer?

Hey lady you know you're
color coordinating the

sugars again right?

Well it's not like Barista
Barbie is going to do it.



Can't you speed it up?

I'm going through three
days of footage here; it's

not going to be instant.

Okay, here, here it is.

I got her.



Hey, you guys want to wait up?

Turn around for two seconds
and put a ticket...

We're about to miss the ferry.

I'm sorry.

[telephone rings]


Bring the other half of
that bill and some tape.

Your gal just just showed.

Let's go.



Is any of this
coming back to you?

Uh, no.

Maybe; I don't know.

Why would I have come here?


They have fishing here. Of
course they're not big fish.

Also you don't want to eat
anything you caught in

that lake, I'll
tell you that much.

So you get off the ferry
and where do you go?

I don't know.

Let's start at the café.



[telephone rings]


I couldn't get her at the
hospital and now she's got

these guys with her.

I need you back here;
we have a problem.



Hey, um...can I have
the borscht please.

Yeah that's it. I'm
gonna get the borscht.


Does any of this feel familiar?


Yeah I know the feeling,
nothing's coming to me either.

Stupid speech.

You gave a speech?

I have to write one.

He's being humble; he won an
award that he doesn't want.

[laughs] That doesn't
make any sense.

You get used to it.

[glass shatters]

[hearing spell]

You keep saying this gets
so know, you're

going to have no [inaudible]

How am I supposed to trust you?

You're lying to me
just like they did.

You do this I
can't protect you.

I, I, I... have to go.


Please, I have to
get away from here.


I'm sorry about back there;
I suddenly got so scared.

I don't know what's going
on; I don't know if somebody

did something to me or what
if I did something awful?

Hey... [inaudible]

Do you recognize this
girl here on the bike?

No problem.

[hearing spell]

You people had my husband
killed; leave me alone okay.

Oh my god!

Sgt. McCluskey, IIB.

And Kim Kendal I'm going to have
to ask you to come with me.

I'm just...

Sorry who are you?

You're wanted for
questioning in connection

with the death
of Steve Murchin.

What's going on here?

Look there's someone on
that ferry over there that

we should go speak to.

Okay you know what;
have it your way.

Bring them all in.

No, for what? Come on,
are you serious?

I'm going all right.

Apparently her memory is
coming back in bits and pieces.

Well that's not going to
help you build a case is it?

So you're saying we
don't go to the crown


Not until you can prove
that either she and-or

Northern Superior Mining were
involved in Murchin's death.

Are you speaking as in-house
counsel or as her friend.


What's up with
those two out there?

Paramedics; Dev checked
them out. They're legit.

You two are free to go.

I'm worried about Ann.

Miss Kendal is still
under investigation.

Stay here.

Sgt. McCluskey do you mind if
I speak to you for a moment?

Sure, one minute.

Um...On the island
Miss Kendal she was

reacting to things.

At one point she freaked out.

You see she...


There was a woman on the
island and I think that

this woman knows something
or she's involved.

[hearing spell] What?

Does this guy think
she's innocent?

So IIB huh?

What's that like international
imagination buddies?

investigative bureau.

Oh yeah.

It's right... it's
right there.


The Mounties?

Yeah some of us; some
provincial, some local.

We all get together
and nab the bad guys.

Right, like a police
all-star team.

Here is my card.

Give me a call if you have
any more amazing insights.

[hearing spell] Okay,
go now, bye, bye.

I'll show myself
out, thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey Oz, come here.

Excuse me.

What's the deal batman,
do you got anything?

I'm going to be a couple of
hours; you got to cover for me.


Oh, you got that look
of quiet determination.

You know what to do Robin.

Yeah right...

[inaudible], sure it's worked
out so well in the past.

You're late.

The transaction's been made.

Not that I don't trust you
but let's see if there's

been any recent
activity in my account.


Well, well, you are
a man of your word.


There you go.


Nice doing business with you.



You son of a....[struggle]


I didn't even
know my own name...

...till you called it
out to me.

It's called selective memory;
were trying to refresh it.

Do you recognize him?


I don't think so.

Steven Murchin, an
environmental scientist.

He did work for your company.

Four weeks ago he died
in a car accident.

I'm sorry...

Yeah, it was terrible.

He left behind a
wife and three kids.

When the lab examined
Steven's vehicle they

found that his brakes
had been tampered with.

When we questioned his
co-workers we found out

that he was working on a
report about the toxicity

levels from the runoff of
one of Northern's mines.

If this was supposed to
help me get my memory back

it's a colossal failure.

Well that's okay; I'm a lot
more patient than I let on.





[knock on door]


Hello, hi ma'am,
I'm a paramedic.

My name's Toby Logan.

I was just hoping that
maybe we could have a word.

Is someone hurt?

Actually yeah,
that's why I'm here.

I think you might
be able to help me.

It's about a woman
named Lynn Kendal.


And what does this
have to do with me?

Well Ms. Kendal's having
difficult remember certain

things about her past so I
was just hoping that maybe

you knew something about how
we could locate her family.

And you say she mentioned
me specifically?

Yes, she said that you met
her at a café and that you

were very upset with her.

[hearing spell]: How did he
find me? No one knows I'm here.

Look did they send you here?

They? No, no, it's just me.

After she met with you
Lynn was attacked and

she nearly drowned.

The police aren't ruling
out attempted murder.

You wouldn't know anything
about that would you?

How dare you accuse me!

They killed my husband.

They threatened me and my kids.

How could you say that to me;
how could you say that to me?



Let me take you back.

2006, a community in
Alberta is contaminated

by the [inaudible] from a
Northern Superior mine;

lawsuit disappears.

2007 allegations of
insider trading by senior

company brass are raised
and mysteriously go away.

I'm supposed to
know about all this?

2009 Gerry Morrow, your
CEO, his son was involved

in a hit and run,
charges were dropped.

So what do all of these
cases have in common?

Okay even if I worked for
this Northern Superior,

what is this; guilt
by association?

Now the lawyer emerges... know what a corporate
fixer is, right Lynn?

Yeah, that's the nice term.

I don't, I don't
believe any of this.

Well this is who you are
and believe me the deeper

we dig the worse it gets.


Now this is where
it gets interesting.

How do you explain this?

Roman Prisblanski, he was
in the IT department of

Northern Superior.

I have never even
heard the name.

Well he was found dead
today; the bodies are

beginning to pile up.

Look, I might not know
who I am but I am not the

monster you think.

Yes, she came to the island.

I was furious because I
thought she was going to

offer me some deal but...

And did she?


She said she wanted
my help to prove that

Northern Superior Mining was
behind my husband's death.

How was she going
to prove that?

She said she wanted to go
through Steve's computer

to find some report
that he'd been writing.

And this guy, this guy
Roman showed up two days

after Steve died and he
said he was from the

company and he said that
they wanted take

possession of his computer.

Oh, I was so stupid!

I should have listened to Lynn.

Sarah, you have to
go to the police.

If you don't Lynn
will be charged for

your husband's murder.

He was just a scientist
doing his job.

Why were you going
to Toronto Island?

I don't even remember
being there.

Oh my god!

Yeah, that's you getting
on the ferry two days ago.

Starting to come back.

Who were you looking for?

Who is that?

You tell me.

That's uh...

...that's the man who
tried to kill me.


The client is pressing
me to charge her

or cut her loose.

Who is this guy?

Either this surveillance is
too grainy for the computer

or this guy just doesn't
have a criminal record.

This is crazy.

This would be so much
easier if someone would

just get their memory back.


Okay, send them up.

It's about to get crazier.

What; crazier?

This must be the woman you
were telling me about.

Hello Mrs. Murchin.

Have we met?

No, not personally.

You've been a very
difficult woman to reach.

Why don't you have a seat
in our conference room.

Dev will show you the room.

Right this way.

I don't know what you're
up to but you and I need

to have a little
chat, so stick around.

Look forward to it.



That's Steve Murchin's wife.

She's going to tell them
that you were going to

expose the company.


That's a really good thing.

I don't know Toby; I was
told about all these

things that I've done.

You went out there to tell
Sarah the truth about her

husband's death.

You went out there to
take down your employer.

You put yourself in danger
and they tried to kill you.

You were a whistle-blower.

[hearing spell] Lynn come
on I thought we were

in this together.

You know what this does to
me; I will not be a party

to this.

I can't protect you...

I might be the only one
who could stop them.

I didn't pressure
her; she volunteered.

The woman's barely got a
grasp on her own memories.

She remembers enough.

What are you proposing.

She calls Gerry,
sets up a meeting.

Wears a wire, records her boss.

Yeah and if the thing goes
south we'll be right there.

We'll be right there, yeah.

Yeah, I've heard that before.


Hi, can you hear me
guys, am I transmitting?


Copy that loud and clear.

Okay we're up.

Hey Michelle I don't know
what this guys doing here;

you got a bogey game
at 1:00 o'clock.

Who the hell is this guy?


What the hell do you
think you're doing here?

Keeping an eye on Lynn.

You're going to blow
this whole operation.

Don't worry; I'm not going
to do anything stupid.

Yeah I hope not.

Michelle, there's our guy!


Yeah, that's Gerry Morrow.

Okay guys, we're on.


It's good to see you Lynn.

You too Gerry.

You sounded surprised
when I called.

Did I?

Yeah, bit like you'd heard
the voice of a ghost.

[hearing spell]

Do it and keep moving.

Something's wrong?

What are you talking about?

Steve Murchin had a wife
Gerry, three kids

and you had him killed.

You just don't get it.

I think this
conversation's over.

No second
chances this time.

Check out the jogger.

That's our guy.

Dev that's the guy
from the ferry.

All units take down the jogger.



Come on, give me those
hands, give me those.



How did you know he
was carrying a needle

and not a gun?

I'm going to be
needing a statement.

I'll drop by.

He connected that jogger with
the Toronto Island jogger. How?

He knew where to find Sarah.


Yeah, I don't know Dev, but
I plan to get some answers.

Mr. Bay?

You write this?

Yeah, it's a little
over the right?

All that stuff about team
versus any single one of us?

It's not half bad.


Well punctuation was
atrocious but you got the

heart of a poet.

Thank you sir.


You know if you ask me it's
an honor that's long overdue.

Oh I wouldn't say that.


Mr. Bay you have to learn
how to take a compliment.

Yeah, among other things.

Look, when you're up on that
stage and all those people

are applauding, you
got to be humble, but you

got to know that you
earned it, and you did it.

I'm proud of you.


Ah, sir?

Can I have my
partner from that call

come up on stage with me?


Watananabi sir.

Yeah, he'd feel
better about it.

Even though he was the
junior paramedic on the scene?

I couldn't have
done it without him.


Okay well, I'll make it happen.

Thank you sir.

Oh and Mr. Bay, clean up the
damn truck; it's filthy.

Good talk.


How'd it go up there?

Oh good.

Guess they got more than
they expected from Gerry.

I spent ten years of my
life building that company up

and today I
helped tear it down.

Good for you.

It's scary.

So what are you
going to do next?

I have a life there.

I'm jealous.



Well I'm just remember the
fact that the first moment

I met you I bolted in
the opposite direction.

Right, I mean you were
going to jump in the lake...

Well I think you're
headed in the right

direction now, that's good.

Thank you Toby.

You're welcome.


Good luck.

You too.



Dr. Lawson was right;
Lynn's memory loss turned

out to be temporary.

Come on, what about us; we
were the ones who rescued her,

Toby jogged her memory.

Thank you.

Credit where credit
is due my friend.

Thank you.

Where it is, Lynn's got a man
waiting for her in Calgary.

She's got a man, that's good.

It's kind of weird though;
what does she do,

just gets off the plane in
Calgary and waits for the

first guy to kiss her?

All I know is a couple of
months ago you sir would

never have gotten involved.

People change.

Feels good.

Charlie would have been proud.


She was pretty amazing.

Speaking of hot cops...

Don't go there.

Don't go there?




Forget it.

Oh I've forgotten about it.

You brought it up.

No you brought it up.

I didn't bring up
anything...I didn't...


Just trying to back out
of it...