The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Hugh Jackman/Sen. Elizabeth Warren/Pearl Jam - full transcript

Hugh Jackman (Pan (2015)); Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Also: Pearl Jam perform.

President Trump facing
backlash for canceling his visit

to an American burial ground
because it was raining.

To an American burial ground
because it was raining.

To an American burial ground
because it was raining.

( Laughter )
Announcer: Its "the late

show with Stephen Colbert."

Tonight, Trump plays with fire.

Plus, Stephen welcomes...

Hugh Jackman.

And Jeff tweedy.

Featuring Jon batiste and stay

And now live on tape from the ed
Sullivan theater in New York

city, its Stephen Colbert!

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Stephen: Whoo!


H how are ya?

Hi, everybody!



( Cheers and applause )
Please have a seat, everybody!


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to "the late show."

Im your host Stephen Colbert.

( Cheers and applause )
I want to start out tonight by

saying our thoughts are with
you, California.

The golden state is being
ravaged by three deadly

wildfires in Malibu and northern

Theres been tragic loss of life
and unprecedented loss of


We certainly hope everybody
there stays safe, including and

especially the firefighters
fighting this on the front line.

At a time like this, its hard
to know the right thing to say.

But for the wrong thing to say,
lets check the presidents

Twitter feed.

( Laughter )
Stephen (as Trump): "There is

no reason for these massive,
deadly, and costly forest fires

in California except that forest
management is so poor.

Billions of dollars are given
each year, with so many lives

lost, all because of gross
mismanagement of the forests.

Remedy now, or no more fed

Boo-boo ( Booing )

Stephen: I think thats
called blaming the victim.

ID hate to be choking with only
Trump there to save me.

(As Trump): "Are you choking?

Theres no reason for this
massive loss of oxygen, except

your chewing management was so

Remedy now, or no heimlich!"
( Laughter )

( Piano riff )
But Trump did offer a solution

to californias frequent

(As Trump): "With proper forest
management, we can stop the

devastation constantly going on
in California!

Get smart!"
"Got to be smart.

Their biggest mistake is
planting trees made of wood.

( Laughter )
( Piano riff )

Rookie mistake.

I will replace them with trees
made out of beautiful American


( Laughter )
Although, he is a well-known

stickler for fire safety.

With all the hairspray, hes
easily the most flammable

president in U.S. history.

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Maybe Washington.

Maybe not.

Possible its him and Washington
because of the wooden teeth.

Oh, I see.

Stephen: It was only a
matter of time before Trump got

called out by someone who
actually knows what

theyre talking about.

Such as the president of the
Pasadena firefighters

association, who tweeted, "Mr.

President, with all due respect,
you are wrong.

The fires in so-Cal are urban
interface fires and have nothing

to do with forest management.

Come to so-Cal and learn the
facts and help the victims."

( Cheers and applause )
Sure, its a good idea.


Thats traditional.

But im thinking the last thing
first responders need is a visit

from the president.

"No, sir, stop throwing paper

Youre making it worse.

Thats kindling!"
( Laughter )

Of course, when Trump goes off
the deep end, at least we can

count on a response from
reasonable experts like guns n

roses founder and man getting
thrown out of a sizzler, axl


Who tweeted, "um... actually...

Its a lack of federal funding
thats at the root of the

purported forest mismanagement.

Only a demented n truly
pathetic individual would twist

that around n use a tragedy to
once again misrepresent facts

for attempted public/political
gain at others expense."

Wow pretty wonky, but I
shouldnt be surprised.

After all, the first draft of
paradise city was actually:

S take me down to paradise city
s where the mass transit system

serves all communities
s regardless of socioeconomic


S and the girls are pretty.

( Cheers and applause )
( Piano riff )

Also, I appreciate axls
continued dedication to the guns

n roses manual o style.

( Laughter )

Of course, I dont know what
axls complaining about.

He could fix the whole problem

S a cold November rain s
( Laughter )

But axl makes a good point.

Because Trump proposed to cut
$300 million from the U.S.

Forest services wildfire
fighting initiatives and $50

million from its wildfire
prevention efforts.

Which explains this new p.S.A.:
On the other side, Florida is

still a mess.

Only you can prevent forest
fires because were broke.

You think I do this because I
want to?

Ill sell you my shovel!

Stephen: Stay strong

Thats not smokey, thats
smoldery in case there are

copyright lawyers watching.

( Laughter )
Fra is still a mess.

Youll recall on election night
that the winners in the sunshine

state were Republicans Ron
desantis and Rick Scott.

But the vote tally was so close
that Florida has begun automatic

recounts in both the senate and
governors races.

( Cheers and applause )

Huge recount fans.

Right now, we dont know who

Of course, this is Florida, so
once they factor the write-in

votes, we might be looking at
senator gator wearing


( Laughter )
Strong on defense.

Now the recounters say theyll
have results by Thursday.


This is so nerve-wracking, its
like waiting for results from

the doctor.

"Yes, we have your lab work
back, and im sorry... you have


( Laughter )
Youll want to call all your

previous partners and let them

( Laughter )
Republicans have been skeptical

of the recount.

One g.O.P. Congressman said,
"for all I know, theyre still

counting ballots for al Gore
back there!"

( Laughter )
Hey, thats not funny!

They are.

( Laughter )
Hang in there, al.

Hang in there.

( Laughter )
And this morning, Trump tweeted:

(As Trump): "The Florida
election should be called in

favor of Rick Scott and Ron
desantis, in that large numbers

of new ballots showed up out of
nowhere, and many ballots are

missing or forged.

An honest vote count is no
longer possible.

Ballots massively infected.

Must go with election night!"
Go with election night?

( Booing )
You cant just pick the time

that was best for you.

(As Trump): "My team was up in
the seventh inning, then I went

to bed, and when I woke up, they
had lost.

An honest score is no longer

( Laughter )
Must go with seventh inning!"

And these arent votes "out of
nowhere," theyre absentee


In fact: Florida accepts
overseas and military ballots

through nov. 16, meaning that
trumps plan would

disenfranchise military service
members and Americans abroad.

Youre not supposed to celebrate
veterans day by taking away

their right to vote.

You celebrate by posting a
picture of your hot grandpa in

world war ii on Instagram and
raking in the likes!

( Cheers and applause )
Meanwhile, in arizonas senate

race, after trailing on election
night, democrat kyrsten sinema

now leads republican Martha
mcsally by 1.5 percentage


( Cheers and applause )
Arizona has a heated race, but

its a dry heat.

So, pretty comfortable.

( Laughter )
Youre welcome.

But unlike Florida, both sides
in this election are saying

every ballot should be counted.

Its been slow because 75% of
the states electorate votes by


The other 25% of arizonans
whisper their vote into a


( Laughter )
Now, there was a brief

controversy about what to do
about some of the votes because

signatures didnt match, but a
court resolved the issue.

Trump still freaked out,
tweeting, "just out... in

Arizona, signatures dont match.

Electoral corruption... call for
a new election?"


How about 2016?

( Cheers and applause )
( Piano riff )

The president was in Paris this
weekend for the 100th

anniversary of armistice day and
was scheduled to pay his

respects at a U.S. military

These soldiers fought tirelessly
through brutal conditions, so of

course, Trump cancelled his trip
to the cemetery due to rain.

Well, you cant blame him, hes
only got one umbrella and he

couldnt figure out how to bring
it on the plane.

( Laughter )
( Piano riff )

Trump did attend the ceremonies
yesterday, but the other leaders

said mean things, like French
president Emmanuel macron:

Patriotism is the exact
opposite of nationalism.

Nationalism is a betrayal of
patriotism by saying our

interests first, who cares about
the others.

We erase what a nation holds
dearest, what gives it life,

what gives it grace, and what is

Its moral values.

Stephen: First of all, these
French guys sound like girls.

Second, I just want to point out
that a man gave a speech about

the importance of moral values
and everyone says he was

insulting our president.

( Laughter )
But Trump did have one ally.

Unfortunately, it wasnt an
ally, it was Vladimir putin.

Just look at trumps face when
putin arrived.

So happy.

I can just imagine their

(As macron): "I am looking into
the eyes of a sociopath."

(As merkel): "Mein gott, this
monster will kill us all."

(As Trump): S "more than a
feeling s

more than a feeling
s when I see Vladimir walk my

way" s ( Cheers and applause )

Weve got a great show for you

Hugh Jackman is here.

But when we return, we remember
a legend.

Stick around!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Jon batiste and
"stay human" right there!

And our special guest tonight!

( Cheers and applause )
Very special.

Jon: Yeah!

Stephen:... you guys are
sounding big and strong tonight.

Tell us about the special guest

We have the six string
soldiers from the army army!

( Cheers and applause )
...The army field band!

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Sound great!

Who do we have over here?

Staff sergeant John bradabora

Staff sergeant Renee Bennett.

Joey Bennett.

Ergeant first class Thomas

I am sergeant first class
Glen robertson.


Stephen: Well, thank you
for being here, thank you for

your service and thank you for
your finger picking!

( Cheers and applause )
We could use a little pick me up

today, the world lost a legend,

marvel comics co-founder, Stan
"the man" Lee.

Lee had a hand in creating all
your favorite comic book

characters: Spider-man, iron
man, and black panther.

He was a world war ii veteran,
screen writer and married to

wife scwoany for 70 years after
they dated for two weeks and

flew Torino so she could get a
quickie diroars and marry Stan

the same day.

Thats the story.

So thanks for all the stories,
Stan, and I know youre hearing

this a lot today, but excelsior!

( Cheers and applause )
Im a marvel fan.

I got the campaigntain America
shield over there I got from

marvel years ago from when cap
captain America died.

He left his shield over there.

We have to guard it every night.

Jon: Yeah, you got to
protect that.

Stephen: And our first
guest tonight, of course, is

Hugh Jackman...
( Cheers and applause )

Who you know.

Im not sure if you guys heard,
but our book

"whose boat is this boat?" Has
been blowin up the charts.

Weve raised a ton of money for
disaster relief for victims of

hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Its not too late to get a copy
of your own... at the local book

store or billion-dollar online
retail behemoth of your choice.

( Laughter )
And last week, I asked you to

share pictures of yourself with
the book using the hashtag

"whose book."

And we received a ton of

Lets take a look at some of

Viewer Robbie Coleman sent us
this photo of him reading the

book with his dog, Sonny.

Obviously, this is a joke.

Dogs cant read english.

A Joey silk sent us a group of
eight friends from Carlton

college all enjoying the book.

To which I say: Good for you!

Also, shame on you!

Theres no sharing.

Its not a pizza.

Youre not kicking in for page

( Laughter )
"Late show" viewer

"skywarn55423" somehow managed
to display their copy on what

will one day be the main exhibit
at the Trump presidential


And this photo from "big red nek
dadie" makes me happy that wooly

Willy enjoyed the book so much.

( Laughter )
( Applause )

And viewer Gabriel ojeda showed
off his copy in front of a TV

playing his favorite show.

Thanks, Gabriel.

Pro tip for you: Both the book
and my show are easier to enjoy

if you look directly at them.

( Laughter )
But I have to tip my sailors

cap to dawn kaminski who went
the extra nautical mile and

built herself a boat out of the
"whose boat is this boat?" Book.

This is exciting because now
that we have a boat made out of

books about a boat, its time
for a sequel: A book about a

boat made out of books about a

The "whose boat is this boat
book boat?"

Well be right back with Hugh

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Hey, everybody!

Welcome back!

( Cheers and applause )
My first guest is a movie star

you know as Jean valjean, p.T.

Barnum, and Wolverine.

He now stars as Gary hart in
"the front runner."

Youve made calls to this
woman from Kansas and new


I make calls every day.

I dont see how I would remember
that was your announcement


You said we should hold our
selves accountable to the

highest possible started of
integrity and ethics.

Then why are we standing here on
a Saturday night?

Dont you think you owe it to us
to be forthcoming?

Oh you... owe you?

You deny it?

I dont owe you.

Stephen: Youre going to be

Do you know your

I know full well.

Do you know yours?

Stephen: Please welcome
Hugh Jackman.

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Thank you.

That was very rude.

Stephen: Not at all.

Im not going to let someone out
hug an audience member.

So your producers say do you
know Andy Lee who is over there.

Andy in Australia is almost as
famous as you here.

He and aimish... weve got some
aussies here.

Stephen: We shipped a full

Andy sent me an email and I
hadnt replayed.

He said, seriously, dude, you
havent replied?

Im going to reply in a second.

Stephen: This moment is
huge in Australia.

But here...
Stephen: Well keep it.

Well see how the interview goes
as I was saying before, a lot of

people got to know you first
through your work as Wolverine.


Stephen: That was created
at marvel and overseen by Stan


Thats right.

Stephen: Tell me about
meeting Stan.

First of all, I love what you
said, and let me just say to the

family and to the legions of fan
s that I remember Stan as a

true gentleman who had this
glint in his eye.

Hes a creative genius.

He thought outside the box.

He created a whole universe that
changed the lives of many people

, mine included.

But when I met him... first of
all, if you want to get a real

understanding of where you are
in the world, you think, im

Wolverine, im walking into
comic-con, this is a good day

for me, and I was on the red
carpet and the only one on there

and no one was taking my photo
but a at the other end was Stan

Lee, and there were about 300
photo feernsd interviewers on


Stan, god bless you.

Youre one of the greats.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Absolutely.


Created his own world along with
the other people at marvel.

What was it like to be
integrated in that world at the


We talked about the challenges.

What about the first one.

Youre a method actor.

How do you approach a person who
is a mutant in the Wolverine?


I didnt know what a Wolverine

I never heard of such an animals

I presumed it was a madeup name
for the comic book.

ID never read an x book comic.

I presumed it was a wolf and I
did study wolves.

I watched documentaries, there
was a big I "... imax movie at

the time.

Stephen: So you put in the

Yes, and I turned up for a
fight rehearsal.

I was incorporating wolves have
their nose to the ground and

look into their Ace because
theyre smelling you.

The director goes, what are you
doing with the body?

I said, I was thinking, you know
, I was doing work on the

wolves and... he said, wolves?

Why wolves?

Youre playing a Wolverine.

I go, well, its not an animal.

He goes, yeah, it is, out of the

That was a humiliating moment
and three weeks of wasted


But it worked out.

( Laughter )
Stephen: Well, I met your

lovely wife, Debra Lee.


Stephen: And this is the
two of you right here.

It is.

Stephen: Now, like your
friend Andy Lee here, she is an

actor in Australia and we may
not have known her work up here.

Shes a big deal down there.

When you met her, were you a big


Stephen: You were dating up
big time.

And it was my first job, and she
was the star of it.

So, yeah, it was huge.

I remember actually the first
day I went... this is Australia,

so the second assistant director
picked me up and brought me to

rehearsal, and... literally
picked me up in his own car,

took me to rehearsal.

Deb was already in the car
sitting in the front seat.

I thought, because shed been to
Hollywood and done movies, and I

thought hows this going to go?

Shes in the front seat, so I
thought that was a good sign,

you know, not sitting in the
back of her show shawf...

Chauffeured sunglasses.

She turned around and said, hi,
im deray Lee.

I thought, I im going to marry
that woman.

Stephen: Two weeks later
she I knew early on.

She needed convincing but I knew
Stephen: When did you get

the signal that you had pressed
her enough?

It was sunrise and she was
naked in my bed

( laughter )
No, the signal for me, I had a

dinner party, and I had a crush
on Deb really badly and it was

embarrassed about it.

I then did the thing you do
which is not speak to her, so I

didnt speak to her about a week
shes the star of the show,

everyone had a crush on her, and
I invite her to dinner with

about 12 other people and she
got a phone call in the middle

of dinner.

Youre in the suburbs, she gets
a phone call, and were all

stopped and listening.

She goes, whos at the front?

Mick Jagger.

Turns out Mick Jagger was in a
limousine with a friend of hers

out front.

Mick Jagger from my favorite
band growing up is outside my

home in beaconsville parade and
said, come on, Deb, party with

us, were going out with Mick.

Debra goes, you can tell Mick
im with Hugh Jackman.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Thats a signal.

Thats a good signal.

Stephen: Thats a good
signal when a woman turns down

Mick Jagger.


Stephen: The film is called
"the front runner."

I watched it this weekend
because im special and I get to

see things early.

Its absolutely wonderful.

Jason wrightman is the director.

You play senator Gary hart who,
of course, ism because I grow up


Were you aware that he was a
prominent political figure back

if 1987, 88?

87, I was touring around
with four other Australians


I dont remember the entire year
, to be honest.

But I didnt know much about it
at all.

Turns out a lot of people said,
yeah, I remember that, the monk

ey business.

Stephen: They remember
Donna rice sitting on his lap in

front of a beat which said monk
ey business, the most damn

ing photograph.

Which didnt appear until
three pocahontas after h he left

the race which most people dont

In political history, its a
relatively small moment but a

huge turning point in the way we
view politicsings... politicians

, public versus
private, and if youre like me

and wake up and wonder how did
we get to where we are today,

this is a cool movie that will
give you a little thread to how

things got to where we are.

Stephen: The big debate at
the time was we havent judged

our presidents or their
candidates on their private

lives to this degree before,
shall we destroy the frontrunner

have you had a chance to meet
him in.


Stephen: I interviewed him
and said I can see why hes a


Hes intelligent, personable,
astute and charismatic.

What did you guys talk about?

I loved it.

First of all, he makes a mean
Martini and is an amazing man.

I called him... I call him a
friend which I am blessed to do,

and family.

This guy is humble and really

Youve got to be on your game
because you can talk to him

about anything and hes all over
it, still very, very sharp,

still very involved, and hes
the kind of guy in 1981 when he

was a senator, he had jobs and
then went back to the senate and

said in 1981 we have to have
computers in every classroom, we

have to change our education
system, everything is changing,

the world is going to change.

He saw how we were sort of
addicted to oil the world over

and how thats going to lead to
problems in the middle east.

He saw the end of the cold war
eight years before it was


He actually invited gorbachev to
his inauguration if he had been

elected, and so many things.

He saw the future, and it really
makes me sad knowing him,

knowing his policies, knowing
how brilliant he was that his

voice was lost to politics, but
I admire him a lot and doing

this movie taught me a lot, I
have to tell you.

Stephen: Well, the most
famous line from him in this

entire thing which includes the
movie is to a reporter, look,

you want to follow me around,
you will be bored.


Stephen: People didnt get


And I think one of the things
that came out of Matts book,

this book is movie on the book,
is thats a throwaway line a

little taken out of context, and
they were already following him


I think one thing that p must
have stuck in Garys craw is for

30 years people go, I know
youre the smartest man in

politics but why would you
invite people to narrowly you


Esaid, I didnt, they were
already following me.

Theres a speech at the end
where I think he speaks to

beautifully about politics,
about the future of politics,

and is quite chilling in the end
as you see where we are today

with politics of the kind of
things he saw.

He was an amazing politician.

Yeah, im biased, obviously.

Stephen: The performance is

Thanks for being here, nice to
see you again.

"The front runner" is in select
theaters now and everywhere

November 21.

Hugh Jackman, everybody.

Well be right back with Jeff

( Cheers and applause )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Welcome back again
, everybody!

My next guest is a grammy award
winning rock star who made

multiple appearances here as the
lead singer of Wilco.

Hes going to perform later.

But first please welcome back to
"the late show," a lovely man

from Chicago, Jeff tweedy!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Ive never done
this before!

Thank you, thats how the big
stars do it.

Youve got to hug somebody in
the audience.

Ive never done this before.

Stephen: Youve never done
this before? Ive spoken to you

weve spoken but ive never
done this before.

This is the coolest thing thats
ever happened to me.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Uh I doubt that.

It is.

Stephen: Pretty cool for us
nice to see you again.

Weve had a chance to talk in
the past on told show.

Weve had you on this show a

How have you been?


I have been busy.

Stephen: You wrote a book.

I wrote a book?

Its called "lets go (so we can
get back)" How old are you on

the cover of this book here?

22, maybe.

Stephen: This is you.

This is you on the back.

( Laughter )
Rock and roll lifestyle take its


Its a pretty stark before
and after.

Stephen: But youre younger
than I am.

Now writing a memoir, youre
still a pretty young guy.

Can you write a memoir and still

Uh... yeah, I thought I would
write it now before I forget


( Laughter )
Stephen: Is there a

possibility that it might all be

Its all fading, already.

So, yeah...
( Laughter )

I wasnt sure anybody would want
me to write a book in ten years,

so I taut I would take the...
Stephen: Opportunity now.

The opportunity.

Stephen: Strike while the
irons hot.


Stephen: In this book, you
say you if you at a young age

you wanted to perform, how did
that manifest itself and how

young were you when you said,
yeah, im going to be a rock and


I dont know.

My mom would say that I would
stand and point at the stereo

until she put a record on.

Stephen: Before you could

Before I could talk.


Thats the story in my family.

But... in the book, I talk about
going to school in the third

grade and playing born to run
bring Bruce Springsteen for my

friends and telling them it was

Stephen: Did you bring the
album in or did you...

To, I recorded it off the

And I put my name on it.

( Laughter )
And I told them thats me.

( Laughter )
Stephen: You told them you

wrote it, too?

Im playing all the instruments.

Thats my voice.

Stephen: The town took the
bones from your back?

I had a lot on my mind at

Stephen: Did they buy it?

No, they didnt buy it.

It was uppt just the song either
it was the whole album.

Stephen: Wow.

Thats pretty impressive theft.

Its pretty... yeah, really
terrifying ability to identify

Stephen: Bruce Springsteen.

I knew it happened with rocky
, too.

I went to see rocky when it came
out and I came home and knocked

myself out with a doorknob
because I thought it looked cool

to have a black eye.

( Laughter )
This has been really good for me

Stephen: Sure.

Im glad im having this
moment to share that.

Stephen: I can see why you
dont remember some of this


( Laughter )

Stephen: Weve got to go

Youre going to perform in just
a moment.

Before we do, you came on here
and did some songs from this

album two years ago.


Stephen: Two years ago, and
the name of the album is "star


We didnt have a chance to talk
about that at the time.

Why sit named "star wars"... why
is this named "star wars"?

We wanted to call the album"
cease and desist," and we were

trying to get George Lucas to
sue us so we could re-release

the album as cease and desist,
and it just didnt happen.

( Laughter )
He didnt bite.

Stephen: You had another

You also thought of releasing it
like this.

Other way.

Stephen: Other way?


( Laughter )
We were trying to picture the

most litigious album cover we
could come up with.

Stephen: Didnt happen?

Our lawyer said absolutely not.

( Laughter )
Stephen: Your album is

called "warm."

What are you going to play for
from it?

"Lets go rain."

Its a joyous plea for the sweet
relief of death.

( Laughter )
Stephen: Jeff, good to see


Thanks for being here!

"Lets go (so we can get back)"
Is available tomorrow.

Stick around for a musical
performance from Jeff tweedy!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

♪ Rocky top, you will always be
home for me.

Good old rocky top ♪
♪ rocky top Tennessee

♪ wished I was on rockytop...


( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Here performing
"lets go rain" from his new

album, "warm," ladies and
gentlemen, Jeff tweedy!

(Cheers and applause

♪♪ ♪

♪ oh, ive heard about Noahs

♪ washed away a world of

some say destruction is an act
of love

♪ and think it should happen

♪ oh, lets go rain
lets go rain

♪ again
lets go rain

♪ lets go rain

♪ now once upon a time, I was a

♪ I didnt know, I didnt need
to know

♪ now when the sky speaks, im
going to listen

♪ and when its missin, ill
just figure im alone

♪ oh, lets go rain
lets go rain

♪ again
come on rain

♪ lets go rain

♪ oh, I should
build a wooden ark

♪ wouldnt you rather live
on an ocean of guitars

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

♪ Aw, come on rain
lets go rain

♪ again
lets go rain

♪ lets go rain

♪ ♪
♪ oooooh, oooh, ooh

aah, aah, aaah
♪ maybe youre not a believer

or maybe you dont have a choice
♪ or maybe its a fever that you

havent caught yet
♪ cause you havent met

Scott mccaughey
♪ oh, lets go rain

lets go rain
♪ again

lets go rain
♪ lets go rain

♪ lets go rain

lets go rain
♪ again

lets go rain
♪ lets go rain

♪ still no rain

still no rain
♪ again

lets go rain
♪ lets go rain again

(cheers and applause

) Thank you.

Worth the wait.

Jeff tweedy, everybody!

Well be right back!

( Cheers and applause )

Stephen: Well, thats it for

"the late show," everybody.

Tune in tomorrow when my guests
will be Rachel Weisz, Jason

mantzoukas, and comedian Demetri

Now stick around for our friend
James corden.

Good night!

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