The Last of Us (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Joel's life is turned upside in a panic during apocalyptic events.

And that's your biggest worry?

Dr. Schoenheiss:
Yes, any kind of virus,

but most probably
something similar

to influenza.

Because of air travel.

Through the air.

- Coughing...
- Uh, I-I'm sorry.

I meant people.
On planes.

Uh, that was something
you described in your book.

Schoenheiss: Yes, a new virus
in Madagascar, say,

could be in Chicago
within a matter of weeks.

And we end up with a global
pandemic. Pan meaning "all."

The whole world
becomes sick all at once.

Hm... and, uh,
Dr. Neuman,

you're also
an epidemiologist.

I presume the prospect
of a viral pandemic

keeps you up
at night as well.

- No.
- No?

- No.
- All right, well, that's our show.

- (audience laughs)
- No.

Mankind has been at war
with the virus from the start.

Sometimes, millions of
people die, as in an actual war.

But in the end,
we always win.

Uh, but you... Uh, just to
be clear, you, you do think

pose a threat.

Oh, in the most
dire terms.

- Bacteria.
- No.

- You like saying no.
- Yes.

(audience laughs)

Not bacteria.
Not viruses.

- So?
- Fungus.

(audience murmurs)

Yes, that's
the usual response.

Fungi seem harmless enough.

Many species
know otherwise.

Because there are
some fungi who seek not to kill...

but to control.

Let me ask you,

where do we
get LSD from?

- Where do you get it from?
- (audience laughs)

Dr. Neuman: It comes from ergot,
a fungus.

Also a fungus.

Viruses can
make us ill,

but fungi can alter
our very minds.

There's a fungus
that infects insects.

Gets inside an ant,
for example,

travels through its circulatory
system to the ant's brain,

and then floods it
with hallucinogens,

thus bending the ant's
mind to its will.

The fungus starts to
direct the ant's behavior,

telling it where to go,
what to do,

like a puppeteer
with a marionette.

And it gets worse.

The fungus needs
food to live,

so it begins to devour
its host from within,

replacing the ant's flesh
with its own,

but it doesn't
let its victim die.

No, it... it keeps
its puppet alive

by preventing decomposition.

How? Where do we
get penicillin from?

- (quickly) Fungus.
- Oh...

Dr. Schoenheiss,
you're in distress.

Fungal infection
of this kind is real,

but not in humans.

True, fungi
cannot survive

if its host's internal
temperature is over 94 degrees.

And currently, there are no
reasons for fungi to evolve

to be able to withstand
higher temperatures.

But what if that were to change?

What if... for instance,

the world were
to get slightly warmer?

Well, now there is
reason to evolve.

One gene mutates and an
ascomycete, uh, candida, ergot,

cordyceps, aspergillus,
any one of them could become

capable of burrowing
into our brains

and taking control not of
millions of us, but billions of us.

Billions of puppets
with poisoned minds

permanently fixed
on one unifying goal:

to spread the infection
to every last human alive

by any means necessary.

And there are no
treatments for this.

No preventatives,
no cures.

They don't exist.
It's not even possible

to make them.

So if that happens?

We lose.

(host clears throat)

Uh, we'll be back.

(pensive theme music plays)

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♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(ambient nature sounds)

(vehicle engine starts)

- (vehicle drives off)
- (dog barking)

(alarm beeping)

- (knocks at door)
- Sarah: Alarm.

- (Joel grunting)
- Sarah: Alarm!

("Tomorrow" by Avril
Lavigne playing on radio)

- Where's the pancake mix?
- Joel: Oh, was I...

Yeah, I was. Sorry.

I was gonna make you
birthday pancakes.

(softly): I swear.

You know I don't
really like pancakes.

I know you don't like them.
It was for my benefit.

Vitamin C.

You get your, uh,
homework done?

- Fractions?
- (chuckling)

How old are you again?


Gonna have
to wear diapers soon.

Who says I don't already?



Joel: Lovely.

(garage door opening) - Is
there enough for Uncle Tommy?

Well, there would've been.


You're still alive,
you old fucker.

Aw, he loves you.

He's dependent on me.
Not the same.

- I think it's the same.
- Tommy: It's definitely the same.

I thought we was
havin' pancakes.

We'll pick you somethin' up
on the road.

- Concrete guys gonna be there?
- Yeah, they said maybe.

We can't frame until we pour.

We're not gettin' paid
until we frame.

Well, we could bring
someone else on,

- get the job done faster.
- No, no.

I'm not splittin' this job.

I barely wanna
split it with you.

We could work a double.

- Literally? Today?
- I know. I'd be done by nine.

By nine, right?


I'll bring
back a cake.

I promise.

Reporter (on radio): ...continued
disturbances in Jakarta,

but are advising
U.S. citizens...

Where is that, Middle East?

Tommy: Doesn't ring a
bell. It's definitely a country.

- Or maybe part of Asia?
- Jakarta isn't a country.

Being a part of Asia isn't mutually
exclusive with being a country,

and in fact, it's the
capital of Indonesia.

Shit. Hope for us yet.

(microwave beeping)

All right.

Finish up quick,
we'll drop you off.

- I'm still eating my eggshells.
- You got seven minutes.

Your t-shirt's inside out.


He's losin' it.

(turns fan off)

(light music plays)

- (car honks)
- Joel (shouts): Sarah!

Mr. Adler:
Hey, neighbor!

Oh, hi.

Uh, Connie was
askin' after you,

since you haven't
been over in a while.

Make 'em happy.

I could come by after
school, but just for, like,

- a little bit?
- Oh, she'll take whatcha got.

Y'all can bake, whatever.

Speakin' of...

we got a lotta extra here.

Y'all, y'all want
some biscuits?

Dad, you love biscuits.

I do.

But I'm on Atkins.

- Mr. Adler: On what now?
- It's, uh... You know what?

We gotta run,
but Sarah'll be by later.

She'll stay
as long as you want.

Tell ya all about Atkins.

Mr. Adler:
Great! I'll let Connie know.


Can't tell you how exciting it was
listenin' to that fuckin' conversation.

Put that out.

Happy birthday to you.

(engine starts)

Want you to write this
diagram out exactly as I have it.

Always subject and predicate.

Verb and noun.

Okay, the sentence is, "Where
are you going?" Subject is you.

You... are going.


Where, adverb.

You see it? Okay. Have
some nods, shaking of heads.

I swear you will use this
later in life.

Believe me,
that's why you're here.

Okay? So... (muffled)

(teacher fades out)

(student coughs)

(bell rings)

Mrs. Lauterstein:
Yes, you need to know this!

Yes, it's on
your test next week!

Homework is due
end of class tomorrow!

(indistinct chatter)

(dog barking)

(car honks)

(pop music playing in store)


Sarah: That's it?

Okay, 30.

Twenty's good.

It's a spring.
I'll do it right now.

(phone ringing)

♪ ♪

(sirens wailing)

All day. I swear.

- We're closing.
- Nasir: Huh?

(speaks Arabic)

We're done for today.

- It's 3:15, we close at 7.
- (speaking Arabic)

- I'm very sorry. He cannot finish.
- Nasir: I'm already finished.

(speaking Arabic)

You should go home.

(door chimes)

(birds cawing)

(doorbell rings)

- There you are, sweetie.
- Sorry.

I was gettin' worried.

I was getting
something for my dad.

Hi, Mercy.

Hey, is everything okay?
Like, on the news?

Mrs. Adler:
Like what, hon?

Well, no, there was just a lot of
police and stuff on the road today.

Well, that's true
every day, innit?

People out there need
to get right with Jesus.

Three nails, plus one
cross, equals four-given.

I was thinkin' we'd
make some cookies.

Chocolate chip?


C'mon, Mama.
It's green.

- (timer buzzing)
- You love that. Oh!

Here we go!

(sighs) I don't know
why I talk to her.

She's completely deaf.

(buzzing stops)

Mrs. Adler: You
wanna give me a hand?

Be right there!

Hey, Mrs. Adler?

Could I borrow this?


Yeah, sure.

It's one of Danny's.

You know what? My dad's
gonna be back real soon.

- I should go.
- You sure?

- Yeah.
- Well, you're takin' some cookies.

(Mercy whimpering)

- (dog barking)
- (rumbling)

Reporter (on TV): No comment
today from the Austin Police Department

regarding a rash of violent
incidents across the city,

some suggesting a new
street drug may be to blame.

More on that when we return,

with Manuela Sanchez
reporting live...

- (keys jingling)
- (doorknob jiggling)

You locked the door for once.

Good job.


(turns TV off)


- It's 10.
- I know.

They... gave us the
wrong size for the headers.

That doesn't mean
anything to ya. I'm sorry.

Where's the cake?

- Shit.
- C'mon, man.

I'll get us
one tomorrow.

Swear, or you don't
get your present.

- You got me a present?
- Swear.

On my life.


Fixed it for you.

- Did you?
- What?

- I don't hear anything.
- (scoffs)

- (laughs)
- That was lame.

- You're lame.
- Yeah, I know.

Where'd you get
the money for this?

I sell hardcore drugs.

It's better
than what I do.

It was only $20,
which I stole from you.

I could've stolen 60,
but I put the change back

- because I'm an honest thief.
- Mm.

Besides, it's the
thought that counts.

And you were never gonna
do it for yourself, so.

Thank you.

Oh! There's one more.

- Borrowed it from the Adlers.
- Oh, this is the one with the deleted scenes.

Yeah, imagine how
bad those have to be.

C'mon, pop it in. While
it's still your birthday.

(Joel groans)


- Don't fall asleep.
- 'Course, I won't.

- (turns TV on)
- It's too riveting.

(movie playing)

- (gunshots, explosions)
- (yelling)

(phone vibrating)


Tommy (on phone):
Joel, it's me.

Uh, I'm okay.

- Yeah?
- Tommy: But I'm in jail.

- Goddammit.
- Tommy: Wasn't my fault this time.

I was at the bar, some guy goes
crazy, starts swingin' at a waitress,

I stepped in, knocked
him out, cops show up...

Look, it doesn't
fuckin' matter.

- You gotta bail me out.
- Now?

Tommy: It's Friday, you
don't get me out tonight,

I'm in here all weekend.

It's a fuckin' madhouse,

- I gotta get out.
- Well, which jail? Travis County?

Yeah, on 10th.

- Goddammit, Tommy.
- Tommy: I'm sorry.

- (sighs)
- Tommy: Please.


- Fuckin' idiot.
- (hangs up)

(door shuts)

(helicopters hovering)

- (sirens wailing)
- (dull boom)

- (dog barking)
- (dull boom)

- (helicopters nearing)
- (car alarm sounds)

(house rattling)


(house rattles)


(unsettling music plays)

- (tires screeching)
- (vehicle accelerating)

(turns TV on)

- (TV beeps)
- Voice (on TV): ...indoors.

Law enforcement
and emergency services

are in the area and will be in
contact with further instructions.

- (loud thud)
- (gasps)


Stay indoors,
law enforcement...

(Mercy whimpering)

Shh, shh... Easy.
Easy, Mercy.

What're you doing out here, boy?

♪ ♪


(helicopters passing)

♪ ♪


- (Mercy whimpering)
- C'mon, let's get you home.

(sirens wailing)

- C'mon, Mercy. Please.
- (whimpers)


♪ ♪


Mrs. Adler?

Mrs. Adler?


(distant barking)

- (distant bang)
- (car alarm sounds)

(heavy breathing)


Mrs. Adler?

♪ ♪

(softly): Help me.

(Mr. Adler groaning)

(raspy, heavy breathing)

(breathing continues)

♪ ♪

(breathing quickens)

(Nana gasps, screams)


(tires screeching)

(yells): Get in the
truck! Right now!

- Move!
- (Nana snarling)

- (bones crack)
- (grunts)

(tense music plays)

(Nana gasps)


What are we doin', Joel?


- (Joel grunts)
- (thud)

- You killed her.
- Baby, I'm sorry.

- Joel, we gotta go.
- Joel: Sarah, listen to me.

It's not just
the Adlers.

But we're
gonna be brave,

and we're gonna
get outta this.

- (explosion)
- Hey. Let's go. Come on.

Joel: Get in.

Denise: Joel?

(yells): Denise, you get
back inside the house!

- You lock your doors! Now!
- Tommy: C'mon, c'mon, get in!

(tires screeching)

- Get your seat belt on.
- Tommy: Hold on.


- (grunts)
- (thuds)

Jesus Christ, Joel!

(distant explosions)

- Joel: You take 70...
- Tommy: 71, I know.

(sirens wailing)

- Daddy...
- We don't know.

They're saying it's a virus.

Some kind of parasite.

Is it from terrorists?

We don't know.

- Sarah: Are we sick?
- Joel: No. Of course not.

- (radio static)
- Why did things blow up?

No cellphone, no radio.

Minute ago,
newsman wouldn't shut up.

- Sarah: How do you know?
- Joel: What?

How do you know
we're not sick?

Tommy: They're saying
it's mostly people in the city.

That's why they got
the highway blocked off.


It's Jimmy's place.

♪ ♪

The Adlers would take
Nana into the city.

To the hospital for stuff.

That's right. They would.
That's probably why.

But... you'd have
to go a lot... right?

We're fine. Trust me.

(distant sirens)

(softly): All right.

Here! Right here!

- Hey!
- What are you doin'?

- Got a kid, Joel.
- So do we. Keep driving.

- (father pleading)
- We could put them in the back.

(voice fades out)

Somebody else'll come along.

- (accelerates)
- (cars honking)

Fuck! Everybody had
the same fuckin' idea.

- (honking)
- I can't get through this.

All right, all right. Let's think it
through, we'll think it through.

- Tommy: Fuck!
- Joel: All right, take the field.

We cut across and we pick
up on the, on the west side.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
West, west, all right.

All right,
hang on.

Fuckin' army.

- Isn't that good?
- Tommy: It's good for them,

but that's the highway
we're tryin' to get to.

Joel: All right, keep
movin'. Head north.

- Could be a lot of people.
- Joel: Well, we can't go south,

we can't go east,
we can't go west.

Hell else we supposed to go?

Tommy, come on!

(tires screeching)


Yeah, I know
that place.

- This can work.
- Yeah, but then what?

I don't know. Mexico.
Just far, far as we can.

- How much gas?
- Three-quarter tank.

Go through town, golf course
by the river, straight across,

we pick up the highway on
the other side of the blockade...

then we're out.

(intense music plays)

Maybe it's everywhere.

Maybe there's
nowhere to go.

What the fuck?!

(loud rumbling)

Tommy: Son of a
bitch. Gotta go around.

Grab somethin'!

(tires screeching)

(people screaming)

♪ ♪

All right, keep goin',
keep goin'.

- Shit. Tommy!
- (tires screeching)

(car honks)

Tommy, you can't
stop here.

- I can't drive through 'em all.
- Are you serious?!

Just keep goin'!

- (glass shatters)
- (people screaming)

Go, go, go.
Back, back, back,

- back, back, back, back!
- I'm trying!

Joel: Tommy, go
faster! We gotta go!

Tommy: I'm tryin'!
There's nowhere to fuckin' go!

- Joel: Find an alley!
- Tommy: What alley?!

- There's people everywhere!
- Joel: Roll the fuck over them!

We gotta get
off this street now!

Tommy: That's what
I'm tryin' to do, Joel.

Joel: We're gonna be
okay. Just keep drivin'.


Holy shit!

Move... move!

(plane approaching)


- (muffled booms)
- (car alarm blaring)

(Joel grunting)

(heavy breathing)

Sarah... Sarah.

Stay right there.
Don't move.

Tommy, you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

(breathing heavily)


Sarah... don't look.

You look at me... okay?

- I'm sorry, baby, I know, I know.
- (Sarah wincing)

Come here.
Put your arms around me.

Come here, come here.

I got you.
I got... I got you.

Got you.

- (Sarah grunting)
- Are you okay?

- Mm-mm.
- Are you okay?

- My ankle.
- All right, okay.

We gotta get
off the street!

- (siren wailing)
- Shit!

(shouts): Tommy?!



Head to the river!
I'll find a way.

Get her outta here, Joel! Go!

- We can't leave him.
- He'll be fine.

- Can you run?
- No.

- You keep your eyes on me.
- Okay.

- Okay?
- Okay.

And don't look
anywhere else.


(heavy breathing)

(infected groaning)


(ominous music plays)

(intense music plays)

(infected growling)

(Sarah gasps)



- (gunshot)
- (thud)

(heavy breathing)

It's okay, baby.
You're safe.

Solider: Don't move!

- My daughter's hurt. Her ankle.
- Soldier: Stop right there!


Easy now. We're not sick!

I got two civilians
by the river,

- one of 'em injured.
- (radio beeps)

- Ankle.
- (radio beeps)

What about Uncle Tommy?

We're gonna get you
somewhere safe first.

Then we'll go back
for him, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

I'm sorry, repeat?

Hey! No one
told you to move.

(distant gunfire)

- Yes, sir.
- (radio beeps)

- Yes, sir.
- (radio beeps)

We're not sick.

(tense music plays)


- we are not sick!
- (Sarah screams)

- (gunfire)
- (both grunting)

(footsteps approach)

Soldier: I'm sorry.

- Please, don't.
- (gunshot)

(soldier grunts)

(Joel grunting)

Oh God.

(Sarah panting)

No. Oh no.

No, no. No.


You're okay.
Move your hand, baby.

Move your hand.


(yelps, winces)

I know, baby, I know,
I know, I know, I know.

I know it hurts.

(groaning) - Alright. Don't
look down, look up, look up.

Come on, baby.
You're okay, you're okay.

I know, I know, I know,
I know, baby, I know, I know.

I know this hurts.

You're gonna be okay.

All right... baby, baby,
baby, listen to me.

I gotta get
you up, okay?

I gotta get you up.

- All right? You come on.
- (groaning)

You come on.
I know, baby.

No, no. I know, I know, I
know, I know, I know, I know.

Tommy, help me!


C'mon, baby girl.

C'mon, baby girl,
I gotta get you up.

Come on.

Come on, we'll get up.

Come on, baby girl.

Come on... come... Please.

(melancholy music plays)

(ambient nature sounds)

(footsteps rustling)

♪ ♪

(helicopters hovering)

(tense music plays)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(door buzzes)

♪ ♪

(door shuts)

(radio chatter)

We don't want you
falling out of the chair.

What's your name?

Are you alone?

And, uh...

how did you get this?

There's gonna be a
little tickle right here.

- (quiet zap)
- (scanner beeps)

What if I told you that after
we gave you some medicine,

we're gonna find you
your favorite food to eat.

Would you
like that?

And then we'll get you
some new clothes... and toys.

As many as you
wanna play with.

It's just
a little needle.

It's okay.

You're safe.

(flames roaring)


(car approaching)

(indistinct chatter)

I can't.

(somber music plays)

♪ ♪

(siren buzzes)

FEDRA Soldier: Ten.

- You got anything else?
- FEDRA Soldier: Nothin' today.

Tomorrow, we got
street sweeping...

or sewer maintenance.

Which pays more?

That'd be the one
with the shit.

Late crew.
4 P.M. start.

(light guitar plays)

(indistinct chatter)

(ambient street noise)

(indistinct chatter)

FEDRA Officer (over speaker):
Jason Choi,

violation of EMC 342.3,

unauthorized exit
from a Quarantine Zone.

Maria Elisiano,

violation of EMC 342.7,

unauthorized entry
into a Quarantine Zone.

Each of you have been tried
in a military court of justice,

and each of you
having been found guilty

by the court martial panel,

and with a sentence
of death by execution,

as empowered under the EMPA,
Article 1, Section 5...

(tense music plays)


Or I could just shoot you.

Yeah, but then
what would you do?

You're short five.

♪ ♪

- Lee: Oxy?
- Joel: Hydro.

- How old?
- Three months.

- From Atlanta?
- I don't know where he gets 'em from.

I just know they're real.

If it's real,
it's from Atlanta.

FEDRA's got a factory
down there in the QZ.

only makes two things.

Pills and bullets,
bullets and pills.

Well, the more you shoot people,
the harder it is to sleep, I guess.

Oh, you guess?

You want 'em or not?

♪ ♪

I need the bag back.

- How we doin' with the vehicle?
- All set.

Just had to get one last
guy in the depot to buy in.

Okay, how much?

Four of them
on that shift plus me...

six hundred total.

Look, those trucks are
shitheaped for a reason.

And they don't have
any batteries. I know.

I can see about 200
for the other guys...

two hundred for you.

Lee: Deal.

Hey, do yourself
a favor...

stay off the streets
for the next few nights.

Fuckin' Fireflies been
blowin' shit up all week.

Two of our guys
got shot this morning.

Boss has got us working doubles.

Guys are jumpy and tired.

It's easy to make
a mistake in the dark.

Stay safe.

Yeah, you too.

♪ ♪

- (clanking)
- (sighs)

(sighs) What do you
want me to say, Tess?

Tess: I'm not askin'
you to say anything.


It's not like I planned
on... rippin' you off.

I'm sorry.


how about we just let it go?

What else are
you gonna do?

Ya gonna
keep me here?

- Kill me?
- Robert: Tess, c'mon.

Then, Robert...
what do ya want?

I want you to forget
this ever happened.


- Don't do that.
- Tess: What?

It's just a truck
battery. I paid you for it,

you sold it to someone else,
and you spent my money.

I mean, you think I've
never done shit like that?

- My guys fucked you up.
- Yeah, so discipline them.

You cut off a finger or
whatever the fuck you want.

I don't care.
They're your fuckin' guys.

What about your guy?
'Cause when he sees you,

- I mean, put yourself in my shoes.
- Look, he answers to me.

So, I give you my word
that he won't hurt you.

I'll tell him that I got
jumped by... some guys,

and then you and I
can just move the fuck on.

Now your shit has pretty
much ruined my week,

and I'd like to go home and
drink 'til my face stops hurting.

So, are we good?

- Yeah.
- (all shout)

(Tess grunting)

- (coughing)
- (siren wailing)


Voice (over speaker):
All citizens must clear

- the surrounding area immediately.
- (gags)

Do not return until
FEDRA authorities permit.

All citizens must clear
the surrounding area immediately.

Do not return until
FEDRA authorities permit.

All citizens must clear
the surrounding area immediately.

Do not return until
FEDRA authorities permit.

♪ ♪

All citizens must clear
the surrounding area immediately.

Do not return until
FEDRA authorities permit.

(siren continues)

All citizens must clear
the surrounding area immediately.

Do not return until
FEDRA authorities permit.

- Tess: Oh shit.
- (gunshot, gunfire)

- Soldier (shouts): Firefly, up top!
- (indistinct shouting)

Firefly: Free Boston
now, motherfuckers!

- (screaming)
- (gunshot)


- They're shooting. They're shooting at us.
- Soldier: On your knees.

- On your knees!
- No, no! I'm not a F...

(all grunting)

I'm not a, I'm not a Firefly!

(distant siren)

(door opens)

(manacle clanking)

Count slowly and clearly
from one to 10.

- (quickly): One, two, three, four...
- Medic: Slowly...

and clearly.











And hold out your...

- State your name, slowly and clearly.
- Veronica.

Same as yesterday...
and the day before...

and the day before,
and the...

Hey, people are gonna
come looking for me.

People from FEDRA.
You hear me?

Let me out or you're
gonna pay, motherfuckers!

I'm not supposed to be here!

♪ ♪


(baby whining)

(indistinct chatter)

(kids laughing)

Hey, there's a line!

"Tell Dad it's a girl.

"That would be good, right?

"He wanted a granddaughter.

Love, Becca."

End message.
Read back.

73-K Orlando. Out.

(inhales, exhales)


Is there any chance
it's comin' in at night?

You're sleepin',
you miss it?


When I'm sleeping,
Gabriela listens, or my son.

The smart one, not the
other one, God bless him.

If Tommy responded, we'd know.

- And you're talkin' to the tower?
- Every day.

They gave him your message,
they haven't seen or heard

from him since,
and that's it.

- It hasn't been that long.
- It's been three weeks.

It's never taken him
more than a day to respond.

I'm sure he's okay.

Show me where
the tower is.

Oh, you can't be serious.

it's in Wyoming.

Uh, all-all
this open country?

I mean,
you're a capable guy,

but there are worse things
than Infected out there.

I hear everything on this.

There are raiders,
there are slavers...

But you're "sure"
Tommy's okay?

♪ ♪


It's, uh, it's
the Cody tower...

Q-Bar 4, but I don't
know exactly wh...



♪ ♪

(distant chatter)

(light music plays)

(unloading items)

(uneasy music plays)

(slams glass)

(slams glass)

♪ ♪

(Tommy's voice echoes):
You know what, Joel...

- (Sarah panting)
- Tommy: Joel!

(door closes)

(ambient street noise)

(cookware clanking)

(distant baby crying)

(distant siren buzzing)

I got jumped
by a couple guys.

- What guys?
- Just a couple teenagers.

Said some shit,
probably shouldn't've.

Come on. You know these
guys were born after the outbreak.

Never learned how to argue.
They just start swingin'.

Fuckin' 19-year-old
pieces of shit.

It's a miracle
you're alive.

It's a miracle
any of us are alive.

These aren't new.


I was in FEDRA
lockup all day.

it doesn't matter.

- I need you to take a breath.
- What?

- Joel...
- What?

The guys who jumped me
were with Robert.

He sold our battery
to someone else.

Nothing's lost. Shit like
this is gonna happen.

Now we just
shake it off,

and we go get our
cards back, or the battery.

I need the battery, Tess.

Truck's no good
without one,

and if I don't
get to Tommy soon,

he's gonna
die out there.

Okay, fuck it.

We get our money back

and the battery.

But, Joel, listen,

Robert is terrified of you.

So you march outta here
all Clint Eastwood,

he's gonna get
wind of it and skip.

I need you
to take a breath.

- Who'd he sell it to?
- Don't know.

- Well, where is he?
- Don't know.


But we're gonna
find out... quietly.


Now I promised Robert
that you wouldn't hurt him.

But I would very much
like for you to hurt him.

So let's go hunt
that motherfucker down,

and get our battery
and our truck,

and then we'll
go find Tommy.

All right?

All right.

(indistinct chatter)

The team in place
at Southeast 3?

I held them back.

I have some questions.

Hm... Okay.

We've been blowing up
meaningless FEDRA targets

spread out all over
the QZ, for two weeks.

We've already lost
four people, and we're...

What's the point of this?

Is that your question?

That's one of them.

My answer is to follow
fuckin' orders.

And why do you have some
random girl locked in a room?

And the guys you have
guarding her won't tell me shit?

Our people are asking
what's going on,

and I don't know
what to tell them.

Tell them to follow
fuckin' orders.

You two,
go to Southeast 3. Now.

(door opens, closes)

- Kim.
- Marlene.

We are in a war against
a military dictatorship

to restore democracy
and freedom.

Does that sound about right?

- Yes?
- Are we winning?

Are we beating
FEDRA here?

Are the Fireflies
beating FEDRA anywhere?

- Rebellion takes time.
- You fight for 20 years

and you get nowhere,
you're not a rebellion.

Just spray paint.

We're not hitting FEDRA
"all over" the QZ.

We hit 'em here,
here, here, here, here.

Where are we right now?

I want FEDRA
everywhere but here.

I want them as
distracted as possible

because tonight,
every Firefly in Boston

is gonna gather
in this building,

and we are gonna leave
the QZ. Permanently.

- We're quitting?
- No.

We're taking that random
girl locked in that room west.

From our guy in the
radio tower in Salem.

Is this real?

I believe it is.

Keep it quiet.

Whatever you need.

Whatever it takes.

We'll get her
where she needs to go.

(indistinct chatter)

Hey, friend.

Don't worry.
I don't want anything.

But if you're
feelin' lost...

You tell me to "look for the
light" and I'll break your jaw.

(siren buzzes)

Well, I mean, it cost us a couple
of cards, but, uh, we got him.

He's supposedly takin' the
battery to a red-tagged building.

But get this... corner
of Stillman and Cross.

The one Miguel
used to use.

Yeah, I'm thinkin' so.

I mean, we can take the
subway tunnel under Haymarket,

get into the building
from below,

and take Robert
by surprise.

Pay this fucker back.

(manacle clanking)


Oh, my God.


Agh! You fucker!


(door squeaks)

- (door closes)
- One, two, three, four...

(rain pattering)

You're not scared.

Then unlock me.

How about we start
with "thank you"?

For what?

For saving your life?

I am the one who told 'em
not to shoot you,

- if you recall.
- (mutters) Yeah.

Why did you stop them?

We'll get to that.

So... Veronica...

how ya feelin'?

The same.

Is it gonna happen?


So, can I go?


I won't tell anyone
about any of this.

I swear.

Where you gonna go?

Back to FEDRA
military school?

- You that anxious to be a soldier?
- You think I chose that place?

They put me there
when I was a baby.

It's for orphans.

"They" didn't
put you there.

I did.


You my fucking mom
or something?

Do I look like your mom?

Nooo, you do not.

My name is Marlene.

I'm the leader of the
Fireflies in the Boston QZ.

Why would a terrorist
dump me with FEDRA?

Because it's where you'd be
safest, and you were safe there

until you decided
to sneak out.

And "terrorist"?

Was Riley a terrorist?

(solemn music plays)

(voice breaking):
Why won't you let me go home?

Because you have
a greater purpose

than any of us
could've ever imagined.

So we're
leaving tonight,

and we're taking
you with us.

(knocks on door)

- Medic: He's here.
- Five minutes.

(door closes)

What I'm about to tell you
cannot be repeated to anyone.

Because if you do...

I assure you...

you will die.


(tense music plays)

Tess: Okay.


Joel: Yeah.

(water dripping)

♪ ♪

Oh, that's the one.

(water dripping)

Oh! Oh fuck.

Oh shit.

This one's done.



I know. I just...

I wasn't expecting it.

Take it he wasn't
down here last time?


You think he came down
after he was infected?

(sighs) Well, maybe down
here is where he was infected.

Let's keep movin'.

♪ ♪

Joel: It's like they reframed
the whole structure.

Probably in the '80s.

Everyone was cutting
down on apartment sizes

- to sell more condos.
- Oh.

"This has been 'Construction
Corner' with Joel Miller."

- How far up we goin'?
- Uh...

this far.

(Tess grunts)

So, this... this opens
into the ha-hallway.

What the fuck? Someone
put a piano in front of this?

(Joel sniffs)

You smell that?

Yeah... gunpowder.

♪ ♪

- Tess.
- (Tess grunts)

Well, the battery's no good.

And he still
tried to sell it.


You greedy fuck.

(person winces)

(person grunts)

(indistinct chatter)

- (groaning)
- Marlene: Shit.

Oh God. Just...

- (groaning)
- Marlene: Oh shit, come on.

(heavy breathing)

(Ellie yells)

Fuck. (panting)

Marlene: Joel?


- You okay?
- Yeah.

Marlene: Ellie...


- Oh shit!
- Marlene: No, it's okay. I'll be all right.

And you can't be
stupid like this.

So this is who Robert
screwed us over with?

The Che Guevara of Boston?

I mean, war must
be goin' pretty shitty

for you to be buying
from scumbags like him.

it kinda has been.

The merch was bad,

and he obviously didn't
take "fuck off" for an answer.

- Gimme my knife.
- What do you need a car battery for?

- Don't.
- Not at her.

Point it at me.

And to answer
your question,

I need it for a better
reason than you do.

No offense,
but Tommy's just one man.

- It's our business to know things.
- "To know things."

You're the cause of it. You
turned my own brother against me.

- Okay, Joel.
- That was a lot of gunfire.

- FEDRA's gonna be on the way.
- I know.

♪ ♪

We were gonna move
Ellie outta the zone tonight.

But we won't make it anywhere
like this. Not for a while anyway.

So now I'm thinkin'...

you're gonna do it.

- The hell we are.
- I'm not goin' with them!

- Let me take her.
- Tess...

we don't have
time for this.

Oh, you don't have time?

- Who is she?
- Marlene: To you? She's cargo.

We don't smuggle people. Sorry.

- I can do it.
- Kim, you don't have

a fuckin' ear
on your fuckin' head.

Could you please?

There's a team of Fireflies

waiting for her
at the old State House.

- (Joel scoffs)
- I know what's out there.

We were going with an entire
squadron for that very reason.

But now I don't have a
truck, I don't have a squadron,

FEDRA's five
minutes away.

What I do have is you.

And I know what
you're both capable of.

For better or worse.

What are they capable of?

You get her there safely,

and they'll give you
what you need.

Not just a battery.
The whole thing.

Fueled-up truck, guns,
supplies, all of it.

I swear.

♪ ♪

I swear.


(Ellie sighs)

You trust her?

No, me neither,
but she seems desperate.

Firefly vehicle usually means
repurposed FEDRA stuff.

So better-than-decent chance
makin' it to Tommy in one of those.

The second we hand
that kid over...

Y'all talk it through,
but please remember

that I'm bleeding out.

Okay. Here's the deal.

We'll get her to your
crew at the State House.

But before
we hand her over,

they give us
everything that we want.

If not, we kill her,
there and then.

- Deal.
- Really? That fast?

You are all that matters.

My team will not
jeopardize that.

Remember what
I told you?

Now go get your backpack.

Now, Ellie.

Let's go.

Marlene: Joel...

don't fuck this up.


♪ ♪

(Marlene sighs)


(indistinct radio chatter)

♪ ♪

(door opens)

(Tess clears throat)

Give us a minute,
all right?

What the fuck?!

So, what's the plan?

Tess: Hm. There's
not a lot of options.

There's the short way
or the long way.

The short way
is pretty much...

That leaves the long way.

Things look bad,
we'll come up with something.

We'll have to drop,
head to Bill and Frank's.

Stock up on anything
we may need.

(conversation continues)

Tess: We leave after
dark. Stay with the kid.

Wait. Why do I have to... Tess.


So, who's Bill and Frank?

The radio's
a smuggling code, right?

'60s song, they don't
have anything new,

'70s, they got
new stuff.

What's '80s?

What are you doing?

- Killin' time.
- Well, what am I supposed to do?

I'm sure you'll
figure that out.

Your watch is broken.

(pages flipping)


(helicopter hovering) - Ellie:
You mumble in your sleep.

I've never been on the
other side of the Wall.

Look how dark it is.

You guys go out there a lot?

- I guess.
- When was the last time?

(sighs) Maybe a
year. What's it matter?

Ellie: But you know where to go.

So we're gonna be okay.


So, what's the deal
with you anyway?

You some kinda bigwig's
daughter or somethin'?

Something like that.

Oh, the radio came on
when you were sleeping.


What was the song?

He kept sayin', like,

like, "Wake me up
before you go-go"?

(softly): Shit.


'80s means trouble.

Code broken.

- Listen...
- (door opens)

(door closes)

The spot under
Lancaster looks good.

- You got a jacket in your pack?
- Yeah.

Okay, get it.
It's time to go.

♪ ♪

Voice (over speaker):
...mandatory curfew

to fight infection
and insurrection.

Observe mandatory curfew

to fight infection
and insurrection.

(siren buzzes)

(helicopter hovering)


♪ ♪

(vehicle departing)

Holy shit.
I'm actually outside.

- Tess: Jesus Christ.
- Oh shit.

Okay, we're gonna take the
left edge around the buffer zone.

You stay close
and you follow my lead.

Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Tess: Let's go.

♪ ♪

(vehicle passes)

(thunder rumbling)

(rain pattering)

(metal clanking)

(helicopter passes)

♪ ♪



What the hell?

Hey, hey!
Don't, don't, don't move.

(zips trousers)

Don't move!

You gotta be shittin' me.

- Okay, let's talk this out.
- Turn around.

- Joel: Hold on...
- Get on your fuckin' knees. Get on your fuckin' knees!

- Now hold on...
- What did I fuckin' tell you, man?

I said stay
the fuck home.

Get on your knees!

Just get on your knees,
just get on your knees.

Listen, you let us
do this run...

we'll split
the cards with you.

- Lee: Oh, will you?
- Tess: Yeah.

I'm so blessed.

Hands on your head.
Eyes forward.

Hands on your head!

- Really, man?
- Yep. We're doin' this by the book.

- Tess: Jesus Christ.
- (scanner zaps)

All right.
What about three-quarters?

- (beeps)
- Unauthorized exit.

They'll hang you for that.

Fine. Everythin'
off of this run,

- and half off on all of the pills.
- Half off?

- (scanner beeps)
- All off.

Risk my job
for half off.

- (scanner zaps)
- Outta your fuckin' mind...

- (Ellie screams)
- Tess: Ellie, Ellie!

- Ellie, what the...
- Lee: (groans) Fuckin' bitch!

Fuck! (groans)

- Get out of the fuckin' way!
- Whoa, whoa!

We can fix this.


♪ ♪


(Joel shouts)


(heavy breathing)

♪ ♪

No, no!
No, I'm not sick!

- Joel! Joel, Joel!
- I am not sick! I'm not sick!

Look! Look!
This is three weeks old.

Nobody lasts
more than a day!

Does this look
a day old to you?!

- You would've killed me!
- Tess: I should fucking kill you!

- When did it happen?
- It doesn't matter! You have to trust me!

- They're gonna catch us if we don't run!
- (siren wailing)

Joel, we gotta move.
We gotta move, Joel!

(distant chatter)

♪ ♪

(Tess grunting)


♪ ♪

(thunder rumbling)

(radio turns on, static)

("Never Let Me Down Again"
by Depeche Mode plays on radio)

♪ ♪

♪ I'm taking a ride
with my best friend ♪

♪ I hope he never
lets me down again ♪

♪ He knows where
he's taking me ♪

♪ Taking me
where I want to be ♪

♪ I'm taking a ride
with my best friend ♪

♪ We're flying high ♪

♪ We're watching
the world pass us by ♪

♪ Never want to come down ♪

♪ Never want to put my feet
back down on the ground ♪