The L Word: Generation Q (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Last Year - full transcript

Bette and Tina struggle to reconcile their past and future selves as Angie is dealt a shocking blow on her first day of college. Meanwhile, Shane adjusts to domestic life with Tess, and Alice questions what she wants in a partner....

Previously on The L
Word: Generation Q...



[Tess] I like
waking up with you.

[Bette] Tina has Carrie,
and she makes her laugh.

She's all jokey, and I have...
Oh, yeah, that's right.

I have no one. I'm
gonna die alone.

You'll always have Angie.

Bam, ba-dam, ba-dam

Bam, ba-dam, ba-dam...

[Carrie] Your daughter is
amazing, but that Bette,

I don't know how you
ever married her. What?

Don't talk about her like that.

[siren chirps]

[Tess] She's got
a lot of stuff

that she needs to work out.

[Sophie] I know that, I do,

but I love her.

[Maribel] Would you bet on it?

[Micah] I would
bet my whole heart.

[Dani] Is this real?

[Gigi] It's very real.

[Alice] If I tell my truth,

maybe I can help
someone out there

not feel so alone in the world.

[Finley] I'm sorry.
I'll go to rehab.

[Sophie] I'm gonna
be right here.

[Carrie] You have no idea what
it feels like to walk around

trying to measure
up to that woman.

[Tina] No one expects
you to measure up to her.

[Carrie] Do you hear yourself?

[Bette] You asked me if I
was still in love with you.

[Bette sighs]


What are you doing here?

I don't find trouble, yeah

Trouble finds me.

[Tina] Can I come in?

[Bette] Yeah.


I just... I'm on my
way out, but I'm...

I'm really glad to see you.

I'm s... I'm so sorry

- for my...
- Are you in love with me?

Is that what you were gonna say?


That you're in love with me?

Just answer the question.



That's not how you love someone.

Carrie was so good for me.

She was decent,
and she was kind,

and she was not you.

- Okay, I have to go.
- But you couldn't help yourself.

- I have to go.
- You just had to get in there

and twist it and fuck it up.
You couldn't help yourself.

I will make it right
with Carrie. I promise.

- I will make it right with her.
- No.

Just let me try. I mean,
more than anything else,

I just want you to be happy.

- There's no point.
- Of course there's a point.

I mean, she loves you.
Of course she loves you.

I can't be with her because
I'm in love with you, too.


I've loved you my whole life.

And I've loved you all of mine.

I just wish that you were
fucking better at it.

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I'm a little fucked-up,
not easy to love

And what you've heard
about me is true

Don't say I didn't warn you

But if you ever leave,
I can sure guarantee

You won't want somebody new

Don't say I didn't warn you

Don't say I didn't...

[Teddy and Alice
moaning, grunting]

Oh, wow.

Oh, yeah. I want to
come on your face.

Okay, yeah. That sounds great.

I want to watch you
fuck your clone.

Oh, sounds like a really
good time. I'll do that.

Yeah? [chuckles] I
want to fuck a stranger

while you watch us.

Oh, I can be into
that. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah? [grunting] God. Can I
fuck you on my livestream?

- Oh, no, no, no.
- Huh? What?

I can't do that. Not
for me. I'm famous.

- What? Me, too.
- Oh.

Yeah. Babe, I'm a

- Oh. Oh, yeah. Can we...
- Yeah. Flip over.

- Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay.
- Flip over. [sighs]

- [both grunting]
- Oh, yeah.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Show me. [mutters]

- Let me do a thousand, baby.
- Oh, yeah.

Let's take it to
a thousand! Okay.

- [grunting]
- Oh, wow.

- Gen Z-ers are fun. Yeah. Yeah.
- [laughs]

What generation are you?

Um, let's not talk
about that, okay?

- [laughs]
- Yeah. Okay.


New attitude

Better come through, too

Wow, that is short notice.


- [Patty] Who asked you?
- [Shane] You did.

Okay, but did you tell them

that it's a fundraiser
for the MS Society?

You did, okay.

There's got to be another makeup
artist that can cover for her.

We're auctioning off a makeover.

[Patty] Why don't you ask
me? I know a lot of people.

Doris could do it.

[Tess] Well, that's
really unfortunate

because we were
counting on them.

- [Shane] I'll give Doris a call.
- It's a Vegas-themed night

in honor of my beautiful
mother who was a showgirl

- in the '80s.
- Darling.

When do I go on?

Uh, there's no
show today, Patty.

I do eight a week
at the MGM Grand.

I know, but...

- today's your day off.
- Today's your day off.

All right, listen,
um, yeah, okay.

Gloria says you have to take
these with food before 9:00,

- okay?
- Oh, you're trying to kill me.

I'm just following instructions.

- Ah, no, no, no, no, no. Patty.
- [Gloria] Someone left the door

- unlocked again.
- Mom, please.

- Hey, Gloria.
- Causing trouble first thing

- in the morning? Okay. Okay.
- She's not listening to me.

- Pills.
- I got it, I got it.

Yes, I'll start
calling around, too.

- Okay, cool. Thanks. Bye.
- [Patty] They hold me hostage.

[sighs] Hi, Gloria.

Hi. How's my girl?

Oh, a bit pissy. I don't
know if it's the dementia,

the MS, or just her personality.

- [chuckles]
- You're always charming, Patty.

- You tired, hon?
- Yeah.

I just lost one of the makeup
artists for the fundraiser.

Ah. Well, I can try
to find someone.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

[indistinct chatter]

- What?
- That's sweet.

Be careful.


Mm-mm. Don't be fresh.

- Okay.
- Show some respect.

[whispers] Meet me downstairs.

[Patty] I don't wanna.

The doggy needs to eat his
food. The dog needs his food.

- Oh, yeah.
- You do feel a little

tight today. You know what?
Let's go for a walk around...

intriguing music

- Come on. Come on.
- Tess.

Your mom and Gloria
are upstairs.

It's okay.

Can you stop thinking...

What are you doing?

You know what I'm doing.

Makes me think about you more...

- Don't do it. Don't do it.
- They can't hear anything.

Would you still, or

Would you let down your guard?

Show me who you are

Show me all your edges
and your favorite scars

Would you tell me...

- [sighs]
- Why are you doing this to me?

Tell me all your secrets...

You love it.

Take off the mask

Keep on the pants

Pull me closer...


A tortured romance

Caressing my hand

Show me all your plans

Just take off your mask...

[both chuckle]

Don't start things
you can't finish.

Fuck, I have to go.


Beverly's down to one lane.

We should just move in together.


- To avoid the commute?
- No.

[chuckles] Not just
for the commute.


I feel like...

you've really been
there for me, like,

through probably the
hardest year of my life.

- Mm.
- And it feels like

we're on the other side.



Of course I want
to live with you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

But let me talk to Nat,

because of the kids.


Slow, contemplative music

You want coffee?


[clears throat]

upbeat music

[announcer] Welcome to
moving day, everybody.

Like oh, my God...

These Gen Z-ers are, like, hot.

- Mm-hmm.
- They're smart.

They're bi.

They don't want the
white picket fence.

Oh, my God, I was
ahead of my time.

I can't wait to meet one
of these incredible people.

What's wrong with your face?
Why do you look like that?

- What?
- You look like you haven't

slept in a year.

Do you need a granola
bar or something?

I might have some here.

Well, look, a, uh,
uh, a makeup artist...

What about her?

She dropped out at the
last minute tonight

- for Tess's fundraiser.
- Hmm. Okay. Well,

my glam team would
be happy to step in.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Who doesn't love a makeover?

Thank you. That's one
less thing to worry about.

- [sighs]
- Angie.

- Hey!
- [Alice and Shane] Hi.

Are my moms here?

Um, Tina's... she's
just walking up.

- Okay.
- Bette's close, too.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Yeah, sorry.

Totally. I'm going, um...

- Do you...
- I'm gonna take another load.

- You'll take this.
- Okay.

- Okay, we'll guard this.
- Thank you. Sorry.

All right, Shane.

- What?
- I'm worried.

- What?
- I think she's...

I think she's really
nervous to see her moms.

No, no. She's fine.
They talk all the time.

Scheduling college
tours isn't talking.

This could be like a showdown.

Whatever this is,
don't make it weird.

- Okay. Hi!
- [Tina] Hi.

- Hi!
- Hey.

- [chuckles]
- Hi.

- Are you being weird? Really?
- No. Yeah.

- I am. I'm gonna work on that.
- Okay.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- [sighs] Look, I am so sorry...
- What?

That I can't go
to the fundraiser.

Oh, no, no, no. It's
okay, it's okay.

Okay? But I'm gonna write
you a very big check.

- Okay?
- Appreciate it.

You do so much for Tess. Yeah.

I know. She's all
domesticated now.

She's got the
live-in mother-in-law

- and all.
- So grown-up.

- Had to happen sometime.
- Oh, speaking of grown-up,

Bette's been putting in a lot
of personal work of her own.

Yeah, she's

- been reflecting.
- Yeah.

I just want to
remind both of you

that we're all here for Angie.

- Yeah. I'm...
- Of course.

- Okay.
- And I'm fine.

- Yeah. Totally normal.
- Speak of the devil.

All I know is I'll
just take a big burn

And I'm gone

I'm gone

Yeah, I'm spun

Yeah, I'm fun...

- [tires screech]
- [thuds]



[Alice] That can't be good.

She's gonna be pissed.

[driver] Oh, my God, oh, my
God. No, no, no. [gasping]

Oh, my God. I am so,
so, so, so sorry.

- Ugh.
- Is she okay?

Yeah, she's fine.

You should be worried
for that girl.

Come here, sweetheart.
It's okay, it's okay.

[Shane] Wow.

[driver] I'm gonna
get my insurance.

I think she's okay.

- [crying]
- The only thing

you have to do is hold
compassion for yourself

and enjoy move-in day.

So, you're gonna
come help, or...?

- [Alice] Oh. Yes. Yes, helping.
- Yeah. Yeah.

- [Angie] Mom? Mom.
- [Alice] Give me this.

Yes. I got... Look,

- I got the extra hangers.
- Thanks.

- Is that it?
- What floor?

Yeah. I don't know.

- Four. Four.
- We'll see you there.

Okay. I'm coming right up.

Hi. Are you okay?


I can't believe you didn't
bite that girl's head off.

Oh, well, we're all
gonna die, so [chuckles]

what's a little bumper, right?

It's nice to see you.

You, too.

You ready?

Yeah. Fourth floor.


- What are you doing?
- I don't know.

I panicked.

Maybe she's gonna want
her own room, you know?

Why would she want that?

Uh, 'cause technically,
we have been

on a break since she's
been at sober living.

Okay, yeah, but you
guys talked, right?

And you decided that
you were gonna...

Yeah, but what if
she changed her mind?

She didn't change
her mind, Soph.

Yeah, you don't know that.

- Okay, look, it's okay.
- Oh, God.

- [grunts]
- Soph, it's okay.

- Right.
- It's gonna be okay.

- Mm-hmm.
- Seriously, Finley's

gonna come back, and
we're all gonna be here,

and we're gonna make
her feel at home.

All right? Maybe have,
like, a movie night.

- Maybe make some dinner.
- Uh-huh.

Or, you know, order out since
last time wasn't so great.

[Sophie] [gasps] What
the fuck is this?




Am I looking at what I
think I'm looking at?

Can I say no?

- No.
- Okay, then...


Oh, my God. My sister's
getting married.

- Oh, my God, Micah...
- Maybe. I mean, I...

- Wait, what? She doesn't know?
- No, no, no.

Like, I... Okay, I'm gonna
do a whole thing, okay?

- When are you gonna do it?
- [Finley] Hello?

Hello? Guys?

- [sighs]
- [Micha] Hey, you, uh,

you ready for this?

[Finley] Wow, what
a warm welcome.

- Hello?
- [ring box closes]

Is anybody home?

Slow, wistful music

Hey, guys.



Oh. [chuckling]

Oh, God, I missed you so much.

[sighs] Thank God you're home.

Your heart's beating
out of your chest.

What, you got a little
birdie in there or something?

- [laughs]
- Hey!

Uh, Micah's gonna propose.

- Don't tell her that.
- Shut up.

I haven't figured out, you
know, what I'm gonna do yet.

Congratulations, dude.

Oh, I'm so happy for you.

Maribel's for sure
gonna say yes.

[sighs] Glad you're home.

Yeah, me, too.

- Should we get your stuff?
- Yeah.

We'll, uh... Let's grab it.

Wow, full service.

- Go.
- Thanks.

Upbeat, joyful music

[Sophie] Wait. You were
telling me about that

dude that lived across the hall

- with a feather boa, right?
- [Finley] Oh, yeah.

[Sophie] That's what
he would have around.

- [Finley] I'm telling you.
- [both laugh]

You know Sandra
Bullock's 28 Days?

Of course I do.

- Yeah, love me some Sandra.
- [moans]

Sandy B., baby.

It's basically a documentary.

Same people at my
rehab, just, like,

the kookiest
motherfuckers on earth.

Wow. Okay.

- My roommate...
- Yeah.

- Cindy. Cindy, right?
- Yeah.

- I like Cindy.
- Cindy-Lou Who.

- [chuckles]
- Got me a pair of socks...

Oh, okay.

- With vaginas on them.
- Ooh.

- [laughs]
- For Pride Month.

[both laugh]

How kind, I have to say.

I mean, she's so sweet.

- Oh, my God. [laughs]
- Sweet Cindy. I mean...

different sizes,
different colors.

- Cindy...
- Just, like, very inclusive

- vagina socks.
- [chuckles] Aw. I love it.


All right, I got
to do something.


It's, uh...


not like a "script" script, but

I wanted to say everything,
and, I don't know,

I thought I'd forget
stuff, so I wrote it down.

I'm just here to say sorry

for everything.

"When we were together,

I couldn't see you
or consider you

the way I'd like to.

This is because I
couldn't see myself.

And I think that was probably
really lonely for you.

And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you had
to take care of me,

and I'm sorry I couldn't see

that the intervention
was an act of love.

I'm sorry I haven't loved you

the way you deserve to be loved,

because you really
deserve to be loved."


thank you for saving my life.

'Cause you did, and

you shouldn't have had to.

So, thank you.

Thank you.

Appreciate it.


And I'm gonna get a
job, with benefits.

Okay. Hey, now. Look at you.

I'm gonna get a car, and

I think I'm gonna
go back to school.

Well, not go back,
I guess. [chuckles]

I never really went
the first time,

- but you know what I mean.
- [chuckles]

I mean, wow.
That's... [sniffles]

That's incredible.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Greatness is a...

And I promise to always
be honest with you.

- Scout's honor.
- [laughing]

Written in the stars,
Heaven only knows...

And just, like, on that
note of being honest,

- you do have a bat in the cave.
- [chuckles] Oh, my God.

We could set the
world on fire...

What is... What the hell?

- I hate you.
- She's out.

[both laugh]

You could run by my side



Look, if anything happens,

please call me before
you call the R.A.

- Yes, okay.
- Please.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Call me after you call Shane
if she doesn't pick up.

I probably won't pick
up on the first try,

but I will for
sure on the second.

- Okay. [laughs]
- Okay?

Aw, I love you guys.

- Love you.
- Love you.

[chuckles] Bye.

Ah. Okay.

[Tina] So, do you
need anything else?

I don't.

- More hangers?
- [Bette] What about cash?

Because I probably
have something in here.

No, no, no, no. I
don't need anything.

- Oh, I have cash. Here.
- [Angie] Guys...

- You do?
- Yeah.

- A twenty. Here. Just take it.
- Okay.

[Bette] And I'm
just across town.

I know.

Yeah, so-so, you
know, if something...

even if something comes up

- later today, and you need...
- Okay. Jordi's... Yeah.

Jordi's coming over soon, so...

Okay. How about a quick photo?

Oh, that's a good idea.

- No, no, no, no, no, no. No!
- Quick one.

- Okay, please, please.
- Just one.

- No, no, no, no. Please. Okay.
- Okay. Fine.


All right.


[Tina] I should ask
for my twenty back.

I bet she calls later.


I love you guys.

- I love you.
- Mm.

Don't cry.

- It's okay. It's good.
- I know, I know. I just...

I love you, that's all.

- Bye.
- Bye.

[both sigh]

Are you gonna go to
the fundraiser tonight?

- Yeah. You?
- [phone vibrating]


I'll see you there.


Pippa, can you hear me?

You made it to Johannesburg.

Upbeat, lively music

Luck be a lady tonight

Luck be a lady tonight

Luck if you've
ever been a lady...

- [feedback screeches]
- Attention, mes amis. Attention.

Thank you all

so, so much for
coming out tonight.

Wow, you all look so good.

[cheering, whistling, applause]

Give yourselves a
round of applause.

Okay, so tonight's benefit,

all of the proceeds are going
to go to the MS Society.

This is a charity that is very
near and dear to my heart,

so please, please, please dig

very, very deep in
those pocketbooks

- and pockets. Okay?
- [whooping]

What happens at Dana's,
stays at Dana's,

- remember. Okay, so...
- [cheering, applause]

our very first item
up for auction is...

Are you ready?

It's a head-to-toe makeover

by the illustrious glam squad

of none other than...

The Alice Show.


Let's get the bidding
started, shall we?

Good evening,
everyone. Hello, hello.

Shall we get this
show on the road?

That was a great start.

I hope so. You know, we
need to make five grand

just to break even.

Oh, I have no doubt we'll
make much more than that.

- Okay, good. Do it.
- I will do that. [laughs]

Thanks, Dani.

[auctioneer] All right,
let's start that bidding

- at $300.
- Okay. All right.

Do I have 300? 300.
Got so many 300s.

- Can I get 350, 350.
- [Shane] I'm dead serious.

Bette really made an effort.

She's actually friends
with Pippa Pascal?

[Alice] Tina, she
apologized to her.

I mean, she wanted
to make things right.

Wow. I didn't know any of that.
Carrie won't even talk to me.

- Wow. That's...
- Hey.

- You're here.
- [Shane] Thanks for coming.


- Hi.
- [Shane] Want your usual?

[Bette] Please.

It's nice to see you
out in the world.

- Thank you.
- Same.


[auctioneer] All right...

Thanks. You can head in.

- Enjoy.
- Thanks.


Oh. I mean, that's-that's
fucking gorgeous.

Good job.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, she's gonna love it.

- Right?
- Yeah.

I mean, I don't know. I was...

I wasn't gonna do it tonight,

but now everyone knows, and
she's gonna find out somehow

if I don't do it, so... I
don't know. What do you think?

- What would you do?
- [sighs]

I don't know. Let me ask Nat,
and I'll get back to you.

You are still
stuck on that, huh?

Oh, you bet I am.

[Teddy] Hi.

- Hi.
- Um, I'm Alice's plus-one.

She told me to say,
"Penguin Thunderdome."


Of course she did.

I'll be right back. Follow me.


Livin' large

Where's Micah? He's
been gone for a while.

He's with Dani. And
where's Finley now?

Oh, talking to Shane and Tess.

You sure?

Okay, if you have
something to say,

why don't you just
say it, huh? What?

You don't like her?

You don't trust her?

Don't want me to be with
her? Blah, blah, blah.

Check, check. Yeah, check.

I am so happy, bro. Come on.

This bitch ruined your
wedding. You know that, right?

No, I ruined my
relationship with Dani.

Oh, so you pissed
in her hallway, too.

Oh, my God. She's
apologized for all that.

What else can she do?

'Cause you lose yourself in her.

- What are you talking about?
- I'm saying

that you both are
toxic together.

Okay, bitch. You
have been hanging out

with that therapist
for way too long.

I'm just looking out for you.

- That's it.
- I know.

But... I'm a big girl.

And she's different now.
[chuckles] I can tell.


Back down, you go this way

Back down, you go this way

So back up, don't you test me

Don't you test me...

[music continues faintly]

[crowd cheering]

- [Finley] Hey.
- Oh, my.

Look who it is.

Oh, it's so good
to see you, man.

- How you doing?
- Good.

You looking good. You
got some color, yeah?

Thanks. It's amazing what
drinking water will do for you.

- Um...
- [Shane chuckles]

I, uh, okay.

"I'm sorry for being shitty
to you both and for being

late or drunk at work,

and after work, too.

And I'm so sorry you...
I broke the trust

- that you both..."
- [Shane] Stop. No, you didn't.

You broke nothing.

We're your family.

- Thank you.
- [Shane] So, what do you think?

You want to come back here?

- Here? Wh...
- [Shane] Yeah.

- Here.
- You're giving me my job back?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

Holy shit.

- Oh, my God.
- [laughs]

Wow. Thank you.

That's amazing. Thank you.

Um, I got the wrong shoes on,

but fuck it. I'll take a
shin split if I got to.

I'll-I'll start right now.

- Oh, no. That's...
- No. You'll start tomorrow.

- [chuckles]
- Just get a new pair of shoes.

I will absolutely
do that. Thank you.

[Shane] Now get out
of here. Come on.

- We have a full night tonight.
- [Tess] Come on.

Wow. Oh, and are there benefits?

I've been trying to
track those down.

- Uh... [laughs]
- Talk to that one.

We'll talk about it tomorrow.

Okay. It doesn't
have to be, like,

full benefits. I just
want to know if...

Nothing can stop me,
I can't get enough

Playing with danger
is bad behavior

Bad, bad, bad behavior...

[overlapping chatter]

[Ivy] Oh, no, no, no, no.

You can't be back
here. I'm sorry.

I'm serious. I'll shoo you. Bye.

Bad, bad

Playing with danger

Bad, bad


What-what season are you on?

Oh, we got picked
up for season nine.

- Wow. That's incredible.
- Yeah.

But a whole new team
of executives came on.

They have a completely
different agenda,

so now the showrunner is pissed.

- Oh, no.
- So, I have to fly to Toronto

tomorrow to meet with
a directing producer.

You know, just to iron out a
lot of the creative conflicts

that are about to blow
up in my face. [laughs]

That's a lot of
people to manage.

Yeah. It's a lot of
big personalities.

Well, it's too bad you
don't have any experience

- managing big personalities.
- [laughs]


I guess I like
putting out fires.

Yeah. You've always
been good at it.


[pop music playing]

Yeah, my "For You" page really
thinks I'm a poly pan queer

in a long-distance
relationship, but I guess, like,

three out of four
isn't that bad, right?

Yeah. It's good. So, you
don't get to pick the videos?

They just pick them for you?

No. I mean, like, you-you can.

You just, you would not want to.

- That algorithm is just...
- Oh, I know. It's like...

so good.

- Oh, it's... [grunts] Hi.
- Alice. Sorry. Hi.

- Shane, I'm learning...
- You okay?

- Really exciting things here.
- Forgive me, but I just,

I just wanted to show
you that right there.

[Alice] Oh, my God.

[Shane] Yeah. Can
you believe it?


- Yeah.
- Oh, Shane, Teddy. Teddy, Shane.

- How you doing, Teddy? Pleasure.
- [Teddy] Hey, how's it going?

Whoa. You are, like,
really intense.

I like it. Um, can I ask you

what your Venus is in?

That's deeply personal,
Teddy, but thanks anyway.

- [chuckles]
- [Shane] All right,

- I'm gonna get back to it.
- Yeah.

Where's mine? Where's
my Venus, Teddy?

Hmm... Taurus, obviously.

- Oh.
- Yeah, but not in a derogatory

- sort of way.
- I don't...

- Hi. Hey.
- Oh, hi, Finley.

- How are you? Hey, listen.
- Oh!

You need to stop Venmo-ing me

these really weird
amounts of money.

Oh. Can't stop, won't stop,
not until it's all paid back.

Every cent of that rehab money,

coming back to you in
ones and fives, baby.

- I don't need it.
- I love you.

- I don't need it.
- Thank you.

Okay. [sighs]

You guys know each other?

'Cause you're the
same age. I figured...

No. I might have ran into
them in the bathroom earlier.


How did we do?

- [whispers indistinctly]
- [gasps]

Yes! That is what
I wanted to hear.

I'm gonna go look for Tess.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You're back.

Yeah. I am. Um,

is now a good time to
talk? 'Cause I, uh...

No. No, it's not.

I'm-I'm actually
looking for Tess, and...

Oh, okay. When is a good time?

Um, let me see.


- [chuckles] Okay.
- Mm.

Look, I'm really
sorry, and, um...

Yeah. I just said that I don't
want to talk about it now.

Right. No. Okay. I'm
just trying to apologize.

I-I really just don't
want to get into it here.

Copy that. Okay. I
guess I'll just...

Y-You still think
that-that what I want

somehow matters less
than what you want.

No. No, I don't think that
at all. That's why I'm...

You know, I don't
think you're cute.

That's always been pretty clear.

And I don't think

- you're charming.
- Sure, but, um...

I think you're fucking annoying.

Okay, maybe if you
just give me a second.

- I wrote something, and I just...
- What the fuck is wrong

with you?! I literally
just said "No."

- Okay.
- [Tess] Hey.

Hi. Hi.

Um, maybe just...

Maybe it's not the right time.

- Okay.
- Just walk away, okay?

- Fuck. I'm sorry. I...
- Okay.

Ain't none of your business,
ain't none of your...

Finley, wait.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm... I'm so sorry.

- No, it's okay.
- I was just coming to...

We raised $7,000.

And the night's still
young, so you never know.

I'm sorry. What?

- Seven... thousand dollars.
- Thousand dollars.

[laughing] Oh, my...

I'm gonna hug you.

- [laughing]
- Oh.

[Sophie] What? What
did Dani say to you?

- Nothing.
- Oh, Fin.

No, no. It was my bad, okay?

Just, I caught her off guard.

And I get it. It's really okay.

I just want to stop
talking about it.

- It's such a fucking bummer.
- Finley.


It's not okay. She
was a dick to you.

I got to think about
my part in this.


I can't control her
reaction, you know.

It's like...

It was too soon.

I shouldn't have
fucking done it.


You know, you're kind of cute

when you're all
serious like that,

- smoking your Juul.
- [chuckles]

- [coughs]
- Shut up.

Smoking it in my face.

- [chuckles]
- Yeah. Dani doesn't think so.

Oh, fuck her.

[sighing] Oh, God.

I just wanted your first
night back to be fun.


You want to do
something naughty?

- Yeah.
- [laughs]

- I got an idea.
- What?

- Come on.
- Oh, my God.

- Come on!
- Okay.

Where are we going?

We're in the street! Ah!

I'm feeling your
eyes all over me

Feeling your eyes,
don't miss a beat...

Here you go.

[indistinct chatter]

- Beer?
- Yeah, that's me.

You're my number one...

- You.
- Me?

Yeah, you did not tell
me you own this place.

You didn't ask.

Yeah, well, you could
have bailed me out,

but instead, I yelled
at you, and now,

here I am apologizing for it.

- I am sorry.
- You should be.

Well, then can I get you a
drink and make up for it?

Wind it up, or wind on me...

Wait. Do I... do I know
you from somewhere?

I don't know. Do you?

Come with me.

Come on. [laughs softly]

Forget your stress,
put your mind on me...

Excuse me. Thank you.

- Hi.
- Excuse me. Thank you.

Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, oh...

Can I show you something?



I know. I only used a little bit
of it, 'cause I need to save it

and I bought it for, like,
way too much money on eBay.

- It's a relic.
- It is.

So, would you
consider styling me?

No, I don't think so.

Or maybe don't think.

Come on.

Have a little fun with me.


Yeah, yeah...

I don't even know
if I remember how.

You know, I don't think a talent
like yours ever goes away.

I think it's always in you.

The same mind can't see

What that mind does not agree

It's the same mind
that can't see

Tries to tame, tame you and me

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

I can give you a
few suggestions.


But if you told someone about
this problem, I'm sure...

- [Tess] Hey, lady.

Are you ready? They're
asking for you backstage.

All right.

- Okay. Wish me luck.
- What's happening?

Where are you going?
Where are you...?

Just gonna have to wait and see.

What? I don't get it.
Where are you going?

Really, what's happening?

No idea.

Usually I know things. I
don't know what this is.

Upbeat, energetic music


You take good care of your hair.

- You know that?
- I do. [chuckles]

Let's see.

All right. Keep
your head straight.

Let me see. I mean, you can...

I think you could go a
little shorter if you want,

just below the chin.

- Maybe.
- Yeah, it's cute.

Maybe not. Let me see.

Get lost in the sound,
you breathe in...

Chin up.

Flickering light

You want me

You want me

I don't want to fall

I don't want to
fall from this...

[clears throat]

You don't... don't really
have to do anything.

I'm gonna... I'm
gonna pack up my stuff

and relieve my babysitter.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

[both clear throats]

[Tess] All right, folks, let's
keep that generosity flowing.

- [cheering]
- Our next item up for bid

is so special, it's getting
its own introduction

by the incomparable
Bette Porter.

[applause, cheering, whistling]

What is she doing?

- Charity?
- Good evening, everyone.

This next piece is

from my private collection.

- Did I miss anything?
- [gasps, applause]

- No.
- Oh.

[Bette] It's by the very first

artist I ever
started to collect.

That's from our house
in West Hollywood.

- Yeah. It's cute.
- [Bette] What we have here

- is a limited edition...
- Whose is this?

- [Bette] Kiki Smith.
- Bette's.

[gasping, applause]

[auctioneer] All
right, everyone.

We are going to start
the bidding at $500.

- Do I have $500?
- [patron] Here!

- $500.
- $500.

It's worth so much
more than $500.

- Can I get six? $600?
- Okay.

- Okay. Yeah.
- We got six. How about seven?

- I'm just saying.
- $700. I know we got seven.

- [patron] Seven!
- Seven! All right, eight. $800.

- $800.
- $800.

- [patron] $900.
- $900.

And I know somebody out
there has got $1,000.

Give me $1,000.


[gasping, murmuring]

- Holy shit.
- What?

$10,000, everybody.

Going once.

Going twice. Sold!

- For $10,000.
- [applause and cheering]

That was...

completely unnecessary.

Well, you said that you would
never part with a Kiki Smith.

[Bette] I know. I just...

I thought maybe it
was time to let it go.

Yeah, but some things
are worth keeping.

When I see that print,

I think of our old house.

I think of us.

I didn't want someone else
to have a piece of us.

Well, I'm so glad
that you have it now.


- Do you want to get out of...?
- Yes.

[both chuckle]

[Shane] Look. Look. Look.

- Hmm.
- Wow.


[Teddy] Round on
me, baby. [laughs]



What's wrong? You
feeling something?

No, they just have
something real, you know.

That would be nice.

It's coming for you, I promise.

Three, two, one.


- You know what?
- Hmm?

I have to go take care of
something. Wish me luck.

- Luck.
- [Alice] Hey, Teddy.

- Hey! How are you?
- Hi. I'm good, I'm good.

- Haven't seen you all night.
- I know. Listen,

I've had a great time with you,

- but I think I'm gonna take off.
- What?

- Yeah.
- No. Come on. It's so early.

I actually just got this
last-minute DJ thing

at this loft space downtown.

What is it gonna take
for me to convince you?

Um... the thing is, I'm kind of

more like an 8:00 p.m.
bedtime type person.

- No.
- Yeah. You know? You know?

Mm-hmm. Yeah, I understand.


Well, I've, um, really enjoyed
spending my time with you.

Me, too. I really have.

You give me a lot of hope
for future generations.

You really do.

Well, don't hope too hard.

I just did a bump of
ketamine in the bathroom.

Okay, well, you can work that
out in your own time, okay?

Asking how I do that

Not you, 'cause I'm the
greatest, you the lesser

I'm a diamond under
pressure, no stress...

Good night.

This my game...

Have a good night.

All-star offstage...

- Hi.
- Hi.

Come with me.

- Where?
- You'll see.

- Okay.
- [laughs]

All right, all right.

- What am I looking at?
- [giggles]


Okay, hear me out.

- Ah.
- I know we don't want

to do the whole marriage,
kids thing, right?

- The bar... is our baby.
- Mm-hmm.

- Right.
- So I was thinking...

let's buy another baby.


Tess, we have so much
going on right now.

I know. I know.

- Your mother's with us.
- I know.

This bar is a whole thing.

I just... I love
our life together,

and I want more of it.

I want it all.

Soft, gentle music

Come here.

So, is that a "yes"?

I'll think about it.


[Finley] No, no,
no, no, no. No!

Oh, fuck, yes! [laughs]

Oh, baby, oh, baby.

Ooh, you know that sock
was a freebie, too.

I... I would like to renegotiate
the rules of strip basketball.

- Oh. Hell no.
- [laughs]

[Sophie laughs]

- Oh, my God.
- Please.

- Oh, you're still fun.
- Yeah?

Oh, yeah.



- Mmm.
- Oh.

- Oh.
- Fuck.

- I missed you.
- I missed you, too.


God. Take me home.

I want to be in bed with you.

- [panting] I... I...
- Mmm. Mmm.

[Finley sighs]

I want to. I...

[sighs] I want to.

I feel like I should
catch a meeting.

- Uh...
- It's first night back.

It's probably...

Yeah. Of course.

Yeah, sure.

Pensive music

I just don't want to fuck it up.

I know.

Now I have to put all
my clothes back on.

- Yeah. Go ahead.
- [chuckles softly]

Isn't my closet low-key huge?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Oh.

Uh, I got this from prom.

And I got this one
from that sus hike

that didn't actually
go anywhere.

- [laughs]
- Cool.

Oh, my God, wait.

Um, this is our first time

being alone together in my dorm.

It's like our own place.

But don't you have a roommate?

She doesn't move in until
tomorrow, and I was thinking...

- Um, but...
- What?

Angie, actually,

I was thinking it didn't really
make a whole lot of sense

for us to stay, like...

together, together.

This is like a whole new chapter

for both of us, and...

we're gonna be such
different people

than we are, like, so soon.

You know?



Are you breaking up with me?
Is that what you're saying?

This is so hard, Angie, but...

it just feels right.

Why couldn't you have
done that yesterday?

That's fucked-up.

This isn't easy, Angie.

For who? Who
isn't it easy for?

For both of us.

I've never broken up with
someone before, and I...

- and I don't want to hurt you.
- No, no, no, I don't... Okay.

- I-I love you, Angie.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

You don't get to say that.

- But it's true.
- I don't...

No, it's fucking
not. I don't care.

I don't want to hear what
you have to talk about.

- Can you get out?
- Angie.

[voice breaking] Can you
seriously, like, get out?


Slow, somber music

[door opens]

[door closes]


Wow. I've actually had
a fucking night. Um...

I got some of my amends
down, which is good.

Some people were really
cool about it, and others...

I actually don't think
they'll ever forgive me,

which is a bummer.

I tried to have sex
with my girlfriend,

and, uh... I choked.

Couldn't do it. I was...

I don't know what I was.

Soft, gentle music

You know, in sober living, um,

I made a plan like
they told me to,

and I was following it.

I was.

And it felt like, I don't know,

like everything
was gonna be okay.

But out here, things just
move really fucking fast.

Soft, upbeat music

[Maribel] What are you doing?

I've, um...

I've been waiting for a
moment all night to, um...

- Oh, my God.
- Maribel,

will you marry me?

I don't want to get married.

But nobody wants
to talk about it...

I want to have a baby.

- [chuckles softly]
- [Finley] And there are so many

decisions to make.

But I don't want
to think about it

And I really, really want it
to be different this time.

Close my eyes, I'm
going through the motion

It's hard for me to know
what the right move is

when I made the wrong
choice so many times before.

Double dosing...

I'd like to think I know better.

Right? But...

how do I know if
I really changed?


We don't want to get older

[phone chimes]





[Finley] And I try
to remind myself

that the old me wasn't
all that bad, you know?

But then I don't know

which parts of myself
are okay to keep.

It's like...

I don't know who I'm
supposed to be anymore.

And it's, like, twice as hard
trying to make these decisions

when you're living
with someone else.

[Dani] Hi.

How was tonight?

[sighs] It was pretty great.

Bette asked me to
do a gallery job,

and I think Sophie is gonna talk

to Alice about me doing
her hundredth episode.

- Nice.
- Yeah.

[sighs] How'd it go with Nat?

Did she give us permission
to live together?

[Finley] But I know
one thing for sure.

I'm so fucking lucky to be here.

I feel like I got a
real shot this time.


Wake me up when it's over


We don't want to get older


Mmm. Mm.

- [Finley chuckles]
- Mm.

Wake me up when it's over

Dah-dah-dah, dah-dah-dah

[phone vibrates]

[Tina] I can't believe
you found your mom.

I just... I have
so many questions.

Like, how did you feel, and
what happened when you saw her?

And just, I want
to know everything.

I mean, share everything
that you're comfortable with.

Mm. Well, um, in all honesty,

it started with something

that you said about
a year ago, um,

when you said I-I didn't
know how to love you.

Oh, I never should've said that.

- I'm sorry. I...
- No, no. No, no, no. It's okay.

I mean, it's more
than okay. I...

It's what I needed to hear.

And I-I didn't know what
to do with it at the time.

I mean, I knew you were right,
but I didn't know how to fix it.

So... [chuckles]


You're gonna laugh. I went
back to that silent retreat

that I failed at so
miserably before.

[laughs] Oh, my God.

You know, Shane and
Alice told me that,

and I thought, "No
way. They're kidding."

No, they weren't. [chuckles]

And I stayed the whole time,

and I followed all the rules.

- I don't believe you. [laughs]
- Yes, it was big.

It was hard, but I did
it, and then around the,

um, second day of silence,

I... I had this question that
kept coming up in my mind,

like, just echoing
over and over again.

And it was, "Who
taught me how to love?"

And I thought of my mom.

I just needed to be open

to hearing her tell me that
she left me when I was a kid

because she didn't value
herself enough to stay.

It was so freeing

to know that I was
able to forgive her.

And I don't know. That just...

It unlocked something for me.

And, of course, I told her
all about you and Angie.

The whole story?

- The whole epic story.
- Oh.

Yeah, well, she doesn't
know about today.

[Tina chuckles]

Today was one of the
best days of my life.

Me, too.

Soft, gentle music

I, um...

- I should go.
- [softly] Okay.


I... I should leave.

I wasn't expecting you

Like a punch that
knocks the wind out

I think you're
changing everything

'Cause I'm about
to let you in now


I feel it, I'm feeling

That feeling, that
feeling when...


Ooh, ooh

I feel it now, I need it

That feeling, that
feeling when...

[door opens]

You got to be
fucking kidding me.

What the fuck

Ay, ay

What the fuck

Ay, ay

What the fuck

Ay, ay

What the fuck

Ay, ay