The L Word: Generation Q (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Lose It All - full transcript

Bette is conflicted about old feelings, Shane is tested by her relationship with Quiara, Alice is blindsided at home and work. Dani, busy on the election, Sophie feels relieved to have Finley around. Micah introduces José to his mother.

Previously on
The L Word: Generation Q...

-I'm really sorry, Alice.
-For which part?

For defending you on my show?

For not telling me you started
seeing Felicity again?

Alice, wait.
Just wait.

Angie called me.


Please don't go.

Oh, yeah!

-Oh, yay.
-I told you!

I love seeing you like this.

-I'm in.

Oh, my God. Yes.

So you're a throuple now?

[Toni] I wish my best
friends lived in L.A.

We're not friends.

She outed us

to a stranger
before we even

told our children.

I have all these
feelings, you know?

-For Gigi?
-But, like, all the feelings.

All the bad stuff
and the good stuff.

I don't want to lose you.

[Sophie] You're, like,
the best part of my day.

I love the shit out of you!

-I love you, too, man.
-[Dani] Right now I just need

-a little bit of space.
-Hey, no, no, no, no, no.

Enough with the space.
I want you to talk to me.

I don't have anything to say!

She's like a super cold,

-hot lady.
-You know who else is hot?

-Bette Porter.
-[Dani] But you can't

deny that she's special.

-She inspires me every day.
-I see.

This is something else for you.

Bye, Dani.

♪ "Ass Like That"
by Victoria Monét ♪

[water running]

♪ I know you love the way ♪

♪ I'm lookin' in my jeans ♪

♪ You wish
that you could hold that ♪

♪ I know you love the way
my body sittin' up... ♪

Yes, yes.

Yes, I took
care of that.

No. No, he didn't
quit exactly. He just...

Yes, I am

the interim
campaign manager.

Okay. Bye-bye.

Aah! Pierce really
fucked us when he left,

and Bette's not gonna
hire anyone new

this late in the race.

I'm sorry, babe.

Um, can you pass me the razor?

Huh? Oh. Yeah, yeah.

Here you go.

[phone ringing]

Aah! Goddamn it!

This is Dani Nùñez.

Yeah, just let me
talk to her. Okay.

Okay. Yes. Thank you.

-[Finley whistling]
-Yeah, just give me a second.

I have it right here.

[door squeaks]

[whistling stops]


That ass is tight.

You look fucking good!

-You're so stupid.


Ooh! Save me some of
that hot water, boo.

This natural deodorant
is not gonna cut it.

-Oh, yeah.
-I'm sorry. So,

is this, like, a Pilates
scenario that I'm seeing,

-or what? [laughs]
-Get out of here!

-Get out!
-♪ He wanna know ♪

♪ How she get that ass
like that ♪

-[door closes]
-♪ How she get ♪

♪ That ass like that,
he wanna know ♪

♪ How she get
that ass like that ♪

♪ That ass like that,
yeah, yeah ♪

♪ He wanna know how she get
that ass like this ♪

♪ That ass like that,
yeah, yeah... ♪

-Thank you. Hi.
-You're welcome.

-Do you know if the kids ate?

Yeah. Gigi made them breakfast.

Oh, my God.
Now I can do my makeup here

instead of in the car.


She color-coded the closet.

Oh, yeah, she does that.

How did we even, like,
live without her

-this whole time?
-[Gigi] Morning.

Lunches are packed.
I'm-- Hi.


I'm dropping Eli
off at ballet, and...

one of the soccer moms is
picking up Olive for practice.

Do you all want to do dinner?

Oh, I can't. Today's the
day I meet the network.

Oh. Are you asking them
to get rid of Drew?

Yup. Got to. I mean, I can
deal with him for the rest

of this season, but he can't
come back next year.

That's very reasonable.

-Wow, good luck.

Okay, so, should I pick up
dinner for us then?

-Yeah, that'd be great.

Oh. And then, can we please
watch Below Deck?

-I have to find out

-if Hannah stays with that guy.
-Yeah, of course.

Hey, guys, can you not
watch that without me?

I mean, can we
make that a rule?

Like, if it's at sea,
it's got to be three?

That was really bad.

Yeah, it wasn't your best.

Well, it's early.

I'll find it.

Okay, yes.

Yes, uh-huh.

What day was it
did you say?


She has that pancake breakfast
tomorrow morning

with the first responders
at 10 a.m.

Shit! Did I double-book her?

Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.

-I owe you big time.
-[line beeping]

But I actually have another
call right now. Mm-hmm.

This is Dani.

Great, my mom
landed an hour ago,

and went straight
to the pot shop.

-Oh, sativa pen, please.
-No, no, it's too late.

She, uh, she
got 24 gummies.

Oh, damn.

She's gonna be stoned
when she meets José later.

Yeah. I wish my mom smoked
a little more weed.

-Calm her ass down.
-[phone vibrating]

-Oh, shit. Hold on.
-[Dani] Yes, I-I have it.

Just give me one second
to pull it up.

Oh, look at that.
She's calling me.

She gets a little psychic when
I talk shit about her. [laughs]

Thank you. Bye-bye.

[speaks Spanish]

Okay, okay, w-w-w-wai-wait.

Calm down. H... Stop. What?

What happened?
Slow down!

Your guys' water pressure

sucks so bad,
but if you got a wrench,

I can fix it.

[speaking Spanish]



[speaking Spanish]

♪ slow, melancholy music ♪



Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

Don't worry. I'm coming.

Okay. Stay.

Holy shit.

What happened?

My, uh...

Ooh, my grandma fell.

-Oh, my God. Is she okay?
-I'm sorry.

-Are you okay?
-My sister

thinks that she hit her head,
and they're on their way

to the hospital, and my
mom's fucking hysterical.

-[Micah] Are you gonna go now?

Oh, I-I'll come with you.
I'll cancel my morning.

No. It's okay.
You go to work, okay?

-No, I don't have to. I want--
-No, it's fine.

I'll-I'll call you
if I need anything, okay?

-Are you sure?
-Yes. I love you. Thank you.

Oh, hi.

-Hello, Dani!
-Oh, Grace! Hi!

How are you?

-Come on in.
-Hi, my baby.

Hi, Mom.

Oh, my goodness.
I miss you so much.


Aw. You lost weight.

[Tina] Oh, my God,
it's beautiful in here.

Dana would have loved
this place.

-[soft rock playing]
-I think so, too.

And the place is
picking up business.

Yeah, it's incredible.

-Just so pretty in here.
-Should I take this?

-Yes, yes. Yes.

Is Alice not coming?

No. She's still
mad at you.

Ooh. For the Felicity thing?

I have apologized

-and apologized and apologized.
-I know. I know.

I know, and I told you
to give her time.

-She'll come around.

So, how's Quiara?

Quiara's good.

We're gonna hear
the baby's heartbeat today.

-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God.

I still remember hearing Angie's

-first little heartbeat.
-Oh, my God, me, too.

It was like this little sign
of this big life to come.

It was so special.

-It was amazing.

-We were... sobbing.

-Just bawling.
-I was destroyed.


Oh, and what is
it that you said

-that it sounded like?
-Like horses

-stampeding in mud. Yeah.
-Horses stampeding in mud.


[clears throat]

Speaking of our daughter,
I will be over later

to pick her up for the museum.

And then you're gonna
drop her off at Jordi's

'cause they're gonna
watch a movie.

-You know what that means.
-[Tina] Hey.

Don't do that.
Don't freak her out.

-I'm just being honest.
-No, no, no, no. I can't.

I can't hear it. I'm not ready.
I'm not ready to hear it.

-Okay. All right.
-Are you available tonight?

For dinner?
Just us.


Sure. Yeah. That would be nice.
I mean, you know,

actually, why don't you come
by the house, and I'll cook?

-[phone vibrating]

Oh. That is Carrie. Um...

[clears throat]
Let me take this really fast.




You just...

seem a little flushed.


Let me know if you have

any more questions.

We're gonna be back to prep her
for surgery shortly.

And if you need anything
before that,

the nurse's station
is just outside the door.

Okay. Thank you.

-[door closes]
-I don't like her.

-Should we get a second opinion?
-Okay, no, no, no, no, no.

-We don't have time for that.
-I don't like this place.

Okay? They said it was
a very simple procedure.

They know what they're doing.

-If anything happens to her--
-Oh, my God.

-Hey. Hey!
-If anything, I swear to God.

Stop. Okay?

-Yeah, Mami, stop.

Do you want some coffee?

I think you want some coffee.
You hungry?

I could get you something.
What do you want?

-I could do coffee.

-I'm fucking starving.
-All right.

-Well, what do you want?

-Okay. I'll be right back.
-Yeah. Okay.

Oh, God, I don't
know what to do.

-I swear, she's gonna be okay.

She's gonna be fine.

[monitor beeping]

[woman speaking indistinctly
over P.A.]


Hey! I got some
supplies. I got Cheetos,

Funyuns, Snoballs-- all
your major food groups.

And you'd think Cheetos
and Funyuns would be

in the same food group.

However, it's...

Oh, Bubba, come here. I...

Hold on. Hold on.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's okay. Come here.

Come here. Come here.
Come here.



I know. It's okay.

Oh. I know.

It's okay.

-It's okay.

It's okay.




I just...

I don't want to lose her.

-It'll be okay.


Oh. It's gonna be okay.


Thank you. I-I really
do appreciate it.

Okay. So that was my buddy.

And he works at a local
CBS affiliate,

and he was-- Why has this line
not fucking moved?

It's fine.
It's fine.

People can hear you.


So, your-your
friend at CBS?

Right, and he was saying

that Milner's team bought up
a ton of airtime.

They're gearing up
to launch something big.

I'm hearing that it's going to
be a negative attack campaign.

And I know he said he wouldn't,
but he's-he's going for it.

Milner's a lot of things,
but he's not a liar.

He's never been backed
into a corner before.

He's scared.

He's gonna go for blood,
and he's gonna run those ads.

And we're just
gonna drown him out

with policy and voter outreach.

But if he goes for you
with-with only two weeks left,

and we don't have a negative ad
to counter with,

then we're kind of fucked.

Your job is to help me
shape my message

and get it out
into the world.

Thanks, sweetheart.
All right, all right. Thank you.


Two medium coffees,
one with room, one without.


Coming right up.

As your acting campaign manager,
I strongly advise you

to at least let me prepare
a negative ad.

We don't have to run it.

Okay, I hear you,

and the answer is still no.

Thank you.

It's just really frustrating
that you won't let me do my job.

I'm just trying
to protect you.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-[phone ringing, vibrating]
-Oh, yeah.

This is Dani.

Yeah. No,
I-I haven't seen it.

No. No,
that can't be right.

What the fuck? Shit.

Where's the...?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, shit.

It's okay, I'm nervous, too.

I'm not nervous,
I'm just curious.

-Sure you are.
-[door opens]


Hi. How have you been feeling?


Excited, for the most part.

-Did you tell her
about the nausea?

Oh, I've been feeling
a little nauseous lately.

Uh, this is my wi--

You can join us.

This is my wife, Shane.

-Hi. How you doing?
-Hi. Nice to have you
with us today.

-Thank you. Thank you.

I think I'm your ex-wife,

The nausea
will subside

once you get
to your second trimester,

but if it doesn't,
let me know.

I'll get you
something for it.

Can you give me something
for all the extra McFlurrys

-I've been eating lately?
-'Fraid not.

Okay. Are you ready to hear
your baby's heartbeat?


Uh, yes. I'm ready.

I'm so ready. We're ready.
You ready?

-You ready?
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Here. Okay.

This might be a little cold.

-[Quiara] Okay.
-First you'll hear

-your own heartbeat.
-[Quiara] This is crazy.

-That's you.
-[heart beating]

And then there'll be

another sound.

[two hearts beating]

Right there.
That's it.

That's your baby.

♪ atmospheric music ♪


Oh, my God.

[two hearts beating]


that's our baby.


You know, it sounds like...

horses stampeding
through the mud.

Oh, it does

sound like horses
stampeding through the mud.




♪ I'm the shit ♪

♪ I know I'm the shit,
yeah, I'm super lit ♪

♪ If you don't buy me
what I want ♪

♪ I'm-a throw a fit ♪

♪ I'm the shit,
I know I'm the shit... ♪

Thank you so much for meeting.

I really appreciate it.

[Barry] We're all anxious
to hear what you have to say.

Well, I just wanted
to catch up and, you know,

see how you think the show's
been going this season.

Maybe talk about process,
things that I thought

we could do to improve
where I thought my...

Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I'm a few minutes late.

-[Barry] Hey-hey, Drew!

We're just
getting started.


Go on.

Um, I didn't know you
were gonna be in this meeting.

Wouldn't miss it.

Right. So...


I'm very, very proud

of what the show's done
this season.

We haven't made
any conventional guest choices.

The set is incredible.

The writers are

I just, there are a lot
of voices in the room,

and I'm having a hard time
hearing my own.

So I would like
to make some changes,

-maybe next season.
-Well, um,

we're hoping to make
some changes before then,

because, quite frankly,

we don't know if there
will be a next season.

Your show's on
the bubble, Alice.


"The bubble's" a term

-they use just wh...
-I know what a bubble is.


Your ratings are way off

our targeted numbers, and
between our production budget

and our P-and-A numbers,
you're operating at a deficit.

It's been

a steady decline.

For us, a couple

viral hits would go
a long way.

Short form, catchy content
is the name of the game.



That's my specialty.

♪ Na-Nasty... ♪


How short are we?

We're about 20% below
our target for the month.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

I know. Just give
it some time, okay?

How much time, Tess?


-Can you give me a time frame?
-Oh, my God,

look, the bar's
gonna be fine, okay?

-Everything's gonna be fine.
-All right, all right,

all right, all right.

I promise, Shane,

gonna be fine.

All right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I just...

Quiara and I had a morning.

It's not you.


[sighs] Oh, God,
I don't know what I'm doing.

So, did you tell her that?

-Did you talk to her?
-I have nothing new

-to say.

I'm sorry.

-Why is that funny?
-Okay, so, um,

in my meeting this morning,
there was

this guy, right, and he says:
imagine someone comes up to you

and says that they're hungry,
and you have a sandwich,

and so you offer them
the sandwich,

but then they say, "Nah.
I've had sandwiches before.

I want something new."

And you're like, "It
doesn't need to be new.

Just eat the sandwich."

What, you want me
to eat a sandwich?

No. You have
to talk to her.

You have to talk to Quiara.

Again and again and again,
all the time.

Talk to her.

I'm glad you're going back
to those meetings.

[phone ringing]

Three days sober, baby.

Three days?


Good for you.

♪ "Riding With Me"
by Froogle ♪





♪ I bet I never notice
till it's all gone ♪

♪ I'm feelin' so strong
like my last smoke ♪

♪ Light-headed with the flow,
I need a Tylenol ♪

♪ Underneath my soul I
disinfected with the alcohol ♪

♪ And now I'm on,
but now I'm grown ♪

♪ Oh, oh... ♪



Everything looks so good!

Oh... I'm so hungry!

Yeah. You-you tell him
how many edibles you had?

I had four.

Oh, no!

But they were

cute little gummy bears, and
they were champagne-flavored.

But, I mean, how was I supposed
to know not to enjoy in excess.

But he was so sweet.

He called me up all afternoon
to make sure I was okay.

He's so thoughtful.

-Okay, Mom. All right.
-And... responsible.

I swear, if the Cub Scouts
had been more forward-thinking

back then, my baby

would have made
a great Cub Scout.

Could he be a cub?
I don't see that for him.


He's very crafty.

Very crafty.
Always has been,

ever since he was a little girl.

Can I get something
started for you?

Uh, I think, I think
we need a little minute, please.

Oh, I found it! Look!

-So cute!

-Mom. Mom, please?
-Oh, I don't need to...

I remember this day.

The photographer

just couldn't believe
how beautifully

she could pose
like that.

He didn't even have
to tell her anything.

She was so nervous
to have her picture taken.

But she was great.

-I've got some more. She-- What?
-No, no, no. Stop! Just stop!

-Put the fucking picture away!

-I'm just trying to show José
how cute you were.
-No, no, no. You always do this.

-No, I don't.
-That little girl's

-not here-- you know that, Mom.

-She's gone.
-It's okay.

I hate when you say that.

But she is, all right?

That little girl's
dead. Jesus.


I'm sorry.

I'm gonna...

[indistinct chatter]

-Are you all right?
-I'm-I'm sorry, I'm just--

No, it's-it's all right.
Listen, there's no need

-to apologize.

I-I wanted you to meet her,

but she does this every
fucking time, and I just...

I thought that with you
she'd be different, you know?

Better. She's supposed
to know better, right?

-Hey. Hey.

It's okay.

I see you,

the person in
front of me,

for exactly who he is.

You've got me.


♪ Finessing the beat
that I made now ♪

♪ I cannot see you,
I'm home now ♪

♪ I see right through you,
it shows now... ♪

You've got me.

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪


♪ I need you here,
riding with me ♪

♪ I need you here, riding
with me ♪

♪ I need you here,
riding with me ♪

♪ I need you here, riding
with me ♪

♪ Finessing the beat
that I made now ♪

♪ I cannot see you,
I'm home now ♪

♪ I see right through you,
it shows now ♪

♪ I cannot grow,
gotta slow down ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪


Thank you for cooking.

It's delicious, as always.

Oh, well,
thank you for letting me.

I don't get to do it
often enough anymore.

Oh, my God, me neither.

[both laugh]

So, how was the museum?

Oh, it was gorgeous.

The views alone were worth
the horrendous traffic

that we sat in.

It's really nice
having you back here.

It's nice to be here.


And getting to see Angie
more often is, um...

It just feels really good.

She's so happy.


Well, I started to
look for a place,

so I could be here
during the hiatus.

Well, well, um,
if you want to...

if you want to stay here
until you find...

Oh, n-- I'm not...


Carrie asked me to marry her.

And I said yes.

-Yeah, so,

we're just gonna look
for a place nearby.

The two of us.

Wow. Oh-oh-oh...

It happened last week,
and I wanted to tell you

in person first so we could
figure out what, you know,

-how we should tell Angie.

Okay, um...

Congratulations. Really.

That's-that's incredible.

How do you think that
we should tell Angie?


I-- It's just--

Any-any-any way you want.

-I mean...
-Well, I was thinking

that you and me
and Carrie...

we could all tell
her together.

All-all three of us?

Oh. [laughs nervously]


I think that would
be nice for Angie.

Yeah, Angie's gonna be...

She's gonna be thrilled.


We should celebrate.
We should really,

we should totally celebrate.

I think I might have
some champagne.

I am so happy for you.

♪ slow, melancholy music ♪



Hey. I didn't know
you were still here.

You know me.
Work, work, work.

-[both chuckle]

Okay, well, don't
get down on yourself.

It's not over,
not by a long shot.

Well, it might be.

No, no, I've gotten shows
out of far worse.

Remember the first year
with Colbert?

Yeah, well, this is
a little different.

Not really.

Do you really not see how
this situation is different

from Colbert's show?


We just gotta give the network
a few more wins,

and they give us
another season.

Drew, I don't know if that's
something I can do.

I've got to say, that's-- that's
pretty frustrating to hear.

Oh, yeah?

Come on, I know you were
talking about me

when you said there are
too many voices in the room.

Of course I was, Drew.

Of course I was
talking about you.

I-I'm trying to build you
a queer sandbox to play in.

Oh, my God, just those words...

I'm obviously not tapped
into your whole world.

No, you're not.
We can agree on that.

You have one more show
this season,

and we need a viral video.

♪ contemplative music ♪



Okay. Tell me what you got.

Okay, here's what I got.


"Old stores are out,
new stores are in.

But my grandpa's store
stays the same.

A busy corner grocery store

with black and white tiles..."

He's out.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I just...

missed this.

You missed what?

These moments with you.
And them.

Yeah, me, too.

[kettle whistling]

I wish we hadn't put the kids
through all of this.

They're doing great, love.

You shouldn't have left.

You didn't really give me
the chance to stay.

I wanted you to stay.

Because the second

you found out,
you wrote me off.

Wouldn't even hear me out.

Well, you fucked up.

I know. But...

-But what?
-But you didn't even give me

the chance
to make it up to you.

I didn't know how.

I know.

I wish I did.

I wish I had let you apologize.

I wish I had worked harder

-to forgive you back then.
-It's okay.

-No, it's not.
-It's okay.

-It's not okay. It's not.
-It's okay.

No. We didn't have
to go through all of this.

I'm here.

I'm here now.

♪ "Body Talk" by 1ST VOWS ♪


♪ It's still for now ♪

♪ But, hey, we made it ♪

♪ Feels the same
but complicated ♪

♪ You know
exactly what you want ♪

♪ And exactly what you needed ♪

♪ I know exactly what I want ♪

♪ And exactly what I need,
yeah ♪

♪ Don't talk too much ♪

♪ Let your body talk ♪


♪ Don't talk too much ♪

♪ Let your body talk ♪

♪ Let your body talk ♪

♪ Where you been? ♪

♪ No, wait, don't tell me ♪

♪ I only care ♪

♪ That you're here with me ♪

♪ You got
exactly what you want ♪

♪ And exactly what you needed ♪

♪ I know exactly what I want ♪

♪ And exactly what I need,
yeah ♪


♪ Ah ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah, ah ♪


♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah ♪

♪ Ah, ah ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah, ah ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ Don't talk too much ♪

♪ Let your body talk ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah ♪

♪ Don't talk too much ♪

♪ Let your body talk ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah ♪

♪ Don't talk too much ♪

♪ Let your body talk ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah ♪

♪ Don't talk too much ♪

♪ Let your body talk ♪

[foot tapping]

Man, I can't believe
Dani didn't show up.

What? You told her
not to fucking come.

She should know me better
by now.

No. That's fucked up.

You're supposed to be
on my side.

I am. That's why
I'm telling you it's fucked up.

-[scoffs, chuckles]
-You have to ask
for what you want.

Oh, okay. And who the fuck
are you, Dr. Ruth?



-My grandma better be okay.

She will be.

You know
what's freaking me out?


I have so many memories
with her, right?


when I was seven,

she took me
to Radio City Music Hall.


that line went down the block.

And it was freezing.

And I remember,
this little old lady,

she just walked right up
to the front of the line

and lifted up that rope
and told me to scoot under.

-Shut up. [laughs]

Everybody was staring.

I thought for sure
we were gonna get caught.

[both chuckle]

But she just looked at me
and she was like,

"Who cares
what people think?"




And the weird thing

is, if she dies,


I'll be the only one
who knows that story.

You know?
Nobody else was there.



That's hard.


Man, me and that old lady,
we still got plans.

She's supposed to take me
to Hawaii before she dies.

-She will.

-She fucking better.

I told her she had to
or I'd kill her myself.

Oh, well, that's nice.

[both chuckle]



Hey, you want
to pray with me?

It might make you
feel better.

You don't have to do that.

I know.

I want to.

You sure?


It's you and me.

-That's not scary.
-[chuckles softly]


Which ones do you know?

Oh, I know all of 'em.


I only pray
to the ladies, so...

-All right. I can do that.



Hail Mary,

full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit

of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee...

♪ I don't know why
I always compromise ♪

♪ I've seen the same ceiling
a thousand times ♪

There's Quiara.

♪ But I see the future ♪

That's her.
Look over there.

Right there. Quiara.

♪ Keep holding my stare ♪

♪ Keep holding
my stare ♪

[people murmuring]

♪ Show me glimpses
of a reference ♪

♪ Pray to God you understand
that I'm not here ♪

-♪ For you ♪
-[murmuring continues]

♪ Do my reactions
make you restless? ♪

♪ Still quite not sure
where this is heading ♪

♪ Can't you see
that I'm obsessed? ♪

♪ Is the best better
without you? ♪

♪ 'Cause I want
to be good for it ♪

♪ Good for it, good for it ♪

♪ I want to be good for it ♪

♪ Good for it, good for it... ♪


Hi. I'm sorry.

-What the fuck, Shane?
-I know, I know, I know.

-You could've called
or texted me. I'm sitting--
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know.

I know, and I'm sorry.

Look, today
was really hard.


I know you're supposed to...
feel something

when you hear your baby's
heartbeat for the first time.


I didn't feel anything.

And that just scares me, because
I don't want to fuck it up.

Say something, please.

That was really good.

Did you-- did you
just hear what I said?

Yes, I did.

Then how am I supposed
to fix this?

There's nothing to fix.


You'll feel exactly what
you're supposed to feel

on your own time.

Aren't you scared
just a little bit?


But I'll let you know
if that changes.

Now can we please eat?

Baby and me are starving.

Do you want a McFlurry or...?

I had two today already,

-You had two?

Okay. That's impressive.

[hangers rattling]

Hey. I didn't know
you were back.

How's your grandma?

Oh. Hey. It's just me.
Don't freak out.

Um, where's Soph?

Uh, she's back
at the hospital.

I'm just picking up
some clothes for her.

You want to come?

Um... yeah.

Yeah, sure.
Just-just give me a second.

-I need to change.

I'm covered
in a rare combination

of sweat and bullshit.


Your job's
pretty intense, huh?


But it's almost over.

This part is, anyway.

So what happens to you
if she wins?

I'd hope she'd keep me
on staff if she wins,

but there's no guarantee.

Well, what happens
to you if she loses?

I don't think
about that.

I think you should have been
there for her today.

Excuse me?

She really needed you.

She asked me not to be there.

Repeatedly asked me
not to be there.

-She should have asked.
-She knows

I'm fucking tapped out
right now. I-I'm giving her

-all I've got.
-Yeah, but, dude,

it's her grandma.

-Even I knew to be there.

you should be there.

Your life is nothing like mine.


Our circumstances are different.

Yeah, I'm not her fiancée.

[dog barking in distance]



Oh, my God,
I had the worst day.

[sighs] My show's
on a bubble or something.


Drew is such a dick.

He's, like-- He's got this...

What happened?

Do you want to get in?


No, no. It was--
it was nothing.


-What's going on?
-Alice, what?

You told me you were okay
with this, right?

That you were open...

Yeah, no, right.

Yeah, no, I'm totally open.

You're mad?

No, I'm not mad.


I don't...

I don't think
this is what I meant.


Should you two talk alone?

No. No,
we should all talk about it.


Yeah, no.

You should--
you should stay, Gigi.


It's your house.

It's fucking your--
it's your wife.

It's your whole fucking life.


-[door opens]

-[door closes]

Just give her time.

Ma! Mama!

-What is that?

-[speaking Farsi]
-We're coming!


They were fucking.


They were fucking, Shane.

Can you...?

-Oh, God.

And I wasn't there.


Oh, Nat and Gigi?

You know what,
I didn't sign up for this.

I'm sorry,
what did you expect?

-Well, I don't know,
but maybe some sort--


No. I c-- No.

This is too much right now.

You know, you are
not the only one dealing

with some really hard shit
right now.

I said I was sorry.

I should have told you
about Felicity.

Did you think
I couldn't keep your secret?

Honestly, I thought
you would judge me.

Why would I judge you?

I'm in a throuple.

With two ex-wives.

I mean,
you should be judging me.

I'm not.
I'm not judging you.

You know you can
talk to me.

I feel stupid.

You're not stupid.

You're, you're
very brave.

[Shane] Throuples
are complicated, Al.

♪ slow, dramatic music ♪


I don't want to lose her.

Come here.

-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.

-Oh, sweetie, I can do that.
-I got it, Mom, it's fine.

No, are you sure?

Yeah, I got it, Mom,
it's fine.

You look like you
could use some help--

I've got it, Mom.

I am sorry
about earlier.

I'm trying my best.
I promise.

I know, but...

-It's not good enough.

It's not.


Your dad was always so much
better at all this than I am.

Yeah. He was.

It was all so
easy for him.

Oh, I wish
he was here.

Me, too.

I will do better.

I promise. I can
do that for you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Have you told that sweet boy
that you love him yet?

'Cause he loves
you, too.

What you have with
him is very real.

So... where are the rest
of those gummy bears?


Um, I hid those
from you, Mom.

Oh, come on.

Hand them over.

Come on.

Good night, Mom.

Good night, my son.

"We walk a few blocks to a bar."

"We link arms while we walk.

At the bar we sit
next to each other

on a bench
on the patio..."


-Hi, babe.


Aw, you came.

Should've been
here sooner.

-I'm sorry.

Any news?

No. We're still waiting.

But my mom and my sister
went home to sleep.

So that's good.

She looks so strong.


I've been, I've been
reading to her.

I think she likes it.

I'm sure she does.

[phone buzzing and chiming]


He fucking did it.

[man] Bette Porter
wants you to believe

her family is just like yours.

We know better.

She's not afraid to sleep
with your wife.

Vote for real family values.

Not Bette Porter.

This ad paid for by A Society
for a Better Los Angeles.


I knew this was going to happen.

I'm sorry, I'm...

I need to
handle this.

No, that's okay,
good luck.

I'm sorry, bud.

[sighs] Yeah, that's why
I didn't want her to come.

-Want me to beat her up?

Give her
a knuckle sandwich?

Nah... I'm good.

I've been reading her my, uh,
my favorite lesbian love story,

so that she wakes up
and yells at me.


Scare her
back to life.

-I like it.
-Yeah, you know it.

Hmm, let's see.


He's a motherfucker.

I know.

I told you that he
was gonna do this.

I know.

I can try and get it
off the air, but it's--

It's too late.

Well, so what,
we just do nothing?

We can't just let him
attack you like this.

I told you, I have morals.
I have standards.

-Yeah, but this is--
-And if you think I'm gonna

let this homophobic asshole
take me down with this bullshit,

you really don't know me at all.

Would you like
a whiskey?



♪ intriguing music ♪


Are you sure you
don't want me to stay?

[chuckling] Yeah.

Yeah, there's barely
enough room for me in there.

Are you sure?
I can sleep anywhere.

No-no-no, really, really,
it's-it's, it's okay.

You need to go home,
go to sleep, go to bed.


You got everything?

I brought you clothes,
you got Funyuns for days...

[both chuckle]

Uh, oh, pillows.

I should've brought you
a pillow from home.

-I can go back, I really--
-No-no-no, really.

It's okay, thank you.

Okay. Um...

I love you.

Hey, I love you, too.


[quietly] Oh, what are
you doing, buddy?

What are you doing?

♪ intriguing,
atmospheric music ♪


[line ringing]

Hey, this is Alice.

Just, well, uh,
you know what to do.

-[Nat] Hey, Alice.

It-It's me.

It's Nat.

I... I've tried you
so many times.

I don't know why you're not...

Well... I'm so sorry

that you came home to that.
Like that.

I... I know you're mad at me,
but I...

Oh, my God,
I don't even know what to say.

I need time to figure out
what I'm doing and what I want,

and I... oh, my God,
I didn't mean

to hurt you. I...

I never wanted
to hurt you, but I...

I guess I just need some time,

so... I'll call you
in a few days, I guess,

and we can meet up? Okay?


I'll call you.

Thank you for understanding.

Okay. I love you. Bye.

[Gigi] Yeah, I know.
Speaking of the... hi.

-[Alice] Hi.

Can I get you anything?

-Um, I'll have a coffee.
-No problem.

You know what? I'm actually
gonna start with nothing.

See how this goes.



Well... go ahead.

Okay, um...

-I'm so sorry.
-And I'm sorry.

[Nat] I mean, the other day
was very confusing,

I think, for all
of us, right?

Yeah. No, it was.

I don't know
what I was expecting.

[Gigi] I don't think any of us
knew what to expect.

-[Nat] Right.
-You know, this has made me

-question a lot.
-Really? Like what?

[Nat] I think it brought
a lot to the surface

that we needed
to sort out,

and, you know,
we've spent

the last few days,
Gigi and I,

really getting
into our issues

and, you know,
speaking very honestly,

which has been
really nice.

Yeah. And I mean, obviously,
we had... a lot of baggage

that we were holding onto,
but I think...

-we're better now.
-We're better.

Yeah, we're better.

-And now, you know,

we can be better
together, and for you,

and I, you know, I think
we can make this work.


Wow, as in yay,

or... what
is the wow?

Wow, as in, I'm so glad I could
be there to help push you guys

towards hashing out
your divorce

and get you to a really,
really good place.

-No, that's...
-You know?

Wow, as in, I'm glad
that I was of use to you?

Okay, that's not
what we're saying.

-That kind of wow?
-[Gigi] What we're saying is,

we want you to come home,

-so we can work on this.

Have you been there
the whole time

I've been at Shane's?
Have you let her stay there?

Holy fuck!

Oh, my God, this is ridiculous.

Yeah, no,

it is ridiculous, Gigi.
I agree with you, actually.

That's not what I mean,
I mean, you're not listening.

-Oh, I think

I'm listening, Gigi.

What we're saying is, we're...
hold on... we're trying

to figure this out
with you.

Well, what I'm saying, Gigi,

is I don't think that
I'm really needed here.

And I think you guys look really
good together.

I mean, it's just like...

There's nothing missing,
it's just so...

I don't think
you need me.

-So, I'm gonna go.

And you and I can just
talk on the phone,

and I will figure out how
to get my stuff out of...

[waitress] I have one
Cobb salad and a tortilla soup,

two spoons.

Thank you.

One soup, two spoons, guys?

Enjoy your lunch.

[Nat gasps]




All right, um...

have you ever done something
that you were, like...

pretty sure you'll regret?

I mean, it took me a while to
settle into my bangs, but...

-I don't regret them.
-Oh. All right.


I kissed Finley.

-Wait, what?
-We were in the hospital.

She brought me all these snacks.

So you kiss her because
she brought you snacks?

No. Like...

she was with me all day.

She was trying
to leave, and...

-I didn't want her to go.
-So you kissed her?

-You kissed Finley?

-With, like, tongue?
-Ew. Dude.

No, all right?

Stop. Don't be
gross, okay?

[sighs] Oh, God, I feel
like such a piece of shit.

No, you're not.

You're not.

-Are you gonna tell Dani?

I mean, I can't.
It would just...

oh, my God, it would crush her.

And it doesn't even matter.
There's no point,

because it's never
gonna happen again.

So, no, I can't.

I can't.

I shouldn't. Right?




♪ "Run the Road" by Santigold ♪

♪ Face don't lie,
so I put on my makeup ♪

♪ Hey, hey, oh ♪

♪ Awake all night,
can't make my mind go slow ♪

♪ Mind won't slow,
mind won't slow ♪

♪ Flash that smile,
it's an industry of service ♪

♪ Hey, hey, oh ♪

H, y,h