The L Word: Generation Q (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Lost Love - full transcript

Bette prepares for an important debate. Alice lands a huge guest. Shane visits a bar and gets embroiled with two of its employees. Dani and Sophie's families clash, and a budding relationship forces Finley to confront her past.

Previously on
The L Word: Generation Q...

Sophie Suarez,
will you marry me?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

I know you. What's wrong?

m just scared
that she's gonna keep

making decisions without me.

-What's this?
-Oh, I don't know.

Came for you earlier.
I signed for it.

[Alice] You really miss her,
don't you?

I'm okay.

Bette Porter offered
me a position.

Take your things.

I'll make sure
someone walks you out.

This used to be a gay bar,
though, right?

[Lena] Yeah, Tess is always
trying to, um, buy out

the owners, turn it back
to what it used to be.

She should.

You can't ask me to be
more a part of their lives

and then call in Gigi

when you feel like
I can't handle something.

Hi. I'm Finley. You want
to have a drink with me?

-All right. Why not?

I miss you.

I miss you, too.

♪ "Moviendo Caderas"
by Yandel ♪

♪ Luny ♪

♪ Si estas solita llorando,
faltar a morir ♪

♪ Tranquila que yo sé de algo
que alivia corazones... ♪

[José whoops]

My baby. Oh, my God.

I can't wait to dance
with you at our wedding.

-Me, either, baby.



-Come on.
-I'm good.


Oh, my God, you are so good.

We should all
go dancing together.

Yes, we should.
I would love that.

Not tonight.
We've got an art show.

-You are going to an art show?

Dale Lewis has
an opening

-at Regen Projects.
-Oh, my God,

-I would kill to go.

-He's got a date.
-Oh, okay.

Isn't his work
just so inspiring?

I just love the way
he imbues art with politics.

-Oh, upward mobility.

Okay, I don't know what's going
on, but I am gonna research

the shit out of this so I can
be as pretentious as you.

Okay. Oh, crap,
I got to get ready for work.

Alexa, stop.

[music stops]

Come on.

[phone buzzing]

[Dani] Have you thought about
what you're gonna wear yet?


I'm thinking all white,
velour sweat suit.

Oh, yes.

Oh, y-you think I'm playing,
but you won't know for sure

until I'm walking
down that aisle.

You are just gonna be
such a beautiful bride.

Oh. We'll see.

What about you?

I was thinking I might wear
my mom's wedding dress.

♪ quiet, somber music ♪



I think you should.

I think

you absolutely should.

I didn't really think about how
hard this would be without her.


She's gonna be there.

Well, she's
here right now.

Do you really believe that?

Of course I do.

Hi, cariño.

It's me, Dad.

Um, listen, uh...

I'm sorry.

I overreacted.

I, uh, hope your job
is going well,

and, um, congratulations
on your engagement.

I miss you.

I was hoping, uh, we could
meet for lunch today.

So, uh, call me, okay?

Beso fuerte. Chao, Dani.


-[Finley] Okay, so...
-[Rebecca laughs]

...tell me.

Well, my first sex partner...

Oh, what? I don't like
the way that sounds.

...was a very soft doll
named Silvia.

-I'm sorry. What?

And she had this big head
and a tiny little body,

-and I used to sit on her face.

Yeah. Silvia.

She was my first.


You realize
I can't unsee that, right?

That's, like, stuck.

Let me see this.


-Yeah, I have to go.

Mm-mm. No.

I wish I could be in bed
with you all day.

Well, we can totally do that.

I can call in sick, no problem.

So tempting.

-But I can't.
-Come on.

What's better than this?

Honestly? Nothing.


[both moaning]


Oh, God.



Oh, my God.

Don't do that.

Do what? What am I doing?

You're making it very hard
to leave.

Good. Then just stay.


Or I can come with you.

I'm, uh, I'm going to the MCC.

What's that?


It's okay.
You don't have to come.

Do you still, do you still
want to do something later?

-Yeah. For sure.

♪ upbeat music ♪


[man shouting in distance]

[car alarm chirps]

-Hey, how's it going?

Did you forget
to lock up last night?

Of course not. Are you kidding?

-I always lock up.
-Okay, um, stay behind me.

'Cause you're so tough?

Come here.

[door creaks]

[Shane] I'd like to see
some mixed media in here.

What the fuck?

Can we find a way to get
creative, so when people

walk in here, they
just feel beautiful?

-Of course.
-Is that too hard to do?

No, we can do that.
Yeah, definitely.

And Jen Lewin.
Can we see if she could

possibly make something for us?

-Yeah. I'll give her a call.
-Thank you.


-[Shane] Hi.
-What are you doing here?

What's going on?

Well-well, I-I think we're just

trying to figure out
when we can reopen.

Wait. You...
Did you actually do it?

I did it.

Holy shit.


-Are you okay?
-I don't know.

D-Do I still have a job?

Uh, well, I, uh...
[clears throat]

I was hoping that
you'd like to run this place.

Are you kidding?

I get to run the floor
of a lesbian bar?

-Well, yeah.

-Fuck yeah.
-You sure?

Oh, yes.

Oh, I have
so many fucking ideas.

Like, I've always wanted
to do a VIP area,

bottle service,
the whole thing, and... DJs.

Like... and-and...
listen, full disclosure,

I don't drink anymore,
I lost that privilege,

but I can design the shit
out of a drinks menu.

-Promise me you're gonna do it.
-Yes, I promise.

-You swear?
-Yes, yes, yes.


-That's the designer.

Hi, I'm Tess.
Nice to meet you.

I can't believe you
actually did this.

You're incredible. You know
that? This is amazing.

-I-I really just needed a job.


-[Alice] Coming through. Okay.

That's... all right.


Well, the good news is
they ate all their cereal,

the bad news is we're
missing a puzzle piece.

-Did you check Eli's nose?
-Should I have?

-Wouldn't be the first time.
-That's gross.

I hate to leave you
with this mess,

but I got to meet
Bette and Shane.

No, it's totally fine.

Plus, if I don't order
that avocado toast right away,

then I'll be taking it to go.

It's not a problem.
Have fun with your friends.

Hey, if you ever want
to hang out with your friends,

I'm totally happy
to watch the kids.

-Oh, that's sweet.
-Yeah, any time.

I actually think they're
starting to like me a little.

-Like, Friday.

I could watch them Friday
if you want.

It's okay. You know
I don't have any friends.

Will you hand me
the almond milk?

-I mean, I used to.

You know, I used
to have a lot of friends.

But when Gigi--
I don't know what happened--

but they all just
kind of chose her.

But why? She cheated on you.

I know.

But she's, you know,
she's the cool one.

my best friend, too,d, you knows

you know, so I just
kind of lost everyone.

Hey, if you want to take
any of my friends,

I have a ton of 'em.

But I organize them by tiers.

You know, but even
the bottom tier?

-Very fun.
-It's okay.

I'll find some eventually.

No friends.
Like, not even a mom friend.

And it's not like
Nat's boring.

-I mean, she's the greatest.
-Uh, I'm sorry.

-We laugh...
-I'm just, I'm,

I'm waiting...

Okay. Yes.
Now the Eagle has landed.

Look, Angie made it to school.
I'm all yours.

-Go ahead.
-You're a stalker.

I'm a concerned parent.

How long does it take

to make avocado toast?

-[Shane] Hi.
-You don't even cook it.

-[Alice] Hi.


Oh, u-uh, Lena, this is,
uh, Bette and Alice.

It's really good
to meet you both.

-You, too.
-Yeah, nice to meet you.

Okay, uh, I'm gonna...
I'll pick up my takeout order.

It was nice
to meet you.

-Nice to meet you.
-I'll, uh,

-see you at the bar.
-Yeah, yeah.

[music playing faintly]

-I didn't say anything.

You two seem cozy.

-We're not.

So where exactly

did you meet Lena?

She is a bartender at Atlas.

Oh. I haven't been there
in a long time.

Well, why would you? It's not
the same. It's a sports bar.

Why are you hanging out
at a sports bar?


I-I bought it.

-Wait, what?

I'm gonna flip it, and I'm
gonna make it a gay bar again.

That's amazing.

-That's really impulsive.


that I'm, I'm-I'm-I'm, I'm
laying down roots again, Bette.

No. We are. We are... Aren't we?

Well, I just, I don't know,
I just don't think

you should make any kind
of life-changing decisions

when you're heartbroken.
That's all.

I'm fine.

Okay. My bad.

Maybe, though, don't shit
where you eat, with...

[chuckles] Yeah, that I would
definitely not recommend.

[school bell ringing]

[indistinct shouting, laughter]

I'll catch up with y'all later.

I wanted to ask you about
something I read on Twitter

last night, Ange-munch.

-No. Fuck off.
-I heard

that your mom slept with
everyone on the school board.

I always thought you were
an affirmative action kid.

But it turns out your mom
is just a fucking slut

and everyone knows it.

[Sophie] What's wrong with you,
girl? You look like shit.

[Finley] I had
a weird morning with Rebecca.

-[Sophie] What happened?
-We wake up,

and I think
we're gonna have breakfast,

-so I try to act normal and...
-Ooh, I know

-that's hard for you.

-And then she's like,

"Yo, I got to go to church."

On a Tuesday.


What, you don't think
that's fucked up?

Mm, not really.

Dude, we've been
fudging all night.

Yeah, I get that.

And then she went to
church and prayed.

To, like, Jesus.

Ooh. Where does she go?

I don't know. It-it reminded me
of The Mickey Mouse Club.

Oh, you a little stupid.
You mean MCC?

-Ah, that place

is on my venue list.

Do you want to scope
it out with me?


Dude, we're gonna, like,
burn if we go in there.

We ain't gonna burn, fool.

Okay, fine.

But only because I want
to be your flower girl.

[laughs] Oh, not
in those shorts. Burn 'em.

These are my nice cutoffs.

Not today.

What happened?
Did-did they expel me?

They suspended you.

And Missy?

Missy will probably get
a stern talking to.

That makes...
That makes no sense.


Fuck these people.

Fuck these people.

Look, Missy is gonna get away
with a lot in life,

and you won't.

Okay? The rules are different
for you, and you know that.

I know.

It sucks.

I know

it's not fair, okay?

But the only way
to survive the system

is to understand how it works.

And then you stay ahead of it.

And I know
that's shitty.

And I'm sorry.

I thought you'd be mad.

I am.

I'm angry that
this happened to you,

and I couldn't prevent it.

And I am fucking enraged

that the world works like this.

But there are two things
you need to take away from this.

One, you are too good
for this place.

And two,
you cannot,

under any circumstances,
hit people.

You got that?

Yes. Yes, ma'am.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Let's go.

I got it.

[audience applauding]


Thank you so much!

Welcome back.

So my next guest
is one of my gay heroes.

And if she's not one of yours,
we cannot be friends.

Uh, ladies and gentlemen
and everyone in between--

her coffee is an Americano
with a little bit

of almond milk
and not a single sugar,

'cause she's better
than the rest of us--

please welcome
America's gay sweetheart

-Megan Rapinoe!
-[audience cheering]

-[lively music playing]

[both cheering]

-I got to hug her.

-I got to tell her
I love her, dude.


-So great.

-So great having you here.

-my pleasure.
-Oh, so, okay,

I'm gonna get into
your legendary soccer career,

but before we do that,
I would love to hear

your coming out story,
if you're willing to share.

-Of course.
-[audience cheers]

Yeah, right?

Go, gays!

Um, well, I didn't realize

that I was gay growing up,

which, looking back,
is a big shock.

I didn't really figure it out
for myself until college.

-Oh. So...
-So, yeah, it was--

That kid?

-That kid didn't know?

-[audience] Aw...
-[Rapinoe] I know.

-[Alice] Really?
-Well, I mean, listen.

I'm from, like,
kind of a small town.

-It was, like, a conservative

area, so there wasn't
a lot of, like,

hey, there's this, you know,
mommy and daddy option

or this mommy and mommy option
or this daddy and daddy option.

-So there wasn't a lot

-of that going on.

So, yeah, we had
some confusion.


Early on. So as soon
as I went to college,

-um, spread my wings on my own,

I pretty quickly
found out that I was gay.


So that was amazing.

I love that.

It was really great.

And, so who came out first,
you or your twin sister?

Um, well, I came out first.

I told my mom.

Um, and Rachael wasn't there,

but then I told my mom
about Rachael, too.

So you outed your sister
to your mother

-That's such a nice thing
to do to your sister.

Yeah, well, I didn't
want her to have to take on

-the responsibility, so...

If you could say anything
to that little kid,

what would you say?

You're gay!

-Oh, yeah, well, that's... yes.

You're a big lesbian, um...

And it's wonderful
and you're beautiful.

And you're gonna love it.

And it's, it's
gonna be great.

-It's like, it's better.

And you get yourself
out into the light.

-Yes, well said.

Um, okay, and what's
the gayest thing

that has ever happened
in the locker room?

[audience oohing]


-Me, obviously.
-Yeah, right.

-Besides me?


our celebrations
were pretty gay.

-If you think about it,

it's, like, champagne
sprayed everywhere.

-Everyone's in their sports bra.

Everyone just jumping
on each other.

Oh, so it's like
a lesbian fantasy.

-[Rapinoe] Yeah. Yeah.
-[Alice] Yeah.

Okay, have there been

any surprising hookups
on the team?

[audience whooping]

It's just you and I here.
You can tell me.

We're just

-totally alone.
-Lips sealed.

-Yeah, like...
-Just us?

...a one-night stand or
a drunken mistake kind of thing?

-That's what I'm looking for.

I mean, I don't think
they would call them mistakes,

but there's been some,
some incidents,

-for sure.
-I knew it.

-I knew it.
-I know, yeah.

We're not gonna name names,
but you know who you are.

-No... Yeah.

All of you know who you are.

It's not me, of course.

-Ah, that's so exciting.

Uh, who is
your celebrity crush?

I'm gonna go first: you.

-Uh... but, yeah.

-But, no, really, I'm just--

You can answer your side.
You can go next.

Now it's gonna seem like I'm
just saying it because...

No, I'm just right here.
Don't... no pressure.

-It's you, so now--

-It's you.

Alice, are you kidding?

Of course.

Um, we will be right back

with Megan to talk about

equal pay in sports

and her new partnership
with Time's Up.

We'll be right back.
Thank you.

[lively music playing]


Look, Bette's mandate
is to lay into him

on the opioid crisis.

Oh, that makes me
so nervous.


She cannot afford
to get fucking angry

in the middle
of a live debate.

Well, then we should
probably prep her

in case he brings up
the scandal.

-[phone chimes]
-It'd be a really bad move

on his part
to bring up Felicity.

It's been weeks.

The voters
are tired of it.

-What's wrong?

Angie got into
a fight at school.

Fuck. The press is
gonna be all over that.

And Milner will definitely use
that to attack her on education.

Okay, um...

talk me through
the fundamental differences

-in their education policies.
-It won't matter.

As long as she has a kid
in private school,

we don't have a leg to stand on.

[indistinct chatter]

Dude, my day's been so good.

I'm all full up on Rapinoe.

I don't want to go in.

-Oh, sh--


-It's funny.

That's very, very funny.
Thank you.

Oh, you got some
baggage, bro.

Yeah, dude.
No shit.

[smacks lips]

All right,
come on.

I'll protect you.


Let's do it.

-[piano music playing]
-[indistinct chatter]

Oh, man, look.

It's so pretty.


Ooh, look at that.

They've got wine tasting
on Wednesdays.

And a Mexican cooking class
next week.

I mean, dip in for the Word
and leave with a quesadilla.


Good morning, everyone.

Welcome home.

Thank you so much for
joining me this morning

as we open...

...our hearts

and minds

to the worship
of God.

Oh, shit.

What I, what I want

to talk to you about
this morning is...

I fudged the priest.

...a lot lately,
which is...


The Bible talks
about love a lot...

Two Maines.

I'm sorry about the other day.

Thank you for meeting me here.

You look well.


How's work?

How's Jack?

Let's not talk about that.

Well, what can we talk about?

How's wedding planning coming?

You land on a place yet?

Nope, not yet.


[quiet laugh]

I made a call

and scheduled us
a tour of the Biltmore.

You did?


Sophie and I can't afford that.

I can.



Okay, I have, I have to talk
to Sophie about it first,

but... that'd be incredible.


-Thank you.
-I can't wait.

-Of course.

I've always wanted
to walk you down the aisle.

I'm just sorry your mother
won't be there to see it.

Yeah. Me, too.

I keep wondering what she would
want if she were planning it.

Oh, dios.

She would want
everything we didn't have.

-You think?
-Oh, yeah.

We had two weeks
and a thousand dollars

her father loaned us.

What did you guys spend it on?

She spent it all on flowers.

Everything else was
secondhand, family gifts.

That's so romantic.

-You think?

It was just the two of you.

But, cariño,

she would want more for you.

You know?

She always did.

Order 64!


Thank you.

[both speaking Spanish]

[camera clicks]

I'm sorry that you had
to find out like that.

I know that it can be
kind of weird at first.

Um, I'm actually

more closeted
about being Christian

than I am about
being queer.



And it was going
so well between us.


Yeah, this really puts
the Silvia thing

in, like, a totally
different light for me.

-Yeah, does it?

'Cause you're, like...

married to Jesus, right?


I am.

But it's
an open relationship.

Sexually, I mean.



So, did you have
a religious upbringing?

Uh, yeah.

I was raised

Very, very Catholic.

Well, a lot of people that
come here have your experience.

They were raised Catholic.

And then they come here.

I try to help remind them

that they're not
those kids anymore.

They can choose
what they want to believe.


Have you been in a Catholic
church since you were a kid?


God, no, I didn't even go
to my grandpa's funeral.


What do you think would
happen if you went to one?

I don't know.

Some churches
are safe spaces.


Not in my experience.

So, do you have,
like, a direct line

to Jesus back there or...?

Yeah, the phone's
right in my office.

See, I don't know
if you're kidding.


♪ Know you wanna play 'round ♪

♪ Baby, I'm on the playground ♪

♪ Hop on up, get on down... ♪


What's up?

♪ Know you wanna play 'round ♪


Did you see that
hot guy outside?

Ooh. Yes, I did.

Have you seen him before?

Mm-mm. No, I haven't.

You know what?
Go get him.

-That's not what I meant.

But it's what I meant, so...



Mmm, smells good.

-Mmm, mwah.

How was your day?

-Well, I mean, sexism is real.

But I got to meet Megan
Rapinoe-- ah-- so not bad.

Oh, I also saw
a really pretty church today.

You did?
Which one?


Ah, it was nice
to dream a little.


Yeah, but Finley already

fucked the minister, so...

No, she did not.

She's freaking
the fuck out.

Poor girl.

Well, if we did want
Finley at our wedding,

I might have
another option.

Really? What?

What about the Biltmore?


You want
to get married

at the Biltmore Hotel?

I don't know, it-it
could be nice.

Yeah, it-it could be.

So you're excited?

Yeah, I mean,
if-if that's what you want,

-I could get into it.

My dad scheduled
a walk-through for all of us.

My family and yours.

Okay, so does he want us

to get married there, or do you?


But it was his idea.

We could make it our own.

You know what,
it should be our own.

It's our wedding.

I hear you.

It's just a walk-through.

-[Gigi speaking Farsi]
-[both] Hi, Alice!


Hi. They have homework.

Don't let them
tell you otherwise.

Good to know.


Um, I am off.

Hey, before you go.

I have an idea.
I was thinking.

-We should hang.

-Yeah, or you guys should.

You and Nat, like,
go get coffee or something.



Did she tell you to say that?

Oh, God, no.

I just... I mean,
you guys, you know,

you used to be friends,
and I thought maybe

you could go get... coffee.

She misses you.

She does?

Yeah. Like, a little.

You know, as a friend.

Oh, God, I...

-No, I thought you meant

-she misses me, like, for real.

-Oh, my... Can you imagine?

-If I was...
-[Gigi laughing]

-"Oh, she misses you..."
-No. That would be...

-No, that would be crazy.

-That would be crazy.
-What'd be crazy?

[Alice] I can't believe we're
still talking about this.

[Nat] But why would you
tell her I miss her?

Because you do.

She's my ex-wife.

Well, she's also
your ex-friend.

Okay, but I don't want her
to know that I miss her.

[sighs] Did you not just
tell me this morning--

Yes. I told you.

I didn't want
her to know.

Well, she misses you, too.

Did she say that?

Well, no,

but... I can tell.

I can't just flip a switch
and forget what happened.

I know. I'm sorry.
It's just...

She was your friend first.

Why are you
pushing this?

Because I get it.

You know? I dated
my best friend, too,

as you know,
and when we broke up,

-it was very painful.
-You would really be

okay if me and Gigi were just

gal-pal-ing around town,

-having fun...
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.

I could see it.
Plain as day.

I could see a brunch,
I could see a mani-pedi.


I don't love a spa.

But, yeah, I am not threatened
at all by a casual...

-public hang.
-[chuckles] Okay.

I'm... so sure.

I'm serious. All I want
is for you to be happy.

It's all I ever want.

Well, you're very, very sweet.

Thank you.

I love you so much.

-And you know what?

I think you're the cool one.

Okay, now I know
you're lying.

No, I think
you're so cool.

You're just a
different kind of cool.

-I'm not cool.
-You're so cool.

[knock on door]

Come in, it's open.

[door opens]


So, I did a deep dive
on Dale Lewis.

And, uh, you know,
I'm just, uh...

You okay?

I'm really sorry,
I have to cancel.

Something came up.

I'll make it up to you,
I promise.

Oh. Uh, is there anything
I can help you with?

No. No.

I just need some time
to take care of some stuff.

Some personal stuff.

Sure. Yeah.

You should take
Sophie with you.

No, that's okay.


See you later, yeah?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

♪ slow, atmospheric music ♪


Thank you so much.

I thank you.



-[door opens]
-[Bette] Hey.

Can a friend get
a drink on the house?

You have good timing. I was just
starting to feel bad for myself.

I'm sorry.

-Such a shitty friend earlier.
-No, you weren't.

Yes, I was.

You've always been there for me.

-You deserve the same.
-[sighs] Well...

buying this place
was pretty impulsive.



What was I doing?

I just wanted to
forget a little.

I get it.

-Put those in some water?

There are times I just...

I feel normal,
and then...

the feeling of missing her

just hits me like
a fucking wave.

Are you sure that it's over?

I have divorce papers

sitting in my drawer
right now, so...

pretty sure it's over.

But does she know that you're
still in love with her?

I don't think
that matters so much.

Well, it matters a lot

if you still want
to be with her.

The problems we have...

don't involve us
not loving each other.


Ah, I just want to
feel normal again.

Just give me
some good news.

Tell me how long it took for
you to feel normal after Tina.

Well, you're assuming
that I feel normal now.

You don't?


I still miss the kind of love
that I had with Tina.

It made me feel alive.

Never thought she would
fall in love with someone else.

Everything changed
when she left me.

I mean, my God, my body changed.

-No, it didn't.
-Oh, yeah. It did.

I mean, sometimes I sweat
so much at night,

I feel like I should be sleeping
on a fucking towel.

That's where we are now, Shane.

I should be sleeping
on a towel.

But you're younger,
you'll bounce back faster.

Oh, come on,
I'm pushing 40.

Oh, you're just a baby.

You just need to have
some time pass, that's all.

Just have some days go by.

You think?

I know.

on your new adventure.

Well, here we are.

♪ I been feelin' low,
shawty feelin' low ♪

♪ Out of my zone,
I'm on my phone ♪

♪ Emotions can't control,
I take a walk ♪

♪ I take a stroll,
I can't be going home ♪

♪ I cause a brawl
fuckin' with y'all ♪

♪ I'm just a broken soul ♪

♪ I'm fucked up, I know that,
I need help, I'm so sad ♪

♪ My best friend,
this loud pack ♪

♪ My lover, my left hand ♪

♪ I done slammed,
I done banged... ♪

I've never been
with a trans guy.


♪ As I was to you then
like I am to you now ♪

♪ Understand this ain't how ♪

♪ I want shit to go down ♪

♪ Is you fuckin'
with me, really? ♪

♪ You ain't fuckin'
with me clearly... ♪

What should I do?

♪ I feel so dizzy, I ♪

♪ I don't need your pity ♪

♪ Please leave me alone ♪

♪ I been feelin' feelings
that I don't condone ♪

♪ Feelin' like I'm 'bout
to break my fucking phone ♪

♪ All these followers
around me... ♪

[both moaning]

♪ I'm alone, so alone,
I'm alone, so alone ♪

♪ I'm alone, so alone,
I'm a loner ♪

♪ I'm alone, so alone... ♪

[Bette] I talked
to the head of the school,

and it's all set.

Yes, done deal. So I'm gonna

take the deposit out of my bank
account, send it over there.

Yeah, you can... you
can do it if you want.

Whatever works for you.

-[chuckles] Thank you.
-Your tea.


Yeah. You, too. Bye, T.

So, you are going
to be starting

at Harrington Academy
come Monday morning.

Great. Same assholes,
different zip code.

-[sighs] Where are we?
-[Dani] If Milner's team

-is smart--
-[Pierce] Which they are.

They'll use yesterday's incident
to attack you on education.

Bring it on.

You cannot be reactive.

You have to just take a
deep breath, count to three.

You know, whatever
you have to do.

This is an opportunity for you
to clarify your position

on education, which,
as it stands, is murky.

Murky? How's it murky?

I mean, he wants to pour money
into charter schools,

and I support improving
our public school system.

-What's murky about that?

But as long as Angie's
in private school,

your position could come across
as hypocritical.

[Dani] I might have
a solution for that.

There are a few
great public schools

-in your district.
-[Bette] Oh, no.

She needs to be
academically challenged.

The Los Angeles Center
for Enriched Studies

actually outperforms schools
in wealthier districts.

-[Dani] AP participation rate

is a hundred percent.

It's extremely diverse.

60% of the student body is
of a lower socioeconomic class.

Look, I get what
you're trying to do,

but I'm not about to exploit
my daughter in order to improve

the optics
of the campaign.

You can if you want.

[Dani chuckles]

I've spoken to the
teachers' union.

They're ready to support
you if you enroll Angie

-in a public school.
-[Bette] Okay,

look, I'm not trotting out
my daughter

in order to win an endorsement.

I will do what I think is best.


I will just leave
these here, then,

-in case you change your mind.
-I won't.

-Just in case.
-I'm never gonna look at these.

I can't hear you.
Sorry. Very busy.


[Angie clears throat]


Will you please look at those?

Harrington is much better
than these schools.

But I don't...
[chuckles softly]

I don't want to check
their diversity box.

And I don't want to be

in their "Look,
we're color-blind" brochures.

-You know?
-Look, I get it, but here's--

No, but public schools
are not like that.

Okay? It's...

-it's different there, you know?
-T and I

chose the best school for you.

Okay? You have to trust
that, as adults,

sometimes we can see
the bigger picture.

Are you sure
it's the best school for me,

or is it actually
the best school for you?

♪ quiet, gentle music ♪

[planner] We offer
a certain level of luxury

-and sophistication.
-[Maribel] Thank God.

-The prewedding cocktail hour

and passed hors d'oeuvres
could be here.

Are you having a cocktail hour?

-Um... absolutely.

[Virginia] I should've
gone home and changed.

-Into what? A ball gown?

[planner] Now, there are
two potential areas

for the ceremony,
but my personal favorite is--

-The Gold Room.
-Yes, sir.

You're going to love it.

I hope you all do.
It's right this way.

This ballroom
is 6,300 square feet

and can accommodate
approximately 350 guests.

Yeah, our list may
be longer than that.

Where does the food go?
Because we need few tables

to put everything
we're bringing.

Well, we actually don't
allow outside food,

but we have several excellent
menus to choose from.

We'll set up a tasting
as soon as possible,

and then our restaurant
will prepare a menu

according to your needs.

You're lucky you're able
to book something so soon.

This room is normally booked
five years in advance.


He already booked it?

-[Rodolfo] Yeah.

I had to put down a deposit.

-Didn't want to lose it.
-[Sophie] Mm.

And how much was that?

No, don't worry about the money.

I want all my colleagues
to be comfortable.

Wait, I'm sorry.

Is-is that why
you're doing this?

No, no.

-This is good for everybody.
-[Sophie] So, if everything's

already set,
when is our wedding?

May 10.



Thank you.

We're gonna discuss this,
and I will let you know.

♪ tense, dramatic music ♪


If I hadn't given you
the fucking death stare,

you would've let your dad
book that place.

He wants to do this for us.

It's the only thing
we have to give him.

Why do we have
to give him anything?

Because my wedding is something
that he's looked forward to.

-It-it matters to him.

but I don't want to feel
uncomfortable at my own wedding.

I-I want to laugh.

I want to yell.
I want to eat the food

that my family cooked.


O-Okay, I-I hear you.

I'm sure that they'll
make exceptions--

No! No.

No, no, no.
You don't get it.

That place makes me hold
my fucking breath.

Did you see how they looked
at me and my family?

Baby, you're making this
into a bigger deal than it is.

How? It's our wedding.

I don't know
what's bigger than that.

Couples compromise all the time.

Yeah, I'm happy
to compromise with you.

I'm just not about to compromise
with your dad.




Don't you...

don't you want to marry me

and not feel like we got
to keep our spines straight?

Of course I do.

I don't want to hurt him.

I don't want to
hurt his feelings.

I know.

But you're hurting mine instead.

Excuse me.

♪ slow, somber music ♪

[door opens, closes]


Good evening, and welcome back

to tonight's
L.A. mayoral debate.

We're here with candidates
Jeff Milner and Bette Porter.

Deputy Mayor Milner,
before the break,

we were discussing the
use of public space.

The city of Los Angeles has
a number of vacant buildings

that are falling
into disrepair.

There are several
proposals out there

regarding how to
use that space.

What exactly is your plan?

My plan is to use
those spaces

to bring money and jobs
back to the city.

Look where those buildings are:
Skid Row, Hyde Park,

Boyle Heights.

Locations that need
to be revitalized.

-He's good.
-Yeah, he's a pro.

[Milner] ...turn things around
in some of those places...

Hey, she's got this.

Yeah. She's got this.

He totally
looks like Ted.

[chuckles] My college boyfriend?

-[both laugh]

Oh, my God,
you're so right.

What are you laughing at? Oh.



What's going on there?

Oh, it's a long story,

but I think I might have brought
two best friends back together.

Or two ex-wives.

But the businesses you support

are actually raising rents,
putting more people

out on the street, making our
homelessness crisis even worse.

What this city
desperately needs is housing,

which is why I've made the issue

one of the three pillars
of my candidacy.


Don't, please don't say
education, please.


Please don't say education.

-...and education.
-We're fucked.

I'm glad you brought that up.

My plan on education
involves building

more charter schools
and getting children

out of our broken
public school system.

Pouring money
into charter schools

is not going to fix
our public school system.

And what would be
your proposal, Ms. Porter?

Private school for all?

[Milner] Curious to see what
Fuckyour plan could be since

your daughter's been in
private school her entire life.

Well, actually, my daughter
is enrolled in a public school.

She's at the Los Angeles Center
for Enriched Studies.

[Milner] Huh. Is that because
you believe in public schools

or because she got expelled
from Woodward for fighting

and no reputable school
would have her?

Firstly, my daughter
was not expelled.

Secondly, any school,

public or private, would be
lucky to have an AP scholar,

National Merit award winner,

and honor roll student
like my daughter.

-What I meant was--

Oh, I know what you meant.

You were using coded language
to imply, among other things,

that our city's public schools
are inferior.

And I would have to ask you,
by what measure?

If all you do is look
at AP scores and, and rankings,

then you're missing out
on the bigger picture.

Our city's
public schools

have a more diverse student body

and faculty that reflects
the students back to themselves,

and that is

Diversity matters.


[phone buzzes and chimes]

[Bette] At the Center
for Enriched Studies,

they have an AP participation
rate of a hundred percent,

and they are ranked tenth in the
county, but they also have...

We just got the teachers'
union endorsement.

[Bette] ...73% minority
enrollment rate...

That's what I'm
talking about. Yeah.

...and that matters to
me and to my family.


♪ optimistic music ♪


[phone chimes]

Hey. It's me, the Pope.



I thought we were
gonna hang out again,

but I guess not,

which is a bummer,

for me anyway.

Um, but, yeah,

I don't know what
you believe in,

but I, but I think
that we met for a reason,

and I don't know what it is,

but I hope that you find a way
to reclaim your faith.

It seems important to you.

Or maybe I'm totally
reading into something.

So, um...

Okay, this message is too long.

I hope to see you again.

Okay. Bye.



[phone whooshes]

She was trying to pet
the turtles with one hand...

and then she flips
off the boat. [laughs]

Oh, my God, that's right.
I forgot about that.

-So embarrassing for her.
-Oh, my God, she's ridiculous.

-Yeah, that's Regina. Always.

[laughs] That's such
a funny story, Gigi.

-So funny.
-It's ridiculous.


Well, good night.

Oh. Yeah.


-Thank you again...
-Yes, oh, my gosh. much for...
-Yeah, oh, my God.

-Such a joy.
-Thank you. Thank you.

It was so great.
Thank you for suggesting this.


Thank you. Okay, I'm off.

-Finally. Okay.

-So much fun.
-Thank you, too.

-See you soon.
-Yeah, of course.



Are you okay?

Uh-huh. Yeah. I just thought
she would never leave.

Okay. I knew
this would be weird.

No, it's not.

Oh, yes, it is.
It's weird.

-No, I thought that went great.
-Did you?

-Well, it couldn't be weirder.
-You know what?

I didn't even think
it was gonna go that well.

This was all your idea.

I know. Yeah.

I just didn't think
you were gonna laugh that hard

at Gigi.

I mean, I thought
I was the funny one.

Love, you are the funny one.

Well, you said you were
gonna pee your pants,

-like, five times.
-That doesn't mean anything.

I... That could happen
when I sneeze.

Yeah, well, it's true.


Do you want to watch
Naked and Afraid?

Yeah, I do.

Me, too.


Look, I really am glad
that you had a good time.

That's all that counts.

Thank you for being so generous.

-Thank you.
-I know, I'm pretty awesome.

Yeah, you are.


[phone whooshes]

♪ slow, somber music ♪


-[knock on door]
-[door opens]


-[door closes]

I, um...

I just wanted
to thank you again.

For what?


For showing up
when you did.

I didn't, I didn't know
how much I needed you.



Um, Tess and I,
you know,

we've been struggling for
a long time, you know,

it's work... at work
it's one thing, but

our relationship,
you know.

She just doesn't see
me the way you do.

And I think she's starting
to get a little jealous

'cause of the way I look at you,

the way you look at me.

-But it's over between us.

Lena, this is

not a good idea.


I think you can
feel it, too.

Can you feel that?

♪ sexy synthesizer music ♪


♪ religious music ♪






Yeah, he did.
He bailed on me.

Oh, I will
fucking end him.

But-but then...

but then I...

I did that thing I do

when I get my feelings hurt.

Aw, honey.

And it's not okay.


It's okay to hook up
with a stranger.

No, no, I know, I know,
but it's--

Hey, look at me.

It's okay to be hurt,
and it's okay to fuck somebody.

Thank you. I don't know why
I'm so bummed.

'Cause you like him.

-I've liked other people before.
-Yeah, but not like this.



Fuck it. Let's just dance.

Alexa, play

Yoskar Sarante's
"No Tengo Suerte en el Amor."

Suerte en el Amor" playing]ro

-I can't. No. I'm terrible.
-Oh, shit! Yes!

I will teach you.
Come on.

Yes, yes, there you go.


Super easy, okay, look.
One, two, three, four.

[grunting] Oh!


[elevator bell dings]


Congratulations. Wow, she
was great up there tonight.

Oh, thank you so much.
I'll tell her you said so.

Your endorsement
means a lot to her.

-All right. Thanks.
-Take care.

And now we go to the studio

for coverage
of tonight's mayoral debate.

[newsman 2]
Thank you, Bob.

It was a solid showing
for Bette Porter

in tonight's debate as she
continues to gain traction

against her opponent
Jeff Milner.

Porter took a strong stance
on education...

[knocking on door]

...that seemed to resonate
with the crowd.

While Milner reiterated
a finer point...

♪ I want to be where
the sun don't shine ♪

♪ Where the birds don't sing ♪

♪ And the kids don't smile ♪

♪ They say,
"I saw the devil in paradise" ♪

♪ I want to be where
the sun don't shine ♪

♪ Where the birds don't sing
and the kids don't smile ♪

♪ They say,
"I saw the devil in paradise" ♪

♪ Yeah, whoo ♪

♪ I want to be where
the night is day ♪

♪ Where the roses die
and the thorns ain't fake ♪

♪ And they say, "I saw the
devil with a smiling face" ♪

♪ I want to be where
the shotguns spray ♪

♪ Where God gets high
and the priests don't pray ♪

♪ Wreodethi
anthprstdot ay♪