The L Word: Generation Q (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Less is More - full transcript

Bette weathers fallout as she prepares for an LGBTQIA Center talk. Shane helps Finley, and Alice is annoyed when the network forces her to bring on a new staff member. Dani and Sophie celebrate good news as Dani begins a new job.

Previously on
The L Word: Generation Q...

Do you really

live in L.A. again?

I live in a one-bedroom
in Koreatown

-with five other girls.
-Well, if you ever

need some space, I think

there's some extra bedrooms
in the back.

-Who's that?
-My wife.

-Sophie Suarez, will you marry me?
-Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Today's Alice's day
to drop off the kids.

Oh, sh... I'm sorry.

Did you want to take them?

Oh, no. It's fine.

That's not the point.

Would you want to
grab dinner later?

Sounds fun.

Yesterday, during a forum,
a man publicly accused

mayoral candidate Bette Porter

of having an affair
with his wife.

-Is that correct?
-That's correct.

Shame on you!

Ms. Porter. Bette.

Do you know how humiliating
it is to be your daughter?

-Are you high right now?
-We vaped.

Give me your phone.

You're grounded.

I am damn good at my job.

But I want to work
for someone I believe in.

And I came here today
because I believe in you.

You've started your professional
life in a compromised industry.

If you want to win, I
think you need me.

Oh, fuck.



What the fuck?

-Who's that?
-What is that? What is that?

-Did you order Postmates?

Oh, oh, Amazon.

-Amazon comes late. No?
-No, I didn't order anything.

-I'll check it out.

Are you... Okay.
All right, I'm gonna come.

Maybe I should call the cops.

No. We'll just go check it out.

What if they see us?

I'm just gonna peek.


I know you're in there.

-Just open the door.
-Ah, fuck.

You didn't need
to change the locks.

I just want to talk to you.

Can... Hi.
Can you come here, please?

-Nat. Nat, hey. Could you...
-It's, uh, my ex-wife.

- Oh. Great. That's great news. -
Can you at least look at me? Nat?

I thought we were about
to get murdered.

Is somebody in there? Who is
that? Who are you talking to?

-Go home, Gigi.
-Are you fucking kidding me?

-I said, go home.
-Oh, my fucking God!

-Should I be scared?
-No, she's mostly harmless.

You fucking bitch!

-What is she doing?
-Not entirely sure.

-She's back.
-Wha... Is she...?

- Does she have...?
- She's holding...


Fine, you won't...

Okay, yeah, no, that's a hammer.
It's a hammer.

- I'm calling the cops.
- No-no-no-no-no-no.

She's... it appears she's
returning her wedding ring.


You happy?

- I hope you're fucking happy.
- Wow.

She's really dramatic.

-She an actress?
-Fuck you!

Wow. Okay, she's fucking scary.

I am so sorry.

This is not at all how I
expected our first night to go.

Yeah, no, it's fine.
It's fine.

-Should I go?

No. Please don't go.

So you were married
to that person?

Yeah. She's a really
great mom.


-Should we...?
-I mean, I don't see why not.

Oh, my God. Okay.

I'm inviting my whole family
to the engagement party...

aunts, uncles,
cousins, second cousins.

I mean, you know, it's last
minute, so, you know...

I, uh, pray to God
that they don't all come,

but when there's free food,
odds aren't great.

Should I invite Alice?
I can't decide

what's less weird for her,
you know?

I have to tell you something.

What is it?

I got a new job.

-I'm going to run

PR for Bette Porter's campaign.

I get to be a part of something
that I actually believe in.

Well, you should've talked
to me first.

Oh. I thought that...

I thought that you'd be
happy for me.

And I thought that
we were slowing down.

Settling into
our lives together.

-I know I am.
-We are, but...

Yeah, but we talked before
I took the job with Alice.

Why should this be
any different?

Guys, listen,
I'm taking José to Topolino

for our first date.

You know that fancy place
near La Mill?

I haven't actually told him
this yet, but I got

this gift card, you know?
So I just thought, like,

I might as well just use it
on this really cute guy

and have, like, a great date.

'Cause it wouldn't make sense
for me to go with you guys,

'cause I'd be, like, a third
wheel, and that'd be weird.

And... shit, that's really dumb,
isn't it? That's dumb.

-No, no-no-no, it's not that.
-Now I'm thinking

that we probably shouldn't have
our engagement party this week.

Of course we should
still have it.

Yeah, but it might be
too much, though.

Okay, it smells like

stress sweat in here.
Is it me?


Hey! Morning.

You're still here.

Yeah. You want some breakfast?

I, uh, I picked up some things
from the dollar store.


And, um, also got you coffee.

There you go. How about that?


It's from one
of those packet things.

Good, right?

So, I heard three voices

coming from your
room last night.

-How wasted were you?
-I wasn't.

Seriously, though, no judgment.

I don't think
I've ever had sober sex.

I need that liquid courage,
you know?

Or, like, I can't even tell
if someone's into me.

Well, just try listening,
and they'll tell you.

That's deep.

I think there... there
may have been...

a little miscommunication.

You want me to get it,

or can I finish my sando?

All right, yeah.
Your house. You get it.


Yeah, delivery
for Shane McCutcheon.

No, she's not here.

Who was it?

-What'd he want?
-Just was curious

-how long you plan on staying.
-One week.

Two max.

You know what,
let's not put a max on it.

You needed to see me?


How do you like
your new office?

This place is beautiful.

If you need anything special,
ask Hector.

He'll get you
anything you need.

Thank you, Pa.


You deserve it, cariño.

You raised me well.

Thank you.

You raised me to
do what's right

and to be an
independent thinker.

And I've worked for you for
every day of my adult life,

and I couldn't be
more grateful.

But... Bette Porter
offered me a position.

She wants me to run
PR for her campaign.

Can you please say something?

What do you want me to say, hmm?

You want my blessing,
my permission?

You're not gonna get it.

If you think
she has something to offer you

-that I haven't given you here...

Take your things.

I'll make sure
someone walks you out.

I proposed to Sophie.

So that's good news, at least.

That's a lot for one morning.


-Dad, wait.
-We're finished here.

Just because you have a day off

doesn't mean that I have
a day off. Good morning.

I could have taken care
of myself.

Well, you've actually proven
that's not entirely true.

Good morning.

Oh, look, that's for me.

-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome, Ms. Porter.

Oh, fantastic.

Okay, so, it's mailer day.

So, you sit here,

and you're gonna put the...

-Okay. You're gonna put

these labels on these mailers.

Okay, how long
do I have to do this for?

Until they're finished.

Can Jordi come help?

I don't really want you hanging
out with Jordi right now.

Why? I didn't ditch
because of her.

Look, if you want to call
one of your classmates

to come help you...

I hate everyone
at that fucking school.

Well, then,
I guess you're on your own.


And do me a favor?

Take it easy on the
fucking f-bombs, okay?

Thank you.

It just rubbed me the wrong way,
you know?

I feel like she proposed,
and then she fucked up.

Are you guys both gonna wear,
like, dresses?

Why you got to say it like that?

I don't know. I'm grossed out.


You know what's scary?

I've never actually seen
what a good marriage looks like.

My dad left
the day my sister was born.

Well, my parents kicked
me out of the house

and sleep in separate beds,

so that's one way to do it.

Network's here.

- What?
- Well,

we went rogue.
Won't they be pissed?

They can't be. We crushed it.

Aren't agents already

e-mailing you trying to get
their clients on the show?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

See? They're probably here
to celebrate me. Come on.

You got this.

It's all you.

And this is all me.

If Porter stands any chance
of winning this,

she needs to give voters
a reason

to look past
the Felicity Adams scandal.

If she can do that remains to
be seen. Her favorability...


Hi. Great to see you.

Excited to be here.

Yeah, look, so, I'm just
gonna throw you right in.

We got a meeting in Bette's
office in five minutes.

-Okay. If you'll just point me

to my office
so I can put my things down,

I'll be right there.

Just take any open desk.
It is not that kind of party.

Whoa, sorry.

No, that's okay.

It's incredible, right?

Judy Chicago loaned it to me.

I've always loved her.

I'll never forget the first time
I saw The Dinner Party.

She's always had
such a clear mission.

You know, like she never
deviated from the goal.

It's inspiring.

-Don't you think?

Shall we?

Bottom line is,

and I hate to be
the bad guy here,

but you can't change
your interview guest

at the last minute.

You can't just interview
your friends, right?

Well, I thought
it went really well.

- Didn't you?
- You got lucky.

When we bought your
podcast, we bought a brand.

A poppy, fun, palatable
lesbian brand.

We want to build off that.

I do, too.
I really do. I...

It's just I'm a very...
curious person,

and I think
my audience is, too.

And I just want to give them
a little credit. You know,

I think we have a real
opportunity to make an impact.

And we will
always be completely open

to your ideas.

But we got to stay true

to our season one
audience, right?

But they might be interested
in something more substantial.

It's unlikely.


I... Is there...?

This is Drew Wilson.


- Big fan.
- Drew has written

for Seth, Sarah and
all the Jimmys.

We want you to
get to know him,

see where he might be useful.

Take some of the
pressure off you a bit.

Let him help
maintain the brand

that your audience has
come to love, okay?

I am so sorry to
interrupt, but, um...

Uh, hmm. Yeah, I don't,
I don't know what that means.

Oh. Ri... uh, his school called.

-Whose school?
-Eli's. Your, uh,

-Oh. Oh.

Yeah, he's sick

and, uh, Nat's in session
with clients

and Gigi's away, I guess?

So, um... So... -so, me, then?

-Looking like it, yeah.

Everything okay?

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Um, it's a, it's,
like, a sick kid.


Family comes first.

Well, it... They don't
h-have to, if...

Well, it's not a problem.

-Uh, Drew will fill you in.

Um, cool. Well,
I am gonna go to school.

Thanks. Thanks. Okay.

All right, look,
you got to call Shane,

-'cause I am not doing this alone.
-Copy that.

-And he better be really fucking sick.
-Copy that.

Uh, so, where were we?

I absolutely hear you.
We should not

have gone over your head.
That won't happen again.

But we're getting some really
interesting interview requests.

And we're excited about that,
but you can't take

big swings like that
without our approval.

Well, Lena Waithe
wants to come on.

-She's perfect.
-And fun.

Uh, maybe we could, uh,
play a game with her.

Uh, Alice and Lena could, uh,

play a drinking game.

-We could do it blindfolded.
-Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, and she and Alice could
have an honest conversation

about the importance
of queer representation in film.

-Well, sure, sure.
-Yeah, yeah.

Uh, Drew will fill in
the details.

-Great get, Sophie.

I think we dodged a bullet.

If we bring up
the affair again,

it becomes
a self-inflicted wound.

I think it's best
if we focus on our town hall

-at the LGBT Center.
-I hear you.

I'm concerned if we don't take
control of the narrative,

it'll bite us in the ass.

And what do you propose we do?

Get an on-the-record statement
from Felicity Adams.

She and a mediator
are available

- to come in today.
- Wait a minute,

-you already reached out?
-Sorry, I thought I was

-taking point on this.
-Wait, why would she agree

- to come here?
- Well, I offered

a neutral location, but Felicity
seemed fine to come in.

I can push back if you want,

but I do prefer
that we do it on our turf.

- No, it's-it's fine.
- Bette's already given

an account of what's happened.

Yeah, But Felicity hasn't.

We want to get ahead
of any potential discrepancies

in your stories.

We need to protect
this campaign.


Let's circle the wagons.

-Bring her in here.

And, uh,
take her up the back stairs.

I know how to be discreet.

But do you know
where the back stairs are?

No, I don't.

I don't want Angie to be here
when she comes in.

Kacey is taking a group out
to canvass,

so she can go with them.

Great. Thank you.

And, looking ahead,

is there anything else
I need to know?


Is there anything else people
could use against you?

You are scheduled to be
at Glassell Park Elementary

for a photo op in 45 minutes.

-Please have the car waiting.
-You got it.

Um, okay.

Well, I spent a night in jail.

Uh, civil disobedience.
The charges were dropped.


I cheated on my ex-wife.

Does she know
you were unfaithful?

Yes. She knows.

-Anything else?
-A friend of mine

died by suicide on my property.

She drowned in my pool.

-Her name?
-Jenny Schecter.


-Good luck.
-Hey, thanks.

- Call me if you need me.
- I will.

Except you won't
hear from me at all.

Okay, I'll see you.

Nobody likes
the new guy, right?

But I am excited

to be here with you ladies.

I'm just here to be helpful.


I'm gonna go find my office.

Ah, I-I think
it's that way, boss.

Definitely not that way.

Yeah, that guy's
a real bag of dicks.


I don't want to talk to Dani.

I think I need a drink.

I'll hang with you.

Uh, that's okay.

I'm-a call my sister.

-All right?

-You take care, buddy.
-All right, I'll just...

No worries. I'll hydrate.

All good here.

Okay, okay, buddy.

Okay. All right. Come on, Alice.

-The door, get the door.
-Alice, focus.

-Yeah. What do you need? -Can
you get me a bucket? Please.

-Like, a what? Like, a...
-A bucket, Alice.

A bucket. What's a bucket?
Are you okay?

- Okay, yeah, yeah.
- It hurts! Alice!

Come on, Al, hurry up.
Please, this is not a drill.

He's gonna fucking blow
any second.

- I'm gonna puke.
- Oh, a Crock-Pot?

-Would a Crock-Pot do it?
-Yes, a Crock-Pot!

I don't care. Just get me
something. Jesus Christ.

-Not my jacket.
-Oh, God.

Not my jacket, not my jacket.

-Oh, God.
-Oh, my God!

Okay. Oh, God.


Oh, God, that smells so bad.

I want Mama.

Oh, yeah, no, I want her, too.

I know, I know, I know.
Can you get me a rag?

Oh, yeah, that's a good idea.

For the fucking kid,
not for you.

Oh, yeah.

You okay? It's gonna be
all right, all right?

It's gonna be all right,
all right?

Mommy's gonna come home tonight.

Yeah. Your mommy's
gonna come home tonight.

Did you get it all out?

-Did you get it all out?
-What are you doing?

-I-I, I d-don't know.
-You want to go lay down?

Yeah? All right.

You show me your favorite spot
on the couch, all right?

- Okay.
- Here, just...

Yeah, mm-hmm. Okay.

All right. Uh...

-Is... who is that?
-Hmm? Oh, he loves it.

-He loves it.
-Yeah? Okay.

All right.

There you go. How's that?

-Oh, yeah. That's good.
-Is that good?

All right.

All right.

You okay?

How are you doing this?

-It's crazy. -I mean...
kids are people.

But they're not. They're, like,
they're, like, half-sized.

They're, like, half-people.

I'm glad you called me, Al.

You should have had kids
with Quiara.

You're really good
at it.

I'm surprised
she didn't convince you.

She didn't.

You miss her
that bad, huh?

Oh, I'm okay.

Alice, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, that's never fun.

Yeah, but the Crock-Pot,

that was a,
that was a creative solution.

Yeah, you know I would come,

I just, I'm-I'm still here
at the office.

I'm waiting to see
how this goes.

Yes. She's here.

-Thanks for coming in.
-Don't be silly. I'll be fine.

Let me know
if you need anything else.


Yeah, no, I'm... no, I'm here,
I'm here. Yeah. Go on.

Sophie, where do you
and Dani keep your good wine?

There's a bottle in the fridge.

Oh, my God, girl,

I can't believe
you're getting married.

I know.

No, no, no.

- Para mi, sí. Gracias.
- How did she propose?

- Hmm.
- Did she get down on one knee?

I love a good proposal.

You're gonna look
so good in a white suit.

What do you think
I should do with my hair?

Ay, niña, anything is better
than what Tía Nancy did

-at her wedding.
-Oh, my God.

-Ay, dios mío.

Que mal gusto. So, what are you
going to do with your hair?

Oh, I don't know.

Well, wait, what do
you mean, you don't know?

I don't know. I don't know
what I'm-a do with my hair.

- What's wrong?
- What?

Noth... Why are you
calling me out? Nothing.

-I don't know.

I know you. What's wrong?

- I'm just scared.
- Of what?

I'm just scared
that she's gonna keep

making decisions without me.

Let it go, mi'ja.

Yeah, so what?

You're gonna have
a big fun wedding

-like rich people.

- Oh, God.
- You'll figure it out

-after the wedding.

Or if things don't get better...

You can always get divorced.

That's not funny.

So, what do you want me
to cook on Friday?

Please do not make corn.

What are you doing?

Oh, shit. Hey.

Uh, I thought, if you didn't
want to buy stuff,

maybe we can build it.

Sick, right?

It's actually not bad.


You gonna stain it?

Oh, I thought
I'd leave that up to you.

Since you pay
to live here and all.

Ah. That's thoughtful.

So, what's up?
You want to go out tonight?


Well, uh, I'll buy.

Okay, you'll buy.

But, uh, I did pick up
some toilet paper from work,

so you can't say
I'm not contributing.

-What's this?
-Oh. I don't know.

It came for you earlier.
I signed for it.

So really,

that is two ways I'm
contributing to the household.

Shit. Did I do
something wrong?


Let's go.

Does that mean we're going out?


Hold on, I got to put
on my good pants, though.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Wow. This place is nice.

You know, I would've been happy
to go to Garage Pizza.

No. I wanted to go
somewhere with forks.


Yeah, that was funny.
You're funny.

I have my moments.

Look, um, I don't think
I can make it all the way

through dinner without
telling you something first.

-I know. You're trans.

-I saw you on Grindr.
-I've got a gift card.


-Oh, my God.
-Yeah. It's...

I-I am so sorry.

You hate, you hate
the gift card?

No. No.

I feel so stupid for saying
the thing I said.

Oh, no. No, no, it's okay.

-No. No, no, no.
-That's so rude of me.

I did this lecture
at L.A. City College last year,

and they paid me in this hundred
dollar gift card and I've just,

I've been waiting for
the right person to use it on.

Now that I say that
out loud, though,

I-I kind of want
to take it back.

Okay, okay, hold on, hold on.

All right.
Here's what we're gonna do.

We just need to get as many
things as possible for 80 bucks,

so that we can leave a tip and
then just not pay for anything.

We could also just bail
and get coffee.

You can get me coffee
tomorrow morning.





Oh, it's, uh,
venison and foie grass.


I don't know
if you're saying that right.

So, uh,
what was in that envelope?



I just want you to know,
I'd help you hide a body.

That's all I'm gonna say
about that.


What if you just put that down
for a second,

looked around?

-Just a thought.

You're right.
Gonna have to go live.

Excuse me, can I get two shots
of your cheapest tequila?

- Sure thing.
- Thank you.

Once I get my liquid courage,
all a numbers game.

Watch and learn.

Hi. I'm, um...

um... you're busy
and way out of my league.

I'm gonna go scout
some local talent.

Oh. Okay.

Mmm. Disgusting.

-Thank you.
-That'll be, uh, $18.

Mama's buying.



How are you? Uh, Finley.

-Can I, um, get you a drink?
-I already have a drink.

- Oh, boy. Here you go.
- Copy that.

- Keep it open?
- Yeah, sure.

I'm-I'm Finley. Do you, uh,

-want to have a drink with me?
-Hey, Shane.

- Copy that.
- Hey, how you doing?

I'm good. It's been a while.

It has. Yeah.

I was wondering...

Not tonight.

Hello. How's it going over here?

You guys need
another one of these, right?

Amstel Light?

Yes, that's right,
and some more of those.

I'll be right back.
How's it going over here?

-You guys need another one of
these, don't you? -Hey. Uh...


Another round here?
Yeah, yeah, yeah?

Yeah, yeah? How about you?
How's your night going?

Over here playing
hard to get, huh?

No, no, no.

No, but really, I'm glad
you're here. I'm Tess.


Girl, I know who you are.

Everyone in the city
knows who you are.

-You're, like, a living legend.
-No, no, no. No, I'm not.

How adorable is that?

You don't like that reputation.

Oh, come on, girls must love
that wall that you've built.

-Thanks, babe.
-Table 14.

But seriously,

I'm stoked that you're here.

I wish the whole bar was
filled with girls like us.

Party time, boys. Whoo!

-Can I get you something else?
-Who is that woman?

That's Tess. My girlfriend.

She's, uh,
she's good with people.

Not always with me.

Hey, can I get a beer?


Poor thing,
he's exhausted.

Well, I'm sure;
he puked everywhere.

Oh, that's why the Crock-Pot's
out on the curb.

Oh, yeah, that ship has sailed.

Thank you again
for taking care of him.

I know it must have
been hard.

Well, yeah.

I mean, I-I left a really
big meeting today.

Well, I'm so sorry.
It's not gonna happen tomorrow.

I called Gigi, and she'll
be here in the morning.

Oh. Okay.

What are you feeling?

I'm feeling like
a babysitter.

Okay, that's not a feeling.

Oh, no, trust me, it is.



Come on, talk to me.



Okay, okay, you can't
have it both ways.

You can't ask me to be
more a part of their lives,

and then call in Gigi
when you feel like

I can't handle something.

You're right.
Those are confusing messages.

Can you please tell me
what you're thinking?

'Cause you really sound
like a therapist right now.

I'm sorry, okay?

I don't want you to feel
like a babysitter.

-Well, thank you.
-Okay, but I also

need you to be clear with me
about what you want.

I want you to want me to help.

I hear you.

And I hear you.

Alice, do you want to
watch Eli tomorrow?

No, but thank you
for asking.



-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.


-I love you. Okay.
-Love you, too.

Can I tell you about
my shitty day?

-Yes. Tell me everything.

So, um, his name is Drew.

-I hate him already.

Hi. Uh... I'm Finley.

I just watched you walk up
and introduce yourself

to, like, five other women
in this bar.

Oh, I'm very friendly.

- Is that what it is?
- Yeah.

So... you want to
have a drink with me?

-I'm already having a drink.

All right, why not?

You, uh, have a tab open?

Is that...
is that how it works?

Well, I'm a P.A., so...

I mean, what do you do?
You got a job?

You know what,
I'll-I'll buy.


-But you have to go do it.

Don't steal my money.

I can't believe I just
handed a stranger my wallet.

What am I doing?

I need to get another
fucking drink.

Bro, you're good.

Hey, do you have any more,
uh, whiskey back there?

Ten's enough, buddy.
You're cut off.

-Come back tomorrow, all right?
Go home. -Come on.

Come on, bud.
No, no, no.

-Don't be a buzzkill.
-Come on, dude.

-Give me some whiskey!

-Stop, stop, stop.
-Let go. Oh, my God!

What the...?

Come on. Let's go.

-Let's go!
-Fuck you, man!

I thought this was
fuckin' America!

-Are you okay?

-Are you sure?

-Babe, you good?
-Yeah, I'm g... Yeah.

-I'm so sorry about that...
-No, no, don't apologize.

-It's not... it's no one's fault.
-You sure you're good?


Yeah, there we go!
What's up?


-Oh, my God, that was amazing.
-No, it's fine.

Thank you.
Let me get you another drink.

Um, hey, can we get a...
a bourbon.

It's on me.

-Oh, God.
-I'm s... I'm so sorry

that this place is
so fucking douchey.

Yeah, I hadn't noticed.

I'm sorry.

This used to be a gay
bar, though, right?


-Years ago.

Damn, times have changed.

Yeah, Tess is always trying to,
um, buy out the owners,

turn it back
to what it used to be.

- She should.
- Yeah.

Yeah, what we could do is
just rip the fucking TVs out,

switch the menu up
and clean the place up.

You know, it would be
the only lesbian bar

in the city?
Only one.

Well, then someone should just
buy it and you guys run it.

Yeah. Yeah, they should.

No, I'm serious.

Hey, another round, please?

I'll be back.

I feel pretty honored
you used your gift card on me.

You definitely
proved yourself worthy.

That single espresso
at the end...

never seen
anything like it.

-And a 21% tip.

Very impressive.

I probably should tell you,
that was not my first gift card.

How long ago did
you transition?

About five years.

Were you always with guys?

No. But...

I don't really talk
about before.

Oh, of course.

I'm sorry I asked.

I want to tell you everything

about my whole life, I do.

It's just I-I haven't met
a lot of people

who don't squint and...

try to imagine
what I used to look like.

So I just don't talk about it.

But now I'm kind of afraid
to look at you.

You can look.

I'm not squinting.

Not there.

I got it.

God, you are so beautiful.



You okay?

Yeah. Yeah.





Um... are you okay?

Mm. Mm-hmm.

I'm just... spinning.

-Oh. Okay.

S-Sorry, I just, um... hmm.

Do you want a glass of water

or anything?

So, why would you
call off the press?

This was supposed to be
a huge public event,

and you don't need
another staged photo op.

Yeah, but without the press,
there's gonna be, what,

-50 people here, tops.
-Yeah, but they're all young.

They'll have phones.
Someone's gonna post it,

and I'll push that.
This'll be better publicity

than anything
the press would give you.

-It's risky.
-People want authenticity.

Well, I hope you're right
about this.


I didn't know you were coming.

Hi, Ms. Porter.

Um... I just wanted to apologize
for the other day.

You know, uh, my family has
a different set of values,

so I didn't really realize

it was gonna be
such a big issue

for Angie to skip
school, but...

it won't happen again.

And I just want you to know

that you have
a really wonderful daughter,

and I love spending time
with her.

Well, thank you, Jordi.

I appreciate that.

And the next time you
want to spend time

with my wonderful daughter,

I'm gonna ask you
to ditch the pot, okay?

And do it
outside school hours.


Love the swag.


Our community is
disproportionately affected

by homelessness
in this city,

and in every city
across the country.

And you have
to ask yourself: why?

Why is that?

Well, our parents,
our parents kick us out.

Religious leaders shame us.

And our so-called "friends"
abandon us.

So nearly half of all
homeless youth are one of us.

I want to help.

When I'm elected, I will be

the first lesbian mayor
of Los Angeles,

the first woman, -and...

But in order to be effective,

I need to know
what matters to you.

So please, tell me,
tell me who you are,

what you're thinking about.



Um... first off... thank you.

I never saw nobody
that looks like you

call herself one of us before.

And... n-not even my own mother

thinks I'm part of her.

So... I don't know.

Politicians are full of shit.

Excuse my French.

No, they're
completely full of shit.

It'd be... really great

if you weren't...

because it'd
be cool to have

a lesbian
and a real trans ally...

with actual power.

Well, first of all,
I want to say that I'm...

I'm really sorry
about your mother.

Okay? That's her loss.



I'm not gonna pretend that
our circumstances are identical,

but there are a lot
of similarities.

My father
never accepted me.


Till the day he died,

he called my partner, the woman
that I love beyond measure,

he called her my "friend."

As if our love
was less than.

And our love is not
less than.

But it was painful.

- You know? It still is.
- Yeah.

Shit hurts.

Come here. Come here.

Come here.

You okay?

Your mom's

pretty cool.

Yeah, she's not that bad.

Does anybody have any...

anything else they
want to share?

This is what she's missing.

She needs to be more personal.

Yeah, but she won't do it.

It's too painful.


Yeah. Me, too.

What are you
gonna do about it?

You still don't know
why she's running, do you?

No. I guess I don't.

These kids
and these goddamn phones.

"By winter a crane
with a wrecking ball

was parked outside.

Mama gathered everyone
to watch from our front window.

In three slow blows,

that building was knocked
into a heap of pieces.

Then, workers
took the rubble

away in a truck and filled
the hole with dirt."



You leaving soon?

Yeah, in a minute.
How you feeling?

-So shitty.
-I'm so sorry.

Kids are like
walking germs.

Mm, sorry. Sorry.

Just need to get that.

You want some tea?

Uh... nah.

I already made some.

All right.

Thank you.

I didn't poison it.

That's not what I was thinking,

but, um...

did you put a laxative
in it, though?

Because I've always wanted
to do that to someone.


It's a good trick.

You should sit down.

I should sit down.
Fucking kid made me sick.

Eli hasn't been sick
like that since he was a baby.

One time, he got so sick
he just stopped eating.

It was so
fucking scary.

He was dehydrated,

and we had to bring him
to the hospital,

and they stuck an IV
in his little foot.

Oh, that sounds awful.

Nat never told you
this story?

-That was

actually the beginning
of the end of us.

Well, I love a good
lesbian breakup story.

Eli was calling for Mama,

and we were both standing
right there, so we kept saying,

"We're here,
your mamas are here."

And at a certain point,

Nat realized he was
calling for Mona,

who was... well, at the time,
she was just a friend of ours,


So you and Mona were doing it?

We were.

-And then the baby threw you
under the bus? -He did.

Well, I am surprised
you could ever forgive him.

Yeah, right?

Ah, that's the thing
about these kids.

They forced me to be honest
about who I am

and how I hurt people.


maybe this is a little
too deep for... us.

No, it's fine.
It's-it's nice, actually.

Between the, uh,
those horrific cartoons

and the fever dreams,

I didn't even think I could
have an adult conversation.

Do you remember that night

that I showed up here
with my wedding...


Yeah, uh, you know I do.

Not my finest moment.

I thought you... had
lost your mind.

I thought I'd lost my family.

You make Nat really happy.

Thank... That's... Thank you.

What about you?


Any good breakup stories?

How much time
you got?



Get out of here. Scram.


How are you?

Oh, Ma, I told you
not to bring nothing.

-I couldn't help myself.
-She went nuts with the corn.

Of course.

Hi. Thank you
for coming.

-Ay, Mama!

-I'm so happy you're here.
-Of course.

Hi, Mamita.

My new sister!

Oh, my God.
The real reason I proposed.

I know, I know.

Where's your dad?
He must be so excited.

-Uh, he couldn't make it.

Well, that's okay.
You got us now.

Yeah, we're family.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

-Come with me.
-What? Where?

- Take a seat.
- Okay.

I have something for you.

What is it?

It was my mother's.

Your great-grandmother Anna

wore this from the day
she got engaged

to the day she died.

Then she left it
for me in her will

and told me to give it
to the first grandson.

But I don't think she'll mind.

Gracias, Mama.

But if you give it to her,
make sure you mean it.

I know.

I will.

Look at me.

You're not your father.

I know that.

We raised you
to be strong.

And you're strong enough
to leave if you need to.

You know that.

But it takes...

-it takes true strength to stay.

This is a celebration time.

Let's go to the party.
Come on.

Dude, Sophie's grandma -can cook.

Hey, hand me a napkin?

Oh, shit. I didn't think
she was gonna text me.

-That's cool.

Girl from last night, Rebecca.

Fuck, I should've invited him.

Dude, next time.

-These have to be our last ones.
-Yeah, you're right.

I want to be drunk,
but not like dizzy drunk

for this girl, you know?



Catch you on the flip side.

Hey, everyone. Everybody.

Uh, if I could get,
uh, everyone's attention

for a second, um...

Thank you so much
for being here tonight.

You are all so beautiful
I could just cry,

but I won't.

My two favorite people in the
entire world are getting married

and rather than, uh,
butcher this moment

with my own very
questionable wisdom,

I dug up something

by one of Sophie's
favorite poets, Alix Olson.

- I love you.
- "Living, we have learned,

can be both sloppy
and precise.

And so, you choose
your careful witness

to your silly little life.

You begin to trace
each other's journeys,

you begin to chart
each other's pace.

You start to notice
all the sweetness

and the details of their ways.

Because loving seeks
a language of solace.

It speaks volumes
about tomorrow

when you are fluent
in forgiveness.

Sometimes familiar
becomes magic.

Sometimes magic needs distance.

Sometimes space
is what shapes it.

And the shape is not instant.

Sometimes the horizon's

And the view is worth risking.

And the risk is a long wait,

but this girl is persistent.

Sometimes a future just means

that each day is worth finding.

And this day is a presence,

and this moment is shining.

Sometimes her prayers
are just... soothing.

Sometimes her face
is just lovely.

years spent searching.

Sometimes people get lucky."

So, cheers to Dani and Sophie.

We are all

so happy for you.

Love you guys.


I love you.

Come on, give me a little turn.

Show me.

Thanks for meeting me.

I'm glad you called.

I miss you.

I miss you, too.