The Jewel in the Crown (1984): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Bibighar Gardens - full transcript

Daphne and Hari develop a deep affection for one another. When they meet in the Bibighar gardens they are attacked and Daphne is raped. Ronald Merrick takes advantage of the situation and arrests Hari and several of his friends for the rape. He clearly oversteps the mark and beats and tortures the men to get a confession. Daphne knows the men who attacked her were peasants or laborers. When the police claim to have found her damaged bicycle, which she had left in the Bibighar, near Hari's house she knows that Merrick has planted evidence in order to implicate Hari. Daphne soon learns that she is pregnant and that Hari has been jailed for illegal political activity, but not for the assault.

When you think of the history
of us in India, there must be ghosts.

Hundreds of thousands, probably.

Hari, is that you?


Didn't you get my note?
I Went to the Sanctuary.

I haven't got a cigarette.

Let me try one of those again.

What Were you trying to prove -
that you don't mind our touching?

- I thought We'd got beyond that.
- No.

You can never get beyond it.

But We have! I have!

It Was never an obstacle, anyway.

At least, not for me.

Why did you come to the Bibighar?

I Was cycling back to the MacGregor

and then I stopped to take off my cape.

I thought you might be here.

You oughtn't to be out alone tonight.
I'll take you home.

ThroW that disgusting thing aWay.

Sister Ludmila, I believe you knoW
a girl called Daphne Manners.

I've just come from
the MacGregor House.

She isn't home yet. Have you seen her?

Yes, Mr Merrick. She Was here
but left just before it got dark.

No one has come
to the Sanctuary tonight.

- Why Was she here, then?
- She sometimes helps at the clinic.

I see. I didn't knoW that.

- HoW often does she come here?
- Very rarely.

- Alone. Was she alone tonight?
- Yes, alone.

- Where did she plan to go?
- Home.

To the MacGregor House,
by the Bibighar Bridge.

Didn't you come that Way?

No. I Went first to the police post
at the Mandir gate.

Then... I remembered.

She talked once
of having been to the Sanctuary.

- So I drove here.
- Then you probably missed her.

But you said she left at dusk. I Was
at the MacGregor House till 9:00.

Perhaps she called at Mrs Sen Gupta's.

Ah, yes.

The aunt.

Or someWhere else.

She left at dusk.

Mrs Sen Gupta.

What is it? Why are you here?

My name is Merrick,
District Superintendent of Police.


I believe you knoW
an English girl named Daphne Manners.

- Has she been here tonight?
- No.

- Your nepheW, Mr Kumar.
- Hari?

- Where is he?
- He has not come home.

I knoW nothing! AIWays I'm telling him!

Very Well.

What is it, Robin?

Hospital report on Miss Crane.

- The mission school teacher?
- Yes.

She Was attacked on the road
from Dibrapur.

Physically she's OK but they're
concerned about her state of mind.

Oh, poor Miss Crane.

Well, she alWays Was a trifle odd.

- Lili Chatterjee hasn't rung?
- No, not a squeak.

I think Ronald Merrick Was right saying
the Manners girl Was heading for trouble.

No, she hasn't come back here.

Well, that's What is strange.

She alWays rings me if something
turns up at the last moment

and she can't get home.

Yes, so Mr Merrick said.
Are things bad, Robin?

We don't knoW, Lili. There's been
some trouble over at Dibrapur.

She's not home yet.

Would you like to come
and spend the night With us?

Are people moving into funk holes?

The club is one place, Robin,
that I can't go.

- Help!
- Madam!

- Auntie!
- Madam!

I think she may be here noW.
I'll ring you back.

(Gasping and sobbing)


Auntie. Oh, Auntie.

I'll ring for Dr Klaus.

Well, you stupid felloW,
do something! Are you drunk?

I'll make you noW a drink.

Thank you.

Who Was it?

- Was it Hari?
- No.

No. I've not seen Hari.

Not since that night
We visited the temple.

Who Was it, then?

I don't knoW.

- Five or six men
- I didn't see. It Was dark.

They covered my head.

Where did it happen?

- The Bibighar.
- In the Bibighar?

- Whose car is that?
- It may be Robin White.

He telephoned.
You Will be all right With Anna.

Can I have a bath? Will you ask someone
to run one for me?

In a moment.

I think Ronald Merrick is here.

- Ronald?
- Well, there must be questions.

The police Will require some details,
medical evidence.

I don't Want to see anyone.

But if you Wish it, I Will tell them
all they need to knoW.

I'm glad that it Was you.

Thank you, Anna.

That Was Ronald.
He came here before, looking for you.

That Was kind.

But I'm back noW.

You told him it's all right.
You sent him aWay.

But you see, my dear, it isn't, is it?

He Wants to knoW hoW many men,

did you recognise them,
could you recognise them,

What Were you doing in the Bibighar.

You'll have to explain.

You told him it Wasn't Hari, didn't you?

You told him.

(Man) Superintendent sahib!


That's evidence.

Look, sahib! What is that?

Leave them.

We'll go to the level crossing,
ask the keeper if he's seen anything.

Is he here?

There's a light in that shed.

Excuse us, sir.

It's good liquor, Superintendent sahib,
not hooch We're drinking.

Take them to police headquarters.

Where's your friend, then?

Please, Who's that?

Doesn't matter.
I knoW Where to find him noW.

Hari! Hari, he's here!

Out of the Way, Mrs Sen Gupta.

- What is it?
- It's all right, Aunt Shalini.

If you'll Wait doWnstairs, Mrs Sen Gupta.
We shan't be long.

- What is this trouble?
- Please, Aunt Shalini.

Do as Mr Merrick says.

Who gave you permission
to burst into my room, Merrick?

- You've just taken these off.
- Yes.

- Put them on again.
- Why?

Why? Because you're coming With me.

We're gonna have another
of our little chats.

Like We had before,
after I found you at the Sanctuary.

- What about?
- Are you going to dress yourself?

Or shall We do it for you?

I'll dress myself.

Here's another one!

It's Hari Kumar! Hello, Hari!

We've been drinking, Kumar. (Laughing)

Hey, Hari!

You knoW, that fine English felloW?
British public school.

Those bastards!
They'll beat him up!

Put your things there.

Is this a medical inspection?
There's no doctor here.

You've been intelligent enough to Wash.
We almost caught you at it, didn't We?

What's this about?
You still haven't told me.

You've no right to do this
Without making a charge.

(Gives orders in Hindi)

I shan't ansWer any of your questions
until you tell me Why I'm here.

SV Vidyasagar, Narayan Lal,
Bapu Ram, Puranmal Metah, Gopi Lal.

These men are all friends of yours

and, as you saW,
We have them under lock and key.

I hoped We might have a talk.

She Wasn't a virgin, Was she?

You knoW What's been going on.

Government arrested Mr Gandhi
at four o'clock this morning.

Since then, riots have broken out
at various places.

Gangs of hooligans have appeared.

On the road to Dibrapur,
an EnglishWoman, Miss EdWina Crane,

Was stopped in her car and assaulted.

The Indian schoolmaster
Who Was With her Was killed.

I thought We could talk about
these things, a lot of things.

What do you knoW about
a man called Pandit Baba?

Those young men upstairs -
they admire you, don't they?

They'd do anything you say.

They believe What Gandhi tells them -

that this is the moment
for freedom from British rule.

They've seen the Japanese drive us
from Singapore and Burma.

Let them drive the British out of India
and hand it to them on a plate. Well?

That's What Pandit Baba preaches
and they believe him.

But do you?

They're rather foolish.

Well, they haven't had
your English public school education.

Chillingborough - one of the best.

Perhaps the best, you'd say.

Why didn't you go to
the Sanctuary tonight? She Was there.

Look, it might be a help to you

if you could tell me something
about Pandit Baba.

He came a feW times
to your aunt's house.

NoW, he's the kind I really despise,

stirring up young felloWs like Vidyasagar

to get themselves arrested
and lying loW himself.

(Scoffing) Did you quarrel With
the old devil? It's quite possible.

HoW did you get those marks
on your face?

I've told you, Merrick -

I shan't ansWer any of your questions
until you tell me Why I'm here.


We're making inquiries
about a Woman Who is missing.

An EnglishWoman. You knoW Which one.

The one Who likes black cock.

And the more, the merrier.

You bastard.

I haven't seen Miss Manners
since We visited the temple.

- You bastard, Merrick!
- You do knoW Why you're here.

Because of Miss Manners,
as you've just told me.

Though that isn't only
What I Want to talk to you about.

In some Ways, it's irrelevant.

Still... We have time.

I'm speaking in the past.

Till noW, you and I have been
just symbols to one another.

NoW our relationship has to become real.


It's not enough to say
that I'm English and you're Indian -

that I'm the ruler
and you're one of the ruled.

Some people talk of comradeship
betWeen your kind and mine.

There is comradeship, and it's basic.

But do you really knoW
on What it's based?

On fear.

Contempt on my side and fear on yours.

We have to find out about that too -

to live With it and act it through,
this relationship betWeen us,

so that neither of us Will ever
be able to forget it again.

Or ever again be tempted
to pretend that it doesn't exist

or claim that it Was something else.

Contempt and fear.

I think you Want to talk.

I think you Want to tell me
Where you Were tonight,

after you left the office
of the Mayapore Gazette at 6:15,

and the time I arrested you.
More than three hours.

Miss Manners says...

that you stopped her
outside the Bibighar, just for a chat.

She Was attacked and she says she
Was dragged into the gardens and raped,

first by you and then by your friends.

That's What she told me.

But I don't believe her.

I think I knoW the truth.

But I Want to hear it from you first.

What do you say?


What is this?
Why do you push me around?

I'm not giving any trouble! I've told you!

What Will you do?!

Superintendent sahib.

Well, Kumar?

Here's one of your friends.
He's come to hear you confess.

It Wasn't your fault, Was it?

She egged you on.

Just say, "Yes, I organised the rape,"

and you'll be released
and not beaten any more.

Mercy. Oh, mercy on us.

Why don't you speak?
You Were led by Kumar.

HoW many times did he enjoy her?
Why should you suffer?

No, Superintendent sahib.

I knoW nothing. I'm telling nothing.

Mercy of God, Why are you
treating this felloW so?

I knoW nothing, Kumar.

I've told them nothing, believe me!

Fear and contempt.

Poor Vidyasagar.

You heard his terror.

Why not admit it noW?

Why should those boys suffer for it?
Why should you?

She egged you on.

Just say, "Yes, that's hoW it Was,"
and the pain Will stop.

Just say it once.

Just say it once.

'We've never seen each other.
You've been at home.

'You knoW nothing, you saW nothing.

'Promise me.

'There's nothing I can do.

'Nothing I can do.


(Keys rattling)


You Want a drink?

I understand it all, you see.

Because I'm not really one of them -
not pukka sahib.

Grammar school boy.

I knoW their contempt, even though
they'd hide it in front of you.

There's no love, no true love
betWeen human beings,

but only poWer and fear.

You Want more Water?

I'll give it to you.

But first you must admit it -

admit you're grateful to me
for What you've had.

Be honest. SWalloW your pride.

There's no love, no justice -
only poWer and fear.

Drink if you'll admit it.

And you'll thank me for it.

Drink again.

Do you see?

What do you say?

Thank you.

NoW you can sleep.

And tomorroW, you can confess.

Look here, Daphne, I'm awfully sorry
about this but there are questions.

Official questions
that I have to ask as the DC.

It's all right, Robin.

If it's not too long.

You say you stopped by the Bibighar
to take off your rain cape.

- Well, originally.
- Originally?


Everything Was quiet, except the frogs.

I suddenly Wondered
if I'd see the ghosts.

Lili told me once
the place Was haunted, so...

I sort of said, "Steady the Buffs,"
and Went in.

And then?

Well, of course, there Wasn't anything,

so... I sat on the edge of
the platform and smoked a cigarette.

Suddenly they Were there,
almost from noWhere.

From noWhere? You didn't see them?

It Was all so quick, Without any Warning.

Yes, I see.

Look, I am sorry to press this but is there
anything you can remember about them?

I don't think so.

I mean, they all look alike, don't they?
Especially in the dark.

I'd say they Were dressed like peasants.

Are you sure?

Yes. Peasants or labourers.

They smelt like that too.

Did they smell of drink?

I didn't notice, not specially.

And hoW many?

Five or six.

You can't be sure?

All I can remember is being attacked
by as many of them as there Were.

Five or six men of that kind -
labourers, hooligans.

Stinking to high heaven.

That awful smell you get in third-class
compartments on Indian trains.

I'm sorry.

I don't Want to talk about it. (Crying)

Yes, I think it is enough noW, Mr White.

Yes. Of course.

NoW. And I must go as Well.

I Will ask one of the boys
to make you a cup of tea.

Raju brought me these floWers
on my breakfast tray.

I'm sorry.

What can I do, Mr White?

Only I am teaching traditional
Indian reading in college here.

- Why should they listen to me?
- I believe they Would, Pandit sahib.

That's Why I asked the principal
for a chance to talk.

While there's time.

They're staging a mass satyagraha,

a march across the Bibighar Bridge.

I'll do everything I can to hold back
Government's response.

But at What point does
nonviolence turn into violence?

Sometimes even the Mahatma doesn't
understand the consequences

of his oWn actions.

It is not the Mahatma Who acts.

It is Government Which acts.

What should I say to my students?

"The elephant treads on your toe
but you must not cry out"?

Their Congress leaders are arrested.

I Was forced to that.

And noW, because
an English girl claims she Was attacked,

six young men are throWn into jail.

Stories are put about
these men Were beaten.

Hindu boys made to eat beef
by Muslim jailers.

Precisely the sort of Wild talk
that leads to trouble.

It is Wild talk, Mr White,
if I am believing it.

Panditji, We must trust each other.

Lives may be lost - not yours or mine.

Life... is illusion.

This is What I am teaching.

There are others Who could have helped.

I signed the orders for their arrest.

As a philosopher,
perhaps you can explain to me

Why it is life compels us to do
What We knoW is Wrong.

Do nothing and stay pure.

If that Was the Mahatma's message,
he has another today.

And What Will come of it?

'lf India is to be free,
she must first be defended.

'And she Will be defended
by British troops

'and by their Indian brothers in arms.

'For Congress does not speak
for all India.'

'Lndia's future must and Will
be made secure.

'The fair-minded people here and in India

'Will see to it
she has her rightful place in the sun.'


Aunt Lili.

I thought you Were asleep.

Why did you close the WindoW?

There's a storm.

I've been listening. I heard gunfire.

Aunt Lili, tell me - What's going on?

Connie White telephoned. There have
been riots in toWn for the last tWo days.

It seems the army opened fire
and there Was a panic.

- People Were killed.
- Why?!

You're hiding something.

It's no use, Auntie, I Want to knoW.

It Was a demonstration
about the boys Who've been arrested.

Six Hindu boys. They're calling them
the Martyrs of Bibighar.

What boys?

They Weren't boys. I told Robin.

One of them is Hari.

- When?
- The night it happened.

Connie told me.

They found your bicycle
in the ChillianWallah Bagh,

near Mrs Sen Gupta's.

And they found Hari there
With cuts on his face.

- Who found him?
- It Was Ronald Merrick.

Of course. Do they think
they'll get aWay With it?

I told you - Hari Wasn't there.

It Won't stand up in court

because I'll stand up in court
and tell them everything.

My God, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?

It Was Ronald Who found my bicycle
and planted it.

So you can send for Robin, and, Auntie...

You believe me, don't you?

It Wasn't Hari.

I Was afraid for you.

NoW I'm afraid for all of us...

because of you.

- Me?
- You don't shrink from anything.

Even your mistakes -
your marvellous mistakes.

Like Pandora Who bashed off to the attic
and opened her blasted box.

And you then returned
to number 12 ChillianWallah Bagh?

Yes, sir.

- And there arrested Kumar?
- Yes, sir.

- And this Was at 9:40pm?
- Yes, sir.

And that's When you observed
these cuts and abrasions on his face?

Never mind the cuts! He hasn't
said a Word about hoW he found my...

Miss Manners?

It doesn't matter.

What can you tell us about these cuts?

Why ask me about them?
Ask Mr Kumar. I don't knoW.

He Wasn't there.

- I'm sorry!
- No.

Oh, my dear!

Oh, God! I can't!

My glasses. I can't find them.

My stupid specs.

- Oh!
- It's over.

- Oh!
- Put your arms around my neck.

- It's here someWhere.
- What?

- My bicycle.
- I... I didn't bring mine.

They must've taken yours.
I'll look in the morning.

- Oh!
- It's all right.

It's all right. I'll take you home.

No. I've got to go home alone.
We've not been together.

I'm not seeing you!

- Daphne!
- Let me go!

You've not been near me. You don't
knoW anything. Say nothing!

- Listen, you must!
- Hari, please! (Sobbing)

I've got to be With you. I love you!

- Please let me be With you!
- We mustn't. No!

We've... never seen each other.
You've been at home.

You saW nothing. You knoW nothing!

Promise me?

Oh. There's nothing I can do.

Nothing I can do. Nothing.

I promise!

He Was asked. He Wouldn't say.

Mr Kumar has consistently refused
to give any account of his movements.

Perhaps he had a scrap With police.

It Wouldn't be the first time
an officer hit him.

Do you Want that observation
included in the record?

No. I'm sorry.

Judge Menen,
have you any further questions

for the District Superintendent?

No questions.

Thank you, Mr Merrick. That concludes
your examination at this inquiry.

Miss Manners.

You Were present When
your evidence Was read to the inquiry.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

No. Nothing.

There is one thing
that I should like to ask.

Mr Merrick gave evidence that your
photograph Was in Mr Kumar's bedroom.

- Is it one that you gave him?
- Yes.

At his request?

It Was one I'd had taken and didn't Want.


I see.

- Judge?
- Yes.

I see, Miss Manners, you've refused
to identify the men in custody.

You did so again the other day.

I must ask - Why do you refuse?

I refuse to attempt to identify them
because they must be the Wrong men.

I shall say so in court if necessary.

I understand Why you feel
this in the case of Kumar

but in the case of the other men
your refusal to attempt identification

might be interpreted as Wilful
obstruction by the principal Witness

and that might help to prove
the prosecution's case

by casting doubt on your reliability.

Well? What do you say?

I assume and shall continue to assume
you're telling the truth.

This Whole inquiry is based
on that assumption.

In your statement,
you say you had a brief impression

that the men Who... attacked you
Were peasants or labourers.

With this impression in your mind,

Why refuse to cooperate
in helping us as best you can

to decide Whether the men being held
are held on sufficient grounds?

No, I Won't cooperate.

One of these men is innocent

and if one is innocent,
I'm not interested in the others.

The men Who raped me Were peasants.

The boys you've got locked up aren't,
so they're almost certainly innocent too.

For one thing,
they're all Hindus, aren't they?

- Yes, they're all Hindus.
- Then that's another thing.

One of the men Was a Muslim.
He Was circumcised.

If you Want to knoW hoW I knoW,
I'm quite prepared to tell you

or you can leave it at that.

One of the men Was a Muslim.
They are all hooligans.

Apart from that, I can't tell you a thing.

They could have been British soldiers
With their faces blacked.

Very Well.

Thank you, Miss Manners.
I have no more questions.

We're sorry to have had to subject you
to this examination.

Anna, I think We've Won.

'My dear Ethel,
We go on here much as before.

'I'm glad Daphne herself
has Written so much to you

'and awfully glad that she Will
come to you to bear her child.

'Do you remember Miss Crane,
With her picture of Queen Victoria?

'During the riots,
she Was attacked on the road,

'the Indian schoolmaster
Who Was With her, dead in her arms.

'Afterwards, she dressed in White
like a good Indian WidoW in mourning.

'And noW she too is dead.

'Yesterday, We had the inquest,
the usual stupid verdict,

'for I'm sorry to say
that she committed a sort of suicide.'

What am I here for?
Why have they brought me here?!

I Want to see the Governor!
I must be told the case against me.

(Shouting) I haven't seen a laWyer
for seven Weeks!

I must change noW,
if you'll excuse me, Connie.

Well, you knoW,
it's Daphne I've come to see.

I'll tell RamasWami
We'll have dinner in half an hour.

What's going on
betWeen you and Aunt Lili?

Oh, don't Worry,
it's not an official visit by Mrs Deputy C.

(Laughing) As Lili calls me.

Isn't it quiet at the MacGregor?

Hard to believe
it's only a couple of months.

Robin doesn't knoW I'm here
and I shan't tell him

but I thought you ought to knoW
they've sent Hari Kumar aWay.

They've put him,
and the other boys, in prison.

What for?

All the papers Went
to the Commissioner,

so it's out of our hands noW,
but I Wanted you to knoW,

in case there's anything you can tell me.

What sort of thing, for heaven's sake?

Well... it all seems to start
With a man called Pandit Baba.

Pandit Baba? What on earth's
Pandit Baba got to do With the rape?

That's the point - Hari Kumar
isn't being sent to prison for that

but for political reasons,
partly because he kneW this man.

(Laughing) Hari kneW Pandit Baba,
I knoW Hari.

Why don't they send me to prison too?

That's their decision under
the Defence of India Rules.

But it's a farce. Hari can prove it.
It's a ridiculous, monstrous farce!

Well, that is just What puzzles me.
The other boys denied everything.

They shouted, Wept and insisted
they Were innocent of everything,

except drinking hooch -
and they Were lying.

But Hari Was different.

He Was examined personally by Robin
and to every question he said nothing.

The only thing he ever said in his
defence Was, "I Wasn't at the Bibighar.

"I haven't seen Miss Manners
since the night We visited the temple."

And, of course, the men took his silence
as a confession of guilt.

But I'm a Woman, like you.

I think of Hari Kumar

and I listen to my husband
talking about him to old men

and I think, "It's Wrong.

"A man doesn't say nothing

"unless he's trying to put a noose
round his neck.

"He fights for his life
and his freedom because he is a man."

I expect it's frightfully silly of me
but, you knoW,

if Hari Kumar had been an Englishman,
I think I could've understood it better.

And even then, it Would have to be
a silence imposed on him

by a Woman.

But he is. That's Where you're Wrong.

That's the joke.

He is, you see.

? For in spite of all temptations

? To belong to other nations

? He is an Englishman

? He is a... He is... ?

I'm going mad.

Like poor Miss Crane.

I saW her in the hospital.

Miss Crane.

She'd been attacked on the road.

The Indian she Was With Was killed.


"There's nothing I can do."
That's What she told me.

When she got home,
she Went into this hut,

her garden shed,
and soaked the Walls With paraffin.

It Was in the paper. That's hoW she did it.

A circle of fire.

It's Wrong to say you
"commit" suttee, isn't it?

It's a state of grace, you enter into it.

Drink this.

What is it?

It Won't harm the baby?
Anna, you Wouldn't?

What? You think that?



It Will just give you a quiet night.

Expectant mothers
must be contemplative, like nuns.

What am I to do?

I have to get him back.

You see,

I can't live Without him.

This you must learn to do -
to live Without.