The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2001–2008): Season 1, Episode 1 - A Great Deliverance - full transcript

When a farmer, William Tey, is hacked to death with an ax in his barn, Scotland Yard assigns Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers to the case. Lynley is the 8th Earl of Asherton and is a graduate of Eton and Oxford; he is on the fast track in the police service. Havers has a working class background and feels that she is discriminated against. Despite the differences in their background - very often, the two simply don't understand one another - they make a good team. As for the murder, there are several possible suspects. Tey's wife had left him many years before and one of his daughters ran away and would have nothing to do with him. A nephew will now inherit his farm, providing a good motive. Throughout the investigation, Lynley has to deal with former colleagues who would like nothing better than to bring him down.

- Yes, we found your husband.
- Oh, please, no.

Is Russell all right?

- Well, hasn't done something stupid?
- Russell?

- My husband, Russell Mowbray.
- Well, as far as we know, he's okay.

Thank God.

- Was he very angry?
- Angry about what?

How could I tell him?

We're married, I love you, only
I'm still married to someone else...

Look, why don't we go in? We don't want
to give the neighbors a floor show.

You ran out on your husband and children.

What happened? Get a better ofter?

- I didn't know Russell then - Did
you tell Russell about William and girls?

- No, if he knew...
- Lover boy might have has second thoughts

if he thought you'd just simply
dumped your last family.

There's nothing to prevent you and Russell
getting legally married now, is there?

- How do you mean?
- Well, now William's dead.

- Dead?
- Come on.

Well, you must have
heard about your husband.

- No.
- He was murdered seven nights ago.

Where were you last Saturday night?

- Just answer the question!
- Would you take notes please, Sergeant?

- What?
- Notes, please.

I was here,

waiting for Russell to
turn up, phone, anything

Roberta discovered the body of her father.

She's been severely traumatized ever since.
She could do with having her family around her.

Well, she was only a baby.

She wouldn't know me.

Have you ever had any contact with
Gillian since you left?

- It was for the best, honest.
- What kind of dad was William?

Brilliant. Really calm.

Every time I picked Gillian up,
she'd start screaming.

It's like she hated me.

She'd cry all night.

Then William had to get up for the milking.

I tried to keep on top of everything.

But I was hopeless.

I mean, you have to keep everything clean,
for a baby, didn't you?

She got a stomach upset

William came back
and there was to dinner on the table.

He'd say, "What have you been doing all day

And I'd think, "Yeah, maybe I have".

- So you decided to leave instead.
- They were better off without me

William, too.

Towards the end I was
driving him crazy. He told me.

One day, I made him so mad...

He locked me up in the cellar.

Why would she marry Tey
if she didn't want his kids?

It's Tey that interests me. Who is he?

Can't miss him. He's the bloke with his
head under his arm.

Devoted dad. Obviously
stressed, taking sleeping pills.

Thumps his nephew,
tears up Ezra's paintings.

Regular churchgoer.

Doer of good deeds...

Thanks for getting back to me.
Can I call you later? Yeah.

And yet he becomes so exasperated with his
young wife that he locks her in a cellar.

Yeah, one thing we do know,
he is not a wife-murderer.

Tessa's a terrible mum.
She drives Tey bonkers and runs off.

Why build a shrine to her?
What was that all about?

I don't know. Next question, if Tessa's
alive does that mean, that Gillian is?

Yeah, sorry about earlier. How are you?

Fine. Busy.

Me, too.

So, why have you been
trying to get hold of me?

You said I could call
you any time, remember?

Well, at this precise moment
I'm about to go to the loo

and dear friend though you are,

there are some experiences I don't
want to share with you. Bye.

- No.
- Then get to the point.

I know this is crazy, I think
I saw Deborah on the moor.

- Where were they going for their honeymoon?
- Why, are you thinking of joining them?

Please, just tell me.


- You sure?
- Simon booked a suite at the Cipriani

I'm sorry, mate. I've really got to go. By


- Is there salt on those?
- Yeah.

What about Russell Mowbray?

If he such a family man, how
come he's deserted his kids?

He learns about William. Storms
off, kills him, then daren't come home.

Ring Nies, get them to put out
a nationwide circulation.

"Russell Mowbray, murder suspect."

And chase up the forensic reports
while you're at it.

You could do with an air freshener in here.
One of those pine trees.

- I'll buy one, if you like.
- Thank you.

- Right, where to?
- The hospital.

We've only Tessa's word that she hasn't
seen Gillian and Roberts since she left.

How does that tie in with William's death?

God knows.

She's not moved of her own volition
since this morning.

The nurse found her
sitting in her own urine.

No reaction, even when we cleaned her up.

Hello, Roberta.

- Remember us?
- Hello, Roberta.

We bought you something.

We saw your mum today.

Your mum, Tessa.

She told me how much your
dad loved you and Gillian.

She couldn't remember the last time
she's seen you, can you remember?

Has she been to the farmhouse recently?

Or did you go to her new house?

You don't have to go through this alone.

Is there anything you
can tell us, anything at all?

Would you like to see anyone?
How about your mum?


Would you like me to try and find Gillian?

All right, I'll try and find Gillian.

Whose cottage is that?

Leave me alone! I need some
time to work!

Ezra Farmington, the artist.

It's time I had a word with him
No need for you to come.

I tried the house.

Detective Inspector Lynley. Senior officer
investigating the William Tey murder.

You're staying at Keldale Lodge.
Stepha making you welcome?

Very, thank you.

Danny Clough claims she saw
William Tey run you off his property.

You can't believe anything she says.

I thought you and she
had some sort of relationship.

- In her dreams - She dreamt
about the dead baby in the abbey?

No, of course not.

So, tell me about the row with William Tey.

The Fuhrer caught me crossing his land
and we had it out. That's all.

He destroyed some of your paintings.

No big deal, they were rubbish.

Is that why you left London?


Well, you obviously weren't going
to win the Turner Prize

painting the pastoral rubbish
you've been flogging around here.

- Hang on, hang on.
- You said yourself your work was no good

I'm only agreeing with you, Mr Farmington.

Yeah. Sergeant Nies, please.

I'm chasing up forensic reports.

Sergeant Havers for you.
Banging on about forensics.

Tell the stupid cow I'm out.

You heard crying in the abbey
and you run away like a frightened kid?

I responsible for a baby's death
and you think I don't care?

Do you realise what you just said,
Mr Farmington?

No. I didn't mean...

Yeah. I should have looked
instead of going after Danny.

I have to live with that every day.

Whose baby do you think it was?

I don't know.

The main thing is, no
one was hurt. Yeah, I know.

I know.

Look, there's a nail on the outer frame
of mum's door.

Yeah. If she starts wandering about
at night, I usually tie a piece of string

from that and the door handle.

Yeah. If she tries to get out,
she feels the resistance,

she gives up and goes back to bed.

Well, I'm in the middle of a case here.

No, I can't just...

Yeah, please.

Thank you. Yeah,
we'll talk about when I get back.



Why did you call Tey "the Fuhrer"?

Let's speak ill of the dead.

He was a power-crazed autocrat.

- God knows what Olivia saw in him.
- Perhaps she wanted a father for Bridie.

- Certainly needs one.
- Are you and Olivia good friends?

I was a mate of her late husband, Paul.

When he became ill, I helped nurse him.
Me and Stepha, mainly

Olivia had Bridie to take care of.

Did Olivia know what you thought of Tey?

Next question.

Where was I the night Tey was killed?

Normally in bed with beautiful woman.

But for once I was here alone.

- I've booked us in for dinner at Keldale
Hall - No, I'm all right. Honestly, sir.

Have you eaten anything at all today
apart from that burger?

- Well, no, but...
- We deserve a decent meal.

It's on me. We can have a recap.
Have a look at where we've got to.

- See you at eight.
- Yeah. Right, sir.

This is Yorkist country

I'd be more comfortable
if we talked about football.

Oh, you a fan?

No, I just feel less
of a thicko admitting it.

You know, I'm not sure
how much more of this I can take.

- What?
- You turning everything into an insult.

I don't.

You're exhausting, you know that?
You are permanently on the defensive.

Look, this meal wasn't my idea.

Well. I'd have been quite happy
with fish and chips

and an early night watching the telly.

- Well. Why didn't you say so?
- You didn't give me the chance.

Just because you fancy a posh meal
you just assume I do.

I thought it might be
enjoyable for both of us.

You didn't want to eat alone
and I was the only person available.

That isn't true.

You and me socializing
is a... is a load of rubbish

I mean, don't pretend
we've got anything in common.

How are we supposed to find out
whether we do or don't if you lie to me?

- When have I lied to you?
- You smoke.

Yeah, right.

Big major deal.

As soon as this investigation finishes
we go our separate ways.

Please, tonight, can we
pretend to like each other?

The duck for me, please.

And a selection of vegetables.

No carrots.

If that's okay.

No carrots, please. Thank you.

- Can I please have two vodka martinis...
- Sir.

Thank you


I don't believe this.
What are you doing here?

You're in Venice.

I thought, I...

Helen said you were in Venice.

The murder investigation.
We were brought in

Barbara Havers, we met at your wedding.

Of course, yes. Hello.


I always said you ought to try this place.

Your table's ready for you, sir.

Thank you.

Well, we would invite you to join us,
but we'd just be talking boring shop.


Enjoy your meal.

Fish and chips, then?

Oh, it must be tough.



Well, you and Deborah.

I mean, you've obviously.

Oh, I'll shut up.

Thanks for bailing me out in there.

Oh, my pleasure.

If you see what I mean

I don't imagine any of us
expected to see each other for a while.

How could you bear it?
I mean, being best man?

Simon's my closest friend.

She made her choice.

Well, maybe if you'd asked her first...

I did.

At least I know I'm not hallucinating.


I saw her earlier on the moors today.

That's why I nearly drove us off the road.

This isn't gonna affect
anything, is it, sir?

Such as?

The case.

I'm sorry, but I can't afford to screw up.

According to Nies, neither can I.


You've got a visitor.

Thought you were desperate for this
working yourself stupid through the night,

but no, you were hauling back
the champers up at the Hall.


I am sorry, I didn't realise.

It's all right.

What exactly is this?

Forensic reports you were screaming for.

Did you get some sort of thrill
out of dropping me in it?

- I beg your pardon?
- If you had a problem, ask me, not top brass.

Don't know what you're talking about.

It was me

I rang your chief supper.

Well, I did try speaking to you,

but for some reason
you didn't want to talk to me.

Don't try and protect him, darling.

- Î, look, you...
- Leave my sergeant out of this, Nies

I wasn't born with a silver
spoon up my backside

I've got kids. I've got a mortgage.

Nine years left before
I pick up me pension.

One out of two not good enough for you?

You want to finish off my career as well?

Get your revenge because
I gave you a hard time?

Actually, I'm grateful to you.

You made me realise
that adopting a Yorkshire accent

and wearing a leather bomber jacket
and trying to be one of the lads

wasn't the way that I was
going to succeed in the force.

Next time you need summat done in a hurry
please remember,

Northern peasants' brain cells
don't work as fast as Oxford tossers'

You should have had him
up on a discipline charge.

- Leave it.
- No, he was out of order.

Leave it.

- Would you like a drink?
- No

I'd like a cigarette.

What are you doing here?

Taking photos.

Where's Simon?

I work early.

I should get back.

In my head, I know it's over, I know.

But everywhere I go, I...

- I smell perfume...
- I can't hear this.

How cruel can it get?

You go on your honeymoon, I think
I have some breathing space,

and here we both are, together

I don't know what to do.

I'm sorry.

It's not just you.

It's the investigation.

We're having trouble with the local force,

I'm not getting all the information.

I need a clear head.

I need...

I can't say what you want me to say.

I can't.

No, you're right

I'm behaving very badly

I'm sorry

I've got work to do.
Could I give you a lift?

No, I'll be fine.

I'll be fine.

Yeah, how are you getting
on with those reports?


I can't hear you. You're breaking up.

Hello, Havers? It's all
right, I've got you now

I'm going to go see Richard Tey,

try and shed some light on the dead baby.

When you finish, why don't you go visit
the teacher Miss... Yeah, Fitzallen.

And I'll see you in the King's Head
round about 12.30.

All right.

You're not the only one who
thinks I'm guilty.

Why didn't you call the police?


Like you lot would give a monkey's.

I'm top of your list of suspects.

What makes you think that?

My uncle's dead, I get the farm.

Don't even have to put up with Roberta
in the house, she's out of her mind.

Probably spend the rest
of her days in the funny farm.

I'm laughing.

You were prepared to tackle William Tey
about Roberta appearance

- I cared about Roberta.
- Cared?

The Bobby I knew when left Keldale
were really sweet.

When I came back, she
was like this different girl.

Didn't stop you being
extremely affectionate towards her,

not according to my sources.

- What?
- What else did the two of you do?

What are you on about?

I've applied to the coroner,

to exhume the baby found at the abbey.

Also for access to Roberta's
medical record, it's only a matter of time

- I told you before.
- She had a crush on you.

Were you the reason she was
piling the weight on?

Because she hated herself?
She hated what you were making her do?

You dirty-minded bastard.

You must have panicked
when you found out she was pregnant

William would have killed you if he'd know.

- You'd have lost that precious
farm for sure - Dig up the baby.

Do whatever tests you want, then come back
here and lick the cow's shit off my boots

Gillian had a crush on you, too.

Was she the one you were involved with?

- Did you seduce her?
- No.

- Did she seduce you? Is that why you left Keldale?
- No.

I'd understand it, an attractive girl
throwing herself at you. It'd be irresistible.

Your uncle was a well respected figure.

People here are scared and angry.

They'll break more than your windows

when they find out that I've arrested you
on suspicion of his murder.

Get me out of here.

He's in a mess.

O, Deborah.

We all just pretended that things could
carry on as normal. How stupid is that?

And Tommy played along.
Well, he can't anymore.

So what are you suggesting?

I don't know.

Help him.

With the investigation,
just a few hours in the lab.

Well, you can't resent that.

He sounds really isolated.

At least this is one thing we can do
to make things easier.

Not, not just for him, but for you and me.

So that when we get on that plane to Venice
it is just the two of us.

Gillian had been coming on to me
since she were 14.

You don't understand
all the things she could do.

She drove me wild.

- You left to escape Gillian?
- I left to escape William.

He caught you at it?

Me with me trousers down, her on her knees.

What did he do?

He ordered her back to the house,
said he's deal with her later.

He threw me off the farm.

But then he changed his mind,
decided you should inherit it.

On the proviso Bobby could continue
to live in the house.

I were gobsmacked.

When I got back, Gillian had taken off.

It was obvious Roberta weren't
gonna be fit to take over.

He must have mentioned Gillian
when you returned?

No, never.

It was like he just wiped her out.

Like she'd never existed.

And you still maintain
you never saw her again?

I'd have remembered.

Why were you so affectionate with Roberta?

She was unhappy.

She missed Gillian.

I knew how much Gillian
would be missing her.

You cared about how Gillian felt?


She'd come on to you,
she nearly cost you the farm.

What happened?

Did you fall in love with her?

Look, everything I said, she did.
She was wild.

When did you realise
just how much you loved her?

Before or after you married your wife?

Not till I came back, found her gone.

Days I wished I could just rip
Gillian out of me skull.

Bottom line...

I don't think I want to.

Still no sightings of
Tessa's husband Russell.

You've got something on your shoulder.

There are some
evil-looking rats in Tey's cellar.

Where'd you get these?

Inside his radio.

Tey and Olivia were into bondage?
What that all about?

I don't know. What have you got?

Well, according to her
old teacher Miss Fitzallen,

Gillian was a boy-free zone
and a highly intelligent scholar.

Oxbridge material, no less.

Father Hart said Gillian was an angel

Richard Tey claims she
was sexually voracious.

Are we any closer to tracing her?


- Maybe Richard did knock her off.
- I don't think so

William caught him with Gillian.

If anyone killed her, Daddy did.

We could always get Nies
and his men to start digging.

How many acres has that farm got?

That'll give him something
to complain about.


We're still dealing in theories, though.

One thing I am sure about.

Finding out what happened to Gillian
is the key to Tey's murder.

Are we any closer to tracing the weapon
that killed the dog?

No, and the paperwork's a joke.

The forensic report's still incomplete

and that stuff Nies gave us last night
is worse than useless.

God knows if we're suffering
from under-resourcing

or Nies' threatened go-slow.

It's probably going to be a struggle
get anything done.

Webberley rang.

Well, Hillier's very, double underlined,
keen to know it we're close to a result.

Headlines like "Rural Communities
Badly Let Down By Police"

have not helped, apparently.

He's probably had a mauling from the
Home office and sees his OBE slipping away.

Are you okay?

Not sleeping very well.

Deborah told you about this morning?

Ah, yes, yes.

I have no excuses. I behaved appallingly.

It won't happen again.

Yes, well, we, er... We don't make things
easy for each other, do we?

What do you mean?


best man.

Why did you accept?

Probably for the same reason you asked me.

What's the alternative,
never seeing each other again?

Is that what you want?

I... I want to be beyond this... mess.

We can't go back, that's impossible.

Yes, well, I realise that now.

We'll work it out.

Give me time.

I mean it, I hope you're both very happy.

That's all I wanted say.

I gather, Nies is still on scene
and working the Tey case.

That must make things a little difficult

I've lost my patience.

I'm bringing some of my own people in
get a second PM done

- I want to help - Don't be
ridiculous, you're your honeymoon.

Well, we don't fly to Venice for a few day, so
you've got a forensic scientist on your doorstep

I appreciate the offer,

but maybe a clean break is what's needed.

You're probably right.

I mean, how much can
one friendship take, eh?

I'll call you.

Just a fox, I think.
Knocked over the dustbins.

I'm wide awake now, it's the shock.

Can I come in? It's easier to wind down
with company.

Don't think it's a good idea

I'll keep my distance, I promise.

I'm sorry.

I can't be on my own. Not just yet.


One drink.

- Would you like me to do that?
- No, thank you.

My brother used to shake.

It's very tough watching
someone you love suffer

I kept waiting for the smile,

knowing that he'd come back to me and say,
"I fooled you. It was all a joke".

Doesn't happen like that, does it?

Huntington's Disease
is hereditary, isn't it?


Are you affected?

I'm a carrier.

What does that mean?

I don't want to think about that.

Not now.

I'm sorry.

It's not you, it's.

There's lots of things.

My job.

Policemen can't have fun?

There's obviously nothing in the cowshed,
so let's get back to the farmhouse.

Start again.

Take the kitchen this time.

While you concentrate on the bedrooms?

Wait a second.

- What's wrong?
- What could be wrong?

Morning, Tommy.

What do you want?

Oh, just a moment to gloat.

My sources tell me Little Lord Fauntleroy's
been sleeping with a witness

maybe even a suspect

I have an investigation to run.

And not for much longer, mate.

And you've only got
yourself to blame for it.

The higher you climb, the further you fall.

Jeopardising a police investigation,

compromising the Yorkshire Police Force,

The Metropolitan Police Force, the
Police Authority, the Commissioner himself

I'm warning you, sergeant.

Oh, warn away, please.

Don't think the title's gonna help you.

They're gonna crucify
you, you bleeding hypocrite.

- No. They're not.
- Havers.

If you're talking about last night,

it was me.


He slept with me.

Don't be stupid.

Oh, it's some joke, eh?

You know how these earls
love shagging below stairs.

- You're lying.
- No. I'll swear to it in front a tribunal.

The worst the inspector can
accused of is bad judgment.

What do you reckon?

He'll be so grateful he'll
actually give you one?

Get out.

You'll regret you ever met him, love.

Well, if you feel humiliated,
imagine how I feel.

You didn't have to do that.

Oh, yes. I did.

You know, I don't give a toss
what you get up to in your personal life

but it is my job on the line, too.

- Before you say something you might regret.
- Oh, what?

What, are you threatening me now?
What are you gonna do?

Have me kicked out?
Have me busted down, like you did Nies?

I mean, it is not like you did not know
how much this case means to me.

It's not like I didn't say what...

Stupid. Why should you care about me?

I mean, you see what you want and you
take it. Screw the consequences.

Oh, that's right. Why not? After all,
this is just a hobby for me, isn't it?

I'm just this protected, pampered inbred

who couldn't possible allowed
to care about anything,

because that would upset your prejudices.

Heaven help us, we mustn't do that.

Take away the prejudice
and who's Barbara Havers?

First rule of policing,
suspicion is not proof.

What are you saying, I
didn't hear what I head?

- What did you hear?
- Stephha going into your room.

- Anything else?
- No, thank God.

Would you care to hear the tape?

You made a tape of it?

Of course I did.

- You can skip the verbal warning.
- Stay where you are.

Has it cross your mind that
this is what the top brass want?

- What?
- You've mouthed off at every other officer.

You've threatened to go to a tribunal.

Now, who is the one officer
they know is gonna get you so uptight

that you blot your copybook irredeemably?

Me, of course.

That "arrogant, aristocratic ponce" as
I believe you once referred to me.

Well, congratulations.
You played right into their hands.

Now go back to the farmhouse
turn the place inside out,

and find me something, anything,
that leads us to Gillian Tey.

That's an order.

- Thanks for this.
- Well, thanks for allowing me to help.

- Any progress?
- No, no

I performed a PM on the dog,
picked up the forensics,

The dog was drugged
with barbiturates first.

He was unconscious
when his throat was slit.

So he wasn't killed to silence him.

Not unless the person went into the house
got the drugs, gave them to the dog,

and then waited for him to fall asleep
before killing him.

Why go to the house?

Well they're the same drugs
as taken by William Tey.

Coincidence, they could have
brought them in from outside.

It's unlikely. You administer the drug
to the dog, slit his throat,

and then wait for Tey to come
to the barn looking for him.

Why would he assume the
dog would be in the barn?

There is, um, there is
another interesting thing.

Forensics show that the blood stains on Roberta's
dress were fresh when she acquired them.


Roberta had to have been in the barn at the time
or soon after the dog and her father were killed.

The blood comes from both the dog and Tey.
Consistent with her cradling them.

Consistent with her holding the dog
to cut its throat?

In order to lure her father
into to the barn to kill him?

Roberta as the murderer,
it doesn't make sense.

She goes to all the trouble to hide the
knife, wipe the fingerprints from the axe,

and yet she stays there throughout
the night, waiting to be caught.

I've seen her. She's genuinely traumatised.

If the police hadn't turned up,
God knows how long she'd have been there.

Or try another approach.

If Roberta didn't kill her father
then she must know who did.

What if the killer and Roberta were close?
What if...

the killer murdered William Tey
to protect Roberta.

What are we really talking about here?

What was Tey doing Roberta?

I'm not sure.

Maybe we should take a closer look
at the dead baby.

I haven't found Gillian.

But I have found someone.

They were a secret present to Roberta.

The subscriber's name is a Felicity Stuart.

Neither Roberta nor the newsagents
were aware of her identity

Roberta used to just collect them
directly from the shop.

- Have we got the address for this Felicity Stuart?
- Yeah, it's a homeless refuge in London.

Testament House.

I also noticed something else at the farm.

There were scratch marks on the
back of Roberta's door.

What sort of scratch marks?

- Oh, I know it's stupid.
- No, go on.

Well, supposing you were desperate,
trying to get out...

Get SOCO to examine them.

And you'd better go to the Testament House.
See if they know where this Felicity is now.

You want me to go?

- That a problem?
- No, I just... I thought you'd want to handle it.

You made the
breakthrough, you follow it up.

- What do we think he did with these?
- I don't know, have no idea.

Was your husband sexually abusing Gillian?
Is that why you left?

No, I told you, he loved them.

A baby was found dead
at Keldale Abbey a year ago.

Newborn. Unwanted.

Possibilities are endless.

Underage lovers, married
woman having an affair,

- an incestuous relationship.
- No.

Something terrible was going on
in that farmhouse, that I know.

And if I know, so does someone else

I've applied to have the body of that baby
exhumed so we can run DNA tests.

It's nothing to do with me now. This is
my home. I've a new life, a new family.

If I find out you left those girls
knowing they were being sexually abused,

I swear I'll have you
locked up as an accessory.

Sergeant Havers.

We've talked about moving.

One of the problem about living on the
premise is you're on duty 24 hours a day.

- Felicity, sweetheart?
- Yeah?

There's some people here to see you.

What are you doing back?
I was just going to college.

What is it?

Sergeant Havers, Metropolitan Police force.

You're Gillian Tey, aren't you?


Answer the question, please.

Are you Gillian Tey?

Please answer the
question. Are you Gillian Tey?


- Felicity... Come out. Now.
- There is no Felicity

Gillian, whatever has happened
we can talk about it.

Of course you're Felicity. You're my wife

Felicity loved you, Jonah.
She really loved you.

Come out! Now! Talk to me.

Is there anything in there that
she can hurt herself with?

What? Open the door.

Get out of the way. Give me a hand.

Go on, get the radio. Get an ambulance.

Say it, Jonah. Say I'm evil.

I hate her.

- Who?
- Gillian. I hate Gillian.

You can't dig the baby up.
Leave her in peace, please.

- Go on.
- Everything was crazy

Paul was dead.

I wasn't eating.

Maybe I fooled myself.

Maybe, yes, I thought I could be normal
like everybody else, have a happy ending.

But she came early.

She was so small. She
obviously wasn't well.

I knew she was going to die.

- Did Ezra know you were pregnant?
- No

I finished the relationship as soon I found out.
He and I were never meant to be anything serious.

- He was the father, he had rights.
- What rights?

To go endlessly to the hospital pretending
everything was going to be all right?

To watch his child die
a horrible and painful death?

Instead he hears his own baby dying in the
abbey and he doesn't even know it's his child?

- Imagine the guilt when he
finally worked it out - I did it for him

I did it for the baby.

He nursed Paul. That's how you two
got together. He could have faced it.

You murder your daughter because you were
the one who couldn't deal with reality.

And now he's so screwed-up and
angry he can't let go

while you sit around
reading your romantic novels.

Is that what you think? He does
all the suffering while I feel nothing?

Why do you think I keep Ezra's painting
above the bar?


Because every time I look
as its bright blue sky I remember.

And when I remember, I pay.

No, King's Cross, it was the nearest.

Well, I hadn't any choice.
I had to caution her.

No, she's refused a solicitor.

Has she got a medical approval to travel?

I suppose. Yeah, why?

Ask her if she wants to see Bobby.

No, I don't think that's such a good idea.

I promised Roberta.

It provoked some
reaction. I can't let her down.

Well, what does Dr Samuels reckon?

Well, he's not completely
comfortable with it.

Apparently, I'm the only
one she's responding to,

so maybe if she sees Gillian
it'll stop the regression

I've cleared it with the
Deputy Chief Constable.

Well, is Gillian agrees, she'll need to be
with people she feels safe with,

not some clunker of a DC
with a Scouts badge in psychobabble.

Well, I've rung Helen. Helen Clyde,
you met at the wedding.

She's attached to the Met as a profiler.


If you're about to charge someone
the team should be informed.

You're off the team, Nies.

Obstruction of a murder investigation,

insubordination towards a senior officer,
unprofessional conduct.

By the time I finish with you, the choice'll
be traffic or resigning on health grounds,

I think I know which is most appropriate.

Hit me

I'll enjoy saving the taxpayer
the cost of your pension.

- Do you know Inspector Lynley well?
- Îh, we've been friends for a while.

There's an officer from Yorkshire Nies? He's
got a bit of a problem with the Inspector.

He says the last time that Lynley was there
another officer lost his job.

Nies got busted down

I'm surprised he was as polite as that.

Well, he wasn't, actually.

Nies made a mistake and then covered it up.

And as a result an innocent person
was sent to prison.

Well, what happened?

Tommy gave him the chance
to put things right. Nies, being

the piece of
dirt that he is, refused.

He had Tommy down as a wimp of a
a public schoolboy.

Thought he didn't have the guts
to stand up to him.

But he was wrong.

I think we can dispense with those.

My God. What was going on at Tey's house?

I don't know. But if
Gillian did killed him,

well, I reckon he deserved it.

- If at any stage I feel that Roberta is at risk...
- I know.


You know who this is, don't you, Bobby?

Who is it, Bobby?

Please, Roberta.

It's me, Gillian.

Say hello, Bobby.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't know this was going to happen.

What happened, Gillian?

This. All of it is my fault.

What's your fault?

Mummy going away. Everything.

"You're the woman of
the house now, Gillian."

Cutlery half an inch from the plate.
Food on the table, 12.30 precisely.

"Daddy's had a long morning."

The clock in the kitchen was slow or
maybe the one in the dining room was fast

I'm a stupid, stupid girl,
I should have checked.

What else did Daddy make you do?

You're too confrontational.

Please can I have the handcuffs now, Daddy?

What did Daddy make you do then, Gillian?

What did Gillian do then?

What happened next, Gillian?

Open the cellar door. Go in.

Shut the door.

What about the rats?
You must have been terrified.

Sometimes Daddy let me sit on the top step.

What was it that finally made you run away?

What about Bobby?
How could you abandon Bobby?

Careful. Don't criticise her.

He loved her best, he told me

Bobby was his best girl.

All those years apart,
you started to feel guilty.

- Is that why you came back?
- You're pushing her. Don't push her.

I understand he was
your dad and you loved him.

- But you felt you had stop.
- No.

- What did you do to stop him, Gillian?
- Nothing.

I didn't kill him. I didn't.


Liar! Liar! Liar!

What's she lying about?

You didn't send Mum away, I did.

He said...

He said you were his best girl.

He said you were an angel.


I went to father Hart
and I asked him how to be an angel.

Bad Bobby.

You put on the handcuffs, too.

What do bad girls have to do, Bobby?"

"Put on the handcuffs, Daddy."

Then what do bad girls do, Bobby?

Go to my room.

- What happens next?
- He takes the handle off

key goes.


Is it dark in your room?

You can see things coming through
the curtains.

Monsters coming to get me.

"Try and get out, bad girl."

"Scream, Bobby. Scream for Daddy."

"Show me how sorry you are."

"Please, Daddy. Let me out."

"I'll be good."

Where was Daddy?

He was staring at me through the hole
where the handle had gone.

I'm sorry, Daddy.

I'm sorry

I'll be good.

What happened when he let you out.

He'd hug me.

He tell me that I was his special girl.

He didn't want to have to punish me.

He said it was for my own good.

He loved me. He really loved me.

- So why did you kill him?
- What?

I didn't kill him.

Stop the interview. Immediately.

I didn't kill him.

Not because of that.

Why, then?

He said he loved Bridie, too.
I heard him with Olivia.

"Bridie needs a firm hand". A heard him.

This is totally inapp...

You killed him to protect Bridie?

He was going to marry Olivia. He
was getting a new wife, a new little girl.

I was his special person, he was mine!

Why should she have him? He's mine!


You must've had a really good plan.
Is that why you put your best dress on?

I'm not a fat, stupid lump.

What's next on the plan?

I kill Snap.

Our dog Snap.

I didn't want to.

To get Dad into the barn?

I didn't hurt him.

I gave him some of Daddy's pills.

I cut his throat.

And I called Daddy.

I chopped off his head.

He knelt down to Snap and I
shopped off his head.

Why the axe, Roberta?

He was on his knees,
he wouldn't see I coming.

And I only had one chance.

And he's my daddy,
you'll never get him now!

Bridie's mum was on her own,

she'd be grateful for any help
with her unruly daughter,

and gradually, Tey develops a relationship in
which Olivia becomes totally dependent on him.

And even if Bridie's punishment
had to be more subtle,

he'd have found a new victim,
and that's always thrilling.

First, he marries Tessa

a gullible young romantic
he can intimidate and manipulate.

When she goes, she becomes a saint
who Gillian can't live up to.

The same pattern for Roberta
when Gillian flees.

Will the girls recover, do you think?

Well, Gillian seems to have
a greater sense of self-awareness.

She knows she's lost her own identity
through her compulsive need to please.

That's why she was
an angel for Father Hart,

and a good pupil for her teacher but...

well, Roberta,

she beheaded her father.

She's going to be in a secure unit
for a very long time.

I thought it was sexual abuse

I never imagined...

The man psychologically tortured
his own daughter.

Poor kid.

So desperate for her dad's love
she ended up killing him.

I doubt anyone can
drive that nightmare away.

You all right?


Why not? It a good result.

No, you don't want my snot on it.

Don't have to do that, you know.


Push me away.

People being nice...

It's a tricky one.

Yeah, I know.

What Tey did, I mean...

Parents are supposed to take care
of their kids, aren't they?

That's the theory.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

One of each.

- You?
- Yeah. I had a brother.

Ah, he was cheeky.

He was great, all the usual stuff.

He got leukemia. Died when he was 15.

I'm sorry.

And my mum and dad, they couldn't bear it.

In the end, they

they just stopped visiting him.

I used to go, though. I used to
tell him all the stuff that happened.

He could hear me, I know he could.

He, uh...

he died alone.

I was in school and...

the hospital phoned my parents but
they didn't get there till it was too late.

I've put up pictures of Terry
and all his certificates and stuff

up in the living room.

Well, a shrine, I suppose.

I've made sure
that Mum and Dad see him every day

for the rest of their lives.

I think I've driven my mum mad.

What kind of a monster
does that make me, eh?

You're not a monster.

You knew Roberta had killed Tey,
didn't you?

That's why you got rid of the knife
and wiped the axe clean

when you found her in the barn.


Did you feel guilty?

Every week she came to you,

told you what a bad girl she'd been.

She asked you how to become an angel.

She's young I thought she was exaggerating.

I get confused.

You weren't confused
you just didn't want to believe it.

Not of William, the son you never had.

No good hiding behind a wall of senility.

That poor child was begging you for help
and you did nothing.

Looks like we're going to see rain
spreading from the west

and that will be heavy at times,
quite windy as well.

But it looks as though the
unsettled weather will clear later

leaving sunshine and just one or
two showers across the whole region.

Looking a bit further ahead, then, the
weekend, it will be fairly sunny again

with occasional showers but it will be
warm, with highs of around 18 Celsius