The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Okinawan Sea and Melting Feelings - full transcript

A business trip to Okinawa has Fuyutsuki-san doing her best to reassure Himuro-kun, who is fearful of what might happen under the blazing southern sun.

Four days and three nights in Okinawa!

I'm looking forward to it!

Okinawa Soba, Chanpuru, Awamori!

Oh, right. I need to buy a swimsuit.

This is a company study trip
for newcomers.

I know.

But we're free in the evening onward.

Fuyutsuki, want to go
swimsuit shopping together?


There he goes again.


What's the matter, Himuro?


It's nothing.

I'm worried about the Okinawa trip.

Is it because of the heat in Okinawa?

No. It's spring right now,
so I should be fine.

It's a matter of mind...


The southern resort,

blue sea, white sand...

When I picture that scene in my mind,
I become so excited and can't help myself...

And I might turn everything around me
into a sea of blizzard.

So I don't think I should go...


But this is a company study trip,

if I don't go...

What should I do?

It would be nice
if I could enjoy the calm, soothing waves

on the beach in the south
without worry someday...

There must be something...



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I made this myself.

Please accept it.

What is this?

Please give it a gentle shake.

It sounds like waves.

It's a surf drum.

A surf drum?

It's an instrument
that can produce the sounds of waves

if you put some pebbles or beans inside.

You can use this to accustom yourself
to the sounds of the ocean.

And the sound of waves
has a calming effect, right?


So I thought if you practice with this,

you might avoid starting a blizzard
when you see the ocean in Okinawa.

I would be lonely...

if you didn't join the trip,

so please come with us.

Well, then...


I can't take it anymore!

I Love her!

Saying things like
she would be lonely if I didn't go...

Is this reality?


I must practice a lot before the trip!


Is there going to be
a talent show during the trip?

Let's practice!

Empty one's mind...

Become one with the wave...

I can do this.

I will manage!


I wonder if Himuro will be all right.


Wow! It's the sea!

How are you feeling, Himuro?

I think I'll be just fine.

It's finally over.

It's already afternoon,
but it's as bright and sunny as noon.

The daylight hours are long here.

Come on! Let's go to the beach!

To the sea!

The water is cold!

Well, it is still April.

Are you all right, Himuro?

I'm fine.

I don't do well in the heat,

but I won't melt if I stay in the shade.

So he will melt if it's too hot.

Anyway, thank you very much.

Thanks to the surf drum you made me,

I was able to practice every night
and train myself.

Now, I can enjoy watching the sea calmly.

I absolutely won't cause a blizzard today!

That's great.

Is this your first time
in Okinawa, Fuyutsuki?

No, I came here
for my high school graduation trip.

Oh, I see...

But due to a typhoon,
we couldn't go anywhere

and had to stay in the hotel.

That's a shame.

So I looked forward
to this trip very much.

I did a lot of research
and made some travel notes myself.

Travel notes?


Would you like one, Himuro?

Yes, please.

This is incredibly detailed!

Fuyutsuki doesn't show
emotions on her face,

but she is really excited about this trip.

A trip in Okinawa with Fuyutsuki...
I have to make the most of it too!

Oh, no!

That was close!

Sometimes, your Kansai dialect comes out.

Ah, yes, it does...

Did she get a happy message?

Look at this.

So... So cute!

My pet sitter sent me this.

Oh, right. Someone's taking care
of your cat while you're away...

Yes, she's a lovely person,

and Nyamero likes her very much too.

Nyamero? Oh, the cat's...

It's the name of my cat.

Nyamero is very cute.


I love...

I love Nyamero very much.

Huh? Did I say it wrong?

Kansai dialect is hard...

That's freaking cute!

I... I...

That's what I love about
Fuyutsuki so much!

That was too close!

I need to maintain this weather...

You're wide open!

...until the trip ends!

Keep calm...


Be serene...

Oh, a Shisa.

I'll buy the cutest one to bring home.

I'll go with this one.


Oh, sorry. You chose it first...

No, I'm sure you were faster.



Well, then...

I'll help you choose one, then.

What do you think?
Isn't this one cute too?


You are so very cute!

Oh, no!

Huh? Snow?

In spring in Okinawa?!

Artificial snow for tourism?

It's beautiful!

I'll remember this forever.


You did it, Himuro.

Nothing of the sort.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Is it...

Is it really okay for me to feel so happy?

Next, today's weather forecast.

In contrast to yesterday's cool weather,
it's going to be hot in Okinawa today.

The temperature has been rising
since this morning.

Without a doubt,
we'll observe a new record high today!

No way!

No way!

I'm going to melt in the heat!

Is something wrong?


I'm going to get something from the store!

Himuro? I'll get breakfast first, then.

No! This won't do!

I'll melt in this weather!



Don't you have
any ice or ice cream at all?

I'm terribly sorry.
The freezer suddenly broke down.

But the repair service will be here
before noon.

I can't wait that long!

I see...

Are there other convenience stores
in the hotel?

No, I'm sorry.
I'm afraid we're the only ones.

Let's eat until we drop!


Excuse me. Do you know where Himuro is?

Oh, he left in a hurry
to get something from the store.

I haven't seen him since.

He seemed anxious
when he saw the weather report today.

Where did Himuro go?

I don't even have his contact...

I won't melt if I stay in the shade.

The temperature is much higher today.

Could it be...

that he actually melted?

He could be in the hotel
because of this heat...

A cold breeze...




I'm over here.

Over here.


You've become much smaller...

When it's too hot,
I melt and become small.

I didn't expect the weather
to turn so hot all of a sudden...

I wanted to get some ice
to cool myself down from the store,

but the freezer was out of order.

I won't be able to attend
the training session later in this state...


at this rate, I'll continue to melt...

You'll be okay.


You just need to cool down
to return to normal, right?

Yes, but...

I looked up
the convenience stores around the area.

It's two kilometers away...

Don't worry.

Please wait here.


The convenience store is
two kilometers away.

Will Fuyutsuki manage?

Sorry for the wait.

Please have this.

So soon? But the convenience store...

I didn't go to the convenience store.

These are desserts
from the breakfast buffet.

As expected of Fuyutsuki!

Are you all right?

Yes. Thank you.

Is something the matter?

You're usually so much taller than me.

But today, you're so small and adorable.


Oh, I suppose a grown man
wouldn't be happy to hear that.


But you're so cute
that I have the urge to pat your head.

Is... Is that so?

May I?


Himuro's hair

is cool and soft...

I turned back.

The popsicle worked.

Thank you, Fuyutsuki...

You... You surprised me...

We... We should hurry up and get breakfast.


If a client raises concerns
about faulty products...

-...and you handle it in the wrong manner,
-Why was I flustered by the usual Himuro? may result in negative reviews.

We must take responsibility
for any broken or faulty products...

Did the descendant
of the snow woman spirit catch a fever?

You've worked hard
on this company study trip, newcomers.

Please enjoy yourselves.

Now, then...


A company study trip is the best!

But there's one regret I have.


There's a fireworks festival tonight.

But even if we go now,
there won't be any good spots left.

I really wanted to see the fireworks...

-Good work, everyone!
-Thank you for your hard work!

I'll call a taxi to take us
back to the hotel.

Excuse me.

Shall we take a little walk instead?

A walk?

This is more of a hike than a walk.


Where are we going?

Just a little further.

That sound...


I'm surprised
you knew this spot, Fuyutsuki.

I found it when I was
compiling my travel notes.

It's a hidden gem only the locals know.

As expected of Fuyutsuki!

Travel notes? What's that?

I need to get a shot of this!

Look here, everyone!

Did the photo turn out well?


From that time...

This photo will be my secret.

I hope I can watch
the fireworks with Fuyutsuki

next year too.

Thank you for your work, everyone.

The company trip was a great success.

-When work doesn't go well in the future...
-This trip was great.

I created lots of precious memories
with Fuyutsuki.

We will be returning to Tokyo now.

Once we go back to Tokyo,

we'll create more wonderful
memories together.

We will!

Until now, all of you were assigned
to your departments temporarily.

But you will officially start
in your new positions on Monday.

Please continue to maintain your relations

even if you are assigned
to different departments.

We might get assigned to
different departments?

And after all the bonding we did...

That would be a pity...


I might be separated from Fuyutsuki?