The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Cherry Blossom Meeting and a Coming Blizzard - full transcript

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Be good and watch the house, Nyamero.

I'll bring home a gift for you.

Then, I'm off.

Today is my company initiation ceremony.

I'm a proper working adult now.

But it doesn't feel as if
anything has changed.

Since my student days...

Fuyutsuki is always so cool.

Right. She's so calm and composed.

She really is.

I've often been told those things.

Maybe it's because I'm less easily moved...


Are you all right?

Um... What happened to your legs?

Well, today is supposed to be
my company initiation ceremony...

But I was so nervous

that my feet got frozen,
and now I'm stuck.

I'm watching the cherry blossoms
to help calm myself down.


"So nervous that my feet are frozen"...

is something that does happen...

But it's the first time I've seen someone
physically freeze on the spot...

Oh, right.

I have some hot tea with me.

Shall I pour it over the ice?

Is that all right?


It didn't work.

Just how nervous is he?

Would you like some tea?


I'm sorry about this...

It's fine.



Thank you.

The ice thawed.

That's good.

Spring is lovely, isn't it?



I'm a descendant of the snow woman spirit.

The snow woman spirit?

Yes. That snow woman spirit.

When I get emotional,
ice forms around my body.

A spirit? This is the first time
I've met a descendant of one...

I'm a descendant of the snow woman spirit,

so I often get asked if I like winter.


When the flowers bloom,
and I get to meet someone...

It makes me love spring too.

Thank you for your tea.

Not at all.

Thanks to you, I feel a lot calmer now.

Ah, yes.

Excuse me, then...

I'm running late.

Fuyutsuki seems so cool, doesn't she?

She never loses her composure, either.

I don't think she has
anyone she likes too.

That was what I was like

as a student...


I met a type of person
I had never encountered in my life before.

I wonder if I'll see him again...


Getting so nervous that
my feet become frozen

has happened to me many times...


It's the first time I've met someone

so kind and gentle...


You work in this company...

You too...

What a coincidence.

I will be your colleague from now on.

I look forward to working with you.

What is this?
It's a miracle that we meet here again!

Wow! What's going on?
What's with all this snow?

You look fluffy...

Oh, yes.
I'm a descendant of the fox spirit.

I see.

I'm a descendant of the snow woman spirit.

Oh, the snow woman spirit...

That's amazing.

Oh, pardon me.

I'm Saejima.

I'm Himuro.

I'm Fuyutsuki.

Komori at your service.

-Who's your descendant?
-Who's your descendant?

I'm a descendant of a human.

Same here.

I will be under your care from now on.

I'll be in your care too.

-I look forward to working with you.
-I look forward to working with you.

By the way, I've been curious...

Is the chief...

a descendant of the Giant Buddha?

He can't be.

The Giant Buddha is a statue.

Huh? So they just look alike?

Nyamero, I'm home.

It's bonito mixed with
scallops and snapper.


I met a lot of new people today.

I think things are going
to be different from now on...

Oh, right.

A reward for looking after
the house for me.

I'm glad you like it.

How typical of a cat.

I can't wait for tomorrow to come.

Himuro, it's a little cold...

Sorry, I was too engrossed.

Do you like flowers?

Very much.

But when I go near them,
everything freezes over.

Do you mean they get covered in frost?


I love flowers,

but I'm not loved by them.

There must be a way...

Right, Nyamero?


Please try this.



What is this for, Fuyutsuki?

You can use the straw

to protect plants from frost.

I felt bad for the flowers and you
looking so sad and all...

So I searched for a solution
that would solve your problem.

Um, Fuyutsuki...


Did you carry this straw
on your back to work on the train?

Don't worry.

I took the first train

so I wouldn't inconvenience
the other passengers.

You're so nice, Fuyutsuki.

He smiled.

I'm glad I could be of help.

Well, then...

Ah... This is bad!

Fuyutsuki is so nice!

I... I really like her!

I'm going to melt...


It's freezing!

Himuro, what has made you so absorbed?

Also, it's a bit cold...

Sorry, Fuyutsuki.

I was too caught up in it again...

A cat?

I love cats.

But if I get too excited,
I might accidentally freeze them,

so I can't touch cats.

So I have to stick to watching cat videos...

I have a cat.

So cute...

I'm envious. I want to pet a real cat...


Please accept this.



My cat sheds its whiskers on my bed a lot...

So I collected them.

You can't touch a real cat,

but I figured you could
at least touch its whiskers...


Besides, cat whiskers are said
to be a good luck charm, right?

I hope good things happen to you...

It's a little embarrassing to give a guy...

a protective charm...

Well, then...

She's too cute!

Fuyutsuki wished me happiness!

The cat whiskers are too effective!


Cat whiskers are the best!

Getting so excited over cat whiskers...

That guy loves cats too much!

Fuyutsuki is such a nice person...

I want to do something for her too...

Fuyutsuki, please accept this dessert.

This is that really
popular limited dessert...

Chocolat Orange Pistache À La Mode.

You mentioned you wanted to try it...


But isn't this sold out
in many places already?

Oh, I just happened to come across it...

I can't let her know
that I spent a week searching for it!

You must've spent
a lot of time finding this...

Thank you.

She is super cute!

I'm the one who should be thanking you!


The little snowmen are cute too.

I can't! I'm so happy!

I wanted to give her something nice
to show my appreciation,

but I've been given a gift
a hundred times better!

Oh, boy... Himuro, we're freezing!

The weather is nice and comfortable today.

Say, Fuyutsuki,

you're sweet on Himuro, aren't you?

Am I? I don't particularly think so.

Fuyutsuki is such a nice person.


But that hurts.

Fuyutsuki is nice...


She is super nice!

An igloo...

Apparently, Himuro holes himself up

in an igloo when he is depressed.

I've heard that he made
a mistake at work today...

He lost the data
that he had spent all day compiling.


I did tell him that he could
just send them in tomorrow,



I will have everything completed today.

Well, he wouldn't listen.

Sounds like Himuro, all right.

It looks like you'll be working overtime.


I made a huge error...

Is there anything I can do to help?

No, it's fine.

This is my responsibility.

I see.

Then, good luck with your work.

Good work today.

Don't push yourself too hard.



That was super cool!

Fuyutsuki was worried about me!

She's not only cute...

but super cool too!

Saejima, your face is really red.

I have a slight cold,
and I'm feeling feverish.

I see.

Maybe you should take it easy
and go home early today?

I would love to, but...

I haven't made any progress on
today's work...

I'll make you something nice, then.

Something nice?

A handmade cold compress.

Um... I don't think I can use that...

I don't need that.

Huh? What if you wrap this?

In a suit?

You want me to wrap the towel
around my head?

No way. I would look like a drunkard.

You're stubborn.

Yes. So don't mind me.

Hand over those files, then.


Taking care of your health
is part of your job too.

I'll take care of these for you,
so go home.


He took most of them...

You're so kind, Himuro.

Oh, not at all, Fuyutsuki.

This isn't much.

We're colleagues, after all.

I see.

She said I was kind!

Himuro creates cold things,

but he is a warm person.


Oh, sorry.

I'm back, Nyamero.

Did you behave yourself today?

Nyamero is finally using it...


I guess there's always next time.

It has been a month since then.

It has been a month
since I joined the company.

Fuyutsuki is a really nice person.

I joined a great company.

It's great being a working adult!


Our newcomers' work trip
destination has been decided!

We will be going to Okinawa.



Sounds great.

O... O... Okinawa?


It'll be bad

if I go to Okinawa!

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