The Heart of Sergio Ramos (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Legado - full transcript

Sergio and Real Madrid face the outcome of a brutal month of games. Real Madrid continue their hopes of achieving a fifth Champions League Title. Sergio questions the longevity he has left ...





And love for family.

These are some of the values
my father instilled in me.

And now that I'm a father,

I want to pass that on to my children.

Every day I strive to teach by example,

because in the end, that will be...

my true legacy.



The UEFA has suspended captain Ramos
for two games

due that yellow card
against Ajax in Amsterdam.

Ramos will now miss the next game
at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium,

and he'll be excluded
from the first game of the quarter-finals,

if the Merengues are confirmed
for the top eight.


Such a shame about the card, isn't it?

Yes, the card.

In the end, it didn't...

It was the one small dark moment
in the game.


But it could've been worse.

I'm confident the team will make
a comeback here at home

with our people and our fans.

You've got some tough games coming up.

Yes, next is the Copa del Rey
against Barça.

We're getting close to the most
decisive week of the entire season.

We're into high stakes games now.

The first is against Barcelona,

the second leg of the Copa del Rey.

Then we play a La Liga game in the middle.

Three days after that,
we face Barcelona again

to play a La Liga game,

and try to move up in the standings.

And then we have the Champions.

It makes me laugh when people say
you were really good yesterday.

They don't know
how much work goes into it.

Yes. After all, it's the result
of many years of work and...

I don't know. Yesterday
I felt I was particularly fast,

especially having worked with Bernie
these last few years.

As we grow older,
we tend to lose that edge in speed.

But, honestly, I felt good.

We still have many years
and many competitions left.

Sometimes in soccer,
things don't turn out the way you want.

That's it.

Hold it for 30.


- The yellow card will cost me two games.
- Close your eyes.

- Close my eyes?
- Yes.

As captain, you can't have
a negative attitude.

Imagine a ball to your left.

You have to shift your eyes
to focus on the ball.

Your knee will naturally follow.

He can't find it, Dani.
If the ball goes to the left,

he can't find it.

You have a game
practically every two days.

You have to be that person
people can lean on for support,

and you have to turn negative
situations around.

If I'm playing to the right,

my peripheral vision shifts to the left
and the right cancels it out.

That explains why Lucas
can't see anything on the left.

Often, between the sideline
and the stands...

Let me tell you something.

If you put me into a left-side position,
I won't be able to see the field.

That's why I pass him the ball so much.

You have to try, not just for yourself,

but for the whole team,
to be in the best mood possible.

The team's found its rhythm now,

and now we're moving up.

Let's see if it lasts.

That would be good.

We have to win, man.

If we win the Champions League again,
I'm retiring.

- Right, Bernie?
- Don't say that too loudly.


Real Madrid versus Barcelona,
in a crucial Clásico game

to determine who will advance
to the Copa del Rey's finals.

Their last battle,
played without Messi, at Camp Nou,

ended in a 1-1 tie.

We're here tonight witnessing a showdown.

They want to beat FC Barcelona

and qualify for the Cup's final.

It's elimination time,
it's all or nothing.

If they win tonight, the whites will
go through to the next round,

but will Messi let that happen?

You go out convinced we can win,

without underestimating your opponent.
Barcelona is such a great team.

So, I think it will come down

to the team that makes
the fewest mistakes,

so that's what we'll to try to do.

The game is about to begin.

The semifinal round
of the Copa del Rey starts

amidst thunderous and deafening noise.

Benzema's in front of the box,
passes to Vinícius,

Vinícius shoots!

What a great move and turn,

but what an awful shot.

Very nice play by Casemiro
with that pass to Vinícius.

Vinícius has it, he loses the ball.

Here comes the Englishman.
He passes it over to Benzema who shoots.

Ter Stegen again timely
with his right foot.

Real Madrid continues to miss.

Ousmane Dembélé is waiting for it.

Nice ploy to leave Carvajal behind.

What a great move from Ousmane Dembélé,
it looks like it will get through...

Luis Suárez, goal, goal, goal!

Goal from Suárez!

A hush falls over the crowd
at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Real Madrid is facing
a real uphill battle now.

Ousmane Dembélé moves into the box.

He kicks the ball towards the post.


Barça's second. It's 2-0.

We're at the 70-minute mark.

Now Real Madrid needs
three goals to qualify.

It'll be incredibly difficult.

Luis Suárez.

And the referee calls
a penalty for Casemiro.

He doesn't fight it,
so it must be an obvious fault.

Let's watch Luis Suárez take his shot.

Panenka style!


The game is going to end
with a score of 0-3.

We've seen Real Madrid's issues.
They just couldn't score.

Barça is a very well-structured team
and they bring a lot of firepower.

That's been the difference in this game.

After being eliminated from the Cup,

Real Madrid needs to hold on
to their league position,

and I think that's why
they are the favorites.

The big question is,
what will Madrid focus on?

On Barcelona or on Ajax?

Which team will Solari bring out?

Will they play their best
against Barça or Ajax?

Because it's complicated.
It would put them six points behind.


It'll be your birthday soon.

Yes. I'm going to be 33.

The age of Christ.


So, we'll have
to start planning for the future.

Pilar has always supported me
in my hardest decisions.

Although she also has a say
in whatever we decide,

I've always felt she was supportive
of any decisions I've made.

What are your plans?

I don't know. The truth is, I don't know,

but I think that we've traveled
all over the world,

and nothing compares
to Madrid and Real Madrid.

You have your team of four here.

- We come as a package.
- Yes, as a package.

I hope so. Promise?

Give me a kiss.

MARCH 2ND, 2019

Barça is now the leader in Clásico wins.

Barça is nine points ahead.

Real Madrid is the favorite because
they have more at stake than Barça.

The game has begun
at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Reguilón receives the ball,
takes it on the inside,

what a good ball for Benzema.

Benzema controls it, he takes on Lenglet.

Benzema shoots with the left,
but he missed.

Benzema over to Luka Modrić.

Modrić has a shot. Modrić!

But Piqué blocks it.

Madrid is having a rough time.

They have to create a lot
of scoring chances to score.

Arthur Melo has the ball,
gives it to Messi.

Messi faces Casemiro.

Messi changes the rhythm,
but Reguilón closes in on him.

Suárez punts it to Messi.
Messi has the ball.

And he loses control of it!

Barça and Real Madrid are
very evenly matched.

Sergi Roberto, watch out for Rakitić
who finds an opening.

Rakitić sets it up.

Goal! Goal from Barça!

By Ivan Rakitić!

Let's see what happened
between Ramos and Messi.

Messi is lying on the ground.

This is what happened between...

Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi.

You can expect almost anything
in a Clásico game.

There are quick-tempered players
on both teams.

The game is over.

Barça is very close to winning the title.

And now Madrid has to really focus
on the Champions League,

but they'll have to perform better.

This is a total disaster
for Real Madrid and their fans.

Things don't look good for Solari.

Losing again against Barça in La Liga
was very frustrating.

It was something that really affected us.

When you're unable to score a goal
in this type of game,

you pay for it.


What's going on?

Nothing, I'm just setting up...

a circuit for the boys.

- Really?
- For Marco and Sergio.

Are they any good?

They're learning.
They can practice different moves.

I set it up like this, so they can shoot.

How are you feeling?

Hanging in there.

The last two games
have been disappointing.

Honestly, losing is really infuriating,

especially against them, against Barça,

in La Liga and the Cup.

We have so much at stake.

In soccer, it always sucks to lose,

especially against your most bitter rival
and in that way.

Yes, but we have to keep fighting.

I think so. I really believe in the team.

I just feel helpless watching from the box

and not being able to help my team
on the field.

But what can you do?
I just have to trust the team.

That's why I'm here,

setting up a circuit for Marco and Sergio.

Do you want to try it
before the kids get here?

- Let's see how you do.
- I'm getting too old for this.

No, man, you're not.

Let's see how my knee holds up.

- The cones are close together.
- Man, this is...

Okay. Out there. Up. Jump. Jump. Left.

All right, that was good.

I've still got it.

You've still got it. Come here.

I'm going to call Gorri.
I think I've pulled something.


- See you later.
- See you later.

Our jobs requires a lot of time
and dedication.

Everything happens at once,

which makes my personal life
a little difficult.

But we're a team,
and we support each other.

I'm still doing what I love.

I work as a model.

I do a lot of marketing promotions,

Lower your knee a bit, if you can. There.

Is this how you imagined
your life would be at 40, Pilar?

Or were you more a carpe diem type...


...who didn't think much about the future?

I never imagined I'd have three children.

But I'm glad they were born
so close together.

These are really beautiful.

Given the new wave of feminism
we are living now,

do you feel a certain responsibility
on how you raise your children?

I want them to know that we're all equal

because it seems ridiculous to me

that, in this day and age,

that macho attitudes still persist.

To illustrate my life's trajectory
through graphics and line drawings.

This is me as a child,

- dreaming about playing soccer.
- Okay.

Then came my first goal
playing for Madrid.

These are real pictures
that someone traced over, right?

That's it. Yes, they're my pictures.

This is a photo of me when I was a kid.

This one's really cool.

I honestly couldn't tell you
how many tattoos I have today.

My first tattoo was
where I currently have the wolf.

I had that one covered up.

It was small elf with a soccer ball.

That was my first tattoo.
I was 14 or 15 years old.

My father almost killed me.

Madrid has a master's degree
in Champions League.


Yes, we have a master's,

but we can't depend on that all our lives.

There's still so much to accomplish.

We're really motivated to win
the Champions game at the Wanda.

That always provides extra motivation.

So, you're eager to...

To start winning, man.

The Champions is Real Madrid's
favorite competition.

And history speaks for itself, right?

We've won the most Champions cups
for a reason.

Ever since I've been tattooing you,

it's always been that way.

I keep calling you more out of
superstition than for your talent.

In this competition,
when the anthem starts playing,

people feel like they want
to take on the world.

The Champions brings out
the best in all of us.

You've have so many Champions trophies,
I started to think it was easy to win.

I wish.

I mean, La Liga is tough,
but the Champions...

Yeah, man.

Let's see if we can keep it up,

at least until we retire.

MARCH 5TH, 2019

Real Madrid has been eliminated
from the Cup.

Last week's defeats against Barça
were a hard blow.

Now winning La Liga
is practically out of reach.

They're 12 points behind the leaders.

It's a critical situation.

We'll see how they play tonight.


- Daddy!
- Hello!

Where are we going?

To the soccer cup game.

Right, the soccer cup game.

And who's playing on our team today?

Luka Modrić and Lucas Vázquez.

And Cristiano Ronaldo.

No, he isn't playing, Marco.

He doesn't play for us anymore. He left.

- And Daddy.
- Who else?

Lucas Vázquez has a silly face
and he doesn't eat hamburgers.

He's has a big silly face
and he doesn't eat hamburgers. Yes.

If you get through the elimination series,

you're five games away
from being European champions.




It's important to say "again."

Today, we have to score, no matter what.

No matter what.

Here are the Real Madrid players

in the tunnels
of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

This competition is clearly a part

of Real Madrid's DNA.

They have won four
of the last five championships.

In the absence of Sergio Ramos,

Benzema will be Real Madrid's captain.

- How are you?
- Look who's here!

I never get to see you.

The game is about to begin.

The ball is picked up by the white team.

Raphaël Varane takes the ball,

looking for a long shot over the top.

Lucas Vázquez tries to gain control.
He's grappling with Tagliafico.

The referee finally calls a foul.

That's a card, man, call it!

Madrid came out feeling confident
having the home field advantage.

We're the locals here. This is our turf.

Watch out for that ball.

This is dangerous.
He's coming in behind Nacho.

Ajax is bringing everything they've got.
They pick up the ball...


Ziyech scores for Ajax Amsterdam!

The first goal for Ajax.

The score is 0-1.

That was not in the script.

Real Madrid has the ball.

Carvajal passes it to Lucas Vázquez.

Come on!

He has a shot.

It's a good shot!

That header hit the upper corner!

That was a golden opportunity
for Real Madrid,

but the ball was too high
and it struck the crossbar.

Damn it.

There goes Tadić.
He turns the ball around.

He passes it to Neres.

No fucking way.

Neres! Ajax scores!

Shit, man, this is unbelievable.

For Christ's sake!

We're at the 18-minute mark, Jorge,

- and we're at 0-2.
- Yes.

Their defense is suffering.
It's really bad.

Two and zero.

Real Madrid is really missing
Sergio Ramos.

There goes Vinícius, one-on-one.

He gets past two players, passes the ball.

He takes a shot.

Come on, get it in. Get it the hell in!

Great block by Onana.

Real Madrid is trying to play faster
than they're capable of.

I think Lucas Vázquez is in trouble.

It's got something to do with that shot.

Because ever since the block by Onana,
he's been limping.

Lucas Vázquez covers his face,

surely to hide the tears in his eyes.

He receives a standing ovation
from the Santiago Bernabéu crowd.

He's going to leave the field.

At the 28-minute mark,
Gareth Bale is coming in.

Let's hope we score one before the break.

Over to Varane,
looking for the counter-attack.

Vinícius is taking it inside.

Go, Vini. There you go. Go on.

He takes it on the outside.

Mazraoui is in pursuit.

Put it in.

Vinícius shoots.

It hits the side of the net.

It's off, too far to the side.

- Careful, eh?
- Be careful.

Vinícius hits the ground.

I don't know if he landed badly
while trying to stop.

Is he injured too?

Oh, my God, this is starting to look
like a Hitchcock movie.

They are winning.

There's still a long way to go, okay?

- They'll come back.
- Did he say they're winning?

He's sad.

We'll score soon, son.

Nice pass over to Gareth Bale.
He moves into the box.

Let's go! Go!

He comes in from behind,
and it hits the post!

No fucking way, man!

Looking for the ball for a penalty shot.

It goes high, Nacho misses the net.

This is a historic Champions game.

The champions may lose their title.

Come on, God damn it.

There's Sergio Ramos in the players' box.

Obviously, we're all missing him
on the field...

No, I don't want any.

...and I bet he feels even worse.

Watch out for Van de Beek,

he's moving up with Tagliafico.

Van de Beek takes it again,

Tadić moves up front. He shoots. Goal!

Oh, man, come on!

No fucking way, man.

It's hard to believe.

Real Madrid loses on their home turf,

0-3 against Ajax Amsterdam.

You're going down?

- Go on.
- Yes.

Sergio Jr. knows very well
when the team wins or loses.

This hurts, not just for my team,

but also because my son is a fan,
and he's upset.


- You know Dad's a little sad, right?
- Yes.

- But it's okay, right?
- Yeah.

- Because you can't always win in life.
- No.

Isn't that right?
And if you lose, it doesn't matter.

You just come back
much stronger next time.

If we usually win every day,

and now we lose...

What do you do when you lose
against your friends?

Well, nothing.

- Do you get angry?
- No.

- There's no reason to get angry, right?
- No.

You learn something new
every day, right? Like Daddy says?

For me, personally, I've learned the most
from my mistakes.

And we've always come back to win again.

We didn't succeed at first,
we didn't achieve what we wanted,

but we came back stronger.

You can never stop dreaming.

You always have to keep the faith.

Never let anyone

take your dream away from you, okay?

- A little kiss.
- And we switch.

- And we switch.
- A kiss with the four of us.

- Let's all kiss.
- Can we do it?


Now the two of us.

Sometimes losing is a good thing.

That's a strange thing to say, isn't it?
But if you want to leave a legacy

or show them the way to success,

or the way to achieve their dreams,

they need to experience loss,

and sometimes it's just your turn to lose.

You have the opportunity to learn
until the day you retire.

No one makes it through life
without scars.

My worst moments have taught me the most.

You have to lose
to appreciate your achievements,

and what it takes to win.

Goal from Real Madrid!

Goal from Sergio Ramos!

Let me tell you something.

You're much better after you retire
than when you're playing.

Yes. It's easier from the sidelines.

Being a winner is very demanding.

From a fan's perspective,
you've won what you've won.

Now they want to you to win again,

but you know just how far you can go.

Winning again is difficult,
but it's not impossible.

We already know how to get there,

given all of our years
of previous experience.

What I want is to put the club
back where it belongs.

I'm very happy to be back home.

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