The Heart of Sergio Ramos (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Aficionados y rivales - full transcript

It's the penultimate episode, and Sergio and Real Madrid face one of their toughest months in the season. They have a consequential game every three days and face their big rival, Barcelona, three times over the course of 30 days.

"You have changed my life."

"Soccer means nothing to me without you."

Pass the ball!

"You've shared my best
and worst moments with me."

"It's not easy,"

"and I'm not perfect by any means,"

"but I work hard every day,
as if it was day one."

"I can assure you
that I face any adversity"

"and take on any challenge"

"because I know
you'd do the same for me"

"and for our team."

"During the remainder of my career,"

"I'll keep fighting, believing"

"and chasing goals for you."

"That's why I want to say
that you, the fans,"

"our followers, are the soul of the team."

Ramos! Goal!

"You're in our hearts,"

"and I have no words to thank you"

"for what you do for me,"

"for the team, for Real Madrid."


For Real Madrid
at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium!



Ramos is amazing.

Sergio Ramos sees everything out there.

I'm a big Ramos fan. I adore him.

He's our captain.

This is a captain's jersey.

Go, Madrid!

In goes Sergio Ramos. Ramos kicks it out.

Ángel Correa complains about a foul.

Ramos gets a yellow card.

Sergio Ramos is the worst person
you'll come up against

anywhere in the world.

That's a yellow card
for Sergio Ramos.

He's full of shit.

He's the worst defense in the world.

Filipe is in the box. He tries to center.

Sergio Ramos intercepts it.

He's a really good player.

You have to learn how to deal
with both praise and criticism.

In comes Ramos. Superb goal.


The strength he transmits,
the sense of teamwork

he instills in the other teammates
is wonderful.

He didn't want to let the play
go through at all.

You have something they don't,

the soccer field.

That's how you silence the critics.

We will be champions again

Real Madrid


The ball...

It could be Real Madrid
or FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona.

In the coming month, we will have
three Madrid-Barça games.

Two in the Cup and one in the League.

Let's go!


You can tell that the backbone
of the team has improved.

Physically, the team is better.
It has improved in the last month.

They're much better now
than they were in December.

The best thing that can happen to a team

is to have every player
available to play.

It's always a joy when a coach
can count on any player.

Now come the real heavyweights.

The big boys. Barça, Atlético, and Ajax.

A lot of games back to back.

And they're all decisive.

It looks like we're making a comeback.

About time.

Better times are coming.

He's on the phone all day.


We're on a winning streak, man.

We're on a good path to the Cup
and we must do well there.

When was the last time
you won the Cup?

When I dropped it.

When I dropped it from the bus.

It's been...

Mou was manager, at least six years.

It's our turn.

- It'd be nice to win the Cup.
- Yes.

We've had some good games.

We need to keep working

and doing things just like we have.

Our Croatian friend is always talking.

He never gets tired.

He gets all Croatian.

Modric is on the phone all day.

We're talking about the team.

About our success.

Good changes.

We give him a hard time.

Plus, he starts talking
in Croatian very loudly,

so we give him even a harder time.

But the truth is he's really amazing,

larger than life, a very good friend,

which is why we give him
a hard time.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

- Get some rest.
- Yes.

You really need it.

After the 5-1 loss
that ended the Lopetegui era,

Madrid and Barça are facing off again.

Without a doubt,
this will be a clash of titans.

A Clásico is always a special game.

A different kind of game.

A game that's watched
all over the world.

And it has a huge impact.

Not only did we lose, we lost 5-1.

What happened months ago
is irrelevant, that 5-1 loss.

This Madrid is different.

I think this will only feed
Madrid's need for revenge.

The Clásicos and soccer always give you
a chance for revenge,

to help you forget what went wrong.


Barcelona and Madrid
have not faced off

in this game since the final in 2014.

This time, they have to face each other
a round earlier,

in the semifinals.

Real Madrid return to the place
where they lost 5-1 in that league match.

In order to beat Barcelona,
I think the key is to

prevent them from scoring,

make few mistakes,

because in the end,

it's the details that will determine
this type of game.

Whenever Madrid seems to be in crisis,

the Cup or the Clásico
lets them make a comeback.

Ramos is in high spirits.

Benzema is playing like never before.

There were some doubts with Solari, but...

This is a game in which Madrid
has to prove definitively

whether the change is a change
for the better.

If Messi ends up not playing,

I think Barça will play
more conservatively,

and will play more in response
to what Madrid can do.

Hello, and welcome to the Clásico.

Just saying that word

stirs up the hearts and minds
of half the world.

Barcelona is clearly the favorite,

but we know that, without Messi,
it's a little more afraid of Madrid.

Barcelona loses a lot
when Messi doesn't play, but

I like to win with Messi on the field
because, in the end,

you give it more value
and it's worth much more.

The Clásico has just begun,

the first leg of the semi-finals of
the Copa del Rey has just begun.

I think that Real Madrid has players
who have won so much,

that have played at such a high level,

that it's not until February
that they really start playing.

That's when get to their full potential.

Vinícius centers it to the far post.

Benzema centers it! Lucas scores!


From Lucas Vázquez!

It's been two months,

and we've gone from seeing a dead body

to a team that believes in itself
in this same stadium.

We're seeing a braver Real Madrid.

They know that Leo Messi is not
running circles around them.

Foul by Ramos. Yellow card.

First one of the game
for the team captain.

That's a harsh call.
He barely touched him.

He can't disappear.

I think Mateu made a mistake.

Foul for Barça.

Malcom kicks.

Malcom sets it up! Rakitić!

Off the crossbar.

Alba's alone. Keylor comes out.

Let's see Suárez. He kicks!

Hits the post!

Watch Malcom, the play is not over.

Malcom aims and scores.

Goal, Malcom!

Look at Sergio's gesture.
He didn't think it would go in.

Barça ties. This game is getting good.

The missing piece of the puzzle.

Number 10 is coming on.

Suárez for Leo Messi.

He's got plenty of options.

Messi passes.

Aleñá challenges.

Carvajal, the winger, saves Real Madrid.

The game ends at Camp Nou.

It's a tie!


Okay, Sergio and Marco.

Family derby. We need two teams.

I'll go with Daddy.

Of course, because Daddy's gonna win?

So you're on Daddy's team.
Who's on my team?


I'm on Dad's team
because we have the same name.

Of course.

Of course. That's right.

- Are you ready?
- We are ready.

- Whoever gets five wins.
- Okay.

So, Marco, you, mom and Alejandro
have to score a goal there.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- And me and Sergio over there.
- Okay.

Okay? Let's do it.

We have to get the ball from them.

Don't let them take it.

- Run. Run!
- You can't use your hands.

Come back.

That doesn't count!

Come here!

It goes in the small one.

You have to score on this one.

We need to score there.

That's out. No goal for you.

That was out.

I think that neither Sergio, nor his son,

Sergio Jr., like to lose at anything.

He'll even be upset

for like an hour if he loses.

That's out. Come on.

That hit the post.


Marco scores!

Run to mom.

Go celebrate with Mom.

Now's our turn.

Run. Come on.

High five.

Score the goal!



There's a special feeling with kids.

Maybe you're tired,

but as soon as you're with them,
and play with them,

they make you feel better.

All by yourself?

They have a healthy way of getting rid
of any problem you may have.

Let's do the second game inside.

Come on. Second game, let's do it.

Come on.

Look out.

It's cold. So, who won?

There are regular games,

and then there are Derbies.

What's better than
an Atlético Madrid versus Real Madrid,

a Clásico, a Derby,

a game that is sure to get
many locals' hearts pumping.

In Madrid, you're either
an Atleti or a Real Madrid fan,

so, when there's a Derby,

the atmosphere is really good.

The Derby has always been
a very special event for Madrid.

We are the athletic club Atlético fan club
of Boadilla

And that, believe it or not, creates
a strange love-hate relationship.

Look at this boy.

It's a shame, given how young he is,

that he had such a bad upbringing.

To make him a Real Madrid fan
as a child...


The Derby is a game where Atlético

has always played for honor
and sportsmanship,

and Madrid has always played
for the titles.

I'll never stop supporting Real Madrid,

whether they win or lose,

or defeat Atleti.

I mean, that's what
usually happens anyway.

The Derby's a very contentious game

because we know our rivals,

and it's never an easy game,

especially in their stadium,
in the Wanda stadium.

Atlético de Madrid

The atmosphere is already electric...

THE DERBY this third Derby.

Metropolitan Wanda Stadium
is full to capacity.

They're playing for second place,

meaning, who's going to
play against Barcelona

who's currently at the top.

This is going to be a great game.

Carvajal trying to direct the ball,

but Godín sends it out of play.

Looks like Carvajal got hurt.

That was a heavy hit.

There he's going to drop the ball
into the area box.

Ramos with the header. Casemiro!


Read Madrid takes the lead,

putting them in second place

and sending Atlético to third place.

They're fired up again.

These days, beating Real Madrid
is a tough job.

Correa's got it. There's no foul.

The counterattack!
Watch out for Griezmann.

Atleti has it. Griezmann has it.

Antoine Griezmann! Goal!

Atleti ties the game
with a goal from Griezmann.

And the crowd is loving it.

With a surgeon's precision,

the German player slices
towards the Brazilian

who watches his movements
inside the box.

He moves into the box.

- The referee calls a penalty.
- Penalty.

Will Sergio be able to pull off
the Panenka penalty?

I don't think so.

- No?
- Who knows? Maybe.

But it'll be expected,
and this is an elite goalkeeper.

A lot of skill there.

Let's find out.

Let's see if Ramos can score
a Panenka penalty.

Penalty for Real Madrid.

Jan Oblak, the best goalie in the league.

Ramos! Goal.


Sergio Ramos' shot was great.

The celebration...

He has so much variety.

I think he's one of the best
penalty shooters in the world.

Atleti keeps pushing.

The ball goes to Giménez. He shoots.

What a stop with the fist!

Courtois ends up avoiding a tie.

He's setting it up for Modrić.

Gareth Bale's got it.

He shoots. Goal!


The result of the Madrid Derby is 1-3.

I think it's a fair score.

Real Madrid was superior.

And Real Madrid
in that play-off with Ajax,

without any doubt are the big favorites.

Real Madrid defeats Atlético de Madrid.

They are in second place,

putting Atlético in third place.

Winning this Derby is very rewarding

because we're now in second place.

And a victory against Atlético
is always special,

in their own stadium,

overtaking them in the standings.

It's not something
you get to experience every day.


If you have a game every three days,

there are really only a few days
where you can train heavily.

But you can fine-tune
some things, as we say.


The goal here is to work on
your acceleration,

when you change direction,

the leg you lean on,
you'll come out of it fast.

Good. One more time.

There. That position.
Like the start of a race.

You come up with some crazy exercises.

And square up.

We do preventive workouts,

workouts to gain strength,
one to prevent injuries,

which I do every afternoon
at my house, basically.

No, start from the first one
and that one at the end.

I almost fell. Let me start over.

Look to one side,
and then swing to the other side.

You're in control.

Imagine you're in a counter-attack.

At the end of the day, colleagues
in your profession do understand

when you give yourself an edge.


Give me three more. Come on.


That's not a coincidence.

And when you do it for years,
even more so.

You don't know what it's like to stay
so many years

at such a physically high level.

Two, three, four... Drop it.

Good job.

- Are we done for today?
- Yes.

We're gonna do great on Saturday.

- We're looking good.
- Perfect.


Today in Amsterdam,
Real Madrid play Ajax.

Sergio Ramos reaches his 600th game
as a Madrid player today,

at a Champions League game,

where he's played 118 times.

Ajax is a team that attacks
often and well.

Real Madrid is the favorite
in this round of 16.

They need to be careful with Ajax.

There's no better team in Spain or Europe
than the Real Madrid team.

This team has been European champion
for 1,000 days.

This is their time, their hour,
their competition.

We've been the European champions
for three years in a row,

and we're playing against a young team

that plays great soccer
and has a lot of personality.

We want to win,

so we can take a good result
into the second leg.

Real Madrid will set the ball in motion.

To the left of your screens, Real Madrid.

To the right, Ajax Amsterdam.

The pressure from Ajax continues
to be effective.

Schöne heading the ball.

He shoots. Post!

Sergio is doing what he can
to get in the way.

Remember he already has a yellow card.

If he gets another one,
he won't play in the next game.

Good defensive play by Ramos.

Absolutely spectacular.

There goes Vinícius.

He's in the box. There's an opportunity.

He can do it.

Benzema scores!

With surgical precision,

the Frenchman scores the first goal!

Tadić passes.

Sergio Ramos intercepts again.

Real Madrid touches the ball.

Lucas Vázquez falls.
There's no foul on the play.

Neres receives a pass from Tadić.

Goal from Ajax of Amsterdam!

Ziyech scores from the penalty spot.

There was a clear foul,
but Ajax ties the game.

Casemiro has an advantage.

He passes towards Carvajal,

who's trying his best to get there.

Carvajal centers it. What a great move.

Real Madrid scores!

Marco Asensio scores a goal

that destroys Ajax Amsterdam's morale.

Casemiro anticipates the move.

Sergio Ramos...

Sergio Ramos will not play
in the next game.

Sticks his leg in,
and I think he deserves the card.

This is a major loss for the next game.

The game is over.

1-2 on the scoreboard,
a magnificent result for Solari's team.

Ajax has to think about
the almost impossible task

of beating Real Madrid
at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

How would you qualify this victory?

It was a great result.

Now it's their turn to suffer
in our home with our fans.

Are you upset about missing the next game?

Yes. I got a yellow card
at the end of the game,

but I guess it's my turn to rest.

I hope we play well,

so we can think about the next round.

In the Champions League,
Real Madrid beat Ajax last night

in the first leg of the final 16.

Real Madrid is on track
in the Champions League.

So much so that Ramos even
forced the second yellow card.

Did you get the yellow card on purpose?
Just to be clear.

Given the result,
I would be lying if I said...

But, yes, it was something I had in mind.

Oh, my God, Ramos.

Watching the replay,

he had no other option but to foul.

If he hadn't said anything,

no one would've known.

In the end, soccer is about results,
and anything can happen,

but some things are non-negotiable,

like attitude, dedication, sacrifice.

That's what Madrid fans will judge you on.

He made a mistake.

If the UEFA gets involved

and reviews his comments,

Ramos will be in the crosshairs.

The most important thing is to give
everything you have to win.

We'll see what the UEFA says.


Luis Suárez, goal, goal, goal!

It will be incredibly difficult
for Real Madrid to qualify.

In the end soccer is about
scoring and being efficient.

And we didn't do that.

Losing is really infuriating,

especially against Barça.

If we don't win, we are eliminated
from the Champions League.

We'll be eliminated?

Today, we have to score, no matter what.

No matter what.

No fucking way, man!

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