The Heart of Sergio Ramos (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Raíces - full transcript

Sergio's life in Seville comes into focus as the rest of the Ramos family and their stud farm business are introduced. Sergio goes away with the Spanish National Team to compete once again, while his prized horse, Yucatán de Ramos, also.


To be Andalusian, to be Sevillian,

comes from within.
It comes from the heart.

Culture, roots, traditions...

and memories transformed into passion,

for everything I set out to do.

I am who I am, in part,

because of where I come from.



Madrid was annihilated.
They're in serious crisis.

These players can't lose 5 to...

Without a coach,
these players can't lose 5-1.

How could this happen?
Whose fault is it?

Who's to blame?

Lopetegui is walking alone.


As he boarded the plane,
he also walked alone.

Real Madrid didn't defend well,
and they had no offense.

Barcelona realized
they could defeat Real Madrid

and they were merciless.


Sergio Ramos, Sergio Ramos...
No, it can't be.

It can't be.

- Hey. What's up?
- What's up?

- How are you?
- Good.

And you?


I just came from watching a game.

- You?
- I was watching one here.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

The highlights from the other day,
the game.

Rough, right?

What happened?

We started off so badly and basically
gave them the first 45 minutes.

And when you give away
45 minutes to Barça...

They destroy you.

And Suárez was in top form.

That 3-1 goal he scored...

They could do no wrong,
and you couldn't get anything right.

With this losing streak, it all piled up.

When they made it 3-1, well,

that broke us, psychologically.

Well, let's see if things change.

How's the new coach?

Well, I felt bad for Julen today,
because in the end,

we don't have the relationship we used to.

You know he and I got along really well.

And now with these national team
and Real Madrid issues, I feel a little...

He didn't deserve this.

I think soccer has treated him unfairly.
People have been a little cruel.

But in the end, soccer is about results.

That's right.

And when the tide is against you,
it's very difficult.

You have to turn the page
and support Solari,

just as we supported Julen.

That's it, you know fans.

Like I said, they want the team
to start winning.

Change the situation.

To turn things around.

Since joining the team, I've never
experienced anything like this.

Plus, we're in ninth place.

That's true.


Let's stop here for coffee.


- Good afternoon.
- What would you like?


- I'd like a macchiato, please.
- Right away.

A macchiato
with just a touch of milk, please.

Thank you.

It's so peaceful.

It's so warm for this time of year.


My father has always been

the patriarch of the family.

He's like the leader of our family.

But I prefer it here at night.

When we were on the upper terrace,
eating with the children...

It's always been an important place
in Seville.

True, true.

My mother's name is Francisca,
but we all call her Paqui.

She made sure
we were always a close family.

She made sure we lived in a happy home.

And in that sense,
she's the one who took care of us.

I remember when Sergio and René played
against each other in a tournament.

- The friendly game.
- Yeah, friendly.

Back when René played soccer too.

And his brother broke his nose
while jumping.

René said to him, "Hey, I'm your brother!"

And he said that
in soccer, there were no brothers.

At that moment, he was his rival,
not his brother. That was brutal.

Who can prepare you
for how fast time goes by?

"El Niño" is a pro soccer player,
the other one has his own business.

It's been many years.

Sergio, from a very young age,
stood out because of his character,

his determination,
and his desire to play soccer one day.

I remember,

in Camas, in the village where we lived,

the boys would go down to play
in the square when they were small.

Later, we took him
to the sports center to train.

Then, we watched him play his first game
with the Spanish national team.

If you think about

what Sergio has achieved
in such a short time,

we couldn't be more proud.

Because in life, nothing is handed
to you on a silver platter.

You always have to fight hard
to achieve something like that.

For Christmas,

Sergio would ask for soccer cleats,
balls, shin guards, and soccer clothes.

That's all he wanted.

He never asked for a bicycle,
a truck, or anything else.

I get emotional about my son.
I can't...

When I think back
to when he was young, the truth is,

it makes me want to cry.

By the way, Sergio was saying
he's a little worried.

My God.

They're not doing very well,
but what can you do?

But remember last year,
they also started off badly

and look how it all ended.
So, it's something...

But this time, the whole team
is coming up short, all of them.

Yes, but you saw...

- They haven't signed any new players.
- But look at the...

- Look at the other teams.
- They don't have any goalkeepers.

- They're all performing poorly.
- They're all underperforming, that's true.

Soccer is all about results, winning,

and if you can't get the ball
into the net,

it's all over.

Let's hope their luck changes.


Can you grab these two? Buddy!

Be careful.

Come on.

Over here.

Put your hand through there.

Put it...

- She's pulling you along.
- Lizzy!

Let's see, come here.

I love being a dad.

It's one of the most wonderful things
that can happen to you in life.

Marco, come here!

You raise your children
as you have been raised,

and in that respect, I believe in passing
down what I learned from my parents.

I'm so proud of them.

I've tried to raise my kids
in the same way. Honestly,

every time my son comes home
or I come home from work,

the first thing I do is give
everyone a kiss.

I'll always be affectionate with
my children and show them I love them.

Good job, buddy. Is Chulo behaving or not?


Come here. Here. Come.

Sergio, SICAB is coming up soon, isn't it?
How are the horses?

Yes. I have to talk to Carlos now.


Get the blanket, so we can cover him.


- Good morning.
- Hi. Good morning. Hi, Carlos.

- You trained the horse yesterday, right?
- Yes.

How did he do?

Very well, really well.

My name is Carlos Muela.
I'm Sergio's brother-in-law.

I'm married to his sister, Miriam.

I'm the director of Yeguada SR4,
which is the stable Sergio owns.

SICAB is the International Horse Show.

It's the grand competition to crown
the Spanish purebred horse champion.

It's critically important to us that
our horse be named world champion.

- Putting it here, look.
- There?

It's "put it," not "putting it."


What's up, brother-in-law?

I was just taking a walk with Pilar
and the children.

How are preparations for SICAB
coming along?

Is everything ready?


So, which horses are we bringing?

Yucatán and Bandolero.

All right, perfect.


SICAB is a unique event where

you experience the beauty
of horses up close.

Okay, I'll call you later
when things calm down.

- We'll keep at it.
- Cool, talk to you later.

For me, as a rancher,

my horses are bred
from a pure Spanish line.

That's what catapults our horses
to a world class level.

- What's your favorite, Marco?
- Which is your horse, Marco?

- Mine is Yuca.
- No, mine is Yuca. Mine is Yuca.


How's it going? Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, José María,
how's it going?

- How are you?
- Well,

look, we're down to final preparations.

- And you? How are you?
- It's... Good.

We're really busy, we have almost
everything ready for...

- For SICAB?
- For the great competition.

Yucatán de Ramos is our stallion,

the cornerstone of our stable.

This horse was recognized
as a world champion.

We think he has a very promising future.

And to us, and a lot of people,

he is probably the best representative
of a Spanish purebred.

He's impressive, isn't he?


He's doing well.

He's strong, isn't he?

Have you spoken to Sergio?

Yes, I talked to him today.

He calls every day
to check on the horses.

- How is he doing?
- He talked about the kids and stuff.


He mentioned some of the challenges...

Yes, yes. Of the game from the other day?

Dealing with the change of coaches again.
All sorts of changes.

He needs to adapt a little.

It's like starting over again.

Changes are never good.

Let's not bring bad luck
to the horses too.

We already know how it goes.

I think, if things aren't
going well with soccer,

it's because it will go well
with the horses.


- That's what I think.
- By the way,

I was talking to Sergio to see

if he could join us for SICAB,
but it's hard for him right now.

Yes, he told me he has a game, right?

He can't leave,
given the circumstances.

No, but it's the national team.

Right, right.

It's a shame he can't see
his horse compete.

He can't enjoy this
with his wife and children.

In the end, that's what it's all about.

Working for this.


Come on, let's say goodbye to Daddy.

Goodbye, Daddy.

Goodbye, my boy. Give me a kiss.

Wait, wait, slowly.

A kiss.

- Nice. Give me a kiss.
- Come on, Daddy's leaving.

Daddy, when are you coming back?

Very soon.

I've been lucky to experience a period

of much success with the national team.

And now, with the arrival of Luis Enrique,

it reawakens that dream
that the people wanted,

and the best way to prove ourselves,
is to deliver results.

Goodbye, Daddy.

We need a victory against Croatia

to secure our spot in the Final Four
of the Nations League.

The next game for the Nations League
trophy is vital for us.


We have to play Croatia
in their stadium,

which is not going to be easy,
because they're a great team.

They played in the last World Cup final.

Sergio, go, go!

Hey, watch what's coming at you
over there!

So, during the week of focus, which
we tend to spend with the national team,

we spend less time than usual
with our teams.

So we'll have to work very hard.

- Go, go, go!
- Well done, guys.


I want Daddy.

- Do you miss Daddy?
- Yes.

Do you know what's going on?


- Daddy's with the national team.
- Right.

And he's gonna be away from home all week.

You know he gets a little sad
because he can't see us.

So, since he's there alone,

with his soccer friends,

I thought we could draw him some pictures.

- I can draw...
- What's that?

...a star.

Soccer requires a lot of dedication,
a lot of travel,

a lot of time that I can't dedicate

to my family and my children,

especially for the national team.
We train for several days.

A cup!

- Do you like it?
- A cup!

- I'm leaving it here, okay?
- A cup!

- I have to add a lot of hearts...
- Let's see.

...because I love him.

I've always been a very
family-oriented person,

and it's really hard on me.

To be far from my family,
my children, my wife.

Mommy has made something
for Daddy too.

A bed sheet!

Super big!

And what does it say?

Great! Mommy and Daddy.

The truth is, I really miss my kids.

Okay, guys, we have to go now
before Daddy goes to sleep. Okay?

I'll tell him,
"Daddy, wake up, we have a gift!"

Yes, Daddy's present is ready.

Now let's put on our pajamas

and get in the van. Make it quick, okay?

- That's it.
- Come on.

Let's go, Marco.


Boys, we're here.


We're going to call Daddy now, okay?


Hi, darling.

What's up?

What are you doing?

Nothing, I've just had dinner.

- Well...
- And you?

Nothing, we've just had dinner
here at home.

Okay, say something to Daddy.

We're at home, playing.

Hi, buddy. How are you?

And making things and watching a movie.

You're watching a movie?

- Yes.
- And where is my little Marco?


Hey! How are you, buddy?

It's... We're watching a movie
about soccer.

Oh, really? A movie about soccer?
How cool!

Yes. I hear someone is waiting
for you outside.

Someone? Who?

I don't know. I was told
they were waiting for you outside.

I said, well, I'll call him.

Out in the parking lot? Or what?


I'll go out now. I just finished.

- Okay.
- Okay, well, we'll talk later.

- Okay, good night.
- All right, kisses. Bye-bye.

Good night.

- Goodbye.
- I'm going to sleep. Bye, Daddy.

Good job!

What are you doing here?


What's up?

So, you were going to sleep, were you?


You're sneaky little liars.

Give me a kiss.

What are you doing here?

What are you up to?

- Weren't you watching a movie?
- No.

Did you lie to me?

Did you lie to me, buddy?

Did you lie to me, you rascal?

Did you lie to me?

We have a present for you.

Oh, really? What's that?
What did you bring me?

This is a gift.

- A little gift?
- A really big gift.

All right, shall we open it?

This is you, this is Alejandro,

this is Mommy, this is Sergio.

- He said it's a cup.
- It's one of your cups.

Which cup is it?

It's from...

The Champions!

- The Champions!
- Yes!

We brought this too.

Let's see.

- A bed sheet?
- A bed sheet.


- Look at the ball.
- A bed sheet.

Being away from the family
so much is very difficult,

but in the end it depends
how you handle it,

and, in that respect,
I'm very lucky to have Pilar.

Mommy, I want water.

Thank you for coming to see me.

We try to support and help each other
however we can.

That time spent away from the family

is an investment, so that we can spend
a lot more time together in the future.


Ladies and gentlemen...


...SICAB 2018.

We are joined tonight
by the Infanta of Spain,

doña Elena de Borbón.

Thank you very much for your attendance.

The horse competition lasts two days.

On the first day,
there is an on-hand test,

where the horse is judged
on his gallop and trot.

On the second day,
the trainer competes as the rider.

The final score is based
on these two performances.

Sergio is a person who,

at the end of the day,
wants to see results.

As a professional in the industry...

...I think, and hope,

that Yucatán can easily be World Champion.

The best thing would be for Spain
and Yucatán to win today.


Welcome to Maksimir Stadium

and the game between
the Croatian and Spanish national teams.

It's been over 40 years
since the Spanish national team

played a game in Zagreb.

This game is key because

we know we have a shot at a title.

If we win, we have
a direct pass to the Final Four.

We have a tremendous desire
to play in the semifinals

and hopefully win a new title,
the Cup of Nations.

Do you think we'll ever see
a better Croatian team?

They play great soccer.

They have to win,
they need those three points.

And they have the fans' support,

I think it's going to be
a complicated game.

Soccer needs to have surprises.

We ask that all contestants

come to the center ring
as soon as possible.

What a mistake!

He couldn't react.

Sergio Ramos tries to prevent
the inevitable.

Would number 1025, Yucatán de Ramos,
enter the ring?

This is all wrong. The ball is moving
through the defensive zone,

Sergio Ramos makes a move...

Aspas makes a pass, Isco, Isco!

- Goal for Spain!
- Come on.

Oh, my God.

Carlos is super nervous.


Luka Modrić cuts to the right.

It's centered.
Toward the second post.

Spain doesn't have a goalkeeper!

Croatia 2, Spain 1!

You have 30 seconds left.

This whole situation makes you
very nervous, doesn't it?

You have a responsibility
to achieve the best results.

It's a team effort
of very dedicated people.

It's very similar to soccer.

It's a lot of hours of hard work
and effort, every day of the year.

All to obtain good results.

Your time is up. Please stop.

Thank you.

Another shot to the center,
it escapes everyone.

He's requesting a penalty!
The ref blows the whistle.

He called it!

He blows the penalty whistle
for the handball!


It's up to Sergio Ramos.

Andújar has called a penalty.

This is painful to watch.
Such a strange game!

Sergio steps up!

Sergio Ramos scores!
Without hesitation.

No Panenka! To the right.

Yucatán de Ramos...

Second place.

He placed second?


A big round of applause, please,

for the world champion
in the movement category.

As a reminder, these results comprise
75% of the final score.

The overall winner will be crowned
after tomorrow's event.

Croatia threatens again! For the lead.

This is unbelievable!
Croatia could reach the top!

A dejected Spain hits the locker room.
There is a glint of hope, though.

England and Croatia have to tie
for Spain to make it to the Final Four.


Could Yucatán de Ramos
come to the track?

Yucatán has to compete once more.

Then the final winner is chosen.

We have our SICAB 2018 world champion.

After a bad losing streak,

now we have a new interim coach.

To be the coach of Real Madrid is
to live under constant pressure,

and maybe not everyone
is prepared for that.

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