The Heart of Sergio Ramos (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript


I've accomplished many things.

I've won many titles.

Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal...

A lot of people know me.

Goal by Real Madrid!

Goal by Sergio Ramos!

But that's only what people see
on the outside.

That image doesn't always reflect
who I really am.

I've never shared my private life
with anyone.

Good evening.

I'll speak to you later.

The public doesn't know much
about Sergio Ramos' private life.

I'm going to paint you.

They don't know
what's dearest to my heart...

René used to say to him,
"Buddy, I'm your brother."

And he would say, "There aren't
any brothers in soccer."

This one is legendary.

That one's mine, right?

It's number 21.

First it was Ronny's, and then René's.

...or what I feel inside.

You can't always win in life.

- No.
- Right?

But you have to be strong
and stick together.

And never stop dreaming.

This is how I am,

and this is how I want people to see me.



KM. 0



Marco, what do you want?

Strawberries? A banana?

I think we'll choose red for the legs,
all right?

Red legs?


And the tail, too.

Can I eat this?

- Of course.
- Of course. You can eat it all.

Look how nice Daddy made it.

It's very cool.

We've been together for almost
seven years already, right?

Seven years.

I've been putting up with her
for seven years.

The story of how we met is
pretty interesting.

I dreamed of her three times in a row.

I mentioned it to my sister,
my brother-in-law, and a close friend.

I said to them, "I have to message her
or something",

"to see if I get lucky."

I thought she was a bit out of my league,

but she eventually came around.

I'm happy to always have her by my side.

You have to eat the fruit, too.

- Otherwise, there's no surprise.
- Right.

Together, we've built a wonderful family.

We have three little terrors.

Sergio Jr. is the oldest.

He's almost five years old.

Then Marco, who's turning three.

And Alejandro, who's seven months old.

Do you want to go see the surprise?

- Yes.
- Come on.

- Are you ready? Hang on.
- Yes.

It's upstairs. Come on.

- Come on.
- Can you get down, sweetie?

Come, easy now.

Lots of Halloween stuff!

How cool!


Aside from being captain of Real Madrid

and of the Spanish national team,

I'm also the captain of my home
along with my partner, Pilar.

Sergio, look at Marco. Look.

Hurry, Marco, they're beating us. Hurry.

- They are...
- Let's see.


I'm not the same Sergio Ramos
on the playing field as I am at home.

I think it's time to give you
some glitter.

No, that's enough.
Glitter? I don't think so.

I'd say that's
the most authentic part of me.

Let's take a picture.

But you have to stick
your tongue out, Marco.

Like this, all the way out. Look.

Now we all have to
stick our tongues out.

One, two...


No, take your finger out of your nose.

- One...
- Two...

- Hold still.
- Three!

- How cool!
- Three!

The public knows me as...

Well, I don't know.

I'm captain of Real Madrid

and captain of the Spanish national team.

The team's name comes with
great national pride,

similar to Real Madrid,

as national team players,

we've had the opportunity to experience
something historic.

Spain has won the World Cup!

We're the only national team to have won

the European Cup, then the World Cup,
and then another European Cup.

When you're enjoying a winning streak,

it's much easier to work
in any environment.


- Oh, man!
- Bad luck, man.

Did the net move?

The captain's armband isn't just
an accessory, it means something.

You have to lead by example.

You can't just rely on your track record.


It's about embodying values,

bringing all your experience,

and sharing that with your teammates.

In the end, it's a big responsibility

both within your club
and as part of the national team.

And for me, wearing the Spanish jersey
is always a huge honor.

It's something I've dreamed of
since I was young.

Atalaya, where I grew up and where...

Look, there's La Giralda...

- You have a really nice view.
- ...and Pelli Tower.

Behind Pelli Tower,
that's my neighborhood, Camas.

Right now, the Spanish national team is...

After a bad experience
at the World Cup in Russia, it's...

Now we're ready to try and reach
the same levels of success

we enjoyed in previous years.

Well, we know the level of play we'll be
facing tomorrow will be very challenging.

It's daunting to think we'll be taking on
an amazing team like England.

Our elimination from big tournaments

has caused us to drop
significantly in ranking.

And that motivates you a bit more

when working with your national team.

But it's not impossible.
We know what we have to do.

Because we've done it before.

Three minutes! Three minutes!


Historically, Seville is the driest and
warmest city on the European continent.

Game scarves!

It doesn't look like it today.



Long live Spain!

Long live Seville! Long live soccer!

22A, I think this is the front gate.

I'm here outside, waiting.


I think always having my family close
is very important.

They've supported me
throughout my entire career.

My older brother's name is René.
My sister's name is Miriam.


My mother's name is Paqui.

My father's name is José María.

I think that always having them there

is a source of strength for me
when I step out onto the field.

One, two, three, four, five, six.
Let's go.

For a soccer player,
to play for your country

is the biggest and most important thing
there is in the world.

See you later.

Seeing what he's achieved
and how far he's gotten.

Honestly, I'm really proud
to be his brother.

OCTOBER 15, 2018

Nerves! Nerves!


The game has kicked off in Seville!

The score is 0-0, that's good enough
to get us into the final four!

Pickford has been extraordinary.

Again! Again! Sorry, they're wide open!

England is more aggressive!

Goal for England. What a goal!

What a goal!

That was a major defensive error.

Spain 0, England 1!

Here comes Harry Kane, breaking away,
he passes to Rashford...

Marcus Rashford scores their second goal,
and what a goal it is!

You're kidding me!

What a goal!

Two goals,
two disappointments in Seville.

Spain 0!

England has just put us in our place!

Come on.

Here comes Barkley.

What an extraordinary pass to Harry Kane!

And there's number three!

A third goal, what an embarrassment!

A third goal, what an embarrassment!

A third goal, Luis Enrique.

What an embarrassment!

Oh, my God.

Spain 0, England 3!

Ramos is lost out there.

- He's an excellent player.
- Don't let it get...

- He's always out of position.
- We know how this goes.

The last player you want
out of position is Ramos,

- especially as he's the defense leader.
- Very good.

Sterling falls down on the line
in front of Johnny.

I think he fell.
I don't think he was tripped.

Sterling's in pain. It's his left ankle.

He's gesturing to say, "He stepped on me."

If they get a quick goal,
they're still in the game.

Corner kick for Spain. Here it is...

A header! Goal for Spain!

Come on, come now, that's it.


Spain 1, England 3!

Pass to Asensio.

He centers it, pass to Ceballos, to Ramos!

Spain scores!

You can always count on Ramos!

Our hero from Camas scores!
The captain scores!

The referee blows his whistle.

Ramos scored with a header,

and the referee whistles to signal
the end of the game.

At least we end on a sweet note.

In Zagreb, Spain fails to earn
the three points needed

to make the cut for the final four.

It's awful, Dad, just awful.

The goal was valid.

- Oh, really?
- It's on the scoreboard.

How can they score a goal
and then not allow time to restart?

I know, but that's what happened.

The final whistle blew
right after the goal.

- There wasn't time to...
- There was no time to restart.

But it was a legal goal.
It was in the net.

Ah, well,

it was a bittersweet ending.

You can't keep beating yourself up
over losing a game.

You have to flip that switch.

You have to shake it off when you put on
your team shirt, the Real Madrid jersey.

But, you know, unfortunately,
we are in a complicated situation.

Cristiano Ronaldo has officially signed on
as a new player for Juventus.

Obviously, that was an important change.

Cris leaving was something
that surprised everyone.

The departure of Zizou as coach was
also a critical factor.

I realize this may seem a little strange.

But I think this is an important time,
and it's time...

I had to do this for everyone.

Real Madrid has signed on Julen Lopetegui

for the next three seasons.

We're in fourth place.

And it's true, we haven't scored a goal
in four games.

We're in a difficult position.
It's all very unusual.

We hope to get out of this slump
as soon as possible.

OCTOBER 20, 2018

It's difficult for us here at Bernabéu
Stadium to understand what's going on

with these world champions.

OCTOBER 20, 2018
- 1'

Rubén, I have to ask...

...what is going on with Real Madrid?

You lost your strongest player.

We're used to seeing a winning
Real Madrid team under Zidane.

Now we're seeing the consequences.

Lopetegui's days with Real Madrid
are numbered.

Courtois dives!

He anticipated the ball's trajectory.
It's unstoppable!

What a brilliantly executed penalty!

Why do you need a world champion?

Real Madrid 0, Levante 2!

It's a painful defeat!

What will happen to Julen Lopetegui now?

You never know when a bad streak will end.

- I'm going to make a call.
- Perfect.

- Then I'll let you know who it is.
- Very good.

My name is René Ramos.

My relationship with Sergio,

aside from being his older brother,

I've been his manager for 14 years.

Sergio will always be my little brother,

but I'm not shy to reprimand him
to keep him in line.

Hold on, my brother is coming.

René, as an agent,

is very demanding and quite serious.

But in the end, we bring out the best
in one another.

Give me a minute.
I'll call you when I'm ready.

- Hello?
- Brother, how are you?

Good, good. And how are you?

Well, after everything that's happened,

given our poor performance,

we have to try to win again
and let things calm down a bit.

You already know these are...

When things are bad,
you see things in a different light,

so the key is to defeat your next opponent
in the Champions League

and then to surprise everyone
in Barcelona.

For now, just focus on your game.

- Okay, sounds good, brother.
- Okay?

We'll talk later. Love you. Bye.


How are you?

I'm tired from yesterday's game.

At least you rested in Moscow.
But it wasn't enough.


Yeah, in Moscow.

It was the only game I sat out
and people are talking like it was...

I know, man.

Despite being the player
with the most minutes on the field,

I rest for one game and...

- That's what we have to deal with, Sergio.
- I know.

And what about Sterling?

It's nothing.
The guy knows that...

I didn't even touch him,

yet he claims I stepped on him.

With everything that's happened,
this is the last thing I needed.


Yeah, man, let's see if...

If we can put an end
to this losing streak.

It's not like other bad streaks

when you say,
"The team isn't working well."

- It's the opposite.
- Yes.

Our training sessions are intense.

Everyone puts in their best effort,

they have their heart in the game
and the right attitude.

But the results...

It feels like it's just not going
in the goal?

Man, after all the changes,

Cris leaving and everything...

We just need to stay calm,

and let the team regain confidence.

Well, one game at a time.

Yes, little by little.

You know what they say,
the goal will come.

- But we have no time to waste.
- Yeah.

Here, you always have to score.

Yeah, man. That's how it is.

Okay, guys, quiet.

Five, four, three,


two, one...


I don't get it.

Can't we put something else
in the toaster?


A piece of wood or a piece of cork.

Honestly, this is discouraging.

- The height is good.
- I'll never eat toast again in my life.

My name is Pilar Rubio.

I work in communications,
I'm a television host, and...

I've been doing this
for almost 20 years now.

People know me from my show, The Ant Hill,

and from the challenges
I take on every week.

The thing I like most
about this profession is

that there's something new every day.

Sometimes I work as a model.

For your followers,
with all the love in the world.

I have a new fashion and lifestyle blog.

But deep down, I've realized
that I love living in chaos.

I always say,
"Okay, well, if I have to do this,"

"then let's try to do it well,
with passion, and enjoy it."

Don't lift too fast.

Seven, six, five, four...


...three, two, one.

- Did I hit it?
- She did, right?

What happened?

Look, look, look.


You hit the edge.

At least.

It's a success!

- On the first try!
- It was a success, Pilar!


OCTOBER 23, 2018
- 90'

Everyone's at fault

for this losing streak.

Real Madrid have gone weeks
without winning,

and the latest defeat against CSKA Moscow

left us all with a particularly
bitter aftertaste.

Madrid lacks a player who is able
to grit their teeth...


...take a firm stand,
and really get the fans going.

Give me your hand.

Come on, let's get in the van.

All right, come on.

Marco and Sergio, get in.

Do you really have to fight
to get in the van?

We all love going to the games.

The boys especially like wearing
their equipment.

Their cleats are vital.

Even if they're walking down the street,
they don't care.

They want to wear their cleats.

You're not going to fall asleep
on the way, are you?

I'm not going to sleep.

No? Are you sure?

Marco always falls asleep, doesn't he?


You're going to fall asleep,
aren't you, Marco?


Okay, who's your favorite player?


From Real Madrid.

Luka Modrić.



At 9:00,
they will face Viktoria Plzeň.


It's only natural for a captain
like Sergio Ramos

to carry some of that nervousness
we're all feeling.

Even beyond the nerves is the tension,
they're under so much pressure.

He knows he's not playing well.

He knows that better than anyone.

He knows it better than any of us.

He knows himself better than anyone.

Look, your uncle!


Be careful, sweetie.
You can't get in from that side.

- This way, sweetie.
- Yes.

Marco, wave to Dad. He's waving to you.

They're so used to watching their father.

They are always looking for number four.

The crowd is waiting eagerly to see
how their team will perform

in such a crucial and important game.

Not just for Julen Lopetegui,

but for the team itself
in the Champions League.

Hands up, everyone!

Hands up!

The game is underway!

Madrid is looking to get into
the game quickly.

They need to assert themselves right away.

They're feeling immediate pressure.

A kick from Toni Kroos.

He's aiming towards the far post.

Look at Sergio!

He hit the post!

Almost! Almost!

Your dad almost scored.

We're watching a high level of play.

He looks for the center to shoot.

Petržela gets a second chance.

He's had two chances.

Lucas Vázquez trying to find the middle.
Benzema picks it up.


Karim Benzema!

We have one, at least one!

Hrošovský plays it in.

Oh, my, that was a nice gift!

There's no time for any mistakes.

First half ends, 1-0.

We're not feeling all that confident
here in Bernabéu Stadium.


How's it going?

Amanda, it's about time!

This is turning into a tight game.

Hold on to your seats

because Real Madrid can't let themselves
get too comfortable here.

They've created an opening for Marcelo.
He can punt it in.

He strikes the ball,
Marcelo breaks through.

Goal for Real Madrid!

Does he think about
when he's going to retire?

What's left for him to win?

He says he never gets tired
of winning titles.

But relatively speaking,
he only has a few more years left.

The years have gone by so fast.

If you don't take advantage
of these years,

time just passes you by.


There's an opening in the middle!

2-1, and those three points
are crucial for Real Madrid.

What happens if we lose?

It's getting close.

We never thought we'd see a team
like Real Madrid

almost begging for the game to end.

He's struggling to get the ball
from behind.

It's a foul by Sergio Ramos.

And what a play by...

Yellow card for Sergio Ramos.

Come on, man, he just went for the ball!

Hey, has Sergio been nervous

given all that's happened
over the last few weeks?

He's not nervous, he's super focused.


Like a machine.

It's all about maintaining your calm.

Of course.

It's the last play for Viktoria Plzeň.

They're going to have a chance to put
the ball into Real Madrid's zone.

Are you nervous?

Obviously fans arrived
at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium today

thinking it'd be an easier game
for the home team.

- No, no.
- He kicks the ball, it comes up short!

It's over! Real Madrid wins!


We won!

This has not been one of
Real Madrid's best games.

They struggled throughout the game.

Bye, Dad!

El Clásico is this Sunday.
Barcelona will be difficult to beat.

Viktoria Plzeň was
a less challenging rival,

yet they didn't win by
a comfortable margin.

We're seeing a lot of
individual player errors.

The win was a poor consolation
before El Clásico.

It all depends on the captain.

Real Madrid won 2-1,

but it was a struggle
and they got a lot of penalties.

Everything you put into
the game of soccer,

the sacrifices, the effort, the time,

at the end of the day, what makes me happy
is coming home

to my children and partner.

Ramos and the team didn't show up.

This wasn't the performance fans expected
from Real Madrid.

Hey, look who's here! Dad!



What a bad losing streak.

El Clásico.

This is the kind of game
that can pull you out of a slump.


I wanted to talk to some of the team's
former great captains.

Just like I never get tired of winning,
I never get tired of learning.

Winning is the only option.

And that's why you have to be
mentally strong.

This game will once again
divide the soccer world in two.

It'll be an entertaining game.

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