The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Episode #5.9 - full transcript

Previously, on
"The Handmaid's Tale"...

- Is this ever gonna end?
- It's only gonna get worse.

I can let you in
to New Bethlehem.

- What?
- A place where refugees

can get amnesty.

Where one might visit
their grown children.

You're saying I can be
with my daughter?

- You trust Lawrence?
- He has been my friend.

- Your friend?
- Yes!

The "architect of Gilead"
is what they call him,

and you just...
You believe him...

You got a package.

- Do you see it?
- Yeah.

I know in my heart
what is best for my child.

That child came from me.
That is my baby.

You're in here, and I'm not.

Here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna go back in there,

and you are gonna act like
a Handmaid.

But the entire time, you
will be plotting your revenge.

You cannot help your child
if you're not with them.

So what do you think?

You think we can use it
to find Hannah's location?

I hope so.

Give us some time.

We found Hannah.

We found her Wives School.
We know where she is.

Mark called.

They're gonna do a raid
of her school,

and they're gonna go get her.

They're gonna bring her
back to us.

I fucking love Mark Tuello!

I fucking love
Mark Tuello!

Get much sleep
last night?

Hardly any.

Me neither. A lot of details.

Where is she?
Where's the school?

Colorado. Colorado Springs.

Near the Mackenzies.

The school's a former
U.S. Air Force academy.

Turns out it was just repurposed
as a Wife School.

Some families there
have identified

the girls to be evacuated.

- So, how many girls?
- Thirty.

Only those who've been stolen
from their parents.

Tonight, our task force will
launch in three aircraft,

literally flying
under Gilead's radar.

That's possible?

Yes. Our sources have confirmed
a small window of opportunity.

A clear flight path
to the school.

Paratroopers will jump
from the first plane,

securing the landing strips
for the other two.

They'll kill anyone
who gets in their way.


Luke Bankole, June Osborne.

May I introduce
Commander Elijah Vance?

- Sir.
- It's an honor.

- Ma'am.
- Commander.

We are so grateful.

It's incredible
what you're doing for us.

You've done some pretty
incredible things yourself,

Miss Osborne.

- Her daughter is...
- Hannah Bankole.

Goes by Agnes Mackenzie
in Gilead.

Elite unit.
They do their homework.

Commander, the girls...


When all of this happens,
the girls are gonna just...

- They're gonna be so scared...
- I got a kid of my own

here in Toronto.

Emma. Light of my life.

My plan is to bring
your daughter home

and go home to mine.

Thank you.

I'll be watching their progress
tonight from the consulate.

- Watching?
- Live feed.

I'll keep you informed.

No. We need to
watch it with you.



None of the other families...

None of the other families
gave you the intel

to help make this happen.

All right then.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.


Turn him.
This way. A little bit.

Just prop his head up.

There. There. That moment.
There. Did you get that?

- Got it, Mrs. Wheeler. All good.
- Okay. It has to be perfect.

It's going
in the reception area.

It's the first thing
that people will see

when they come to the center.

You know,
that does make me wonder.

Would it be even more effective
if Noah and I were there

to greet our donors
and supporters in person?

- At the fertility center?
- Yes, for the official opening.

And expose him
to all of those people

and all of those germs?

No, no, you're both
gonna stay here.

Well, the Commanders did
send me here

to represent the republic.

But you're our guest
while you're here in Toronto

and you're under
our supervision,

and my husband doesn't answer
to those Commanders.

Sounds like someone's hungry.

I can fix that.

You really ought
to start pumping again.

So that he can
bottle-feed on occasion.

I mean,
that was all that he knew

while you were
at the Detention Center.

He must miss it.

It will be
less confusing for him

if he only nurses for now.

Well, my smart boy
won't get confused.

Pump. For next time.

Mrs. Wheeler.

I will pump for next time.


I know.
You miss your bottle.

- She's late.
- Two minutes.

Commander, if I may,
you're doing the right thing.

The honorable
and necessary thing

to be a true leader in Gilead.

I appreciate you being here.

I am happy to be of service.

Mrs. Putnam's
here, Commander.

Show her in.

Blessed day, Commander.

- Aunt Lydia.
- Mrs. Putnam.

How lovely to see you.

- Tea?
- No, thank you.

But please,
have some yourselves.

I hate tea.

Uh, um...

Mrs... Naomi,

uh, I recognize
that the incident

regarding your late husband
has left you on your own

with a young child
and I've considered

what to do about your future.

Please don't send me
to The Colonies.

Please. I beg you to have mercy.

Heavens, no.

You're not
responsible for Warren's sins.

Are you kidding? That guy?

You deserve a reward
for putting up with him.

A reward?

In a sense.

Mrs. Putnam, you simply cannot

remain a widow
with a young child

and continue to live
in your house.


Of course.

It's much too grand
for two of us.

Maybe a nice condo in Brookline
or Back Bay.

For Pete's sake.
We're not your realtors.

Commander, may I suggest
you convey your intentions?

Right. Okay. So, basically,
it's a quid pro quo.

You need security.

I need to represent
traditional Gilead values.

So you can move in here
with the kid if you want.

As his new Wife and child.
A sacred union, of course.

This is a marriage proposal?

Yep. Yep. So, what do you say?

I have a choice?

That's hurtful.

Mrs. Putnam, a Wife is bound to
her husband as long as he lives.

But if her husband dies,
she is free to marry

whom she chooses.
Only in the Lord.

First Corinthians.

And who doesn't
love Corinthians?

Especially First Corinthians.

Naomi, it's just a suggestion.

Think about it.

I have work to do.

Take some time.

But consider your situation.

His stature, this house.

He had Warren killed
in front of me.

Which he's willing to overlook.

So should you.

May I walk you out?

Yes, please.

Come in.

I'm so sorry to disturb you.

- Is there a problem?
- No, no, not at all.

I was just hoping
for a moment with you.

Are you gonna shoot me?

What can I do for you?

I am very grateful
that Ezra is all right.

And for you and Mrs. Wheeler

to welcome me back
into your home

with such kindness
and understanding,

it's a blessing.

Little Noah deserves
a safe space.

Yes, of course he does.

I know that you're working
on tomorrow's opening.

Gilead could have
used men like you

in the early days
to avoid all those missteps.

Live and learn.

Well, it heartens me
to see how involved you are.

- You truly are Gilead's future.
- I think I'm buttered up.

What's actually on your mind?

The idea to repurpose
the welcome center

into a fertility center.

That was my idea.
I came up with that.

I should be there with Noah,

as a symbol
of a successful pregnancy.

To recruit more followers,
more supporters,

to get women to come in.

Women who want children
of their own.

That was the role
that was intended for me.

That is what I am meant to do.

That's a nice pitch.

I appreciate your passion
for the cause.

I'll consider it.

- Praise be.
- Oh, yeah.

Uplink is steady.

618, holding strong.

Planes are traveling
parallel to the border.

Across near Montana,
then fly due south.

Tiger 1,
confirm position.

Looking into it now.

Vector zero-nine-zero

at 85 miles, 400 knots.

That live feed, it shows
all activity at Hannah's school.

So she's in there?

Signal's good.

Tiger 1, altitude.

Right now?

We'll see the raid
as it happens.

Tiger 3,
hang back, maintain visual.

Maintain visuals on One.

Hey, banana.

Let our hearts
be devoted to God,

to walk in His statues,
to keep His commandments

as at this day.

May the Lord keep you
and bless you.

May the Lord keep you
and bless you.

Good night, girls.
Blessed dreams.

Good night, Aunt Paula.

Maintain visual on 1.

You're coming home.

What's happening?

Get them out.

- Get them out.
- What's happening?

Get them
out of here. Now.

The girls are safe.

They're still at the school.

It appears our intel was wrong.

Gilead anticipated our mission
and they...

moved their
anti-aircraft systems.

They took all three planes down

as soon as they
crossed the border.


There are no survivors.

Sorry. I need to call
the other families.

- Hello.
- Um, I'm sorry.

June, I really am.
All this bloodshed.

It's exactly
what I was trying to avoid.

All those soldiers are dead.
You fucking slaughtered them.

- They invaded my country.
- To save our children.

- Citizens of Gilead.
- They were stolen from us.

You knew that.

I gave you the chance
to be with Hannah.

You threw your lot in
with the Americans.

Is that why you called?
To blame me?

No. I called because
I want you to know

you can still come
to New Bethlehem.

Why would you let me do that?

Hannah's a symbol now.

And like it or not, so are you.

So after last night,
it would be even more effective

if June Osborne chose
to return to Gilead

to be close to her child.

You can be close to Nick too.

- What do you mean?
- Nick will be there.

You could be neighbors.

You could borrow
cups of sugar from each other,

whatever the kids
are calling it these days.

Do you think that you can
just dangle Nick in front of me

and I'll just do whatever
the fuck you want?

I think it's a good deal
and I think you should take it.


there's this one thing.


I need you to go public.

Call the failed mission
a foolish act of aggression.

What? No,
I'm not gonna say that.

Why not? It's the truth.

Americans did
what they always do.

They put Hannah...

They put all of those girls
in real danger.

I cannot make Gilead
look like the victim here.

Joseph, this is an...
It is an evil fucking country.

- I can't do that.
- I'm trying to fix it

- from the inside.
- You are still a part of it.

You're one of them.

It's even worse,
'cause I know you know better.

I'm doing what I can.

Step by step
is what I promised Eleanor.

Eleanor hated you.

She couldn't stand
the sight of you.

She was so broken and so...


By the man that she loved.

But she'd rather be dead.

I watched her die.

I did. I watched her die.

And I did nothing.


I knew you had...

something to do with it.

But Eleanor would still want me
to help you with Hannah.

Help come back.

I want her here.

I want my baby here.


and free.


It's never gonna happen.

Then go fuck yourself.



I know. I know.

- I know.
- Let me go.

It's gonna be okay.

- Please let me go.
- You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

We're gonna get her.

Wait till they see him,
Mrs. Waterford.

So pleased Mr. Wheeler
gave you permission.

Me too.

Blessed day, Mrs. Wheeler.

Stay away from my husband.

Sneaking down all alone
in the middle of the night?

- Mrs. Wheeler, I assure you...
- After I told you no?

Who do you think you are?

I am Mrs. Fredrick Waterford.

To me you're just a whore.

I'm coming with you.

Get in.

We shouldn't have trusted
those sources.

Gilead was always one step
ahead of us, Mark.

Lawrence called me this morning.

I'm so done
with that son of a bitch.

No doubt they see this
as a victory.


Fuck them. Fuck them, Mark.

You know how
we honor those soldiers?

We do not stop fighting.

No matter what they throw at us,
we don't stop.

Not for one fucking second.

So what's next?

What do we do now?

- So you're done with Lawrence?
- Mmm-hmm.

What about Nick Blaine?

What about him?

I offered to help him
when I was in Gilead,

if he'd help us,
but he turned me down.

What, to be your inside man
in Gilead or something?

At first, but then, eventually,
to be our man here.

With immunity.

He said no?

Yes, but he can still have that.

Maybe you could persuade him.

Nick was an Eye.
He's a Commander now.

Someone like that defecting
from Gilead... Big impact.

You can make one too.

You could. You know that.

After Angels' Flight,
after your testimony

against Waterford,
you should step up.

Put your power to use.

I don't feel comfortable
doing that right now, Mark.

Fair enough.

What about Nick?

I could set up a meeting.
I could set it up today.

Be nice to have a win.


Yeah, set it up.

- Praise the Lord.
- Such a precious miracle.

- So darling. You're so blessed.
- Thank you.

My late husband and I,
God rest his soul,

we tried for many years
to conceive.

There was a lot of heartache
and disappointment.

So I do understand
the yearning for a child.

But Gilead helped a lot.

Clean water, clean air,

scrubbing all of those horrible
toxins out of the environment,

and above all,
a devotion to God.

And living by
the highest of moral standards.

So, you follow Gilead's path
in Toronto,

then perhaps you too

could be blessed
with a child of your own.


- Praise be.
- Excuse me.

The Driver will take you home.
You must be exhausted.

I'm doing fine. Thank you.

There's still so many people
here to greet and talk to.

They're not here to see you.
They're here to see Noah.

He is the star attraction.

Leave Noah
here with us.

Tomorrow, I think
I'll bring Noah by myself,

so you can get some more rest.

That sounds like
a pretty sweet deal to me.

Right. I am quite tired.

I'll just need to nurse him
before I leave.

No need.
We'll just use a bottle.

I didn't bring one.

I told you to always
have one on hand.

I should have packed one,
Mrs. Wheeler.

My mistake.
Just so foolish of me.

Well, just don't take too long.

Think that's
up to little Noah, isn't it?

Thank you for letting me
be a part of today.

I'm very grateful.

There's a nice quiet spot
in the back, Mrs. Waterford.

Thank you.

Shh, shh.

Do you mind
if I have some privacy?

Of course.

Thank you so much.

Please stop. Stop. Stop.

Please. Please.

Please stop. Stop, stop!

Please. Please help me
save my son. Please.

- Okay. Get in.
- Thank you.

Thank you, bless you.
Please, just go. Please.

Wish you'd said yes.

- To Lawrence's offer?
- Yeah.

Why didn't you say yes to Mark?

He told me.

He said he could still help you
come to Canada.

Why the fuck
didn't you say anything?

- I can't just pick up and leave.
- But you expect me to?

- I'm married now. I have a Wife.
- I have Luke. I have Nichole.

- You can bring Rose with you.
- No. Can't.

Gilead's her home.

Her father's the top Commander.
She's happy there.

Happy? So what happens when
they want you to have a baby?

What happens when they issue you
a Handmaid, and your Wife

has to hold her down
while you...

She's pregnant.

Rose is pregnant.



Gilead's changing.

There's progress under Lawrence.
We're making it better.


I have to do whatever it takes
to protect my family,

just like you.

I want what's best
for both our families.

Well, this is
a fine mess, isn't it?

And the world's a mess.

Yeah. You know what
I wish, though?

I wish the world
would just go away.

Just for a little bit.

It's gonna be hard for us
to see each other.

I don't want
to make trouble for you.

Do me a favor and tell Nichole
that I love her.

Tell her I miss her and that
I think about her all the time.

You do that for me?

Of course I will.

I should go.

Enjoy yourself.

Yeah. I haven't seen enough
of my own driver yet.

I love you.

I love you.

- Hey, Nick?
- Yeah.

Children look to their fathers,
you know.

Set an example.

Rose, I'm so happy for you.

There's no greater gift
than a child.

I know Agnes
has certainly been mine.

Oh, glory be.
You are absolutely glowing.

How lovely.

Blessings upon you
and the Commander, Mrs. Blaine.

Thank you, Aunt Lydia.

Aunts are on the guest list now?

Aunt Lydia's here
at the Commander's request.

To be my chaperone.

It is my honor
to accompany you, Mrs. Putnam.

Well, thank the Lord
for such an incredible miracle.

- You and Nick must be thrilled.
- And concerned.

Chance for any genetic issues...

We'll leave that in God's hands.

Brothers, the world knows now

that Gilead
will defend its borders

and protect our children.

And the force
and the fury of God,

they kept my dear Agnes
and all the other girls safe.

Praise be.

Not to mention, we've
strengthened our alliances.

The ambassadors from China,
Russia and North Korea

have all congratulated us

for sticking it
to the Americans.

Well, I guess we're playing
with the big boys now.

Yeah, what's the old saying?

"Any club that would have me
as a member..."

Blaine, our troops
are on the move?

Yes, sir.
We'll have two battalions

waiting at the border.

Well, that's excellent.

Canada will think twice
before letting the Americans

use their airspace again.

So all in all, a success.

Well, June Osborne
is still stirring up trouble.

It's about time we fixed
that problem. Don't you agree?

Certainly worth considering.
Shall we, gentlemen?

- You okay?
- Now that you're here.

May I take a moment

to thank our gracious host?

Your vision for Gilead's future,

your commitment to our values
and our purpose.

You have impressed, and, well,
surprised me, Commander.

I like to defy expectations.

I'd say you have.

You're truly one of us now.

Praise be.

Praise be.

Miguel Rodriguez.

Ensign Evan Sandler.

Chief Petty Officer Levi Scott.

Get out!
Go home!

Senior Chief Petty Officer
Jill Strickland.

Fuck America!

They deserved it!

Ensign Benjamin Turner.

Petty Officer First Class
Adam Um an sky.

Go home!

Commander Elijah...
Commander Elijah Vance.

We remember these patriots.

Their service. Their courage.

Their sacrifice.

For our country.

And now, Emma?

I pledge allegiance...

Get the fuck
out of my country!

I pledge...

Can I help?

Hi, Emma. Can I help you?

Say it with me? Okay. Ready?

"I pledge allegiance
to the Flag..."

"Of the United States
of America...

"and to the Republic
for which it stands..."

"One nation under God,

"With liberty and justice..."