The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Episode #5.7 - full transcript

Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

For those
who are truly righteous,

He sometimes sends a refuge.

The Wheelers
arranged all of this?

Yeah, as soon as
they knew you might be staying.

Isn't it incredible?
It's a full birthing suite.

I'm going for a walk.

Absolutely not.

You need to rest.
Your baby needs to rest.

Go to your room.

Come on, come on.
We can make it.

- It's right there.
- Get him!

He's not fighting you!

Stop it!
He's not fucking fighting you!

I never gave up hope,

and you never gave up hope,

because we knew that
we would find each other again.

June Osborne was apprehended

by one of my teams
in No Man's Land.

They don't want him. Dump 'im.

- No, no, no. No, we stay toge...
- What?

No, no!
Where are you taking him? No!

What's gonna happen to her?

I'm going to
send Ezra to No Man's Land

and have him
deal with her there.

I want to go with Ezra.
Bear witness.

Serena, what the fuck
are you doing?

Just drive!

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- Where the fuck are we going?
- Just keep driving.

Where? To Toronto? To Gilead?

Is that what you're doing?

So they can
fucking kill me there, Serena?

What about Luke, Serena?

What are those guys
gonna do to him?


Jesus Christ!

Oh, God! Oh, shit!

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- You're fuckin' sorry?

Fuck this!


June, I'm not going
to shoot you.

June, please. June!


Are you in fucking labor?

Of course you are.

Jesus Christ!

Would you give this to me?
Waving it around.

When did it start?

- I don't know. A while ago.
- Okay.

- Has your water broken?
- Mmm-hmm.

Um, how far apart
are the contractions?

Okay, close.
Do you have a phone?

- No.
- Okay, get out.

- Come on.
- What?

Get out
of the fucking car, please.

Oh, God. Why?
What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna try
to get us out of here. Okay?

Get you to a doctor.


Yes, Serena. You're gonna
have to go to a hospital.

No hospital.
They're gonna find me there.

Who the fuck is gonna find you?


Oh, my God. Okay.

All right.

Who the fuck was that guy?
Who was that guy you shot?

Who was he?

Were you trying
to get away or something?

Okay, all right.

Ugh, fuck.

Okay. Okay.

Come with me.

- We gotta get you inside.
- Where?

We're gonna
take you to that barn.

- A barn?
- Yes, a barn.

- You have a better idea, Serena?
- No. No, no, no.

- Yeah, I didn't think so.
- Okay, wait, wait.

Just breathe. Okay.

- There you go. There you go.
- Okay, okay.

All right.
Maybe it'll have a manger, huh?

Oh. Lovely.


Thank you.

I'm so sorry to be late.

Fred needed some encouragement

before his address
to the Council.

You know how men can be.

We understand completely.

May I present to you
our new Handmaid, Offred.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

This way.

Push, push, push.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Push, push, push.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Blessed day, Mrs. Waterford.

- Blessed day, Aunt Lydia.
- Indeed. The most blessed.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Breathe. And push, push.

Glory be His name.

We have now reached
the most sacred part

of the birthing process,

the one in which God truly makes
His glorious presence known.

This vessel of God is ready

to bring the fruits of His love
into the world.


Breathe, breathe, breathe.

But the Gates of Heaven

do not open
without extraordinary effort.

Do they, girls?

We must beckon
this new soul forward.

Support your sister
in her labors.

Pray for her strength
and success.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

And push, push, push.

There! Breathe,
breathe, breathe.

- And push! Push!
- Push.

Breathe, breathe.

Breathe, Serena.

Come on, breathe.


There you go.

Was that it?


It's so cold.

it's just gonna get colder.

It can be like this
with the first one.

I was in labor with Hannah
for 19 hours,

and she almost broke my pelvis.

Nichole was faster.

Of course that time I was alone.

I remember thinking
that if anything went wrong,

we would die,

and no one would even know.

No one
would come looking for us.

It would be like
we never existed.


It's a big one. It's a big one.
I need you to breathe.

- I can't.
- Good. Yes, you can.

You can do this.
You have to do this, okay?

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

Yes, you can. Breathe, Serena.

There you go.

Okay, I need to check something.
All right?

- Check what?
- I need to check the cervix.

I need to check to see
if I can feel the baby's head.


Oh, God!

Get away from me.

I am trying to help you, Serena.

You're trying to kill me
and my baby!

- You're going to kill my baby.
- Okay, fine.

You wanna do this on your own?
Do it the fuck alone!

We're here with you.

Gather close
around your sister, girls.

Be there for Ofclarence
in her time of need.

We will recite
the Prayer of Purification.

Grant that I may

never cease grieving
because of it.

- She's ready.
- Never be content...

Of course, do what you must.

- It is God's will.
- Never think that

I can reach
a point of perfection.



Kill my envy, command my tongue,

trample down self.

Deliver me from attachments
to things unclean.

From wrong associations,
from the sugar of sin.

Offred. Pray.

Pray for the life of the child.

Okay. Okay.


Come on.



You came back.


You're gonna count down
from ten now, okay?

Here we go.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...

Here we go. Five.

I can see his crown.

- Oh, you can?
- Yes.

You wanna feel?


It's your baby's head.

- You feel that?
- Uh-huh.

I can see his hair.

- What color is it?
- It's a little, uh, brownish.

It's... There's some blood,
but he's coming.

He's got brown hair.

- Oh, brown?
- Yeah.

You're almost there, okay?

Here, we're gonna
get the head out.

You can do this. Here we go.

Breathe deep.

Breathe low.

Nice and low. Low.

Nice and low.

Oh, my God, it burns,
it burns, it burns.

I know. I know.

I feel so hot. I'm so hot.

It's okay. You're just tired.

That's it.

- I can't. I can't.
- Yes, you can.

Yes, you can. You can do this.
You're almost there, okay?

We just gotta get his head out.

He's right there.
Your baby's right there.

There he is.

His head's out.
You got his head out.

His head's out. Okay?

This is it, okay?
You just gotta do one more.

You gotta get his shoulders out,
all right?

Then it's all downhill
from there, okay?

Okay, you can do this.

Here we go.
You can do this. This is it.

He's here. He's here.

Is he okay?

Is he okay?

He's perfect.

He's perfect.

Oh, hello, baby. I'm your mama.


Praise be.

Oh, my angel.

Praise be.

Oh, I know. You're so...

Ofclarence has fulfilled

her duty in this world.

I know
you will mourn her, girls,

but know that she is cherished.

God is the true judge,
and she is His vessel.

She has pleased Him,

and He has sent her
to her final reward.

Praise be.

Praise be, Aunt Lydia.

Praise be, Aunt Lydia.

And now, let us
accompany our sister home.

Little baby.

I'm going to call you Noah.

It's a nice name.

"The savior of humanity."

Baby Noah.
I can't believe you're here.

I waited so long for you.
I wanted you so much.

Was it worth it?

Right now, I think it was.

How's his latch?

- It's strong, and he's hungry.
- Mmm. I bet.

Hannah had
such a hard time breastfeeding.

It was a tongue tie,
which we didn't know.

But I would
just feed her and feed her,

and she was still hungry,
and I felt so guilty.

She used to get so many colds
when she was little,

and I thought that was my fault
because of the nursing.

But then it turned out
she got colds

when she got older too, so...

Sometimes I'd have to stay home
from work with her and...

sometimes I couldn't
stay home from work.

Sometimes I didn't
want to stay home from work.


Why didn't you kill me?

I don't...

You've been the one
waving the gun around.

No, not today,
at the Information Center,

the protest.

You had a gun.


Why didn't you kill me?
Why Fred and not me?

I didn't want to.

I imagined this moment
so many times.

I always imagined
that he would be here.


He looks like him.


say that they always
look like their dads at first.

It's evolutionary.

So that the dads
don't kill them, you know?


Do you think
he's gonna be like him?

It depends.

On what?

On who raises him.

On what kind of person
they want him to become.

On what you teach him.

And on what you tell him
is his...

to take.

I want him to have everything.

We all want that
for them, Serena.

- Oh, is he okay?
- No, he's perfect.

It's funny how

every tiny baby you see
makes you feel like

you've never seen a baby before.

I tried to sleep.

You did sleep.

I just kept worrying
that I would smother him

in these blankets and things.

They're not supposed
to have bedding like this.

We have to get you both
somewhere inside, Serena, okay?

Somewhere where
they can take care of you.


I told you
I can't go to a hospital.

They'll find me there.

Who will find you?

The Wheelers.

The family
that I've been staying with,

they were the ones
looking for you.

They've been controlling me.

My every move.
They're everywhere.

It's like I'm their Handmaid.

It's like I'm you.

As awful as that sounds...

Yes. Which is why
they can't find me,

and I can't let them
get their hands on my baby.

So you understand.
I know that you do.

Serena, you have no water,
you have no food.

- It's freezing.
- But I'm so hot.

No, I know.
That's because you have a fever.

So we have to get you
the fuck out of this barn

and take you somewhere
where they can take care of you.

Or you are both going to die.

And it will not be quick.

Do you want to watch your baby
slowly starve to death

in front of you
while you die of sepsis?


Maybe you should take him.

What are you talking about?

There's nothing left
for me here.

I can't go to Canada.

I can't go back to Gilead.

It's over.
I don't have a future.

But you have a future.
Maybe you could...

take him with you.

Serena, you, you don't know
what you're saying.

I know that I want
what's best for him,

like what you did with Nichole,
with your daughter.

He would be safe with you.

You could care for him.

You and your husband.
He's a good man.

He could teach Noah
to be a good man.

The kind of man
who would never do the things

that his father did.

The things that I did.


June, I think
God sent you to me today.

You came after me.

What if He guided my hand
to save you,

so that you could save my baby,
like an angel.


There are avenging angels

that rain down sulfur and fire
from the Lord.

"Rejoice with Him, O heavens,

for He will avenge
the blood of His children

"and take righteous vengeance
on His adversaries."

They're still angels.

Maybe that's what
you are for me.

Is that what you think of me?

"And when
she could no longer hide him,

she built for him
an ark of bulrushes

and placed this child therein."

Maybe I'm the ark, June.

Maybe I'm the vessel.

I carried my baby.

I delivered him.

And I held him.

Maybe that's all that was
meant for me in this life.

Maybe it's God's will.

God's will.

A vessel.

That's what you thought I was.

What we were.

Who we were...

where we came from...

what we wanted...

none of that mattered to you.

To any of you.

I'm so sorry.

I don't care that you're sorry.

We mattered.

We were...

We are people.

We have lives.

And that's why
I'm gonna save yours, Serena.

Because this isn't Gilead.

And I am not you.

I don't deserve to be saved.

It's not for you.

It's for him.

Look at him.

Look at your baby.

You are the only person

in the whole world
that he knows.

You are the only familiar smell.

You are the only voice
he recognizes.

You love him.

And you wanted him so much.

You're his mother.

And he belongs with you.

That is God's will.

Do you understand me?

Excuse me.
Could you please help us?

- Immediate postpartum?
- Yes.

Um, six hours. Maybe eight.
It's okay.

Page Maternity and NICU.
Let's get fluids in her.

It's gonna be fine.
They'll help you.

Okay? I promise.

It's gonna be all right, Serena.

We're going to sit down.
Here we go.

- Any complications?
- No. They're doing just fine.

- June.
- It's gonna be okay.

Just go with them
and do what they say.

It's gonna be fine.

They're gonna
take care of him, okay?

I'm gonna be right here, okay?
It's gonna be okay.

Let's get the baby to the NICU.

Who's on call right now?

Doctor's on her way.

How are you feeling now?


- Excuse me. Can I please...
- Were you in an accident?

Use your phone. I'm fine.

Can I just please
use your phone?

- Please.
- Dial nine first.



They took Noah to the NICU.

That's okay.

Look, you had a fever, right,
so he's fine.

It's standard. They just...

They need to keep an eye on him.

Right. That's what they said.
It's just observation,

except he didn't have a fever.

He just was having trouble

regulating his, um...
His temperature.

And they said, um, that
he might have, uh, jaundice.

But they're not sure
so they have to run some tests.

Yeah, that's all very normal.

That's what they keep saying.
It's just all so, um...

impersonal and...

I don't know. Very... medical.

How are you feeling?

Uh, my fever is down.

They gave me antibiotics.

I guess
they don't trust anything

to resolve naturally here.

They're not letting me feed him.

They're waiting for us both
to be fully hydrated again.

- That's good.
- They're giving him formula.

He'll be fine.


I just want to go home.

There is no home, Serena.

There's just wherever you are.

No Man's Land.



Thank you.

You're welcome.


You're here.
Moira said they let you go.

At the border.

I'm so happy to see your face.

June, we did it.

Tuello's got the USB.
He's working on it.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, thank you.

Are you okay? Did she hurt you?

No. She, she had her baby.

While you were there?


It's, um... It's a boy.

And he's healthy.
Well, healthy enough.

He, he may have jaundice,
but that's...

You know, that's completely
normal for babies, right?

So, they may just put him
under one of those little lamps.

All right. June, June, June.
What's going on with Serena?

She's fine.

She's, she's fine?

Yeah. Let's, um...

I'll tell you later.
Let's go home.

Oh. Hold on. Give me a sec.

Serena Waterford's room?

211. Down the hall.

What's going on?

Don't worry.
They're not here for us.

Come on.

Oh, what's...

Serena Waterford?
We are Canadian Immigration.

You are being detained.



Um, I'd like to speak
with a lawyer.

As an undocumented person,

you have
no immediate right to counsel.

- Your phone call...
- What is going on?

Illegal border crossing.
Lack of immigration status.

There must be some mistake.

- Please.
- You called them?

She gave up her diplomatic visa

when she left
that little Visitors Center.

What about my baby?

The detention facility
has no infant care.

Well, what does that mean?

Where is my baby right now?

The Child Protection Unit
is already here.

They'll oversee his care.
That's all I can tell you.

No, you can't do that.

No, please! Please, wait, wait!

Oh, please, don't take my baby!

At last
she knows what it feels like.

Oh, please, stop!

Please! Please!


June, don't let them
take my baby, please!

- Justice. Right?
- June, help me!

- Right.
- Help me, please!

Please don't let them
take him from me!

Please stop!

Please help me!

Please help me, June!

June, do something!

June, please!