The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Episode #5.3 - full transcript

on The Handmaid's Tale...

I encourage you
to give Fred a proper funeral.

I got them to say yes.


By not being a woman.

Don't you look lovely, dear.

Aunt Lydia, do you think
if the Putnams choose Esther,

that maybe I can visit her?

I don't want to get posted.

Get your Commander to like you,
you'll get pregnant faster.

I want to get
to know you a little better.

You care for a chocolate?

I need your help.
It's about getting Hannah.

Again with this?

She needs to be
with me and her father.

Does she?
She has a lovely home.

That is not her home!

I love you.

Wouldn't you like
to see your daughter in-person

rather than asking about her?

That's a pipe dream.

If you play your part
for a while,

we could help each other.

You don't care about me.

You used me.

Somebody, help!

No! Oh, God! Janine!

You sent her a finger.

How is that gonna help
our family?

That is not gonna
get Hannah back.

I wanted her to know it was me.

You okay?

What was she wearing?

Uh, I... I... I don't remember.

I saw it.

I was just on hold
with the refugee help line.

Never got through, they're
probably getting swamped.

What was that color?

Who the fuck knows?

And what the fuck
was Mark doing with Serena?

She probably made a deal
with the Americans.

Oh, fucked!

What was she wearing?

What the fuck was that color?

I don't know. Her dress.
I've never seen

that color before. It was like
a plum color. Purple.

Yeah, purple.
What... what does purple mean?

- I don't know.
- I don't know.

It's not pink, though.

She's not a little girl anymore.


Nick was there.

I can talk to him.
I need to talk to him.

No, we can't get in contact with
him without Tuello's office.

There's a group at the border.


Not like official but, um...

I heard they've been
having some luck

getting messages
to people inside.


When the fuck were you going
to tell me about...

I wasn't gonna tell you that,

because I think
they're basically suicidal.

They're a bunch
of fucking traumatized refugees,

and they're the last people
you need to be around right now.

Well, you don't get
to decide that.

Fine. I'll ask them to meet.

For Hannah.

Just me and you, though.
No men allowed.

Lily? I'm Moira.

June Osborn.

I thought you'd be taller.

I get that a lot.

So, you need me
to send a message?

If you can. To a Commander.




He a big Jezebel's guy?

No. He's, um...


That's too bad.

We have a couple girls
at the one in Boston.

That's not the only way.

I got to expand our network
a bit before the Eyes busted me.

I'm one of the women you traded
for Waterford.

Sorry I didn't do it sooner.

I don't know how you managed it.

Getting us out.

And all those kids.

I was lucky.

Women always say that

when they've done
something extraordinary.

Follow me.

Whose crest is this?

The Brodericks, D.C.

Commander Christopher Broderick?
Quite a get.

It was kind of him
to take the time.

Well, you put on
a big show yesterday.

No surprise
leadership is grateful.

Very grateful.

It's a relief that Fred
is finally being shown

the respect that he is due.

I hope I haven't gotten you
into too much trouble

at the home office.

I'm sure they can't be pleased
with you for all of this.

You were given dispensation

to bury your husband
in his home country.

The manner in which
you go about that

is none of our concern,

You're just here
to offer protection.

Our way of apologizing for
the unfortunate miscommunication

regarding Commander Waterford's
transfer into custody.

And you couldn't possibly
be gathering information

to take back to the Americans
or the Canadians.

Not at all.

Well, even so,
you shouldn't stay too long.

The hotel Marthas
will be reporting back.

Are you worried
about your reputation?

Just wouldn't want anybody
to get the wrong idea.


I'll leave you to it, then.

I'll be back to escort you
to Commander Lawrence's.

Can't be too careful.
It's so close to No Man's Land.

Hey. Here, come on.

This is Moira and June Osborn.

They were both in Boston.

June did Angels' Flight.

Come on,
we'll message my contact.

We can get past
Gilead's cell tower surveillance

with sat phones,
but it's a slow process.

Gonna take a while to get down
the chain to your guy.

What is this?

Everyone we've been able
to get out.

Or a lot of them, anyway.

This is incredible.

Don't be too impressed.

Here's who we've lost
over the years.

I'm sorry.

I am too.

But everyone working with Mayday
knows the stakes.



Mayday's in Canada?

Mayday's everywhere.

Wait, how have you
not been caught?

There's no, you know,
flag or anything.

It's outposts. Small, like this.

Families, sometimes.
Just people.

People who are trying
to do some good.

And they're all along
the border?

No idea.

It's safer that way
for everyone.

Most of my circle
are still inside.

I was a Martha.

We got our information out
through this place.

Mayday sent back weapons,

stuff to make some trouble.

And if you were caught
and totally fucked,

they were the ones who would
at least try to get you out.

This was my Mayday.

We thought we made it up.

We thought it wasn't real.

We thought we made it up
'cause we had to.

Well, then, you were Mayday too.

Anyway, like I said,
it'll be a bit of a wait

to get word to your Commander.

Mrs. Waterford. Mr. Tuello.
The dynamic duo.

Commander Lawrence,
blessed evening.

Ah, it is now.
Uh, your friends await.

The guest of honor.

We have a strict
"no spies allowed" policy.

No hard feelings.

No. None... none at all.

But perhaps you'll find a time
to join me for a chat later.

I think we have a lot
to talk about.

All right.


My deepest condolences.

Thank you, Commander Mackenzie.

I believe you know my wife?

Yes, a little.

It's lovely to see you again.

I'm so sorry
it's under these circumstances.

It's a balm to have given him
the send-off that he deserves.

Well, blessed be.

Of course, we would have
preferred to have given

a fair trial, as well,

as Commander Lawrence
attempted to arrange.

It's terribly unfortunate

that Ms. Osborn was able
to intercede.

You... you know?

She couldn't have done it alone.

And from our understanding,
she had quite a bit of help.

The Americans, strange.

You'd expect
their diminished status

would restrain
their odd affection

for political assassinations.
But, tradition, I suppose.

- Rose!
- Mrs. Mackenzie!

It's so good to see you.

- It's been too long.
- We would hate to miss a chance

to see Rosie or a chance to get
to meet her new husband.

Thanks for including me.

I believe you already know
the Commander, Serena?

Yes, Nick's an old friend.

I haven't had the chance
to meet Mrs. Blaine.

Rose, please, Mrs. Waterford.

My husband speaks of you
with the greatest respect.

Does he?

Well, tell me, how did you two
find each other?

We met a few months ago.

Nick was in D.C. on business.

It was love at third mutually
attended gala.

I've always enjoyed talking
to Rose.

What a lovely thing to say.

And how lucky
that you two were able

to stumble upon
such a wonderful match.

I've been blessed.

For the baby.


It's just a little sweater.

I hope you don't mind
a few lumps.

I'm still terrible at knitting.

Oh, you should see
the first one.

No one should have to see that.

Well, thank you for the effort.

Ah, dinner. Shall we?


Dear God!

Sh... she does not deserve this.

You know she does not
deserve this!

I... I know you...
I know you're unhappy with

my behavior sometimes.
I... I've lost my temper.

I... I've made ch... choices.

I... I... I...
I've made choices.

Oh, I... I... I was trying

to k... k... k... keep
my... my... my girls safe.

Surely you understand that.

Please do not
p... p... punish her.

Please do not punish her
to teach me a lesson.

I... I... I...
I will turn things around!

I can turn things around!
I will.

I... I... I will
do things differently.

I will do things differently.

I promise you. I promise you.


I was reading some briefings
this morning,

very, very positive feedback
on the funeral broadcast.

Mm. An impressive
initial showing. Mm.

We should consider
trial ballooning

a new export strategy
to Europe maybe...

We will discuss it all
in the Council meeting tomorrow.

Joseph, you're boring the ladies
with shop talk.

I apologize.
If it's any consolation, ladies,

I bore myself.

After you remarry
you'll have someone

to steer dinner table
conversation again.

Men aren't adept at the art.

I have, uh, no plans to remarry.

We'll discuss

that later, as well.

A single man has no place
in leadership.

It was such a pleasure
to see Agnes yesterday.

I'm so very grateful,

appreciative for your family
coming all this way.

To pay our respects.

And quite honestly,
to speak to you

about our mutual adversary.

We had hoped when Ms. Osborn
was in Toronto,

things would finally
settle down, but...

Oh, she's never going to stop.

No. It doesn't seem she will.

And she was able to get to Fred,

I am afraid, that with the help
of the Americans,

she might be able to extend
her reach to our family.

I've come to regret
my former interventions

on her behalf.

We would never want Agnes
to find out something horrible

had happened
to her birth mother.

To traumatize her like that.

It's one
of God's great mysteries

how our sweet angel came
from that devil of a woman.

Yes, well,
we led with sentiment,

in all the mercy
that we've shown her.

But Agnes is strong,

and she will be able
to understand, when she has to.

June Osborn is a cancer.

We have to cut her out.

Thanks for helping out.

Of course.

That's nice work.

So, what else do you guys
sew in here

besides maps and stuff?

I dunno, depends.

Yours is gonna get
some powdered arsenic.

We're hoping to kill
a D.C. Commander next week.

Arsenic is a, uh,
terrible way to go.


- Don't fucking shoot!
- Drop the fucking gun!

Do not shoot!

Don't fucking move!
Drop the fucking gun!

- Please!
- Drop your weapon!

You drop your fucking weapon!
I'm a friend! I'm a friend!

Where's Mike?

He couldn't come. He sent me.
He told me the code.

All right, if you know the code,

"There were crimson roses
on the bench."

Just give me a second to think.

"There were crimson roses
on the bench!"

Jonah! "They looked like
splashes of blood."

It's, "They looked like
splashes of blood."


Please don't hurt him.
He's my friend.

Okay, okay.
You're safe now.

Thank you, for everything.

Go in grace.

Hey. We're so glad
that you're here. It's okay.

Rachel, your family's
been looking for you.

Okay. And thanks.


You're going back in?


Before I'm missed.
I've got a wife and a kid.

Can't leave them behind.

Hey, just give me
a second, okay?

Okay. Be careful.

Commander Blaine.

Hey. Listen, I'd, uh,

I'd like to be the one
to tell June about her.


- Sure.
- Okay.

Have you given any more thought

to our, uh, conversation?

Yeah. No.
I... I can't do that right now.

Good evening, Commander.

Do you two have a lot
to talk about?

No, sir.

You know, it's disrespectful
to leave your wife

standing out in the cold.

Could you excuse us?

Of course.

Rose's father is an old friend.

I certainly hope
that High Commander Wharton's

position had nothing to do
with her appeal

for a young Commander
rising through the ranks.

'Course not.

I'm keeping my eye on you.

Make sure you treat her right.

Yes, sir.


Eleanor was quite the presence.

The house must feel
very empty without her.

It does.

I always liked her.

Can't say she felt the same,
sorry to say.

Well, women have never
been particularly fond of me.

I... I can't imagine why.

Fred should never
have done that to you.

No, he shouldn't have.

He was a weak man,

for... toxic masculinity.

My students loved
that term, before.

I'm beginning to wonder
if it isn't... a blessing

that he won't be around
to raise our child.

I loved Fred, but a boy
needs a strong father

to guide him in this life.

My husband made
so many mistakes.

Um, I'm sure you'll have
better luck next time.

Mackenzie's right.

An unmarried man in Gilead
has limited influence.

Marrying for power, Serena,

doesn't... doesn't always
work out well.

Depends on the marriage.


He's become very active
after meals.


We're going
to protect you, Serena.

You and your child.

Ooh, ooh.

Praise be.

Oh, Mrs. Putnam.

God bless you for coming.

I wasn't given much of a choice,
was I?

Ah. Nevertheless, I...

I seem to recall it made
such a difference having Janine

at the hospital
when dear Angela was suffering.

I suppose.

The doctors aren't, uh...

too optimistic.

I'm sorry, Lydia.
She was a blessing.

Is a blessing! She'll recover.

Of course.

Do you want to say hi?
You wanna say hi?

Say hi.

I'll make sure
that Angela grows up to know

where she got
her beautiful smile.

And her sweet nature.


You won't be forgotten.

Well, I'd say thanks
for a lovely evening,

but I can't say I'd mean it.

I'm sorry about that.
I thought that they would

at least have put you
somewhere inside.

Ah, yes.

I... I had hoped to catch up
to Commander Lawrence,

but it's to be expected.

Men in power
can't resist showing everyone

just how much power they have.

It's been interesting,
being here.

I spent so many years
studying this country.

Is it different
than you expected?

Not particularly. No.

Surface-level beauty
doing its best to paper over

a stunning amount of hypocrisy.

It's a shame that you can't see
all that we've done right here.

Good night, Serena.

Actually, um, there is something

that I would like to discuss
with you, if you have a minute?

Something that can't wait
until we get home tomorrow?

I am home.


My place is here.

There are so many things
that I want to accomplish.

I want to stay here.

You're finally a free woman.

Are you sure you want to...
throw that away?

I want to thank you
for everything

that you've done for me.

It was my job.


Serena, staying here
would be a mistake.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

You must realize it's not safe
for women in this place.

Especially unmarried women.

I don't believe that will
be my situation for much longer.

What, you've made plans
to remarry?

Uh, no. I'm...
I'm still in mourning.

Come in!

Good evening, Mrs. Waterford.

Your presence
is requested tomorrow

at the Council, eleven o'clock.

May I confirm your attendance?

Of course.

Did Commander Lawrence
call the meeting?

I'm not sure, ma'am.

The order just came down
from the Council.

Thank you.

Goodbye, Serena.

Stay safe.


Yeah. Thank you.


June. Hi.


It's so good to hear your voice.

You too.

Hannah's safe. I didn't get
to talk to her, but she's okay.

Is she with Serena?

Uh, no. Not since the funeral.

The purple color Hannah
was wearing.

What does it mean?

It means she's ready.

Ready for what?

New school.

High Commanders' daughters
training for future wives.


They're just preparing them now.

There's no further plans,
as far as I know.

But she'll be all right.
She's tough, like you.

And the Mackenzies,
they really love her.

They love her so much
they're sending a 12-year-old

to a Wife School?

I'm sorry I can't do more.

Um, maybe you c...

I know it's a lot to ask,
but maybe you could transfer

to her district.
You can watch out for her.

- Please?
- I wish I could.

But there's...

I have obligations now.

New obligations.

I have a wife.

You know how things are here.


Who is she?

Her name is Rose.

I told her about you.

Would I like her?

Yeah. Yeah, you actually would.

How's Nichole?

She's so smart.

She loves the little doll
that you gave her.

Listen, June.
You gotta be safe.

Mackenzie, he's powerful.

You gotta keep yourself safe.
Keep Nichole safe. Promise me.

I promise, I will.

We won't be able to talk again
for a while. I'm sorry.

No, I'm just...

I mean...

I understand.

Hey, Nick.

Try and be happy, okay?

Where did they take her?

She woke up a few hours ago.

She's made some improvements.

Fresh air will do her good.

Good morning.

Were you the one
who called the meeting?

Uh, no. No.

Oh. Is, um,
something the matter?


You seem different.

Serena, do you have some kind
of expectation of me?

No, of course not.

I'm sorry, Serena.

Serena, blessed day.

Blessed day, High Commanders.

We have given your future

a great deal of consideration.

It's good news.

It's an exciting opportunity,
to be useful.

We'd like you
to lend your expertise

as we expand the influence
of our great nation.

You'll be acting
as a global ambassador of sorts.

Unofficially, of course.

But we thought
it would be a positive

to have such a capable,
impressive woman

speaking on our behalf.

So you won't be making a place
for me here.

I... We want you in Toronto.

To best represent
our sacred republic.

You're an unusual woman, Serena,

and we don't have

the... proper infrastructure

for unusual women
to live within our borders.

I'll require a staff.


And a substantial budget.


And protection from those

who would hurt me and my baby.


Don't worry.
Leadership is very invested

in making this a success.

Thank you.

They had us hold the plane.

Change of heart?

We're just right back
where we started.

How am I supposed to keep
my baby girl safe from here?

How am I supposed to do that?

She's one-quarter Holly...

and she's one-half you.

She's gonna be okay.

She's not gonna be a wife.

That is not fucking happening.

I'm gonna go, um...
I'm gonna go get our stuff.

We should get back.
She is going to be okay.

'Kay. Thanks.


The Americans
are escorting Serena Waterford

back into Toronto.

She's coming back?

Private airport.

They'll walk you back
to the car.

Back to the Detention Center
for now.

Looks like you have some fans,
Mrs. Waterford.

Servants of God.

We're all here
to spread His word.

What's going on?

I don't know.
They're not moving.

Never touch my daughter again.

Drive the car.

Never touch my daughter again.

Drive the car! Back it up now!