The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Episode #5.2 - full transcript

Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

I don't care what they do to me.

They're not going
to let you die.

They will keep hurting you,
again and again,

until you do what they say!
That is their job!

Twenty-two of these women
worked with the Resistance.

And you can save them.

A prisoner exchange? You can't.

Did you see her?


And what she needed to do
was done?


It's his wedding ring.

They also sent a finger.
A severed finger.

You don't know what she is.

I'm taking my husband home
to bury him.

The Waterford name has power,
and that will be respected.

I killed him.

These events
did not occur in Canada.

It is not a concern
of the Crown.

There can't just be
no punishment.

That is between

you and your deity of choice,
Ms. Osborn.

It's okay.

But the Crown
has no quarrel with you.

You're free to go.

I thought I'd be in jail.

But you're not.


I'm not.


We're ready for you,
Mrs. Waterford.

Your accommodations
have been arranged and vetted.

Our security detail
will be with you at all times.

And of course I'll be by
your side every step of the way.

Just like you protected Fred.

A lot went into arranging this.

When God calls us,
all we can do is heed him.

Blessed day, Commanders.

Welcome home.

We thought we'd roll out
the red carpet.

Thank you for allowing me
to bring Fred home,

where he belongs.

We'd never leave a brother
out in the cold.

My condolences for your loss,
Mrs. Waterford.

Your friends the Putnams

have offered their home
for Fred's wake.

How nice of them.

Fred always saw
so much promise in you.

Like a father.

If he could see you now,
all settled,

on a more fruitful path.

June really did bring
so much suffering to all of us.

Well, the Lord has blessed me.

And you.

Oh, look at us all,

getting along
like friendly diplomats,

trying to bury the hatchet.

We'll see, hmm?

We, uh...

thought we would escort you
to your hotel.

We thought you might
want to freshen up.

I'd like to see the church
that you've selected

for Fred's service if it's
not too much trouble.

I think we can accommodate that.

Not a popular church, I take it.

Out of respect for you,

we thought we'd make
Fred's funeral

as quick and simple as possible.

He will be laid to rest
at Granary Burial

with other revolutionaries.

Nice touch.

We figured you'd want to
get back to Canada,

move on with your life.

Take in a Leafs game.

I hear this might
finally be their year.

I'm not much of a hockey fan.

You'd love it.
It's elegant yet brutal.

Hardly the farewell

befitting one of the
Founding Fathers of Gilead.

It's tasteful.

It looked like a pack of wolves
tore into Fred.

Not really the work of the Eyes.

It made me wonder
what really happened to Fred.

I can't even imagine.

We can't control
what the Americans do

along the border,
Mrs. Waterford.

There's only one person who
could express that kind of rage.

And there's no way

that she could've gotten
to Fred on her own.

Could you imagine

what the other
Commanders would do

if they knew that

you had helped a Handmaid
kill her Commander?

Bold accusation.

I encourage you
to give Fred a proper funeral.

One that he deserves.

I'm just one Commander.

Nick's on the rise,

but he's still a puppy.
There's only so much we can do.

You'll figure it out.

You're nothing
if not resourceful.

Even through the tragedy

of Commander Waterford's death,

our good Lord has found a way
to grace us with opportunity.

This is your moment to shine

in the sunlight
of the Spirit, girls!

A chance to impress
prospective Commanders.

To do his good works and to
make yourselves truly worthy.

Oh, blessed be this day!

I wish you were coming with me.

Well, be good
and you'll be safe.

Blessed be the stupid fruit.

You're gonna get us in trouble.

Don't you look lovely, dear.

Blessed day, Aunt Lydia.

May the Lord make me worthy.

Be obedient and He will.

Go along.

Nice work, dear.

Thank you.

Since you have been
such a help to Esther,

I will allow you to accompany
her as her minder.

Thank you, Aunt Lydia!

Now, the Putnams
have expressed interest

in a new Handmaid.

Esther is young and fertile.

And, perhaps,
under your tutelage,

she might impress them.

She's come a long way.

I hope she's ready.

You both have come so far.

It is my hope this time that
we can all shine together.

Get yourself dressed.

Oh, Aunt Lydia,

do you think if the Putnams
choose Esther,

that maybe I can visit her?

Honey, don't get
ahead of yourself.

- Okay. Yeah.
- Go get ready now.

All right.

Blessed day, Mrs. Waterford.

Blessed day.


Safe and sound. Praise be.

Praise be.

If only we were meeting
on a less sorrowful occasion.

Fred was like a brother to me.


The Lord always meets us
in our time of need.



Come. We're so happy
you're here.

Mr. Tuello.

Commander Putnam.

on your promotion.

I look forward
to future negotiations.

Thank you. This is as far
as you go, Mr. Tuello.

I'm sure you understand.

According to our agreement,
I'm to accompany Mrs. Waterford.

Relax, Mark.

Serena is among friends.

Ah, you're so far along.

Yes. Just a few more months.

You're so...
Missed so much already.

I wish you could stay in Gilead,

and we could
make up for lost time.

If He wills it.

May the Lord
guide all of our paths.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Excuse me.

I have some last-minute
funeral details to attend to.

Of course.


The Council believes
that their current plan

for the funeral
is more than adequate.

You didn't ask, did you?

We both know how it works here.

A woman's word
never trumps a man.

There seems to be
a lingering feeling that,

for all Fred's
admirable qualities,

he was somewhat of a traitor.

Blessed day, Mrs. Waterford.

Where's June?

She's gardening in the winter.

I, uh, did see this flyer
for real estate classes?


Yes! A hundred... No, I totally,
I can see that on you.

A hundred percent.

- Real estate mogul!
- Stop.

- Hey, sorry.
- Hey, June.


I got caught up
on the gardening thing.

It's okay.
It's nice to see you.

All right,
who's ready to party hard?

I call Twister.

Stop playin'.

Ooh, Monopoly!

- You cannot do that!
- 'Kay.

No, we're not playing Monopoly.


Because you always get
upset when we play Monopoly.

See, now,
see that is step... No.

You do.
You take it too far.

And I just want a nice,
a nice evening so...

How 'bout I roll the dice?

See who goes first?

Like a Monopoly-style race.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Oh, look. You can,
uh, wear this top hat

when you go to the ballet.


Oh, that's the bread.
I'll be right back.

- Quick, quick.
- Don't touch my money.

I got a one.

It's when you roll the one,
it means you're number one.

You don't get to
just make up the rules.

I'm not making up
the rules. You just said...

Like, I'm not making up
the rules.

All right. That's what
I gotta beat, a one?

It needs a few minutes to cool.

No worries. Hey.

You know she went back
to Gilead, right?


- What's her plan?
- I don't know.

She can't waltz back and forth
between Canada and Gilead

like she's, what,
a fuckin' queen or something?


When is she going to get
what she deserves?

Maybe they'll put her
on the Wall.

Maybe they'll take her baby away
and make her a Handmaid

and then put her on the Wall.

You remember
when she slapped you?

Jesus, June!

Look it! I don't want to talk
about Serena.

But you remember, right?


After that fucked-up
baby shower.

June, shut the fuck up!

She was pissed at me

but I was pregnant

and so she went
and she hauled off on you.

Shut up. Sh-fuck!

Stop it.

I may not have been a Handmaid
but I struggle too.

I struggle every day.

Every fucking day.

Rita, I'm sorry.


What the fuck is wrong with you?

Commander Blaine.


Blessed day.

Blessed day, Aunt...


Praise be.

Go on now.

Keep a sharp eye.

The Lord's light shines
through the most righteous.

Blessed day, Mrs. Putnam.

Mrs. Waterford.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

And yet, the Lord has made
His countenance shine upon you.

I'm just grateful to be
an instrument in His plan.


Well, you are a...

marvel, Mrs. Waterford.

Mrs. Putnam, please follow me.

Angela! Come here!

We're finally
out of that stupid gym

and we're just standing around.

We have to do something.

Anyone who does something
ends up dead.

Or worse.

The smartest thing
to do is just...

Just follow the rules
and stay alive.

Trust me. Here we go.

Mrs. Putnam, this is Esther.

She's so young.

And I heard
she used to be a Wife.

Which means she understands
the respect you deserve.

You have come so far,
haven't you, dear?

Yes, Aunt Lydia.

By His Grace.

- Fine.
- Ah!

Come along, dear.

Remember, mind your manners
and all will be well.

Angela, come back here!

- Angela, sweetie!
- Hi!

- Blessed day.
- Hi, sweet girl.

Can I give you a hug?

Okay. Okay.


Thank you.

Have you been having fun, huh?

That's enough, please.

Cecelia, come and get
Angela, please.

Okay, okay. Here we go.

Ready? Okay, go ahead, baby.

- Okay.
- Go ahead.

You have a beautiful daughter,
Mrs. Putnam.

I thank God for her every day.

And for those
who brought her to me.



Praise be.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

Aunt Lydia has told me
a lot about you.

May God make me truly worthy.

I am sure you will be.

Will you
excuse us a moment, Gentlemen?

I'll join you in the pool house.

You too, Aunt Lydia.

I'm sorry?

Blessed day, Aunt Lydia.


Mmm. Mmm-hmm.


You don't have to be scared.

God sees your heart.

Allow the gifts
God blessed you with

to be seen by all others.

That just means I want to
get to know you a little better.

Praise be.

You care for a chocolate?


You all right?



I gotta tell you something.

Serena knows I killed Fred.

How could she know that?

I did something.

I sent her a finger.

It was Fred's finger.


I cut it off of him.

'Cause I wanted her to know
it was me.

Do you want her to come after us
and our family?


But I know her and I know
what she's capable of.

And I know she has a plan.

- This is what she's doing...
- Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

You're obsessing over her!

You... You sent her a finger!

How is that gonna
help our family?

How is that gonna help you?

That is not gonna get
Hannah back.

I know!

You don't think I know that?

I know that.

- June?
- What?

You gotta be here.
You gotta be right here.

All right?
Because I need you here

and Nichole needs you here.

Your family needs you...


And if you're not,

I don't know
what's gonna happen, June...

to us.

I'm sorry.


Fuck. I'm sorry.

She's gone, all right?

She's probably terrified of you.

- Yeah.
- Right?

You know?
'Cause you won, you're here.

She can't get to you.

- Yeah.
- All right?

So, you gotta let go of her.

Forget about her. Fuck her.



Fuck her.

Fuck her.

Fuck her.

Mrs. Waterford.

What a surprise.

Commander Calhoun.

I'm so sorry to interrupt.

Is there something
we can help you with?

I was hoping to speak with you
on behalf of my husband.

Fred dedicated his life
to this great nation.

Thank you
for honoring his legacy.

You're welcome, Mrs. Waterford.

I would like for my unborn son
to be proud of his father.

And for people to see

what you gentlemen here
have created,

God's Kingdom on Earth.

Perhaps it's time that
we show Gilead to the world.

Now, I've been to Canada.

I know what they think of us.

If we are to be respected,

I think we need to show them

that we grieve
just like they do.

I think we need to make Fred's
funeral an international event,

broadcast across the globe.

Mrs. Waterford, the, uh,
stress you've been under

would unmoor anyone,

especially in your condition.

We've shown the world our fist.

It's time
to show them our humanity.

Why should we listen to you?

You don't even adhere
to our way of life.

You have no wife,
no child, no family.

Thank you, uh,

Commander Putnam,
for reminding me

of the untimely passing
of my wife.

Let's not be hasty, Warren.

Doesn't hurt
to hear all the details.

I've watched you gentlemen

squander one opportunity
after another

that could've led
to more prosperity.

The public mourning
of one of our peers

is an opportunity
we cannot waste.

But a traitor's funeral

for all the world to see?

How will that make us look?


We'll look merciful.

I served Commander Waterford
for many years.

He wasn't perfect.

But the least we can do
is honor the sacrifices

he made to our nation.

Sacrifices that yielded
a miracle.

Barren woman made fruitful
by His grace.

And a symbol
that could accelerate

the international acceptance
of Gilead

so that we can finally
take our rightful place

among the nations of the world.

Well, if you will excuse us,
Mrs. Waterford,

we have official business
to discuss.

I don't want to get posted.

Get your Commander to like you,
you'll get pregnant faster.

Do you really think that being
pregnant is gonna protect me?

It's your only protection.


Least you can say you tried.

The worst they can do is say no.

Have you got a cigarette?

I got them to say yes.

- How?
- By not being a woman.

- I'll leave you both to it.
- Great.

Well, I'd like to immediately

start talking
about the guest list.

Why not?

I think it's important
that we invite

Commanders from out of town.

- Any in particular?
- Yes.

- Commander Johnson.
- Mmm-hmm.


uh, Commander Scott.

I'll take it from here.

Yes, Sir.

I was wondering
if we'd get to talk.

How is she?

That file you pulled together
for her was good.

And Nichole?

She's well cared for.

You've risen fast,

while somehow
managing to help June.

That takes talent.

To fly under the radar
like that.

Just trying to stay
out of trouble.

Wouldn't you like to see
your daughter in person

rather than asking about her?

That's a pipe dream.

I know you got
a complicated past.

But America can be
a very forgiving place.

If you make amends,

gain us some visibility,

play your part for a while.

I'd like to help you
and your daughter.

If you'll let me.

We could help each other.

I'll remember that.

I don't know.

It must be hard...

seeing your daughter

and having to leave her behind.

You get used to it.


I stole some
from the Putnam house.

I mean,

one little rebellion won't hurt.

We'll keep it between us.

I know it's weird,

but having a baby...

it's the most incredible thing.

Tiny feet and hands
grew inside me.

It's wild! It's...

it's the most complete love
you'll ever know.

Even if someone else
is raising her.

They treat you the best
when you're pregnant.

It's like a princess.


No. I bet they do.

I'm gonna miss you.

Maybe Aunt Lydia will
let us be walking partners.


You know,

I really didn't like you
when we first met.


And I was right the first time.




You don't care about me.

You just wanted to see
your daughter, right?

No, you lied to me.

You used me.

Like Aunt Lydia.

Like they all do.

And you're one of them.

Esther, I was trying
to help you survive.

Like June helped me.

You're not June.

You know, you're a disgrace.

And I fucking hate you.

Oh, my God, Esther.

Now we're gonna make June proud.

Esther? What happened?

Help! Help!

What did you do?

What did you do? Help, someone!

Somebody, help!

What happened?

What happened? No!

Janine! Janine, what happened?

No, no! No!

Oh, God! No!

No, darling, come here.
No, no, no! Janine!

Janine, no, no!
Look at me, dear.

No! Help us! Someone!
Sit 'em up.

No, sweetheart, no, no, no.

No, no, honey!
No! Help us! Oh, God, no!

Take as much time as you need.
They can wait.

I'm ready.

So, uh...

what do you think the chances
are of having a second date?

Whoa, back off!

Yeah, yeah. I'm always
a bit forward, right?

Yeah, just a little fast.

Mmm. Take you home?

Yeah. We should go.

- Ready?
- Ready.

...more than anything.

One-track mind.

What the fuck?