The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - God Bless the Child - full transcript

June negotiates a truce in the Waterfords' fractured relationship; Janine oversteps with the Putnam family; A still-healing Aunt Lydia offers a brutal public punishment.

Previously on The Handmaid's Tale...

Are you okay?


I would never have put
you in a new posting.

After what you pulled
at the Mackenzies',

you should be on the wall!

- Who's the American?
- I am.

The boy and his mother can go,

but I'm afraid you'll
need a Canadian visa.

When's she gonna let 'em
know that she's here?

- Em?
- Hi.

Is Serena okay?

After what you put us through,

I'm not sure.

You want me to go back to Fred.

You know there's no place in this world

for you without Fred.

I need you to know what
it was like between us.

A spoiled little girl.

You gave that baby away.

And it wasn't even yours.

She isn't mine.

Only a mother could do what you did.

If you can just think about
all the other mothers

who have had their children
taken away from them.

You have to try harder.

I'm not that person anymore.

Maybe we're stronger
than we think we are.

♪ The Handmaid's Tale 3x04 ♪
God Bless the Child

We come together in peace.

To celebrate the babies
born in our district.

We dedicate ourselves

and our children to God.

It takes a village.

And machine guns.

Who among them can be persuaded?

Who can be turned...


to burn this shit place to the ground?


God's Eyes are upon you.

Best behavior.

Hell on wheels.

- Under His eye.
- Under His eye.

No talking, please.



our most blessed Handmaids

have given us God's children.

They have earned the best view.


stop that nonsense.

I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia.

Praise be.

What a glorious day
for our precious Angela.

I saved a spot for you up front.

Eyes front.

Next in line.



Seats of honor also.

Thank you, Aunt Lydia.

Thank you.

Carry on!

Straight line, girls.

Under His eye.

You had a baby?


I'm so blessed to serve Him.

Huh? What're you looking at, huh?

Who's my pretty girl, huh?

Hannah banana.

- There she is!
- Hi!

Look at that dress!

You are rocking that dress, baby girl.

Oh, hello, sweetheart.

My little darling angel.

Yes, you are.


- He missed his train.
- Ugh.

- What?
- Fucking Jerry.

You know, he is the worst
possible choice for godfather.

- Should we just do it without him?
- Mmm‐hmm.

Oh, just cancel. It's a sign.

- Wh...
- Sweetheart,

Hannah does not need to be sanctified

by a bunch of holier‐than‐thou
child molesters.

Okay, a little louder, Mother.

Do you think that
your father would care?

He spent a hell of a lot
more time at Fenway

than he ever did at Mass.

You cannot let religion
control your choices.

That's what they all want.

Mom! Shh!

They are not too thrilled that
I'm the fairy godmother.


- Hey!
- Oh.

Oh, boy.


- We got one?
- Mmm‐hmm.

- That is another sign.
- All right.

Okay. You know what? You
guys don't have to be here.

No, no. Listen, listen. We're here.

We're doing this.

You got it, Chief.

Let's baptize this stinky little sinner.

- I'll take care of her.
- Thank you.

I'll change you.

Oh, I fucking love you.

I love you.

Hey, hey, we're gonna get changed!

Go sit down.

I ought to feel hatred for this man.

I know I ought to feel it,

but it isn't what I do feel.

What I feel is more
complicated than that.

I don't know what to call it.

It isn't love.

Brothers and sisters,


We gather on this sacred day

to thank the Lord for
His greatest gifts.

Come, come,

those He has blessed.

Come up and join us.

He's cute.

They are all beautiful miracles.

Blessed fathers and mothers,

by coming before God and His people,

do you declare your desire

to dedicate yourself
and your child to the Lord?

We do.

June and Luke,

do you accept the responsibility

to raise your daughter, Hannah,

in the practice of faith

and to keep God's commandments

by loving God and your neighbors?

We do.

And are you ready to help
the parents of this child

in their duties as Christian parents?

I do.

Oh, I mean yes.

I'm ready.

And do you vow to pray for
and encourage these parents

to raise their children

in the fear of the Lord?

We do.

And do you promise
to encourage these children

to receive His guidance and instruction?

We do.

I baptize you

in the name of the Father,

and of the Son,

and of the Holy Spirit.

There you go.

- You did it!
- She did good.

So good.

I mean, she is my goddaughter, so...



we are grateful to God
for these beautiful children.

But we must never forget

the innocent child
that was stolen from us.

A Daughter of Gilead,

taken by evil.

By an unrepentant sinner.

Let us hold that blessed
child in our prayers.

And may the Lord protect her

and keep her safe.


- Amen.
- Amen.

Attention customers on Line Two,

we are currently experiencing
longer than normal delays

between St. George
and Broadview Station.

I'm so sorry. I couldn't find a space.

It's okay.

You have something to say?

Just wondering how you
were feeling, Aunt Lydia.

Long day.

Wouldn't want you to overdo it.

You best be concerned
with yourself today.

The Commander and Mrs. Putnam

have been exceedingly generous

to invite you all to the reception.

I can't wait to see her.


I expect you to be what?

A good girl.

Make me proud.

I can manage, thank you.

I'm so glad you're here.

I hope that you're hungry.

Oh, praise be.

Blessed day.

Blessed day.

Please, come in.

Such an honor for these girls
to be here, Mrs. Putnam.

Praise be to Him and
those who serve Him.

Praise be.

Praise be.

I'll never forget what
you did for Angela.

She wouldn't be here

if you hadn't been on
that bridge that day.

Blessings on you and
your family, Mrs. Putnam.

Bless you.

Bless you, too.

Please make yourselves comfortable.



In there.


Of course.

Thank you.

Handmaids shouldn't be here.

It's not how it works.

Lighten up. Go eat something.

Have I missed anything?

Just the usual.

Jell‐O shots. Charades.

Little karaoke.

I didn't see you at the Dedication.

I'd hate to be a distraction.

They might surprise you, you know.

They respect you.

They looked to you once before...

to lead them.

Half of them walked out on me.

Half of them didn't.

Do you regret it?

Not leaving here?

Not without Hannah.

At least there's still hope if I'm here.

I may get to see her again.

I can't say the same for Nichole.




glad you decided to come.

For Naomi.

Yes, well...

She'll be happy you're here.

Ofjoseph. Blessed day.

Blessed day, Commander Waterford.

Shall we?


Thank you so much for coming.

I wouldn't miss it.

Sure you're not hungry?

I made pasta salad.

- Maybe later.
- Do you want?

Oh, and I got that...

that weird tea you like for breakfast.

The one that tastes like dirt.

Syl, I could get breakfast at the hotel.

I don't want to make
things awkward for you.

It is awkward.

But who cares?

What time does he, uh...
get dropped off?


You know, he begged to stay
home from school today,

but I figured you might need a minute

to catch your breath.

But I prepped Ms. Currie,
she knows you're coming.

Ms. Currie?

Sorry. His... His teacher.

He has a little crush on her.

Does Oliver...



That's you.

Fighting to get back home.


Oh, hey, buddy.

Here. Come here.

Come here.

It's okay, honey.

You can say hi.



I'm not supposed to hug you
till you're ready.

Well, how about we don't hug
until we're both ready?

That be okay?


I'm so happy to see you.

I missed you so much.

How was school?

Good. We had Science today.

We're doing fossils.

Wanna see?

Wait. You have fossils in there?

I drew some.


Let me see.

Show me.

He's so big.

I know.

I figured you'd like it plain.


Aren't you a dear.

They also have some of those...

those little macaroons.
I can get you some.

Too sweet.

Thank you.


Aunt Lydia?


I'm really sorry about
what happened to you.

I prayed... I prayed so hard

when I found out, for you to get better.

We all did.


I'm sure.



I know what the girls think of me.

And they blame me for Emily.

I should never have saved
her from The Colonies.

I'm... I'm glad you saved me.

Me, too.

So messed up.

That's Janine.

At least spike it.

Aunt Lydia's doing her job.

She's doing her best.

Her best?

Did she burn you, Breeder?

You can't blame Aunt Lydia for that.

We're all trying to make it through this

without making any trouble.

Hello, girls.

Am I interrupting?

No, sir.

Have you girls tried the buffet?

The deviled eggs are delicious.

Go on.

Before you miss out.

You know we can't eat from the buffet.

I'll handle the complaints.


concerned about Serena.

She's been...

having a difficult time.

That's understandable.

It's been challenging for both of us.

So many changes.

But it's time to get on with things.


Is that what you want?

Of course. She's my wife.

Is that what your wife wants?

Hard to know.

She hasn't been very...


You know how she can be. So...



But she can't keep hiding
at her mother's.

I don't think she's...


planting flowers and knitting sweaters.

Not sure she ever was.


So, do you think you could be open to...


Could you maybe give her a real voice?

Behind the scenes...

of course.

Well, if that would...

fix things.

It's worth discussing.


But she hasn't said more
than two words to me.

I should get back to the...



Check on those deviled eggs.


What is it?

The Commander wants to reconcile.

He wants to make things right but

he doesn't know how to do it so...

I made a suggestion.

More freedom.

In your marriage.

To do what?

As Mrs. Waterford, you have influence.



Up to a point.

So move the point.

Like we did before.

He is lost without you,


Wear the dress.

Pull the strings.

You have to sign this.


Another field trip?

Are you guys ever in school?



Okay, bud.


I need water.

You've already had.

I'm still thirsty.

Yeah, but if you drink water now,

you're gonna be up to pee in an hour.



She knows you pee.

Everybody pees.

- You want dinosaurs?
- Yeah!

Okay. Get in.

All right. Scoot.

All right, where did we leave off?



Will you read it to me?



Spinosaurus. Cool.

"Spinosaurus was the largest

of all meat‐eating dinosaurs.

It may have grown to 50‐feet long.

New discoveries suggest another

of Spinosaurus's special qualities.

With its powerful arms...

Spinosaurus may have
moved about on all fours.

With its smooth teeth..."

Want me to?

"With its smooth teeth

and long narrow jaws,

Spinosaurus was better suited

to catching fish,

than hunting land animals.

Spinosaurus lived in a swampy forest..."


How are you?

Blessed day.


Blessed evening.

Look who's awake.


Hello, sweet face.

What a darling.


She's so curious about everything.

Smart girls are trouble.

Yeah. Tell me about it.


Take her.

Oh, she's such a treasure.


Praise be.

Praise be.

I'm very happy for you.

- Praise be.
- Really?




You're so beautiful.


Can I hold her?

I think that's enough.


The Lord is...

gracious and righteous.

Our God is full of compassion.



It's okay.

Sweet angel.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Commander and...

Mrs. Putnam...

Angela is so lucky to
have you as her parents.

By God's grace.

By God's grace.


By God's grace,

she could have a little brother.


Or sister.



I wanna be your Handmaid again.

Okay. Come on.

- No. But, but, why?
- It's time to go.

I just wanna do God's work.
I wanna do it.

Isn't that what you taught me?

Isn't that what you all want?

Mind your tongue!

I just... I wanna be here.

I can make them a good one again!

I can...

I just wanna be with my daughter.

- Aunt Lydia...
- No!

I just wanna give them a baby.

Don't! Janine!

Oh, my God. Stop her!

Stupid girl!

- Stop her! No! Stop it!
- Stupid! Stupid!

Aunt Lydia!

Stop it! Stop!

No! No!

Get her out of here.


My deepest apologies.





Aren't you cold?


But I like it.

You doing okay?

Do you need anything?

No, I'm good, thanks.

I think I'll...

head to the hotel.

Check in.


I'll stay for a little while.

Thank you for coming.

Go in grace.

Go in grace.

Is she okay?

She's been through worse.

Blessed be. Thank you.

That's what you get.

Thank you.

May the Lord bless you.

Under His eye.

Thank you for coming.

- Go in grace.
- Go in grace.

Go in grace.

I want to talk to you.

That's not the way the party
should have ended.

Poor Naomi.

Poor Naomi?

It's terrible, of course,
for both of them.

And that is exactly why
the system was designed,

to prevent this kind of thing
from happening.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Waterford,

they're probably waiting for me.

A young girl of Hannah's age,

the daughter of a Commander,

would most likely attend a school...

for domestic arts.

The one in her district is
in Brookline, by the reservoir.

The girls play outside after lunch.

Perhaps you'll find a way to see her.

Thank you, S...

- Quick change.
- Uh‐huh.

Too bad she can't wear
that dress again, huh?

- I know.
- There you go.

What are we gonna do with it?

- Huh?
- Good girl. Where'd they go?

Oh, they're outside,
debating restaurant options.

Your mother is insisting on vegan.

Jesus. She's not even a fucking vegan.

What is it?

Oh, man, I'm so glad we did this.

You know, we're so lucky
to have her, you know,

the way that things are now-a-days?

And she's happy, and she's healthy.

And it's just like, why not?


Just in case.

Like buying insurance, yeah.

But, seriously, I think...

I think today was important to say...

"Thank you" to God.

You know?


Me, too.


I love you.

I love you.

And we are going to choose where we eat.

Hell, yeah.

You know why? Because today is our day.

- Yeah.
- Okay?

But you're telling your mom, though.

Oh, yeah. I'm telling her.
You're not telling her.

Yeah, uh‐huh.

I need to speak with
Commander Waterford.

Is there a problem?

Can you take me to him, sir?

Chi‐town, we're with you!

When was this posted?

Within 24 hours.


That your Handmaid, sir?

Former Handmaid.


Excuse me, sir.

We need to confirm who he is.

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!

Hi, baby! Baby's first protest!

She's so sweet. What's her name?

- Oh!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

You know that man?

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!


We stand with Chicago!

His name?

You're a protester, aren't you, huh?


Is it Lucas Bankole?

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!


Chi‐town, we're with you!

She's like her mom.

Lots of attitude.

Let me see that again.

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

She's gotten so big.

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!

Chi‐town, we're with you!

We stand with Chicago!

Yeah, um...

We're not her parents.

We're like godparents.

Right. Well...

Her mother is my wife.

And my best friend.


she'd really want us to do this.

Where is the mother?

She's in Gilead.

This little one should
be absolved of their sins.

I baptize you in the
name of the Father...

And of the Son...

And the Holy Spirit.

Amen. Amen.

You did it.

Thank you.

You did it.

Go in peace.