The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Sacrifice - full transcript

Gilead leadership is rocked by losses of their own; Luke and Moira adjust to new arrivals in Canada; A tragedy strikes the Lawrence household.

Previously on The Handmaid's Tale...

Commander Waterford,
you have now crossed into Canada.

We are arresting you...

Serena! She's done nothing wrong.

For war crimes
and crimes of aggression

in violation of international
human rights treaties

and international law.

- You should go.
- Eleanor!

You were raped because of him!

I need him now.

I have a plan, Eleanor.

Are you Billy? You have
access to a cargo plane.

- You want a ride.
- Not for me. For Beth,

and a Commander, and his wife.

And 52 children.

So you'll do it?



It is you.

Let's talk.

Sit down.

Take off your panties.

You bitch!

Hey! There's a service elevator

at the end of the hall, on the left.

They grabbed me in Chicago.

I saw you, at the cages.

You saved me.


They'll be coming for us.

♪ The Handmaid's Tale 3x12 ♪

First, you hear the van.

Pulling up.

Tires on the driveway.

Doors closing.



Then, boots on the stairs.




You scared me.

I'm sorry.

There are people down... downstairs.

Men... with Joseph.

What do they want?

Joseph said just...

coffee and... and sandwiches.

Beth might need help.

Yes, ma'am.


And you should... you
should leave that here.

And then what?

Are you familiar with
the idea that it is easier

to get into a shooting war
than it is to get out of it?

We have to make a response.

We need to be patient
and then make a response.

So, you... You're drawing conclusions?

We've confirmed the reports.

It's an act of aggression.

Blessed day.

Can I help you?

I think you get a day off,

after last night. Very impressive.

What does that mean?

You're fucking fantastic.

Billy's in.

Flight's a week from today.

Who's in there with Lawrence?


They've got some big bug up their asses.

One of them wants to launch an attack.

"Teach them a lesson", he keeps saying.

I'll take the tray in.

The Canadians have shown their hand.

We need to respond.

Canada is holding them,

but the Americans are behind this.

Sienna busy, is she?

- Yes, sir.
- Hmm.

We need troops on
the border to send a signal.

Look at you.


He's presenting to the Council of War.

We're planning to meet today.

Ah, did they have a meeting
to plan the meeting?

You joke when it's open
season on Commanders?

Now that those two
are out of the picture,

you come to me?

We need a voice of
reason and restraint.

You still have a lot of support.

Yet I've been stripped
of my high-level clearance.

- It's just politics.
- I see.

Given the circumstances,

that can be restored.

Or just hide here with your books.

Business as usual.

Show some respect!

Forgive me, sir.

I spent the whole
night at the hospital...

with my son.

How is the little guy?

He's uh, tough.

All three pounds of him.

Oh, praise be.

Gentlemen, I thank you for the briefing,

but now...

I need to mull.

Under His eye.

You might be the only
one happy about this.

Blessed day.

Blessed day, sir.

Blessed day.

Well... you're off the hook.

Or off the wall, I should say.
For now.

What happened?

Lucky for you,

they think Winslow's just missing.

They got...

taken in a plot by
those tricky Americans.




Like the Waterfords?

Who are now in
custody in Toronto.

They went rogue,

expecting to get your baby back.

But they were ambushed.

They're... They're in prison?

Facing trial as war criminals.

I guess they didn't bring

52 kids with them.

What is the deal with the plane?

- A week.
- Can't come soon enough.

Yes, sir.

Cheer up.

Fred and Serena are
toast, and you just...

got away with murder.

All in all, not a bad morning.

May I have your attention, please?

There's a special on canned peaches.

Limit of four cans per household.

Praise be.

It's happening, a week from today.

For real? What now?

Marthas will bring the kids

to the Lawrence house after dark.

Then he'll get them to the plane.

Amherst is too far.


Do you trust your Martha?


She's a bitch, but yeah.

Have her get a message to his house.

You have to try.


You'll always be his mother.

You know that.

Twenty-two. Number 22.

Here you are.

That's two tokens.

Blessed day.

Just a reminder to stay within eyesight

of your walking partner.

Thank you.

It's good to see you.

You too.

Wait till you hear.

I've heard.

Can you believe it?

I can't stop imagining them

in orange jumpsuits.

The Eyes came to
ask me what I knew.

What'd you say?

That Serena left,

excited to be with the baby.

She was nice to me
when she said goodbye.

She's only nice when
she's up to something.

I heard what the Marthas are planning.

I told them that I want in.

Escort a kid.


Is this your idea?

Such a boss now.

I'm proud of you.

Five minutes.

Did they hurt you?

No. No, of course not.

Tell them you've done nothing wrong.

You played no part in any of it.

Oh, Fred. Don't say anything to them.

God help me, I'll get you out of here.

Listen, we don't have much time.

Listen to me. Don't give them anything

that they can use
against you at the trial.

It won't get that far.
Gilead will demand our release.

Oh, but you must be smart.

This could mean life in prison.

Or it could mean extradition

somewhere that they could...

Look at me.

I won't let anything happen to you.


You have to stop
worrying about me now.

You have to save yourself.

I'll be fine.


What have you done?

What have you done?

I want to be with my daughter.

How could you?

Please, try to understand me.

It's always been about you.

What you want, what you need.

No, she needs me!

My daughter needs me!

I pity the child

that has you as her mother.

I will pray for you, Fred.

Mrs. Lawrence?

What's wrong?

I just... needed a moment.

I should go back.

Joseph would want me to.

I'll go with you.

You're always so good to me.

Hear us, O Lord,

for You are our help and our comfort.

Come in, my love.


Let us pray for Commander
Winslow's safety.

Dear Lord,
we pray that You watch over him

and give him strength

in the presence of danger.


- Amen.
- Amen.


Thank you for your kindness.

Are there any leads at all?

None that I've heard of.

I'm so afraid for my children.

Your children?

Of course.

May God watch over Commander Winslow.

Wherever he is.

You will pray for his safe return.

I will do that, Mrs. Winslow.

By God's grace,

George will be home with you soon.

But the other Commanders
are focused on politics.

Just an excuse to blow things up.

Boys will be boys.

Please, Commander.

Help me get George back.

I can't be a woman
alone with six children.

They'll take them away.

We could take them with us.

Don't... Don't we have room?

Room here?

Of course. Of course.

All the children can come.

We can save all of them.

Mi casa es... su casa.

God bless you, both.

Hopefully things won't get that far.

They sent the Eyes
to question Warren and me.

As if we'd know anything
about Fred and Serena.

Poor things.

At least we know where they are.

Empty your pockets.

All loose items.

Bags and purses.

How did this happen?

We're the danger?

Protecting them from us?

The notebook, sir.


Ah! Ready?

Ma'am, that stroller

needs to go through the machine.

It's all right. It's all right.

Do you want the kid, too?

Could be packing heat.

Baby assassin.

Do not joke. They won't let us in.

Good. We shouldn't be here.

Fold the stroller.

Hold the child.

Hey, hey, hey.


It's part of the deal, all right?

It'll be worth it to see 'em in here.

I'm chill.

All right? You be chill.

- I am chill.
- You too.

Oh, for...
Sorry, I got my, um...

You'll be given badges.

Wear them at all times.

Good morning.


I thought I had the
wrong room for a second.

How many other women
are imprisoned here?

You've been detained

until we finish the process

with the Commander.

How'd he take it?

As you can imagine.

Well, he's not your concern anymore.

He's my husband.


I know this has been difficult.

But look to the future.

She's here.

Okay. Ah... I'm ready.

Mrs. Waterford,

this is Bonnie Pincus
from Social Services.


Blessed day.

Uh, hello.

And, um, Moira Strand.

It's nice to meet you.

I'm June's friend.

Uh, thank you so much

for bringing Nichole here...

June's daughter.

So, Moira will stay in the waiting room

while you have your visit.

I'm gonna be back.

You're gonna have a good visit.

Then I'm gonna pick you
up and take you home.

In an hour.

We all know the terms.

Excuse me. I put...

I put some diapers and stuff in her bag,

and if she gets cranky,

just... give her, give her Herman.

I'm sure that she will be fine with me.

- Who are you, really?
- Moira... No.

Just because you got some new clothes

doesn't make you any different.


You are still the same woman

who held my friend down

so your husband could rape her.

That's uncalled for.

Fuck you.

You know, he raped me, too,

at the whorehouse.

Treated me like shit,
like I was worthless.

Look, I am who I am, and I...

have sinned plenty.

But you...
you are the gender traitor.

Nichole, I'll be back soon.



You're okay.

You're okay.

It's okay.

Just a little stranger anxiety.

Oh, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's your momma.

Hey, Nichole.

Mrs. Waterford,

you can't use terms like that.

You'll confuse her.

It's okay.

I know. I know.

I said, "And then what?"

Am I not making myself clear?

What happens next?

What is the end game?

Is it... Is it World War III?

Do you understand that it's easier

to get into a conflict

than it is to get out of one?

Do you understand the concept

of unintended consequ...

No, you cannot close the border.

The effect that it will have on trade?

Have you thought about that?

It will strangle us.

No, you know how to speak, you tell 'em.


I should put a bell around your neck.


Just a bunch of blowhards

with itchy trigger fingers.

They may close the border.

Move up our departure date.

It doesn't work like that, sir.

Yeah, well, make it work.

The plane is on a weekly schedule.

It has to look legit.

Okay. We're... We're stuck?

No, you need to convince
them to keep the border open.


Where are you going?

The Salengers' house.

There's that sweet little boy David.

We can get him out.

Mrs. Lawrence.

It's okay.

You don't have to do that, okay?

'Cause we're taking care of all of that.

But there's that

blonde girl that lives down the street?

- I can tell her parents.
- No.

They have no idea...

You're not gonna tell
her parents. Come with me.

Hannah! What about Hannah?

The Mackenzies have moved,

and I don't know where she is!

But the children!
What about the other children?

Let's go back to that school...

Stop it! Stop it!

Watch who you're talking to.

Stop! No, you should've
kept your mouth shut!

You cannot say anything!

Do you understand? You cannot!

Do you understand?



No, Joseph, she's right. I...

I wasn't thinking.


I know.

I'm sorry.



Sweetheart, all you need to do...

is to think about our life

when we are out of this place.

- Our life?
- Yes, my love.

We'll leave all this behind.

All of it.

Can we really do that?

Get some rest, my love.

You poisoned her.

Exploited her obsession
with that baby for this...

political theater.

Commander Waterford,

your wife is too smart
to be manipulated.

You know her better than anyone.

Consider this an opportunity.

For rest and relaxation?

A chance to explain.

The whole world...
is eager to hear

from a man of your stature.

Help us understand Gilead.

Manipulation won't work for me either.

Fair enough.

Someone's uh...
asked for a meeting.

Luke Bankole.

The guard will stay, of course.

He's here now?

For a discussion.

It's your call.

Bring him in.

Mr. Bankole.

Commander Waterford.

I'll leave you both to it.


Can I offer you something?

Coffee? Tea?


They've been very accommodating.

Yeah, I can see that.

You've been busy.

I know what you've done.

It's all in here.

We grew up the same.

You know, good family.

First-class education.

A man of faith.

Yet you destroy lives.

I've saved lives...

Mr. Bankole.

What did you do when
our values eroded?

When the birth rate was plummeting?


Stood by and let it happen.


But you're gonna rot in this jail,

knowing that your wife betrayed you.

What about your wife?

All those years, wasted.

Praying she'll come back to you.

She will come back to me.


But the June Osborn you knew...

doesn't exist anymore.

Gilead's changed her.

I've changed her.

I'm not done!

I'm not done!

Mrs. Lawrence?

Mrs. Lawrence?

Mrs. Lawrence.



Eleanor, wake up.


Eleanor, wake up.

Eleanor, wake up!

Wake up!


Wake up! Shit!

Mrs. Lawrence?

The food is not so hot here, so...

Trust me,
Toronto's got great pizza.

Isn't that contraband?

That's why you'll have
to eat the evidence.

Thank you.

I'll try.

There's a lot going on in the world.

There's an interesting
piece on media bias

as pertains to religion.

I'd love your thoughts sometime.

I'll have a read.

Stack those plates on the buffet.

Make sure they're not chipped.

Breads came out nice.

Let 'em cool.

We'll slice 'em after the service.

These are for later.

Get the rest in the... in the basement.

Yes, sir.

This one was her favorite.

I was saving it for our anniversary.

Luke, um...

bought my favorite
pinot for our wedding.

And then, he left it
in the car overnight,

so the whole case froze.

All the bottles shattered.

I kept the border open...


You convinced the Council?

It's hard to argue

with a man who's in mourning.

Even for them.


I'm very sorry, Commander Lawrence.

She was so fragile.

I let her...

I let her go to her room.


No, don't do that.

You cannot blame yourself.

I could've checked on her.

I could have checked on her.


She was a very kind woman.

She was.

In the name of God,

we commit the body of Eleanor

to the peace of the grave.

May the good Lord forgive her sins

and show mercy.

May He welcome her at
the gates of heaven.


Forgive us, dear Lord, for our failings.

For we did not ease her pain,

nor save her troubled soul.

Give her, O Lord, Your peace,

and let Your eternal
light shine upon her.



I expect you have lots to do.

Aunt Lydia, will you excuse me?


Would you rather be alone?