The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Bear Witness - full transcript

Ready to strike back at her oppressors, June starts making arrangements for an ambitious plan, but a devious ploy on the part of Commander Waterford threatens to derail her.

Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

Aunt Lydia, may I go home, please?

You may go home when your
walking partner goes home.

You and the Commander
tried to have children?

I wanted to. He disagreed.

They were always adjusting my dosage.

I wish we could've.

- Once Nichole's returned...
- I love you.

We'd do our best
to move the others along quickly.

So much leverage comes from the child.

With her back home...

You want me to keep her there.

Just for a bit.

You're not well.

- No.
- June.

You're out of your mind.

I can help you.

You'd never have to go
back to Gilead again.

Do you really think that
I would leave my home?

My offer still stands.

Treason and coconuts.

I probably won't see my daughters again.

She's someone's child, too.

I honor the Handmaid's
life by saving her child's.

How will you honor your daughters?

I don't know how yet,

but I'm gonna get out as
many children as I can.

They all deserve to be free.

Ofjoseph. Ofjoseph.

Okay, Ofjoseph.

Almost there now.

One step at a time, dear.

Almost there.

Blessed day.

Blessed day.

Thank you.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

Ofjoseph, you need to get rest today.

You can go straight
upstairs to your room

and take a snooze.

Thank you, Aunt Lydia.


But I don't want rest.

I don't want to rest ever again.




Isn't this a delight?

The Lawrences redecorated.

All households
doing their best to conform

to Commander Waterford's
new regulations.

Every residence elevated
to D.C. standards.

I suppose you've missed a
few things in your time away.

Mmm. Suppose I have.

Perhaps God will deem this household

worthy of a child after all,

should he forgive us for taking you away

from last month's Ceremony.

Happily, we've returned you

just in time for the next.

I believe that my time of prayer

has led me to see my true purpose.


You are a good girl, Ofjoseph.

Go on. I'll let you get settled.


Scones mean no.

Welcome home.

"Scones mean no"?

A message from the network.

No more medication for Eleanor.

I've asked everyone I can think of.

When they can't help, they send scones.

She's getting worse?

She throws things now.

- Beth...
- Hmm?

I need you to ask the Marthas
for something else.

Of course you do.

Do you know anyone who could
help me move children out?

I'm gonna get them out.

I know how it sounds.

You're gonna get yourself killed.

I said I didn't want it.

They can
bring you something else.

I'm not hungry!

Eleanor, sweetheart...

No, just leave me alone!


Don't you touch me! Get out!

Get out!

Go! Get out of here!

Welcome home.

Thank you, sir.

Reorganizing, sir?


Beth told me she can't get
any more of her medication.

I would appreciate it

if you would give my wife her privacy.

Well, I'm just worried.

You really think she's safe here?

Of course she's safe. This is...

It's her home.

You can't keep her
locked up here forever.

What do you propose I do?

I'm not sending my wife away.

You can leave Gilead with her.

Get a truck.

Get her out.

And get her the help that she needs.

She cannot go on like this.

What do you know about

how much someone can take?


He's scared.

Fear can be a great motivator.

Attention shoppers.

Handmaids must remain
with her walking partner

at all times. Walk with God.

Another walking partner dead.

They must think I'm cursed.

Or a terrorist.

I'm not, though.

Not yet.

I need your help.

I can't help.

They're watching everything we do.

And you're really conspicuous.

How many Handmaids' kids
are still in this district?

Can you find out?


Because I'm gonna get them out.

And a lot of them.

You'll get put on the wall
just for thinking that.

Are you okay?


I am not fucking okay.


Another one.

Let's go, girls!

- Move!
- Let's go!

- Quick!
- Hurry up!


To your places!

Find your spot, then be still.

All the way out!

Quickly, girls! Move it!

Move it! This is not a parade.

Don't leave any spaces.

Move over!

Make it even. Even spacing.

All the way up!

All the way to the top, girls!

Back row, no talking!

You two, not so close.

Up those stairs!

- Up those stairs!
- Quiet, now.

Heads down.

Hands in front.


We want you looking your best

for our very special visitors.

Blessed be the fruit.


You're looking well.

Thank you, sir.

Sorry to keep
you out here in the cold.

I'm fine.


A Boston girl.

Born and bred.


It's much warmer in D.C.

I may be able to...

arrange a transfer for you there,

if you prefer.

Your wife is here.

Aunt Lydia will answer

any questions that you might have.

We are honored to have you, Commander.

May God bless our endeavor.

Shall we?

I'm curious to see what you have here.

Your girls have...

quite a reputation.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

I think you'll be pleased

with the progress we've made
since the Calhoun incident.

And two more confirmed pregnancies.

True miracles, indeed.

This is not regulation.

Ofhoward's alterations

were damaged through criminal actions,

and we decided to make an allowance.

You're comfortable with that

in a district that has
fostered violent rebellion?

I am, Commander, at present.

The veil. The ring.

We're rolling it out slowly.

And the vow
is voluntary, of course.

We hold the devotion

of veiled Handmaids
to the highest esteem.

Praise be.

How are you feeling?

We'll continue
to encourage their good work.

I'm fine.

Oferic has
faithfully served Commander Simon

- for nearly a year.
- Thank you.

She is a model Handmaid.

And how do you
find Commander Simon?

How's your arm?

So young.

We'll get a lot of
mileage out of that one.

George, you remember Ofjoseph?

Of course.

Joseph Lawrence is an old friend.

Is he?

Yes. Golf buddies...

from before.

Every Sunday after
church. Always...

always an experience.

How do you find Commander Lawrence?

He treats me with respect, sir.


I am grateful to be in his service.


Thank you.


Where is he?

He's at work.

He goes to meetings now.

All I want is the TASCHEN Gauguin.

He hides things just to bother me,

I swear to God.




What are you doing?

You're up to something again.

What is it?

Is it your daughter?


Hannah's gone.

Well, tell me
what you're doing in here.

I'm looking for other people's children.

My friends' children.

You mean...



I'm trying to find out where they are.

That information is in
The Red Center dossiers.


Joseph keeps
them in the basement.

Let's go!

I don't have all day.

They keep sending
them for him to review.

He just sticks them down here.

Like we need any more clutter.


This place is a mess.

What is the point of having
as many maids as you want

if they aren't allowed to
actually clean anything?

Joseph likes to keep them...

"Of labor resources."

Here they are!



Where is that...


- Mrs. Lawrence?
- Hmm?

Have you ever
thought about leaving Gilead?

You mean go somewhere where I could get

mood stabilizers instead of herbal tea?

Joseph would help you.

You could leave together.

He wants you to be...


He loves you so much.

Joseph is a war criminal.

He can't cross the border.

He would be...

jailed for the rest of his life.



And he would deserve it.

Oh, I've been looking for this!



Oh, I'm so glad you're back, Ofjoseph.

Things are always so much more exciting

when you're here.

After the bombing last year,

we weren't sure the
district would ever recover.

Our community is very
resilient, by His hand.

If only the fringe cities

would be so quick to get
their houses in order.

Has there been pushback on
the new policies elsewhere?

Some men are set in their ways.

Very true.

Once Gilead
is finally recognized

as a sovereign state, we won't have time

to indulge with those
clinging to old habits.

Is there someone in particular that

you're concerned with, Fred?


I hesitate to say.

I'd like to hear.

Commander Lawrence.

Lawrence's contributions

to Gilead have been...


At first.

Now, I fear his influence
does more harm than good.


He's made some cosmetic changes

to his household, yes, but...

He's had four Handmaids.

Not one has produced.

And from what I've seen from his

current Ofjoseph,

that lack of discipline persists.

We may need to...

set an example.

Challenging someone like Lawrence

is a delicate business, Fred.

I'm only...

suggesting we make certain that

he and his household
are abiding by Gilead's

most sacred tenets.

There are...

mechanisms in place to...

ensure virility.

Isn't that a little extreme?

If he's unfit to lead

his household, he's
unfit to lead Gilead.

Praise be.

It's been five years
since we had our children

torn away from us.

An eternity.

- They were one.
- _.

- Now they're six.
- _


- They were seven.
- _


- Now they're 12.
- _.

We've missed everything.

- The steps.
- _.

- The smiles.
- _


- The tragedies.
- _.

- Children still die.
- _.

Even in Gilead.

Janine's son, Caleb,

four years ago.

Prayers can't stop car accidents.


They want you in the sitting room.


You both should stand over there.

What a lovely room.

I pray that nothing will impede.

God's will tonight.

Come in.

Eleanor. Such a pleasure to see you.

How are Olivia and the kids?

Couldn't be better.

Shall I get you a drink, George?

I'll help myself, Joseph.

Thank you.

We sincerely
apologize for... intruding.

No, no. The more the merrier.

In bearing witness, we...

pray with you for a fruitful outcome.

They used to do this
in the first months of Gilead

to the households that
resisted the Ceremony.

They declared it unnecessary.

Things change.

The Aunt checked on us before.


It's mere formality, Mrs. Lawrence.

Shoring up those
households that have had...

difficulties with...


Bearing witness ensures that

every member of the family

is performing their role.

Any deviation could tip
the scales to failure.

Are you gonna
sit in the bed with us, too?

Because that would definitely
make things more interesting.


Ah, I think it's time to get started.


Of course.


Don't move my stuff.

Forgetful moments
sneaking up on you there, old man?

And when Rachel saw that

she bore Jacob no children,

Rachel envied her sister,

and said unto Jacob,

"Give me children,

or else I die."

Aunt Lydia?

There's no need to worry.

Dr. Michaels will be efficient.



We'll sit here quietly for 20 minutes.

And then, we'll go... go down.

We can't just sit here.

We can play uh... Canasta.

Got some cards up here.

The doctor is going to check me...


for the proof that there was a Ceremony.

You swore...

- Eleanor, shh! Quiet!
- We would never...

- You need to be quiet!
- Have to do this!

- We don't have to do anything!
- You swore it!


Stop. You need to stop.

We don't have to do anything.


Yes, we do.

You helped to create...

this world.

How long did you think it would be

before it came for you?

Every government makes room

for exceptions.

This one ends
with both of you on the wall.

Maybe we deserve it.

I mean...

at least, it would all be over.

You'll be fine.


It's our sin.

Handmaids are required

to report deviancy.


And Marthas.

We would all be punished.

No! No!

My love! My love!

My love.


You need to be quiet.

You need to be quiet.


Look at me.

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

Look at me.

You can do this.


Come on.

Come over here.

Sit right there.

It doesn't mean anything.

No matter what happens.

It's okay, my love.

You are the love of my life.

You are my love.

You just treat it like a job.

Try to detach yourself.

See it from the outside.

You're not you.

I'm not me.

This is a transaction.

And then it's over.

Are you sure?


It's easier if you close your eyes.

Where is Mrs. Lawrence?



I'm so sorry.

It's been so long
since we've had dinner.

Let's see what we have.

Any pain or discomfort?

No, sir.

Bleeding or cramping?

No, sir. All good.


May He see fit to bring
about His blessed miracle.

May I be truly worthy.

A successful Ceremony.

Praise be.

Praise be.

We should give the
Lawrences back their privacy.

He does have good Scotch.

Are you... all right?


I mean,

at least it wasn't you.

How is Eleanor?

She's very quiet.

A collector's item.

The punishment for contraception

is being torn apart by dogs.

That's right.

That's not gonna be the
last time that happens.

You know that, right?

I know.

I'll get you a truck.

You get my wife out safely.

You can get out, too.

You just have to bring them something.

Something valuable.


The stolen children of Gilead.

I'd be a hero.

What do you want?

I have a plan.

You're like a nightmare right now.

Dylan's new name is Joshua.

He's five, right?

He lives in Amherst,
with a Commander's family.

And he's blond.

His dad was blond.

How long are we gonna
let Gilead keep him?

What's your plan?

I have a truck. I think
it fits 10. I've seen it.

And you?

I'm not leaving without Hannah.

We can't do something
like that ourselves.

I know that.

I can help.

What? I'm brave.

Sasha's little girl is
still in the Torrance house.

Just a few blocks from me.

She's old enough. And quiet.

I'll ask around.



Did you find out anything about Caleb?


I did.

His family was
transferred to California.

His mom seems super nice.

He lives on the beach?


He lives on the beach.

I know last night was difficult.

Thank you for your resilience.

Well, we have to be a united front.


Fred, you've done so much for Gilead.

And I see that.

But you're getting distracted.

It's been months,

and we're no closer to Nichole.

I'm assuring a life for her.

You're prioritizing yourself.

And that's enough now.


I thought that
the Gilead channels

were the only way to get to Nichole,

but they're not.

I met someone in Canada who can help us.

An American.

You just have to offer your cooperation.

I did what you asked.

The Marthas?

Muffins mean yes.

I spread the word.

I asked if anyone would

help get children out.

I thought they'd all say no.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.