The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Smart Power - full transcript

On a diplomatic trip abroad, Serena faces the temptation of life outside Gilead; Luke and Moira grapple with survivor's guilt; Offred seeks support from allies.

on The Handmaid's Tale...

- Where'd you get this?
- They fell when I moved the trunk.

- Did you read these?
- Of course not.

I left a first draft of your
agenda for the Canadian trip.

Now, I'm sure you'll be glad
that things are back to normal.

You saw her the last time
we were here.

I know you know Ruby.

I know her, too.

As soon as we know more,
we'll let you know. I promise.

Luke, hey. Where're you going?

You don't want to know
that she's okay?

She's not okay.

She's alive.
Have faith that she's alive.

You involved the Handmaid
in your transgressions?

I did what I thought
was necessary.

Now we must make amends.

This could be
an Airbnb. Not a great one.

Three-star reviews, maybe.

"Amazing house, tons of character,
nice view of the yard."

"Owners are super polite,
but creepy as fuck."

"Some ritualized rape required."

Or it could be a room
in a rooming house of former times,

for ladies
in reduced circumstances.

That's what I am now.

My circumstances
have been reduced.

I suppose
I'm one of the lucky ones.

I still have circumstances.

A chair, sunlight.

I'm alive.

I feel the baby move.
These are not small things.

These are not things
to be dismissed.

These are the things
that are possible,

in my reduced circumstances.

This room, this house,

the way to the store and back.

Everything else is impossible.

Hannah. Luke.

A dive bar with great music.

A really sharp machete.

It does no good
to want the impossible.

- Blessed day.
- Blessed day.

We've been summoned.

What's happening?

They'd tell me?

Ah, there you are.

I hope I didn't
keep you waiting.

I'm taking a short trip
for work.

Mrs. Waterford
will be joining me.

While we're gone, Isaac will watch over
the house and the baby.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

I know you all
will be on your best behavior.

Yes, sir.


Where are you going?


Praise be.

The terrorist attack has given
us an opening for diplomacy.

Maybe some good can come
from this tragedy.

My trust in you. Keep them safe.

Yes, sir. I will.

The attentive mother.

The gray mold is back.

I already lost
a tray of cuttings.

I'm sorry.

Fred, you don't need me
to come with you.

The plants will survive.
I promise.

It's the third trimester.

This trip is for the baby.

We're building his future.
You're a crucial part of that.

Canadians think women here
are oppressed.

That they're voiceless.

I need you.

To show them
a strong Gilead wife.

Who can find a virtuous woman?

For her price
is far above rubies.

Why don't you get cleaned up?

I made these. For your
international travels.

They have real chocolate chips.
Rita had a token.

I've never seen
a token for chocolate before.

Thank you.

They look good.

You're welcome.

Such an honor.

You're going to be
representing Gilead.

I'm on a security detail.

The Waterfords
want to show off the best.

I'm gonna miss you.

It's just a few days.

I know. I'm still going to.

Blessed day.

How are you feeling?

Good. Tired.

It's not long now.


God will watch over you,
my love.

I hate to leave.

We will be fine.

I promise.

Blessings for a safe trip.

Thank you.

Offred, I've given it
some thought.

You'll be leaving the house
as soon as the baby is born.

No, the...

The Handmaids stay
till the baby is weaned.

Well, I think we've all had
more than enough of one another.

Don't you?


Mrs. Waterford.

Car four holding position.
We're loading.

Security was tight today

at Toronto Pearson
International Airport

for a historic occasion.

The first visit to Canada...

What's up?

That's Waterford.

The identity
of the official, seen here with his wife,

has not been made public,
nor has an agenda for the visit.

Here is political reporter
Brent with more.

Trade will almost certainly

be a major topic of discussion.

Our economy is still recovering

from the loss
of the former United States

as trading partner.

Another long-hoped-for-goal
is calming tensions

along the Canada-Gilead border.

A lot of work to be done there,

and today marks
a promising start.

Thank you, Brent.

A spokesperson
for the American government in Anchorage

expressed deep disappointment

at Canada's perceived
normalizing of Gilead

and its controversial,
even retrograde policies.

The Canadian government
did not respond...

He needs to be arrested.

It's not possible.

He's a fucking war criminal!

I agree, but right now
it's not possible.

- He kidnapped my wife!
- He's a serial rapist!

Just send some Marines
to the goddamn airport

- and arrest him!
- Moira!

This isn't our country.

In the end, we are guests
of the Canadian government.

You're not gonna do
anything about it.

There's protests planned.

I encourage you to speak out.

What's the point?

I wish there was more
I could do.

Yeah. Thanks for your time.

Oh, God.

Taxi! Hey, taxi!

Commander Waterford, welcome.

Stuart Williston. PMO.

How do you do?

This is our Deputy Minister
of Foreign Affairs, Claudine Fournier.


Vous parlez francais?


And our associate,

Deputy Minister for Immigration,
Kevin McConnell.


I was very fond
of visiting the States before.

With my husband.

Well, in the coming years,

we anticipate that tourism
will be a key part of our economy again.

I hope that you'll both return.

When we feel welcome.

Commander Waterford,
please follow me.

We'll be meeting down here
for most of the day.

- Mrs. Waterford, I'm Genevieve.
- Pleasure to meet you.

Here is your schedule of
today's cultural activities.

Oh, thank you. How lovely.

I'll show you to your room.

These orchids
are just exquisite.

Mine are so finicky
with moisture.

Is gardening
a common hobby for Wives?

- Am I using that term correctly?
- Yes, thank you.

Um, it is quite common, I think.

Although everybody does have
their own passions.

What about you?

I don't have
much time outside of work.

When I can, I read.

I studied French literature
at university.

I like to cook, but I don't
get much opportunity.

Honestly, I really do work
a lot.

Too much, probably.

Well, for some people,
their work is their passion,

if you're truly blessed.

I'm told
you enjoy knitting as well?

Yes, yes, very much so.

I can make a bad scarf, or a bad hat.

That's about it.

Has the baby dropped yet?


It's so crazy.
It's... It's just like,

boom, there's someone
sitting on top of your vagina.

I think Mrs. Putnam's gonna
let me see Charlotte again soon.

She say that?

No, but I have a feeling.

Charlotte smells like me.

I used to sniff her head
while she was nursing, and she's just...

You just... You can't keep people apart
who smell like each other.

You just can't.


When the baby comes,
don't forget to ask for your ice cream.

Serena isn't gonna let me stay.


No, that's not fair!
You have to nurse her.

- Hey!
- Well, no, she needs her mommy!

- I said, be quiet!
- You be quiet!

- Come on, Janine.
- No, well, we're having a conversation.

Shut your mouth, Unwoman.

Suck my dick!

Janine! Janine! Are you okay?

We're going home.

- Janine! Janine, are you all right?
- We're going home.

I have to...
Janine, are you okay?

Can you stop it?
Let me go! Janine?


Come on. Get the other one home.

Don't stare.


Are you a princess?

Uh, no. No, honey, I'm not.

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, it's fine.

She's precious.

You're very lucky.

After you.

We'll get the next one.

You should take it. Please.

Come on.

Blessings to you.

Hello. A Riesling,
by the glass, please, if you have it.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.

Excuse me.

Could I get a bourbon neat?

Want one?

Sorry, sir, there's no smoking in the bar.
You'll have to go outside.

Uh, it's freezing.

Sir, that's the policy.

- Thank you, sir.
- Mmm-hmm.

You think he likes doing that?

Telling people what to do?

Well, I wouldn't presume.

Oh, I do. All the time.

Do you mind if I join you?

Too presumptuous, right?


My other vice is talking
very respectfully to beautiful women.

I'm afraid I don't speak
to the press.

Well, lucky me.
I'm not the press.

- For later?
- No, thank you.

- Not a smoker?
- Mmm.

I quit, so your information
is out of date.

We do our best.


Mark. Tuello.

Mrs. Waterford. Blessed day.

Blessed day to you.

So, you're from the embassy?

No. But I am a representative
of the American government.

Which American government
is that?

We're still a nation.

Smaller than before.
But we still wield some power.

That's true.
But alliances are always shifting.

Very true.

So, what do you do
for your American government?


I've got a...
Got a good job, actually.

I help people.
It's very rewarding.

I can help you.

With what?

Well, you don't want
a cigarette.

Maybe a new life.

No, thank you.

Mrs. Waterford, we could have you
on a plane to Honolulu in an hour.

You'd never have to
go back to Gilead again.

I'm afraid I didn't pack
for the beach.

You could tell your story
in your own words.

You write it,
and we will publish it.

A Commander's Wife would
make excellent propaganda.

A well-spoken Commander's Wife.

Do you really think
that I would leave my home?

People often leave their homes
in search of a better life.

So far, all you've offered me
is treason and coconuts.

Gilead blames
the fertility crisis on women.

On their sinfulness.

We see the problem often
originating with the men.

Some of the best scientists
in America

have been working
on fertility for years.

And they've made some progress.

Now, think of it.

A baby of your own.

And freedom.

I have a child on the way.

That's not your child.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm sorry. I meant no offense.

If you had done better research,

you would know that I would
never betray my country.

I thought you already did.

It was nice to meet you,
Mr. Tuello.


I've read so much about you.
I didn't think we'd ever get the chance.

Maybe we'll run into
each other again.

Where's the chicken?

We had to cut
our shopping short.

Doesn't change the fact
a growing baby needs protein, and fat.

Beans. We'll have
some beans for supper.

Praise be. It set.


What, uh, kind is that?


They had some
at the market last week.

All the way from California.

It's really good.

Glory be His bounty.

It's time for your nap.

Rita, could you bring me
a cup of hot milk?

Just when you have a chance.

My pleasure.

As requested.

- Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.

Mrs. Waterford wants me
to leave the house

as soon as the baby comes.

And she's the boss.

Must be what she thinks is best.

Do you?

It doesn't matter what I think.

When Hannah was baptized, we asked
my best friend to take care of her.

In case something
happened to us.

I know what a godparent is.

And they don't
baptize babies here.

I know.

I want my baby to know kindness.

I need her to have
someone kind...

in her life.

By His hand.

That boy downstairs
is maybe 20 years old.

And he can tell me
to do anything.

He could break my jaw,
and no one would say boo.

I'll do what I can.


Drink your milk.

There you go.

I got you someone.

No hate! No fear!
Gilead's not welcome here!

No hate! No fear!
Gilead's not welcome here!

Hey, Waterford! Waterford,
you fucking piece of shit!

Commander Waterford, if you don't mind.
And you are?

Luke Bankole. You raped my wife.

You have a twisted
perception of our country, Mr. Bankole.

But we all know the media doesn't
care much about the truth these days.

Hey, hey, you're gonna
remember my face,

'cause I'm gonna remember yours.

And this is all going to be over someday,
you piece of shit.

You should remember
your scripture, Mr. Bankole.

His Kingdom endureth forever.

Fuck you!

Gently, please.
He is a lamb of God.

I am so sorry.

We worked very hard
to secure the building.

Aw, it's fine. There's a lot
of misinformation out there.

People are bound
to get riled up.

- Shall we?
- Yes, sir.

We made progress this morning.

Border security is on the table,

maybe even extradition
of illegal emigrants.

You seem worried.

Are you thinking
about the husband?


It was unpleasant.

But we soldier on.

You leave me the fuck alone.

I know June.

She's my friend.


Is she all right?

She's fine.

She's not fine.

She's pregnant.


By Waterford?



Oh, God.

You people, you people
are fucking monsters.

Get the fuck out of here.
Get out. Get out.

- Get the fuck out! Get out of here!
- Okay, okay.

Get out!

Wait! Wait, wait, wait!
Wait, wait, wait!

Have you... Have you seen,
um, our daughter? Hannah?

Is... Is she all right?

I don't know.

Why did you come here?

I have something for you.

From June.

She gave these to me
a while ago.

Maybe you can get them out.

Who are you?

I'm just a driver.

Listen, you, um...

You look out for her?

And you tell her that
Moira made it out,

and that she's living
with me now.

And you tell her
that I love her.

And you tell her that I'm not
gonna... I'm not gonna stop.

No matter what happens,
I'm not gonna stop.

- You tell her that.
- I'll tell her.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you, um...

Nick. My name's Nick.

You're in the home stretch now.

How are you feeling?

All right.

Your young Guardian told me
there were some problems yesterday.

With disobedience.

I spoke out of turn.

I see.

It won't happen again.

Sometimes, late in pregnancy,
there can be...

a rush of hormones.

Girls get quite forgetful.

I've been a bit spacey
these days.

Perfectly normal.

But we must all remember
to try and follow the rules.

Yes, Aunt Lydia.


Aunt Lydia,
can I be honest with you?

Of course, dear.

The reason why I was
talking to Janine yesterday

is 'cause I was worried.

Mrs. Waterford said
I have to leave the house

soon as the baby comes.

That is her prerogative,
of course.

Whatever the mother feels
is right for the welfare of the baby.



I want that as well.


You know that this can...

be a difficult house.

Children need to be
in a safe place.

I know what children need.

Did anyone ever ask you
to be a godmother?

In the time before?

I will make allowances
for girls in your condition,

but insolence is not permitted.

This baby is gonna
come into this house...

very soon.

And, in my experience,

any man who would hurt a woman
would hurt a child.

What are you saying?

I'm saying...

I'm saying this baby
needs protection.

I would never, ever

allow anything to happen
to a baby.

Praise be.

Aunt Lydia, thank you.

I was godmother
to my sister's child.

He died when he was
four days old.

I'm sorry.

It wasn't my fault.

"My name is Maria Corrente.
I'm from Somerville, Mass."

"They killed my wife
and took our son."

"His name is Thomas."

Eun Jung Park.

She worked at Forever 21.

She's a Martha now.

This one was a nurse.

She's a Handmaid.

Tried to hang herself.

Fucking letters!

I thought that package
was gonna have

like C4 in it or whatever.

Something to make
Gilead go boom.

This could go boom.

Good morning, Stuart.

We won't be conducting
this morning's session, Mr. Waterford.

You can go directly
to the airport.

We'll have your luggage
brought down.

I don't understand.

You and your wife
are no longer welcome in Canada.

Forgive me, is there an issue?

Last night, someone uploaded
a series of letters

from women in your country,

and the public reaction
here in Canada has been overwhelming.

Are you really going to
cancel an entire agenda

based on some anonymous slander?

We believe the women.

Yesterday you believed me.

Our former position
is no longer sustainable.


I don't know
how you live with yourself.

It's sad
what they've done to you.

Go in grace.

Look at this. They can't
even control their own people.

They're not yours,
you fucking prick!

Not Ruby, asshole.

Oh, hey, hey, hey, everybody.

The motherfuckers are officially
out of Canadian airspace!


O beautiful For spacious skies.

For amber waves of grain.

For purple mountain majesties.

Above the fruited plain.



God shed His grace on thee.

And crown thy good
with brotherhood.

From sea to shining sea.

What a mess.
I'll never hear the end of it.

It'll die down.

Thank you for coming.

Of course.


lucky in a lot of ways.

Aren't we?

Yes, we are.

Did I wake you?

No. I couldn't sleep.

Welcome home.

How was it?

It was good.

The letters, from Jezebel's...

They got out.


It made a difference.

Thank you.


I met your husband.


He came after the Commander,
called him out.

Scared him, definitely.

- Did he get hurt?
- No.

I found him after.
Gave him the letters.

He's the one.

He's the one who got them out.

Is he... Did he...

Did he seem okay? Was he...

Was he okay?

He loves you.

He told me he'll never stop.

Thank you for that.

Thank you for bringing me that.

He wanted me to tell you
that Moira got out, too.


I think she's staying
with him now.


Oh, my...

Oh, my God.
They could kill each other.

I should go.

Eden's probably wondering.

Yes, okay.

I love you.

Moira was Hannah's godmother.


Moira is Hannah's godmother.

And she got out.

It was impossible,

and she did it.

I know I should accept
the reality of you being born here,

make my peace.

But fuck that.

I came
fluttering in from Neverland.

Time can never stop me
No, no, no, no

I know you've tried to

I came riding in
on a pale white horse.

Handing out highs
to less fortunate

I do advise you
Run it back, run it on back.

When you breaking it down for me

'Cause I can't hear you
two times.

Run it on back
Will it ever make sense to me?

I got to do things
my own way, darling.

Will you ever let me?

Will you ever respect me? No.

Do things my own way, darling.

You should just let me.

Why you ain't ever let me grow?

When I look outside my window

I can't get no peace of mind.

When I look outside my window

I can't get no peace of mind.

Oh! Let me cover your shit
in glitter

I could make it gold, gold.

Heard you tryna sell
your soul, baby.

Word on the street
You run it low lately

I needed you to please
give my reflection a break.

From the face it's seeing now.

Ooh, darling would you mind giving
my reflection a break.

From the pain it's feeling now?

I got to do things my own way