The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Last Ceremony - full transcript

A frustrated Serena becomes desperate; The Commander tries to make amends with Offred; Nick pushes Eden farther away; Offred is faced with an unexpected reunion.

on The Handmaid's Tale...

My circumstances
have been reduced.

I suppose I'm one
of the lucky ones.

You! Move!


My posting's
like a blessing from God.

The real blessing was that bomb.

Anyone helping Gilead
deserves to be blown apart.

I was thinking maybe
I could spruce up our house?

- Whatever you want.
- Praise be.


You know, I think about us.

What we could be.

I think about it too.

I've given it some thought.

You'll be leaving the house
as soon as the baby is born.

I think we've all had more than enough
of one other. Don't you?

I know I should accept
the reality of you being born here,

make my peace.

But fuck that.

You treat it like a job,
an unpleasantjob,

to be gotten through
as fast as possible.

Kissing is forbidden.

This makes it bearable.

One detaches oneself.

One describes.

An act of copulation,

fertilization perhaps.

No more to you
than a bee is to a flower.

You steel yourself.

You pretend not to be present,
not in the flesh.

You leave your body.



Oh, no!

Get help!

Chances are better if I lay
on my back afterwards.


Doris! Call the ambulance!

Praise be.

- Oh, my God!
- I know, right?

I heard his wife
had to get him off of her.

I heard he was inside her.


I know,
that's what I heard, when they found her.

I was thinking of making
a sweet custard pie for tonight.


Sounds good to me.

I'm making a stew
but I was wondering what you suggest.

A bisque or a stew
would be nice, too.

Hey, are you okay?

She's going
to a new posting soon.

Maybe it won't be
as bad this time.

Hey! Listen.

I have news.

Moira made it to Canada.

She made it. She got out.

Oh, praise be.

Maybe we could
all end up in Canada one day.

Do you hear that, Emily?

You cannot give up.

You're gonna see your son again.


I'm not his mother anymore.

Of course, you are.

You are his mother,
and you love him.

You think he feels that?


What the fuck is wrong with you?

At least your son
is in Canada. He's free!

With your wife!




Help! She's going into labor.

Praise be. It's time.

Praise be.

Stand back.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Let's go up.

Before I formed thee
in the belly I knew thee.

And before thou camest out of
the womb, I sanctified thee

and ordained thee
a prophet unto the nations.

We did it, Offred.

And this is the will of God
and we shall rejoice and be glad in it.

No one knows the things of God.

At least this is the last time

I'll have to get into that
fucking bed.

Single line, please.

Rearrange the pillows properly.
Towels here.


Hi, little one.

It's time to come out now.

Be courageous and do not fear,

for God is with you.

He will strengthen you,
and help you.

He will uphold you
with His righteous hand.

O blessed and glorious day!

Sitting room. Thank you.

I will take these.

- Dining room.
- Okay.

- Time to celebrate.
- Thank you.

Nice to see you. Please.

Excuse me.

May we pray for success.

And how is your little one?

She has gained six and a half ounces,
thank the Lord.

Praise be.

Congratulations are also in
order for Commander Horace,

newly promoted
upon his wife's pregnancy.


No Handmaid for you, then?


May the Lord bless all future Commanders
as he has blessed us.

Excuse me.

Praise be, Waterford.


My Handmaid is about to reach
her expiration date.

And she wasn't
that much fun to begin with.

How's yours?

Well, she has proven fruitful.


And not bad looking, either?

- You so deserve this.
- Thank you.

Can I help you with that?


Here you are. It's time.

Thank you.

Perfect timing.

You look so beautiful.

God goes with you.

- Good.
- Yes.

Deep breaths.

Good. Good.

Praise be.


Just breathe deep.

Praise be.

Good. Praise be.

God is here with you.

You're doing so well.

Mrs. Waterford.

False labor
fools the best of us.

You might consider
timing the contractions next time.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Waterford.

Well, cervix is closed
and 0% effaced.

Your baby isn't coming
anytime soon.

There were contractions.


They were not productive.

She should be induced. Today.

Given the severe
bleeding earlier in the pregnancy,

we're already looking
at a high-risk birth.

We prefer
not to introduce chemicals

into the process unnecessarily.

However, seeing as the baby's
measuring over nine pounds

and the Handmaid is petite,

I might consider
inducing in a week or two,

in order to avoid C-section.

Until then,
we must encourage the baby

to come out the natural way.

Vigorous walks. Mango salad.

I know of a spicy tea
that works wonders.


How spicy is it?

'Cause heartburn
could hurt the baby, you know.

We are all impatient.

I can promise you that this
pregnancy will end soon,

and Offred will be off
to her next posting.

In a new district.

A change of scene.

You're right, Mrs. Waterford.

It's been lovely,

but I think it's probably best

if we don't ever
see each other again.

It's late.

I know.

They're going to make me leave
this house very soon.


Serena wants to send me

to a new district.

Does she?

A change of scene, she said.


That's not what you want?

You have been kind to me.

More than other Commanders
would have been.

And you're going to be
a father yourself soon.

I need your help.

What is it?

I've already lost a child,

and I'm about to lose
another one.

It would help
if I could be moved

to my daughter's district.


If it is at all,
within your power to do that.

Who are you to tell me

what's within my power?

I understand that it's unusual.

I would never approach her.

She would never even see me.

I can promise you that.

I've been too lenient with you.

Too indulgent.


I've spoiled you.

Get out.

Get out!

I shouldn't have expected you
to understand.

You have no idea what it is like

to have a child

of your own flesh and blood.

And you never will.

How was work?

Oh, it was a...

Challenging day.

All the days will be challenging

until the baby arrives.

I think Offred was happy
that the baby didn't come.

Do you?

Yes, I think she enjoyed it.

She has forgotten her place.

The doctor refuses to induce.

There's nothing we can do
but wait for the baby to come.

Do you really think so?

I suppose there are ways

a baby might come out sooner.

I think the best way
is the most natural way.

Listen to my voice.

This is your mother.

I love you.

And I always will.


Mrs. Waterford wants to see you.

I'll tell the baby about you.

Please come and sit.

We need to help the baby
come out naturally.

No. Please.

The natural way is the best way.

- It could hurt the baby.
- No, it's what's best for the baby.

Serena, listen to me.

You don't have to do this.

Stop it, Offred.

Please don't do this!

- Stop it!
- It doesn't have to be this way!

Offred, you need to stop it.

- You don't have to...
- Stop it.

Don't! Please!

No! No!

- Lie down!
- No! Don't!

And she said,
"Behold my handmaid,".


"Go in unto her.
And she shall bear upon my knees"

"that I may also have
children by her."

No! Stop!

"And she gave
him her handmaid to wife,"

"and Jacob went in unto her!"

Don't do this! Please!


No, please, stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop it! Please, stop! No, stop!

Serena! No, please, stop!

Stop! Stop it! Stop! No!

No! Please, don't!

Please! No! No!

You treat it like a job.

One detaches oneself...


No more to you
than a bee is to a flower.

Not me.

Not my flesh.

I'm not here.

It's such a waste.

My mom always made my dad
take out the trash.

I got it.




Please forgive me,
for I know not what I do.

I have sinned against you
and God and I beg for mercy.

Don't worry about it.

If we confess our sins,

He is faithful and righteous
to forgive us

and to cleanse us
of all unrighteousness.

Don't you care?

Why don't you care?

It's okay.
You're not in trouble.

You don't look at me!

You don't touch me
unless you have to.

You've never kissed me,

I've never been kissed
until tonight!

I'm your wife!

You just caught me
cheating on you!

You should care!

It's the Handmaid.


You like her.

Why do you like her?

You're not making any sense.

Just tell me!

Eden, I would never
get involved with a Handmaid.

It'd be suicide.

So, you just don't love me?

Look, I'm sorry.

Please stop crying.

I've planned a surprise for you.

I think you'll like it.

Be back in three hours before
Serena notices you're gone.

They're expecting you.

You deserve this.

Don't let anyone else see you.


What happened?

What'd he do?


Talk to me.

Please, say something.


Ten minutes.

She kind of looks like me.

Can I see her?

I like her hair.

What if I turn it like this?

Oh, my baby.

Hi. Hi.


Hi, my Hannah Banana.

Remember, we talked about
who you were gonna see today.




Her name is Agnes now.

I'm sorry, honey.

I didn't mean to scare you.
I just...

I just missed you so much.

Do you remember me?

Oh, my Hannah Banana.

Did it hurt?

Did what hurt, baby?

When they hit you on the head.

I was okay.

I just went to sleep for a little while,
but I was okay.

Did you try to find me?

I did.

I tried so hard.

Daddy did too.

Why didn't you try harder?

Baby, it's okay
for you to be mad at me.

I waited for you.

I know.

And I'm so sorry
I couldn't be there.

For you...

And to protect you.

I wanted to.

It's okay.
I have new parents now.

Come here, baby.

Come sit with me.

It's okay.

Okay, well, you tell me
about them. All right?

Do you like them?

Are they nice to you?

Yeah? Good.

Do they punish you?

Do they ever hit you?

Only when I'm bad.

Only twice.

You're having a baby.

Yeah. Yeah.

You don't get to keep it.


No, you're right, I don't.

But you know what?

You are my first baby.

You'll always be my baby.

We have to go right now.

- Time to go.
- No.

- I'm sorry, dear.
- Wait.

Say goodbye now.

No. Wait.

Wait, please.

Please, wait, please, just...

Just gimme a second, please.

Please. Come here, baby,
come here.

I just wanna tell you

that I will always be
your mommy.

You know that?

And Daddy and I
will always love you.

Always, always, always.



I know, baby. It's okay.

Listen to me.

I need you to do
something for me, okay?

You listening?

Enjoy your life.

And love your parents.

And you do
whatever they tell you.


Because I need you
to be careful,

and I need you...
I need you to keep yourself safe.

You just take care of her
for me.

You just protect her. Please.

I will.

Just love her for me.

I promise.


- Mommy?
- Yes, sweetie?

Am I ever gonna see you again?

You know what?

I'm gonna try.

Let's go.

It's okay, baby. I love you.

- Come on.
- It's okay, sweetie.


- Come on.
- No!

It's gonna be okay, sweetie.

- Okay?
- Mommy!

- Come on.
- No!

- Stay inside.
- No! Mommy!

Let me go! Mommy!

I don't wanna go!

No! No, Mommy!

Baby, it's okay. It's okay.

- You've gotta stay inside. Stay inside.
- No, please, let me go.

- Stay inside.
- Please, let me go!



Hannah, come here, baby.

Come here.

- Come here, baby. Come here.
- Mommy!

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's all right.

I need you to go now, okay?

I need you to be brave,
okay, baby?

So, what you're gonna do,

is you're gonna take
your Martha's hand.

You're gonna get in the car.

And you're gonna go home.

Come here.

I love you.

Now go.

June. It's okay.


June. We gotta go.

Come on. Gotta get up.

June, we gotta go.

Get back in the house.

Just get inside.

Okay. Just, just stay here.

Stay here and hide.

I'll be back.


What are you doing here? Hey!

I was just, uh...

Just checking the Commander's
house. Making sure it's clear.

Everything looks good.
Just gonna lock up the house right now.

You're lying.

No one's supposed to be here.

Shit! Come on!

Get him in the car!

Get his keys!

You got him?

Follow me.