The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - June - full transcript

Offred reckons with the consequences of a dangerous decision while haunted by memories from her past and the violent beginnings of Gilead.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Run, run, run!
Run, run!

Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

Please don't take her!
Please don't take her!

- Mommy!
- No!

You girls will serve
the Leaders of the Faithful

and their barren wives.

You will bear children for them.

The Commander. Maybe he can't. I was
thinking maybe we could try another way.

I couldn't say no when Mrs.
Waterford asked me. I'm sorry.


Mayday can't
use me anymore.

but you can help them.
Who are they?

They're fighting back.

The accused stand
charged with gender treachery.

I know this is
a shock for you, Emily.

You can still have children, of course.

Tonight, I'm taking you out.

I thought these kinds
of places were forbidden.

I'm so sorry
I left you at the train!

It's okay.

We're gonna find a
way to get you out of here.

This is Gilead.
No one gets out.

Do not let them grind you down.

You keep your fucking shit together.
You fight!

Off red, I think I can get
a message to your husband.

My husband's dead.

Lucas Bankole.
He's alive.

They find us together, I'm gonna
get sent to the Colonies.

You're an Eye.
You're untouchable.

He's answered
our prayers.

- Praised be.
- It isn't yours.

You can't father a child,
because you're not worthy.

Please, let me out! That's
my daughter! Hannah!

As long as my baby is safe,
so is yours.


I want to help with Mayday.

They need you to go
back to Jezebel's.

They've been trying to get
a package out of there.

"I'm in Boston, I think.
We are prisoners.

You have to tell people what's happening
here. Please don't forget me.

Please don't forget us all."

Welcome to Ontario. Do you
have any family in Canada?


Let me have Angela. Her name
is Charlotte, you lying fuck!

There is no greatest sin
than harming a child.

The punishment for that crime
is death by stoning.

Aunt Lydia, come on.
We can't do this.

I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia.

I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia.
I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia.

Go home, all of you!

There will be consequences.

Just go with them.
Trust me.

Where are you taking her?

What's going on?

Whether this is
my end or a new beginning,

I have no way of knowing.

And so I step up,
into the darkness within...

Or else the light.

Let's go.





Move! Move!

Let's go!

Come on! Let's go!

Move, move!

Get them out of there!

Get up, get up!

- Faster!
- Come on! Move!

Get up!

All secure!

The craft...

To your places.

By his hand.

You will
love the Lord, Thy God,

with all your heart.

You shall walk with Him
and fear Him,

and cleave unto Him.

And you shall obey His word

and the word of His servants
here on Earth,

or you shall feel the pain
of His judgment.

For that is His love.

Let this be a lesson to you.

Our Father,
who art in heaven...


What the actual fuck?

Okay, other foot.
Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, how you feelin', banana?

Uh, I'm hungry.
Yeah? That's good.

We are awesome.

- Huh?
- Mmmhmm.

All right, two more
bites of yogurt, okay?

Mango? I want waffles.

Well, you're gonna have
two more bites of yogurt,

and I don't want any
fairy bites, okay?

Uh... Oh, hey, honey,
are you going to Walgreens?

I was going to.
I have to get Tylenol.

Oh, I need some, uh, deodorant
and some batteries. Okay.

Double As.

And I need you to sign the form for my
refilling. I'm on my last month, so...

What, they actually asked
to see it?

Yup, there's a line
for "Husband."

That's ridiculous.

I mean, I don't have
to pick them up.

You know, at all.

You wanna go off?

I don't know.

I think, maybe?


- Let's go, Mom.
- Okay, pumpkin.

Okay, see you later.

- Uh, hey...
- Come on.


Don't get 'em.
Don't pick 'em up.


It's crazy.


I love you.

I love you.


- Let's go, Mom.
- Not bad.

Okay, I have to go.


Close your eyes.

Peeping Tom.
Yeah. We're leaving.

- Bye.
- Oh, my gosh.

Such spoiled girls you are.

Such spoiled brats.

He has given you everything,

but when He asks you
for your faith,

you refuse.

You are told

the will of God, and you say,

"I know better."

Arm up, dear.

You say, "I know better
than God himself."

He loves you.

He protects you.

Don't you remember
what it was like before?

Now you are saved.

Girls, there is more than
one kind of freedom.

There is freedom to
and freedom from.

In the days of anarchy,

it was freedom to.

Now, you are being given
freedom from.

That is a gift from God.

Do not underrate it.


Off red has been
keeping a secret.

A most wonderful secret.

She has been filled
with His divine light.

May we say,
"Praise be His mercy"?

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

How do we greet a miracle?

Do we...

Do we whine like sick dogs?

Praise be His mercy!

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy.

Praise be His mercy indeed!

Get her out of these wet things.

Under His eye.


There's nothing like hot soup
on a rainy day.

Such a comfort.

Dig in.

You're eating for two.

I'm not hungry.

Loss of appetite is common
these first few weeks.

You just have to make an effort.

You have quite an adventure
ahead of you.

And we are going to make sure you
get absolutely everything you need.

Plenty of rest and healthy food.

Fresh air, exercise.

You'll just have to be
my very good girl.

You could do that, can't you?

I'll try, Aunt Lydia.

We certainly won't have
any more theatrics, will we?

Such nonsense.

Such a waste of energy.
And for what?

For nothing.

Janine isn't nothing.

No, she most certainly is not.

Do you think
you've done her a kindness?

She could have gone
to God quickly,

surrounded by her friends.

Friends don't stone
their friends to death.

Janine is on her way
to the Colonies.

She will suffer because of you.

Every Handmaid who followed you
into disobedience

will face the consequences,
but not you.

You are with child.
You are protected.

But you know that.

Such a brave girl, aren't you?

Standing in defiance,

but risking nothing.

Now eat.

I'm not hungry.

A walk, then.

Pleasant evening, Ofwyatt.

Ofwyatt was having
a hard time at home.

She was very defiant.

She drank drain
cleaner which is terrible.

Ofwyatt endangered her child.

This we simply cannot abide.

Off red, if you choose
to be difficult,

I will be forced
to make arrangements.

Nine months can feel
like quite a long time.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

Well, shall we get
you something to eat, then?

Yes, Aunt Lydia.


Line up!

Three rows.

Hands behind your back.

Stand up straight.

Eyes front.

Straight line.

Move up.

This is not a straight line.


you're first.



No! No, no, no.

I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia.

- I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia. Please...
- You girls.

So willful and full of apologies

when it comes time
to pay the Piper.

No, no, no. No! No!



I know, dear.

But it's as shameful
for me as well.

But only in suffering

will we find grace.

Please, please don't.




You've been buzzing.

Antorio, thanks.

Did you set the thing
with, uh, his boss?

Uh, yeah,
I'm waiting for a call back.

Hey, how's the draft?

It's good.
Changes are helping.

Agricultural economics,
in early modern Spain and Portugal.

That's, um... That's sexy.

- Shit.
- What?

It's my daughter's school.

Hello, you've reached
Madison Grand Elementary School.

lf you know the extension...

Madison Grand
Elementary School.

Hi, this is June Osborne.

Um, you called me.
My daughter is Hannah Bankole.

Oh. Okay, Mrs. Bankole.

I'm afraid Hannah isn't feeling
very well this morning.

Is she okay?

Can I speak to Mrs. Danjee?

She was
running a temperature.

Um, 101.1.

Crap! Okay.

She was a little warm
when she woke up.

I gave her some Tylenol
to break it down.

A child is required
to be fever free for 48 hours

before she can return to school.

I'm sorry. I'm leaving now.

Um, can you tell Mrs. Danjee

to tell Hannah I'll be there
in, like, 15 minutes?

Mrs. Bankole,
Hannah isn't here.

When we couldn't reach you,
we called an ambulance.

She has a fever.

The state has policies.
We can't take any chances.

Which hospital?

University Children's.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Thank you so much.

Porter to Pediatrics.
Porter to Pediatrics.

- Hi.
- Hello.


Thank you so much.

Hey, muffin,

how you feeling?

I know. I'm sorry, baby.

How is she doing?

She's fab.

Her fever's still
a little elevated.

The doctor will come talk to you in a
bit, but it's probably just a virus.

We're still waiting on a few blood
tests, and then she can go home.

Oh, thank God. Thank you.

I do have a few quick questions
for you, Mrs. Bankole.

June Osborne. Sure.

Hannah, I'm gonna steal your mommy
for five minutes, all right?

- Okay.
- Okay.

- I'll be right back, sweetie, okay?
- Okay.

Doctor Pound to Oncology,
please. Doctor Pound, call Oncology.

Sorry, I'm just letting my husband know.
Oh, yeah.

Um, thank you so much
for taking care of her.

Oh, she's so sweet.

You're really blessed.
I am.

She's your biological child?

Uh, yes.

The school was having
a hard time reaching you today.

I was at work.
My cell was in my bag.

I understand.
You work fulltime?

Uhhuh. I went back about ten
months after Hannah was born.

Oof. That must've been hard
to leave her.

Mmmhmm. It still is.

You're husband
works fulltime as well?

And where is he today?

Uh, he's, uh,
at a job site in Quincy.

He should be getting back.
There's probably traffic.

What kind
of arrangements do you have

to take care of your child if she
has to stay home from school?

How do you mean?

If she's sick.

I stay home with her
or my husband does.

You have
to miss work then?

Uhhuh. I miss work.

Can I go be with
my daughter now?

Did you medicate Hannah this
morning to lower her fever?

Uh, she was just a little warm
so I gave her some Tylenol.

Did you medicate her to
bypass the school's fever policy?

So you wouldn't
have to miss work today?

She was just...

She was a little warm.
She wasn't sick.

Apparently she was.

I understand, Mrs. Bankole.

We have busy lives.

But children are so precious.

We have to make certain that they
are in a safe home environment

with fit parents.

We just have a few more questions, Mrs.

- Osborne.
- Excuse me?

It's my name. June Osborne.

What are your questions?

Blessed day.

Blessed day.

So, you're all right?

Hmm. Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

that's very good news.

I'd like to be clear.

I will not have
any more recalcitrance.

All of your disruptions,

and all of your games
and your secrets,

all of that smartgirl
bullshit is finished.

Do you understand me?

Don't get upset, Serena.

It's bad for the baby.

Well, isn't this a happy day?

Praised be.

A happy day for all of us.

Praised be.

- Shall we?
- Let's see what we can see.

Oh, try to relax, honey.
You'll feel a little pressure.

Now, it's still very early,
so we won't hear a heartbeat.

But if we're lucky...


There's some pronounced
endometrial thickening

which is just what we want to see.

And there

is your child.


That is the gestational sack,

and that

is your baby, Mrs. Waterford.

God has created a new soul.

Praised be His mercy.


All righty, then.

Blessings to the proud parents.

We have a few things to go over.

God bless you.

Blessed be the fruit.

Thanks. Under His eye.

Godspeed, June.

Yes, I am taking command
of all your units.

I understand,

but the missing Handmaid
is with child.

Right now,
she is the only priority.

...sources are saying
this is likely the deadliest attack

- on American soil since 9/11.
- Got it?

The Department of
Homeland Security has yet to weigh in

on who might be responsible for
this devastating act of terrorism.

We are still awaiting for
comment from the NSA and FBI.

There are still
no claimants of responsibility...

Hey, can you turn that down?

Let's take
your shoes off.

Hey, banana.

How's she doing?


What is that?
lt's the Capitol.

Twenty or thirty guys
with machine guns just...

They just started shooting
from the galleries.

It... It just happened.


They don't know
how many were killed.

- lt's... It's a lot.
- Breaking news from the Pentagon.

Martial law has been declared...

Hey. Sweetie. Sweetie, come on.

You gotta get up now.
I want Mommy.

Okay, baby.


Um, I'll take her. Okay, I'll take her.
Come on.

Come on, sweetie. soon as we
learn more from the security forces,

and from eye witnesses on the
ground and around the Capitol.

getting word now from army officials

- that National Guard is being deployed...
- You wanna get into bed?

National Guard has been
called in from Detroit, Chicago,

New York City, Los Angeles,
Dallas, Baton Rouge,

Nevada, Oklahoma City...

We're just getting word...

- Yes? There has been... There has been an explosion...
- June.

- June. June.
- What?

We can confirm that an
explosive has been detonated...

It's the White House. There's
been some kind of explosion.


What is happening?
I don't know.





Okay, honey.

Okay, scooch.

I don't feel good.

I hate this day.

I know.

Just try to sleep, okay?

You'll stay?

Mmmhmm. I'll stay.

It's okay.

Stay inside.

Someone will come for you.

Go in grace.

Thank you.


You okay?

Where are we?
Back Bay.

Come on.

Looking for you.

Get undressed.

Put these on.
We need to cut your hair.

Can't get you out of the city.

Not yet.

Someone will come get you.

They have a place you can stay.

Until it's safe to move.

It won't be too long.
I promise.


your hair.

My name is June Osborne.

I'm from Brooklyn,

I am 34 years old.

I stand 5'3" in bare feet.

I weigh 120 pounds.

I have viable ovaries.

I'm five weeks pregnant.

I am... free.