The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Bridge - full transcript

June is tasked with going back to Jezebels to find a package. Meanwhile in Gilead, Janine has trouble relinquishing her newborn baby.

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Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

Tonight, I'm taking you out.

I thought these kinds
of places were forbidden.

Who are all these people?

All women who
couldn't assimilate.

I'm so sorry I left
you at the train!

Janine said you were dead.

They gave me a choice.
The Colonies or Jezebel's.

We're gonna find a way
to get you out of here.

I know the way out.

Black van, feet first.

This is Gilead. No one gets out.

Why did you bring me here?

I thought
we could just be together.

You know I had to go
with him last night, right?

You know I didn't have a choice.

I don't have any choice.

We can't do this anymore.

Is this enough for you,
this bullshit life?

Is this what you want?

It's too dangerous.

You could end up on the wall.

At least someone
will remember me.

At least someone will
care when I'm gone.

"For he hath regarded"

"the low estate
of his handmaiden."

"For, behold, from henceforth,"

"all generations
shall call me blessed."




"Then the handmaidens came near,"

"they and their children..."

"And they bowed themselves."

"May the Lord now show you
kindness and faithfulness,"

"and I, too, will show you
the same favor."

"The Lord bless thee,
and keep thee."

You know you...
You have to burp her

when she's halfway
through feeding.

I know.
Otherwise, she'll just...

She'll fuss and
she'll spit it all up.

I understand.

I told you.


We will cherish
this child always.

Go in grace.


Hi, Baba. Hi.

Praised be. Praised be.

Praised be. Blessed be.

Blessed be. Praised be.

Praised be. Blessed be.

Blessed be. Praised be.

Blessed be.

Don't be sad.

He's coming for me.


Blessed be.

Blessed be.

Blessed be.

Blessed be.

Aunt Lydia?

Yes? What is it?

Does she seem all right?


She's tougher than you think.

Let her be an example to you.

To all of you!


I want to help.

With what?

With Mayday.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

If they obey and serve Him,

they shall spend
their days in prosperity.

Praised be.

See how they welcome you.

Commander Daniel
and Mrs. Monroe.

You are Ofdaniel now.

They live really far.

Far from what, dear?



I am very proud
of you, Ofdaniel.

Go to them and be blessed.

Go like an open flower.


Blessed be the fruit.

It's nice to be out.

She could use an extra blanket.

She's quiet now. Finally.

She's fine.

Mrs. Waterford, Mrs. Putnam.
Is this your blessed child?

This is Angela.

Well, hello there, sweet girl.


Under His eye.

She just wanted a look.

Well, we can't be too careful.

How did it go this morning?

Did Baby Angela take her bottle?

She devoured it.
No trouble at all.

Who needs that
horrid girl, right?

It's like living
with a feral cat.

One must still be thankful.

You sound like Warren,

though he never
had to deal with her.

You should be grateful. You
have such an obedient Handmaid.

I'm sure your miracle
will come soon.

Ofwarren is so lucky.

I mean Ofdaniel.

She's got a sweet new posting.

I hear her missus
is really nice.

Yeah, she's so lucky.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

We've been sent good weather.

It's freezing, dummy.

Too many eyes and ears before.

You said you wanted to help?

They need you to go
back to Jezebel's.

What? They've been trying to
get a package out of there.

Find Rachel at the bar.

Wait. How do they
know I was there?

I don't know. They just do.
So, can you?

Go back? How?

I don't know. Figure it out.

What... What's in the package?

I just know it's important.

And don't open it either.

Hide it until
someone contacts you.

Look, you came to me.

And this is what they need now.

Can they count on you or not?


I'll try.


Tonight would be
a good time to go.


What are you doing down here?

I'm sorry.

I just wanted
to tell you something.

Is there a problem?

No. Not at all.

Well, you shouldn't
be out of your room.

Not now.

You're right.

It can wait.

Hold on.


What is it?

It's a good thing.

I just can't stop thinking
about when we went out.

Our adventure.

Enjoyed that, did you?


Very much.

It was just so exciting.

You know?

To dress up for you and

sneak past the guards.

And then everything we did
when we got there.

I just wanted to thank you.

That's all.


we could go back there sometime.



So eager.

We'll have to wait, of course,

until the house has
settled in for the night.

You mean, tonight?

You have other plans?



Tonight would be perfect.

Until later, then.



You know, I'm very glad
you suggested an encore.

I guess I'll have to think
of a way to thank you.

I'll think of something.


Yes, what is it?

Coming up to the checkpoint.

You're no fun.

Nick's no fun, is he?

No, Nick just needs to chill.

You heard her, Nick.

You just need to chill.

Doesn't she look
stunning tonight?

He's so chill he's speechless.

You're too much
for him to handle.

Won't be long.

We're going
straight up to the room.

Yes, sir.

I thought we'd have
a drink at the bar.

Like last time?

Maybe after, if there's time.



This trip was so last minute.

We don't know who
might be here tonight.

I just want you to be careful.

You're a good man, Nick.

Always looking out for me.

Shall we?

I'm sorry.

I thought the Commander
came home hungry.

He's in his office.

Can I help you with anything?

I was just looking
for the chamomile.

You can't sleep?

Just restless, I suppose.

Has Offred asked
for her napkins this month?

No, ma'am.

It's not quite her time yet.

I'm praying for good news.

Ma'am, may I suggest something
with a bit more flavor?

To settle the soul?

That might be nice.

Make it two,

if you like.


Thank you.

You should hear Naomi Putnam.

She goes on and on about how her
baby keeps her awake at night.

To complain
about such a miracle.

She should appreciate
every moment.

You can lose a child
in an instant.

My son.

I didn't know
that you had a son.


He was 19.

That must be terribly difficult.

It was in the war.

I'm humbled
by your son's sacrifice.

Blessed be they that mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Praised be.

Don't be shy.

I should wait
for him downstairs.

No, silly.
We'll wait right here.

The Commander's preparing.
He'll be with us in a minute.

Up you go.

Scooch over.

We're in this together,
aren't we?


That's right.


No, I should...

Shh. It's okay, sweetheart.

I'm nervous, too.



No, I... I don't want...

Be still.


You, get off me. Get...
Get off me!

Get the fuck off me!

Don't you fucking touch me!

What's the matter?
Where's Warren?

No, you're Ofdaniel now.

No, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no, no!


No. He's coming for me.

He's coming for me.

He's coming for me.

He's coming for me.

Did you like that?


Let me know next time.

You don't have to be quiet here.

You can be free.

I'll remember that,

for the next time.

You're getting
ahead of yourself.

And I don't want to spoil you.

So, can we stay for a while?

Maybe have that drink?

It's all about the bar tonight.


I like the way
that people treat you.

They're all so impressed.


I'm not dumb.

I know why you wanted
to come back here.

What do you mean?

To meet someone.

I made the arrangements.

Here she is.

Right on time.

You saw her the last time
we were here.

You think I don't
pay attention, but I do.

I know you know Ruby.

I know her, too.

I thought you'd welcome
this little reunion.

Aren't you friends?

Not that kind of friend.

Of course not.

Relax. I did something
nice for you.

Thank you, Fred.

Thank you, Fred.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Now you two catch up
while I rinse off.

What the fuck
are you doing back here?


I got nothing. Nobody's
planning anything stupid?

You ask around at the bar? ‐.

The girls in here do two things.

They get fucked
or they get fucked up.

They're not in the best shape
for a rebellion.

What's wrong with your pasta?

That's the best fucking carbonara
you'll ever get, I swear.

Anybody say anything
about Waterford's Handmaid?

Why? Is she trouble?

Nope. Not a word.


A driver poking around,
asking questions?

Good way to get yourself
up on the wall.

Stay here with me.

For old times' sake.

I can make you something else.

They'll be done soon.

It's the Handmaid.

You're sweet on her, aren't you?

It's dangerous, my friend.

You're right,
this is incredible.

So you're a spy now?

I guess.

Not a very good one. I can't seem
to get out of the fucking room.

Good, because this
is fucking ridiculous.

Risking your life
because Alma said so?

Fuckin' Alma?
It's just a package.

It could be anything!

A bomb. Anthrax.
What do you know?

I hope it is.

Hey. You could get it for me.

Hey. No, that is crazy.

Moira, do you know Rachel?

Hey. No. Okay?


What is wrong with you?



In case you haven't noticed,
I'm a prisoner and a whore.

Moira. No. Hey.

It's Ruby now.

No. Come on... Just, just stop!

Okay, stop!

Just go home
and just do what they say.

Moira, I thought you were dead.

I thought they killed you.

I thought they strung
you up somewhere.

To rot.

It tore me apart.

But I didn't give up
like a coward.

You think what you want.

I think you're a liar.

'Cause you said
we would find Hannah.

You will find her. No.

We will.

That's what you said.

When all of this
was over, you...

You promised.

You fucking pinky swore.

Or don't you remember?

Moira, do not...

Do not let them grind you down.

You keep your
fucking shit together.

You fight!

I was doing all right
until I saw you again.

She left?

Good, she's a degenerate.

Pull yourself together.

We're going.

It's late.

You should get some sleep.

Good night then.

Good night, dear.

I'll see you in the morning.


Ooh! Good one!

You can't match it.

Offred! Offred, wake up!

Wake up! Get dressed! Hurry up!

Get up! Get up!

Get up. What's wrong?

Get up, get dressed. Quick!

Hurry up.


Hurry! Hurry!

She fled her posting and she found
her way back to the Putnams.

Has she hurt anybody?

By the grace of God,
no, not yet.

She tried to run away, and
they caught up with her here.

Don't do this.

You... You can move home and you
can live in the house with her.

Yes, we need you.

The baby needs you.

You hear that?

Just come down
and let me have Angela.

Her name is Charlotte,
you lying fuck!

You said we would be a family!

She's not well.

I was well enough
to suck your cock!

I did every fucked‐up thing
you wanted!

All the freaky shit she'd
never do because you...

You promised me we would run
off and we would be a family!

All right, that's enough!

Make her listen.

Save that child.

Give us some space.

I need you to move back.

Why is this girl here?

They are friends.

Please. I don't
care what they are.

I am not moving.


Give her a chance.


They all think I'm crazy,

but I'm not.

I know.

I know you're not crazy.

It's a wonder
we're not all crazy.

In this place, you know?


change is coming.

There's hope.

All of this,

it's all gonna be over one day.

And everything is gonna
go back to normal.

And we are gonna go out.

We're gonna go out drinking.

You and me.

And Moira?


And Alma? Yeah.

Can we...

Can we do karaoke? Sure.

Whatever you want.

We're gonna...
We're gonna get hammered.

We're gonna go dancing,

and we'll watch the sun come up.


Who would wanna dance with me?

Come with me.

It can't hurt very much.

No, just for a second,
and then...

And then we'll be free.

I can't.

I'm sorry.

I can't 'cause of my daughter.


Listen to me.

Janine, you have to do what's
best for your daughter now.

You have to give her
the chance to grow up.

Mommy loves you.

Mommy loves you so much.

Mommy loves you so much.

Make sure she knows that,
June, please.

I promise.


May the Lord
keep you in His mercy.

You stupid girl.

This way, Commander Putnam.

Hopefully, he'll only
receive an admonishment.

Let's pray that you won't
bear any of the consequences.

You think what happened
is my fault?

Of course not.

Shh, shh, shh.

Let me show you how.
I can take her.

I know what to do for my child!

I'm only trying to help.

It's not going to be easy
without your husband.

Why don't you worry
about your own husband?

We all know what happened
with your first Handmaid.

Men don't change.

Blessed day.

Blessed day.

I've got a fine cut of meat
for Commander Waterford.

Praised be His bounty.

Blessed day.

Saved it for you.


Peace be with you.

Peace be with you.

Ruby, what's taking so long?

Hang on, sugar,
I'll be right there.

Be right there.