The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Other Side - full transcript

What happened to Luke after he was separated from June and his daughter Hannah. He tries surviving the harsh, new world alone so he can find them again.

OFFRED: Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

SERENA JOY: We have some
important guests tonight

Deputy Ambassador, Castillo, puedo
presentar our Handmaid, Offred.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

Offred, what is your
given name? From before.

I don't use that anymore.

Tonight is a celebration
of what we have achieved.

The children of Gilead.

All brought forth in this
district by our Handmaids.

OFFRED: You don't understand.
We're prisoners.

They took my daughter.
Please do something.

FLORES: Offred? I want to help you.

I think, I can get a
message to your husband.

My husband's dead.

FLORES: Lucas Bankole.

He's alive. Please, write something.

I'll try to get it to him.



Are you okay? Is she all right?

Come on. Come on, baby.

Come here.

Come here, come here,
honey. Let Mommy check you.

Come here. Come over here.

Is it your head? Did the car go bump?

It's okay.

All right. You've gotta take her. Okay?

- Go. It's about two miles north.
- No, no, no.

He said someone's gonna meet us.

- All right, go with Mommy.
- What about you?

- What about you?
- No. No, no, it's all right. You go. Go!

- Run, run, run! Run, run!


Watch your step.
Careful. Watch the rock!

Come on, go quickly.

Pop. Six. Pull.

Come on.

Pop. Six. Pull.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

- Show me your hands.

MAN: His pressure's
coming up. 105 over 62.

Watch it. It's icy.

Just keep him alive.
Captain's got questions...


Where are we right now?

Where's Route 201?

Hey. Hey, wake up.

Route 201? Where's Route...

Come on. Come on.



Should... Pop it, put six in.

Pop it, pull it, six bullets.

Pop it, pull it, six... Argh.

Pop it, six in.

Pop it, pull it, six bullets...



Oh, God. Oh, God.



We're just out for breakfast.

That's not illegal.

Not yet.

She all right? We didn't
give her too much?

No. She's okay.

She's okay.

We should have left when Moira did.

We had to wait for the visas.

When I lost my job, we
should've left then.

Yeah, well, I can't just
make the visa process

move faster just because I want it to,

- all right?
- I know. That's not what I'm saying.

Moira is crossing the border on foot.

- I know.
- We've got a kid.

- I know that.
- There's a difference.

I'm just saying we should've
left when she did.

I know.

LUKE: Is that him?

Whitford, right?

Guess, uh, we should've set
a password or something.

- You look like your mama, little June.

I'd know you anywhere.

Thank you for doing this, Mr. Whitford.

Oh, I owe her.

Your mama gave me the snip a few years
back after they made it illegal.

It's no time for kids, you know?

- She zonked on something?
- Benadryl.

I gave it to her with breakfast.


Well, we've got about an hour or so.

I need your phones.

Yeah, we turned 'em off.


Are you kidding me?

They can track these things
location services or not.

That backpack needs to get going too.

Oh, no. That's all we brought with us.


It can't look like you're running.

Uh, yeah, you know,

people carry backpacks on
the street all the time,

so, like, it doesn't necessarily
say that we're leaving.

You wanna take that chance?

Here you go.

Wait. Hold on. Hold on.

I'm... I'm taking 'em.



I'll be driving.

All right.

You two and the rug rat
will be in the trunk.

LUKE: Huh? No, no.

- I can't put the kid... In the trunk.
- In the trunk?

Well, then forget this.

'Cause you'll never make
it out of the county.



You all right?

LUKE: I got it. Come on.

JUNE: Yeah, she's fine.

Thank you. Come on.

Got her?

All right.

That a girl.

There you go.

And Fluffy.


All right. All right.

Where's the Benadryl?

Oh, I don't know.

He threw it out.


LUKE: It's all right.

- What if she wakes up?
- Nah, she won't wake up.

- You sure?
- Yeah, she's all right.

She's all right.

- Hey. Hey.
- Jesus.

It's okay.

- Look at me.

- Luke. Luke.
- June. June.

June bug? June bug?

June bug?

Look at me.

It's gonna be all right.

Hey, hey, here. Just stay here.

We're gonna be all right.

I promise you, we're gonna be all right.

We're gonna be all right.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm just really cozy.

Come on.

Do you remember

the sublet we had in Sommerville?


This is bigger.

It is.

Yeah, this is much bigger.

It's a lot bigger.

All good.

- Nothing in here.
- Thank you.

You good?

I took his sister to the
prom back in the day.

Believe you, me, he owes
me a fuckin' favor.

Won't be much longer.

Welcome to your little slice of heaven.

As long as this slice
of heaven has a shower.

- You got her?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Hey come on, Hannah Banana. Come on.

Oh, look at you, you're tired.

Hey, how close are the neighbors?

Two miles. Six miles. Three miles.


Hey, look.

Look at this.

It's snowing.

- Are you all right?
- I'm hungry.

You're hungry?

Got food inside.

Mmm, you hear that?

- Make yourself at home.
- Is there any heat?

Yeah, there's a wood burning stove

in the corner, but it sucks.

I'd just use the fireplace, instead.

Hey, smile.

You're safe.

Hey, you want to pick
out your bedroom? Yeah?

All right, let's go. Come on.

So, what now?

You stay here.

There's lots of patrols
between here and the border.

It isn't safe for the ladies.

You ever shot a gun?

Hmm? Uh, Yeah. Uh, yeah. In college.

All right.

Revolvers are pretty straightforward.

Thumb hits the release latch. Cylinder
pops out. Don't want it to spin.

Hit the ejector rod. Dump your brass.

Six bullets in.

Pull that hammer back. Fire.

- You got that?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Got it.

I'll make a run to Canada
to get you some passports

and I'll be back post haste.

Oh, no. We don't need
passports. I got visas.

US passport doesn't mean shit
anymore. Bud. That's over.

- So, we just wait?
- Yup.

I'll be back.

And then we will get
you all safe and sound

to the magical land of the north.

Ah! No, don't, don't. No,
please stop it! Please!


- Where are the others?
- What?

- Your unit. Where?
- No. it's not... I'm not a Guardian.

- I'm a...
- Stay back.

a... There's an ambulance

crashed a few miles up the road.

The Guardian... The Guardian
died. I just took his jacket

I just took his jacket.

Were you in the ambulance?

What happened?

They shot me.

And then they took my wife
and they took my daughter.

I'm just trying to get back to them.

I took the jacket to stay warm.

I swear to God. I swear to God.

Let me look at that wound.

No, no, no.

going to bleed to death.

Fuck you.

- Oh, shit.
- ZOE: It's not his jacket.

I topped off the tank
and we got some ammo

but there are patrols on the highway.

We should move on.

Okay. Help me with him.

Grab what you can. We gotta go.

PETER: You know at some point, you're
gonna have to stop collecting strays.

I should've stopped
before I found you.

You got him?

We got another one. Guardians shot him.

Clear a spot. We need to lay him down.

Don't worry, friend. We'll fix you up.

No, I can't go.

We've already been here
too long. Come on.

More. Clean it up. Rinse it.

Dab it.

Okay, okay, okay.

Lila, take the next town road
south for about 15 clicks.

- That's miles.
- Kilometers.

Gotta zig and zag on
the way to the coast.

Oh, fuck!

- Okay.

That should leave you
with a nice big scar

you can tell all your friends about.

Thank you.

- Zoe.
- Zoe, I'm...

I'm Luke.

ZOE: Antibiotics.

That wound was full of crap.

Gotta stay on this drip
until we reach Canada

or you're gonna go septic.

Uh, no. I need... I need to get out...

There are Guardians all over.

We need to get some miles on them.

You need meds and rest.
Then we can talk.

Arm out.

Make a fist.

Relax. All good.

Who are you guys?

You got an Army brat, two
strays, a gay, and a nun.

Sorry about the fucks.

I think, God has bigger things
on his plate these days.

Christine. Lila. Peter. Hey.

- What's her name?
- TBD.

She hasn't said anything
since we picked her up.

Here, try and get some rest.

JUNE: Hey do you want blueberries?

No, chocolate chips.

- For breakfast?
- Daddy does it.

Does he? Okay.

- Come here. Wanna help me stir?
- Yeah.

- JUNE: Do this part. Ready?
- HANNAH: Yes.

- Whoops. All right.
- That's good.

- Is that good? Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- You sure you don't want more?

- Yeah, I want more.

I think that's fine. Ooh!
Look at that method.

Very nice, I wonder who taught you that?

- HANNAH: Nobody taught me it. I just...

You just came up with it?

Hmm. Interesting.

- I'm watching you.

That's all
right. He's not looking.

The chips.

- LUKE: What's going on there?
- Nothing.

Mind your own business.

Nothing's going on.

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

It's nothing? Huh?

What are you doing? Open your mouth.

Let me see. Lemme see your tongue.

- We're out of syrup again.
- LUKE: Huh?

We're out of syrup again.

That's 'cause you have
pancakes every day.

I'm trying to set a record.

- It's going very well...
What kind of...

- JUNE: Wanna do this part?
- HANNAH: Yeah.

JUNE: Okay, come on.

Okay. I'll hold it right here.

- I wanna get it.
- Okay. Okay. You do it.

I'm gonna... This is
going to be my pancake.

All right, this is your pancake.

This is going to be pancake-y.


That is so chocolatey.

- This is going to be all mine.

JUNE: We have to talk to
Daddy about that later.

ZOE: You're safe here.

ZOE: It's okay. I'm here.

- PETER: What set her off?
- CHRISTINE: I don't know.

What's going on?


ZOE: It's okay. It's okay. I'm here.

Zoe was, uh, stationed at
a base in South Carolina.

ZOE: It's okay.

Some of her group heard rumors
about some, um, training centers.

LUKE: Training... Training for what?

PETER: After DC fell, they
pulled together a bootleg raid.

Some high school in Rockdale.

They found her and, like, 50
other women hidden inside.

Their kids had been taken away.

CHRISTINE: Zoe, uh, got her out.

She was the only one.

Those guards at the school were
not gonna let those women go.

CHRISTINE: We think, they were,

um, looking for fertile women.

Gathering them up.

When you're a pro,
you're a pro. All right?

Daddy's showing off now.

So, the ice or bust, huh?

Here he goes.

- Ooh, ooh. Oh.
- Oh. Come on.

Get it to the ice.

- Ice. Ice. Ice.
- Ice? Ice?

Do you want to take the ice?

- Yes.
- Come on.

Two in a row.


JOE: Blaze.

Hey, hey.

Sorry about that. He's friendly.

Come here. Hey. Sit.

I wasn't expecting to
see anybody out here.

LUKE: Yeah, it's...

It's quiet out here, huh?

Hi there, I'm Joe.

Nice to meet you.

- It's pretty cold out, isn't it?
- Mmm-hmm.

It is. We should probably
get inside, huh?

Yeah. Look at you. You're all
cold. We better get you in.

You said, "shit." I did
say "shit." Yeah, I did.

JOE: I got you in some trouble, there.

Sorry about that.

Well, you folks stay warm.

Blaze, let's go. Let's go
home. Come on, let's go.

You folks have a good day.

Thank you.

We've gotta go.

Come on, honey. Come on. Careful.

Are we heading north?

That's where Canada is.

Oh. No, no. I've gotta...
I've gotta get out.

I've gotta...

I've gotta head back to Boston.

- You were shot.
- There are soldiers everywhere...

No. I just... Stop...

Stop the bus.

CHRISTINE: You'll get caught
before you hit Massachusetts.

Stop the fucking bus, now.

I'm getting out here.

- You're not getting out.
- I'm getting out...

We're not stopping. Sit down.

God damn it.

We're going to the coast.

You can maybe grab a scoot
boat down to Marblehead.

Thank you.

The car is warming up. Where is she?

In the bathroom. Just one last try.

What's that?

Whitford gave me a gun.
It's just in case. Okay?

Jesus. Do you know how to use it?

Uh, yeah, a little. I
know how to load it.

Look, we need to be ready, all
right, June? It's just in case.

Then show me how to load it.

Come on. All right. Take
a bullet outta there.

All right.

This pops open here.

And then you put six in here.

You close it.

Pull the hammer back and
then it fires. Careful.

- Okay. So just open it here...
- Yeah.

- Close it...
- Shh, shh, shh.


Hold up.

I'm a friend.

Don't move. Don't move.

LUKE: Easy. Easy.

You guys are from Boston.
I heard it on my scanner.

They're looking for you.

Yeah, well, we're leaving
now anyway. So, thanks.

Well, they know your car. You
gotta stay off the main road.

- Should we wait for Whitford here?
- I don't know.

- There's no sense in that.
- He's dead.

They caught him. They hung him
up on a street lamp in town.

He's a strange guy. I liked him.

Look, could you put the gun down?

It's all
right. It's all right.

Look, they're patrolling all over.

You guys can take Campbell
Pond Road as far as it goes.

I called a friend, so if you
guys can make it past Jackman,

he's gonna meet you at the border.

Thank you. Thank you.

JOE: No worries.

This is pretty fucked up.

Come on.

May the Lord guide your steps

and bring you to your
June and your Hannah.

He has not forgotten any of you.

Thank you.

If you're ever in Boston,
you'll look me up?

I got it.

- Oh, no, no, I got...
- You sure?

You might be able to get
a ride out of Cutler.

It's 10 miles south.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Boat leaves soon as it's dark.

Our dock is a half mile down river,

if you change your mind.

Let me show you something.

The town fought back.

They tried to hide the
fertile women in here.

The Guardians took them and
strung everyone else up.

There's one of these in every town.

This is what they do to
people who fight back.

It's the only thing I can do.

The US government has people in Canada.

They can help you find them,
maybe even get them out.

No. No.

I'm not...

If you go back,

you're gonna die.

You're gonna die and leave
them all on their own.

Is that what you want?

I don't... I don't...

He's coming.


I wasted a whole prayer on you.

One of my good ones.

PETER: Let's go.

We heard Gilead's starting
to patrol with drones.

It's gonna be fast,

just straight up the
coast to New Brunswick.

It's okay. All aboard.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You paid for five, not six.

Who's not coming?

We're all coming. We're all coming.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

That's not how this works.

All right.

This is morphine.

It's Percocet.

All right? It's a good start.

- What else you got in there?
- Don't be a motherfucker.

- Hey!
- It's all right. It's all right.

- This a free enterprise.

That'll do.

Come on, let's go!

Let's move, let's move.
Stow it all away.

It's all right. It's all right.

Grab that line.

Come on, I'm gonna help you down.

- Go!
- Come on. Let's get outta here!

- Come on!

Let's move.

- Get down!


Stay down!

Stay down. It's all right.


Stay down.

Stay down.

It's all right.

It's all right.

It's tea.

They'd run outta coffee.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'm not in charge of rationing.

You're welcome.

It's nice out, right?

They got the power back
on in the apartment.

Things... Hey, no, no, no.

That doesn't mean you get to go
back to sitting inside all day.

Hey, seriously. No.


This is nice, right?


Uh, yeah. Hello?

WOMAN: We know your meeting
with Ms. Tapping is next week.

But we were hoping you
could come in today?

Luke Bankole?

Uh, yeah. Um...

Ms. Tapping?

Oh, Rachel, please.

Ava, could you get us some coffee?

Please, come in.

Yeah, so, um... I think
that you're looking...

Thank you... Thank you so much for...

For seeing me. I really appreciate it.

So, I think, uh, you're probably
looking for high schools.

See, if I was trying to hide
a couple of hundred people,

then I don't think that...


Do you know a woman named June Osborn?

She's 31, blonde hair,
blue eyes, from Boston?

Yes, my wife.

That's what we thought.

This is for you.

Where did you get this?

One of our contacts in
the Mexican government.

From one of their trade delegates.

Sorry it's not more.

I think they only had a few seconds.


Three weeks ago.

So, she's alive?

We believe so, yes.

Sorry. Can I have a moment?

I'm sorry.

Yes, of course.

OFFRED: I love you

so much.

Save Hannah.