The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Faithful - full transcript

Serena Joy makes Offred a surprising proposition; Offred remembers the unconventional beginning of her relationship with Luke; Ofglen, now Ofsteven, tries reintegrating into Gilead.

OFFRED: Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

DOCTOR: Waterford's probably sterile.

Most of those guys are.

If Waterford can't get you
pregnant, they won't blame him.

It'll be your fault.

I can help you.

It's too dangerous.

OFFRED: He tried to connect.

That's what he needs.

It has been so hard.

Being alone in that room.

I'm afraid I'm starting to give up.

That would be a tragedy.

The accused stand charged
with gender treachery,

in violation of Romans.

I know this is a shock for you, Emily.

Things will be easier for you now.

You won't want

what you cannot have.


NICK: Look, I'm sorry
this is happening to you.

You can't change anything about this.

It's gonna end the same
no matter what you do,

so there's no point trying
to be tough or brave.

Everybody breaks.



Thank you.

Not even close. You ran
away with that one.

I got lucky.

Maybe you're just
learning my weaknesses.


I'll have to be more careful.

What's the fun in that?

OFFRED: What have I
learned, after 34 games?

I've learned that he
likes it when I flirt.

And I like it when he lets me win.

We're a match made in heaven.

It reminds me of a poem I read once.

"You fit into me like a hook into an eye

a fish hook an open eye"

I have a present for you.

Those were all destroyed.

Some of us retain an
appreciation for the old things.

I thought you might like to read it.

It's not allowed.

It is with me.

OFFRED: I used to buy magazines
like this at the airport.

I read them when I got
my hair highlighted.

Now the models all look insane.

Like zoo animals.

Unaware they're about to go extinct.

"Ten ways to tell how
he feels about you.

Number one, he brings you small gifts."


Good surprise?

Yes, thank you.

That look on your face

is thanks enough.

- No.
- What?

- Oh, God, no.
- You're too picky.

June, what?

Come on, man. This one has on a fedora.

You kidding?

- Beggars, choosers.
- What?

Shut up and show me your profile pic.


You better not have on a fedora.

Hold on. No, no fedora.

Good! We can probably
do better than this.

- What do you mean?
- I'm just sayin'.

That's a nice photo!

Watch this. Hey. Um, ooh. Hi.

- Hi. You look heterosexual.
- JUNE: Hey.

MOIRA: Um, sorry.

Quick question. Um, are you on Tinder?

My friend's on Tinder.

- You on Tinder?
- No, I'm...

No? Okay. Look, she is
attracting a lot of chumps.

- Okay.
- MOIRA: And I personally...

- What?
- I'm going to kill you in your sleep.

I think it's because of her profile pic,

and I just wanted to get
an objective male opinion.

- Sorry.
- Right, okay.


Yeah. It's nice.

- Yeah, it's nice.
- Nice, that's just...

- Nice is chump bait.
- What's wrong with nice?

No, no, no, no!

You have to help me find
something better than this.

No. No, he doesn't.

Relax, I'm not going to
show him your nudies.

- Seriously?
- No, there are no... It's fine.

- Sorry.
- You gonna...

Hey, I mean, don't look at me.

I'm just waiting for my hot dog, you
know. But I'm happy to help out.

I'm gonna help you out
with that. No problem.

I'm just... Let's see what we can find.

- Who are those?
- Uh, Lucy and Ethel.

They're my cats.

- Cute.
- Thank you.

Yeah. There's a lot of good options.


- He's very thorough.

- That one.
- Which one?

- Uh??oh.
- This one.

- No.
- Oh, yeah.

- Oh, look wait.
- Why?

- No, that's a very interesting choice.
- Yeah, because you look...

You look invincible.

MAN: Two hotdogs, extra onion.

Oh, that's... that's me.

- All right.
- Thanks so much. Sorry about that.

- No, my pleasure. All right. Bye.
- JUNE: Have a good one.

Bye, cutie.
He's cute. Really cute.

- So cute.
- He's married.

- He does not act married.
- No, they never do.

Thank you.

Blessed day.

RITA: Don't you have somewhere to be?


Must be nice.

OFFRED: Ten ways to tell
how he feels about you.

Number two.

He keeps finding ways to
accidentally run into you.

Number three.

What was number three?

Offred? Can you help
me outside for a bit?

Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

OFFRED: She found out about Scrabble.

Or she found the writing in the closet.

Or maybe it's the magazine?

Any way you slice it, I lose a hand.

SERENA JOY: Okay, now,
that's enough mulch.

Too much and the plant will rot.

Okay. That's better.

OFFRED: Maybe she's just keeping me
occupied until the black van arrives.

There are things I could do.

How hard would I have
to press those shears

into her neck before seeing blood?

Nothing yet?

No. Nothing.

Well, that's bad luck.

Your time is running out here.

You don't want to be sent
to the Colonies, do you?

Maybe he can't.

The Commander.

I was thinking maybe we
could try another way.

I'm sorry. I don't
understand what you mean.

I mean, with another man.

It's... It's forbidden.

Officially, yes. But women
do it all the time.

I'm sure you've heard the stories.

I've heard rumors about...



Some women do it that way.

But it should be with somebody we trust.

I was thinking of Nick.


Yeah. He's already agreed.

Nick is loyal, and he's been
with us for a very long time.

What about the Commander?

Forget about the Commander.

All right.

All right.



We'll do it this afternoon
after the shopping.

May as well strike
while the iron is hot.

Will you bring that in for me?

Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

JANINE: You know, she's
even started smiling now?

Oh, it's so cute.

And she sticks out her
tongue sometimes like this.


You really shouldn't talk
about that stuff, Ofwarren.


Under His eye.

Always blessed.

Did you see?

ALMA: She's back.

OFFRED: Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

- OFFRED: Ofglen.
- Ofsteven.


It's so good to see you.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

- We were worried.
- I'm fine.

The Eyes took you?

Nick, our driver, is he one of them?

Is there anything that you can tell me?

I don't know.

But you said there was
an Eye in the house.

I don't know anything anymore.

After what happened, I'm too
dangerous to be part of it.

Part of what?


- Mayday? What is Mayday?
- Offred?

There you are.

Hiding out in the vegetables.

Don't do that again.

What do you mean?

I mean Ofsteven.

I'm not going to let you
mess this up for me.

- This isn't messed up?
- You're cute.

You used to do yoga classes...
Spinning or something... Before?

And your man liked to cook?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You guys had a first floor walk-up,
down Back Bay, with a garden.

Had yourself a Nordstrom's card, right?

- I liked Anthropologie.
- Yeah?

I used to get fucked behind a
dumpster just so I could buy

a sixth of Oxy and a Happy Meal.

I'm clean now.

I've got a safe place
to sleep every night

and I have people who are nice to me.

Yeah. They're nice.

- All right.
- And I want to keep it that way.

Whatever they did to Ofsteven, that's
not gonna happen to me. Understand?



Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

OFFRED: I should calm down.

Barring the possibility
of violent arrest,

it's nothing I haven't done before.

So how come this time it feels
like I'm cheating on Luke?

LUKE: Winter is so late this year.

JUNE: What are you talking
about? It's cold.

Yeah, but it hasn't even snowed yet.

They say it may not at all this year.

Well, that's depressing.

When I was in college, I used to go
to the English department to study.

And there was a fireplace,
and it was warm.

I was all by myself.

That sounds safe. Flammable material...

It was magical.

Yeah. It was very romantic by myself.


So, uh, in college, did
you and Moira ever...

Did we ever what?

You know, did you ever...

What, do you think all girls
just go through a gay phase?

No, look, it's just you
two are very close

and you're both very attractive

and, in my experience, these
things sometimes happen.

- Your experience as a lesbian?
- All right, forget it.

Or your experience as a college girl?

I retract the question, okay?


No, for the record.

I actually haven't even told Moira

that we've been having
lunch and hanging out.

I don't know why. I just...

I feel like she'd be... Weird about it.


Yeah, I don't tell Annie either.


What do you say?

I just... I just tell her
I had lunch at my desk.

I mean, it's just... It's so dumb.

We're not even doing anything.
Exactly, that's why I'm just,

like, we're having lunch
in broad daylight.


- With four adorable children.
- Children watching, right?

Where would we even go, you know?

Uh, where would we go?

We couldn't go to my place.
Moira's there, working.

What do people in the movies do?

In the movies?
- They get a room.


- Yeah, they get a room.
- Mmm??hmm.

Yeah, we could get a room.

Some, like, um...

- Dirty...

- Pay??by??the??hour...
- Right.

- Place.
- Yeah.

- Gross.
- No.

No, it could be fun. They'd have
one of those vibrating beds.

- Think about it.

We could go to the Hyatt.



One of those, you know, higher rooms
with a view of the city at night.

So, how would it work? I'd just...

Come surprise you after work, or...

No. No, never.

No surprises. I need 48 hours.

Right. Time to get a restraining order.

Yes, file the papers.

- Right.

No, I mean, I need to...
Personal grooming and...


Pick out some lingerie.

What, you know what you'd wear?

I have ideas.

It's not gonna happen, though.

- No.
- No.


- Hello, Nick.
- NICK: Hi.

So, uh, do we pray first?

No. There's no time.


You want to see what's on TV?

- No, that's...
- No?

- Do you?
- No...

I'm good.

Are you sure?

Is this one crooked?


Wait. Just 'cause we're probably
only going to do this once...

- Yeah?
- I like to be on top, okay?

Ah, that's not really...
That's not good for me.

That's not good? Oh, that's a bummer.

All right. I'll try
it. I'll try it once.


That's really nice of you.

- Yeah, I'm a giver.

All clear.

You should go and lie down now.

How do you feel?

Do you feel any different?

You don't just feel pregnant
30 seconds after a man cums.

I'm sorry, forgive me.

Before I formed thee in
the belly, I knew thee.

And before thou camest out of
the womb, I sanctified thee,

and ordained thee a
prophet unto the nations.

Go and lie down.

GRACE: Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

He's so happy to
have someone to play with.

You know, I'm not feeling very well.

I might be getting the flu.

Maybe we should skip tonight's Ceremony.

What do you think?

You can't be sick every month.


I can't.

Come in.

- Good evening.
- Good evening, dear.

Shall we begin?

OFFRED: Stop it!

Stop it!

Don't look at me like that, please.

Can she see him doing this?

Can she feel him?

WATERFORD: This is a surprise.

Care for a drink?

A game?

OFFRED: Don't you ever do that again.

- Do what?
- Touch me like that, when she's there.

I didn't mind it.

- I don't think you did either.
- What if she saw you?

She could have me sent to the Colonies

or worse and you know that.

I understand.

I'm sorry, all right?


WATERFORD: I just find the
whole thing so impersonal.

- You think?

You sure you wouldn't care for a drink?

No, thank you.

All right.

How about a read?


You miss this?

Lists of

made??up problems.

No woman was ever rich enough,

young enough,

pretty enough, good enough.

We had choices then.

Now you have respect.

You have protection.

You can fulfill your
biological destinies in peace.

Biological destiny?

Children. What else
is there to live for?




Love isn't real.

It was...

Never anything more than lust

with a good marketing campaign.

Maybe for you but not for me.

What did you say?


Remember Ofglen who
used to live next door?

Ofglen had urges

that led her to do unnatural things.

I'm sure, to her, it felt like love.

In cases such as these,
the punishment is death.

But, out of respect for her
position, we let her live.

We're not without compassion.

What did you do to her?

We helped her. We saved her.

We had a doctor take
care of the problem.

It's such a small problem,

truth be told.

Every love story is a tragedy
if you wait long enough.

I should go.

Suit yourself.

We only wanted to make the world better.


Better never means better for everyone.

It always means worse for some.

OFFRED: Better never means
better for everyone.

It always means worse for some.

NICK: Are you sick?

What are you doing here?


You spying on me?

I was just looking for something to eat.

Are you an Eye?

Go to bed.

Do you know...

What they did to Ofglen?

- Yes.

Do you know because...

You're one of them?

- You shouldn't be down here.
- Don't tell me where to go.

NICK: You listen to me. It's not safe.

Please don't tell me what to do.

I couldn't say no when
Mrs. Waterford asked me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Just tell me.

Okay, please?


Are you an Eye?



Now go to bed

before I report you.


I want you to leave your wife.


Wait, really? What do you mean, "Okay"?

Look, I'm in love with you.

What else am I going to do?

I'm in love with you.

Those are beautiful lilies.

I'm allergic.

My eyes, like, swell up.

I think my companion might like them.

OFSAMUEL: Have you seen the lilies?

They're really pretty.

Come on, this way. Your
mistress might like them.


I know what they did to you.

I'm so sorry.

- Ofglen.
- I'm not Ofglen.

I know. Just, it's hard to keep track.

OFGLEN 2: Offred, you
should come see the lilies.

Yes, of course.

Mayday can't use me anymore.

But you can help them.

Who are they?

They're fighting back.

Find them.

Ofglen... Ofsteven, how do I find them?

My name is Emily.

Who are you?

You are going to come by the lilies and
you are going to stay by the lilies.

her sound like an old man.

OFERIC: Make her frown.

MAN: Halt! Halt!

I said, halt!


Open the door! Open the door!

Hey! Turn off the engine
and exit the vehicle!

This is your last
warning! Open the door!


What's she doing?


OFGLEN 2: It's not safe here. Come on.

Come on!

Go in grace.

It'll be okay.

We're gonna look out for each other.

OFFRED: Mayday.

Luke told me once where
the term came from.

It's French.


"Help me."

Offred, is that you?

I heard there was a bit
of trouble in town.


A bit.

Are you all right?


I'm fine.


Some women can't handle the requirements

of their position.

They can't do what needs to be done.

You understand what I'm saying?

Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

You're a smart girl.

OFFRED: They didn't get everything.

There was something inside her...

That they couldn't take away.

She looked invincible.