The Guest Book (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Tonight You Become a Man - full transcript

Anne and Scott leave their 6-year-old son Sam alone in the vacation home so they can attend Beacharoo, the town's music festival; Nikki confesses her secret to Vivian.

My name is Sam.

I'm 6 years old.

And tonight I'm supposed
to become a man.

I don't think anyone is in there.

Mom, it's me. I got her.

Where are you?
And why are you whispering?

Mom, you were supposed to watch Sam.

Where is she?

She's in Palm Springs
at a silent retreat.


No, it was this weekend.

Why don't you go wait in the car, Sammy?

I have the e-mails to prove it.

No, I-I can't hear you when you whisper.

Just forget it. Forget it.

Well, I guess we can't go now.

No, no, no.

We go every year.

Remember, we promised if we had a kid,

it would never change us, right?

We already gave up
Burning Man, Coachella,

Lollapalooza, cocaine...

I don't think that... no!

It's gonna work out fine.
Don't let that sacrifice...

Go on. Mess with me.

I'm gonna...


It's gonna be fine. It's a safe area.

Trust me on this.

Don't let this... Please?


You did that.

Hey! Guess what, buddy?

You are gonna go to the beach with us.

I thought I was supposed
to stay with Nana?

She was supposed to
teach me bread-making

- and then take me to the...
- No, this'll be better.

This'll be better than that.
This'll be better than that.

Sammy, what did I tell you about

playing with the dolls, man?

You're getting too old for this.



I'm really sorry.

I could have sworn you said next...

Looking good, Jack!

Please, Vivian, just listen to me...

I'm not dropping the charges, Nikki.

- You stole my credit card.
- No, I didn't...

Tommy, if she doesn't back up off me,

I'm gonna be forced to mace a bitch.

Well, hopefully, we can
resolve this problem

without the use of
violence or the "B" word.

Nikki, please back up off her.

Do you think you can
talk to her on Monday?

You know Beacharoo's
our busiest weekend.

Speaking of which, do
you think your sister

could watch the baby for
an extra couple hours

so you and I can get our jam on?

I've still got that half a joint

I found in the parking lot last year.

I'm facing up to five years in prison.

I just don't think I'll be in the mood.

Well, I thought it might inspire you.

One of the guys from Chumbawamba
is gonna be the emcee.

He got knocked down,
and he got up again.

So can you.

Hey, I'm here to pick up the
keys for Bare Feet Retreat.

Well, I hope you're here
for the music festival.

If not, you picked the wrong weekend.

- It gets a little crazy.
- Oh, no, we're...

We're here for Beacharoo. We might, uh,

look like a couple of boring parents,

but she has a tramp
stamp from Coachella,

and I got my nipple pierced at the mall.

Okay, great. Well, I'll
just find the keys.

So, just to let you know, there's
a shuttle that takes you

from our parking lot to the festival.

It's driven by a really
nice lady named Betty.

But she just got an awful haircut,

so if you pay her a compliment,

I will throw in a free mini muffin

tomorrow at our sunrise brunch.


Are we sure he's old enough for this?

He still sucks his thumb.

That's exactly why this is a good idea.

The boy has got to grow up sometime.

I think we're gonna have
to do it with the car.

Yeah, I thought maybe this would work,

but it's not enough juice.

I better get this thing back
to the church parking lot

before mass gets out.

I need to go to work
for a couple of hours.

Are we still going to go
over to the festival tonight

to sell squirts of hand sanitizer

- for a dollar a squirt?
- I hope so.

Yeah, if we get there early enough,

we can set up by the port-a-potties.

The second those things
run out of toilet paper,

it's gonna be a gold mine.

I'm just saying I don't
think he's ready for this.

Moms always think their kids
aren't ready for stuff.

My mom didn't think I was ready

for kindergarten, so I didn't go.

And that's why I still have
trouble naming shapes.


Hey, buddy.

Hey, tonight is a big
night for you, okay?

Tonight you get to stay
here all by yourself!


Yeah, you get to stay by yourself.

Your mother thought about
hiring a babysitter,

but we don't know anyone at the beach,

and I don't feel comfortable
leaving you with a stranger.

- So, no babysitter?
- Nope.

No babysitter,

because you are not a baby anymore.

What am I gonna do?

How will I know when to go to bed?

- What will I eat?
- Your mom's ordering dinner,

and your mom and I

are gonna be out till way past

when the big hand
high-fives the little hand.

So that means you get to
make your own bedtime.

Wait, why can't I go to
the music thing with you?

The music festival?

Uh, you're not old enough.

But I'm old enough to stay alone?

Yeah! We Googled it.

Only three states have laws

regarding the minimum age

for a child to be left home alone...

Illinois, Maryland, and Oregon.

Everywhere else it's up to
the parents' discretion!

Hey. Come on.

What did I tell you about that?

Pacifiers are for babies,

and that includes your thumb.

Come on, buddy.

Mom and dad don't get very
many chances to have fun.

So don't ruin this for us.

He's excited!

Our cellphone number's on a
piece of paper by the phone,

and the food should be here soon.

Daddy's gonna put some
money on the counter.

And don't forget to brush teeth.

Honey, he'll be fine. Look at him.

Tonight he's our little boy.

Tomorrow he'll be our little man.

See you in the morning, buddy.

I got to go.

Hello. Are your parents home?

No. It's just me.

Come in.

No tip?

That's all they left me.

W-Wait, I have some money in my luggage.

- Hello?
- Hey, I got the van started.

Warm up your squirting finger

and meet me at the Beacharoo entrance

on the corner of Pier Ave and Sullivan.

Got it.

I got a bunch of money.

My Nana was gonna take me to the arcade.

Good looking out!

You've found me.

Aah! Aah!


I almost wore those exact PJs.

You have reached the
desk of Shyrell Vance.

Push 7 to leave a message.

If this is an emergency, press
8 to reach me on my cell.

You got Shyrell.

Hi, I sent in a sample to you guys

for a paternity test,

and I need to change the
address that I gave you.

You pressed 8 for that?

Sugar, that's not an emergency.

That's something that can
be handled on Monday,

when I'm not about to watch
"Shark Tank" with my boo.

If your boo could find the remote.

Okay, no, this is an
emergency, trust me.

If I don't change the address,

the results will get sent to a woman

who's really pissed at me right now,

and... and she'd probably tell my fiancé

and it would ruin my whole life.

She sounds like a bitch.

Who's a bitch?

What's your name?

Nikki Gooze.

Oh, my Gosh, thank you so much.

- You are seriously saving m...
- They sent it already.

- What?
- It got put in the mail yesterday.

What got put in the mail yesterday.

Shit! Can you just tell
me the results, then?

I cannot tell you the
results over the phone.

Confidentiality laws.

Okay, but I won't tell on you,

so who's gonna know you broke any laws?

Have you ever heard of the government?

The NSA? Edward Snowman?

Hello, whoever's listening,
I know you're there,

and Shyrell Vance ain't
breaking no laws.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'm gonna go watch rich
people make poor people cry.

No, no, no!

I will trade you a blow
job for a foot rub.


But, wait, let me pause it
so Mark Cuban can watch.

I think we might be able to squeeze

a few more squirts out of this one.


He really thought you were...

- Follow me, man.
- No way, man.

Got my last squirt, buddy.

We should have brought more sanitizer.

People are way filthier than last year.

Don't do it. Do not call him.

- What if he's scared?
- If he's scared, he'll call us.

If you call him now, you're
just gonna wake him up.

It's past 9:00 p.m.

The kid passes out wherever he is.

That was fun.

Working in large crowds
with sweaty, half-naked people

makes me feel bad
about my life's choices.

I hear you.

Not my favorite weekend at the beach.

Hey, you want to go on a road trip?

Sure. How about the mountains?

Whoo! Yeah!

Party wolf!

Oh, it's back. It's back.





You're chasing it all around.


All good choices.

Please, will you just
listen to me for...

Jesus! You're like Lady Pac-Man.

I could go away for five years, Vivian.

I won't be able to read my son a
bedtime story for five years.

Well, at least you'll have
something to look forward to.

All I have to look forward
to in my shitty life

was the arrival of my new credit card.

And you tried to take that away from me

so you could buy cute
shoes and look all cute

for your cute, little fiancé

and make your whole cute,
disgusting life better?

Excuse me while I barf a shit rainbow!

Look, I wasn't trying
to steal your credit card.


I sent away for some test results

that I didn't want Tommy to see,

so I used your address.

I wasn't looking for your mail.

I was looking for mine.

What kind of test results?


- I'm not sure he's the baby's father.
- Oh, shit!

I know, so please, just don't
tell him, okay? don't tell him.

I-I-I-I don't know what I'd
do if the baby's not...

Hey, hey, hey, hey. I'm
not gonna say anything.


Yeah, I'm all about girl power.

Women's lib, Time's Up,

Pound Me Too... All that shit.

Look, I'll say whatever you want to

- the police so you don't go to jail.
- Oh, my God.

Thank you so much.

Um, and when the DNA test comes,

just call me and I'll
come pick up, okay?

Okay. Hey, hey, hey. Hold on a second.

Come on, you can't leave
me hanging like that.

Give me the dirt.

Who else do you think
the father might be?

Oh. I don't think I should...

Tell your new best friend who is
awesome at keeping secrets?


You had sex with Bodhi?

Yeah, I mean, it was at a party.

There was, like, lots of drinking.

There was ecstasy involved.

Uh, did... did he ever...
Did he happen to mention

if you were, like, his physical type,

or if he was open to,
say, like, I don't know,

like, the exact opposite of you?

I don't know. I actually
don't remember much.

Honestly, I tried to forget about it,

But then I missed my period

and then Tommy walked in on
me taking a pregnancy test.

And then he dropped to
one knee and proposed.

And, you know what?
For all I know, it's his, so...


We got a woman in your section
with, uh, winky emojis

painted on her boobs asking
where her omelet is.

She's pretty sweaty. We should get her

in and out while she's still decent.

Okay. Um, coming, sweetie!

Thank you so much.

Just let me know when the
results come in, okay?


You bet.

You're sure we're going
in the right direction now?

- Yeah.
- Sorry.

I thought you knew how
to get to the mountains.

Nah. I was just turning every

time I saw a road going uphill.

Kitty cat!

You're the home-alone kid.

What, from the old movie?

No way.

I just saw a picture of
that kid in a magazine.

- He's like 80 now.
- Not Mackenzie Clemwich.

This kid was actually home alone.

What are you doing in here?

I think I fell asleep when I was

trying to get my action figure.

My dad must have taken it
with him and dropped it.

That's mine, buddy.

Look, his foot's all
banged up from where I

have him kick the shit
out of his arch-enemies.

You play with action figures?


They're cooler than Hot Wheels

and not as labor-intensive as Legos.

I think we should find your parents.

Even though you and I have history

with me delivering you chicken and such,

if we get pulled over with a missing

child in the back of our van,

I predict a lot of mayhem,

and quite possibly some tazing

before the truth surfaces.

You're gonna smoke right now?

It's medicinal.

What I thought was going to be

a tranquil drive to the mountains

has developed into an
accidental kidnapping.

I hope this smoke isn't
getting back there.

You're not suddenly hungry
for no reason, are you?


You're a brave little dude
to be out all by yourself.

First time my parents
left me home alone,

I hid under the covers the whole time.

- Really?
- Oh, yeah.

We had a water heater in the basement

that sounded like a ghost.

Hey, man!

What did I tell you about

making ghost sounds when I'm high?

But I like making ghost sounds,

and you're always high,

which leaves me no window
to make ghost sounds.

Ghosts aren't real.

How do you know?

- My dad told me.
- See?

Even the little boy knows you're crazy.

Okay, Mr. Ghost Expert.

What are your views on Santa Claus?

He comes down the chimney and

leaves you presents if you're good.

- That's bullshit.
- Hey, man!

Can I talk to you outside for a second?

What are you doing?

You can't tell a kid
there's no Santa Claus.

Okay, first of all, I'm high.

You have to take that into account
when judging my behavior.

- Fair enough.
- And second of all,

you guys were ganging up on me.

- My back was against the wall.
- That's true.

We were ganging up on you.
That's my bad.

Let me hit that.

I just want you

to get over your fear of ghosts

so you don't have to sleep
with the dome light on.

We can't keep jump-sing every morning.

- Kid?
- _

Where are you?

Hope he's not doing something bad

now that he knows Santa
Claus isn't watching.

If his parents are religious,

he still has all the Jesus bullshit

to keep him on the straight
and narrow for a while.

Wait a second. There's no Jesus?

At what age do they tell you that?

My name is Sam.

I'm 6 years old.

And tonight I'm supposed
to become a man.

My dad says being a man
means a lot of things.

You're not supposed to suck

your thumb or use a pacifier.

That's mine, buddy.

You're not supposed to
play with action figures.

And you're not supposed to be scared.

Hey, man!

What did I tell you about making

ghost sounds when I'm high?

But grown-ups do all those things.

So maybe my dad was wrong.

Maybe you can do all
that and still be a man.

Maybe I was already a man.

The only thing I know for sure

is I'm never going to smoke drugs

'cause they mess up your brain

and make you think
Santa Claus isn't real.


Told you he'd be fine.

He smells a little like weed, though.

Probably 'cause we left the window open.

You were right.

I guess it's just hard for me to accept

my little boy is growing up.

He sure drew a lot of pictures.

Such an active imagination.

♪ Early morning, getting
ready for school ♪

♪ I was just a baby,
just a teenage fool ♪

♪ Mama, can you help me ♪

♪ Shed me some light? ♪

♪ I'm tired of being lost ♪

♪ Tired of losing the fight ♪

♪ She looked me in the eyes ♪

♪ and she buttoned my sweater ♪

♪ Said, "Just be yourself, honey ♪"

♪ Only better" ♪

♪ I bit my lip, I didn't cry ♪

♪ I walked to class with
my head held high ♪

♪ But, teacher, my
brain's 'bout to bust ♪

♪ You gave me an F-plus ♪

♪ She said, "That's life" ♪

♪ If you don't like the letter ♪

♪ Just do your best ♪

"♪ Only better" ♪

♪ There's something wrong ♪

- ♪ Am I broke? ♪
- Kid, kid, kid?

Where are you?

♪ I've seen these smiles
on all the other folks ♪

♪ Everyone's laughing,
but I don't get the joke ♪

♪ I wanna be better ♪

♪ Like fine Italian leather ♪

♪ I wanna be better ♪

Oh, Vivian.

Did you do this...

Sorry, no.


♪ I wanna be better ♪