The Guest Book (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Story Seven - full transcript

Tommy takes his trailer-park girl, Marla, to the mountains in an effort to break her addiction to crystal meth.

Ooh, you gotta start watching

"The Guest Book," man!

So, last episode, everyone
that lives in the town

ended up at a party together.

The stripper was messing with
the old dude she's blackmailing,

and he was really sweating
in front of his wife.

And the cop and the doctor

seemed to have hit it
off with each other.

So, I can't wait to see
what happens with them.

They're out of doughnuts again.

Thanks, Joe!

♪ Wherever we go ♪

♪ That's fine by me ♪

♪ We'll settle our bones ♪

♪ Eventually ♪

♪ Yeah, I need a break,
I need a minute ♪

♪ Just give me one day ♪

♪ Let's get, get, get away ♪

TOMMY: I probably shouldn't
be writing in this guest book,

but we had such an
epic time at your little

cabin in the woods that
I just can't help myself.

I came up here with
my girlfriend, Marla.

Marla's the best.


Normally, the only
vacation we can afford

is camping in front of our trailer.

Hey. What you watching?

Some old TV show.

It's called "Into the
Night with Rick Dees."

I used to watch it when I was a kid.

Oh, cool.

I like thinking about you as a
little kid. I bet you were trouble.

I kicked a mailman in the balls once.

- I knew it.
- Mmm.

But as great as Marla was,

there were two things I
wouldn't mind changing.

The first thing was,
she wouldn't marry me.


[SIGHS] Will you stop with that?

You know I don't believe in marriage.

- And the second thing...

She recently discovered crystal meth.


Hey, did I tell you what happened when I

was eating in the shitty diner on Maple?

The shitty one, not the one
with the claw machine.

By the way, did you see that somebody

finally got that SpongeBob
plushie out of that thing?

I mean, that is $10 in quarters
I am never getting back.

Anyway, did I tell you what
happened when I was eating

in that shitty diner on Maple,

the shitty one, not the one
with the claw machine?

Man, did the powder in
that baggie make her talk.

But with all the weed I smoke,

who was I to calculate
someone's drug use?

Although, lately, it's
been worse than usual.

Last week, she got fired from
her job as a cocktail waitress

for stealing credit cards
to trade for drugs.


Hey, baby.

How about this for an idea
for a cartoon TV show?

A dog marries a squirrel, right?

And the whole thing is narrated

by a gay Popsicle.

So, I decided I needed to do something

before things got worse.

Plus, I was still holing out
hope we'd get married one day

and, well, I don't know if you've seen

what meth does to a person's teeth, but

I'd hate for her to lose
that cute smile of hers.

So I suggested we go on
a real camping trip.

I even borrowed my uncle's jet skis

so we could ride 'em in the river.

And I knew she couldn't score
drugs way up in the mountains,

so I was hoping that
if she ran out of meth,

I'd get my old Marla back.


Jelly beans!

Oh, want me some jelly beans!

What up, Lady Fuzz?




- Oh, hey.
- Oh, hey.

- What you got there?
- Oh, this?

Oh, just a little over the
counter dimethyl ether.

It's good removal of warts.


- I have a particularly stubborn case...
- Never mind, never mind.

Forget I... That was just
supposed to be small talk.

I thought it was shampoo,
and I had a joke ready.

- Ah.
- Look, um,

I had a good time at
that party the other night.

I gave you my number...

Sure, no, I had fun, too.

It's just, you know, I'm not

officially divorced yet, so...

Uh, sour or classic?

MARLA: Tommy!

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have brought it up.

If you want to call, you'll call.

- Or you won't. Whatever, I don't care.
- MARLA: Tommy!

It's just that I told my
mom I gave you my number,

and now she keeps
texting me to see if you...

You know, she's crazy. Not me, I
didn't get that gene, but she's just

- obsesses over every little...
- Tommy!

You know when is said that
I didn't care if you called,

it doesn't mean that I don't
want you to call, all right,

- Tommy!
- I just don't want you to think,

and it's probably not
the right choice of...

I feel like I've been
talking a really long time.

Well, I-I-I... I'm sure that I'll call.

It's just like I said, it's
complicated right now,

and I-I-I just need a little time to....

I'm... I'm sure I will call.

Probably, I think. Uh, uh...




- Tommy!
- Yeah.



Look at these cabins they got up here.

We should rent one.

I don't want to sleep in the El Camino.

I don't have a lot of cash.

We don't need cash, baby.

I still got all these
stolen credit cards, okay?

You gotta do it, though, 'cause
they all got boys names on them.

I'll meet you in the car, okay?

Uh, but I already got two strikes.

Don't be a pussy.

Froggy Cottage looks nice.

That one's not available.

Someone broke in and
busted the downstairs toilet.

Do you want to put this on pause?

No, I'll do-Si-do my way
back in when I'm done.

That's square dancing.

Totally different animal.

That's why you need to pay attention.

I guess I'll take Owl's Retreat.


I'll just need a credit card

and need to write your name
and number in my book.

The problem was I was very white

and the bar Marla used to
work at was very Mexican.

When are you gonna get that
toilet fixed in Froggy Cottage?

We losing money with that
thing just sitting there vacant.

Well, I called Steve,
but he's in Grantsville,

testifying at his nephew's murder trail.

With that stutter,

he gonna be on that stand for



Here you go.

Till you get that toilet fixed...

That cabin is just sitting there vacant.

Vacant cabin does us no good.

Home, sweet home.

Since we broke into your
cabin in the middle of the night,

there wasn't much to do but go to sleep.

And thanks to the mountain atmosphere,

I slept halfway through the next day.

I wish I could say the same about Marla.



Oh, baby!

Check this shit out.


It's an owl.

Uh, I don't see an owl.

Oh, trust me.

It's an owl.



- Okay, so why "probably"?

Excuse me?

You said you'd probably call,

- maybe, you think.
- Mm.

It's just that, look,

we are both too old
to play games. [SIGHS]

Not that I'm calling you old.
I mean, I know you're

older than me, because
I ran your plates.

- Ah!
- That's not what I'm...

This went a lot better in
the bathroom at Arby's.

I was practicing in front of the mirror.
And it's actually kind of

funny, this woman walked in...
That... it doesn't matter.

Look, I like you.

Okay, and it obviously makes me
nervous and sound like a lunatic,

but I like you.

Warts and all.

Well, it's only one wart.

- It's just a really big one.
- That's okay,

- I really don't need to... where is it?
- It's on my heel.

Oh, okay, well, that's
actually not so...

What's with the crossbow?

Well, I'm trying to get good
at it to impress my son.

Been looking at me different
ever since the separation,

and I think he knows it's my fault.


What'd you do? Cheat?


I mean, kind of.

Sort of.


You know...

[WHISPERING] Get down!

I think we need to stay
below the windows.

Okay, baby.

And I'm gonna make you some breakfast.

I found some old Chinese
food in the fridge.

Cool. Okay.

I'm gonna grab my
toothbrush and go upstairs

and use the bathroom.

Ooh. Tommy?

Yeah, baby?

Thanks for taking me on vacation.

Anytime, sweetie.

The longer that Marla
had access to meth,

the longer it was gonna
take for her to detoxification.

So, I took matters into my own hands.

Okay, I'm confused.

Just back this up a little bit.

- When exactly did all this happen?
- Oh...

About six months ago.

My wife and I had been fighting a lot,

but I was also really unhappy at work.

There was this new timecard system that,

to this day, it still
doesn't make sense.

The point is I wasn't sure
if it was my marriage

that was making me miserable
or the stress of my job

that was making my marriage miserable.

So you opened a Tinder account.

Yeah, but not for sex.

This is gonna sound crazy.

I thought if I went on a
date and it made me happy,

I was in a bad marriage.

If I went on a date and
I was still unhappy,

maybe the marriage wasn't the problem.

- So which was it?
- Never found out.

My wife's friend saw my profile
online and ratted me out.

Now, according to my brother,

my wife has a Tinder account of her own,

complete with pictures
from our honeymoon.

Apparently, she's in a bikini.

I'm in the background, cleaning
guacamole off my shirt.

You haven't looked at it?

No, it would just make me too angry.

I still hope I can fix things.

I mean, I have to try, right?

This whole thing was my fault.

I owe it to my kid.




- _


- _

- _


[SIGHS] Where is my crystal?


Start putting some of
those timers on the lights.

Hopefully, that'll stop people

from busting in here
and breaking things.

I think this toilet is

still leaking a little bit.

I'm-a go outside and

shut all the water off.




- Hello?

Oh, yeah, Tickles, I know who this is.


Well, I don't care if
you have somebody else.

I don't know if I'm-a do this again.

The people you rented one of
the cabins to broke the toilet.


I don't know what a cock-smoocher is,

but there's no need for name-calling.

You kiss your mama with that mouth?


So where would I...

But if you let me...

I know, I just...

Well, okay, I'm sorry, okay?

I didn't... I didn't... I didn't
know that about your mother.

Mesothelioma sounds quite serious.

I've seen the commercials during

"Price Is Right." Oh,
look, look, look, look.

I'm just saying that when
you blackmail somebody

and make them give you
the keys to their cabins,

it would be nice if you could rent them

- to people that don't break things.
- VIVIAN: Oh. Wilfrid!

I hurt my wrist shutting off the water.

Oh, uh, coming!

Oh, I am so sorry.

This... This shouldn't
have ever happened.

I just hope this doesn't
keep us from line dancing.

There's a surprising amount
of upper body moves.



[WHISPERING] Come on, Tommy, it's dark.

We could just sneak out.

Let's just give it a
couple more hours, okay?

- Maybe you'll start to feel better.
- Oh, you know

I can't be locked up
with no meth, Tommy.

I would have never even
made it through jury duty

if you hadn't have been throwing
shit up to my hotel window.


Oh, God.

if we get your mind off it?

Hey, how about we watch
some Rick Dees online?

I don't want to watch Rick Dees, okay?

- I want to score.
- Oh, come on, you love

watching Rick Dees. It brings back

happy memories from your childhood.

Does it?

- Does it, Tommy?
- Yeah.

Do you know what time Rick Dees came on?

At 11:30 at night.

You know how old I was?

I was 3,

because my mom

would go out, and she would
leave me home alone at night.

I would wake up in the middle
of the night, terrified,

and I would turn on the TV for comfort.

How's that sound to you, huh?

Does that sound like a
happy memory to you?

Bitch would just leave me there.

Night after night, she'd
just leave me there.

Oh, my God.


Without the drugs, you're
experiencing real emotions again!

I've seen this on a reality show.

A dental hygienist quit heroin,

and then punched a pony-tailed
cousin in the dick for molesting her.

Baby, this is really good!

- I'm... feeling stuff.
- You're feeling things!

Oh, baby, I'm so proud of you.

Oh, my God, I knew you could do it.
I knew it.

I just knew that you'd
get back to your old self

if you just took a
break from that stuff.


That's why I flushed it down the toilet.


You flushed my crystal?

Yeah, I knew that if you
could just step away from it

for a minute, then, you know,

you'd get back to who you really Ar...


I am gonna kill you!

You son of a bitch!



- ♪ Tommy was a hasher from the valley ♪

♪ He was as burnt out as
a building from the riots ♪

♪ He had a rockin' little
girlfriend name Marla ♪

♪ She was a cocktail
waitress at the pit ♪

♪ But sometimes on the
weekends they'd ride jet skis ♪

♪ And they'd take a little
trailer to the river ♪

♪ Then bring along a TV
to watch Rick Dees ♪

♪ They smoked dope and snorted crystal ♪

♪ Meth ♪

Marla! Remember you love me!

I love my meth, too!

Maybe you should be together.

♪ And Marla was as
skinny as a fence post ♪

♪ And the powder in the
baggie made her talk ♪


♪ Sometimes she combed her
hair like "Charlie's Angels" ♪

♪ Sometimes she looked
as weird as Mr. Spock ♪


You didn't flush all of it.

I kept a little for myself in case
I got tired on the drive home.


You dick!


♪ They'd ride his motorcycles
in the sand dunes ♪

♪ They smoked dope and snorted crystal ♪

- ♪ Meth ♪
- Aah!

Come on!


You shit!


Come on!

No! No!



You gotta look at your
wife's Tinder account.


You've gotta look at your
wife's Tinder account.

No, I said I didn't want...
I'm not ready.

Why are you looking at
my wife's Tinder account?

I'm a cop. I like to investigate things.

And, to be honest, I wanted
to see what she looked like

in a bikini to see how I measured up.

And I've got bigger boobs, but she's
got me beat ass to knees. Read it.


[SIGHS] Okay.

"Looking for fun and adventure,

"preferably with someone
who doesn't work

"late hours in the medical field."

Well, that seems fairly
targeted at me, whatever.

"Someone who can wear flip-flips

"and isn't allergic to strawberries."

Like I can control any of that, Jessica!

[THUD] See, this is why
I didn't want to do his.

Read how she describes herself.

She likes something called

"Game of Thrones"?

Uh, she loves watching football.

That's a lie.

Uh, the one thing she
still hopes to do in life

is see Prince live in concert.

She hopes to one day
see Prince live in concert.

Prince is dead!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
sound so happy about that.

I was actually really devastated.

The point is she wrote this
profile before he died.

- That was like a year ago.
- I know,

you said you went on
Tinder six months ago.

- So she was on Tinder before I was.
- Yep,

her friend didn't find
your profile. She did.

Holy shit!

She wanted out of this
marriage before I did!

- It's not my fault!
- It's not your fault!

You want to go out to
dinner with me sometime?

You bet your ass I do,
you hot little policewoman.




Oh, shit.




Must have been a bear.




That's not good.





What would make a bear act like that?


Pick-a-nick basket.

That's all I know about bears.

Later, Marla thanked me
for flushing her drugs.

She said that it really showed
that I cared about her.

And the fact that I was willing
to take a beating from her

and stand by her side while
a bear could have killed us

made her feel protected for
the first time in her life.

I feel so alive and I'm not even high.

Oh. It's pretty wild.

Pretty wild.


Marry me.


I thought you didn't
believe in marriage.

I don't.

- I believe in you.


So anyway, I just can't tell you

how happy we were to
break into your cabin.

We really needed a vacation.

Marla didn't want to turn on the vacuum

and make a lot of noise,
so she crawled around

for an hour or so and picked up about

two or three pocketfuls
of dirt off the floor.

We never figured out how
to turn the water back on,

so we had to poop in a plastic bag.

But we took it with us.

We're not animals.

♪ Nobody's gonna love you like I do ♪

♪ You can count on that, honey ♪

♪ Nobody's gonna love you like I do ♪

♪ Oh, isn't that funny? ♪

♪ So what you gonna do without me? ♪

♪ Are you going to settle down? ♪

♪ Ain't nobody like me's
gonna come around ♪

- _

- _

♪ I won't give back my lovin' ♪

♪ And I wouldn't take
it if you asked me to ♪

♪ But you'll get a pretty penny ♪

♪ You'll trade it in for something new ♪

♪ Oh... ♪

What's the name of this
place we're going to?

Froggy Cottage.

- Oh.

This is gonna be a long weekend.