The Goldbergs (2013–…): Season 10, Episode 6 - DKNY - full transcript

Back in the '80s,
my family loved Halloween.

The crazy costumes,
the treats, the tricks.

But since we were all older

and had a new baby
in the house,

this year was on track
to be more like any other day.

Oh, this Lost Boys movie
is entirely too scary.

I mean, who in their right mind
moves to Northern California?

Okay, let's just focus
on the movie.

immortal creatures of the night

are hell-bent on hanging out
with high schoolers.

It has flaws.

I would love
to be a vampire. Oh!

Staying young with you forever?

That is every mother's dream!
And I presume every son's.

Yeah. Dreams. We all have 'em.

The Halloween war is on!

I know I shouldn't,
but... what?

As you know,

the Kremps have placed a
family of skeletons on their lawn

as a direct challenge to us.

I think that's just
Ginzy's lame attempt

at a playful
holiday decoration.

It is clearly a game of
neighborhood one-ups-man ship.

I will not allow our family
to be out Halloween-ed!

I guess we could string some
lights together, and, uh...

Oh, maybe get one of those
giant Hefty bags

shaped like a pumpkin
that you fill with leaves.

So, fun,
but you get a chore done.

I'm talking about celebrating the
way Americans are supposed to...:

With a front-yard deathscape that will
haunt children's dreams into adulthood.

My sweet boy wants to take the
neighbors down by outshining them.

I raised you so well.

I'm your favorite child.

Now, to the street
to see my handiwork in action!

Let the nightmares begin!

I love it.

Ginzy's sad skeletons are already
hanging their heads in shame.

Undead JTP!

Undead JTP.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You are murderous
ice-cream men! Act like it!

I know it's too late
to ask this,

but you couldn't have
just done this by yourself?

Yeah, and why aren't you
in costume?

We let him pour
raspberry syrup all over us,

and that's the question
you're asking?

I gotta admit,
this is impressive.

Where did you even get
an ice-cream truck?

Funny story.

The real ice-cream man
is in jail for a reason

too unspeakable
to say out loud.

How is that a funny story?

Funny part is I got it at a
police auction for 87 bucks!

I think Andy needs
more blood on his face.

- May I?
- Good call.

Andy, let my mother sauce you.

Oh, no, I don't think
that's something that...

Oh, she's already started.

Yes. Yeah. That's better.
Mama, sauce the rest of them.

- On it.
- O-kay!

- Happy to help!
- I think we got it.

- Uh-huh. Whoa.
- Yep.

Oh, right in the mouth.

♪♪ I'm twisted up inside ♪♪

♪♪ But nonetheless
I feel the need to say ♪♪

Season 10 Episode 06

Episode Title: "DKNY"
Aired on: October 26, 2022.

♪♪ I don't know the future ♪♪

♪♪ But the past keeps getting
Clearer every day ♪♪

It was the day
before Halloween, 1980-something,

and Geoff and Erica
were discovering

that they had different
parenting styles.

Uhp. There's the dinner bell.

Time for Muriel's bottle.

Sleeping mama.

Sorry, my slumbering sweetie.

I'm just really excited to get
a little Q-T with my cutie.

Shut up! I'll kill you.

I'll kill all you.

The only problem
for Geoff was

quality time with his daughter
was hard to come by.

Oh, look, it's my
ever-present mother-in-law

who's beaten me
to my daughter... again.

She was fussy,

so I swooped in
to take care of it.

You were seven seconds
critically late.

You could have starved because
Daddy doesn't care about you

as much as I do.

Okay, I think that's
a tad bit unfair.

And how did you know
she was fussy?

Oh, I have a separate
military-grade monitor.

It picks up everything.

Even when a certain someone

is singing "Macho Man"
in the shower.

The beat is good to scrub to.

And wait. You're monitoring
our monitoring?

That's what
a good granny does:

Parent quality control.

I think we're doing
pretty okay.

Oh, silly Geoffrey.

That's because
I'm always around.

You can't drop the ball
if I never throw it to you.

But it's not your ball.

Oh, it is because I made
the ball that made this ball.

You know what?
I'm just gonna remove your monitor.

Go ahead. I have many backups.

- Where?
- Nowhere.


Just know Big Blonde
is always watching.

And you just know
that that's my daughter

and I would like
to burp her now.

Ooh. I already started.

And I would
hand her over to you,

but I'm doing it perfectly.


That is the sweet smell
of success,

and the milk of your lady

who was fortified
by the milk of me.

Legacy milk. I get it.

Maybe you can see her
after her nap.

Unless I get there first,

which I will, because,
as we've established,

I am a force
to be reckoned with.

While Geoff
was feeling down,

my Halloween plans
were up in the air.

Hello, neighbor.

Where are you headed
this All Hallows' Eve?

Perhaps to go trick-or-treating
with your becostumed amigos?

You should know that you are still teensy
enough to get candy without judgment.

And you should know I'm uncomfortable
with you assessing my body.

I hear that more than I should.

And I'm not going out.

I don't have
a social life anymore

since all my friends
went off to college.

Oh, goodness!

My burble and chatter
has opened up some deep wounds.

It's fine.
I'm just gonna hang here

and eat this entire
bowl of Mounds.

Holy coconut delights!

Mounds are a delicious treat,
but only in moderation.

You must really be hurting
and lonely.

Okay. Take it easy.

Dave Kim did invite me
to visit him in New York.

But your dance card is painfully empty.
Why didn't you accept?

Oh, no reason.

New York City
traffic scares me.

I'm sorry. What are you saying?

The traffic is too much for me.

Son, please,
play to the back row.

I don't want
to drive alone, okay?

The taxis zip by too fast,

and the pedestrians
just step into the street

with no regard
for the "Don't Walk" sign!

And then they yell,
"Hey! I'm walkin' here!"

The city does bring out
the worst in us,

but great news,
I can give you a ride.

You're going to New York?

It's the annual Prince
impersonator competition,

- "Prince-o-ween"!
- That can't be right.

I didn't come up with it.
But I'm gonna dominate it.

That's why I'm here.

I'm gonna borrow a pair of
sparkly purple boots from your mom.

She is a generous,
big-footed lady.

She can clomp
with the best of 'em.

Adam! I need all
your money and coins!

I blew through my budget
on fake gravestones

with comedic epitaphs like
"Noah Scape" and "Barry D. Alive."

Fun! It's a reminder that death
comes for us all, but in a silly way.

Bar, why are you
doing this again?

To shame our neighbors
and haunt the innocent.

Why do I have to
keep explaining this?

I'll take that ride, Mr. G.

Huzzah! A companion
on the road to the big city!

Looks like my mix tape
"Jams Just for John"

is gonna break in
some new ears!

- I'm now wavering.
- Huzzah!

As I was
hitting the road,

Geoff was trying
not to hit the roof

over my mom's
aggressive grand parenting.

Honey, how long you gonna be?

Until all the hot water
is gone.

But I really need
to talk to you.

Geoff, this is the first shower
I've had in a week.

I need to wash the spit-up,
barf, and baby yak off my body.

Aren't those the same thing?

Yes. No. Maybe?

Look, I just need to listen to the
sound of the water now, please.

But your mom refuses to give me
a second with Muriel.

Oh, you mean so we can
take quiet showers,

and showers with no talking,

and shower with no
other people in the room?

I get it. She's a huge help,
which is great for you,

but I feel completely
cut out of my child's life.

I don't know
what to tell you, homie.

Maybe find some time during
the day when she's not around?

You mean like
when your mom's asleep?


That seems like an answer
that would send you on your way.

And so Geoff
took Erica's dismissive advice

and found a time to be
with his daughter alone:

4:00 a.m.

- Gah!
- Looking for someone?

Why are you up at this hour?

I sensed something was wrong.

A grandmother always knows.

That's not an expression.

Muriel's jammies
would beg to differ.

Oh, my God. Okay.
No more bedazzling the baby.

And I want to hold her.

Yeah, now's not a good time.

But you're holding her.

Shh! You're upsetting her.

And me.
I think it's best you leave.

Oh, I'm gonna leave, all right.

Erica, pack a bag

because tomorrow I'm spending alone
time with our daughter at the beach!

I guess we can discuss it
when you're conscious

and not spread out
like a starfish.

How am I supposed to
get back in there?

As Geoff was
determined to head out of town,

I had arrived in the big city.

Adam! Baby!
Welcome to the West Village!

Mwah! Mwah!

So unexpected and European!

You know it.
DKNY is now international.

DKNY? Donna Karan's ready-wear
line for today's smart set?

Yup, and it's kind of
my moniker, baby.

Get the hell in here, baby.

You say "baby" an awful lot.

I'm just saying how I feel.

And how I feel is
happy to see you, baby.

Whoa! Is your roommate a DJ?

Those turntables are mine.

You know how I like to drop
a funky beat every so often.

Like when you play
the French horn?

Oh, my God!
Shared history! Hilarious.

Let me introduce you
to the gang.

Tamsin, Brett, Fitz,
meet Adam F. Goldberg.

Whoa, hey.

Make some room for you.

Brett caught some mouth!

- Heh.
- You guys ready to eat?

Nice! What are we thinking?
Some pizza?

Classic New York 'za?

I told you he was funny.

We're going to an Ethiopian
place we've grown quite fond of.


Sounds familiar,

but my brother threw
my globe at a bird's nest.

It's amazing!

You sit on the floor
and you pick up

this special spongy bread
with your hands.

Or we walk across the street

to that novelty
hamburger place.

Burger, Comedy and Magic?

Check, check, and check.

I don't eat meat.

Oh, my God.

There's, like, nothing left.

Fruits and vegetables.

Oh, just like the mighty...

koala bear from your country.

Adam, she's not Australian.
She's from the UK.

I have Australia on the brain.

I just re-watched
Crocodile Dundee.

Ah, I love Croc Dundee.

Awesome! Looks like me
and Fitz have a lot in common.

I like it ironically,
of course.

At best it's an embarrassment
to an entire continent.

That's one way to like it.

What about you, Brett?
What do you hate?

Corporate America.

It's exploiting
our workforce

all to worship at the altar
of the almighty dollar.

And you took my question
seriously. Oh for three.

Tell you what,

why don't we all change
into our costumes and head out?

Now we're talking!
Let's do this!

Yep, I wasn't in a
groove with Dave Kim's new friends.

But once we were all
in our Halloween costumes,

I was sure it'd all
be smoothed out.

But there was this wrinkle.

Dude, when you said
you were going as Leonardo,

I assumed you meant
the Ninja Turtle!

No, I-I'm getting that.

But what I'm not getting,
Dave Kim, is who you're supposed to be.

Leonardo. Da Vinci?

The artist!
We're all dressed as artists.

Kahlo, Picasso, Van Gogh.

Oh. Of course.

I definitely know those names.

Why don't we just sit
and have a nice meal

and you'll discover how much
you like these people like I do?


Aw, damn it!
I'm turtling!

Any one, who wants to help me?

I had finally
gotten out of my shell,

but was still feeling uncomfortable
around Dave Kim's college friends.

Isn't this food just divine?

My favorite is this brown pile.

Totally unfamiliar
to my tongue,

like an odd paste
from across the sea.

Oh, that's the buticha.
It's a chickpea dip.

You can either enjoy it on its
own or with the injera bread.

What if I don't enjoy it
either way?

It's not your fault, man.

Big agriculture
has been feeding you lies.

You gotta expand your horizons,
put your mouth on the world.

I once had a satay at EPCOT.

Hey, did you guys know
that Adam's a filmmaker?

- Hm.
- Hm.

- Anything indie?
- Oh, yeah!

I did a whole tribute
to Indiana Jones.

- Ironically?
- I don't think so.

I made the Ark of the Covenant

with the gold foil
from a thousand Rolos.

So you're part of
the big Hollywood machine

cranking out circuses
for the sheep?

Fingers crossed.

You know what I just saw
in the cinema? Mannequin.

Oh, hell yeah!

A well-done fantasy romance?
Yes, please!

At best, it's sexist rubbish.

I thought it was about
an assistant window dresser

who falls in love with a
mannequin who comes to life at night

because of an ancient
Egyptian curse.


It's an adolescent male
director's valentine to misogyny.

And with sassy Meshach Taylor
as comic relief.

Dave Kim, tell 'em.
You loved it.

It was everything wrong with
humanity in a tight 90 minutes.

What's going on with you?
You love popcorn movies.

I've expanded my horizons.
That's what you do in college.

Oh, like your little DJ setup?

I'll have you know
I'm the most sought-after MC

on the third floor of the
west annex of Hayden dorm.

DKNY is being modest.
He's quite the impresario.


He means DKNY
throws the best parties.

I get it.
Some classic Fitz irony.

He's serious.
DKNY is a modern-day Gatsby.

What can I say?
I'm the straw that stirs the drink.

So you're saying you could
throw a party anytime anywhere?

Anyway. Anyhow.

Then what a better time
than this weekend?

I'd love to go to an epic
DKNY Halloween bash.

Unless, of course, you can't
pull it together in time.

Oh, I'll pull it together.

I'll pull it together and cement my
reputation as NYU's burgeoning bon vivant.

Bon vivant!
Bon vivant! Bon vivant!

Stop that! That's not
something people chant!

While I was
challenging Dave Kim,

Geoff was facing
a challenge of his own.

Isn't this nice?

Oh, you mean spending two
hours packing up baby crap

so that we can sleep
in a musty, empty shore house?

The perfect Halloween.
No ghost, ghouls...

or, even more frightening,
your mother.

I get it. She's a lot.

But you knew that when
we chose to live with her.

What I didn't know
is that I would never get

a single, solitary moment alone
with my own child.

Well, now you're safe,
and I have no help for the next few days.

Thanks for no sleep
or showers in advance.

Fear not, my skeptical queen.
I'll take care of everything.

But there was
one thing he missed.

Muriel's diaper cream!

Oh, her sweet delicious tushie
is unprotected!

Barry crisis!

The Kremps' skeletons are
a bigger hit

than my
ice-cream truck!

So you stole them?

What choice did I have?

The truck frightened no one!

In fact, I made a small fortune
selling Bomb Pops and Push-Ups.

Damn my inviting face!

Well, you've always been
too handsome.

But I have to go.
Where are my keys?

Good news, bad news.
Your keys are here,

but all your tires
are on the ice-cream truck.

What the ♪♪♪♪ happened?

Four simultaneous flats.
The less you know the better.

Then how am I supposed to
get out to the shore

to save my grandchild's
sensitive cheeks?

- Here.
- Unbelievable.

While my mom
was ready to come to the rescue,

Dave Kim's party
was on life support.

You know what's great
about no one being here?

Plenty of room to dance.

Sure. Ha ha.
But it's still early.

Still early to hit the streets
and trick-or-treat like old times?

DKNY will wait it out.

DKNY? Ugh.
Just drop the act already!

You're not
an international impresario.

You're just my dorky friend
from Jenkintown.

I was your dorky friend
from Jenkintown. I've changed.

That's what happens
when you go to college.

But you wouldn't know that,
would you?

You're just a big fat phony!

Hey! Not cool, man!

People are allowed to change.

What happened
to your British accent?

Oh, I'm actually from Tucson.

I just thought it would make me
sound more interesting.

And I only recently learned
the definition of irony.

I can admit, I abuse the word.

I know it seems like
I rage against the machine,

but that's only
because I'm part of it.

My dad owns 11 White Castles.

Oh, my God!
You're all phonies!

There's nothing phony
about a fresh start.

I was excited to share
my new life with you,

but you just want me to be
the same loser from high school.

Congrats, Adam. You won.

While I suddenly realized
I had let Dave Kim down as a friend,

it was Geoff's turn
to step up as a dad.

Ah. Are you sure you wanna do it all?
I can stay up with you.

- No. I got this.
- Oh, thank God.

Mama's gonna hit the hay.

Get a good night's sleep,

Hello, beautiful!

it's just me and you.

It was what Geoff
had been dreaming about.

It's okay.

It's okay.
I'm just changing you.

Until it became a nightmare.

Oh, no!
I forgot your boom-boom cream!

Schwartz bottoms
are notoriously chafe-y!

- He tried feeding her.
- So you're not hungry?

You're just angry
for no reason?

Just like your mama.

Although she does get angry
when she's hungry, also,

but there is that sweet spot
right after her Pop-Tart.

Am I talking too much?
Is that what's making you cry?

I'm gonna cry, too!

And as the hours went by...

Damn it.
Why can't I think of a lullaby?

♪♪ For she's a jolly good baby ♪♪

♪♪ For she's A jolly good baby ♪♪

I'm so exhausted!

...tired and out of ideas,

Geoff decided to take Muriel
on a late-night stroll.

Ah. Fresh air
will solve everything.

Oh, good. Halloween fog.

Really calms a nervous fella.

Eerie ice-cream-truck
music plays...


The haunting lilt
of an ice-cream truck.

You know, Muriel,

I'm really glad that you're not old
enough to realize how frightened I am.


Okay. Well...

time to run now.

Give me back my baby, Geoffrey!

Your demon grandma
has come to claim you!

Muriel? Where are you?

Oh, my God!
I'm the worst dad ever!

You have failed, Geoff!


- Geoff?
- Geoff?

Geoff, wake up!

Oh, thank God.

I had this horrible dream where... where
your mom was trying to take the baby,

a-and there was ice cream
and a song and... Where's Muriel?

She's right here safe with me.

I'm sorry if my ice-cream truck's
music invaded your dreams.

I brought bagels.

Just when I was feeling
bad about my fight with Dave Kim,

I ran into a Prince
that was feeling even worse.

Mr. Glascott? Are you okay?

I'm very not.
I came in 17th out of 17.

Sorry to hear that.

There was an Apollonia
and a Vanity that both beat me.

It never said anything about
Prince's muses in the official rules.

These people at Prince-o-ween,
they run a very loose ship.

I think I might have a way to
salvage the night for both of us.

That Halloween, I wasn't
the only one trying to make things right.

Would you like to
hold your daughter?

That's okay.
Seems like you got it.

Oh, I do got it,

but I realized
I was a tad, teensy-weensy...

insanely overzealous
with my grandmothering.

Well, maybe it's for the best

'cause it's pretty clear
I have no idea what I'm doing.

I see. Um, well,
I'll tell you a secret.

There was a time in my life

where I didn't know
what I was doing either.



I mean, now I'm calm and poised
and effortlessly beautiful,

but when Erica was a baby,
I was a mess.

And look how amazing
I turned out.

Well, certainly neither of you
suffer from self-esteem issues.

But what if I screw up?

Oh, you will. A lot.

And it'll be okay.

Muriel is the luckiest baby
in the world

to have you two as parents.

She'll teach you everything
you need to know.

And I'm here if you need me.

But this weekend is yours.

Sometimes you have to give
people room to be who they're meant to be,

whether it's a new dad
or a whole new person.


You don't have to call me that.
I'm just a phony, remember?

No. You're not.

You're just finding your way.

And truth is... I'm jealous.

It's not so easy to see you in
your new life with your new friends.

Adam, that doesn't
change anything.

You'll always be my friend.

And next year,
when you're here,

we're gonna have
the time of our lives.

Why wait?

How'd you get
all these people here?

I didn't. You did.

Word got out there's a DKNY
party with a very special guest.

What are you talking about?

You got Prince?

It's dark and everyone's
loaded, so let's find out!

"Let's Go Crazy" intro plays...

Dearly beloved...

we are gathered here today

to celebrate
one man named DKNY.

♪♪ And if de-elevator tries
To bring you down ♪♪

♪♪ Go crazy ♪♪

♪♪ Punch a higher floor ♪♪

♪♪ If you don't like
The world you're living in ♪♪

Of course,
change can be scary.

♪♪ Take a look around
At least you got friends ♪♪

But whatever growing
pains you have along the way...

♪♪ You see, I called my old lady
For a friendly word ♪♪ long as you're surrounded
by the people who know you best,

- ♪♪ Are we gonna let de-elevator ♪♪
- there's nothing to be afraid of.

♪♪ Bring us down? ♪♪

♪♪ Oh, no, let's go ♪♪

♪♪ Go crazy ♪♪

♪♪ Ooh! ♪♪

- ♪♪ I said let's go crazy ♪♪
- ♪♪ Go crazy ♪♪

- ♪♪ Let's go ♪♪
- ♪♪ Let's go ♪♪

JTP, you have failed me.

JTP. We have failed you?

All I wanted was
to win a street war

against my mother's best friend

and dominate the neighborhood
with terror.

I still think this night
was a success.

Of course you're unfamiliar

with that word's meaning,
Matt Bradley.

You never once
tasted its glory.

That seems
unnecessarily personal,

but maybe it's a good thing
you made children happy today.

- Trick or treat!
- Trick or treat!

We heard you're
the kind, generous man

with the ice-cream truck!

You know what?

I am.

I guess the true meaning
of Halloween is about giving.

There ya go.

- He learned something.
- Wait for it.

And I'll be giving you...


This is the last kid
who ate my ice cream!

And you're next! Aah!

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