The Forbidden Marriage (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

So-rang rejects Heon after he confused her and the crown princess. Heon goes out of the palace to win her heart, but there is someone who is targetting him.



What? His Majesty is asking for me?

Why? This is unexpected.

Are you questioning your orders?

No, I'm sorry.

The king left the palace

simply because of you?

Please do not do this.

Do not do this out of your burning lust…

Lust? It's not lust. Not at all.

Then what is it?

This is…

Do you really have feelings for me?

All this while you have been confusing me

with the late crown princess.

That's not true.

-Right now…
-I don't want it if you're not sincere.

Raise your head.

Why do you look at me like that?

It's all right.

I'm trying to see whether you'll become
an obstacle or a stepping stone.

As you know, the selection process
will take place in the palace soon.

As long as I am in charge
of the Internal Court,

there mustn't be a single issue
in this entire process.

However, you might shake things up.

If the king's heart stops at you,

you will be an obstacle
to the selection process.

But if you move his heart,

the opposite will happen.

What do you say?
Can you be my stepping stone?

What means could I have
to move His Majesty's heart?

I have no way of knowing how he feels.

But I wish to become neither an obstacle
nor a stepping stone.

Then is there even a reason…

for you to be in the palace?

I will have to decide…

where I want to be.

You'll get a cold.

Why are you here?

I was just waiting.

For me?

For the stars to rise.

Oh, I see.

When you were kidnapped outside,
I decided to be truthful to you.

But I don't think I can.

You don't need to say anything.

Let's go back to your room.

I hope you're not uncomfortable
because of me.

Don't worry about it.


I'll hide these feelings well.

I'll suppress them
so they don't show through.

What shall I do with you? Goodness.

Are you hurt anywhere?


Why are you standing here?

Since Hae-yeong has returned safely,

shall we have a feast at Aedaldang?

I'll show you my dancing skills
that'll make dance troupes cry.

Clang, clang.

Have some tact!

Then let's talk about the book…

Let's just go drinking.

-Bring the officer too.
-All… All right.

Let's go. This way.



Treat Chun-seok well.

-Just be nice to him.

Who bought them?

Goodness. How can I reveal
my customers' information so easily?

My jewelry business
is already suffering enough

thanks to the marriage ban.

I'll get one then.

Well, which one do you want?
Is it for your lover?

It's just for a friend.

My. Why would you give a friend a ring?

This costs a lot.

Look here. This here…

is a ring
that'll turn a friend into a bride.

This glorious shine will make women swoon

so that they'll want to marry
even if they did not intend to.

Here, have a close look.
I'll put it here for you to see.

Come on. It doesn't cost much.

All right. Let me see…

The person who bought the earrings was…


Bride, bow twice.

Where is my real bride?

Go and seize the evidence.

Yes, sir.

Everyone stop where you are!

My goodness. What is going on?

We're investigating Lady Seo.


What business could I possibly have
when I'm at home all day

that the State Tribunal
is looking into me?

That's right.
It must be a misunderstanding.

-Search thoroughly.
-Yes, sir.

What are you doing?

Their daughter is known
for her extravagance.

Yet she doesn't have a single ornament…


It's funny, isn't it?

The fact that a woman's heart

can be easily shaken by a single stone.

-I don't know what you're talking about.
-Gosh, stop pretending.

They must have only seen fakes then.

What do you think?
These are all authentic.

There's no woman who won't fall for this,

marriage ban or not.

Shall we bet and see
whether this can capture a woman's heart?

I don't want it if you're not sincere.

So do you hate me or what?

You have been confusing me
with the late crown princess.

That's not true. Not anymore.

Do you really have feelings for me?


Your Majesty, is something bothering you?


There's nothing like that.

Okay. You may all leave.

You there.

You at the back, stay.

Can you taste my food?

Didn't the food taster taste it already?

Oh, these meats look like
they might be poisoned.

You make it look so unappetizing.

I thought you were chewing paper.
Are you a goat?

I can't think of any stories
to tell today.

Fine. We'll forget that.

Oh, were you hurt anywhere that day?

You may feel all right now
but you won't know

how it may hurt in the future.

-I'm all right.

Okay. Then take a rest.

-Yes, Your Majesty.
-No, I mean…

Rest tomorrow.

Please lie down now.

Oh, okay.

Yes, okay.

How strange. In the past,
I needed her to fall asleep

but now I can't sleep because of her.

Please go to sleep now.

But you're not telling me
any funny stories.




Jeez. And she acted all strong.

Why is she so pretty?

Was she always this pretty when sleeping?

Wait. She said she didn't want it
if I'm not sincere.

Does that mean
that she was sincere already?

In that case…

So-rang already had feelings for me?

You'll want to be with her for a long time
and share your heart.

Your Majesty!

-Have you risen…
-Shush! Keep quiet.

Your Majesty? What happened last night…

that means you're glowing today?

-I am?
-Your Majesty!

You mean I looked bad previously?

Well, just a few months ago
your dark circles were…

Even I do not have what I should have,

my heart has never pounded for a man.
But today,

even a man would fall for you.

What to do?
The palace maids will swoon over me.

Your Majesty.

But, you see.

There's someone
who is especially indifferent.

Who is that?

Call the Chief Secretary.

Is that person the Chief Secretary?

Your Majesty, I'll soon report
on the kidnapping organization ambush.

The seized documents at the police…

What happened?

Oh, stop it. I know it already.

Whatever happened that has made you
totally change all of a sudden…

I always glowed like this.

I've thought about it all night.

I think these are


of love.

Didn't you say you were unsure?

What you said must be true.

Whenever she disappears,

my heart feels suffocated.



None of these matter right now.

But, well…

There's still a tough problem.

It's been a while
since I had feelings for someone.

I don't know how to do that…

What is "that"?

I mean…



-A cold?

-Oh, confess!

If I tell her how I feel,

she might cut me off and say,
"You're not sincere!" What do I do then?

If she rejects me once again,

I'll be really hurt.

You are so cute.

But it's a confession from Your Majesty.

Which woman would be able to refuse?

I'm sure So-rang will also accept it.

But you see, I wouldn't be worried
if it were an ordinary woman.

But you know
So-rang isn't ordinary at all.

I think we need a meticulous plan.

Who's the best planner?

I am full of schemes for you.

Is there something in your eye?

Are you all right?

Oh my.

Huh? I must have lost it.

That was for the servants
but I kept a portion.

Eat it alone.

You didn't have to do this.

You should eat yummy things in the palace.

The eunuch department is compiling
the list of leaving palace ladies.

Oh, is it?

If you want I can put your name in.

But it's still quite dangerous
outside the palace.

I almost lost my life several times.

I'll stay by your side then.

-As a friend.

I've been working for so long.
I can take a break.

You need to catch the bad guys.

The kidnappers
from the fake princess case too.

I'll continue my own investigations
without endangering you.

What about you?
Do you want to stay in the palace?

You said you were worried
about His Majesty previously.

I don't want to be
a dead person's substitute.


Have you decided on your purpose?

I have decided where I want to be.

And where is that?

-I'm going.
-Come along!

Come out.

The situation is dire.

Our organization may be in danger.

Can't you help us
from your position anymore?

Who is in charge
of the investigation right now?

My goodness.

His Majesty is glowing
from head to toe nowadays.

I can't open my eyes anymore, can you?

-That is all it takes, right?

Well, wasn't he like that previously?

Extremely gloomy, like a hurt man.

Come here for a moment.

The Onyang Palace?

Yes, recent events have exhausted me.
I want to relive that fatigue.

Do I also have to go?

If the attendant maid doesn't go,
am I supposed to lay my own sheets?

There are other attendant maids.

Oh, well…

I find it even harder to sleep
in unfamiliar places.

All right. I should go then.

I understand.

I'm feeling worried somehow.

She's not forcing herself to go, is she?

Wait. Will my confession fail
at this rate?

There's no progress on the book.

Artist Jeong is too focused on Hae-yeong
to work on his book.

For the sake of our Moseoldan,
should we help him out

or cut her off for good?

Looking at him it'll be hard
to bring them together.

How can we revive Moseoldan at this rate?

Jeez. Artist Jeong.

Artist Jeong.

Are you dying inside? Is it that painful?

Did you not have a crush?

Every breath I take turns into a sigh.

Living feels dreary, like I'm sick.

I wipe it all out and give up my feelings.

But I can't forget, so I go to her

only to be disappointed
and frustrated again.

Why is it that I can't give her up?

You're such a poor thing.

Artist Jeong…

It is all Lee Shin-won's fault.

Why? I thought you used to like him
as your future son-in-law.

No, we must get rid of him first.

Why is she still alive?

Because of his protection…

So you want to go up against
the State Tribunal captain?

Your investigation rights were revoked

and now you're anxious over a mere captain
of the State Tribunal?

Please watch your words.

The kidnappers' hideout is now a hive,
they're all getting caught.

Are you just going to sit and watch?

The king will visit
the temporary palace soon.

Lee Shin-won will be going too.

How about using that opportunity?

Will you shoot arrows into a palace
where the king will stay?

Why should we involve outsiders?

You need arrows from afar

but one can be killed up-close
with just a poisoned needle.

As long as we have someone
who is close enough.


That ends everything.

Flowers, poetry, songs and letters.

Isn't this a bit cringeworthy?

You truly don't understand women.

There are no women who dislike flowers.

How about I persuade her with words?

You want to talk it out with So-rang?

Are you confident?

What flowers would be good?

For flowers…

Here is the list of leaving palace ladies
you asked for.

I have added the names of those
who wish to leave, but…



Why is So-rang on this list?

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.


What are you doing?

-I'm packing my belongings.
-Why are you packing?

Aren't we going to Onyang soon?

But why are you so worked up right now?

I told you that you're the king's woman.
But what?

You want to leave the palace?

Then do you wish
that I stay here against my will?

-Against your will?
-No matter where my heart is,

are you satisfied
as long as I'm physically by your side?

So you were forced to stay all this time?

Not all this while. But…

I want to leave now.


No. Whatever the reason, you can't leave.


give me some time.

What time do you need?

She wants to leave?

She's leaving the palace?

-Your Highness.
-Your Highness.

Your Highness, wait for me.

Your Highness! Please be careful.

Your Highness, please do not run.
You'll fall down.

-Your Highness, you'll fall!
-Your Highness.

I was planning to confess here.

-Your Majesty.
-Your Majesty.

We'll do it. Please leave it.

Please leave it.

No, I have to do it. I'll do it.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

How about these flowers?


There's no need anymore.
She wants to leave.

How can I force her to stay by my side?

That is because she doesn't know
how you truly feel.

Didn't you come here
to show her your heart?

Do you know the real reason
why So-rang wants to leave the palace?

The real reason?

Well, it might be because
she's uncomfortable.

Someone may be bullying her

or palace work just doesn't suit her.

It might not be because of you,
Your Majesty.

Head Eunuch, just in case,

please plant these flowers back.
All of them!

All of this?


Do you feel less stuffy out here?

Yes. Goodness, how lovely.

I get to see so many beautiful sights.

The list of leaving palace ladies
is probably fixed by now.

But why are you leaving?


You know I'm not a fit for this place.

How bittersweet.

-I left my post too.

This visit is probably my last assignment.

My life in the palace is over too.

You've worked hard.

For being my friend,

thank you and I'm sorry.

Were you crying?


Captain Lee Shin-won
said he left his post.

He probably would have
told you right away.

Are you leaving because of Shin-won?

No. Captain Lee Shin-won always makes me

feel apologetic.

Then is it because of me?

Am I making your life hard?

That's not true.

-Then why?
-The fact that only I have feelings

makes it hard.

It's so hard to be by your side
when your feelings aren't sincere.

Why do you think I brought you here?

Do you remember how I was
before I met you?

You're not here
as someone else's replacement.

To me there was no one like you.

I So-rang you.

What is that?

To me, "So-rang" means

that I love you a lot.

Those are my sincere feelings.

Do not leave me.

Did you stop crying?

-My goodness!
-Oh gosh.

-We're done.
-My poor back.

-How beautiful.

-Let's hide.

How is it? Actually,

I wanted to make my confession here.

I used to run and play here as a child.

It's so…

It's so beautiful.

Will you be my lover?


Aren't you going to take it?

We… We'll be here all night.

The flowers are so pretty.

You're prettier.

Now I can call you my lover, right?

Do you know my feelings now?

Come on.



You must prevent all outsiders
from entering the temporary palace.

Times are turbulent.
Pay attention to the security.

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.


Did anything happen?

Oh, it's nothing.

Captain, are you really leaving?



I can leave because you're here.

You're doing a great job.

I'll be doing my own investigations too
so call me any time you need to.

By the way,
you couldn't find evidence, right?

Back at Minister Ye Hyeon-ho's place.

Yes, the drawers were empty.

Did it look like
they were tipped off in advance?

It seemed so but also not really…

Do you think one of our people
was bought over?

I think so too.

Are you comfortable?

Yes. I can watch you
fall asleep from here.

But you always fall asleep first.

-When did I?
-Your eyes are red and swollen.

If you're tired, you can lie here.

No, I'm fine.

Come on, lie here.

I'm all right.


Let's just stay like this.

All right.

When did you fall for me, Your Majesty?


I see. So it didn't happen once or twice.

Why are you so assertive?

Well, she's that attractive.

Who is? I am?

Oh, it was that time.

When our heads clashed
and we fell into the pond.


When you fell down
while being chased by the wild boar.


Of course not, what do you think?

It was when you slept.

You keep chattering in the day
that I couldn't focus on your face.

But at night, I had time
to look at you and fall for you.

How interesting.

I fell for you when you were sleeping too.

You shouldn't fall for me again…

You be careful too. I have my charms too.

Oh, Chun-seok.

When I visited the jeweler at Daetjeotgol,

I bought a ring on a whim.

Who knows when I'll give it to her.
How silly.

You should have given it to her first.

Who knows what will happen.

-That's the case with our line of work.

Who knows when or where we'll die?

Shall we bet and see
whether this can capture a woman's heart?

I shall bet that you'll be captured soon.

In that case…

Will that girl be fine?

The one who returned
after being kidnapped,

the pretty girl at Aedaldang.

If you had to choose, who would you save?

Between that girl

and Captain Lee Shin-won.


-I am fine.

I'm glad that you're all right.

Please don't, Chun-seok!


I have been extremely grateful
for your family all this time.

Your parents

took in an orphan like me
and raised me like their own.

And you treated me like your real brother.

I gained a family in this lonely world

and learnt the meaning of love.

I wanted to start loving on my own…

I regret it.

I am the one…

who should have given it to her first…

Chun-seok, just give it to her yourself.


Yes, Chun-seok.

Please go now.

Go and catch the guys who did this.

His Majesty might be in danger
if you don't.


Wait for me here…
I'll be back very soon.


In the next life,

please like me back.

Never mind.

I'll be reborn as myself in the next life

and like you all I want.

Your Majesty!

I should have told her
she made my heart flutter.

I should have told her she was adorable.

I should have told her she was pretty.


Lee Shin-won.

Please be careful.

There might be other attacks.

-Search the area.
-Yes, Your Majesty.

-I apologize.

I can't protect you till the end.

It's disloyalty
if you leave me as a subordinate

and it's betrayal
if you leave me as a friend.

So stay alive for my sake.

Do not forgive me
for my disloyalty and my betrayal.

Your Majesty.

You cannot make a butterfly fly

with a sword or a flower.

Only the spring breeze will make it fly.

I could not become the garden
that the butterfly stays in.

Please become the spring breeze
that takes that butterfly…

That So-rang…

Take her in your embrace.

Shin-won. Lee Shin-won!

Wake up, Shin-won!

Shin-won! Please wake up!

You silly child.




How can this be?


How can this happen?


Are you all right?


thought something happened to you.

My heart sank…

Don't worry about me.


It'll be dangerous to be with me.


don't think I have the ability
to protect someone.

I can never lose you.

So I hope we stay apart from each other.

Let us

stop being friends.

I'm sorry.


What… What happened to your hand?

Please stay safe.


Have you found Shin-won?

I asked him to stop looking for me.

No matter how much
you shake up His Majesty's feelings,

the queen of this country
will be someone else.

Don't worry.
I'll make you my queen no matter what.

Does His Majesty know my name?

Let's stop here.

Did she know
that I was her future husband?

I have to check.

I don't think
this love will end in happiness.

Why did you hide?

The fact that you're Ye Hyeon-seon.