The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 6, Episode 4 - Disorder in the Court - full transcript

Fred is foreman of the jury trying "the Mangler," a vicious and enormous thief. When he is convicted, the Mangler swears to Fred's face that he'll "get you, Flintstone." Fred can't help being afraid, especially when word gets out that the Mangler has escaped from custody.

You sure
you locked up, Wilma?

Yes, Fred. I took
care of everything.

Did you put the piano
in front of the door?

Fred, will you
please stop worrying?

The police said they would
give you full protection.

Oh, yeah.
Yeah. That's right.

Now, stop worrying
and put out the light.

I'll bet
that old mangler

is 200 miles
from here.

Yeah. Sure.
You're right.

It would be
too dangerous

to hang around.

Good night,

Good night, Fred.



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's two feet

When you're with
the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

You know
what I like

about coming home
from work

On thursdays,

The smiling faces
of your family

When you open
the door?

Well, sure,
but I was thinking

Of brontosaurus

Brontosaurus stew?

Yeah. Wilma always
has it for dinner

On thursdays.

Ha ha ha!

You and your stomach,

That's all
you think about.

Oh, no, it ain't.

Sometimes I think
about, uh...



Cut it out, Barney.

Ha ha ha!

Well, thanks
for the lift, Fred.

My turn to drive

Right, pal.


Almost forgot
my package.

Yeah. Hey, what's
in there, Barney?

A little something
for bamm-Bamm.

A present.

Present? Is it
his birthday?


If it isn't his birthday
or Christmas,

what's the occasion?

I don't need
any special occasion

to bring presents

You don't?

No. Little bamm-Bamm
likes surprises,

So I like to
surprise him

With a surprise
once in a while.

See you later,

Surprise him
with a surprise.

Oh, brother.
This I got to see.


Guess who's home.

Bamm! Bamm!

Bamm! Bamm! Bamm!

Hello, dear.

Your slippers are
under your chair.

Thanks, Betty.

Guess who this
little package is for.

Bamm! Bamm!
Bamm! Bamm!

Yeah. That's right.

It's for
my little boy.

Oh! Goo goo ga ga.

You're welcome.

Did you hear
what he said?

"Goo goo ga ga."

Ha ha ha!

What a kook.

Barney would get
the same welcome

even if he didn't
bring any present home.

Besides, you can
spoil a kid that way.

[Sniff sniff]

[Sniff sniff sniff]



Guess who's home.



Gee, maybe I should have
brought some presents home, too.

[Arr arr arr]


Hey, hey, hey!

All right, Dino.
All right.

I love you, too.

Is that you, Fred?

We didn't hear
you come in.

I was giving
Pebbles her bath.

Look who's home,

Dada! Dada!

Hi, little

Dinner will be ready
in a minute.

Take your time,

I just want to
sit here

and enjoy
your smiling faces.


Wilma, that was
the best

brontosaurus stew
you've ever made.

Well, thank you,

Excuse me while
I start the dishes.

Sure, honey.

You finished dinner yet, Fred?

Barney, old pal,
come on in.

Bamm-Bamm insisted
I bring him over

so he can show
Pebbles his new toy.

Hi, bamm-Bamm.


Goo goo ga ga.


Oh, choo-Choo.


Yay! Ha ha ha!


Ha ha ha!
Ain't that cute?

Ha ha ha!



What was that?

Ha ha ha!

That is
the Rubble express

making its run.

Ha ha ha!

What's that,

This? Oh, it came
this morning.

It's a summons
for jury duty.

Jury duty?
Don't worry.

You can get out
of that.

I don't want to
get out of it.

It's my civic duty

to serve on a jury
when called.

Civic duty!

Name me one thing
a civic

ever did for you.

Well, uh...

yeah? Yeah?

Gee, I don't know,

But I still got
to report

tomorrow morning at 8:00.


That's adding insult
to injury.

Oh, Fred,
I almost forgot.

You received
a letter this morning.

It's from
the County Clerk's Office.

What would they
be writing to me for?

Ha ha ha!

I think you're
about to be

and insulted, Fred.


Jury duty.
8 a.M.

Ha ha ha!

to the club, Fred.

Shall I drive,

or do you wish
to do the honors?

All right!
All right! Laugh!

But they ain't
getting me to serve.

I'm a taxpayer,
and I know my rights.

I'll call my lawyer.




Oh, my head.

I don't see
how you can

get out of it,

I understand

the only way
they'll excuse you

is if you're sick
or mentally incompetent.

Exactly, Barney,

And that's
my way out.

Yeah? Which excuse
you going to use?

I'm going to

Oh, cut it out,
wise guy.

Ha ha ha!

When I get through
telling the judge

how sick I am,

He'll send me home
in an ambulance.

So? It's a living.

Well, let's go, Fred.
The lights have changed.

Boy, they certainly
got a lot

of prospective
jurors here.

Exactly. That's why
they don't need me.

Fred Flintstone.

[Fred] That's me.

Over here,

The judge
has some questions.

I'll be out of here
in a minute.

Watch this.

Good morning,

I hope you're feeling
better than me.

I've been feeling
awful lately.

I think maybe I've
got a sore throat.

Look! Ahh...

you got a big mouth.

Take two headache

and sit over there
in the jury box.

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

"You got
a big mouth.

Take two
headache pills."

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha.

Well, at least

They made me foreman
of the jury.

The court will
come to order.

Will the prisoner
Elroy Quartzstone,

alias the Mangler,

That's me, your honor.

You are charged
with simple assault,

aggravated assault,

assault and battery,
and simple battery.

How do you plead?

You hurt
my feelings, judge.

I ain't got
the strength

to hurt a fly.

I'm innocent,
I tell you.

Innocent! Innocent!

Wow! Did you
see that, Barney?

You are also charged

with operating
a motor vehicle

Without a rear
license plate

while committing
a robbery.

I object,
your honor.

My client had
no way of knowing

there was
no license plate

On the back
of the car.

Yeah. It was
a stolen car,

And I was
in a hurry.

This guy really
looks guilty to me.

You can't tell,

They may be trying
to railroad him.

I just can't
get over it.

making Fred

of the jury.

Yeah. No wonder
they call it

Blind justice.

All right!
All right!

I'm sorry, Fred,

But I thought
you said

Nobody could ever
get you on a jury.

Well, a guy can
change his mind,

Can't he?

It's an honor to serve
on a jury.

It's a citizen's
sacred duty--

A privilege
granted me

by the constitution.

It also pays him
3 bucks a day.

Watching all them
courtroom tv shows

Has made me familiar
with courtroom procedure

Like modus operation
and corpus delicatessen

and legal stuff
like that there.

what do you mean

By corpus

Oh, that's, uh,
that's, uh--

Barney, I'm
surprised at you.

You know we're not
supposed to

discuss this case
outside the court.

Oh, yeah.
You're right.

I got to
watch that.

Come on, Betty.
Time to go home.

Got to be up bright
and shiny tomorrow.

The defense
is going to

present its case.

You've heard
the prosecution

Tell a lot of lies
about my client.

Now it's my turn.

I would like to call

A character

The defendant's

Mrs. Quartzstone.

What a sweet
little old mother

the Mangler's got,
huh, Barney?

Yeah. How could she
ever get mixed up

with a son like that?

Hiya, Sonny.

Hiya, ma.
How's papa?

Oh, fine. Just fine.

He'll be out
in two years.

Two years?

Now, Mrs. Quartzstone,

Tell us
about your son.

Well, Mangler
never did

Get much schooling.

He had to quit
in the fourth grade.

Why was that?

He was drafted
into the army.

I see.

Mangler was always
a good boy.

I needed money,

He'd find himself
a job here

and a job there.

he took odd jobs?

No! He pulled them.

In other words,
Mrs. Quartzstone,

Mangler was your sole
means of support.

Oh, mercy, no.

What with
my unemployment check

and what I pick up
here and there,

I manage
rather well.

I object!

You object? What are you
objecting about?

I object
on the grounds

that the witness

isn't speaking
loud enough.

The witness will
please speak louder.

Now, Mrs. Quartzstone,

about the night
in question.

Yes. Well,
it was very hot,

and I sent Sonny
to the drugstore

For a gooseberry ice--

Or was it
a rocky roadsicle?

No, no, no. It was
a gooseberry ice.

Your honor, may I
ask a question?

What is it?
What is it?

I would like to know
how far it is

from here
to that drugstore.

What's that got
to do with this case?

Well, nothing,
but all this talk

about gooseberry ices

and rocky roadsicles
is making me hungry.

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

Oh, brother.

Now, finally,
ladies and gentlemen,

I want to ask you
to look at my client.

Does he look like

a stickup man
to you?

Look at those eyes.
Look at that face.

Is that the face
of a stickup man?

Uh, your honor,
the defense rests.

Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,

You have heard
all the evidence.

Now it is your duty
to weigh it

and render your verdict.

[Wilma] What can they
be doing in there?

They've been
locked up

in that jury room
for five hours.

I'd sure like
to know

What's going on
in there.

So would I.

I heard a rumor
that the jury

stands 11 to 1
for conviction.

I wonder who
the holdout is.

[Man] Look, Flintstone,
for the 10th time,

The police caught him
at the busted window

Loading the jewelry
in a stolen car.

It took 12 cops
to haul him to jail.

Can't you get it
through your thick skull

that guy is guilty?

Hey, that's no way
to talk

To the foreman
of the jury.

Let me talk to him.
He's my friend.

Now, look, Fred,
can't you get it

Through your
thick skull

The guy is guilty?

Well, maybe he found
the jewelry

and broke the window
to put it back.

But they even found
his fingerprints

On a guy's neck.

Sure. But that don't
prove nothing.

He could have been
helping the guy

Tie his tie.

- Oh, brother.
- I give up.

O.K., If you're all
so convinced he's guilty,

I'll go along
with you.

Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,

Have you reached
a verdict?

Yes, we have,
your honor.

What is
your verdict?

We find
the defendant

- Guilty.
- Guilty?

Flintstone, I'll
get you for this,

If it takes
the rest of my life!

I'll get you!
Do you hear me?

I'll get you!


Boy, oh, boy.

I can still hear
those words ringing out.

"I'm going to get you,

"If it takes me
the rest of my life!

I'm going to get you!"

Will you cut
that out?

I heard
what he said.

Well, forget it,

The mangler's safe in jail now,
thanks to you.

Wh-What do
you mean,

Thanks to me?

You were the foreman of the
jury that convicted him.

Stop worrying, Fred.

He can't get near you
for 20 years.

Yeah. Yeah!

By that time,

He'll forget
all about it.

I ain't afraid

of that big ape.

I had a good mind
to clobber him

right there
in the courtroom.

Oh, Mr. Flintstone!
Here's your paper!

Relax, Fred.

It's only Arnold,
the paper boy.

Oh. Oh, yeah.

I'll wait here
till he throws it.


If I'm anywhere
around when he does,

I always get
clobbered with it.

Ha ha ha!
I'll get it, Fred.

Thanks, Barn,
but be careful

you don't
get clobbered.

O.K., Arnold.
Let's have it.

Here you are,
Mr. Rubble.

Oh, boy.

Ha ha ha!

Sorry, Fred.
I guess I missed.

Hey, Fred, remember
about a minute ago,

I told you
to stop worrying

about the mangler?


Well, you can
start now.

He just escaped.

"Mangler breaks loose
on way to jail.

"When last seen,
he was heading

In general direction

Hey, Fred,
where are you going?

To call the police.
Lock the doors, Wilma!

Barney, check
the windows and-- Yikes!

Help, Barney!
Do something!


I'm sorry about
Bamm-Bamm's choo-Choo.

Are you all right?

Yeah. Sure.
I'm just fine.

[Toot toot]

You sure you
locked up, Wilma?

Yes, Fred.
I took care of everything.

Did you put the piano
in front of the door?

Oh, Fred, will you please
stop worrying?

The police said

They would give you
full protection.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.
That's right.

I'd better call them
and remind them.

This is a recording.

The number you are
trying to reach

Has been

Oh, boy.

Now, stop worrying,

And put out
the light.

I'll bet
that old mangler

Is 200 miles
from here.

Yeah. Sure.
You're right.

It would be
too dangerous

to hang around.

Good night,

Good night,

Good morning, Barney.
What are you doing?

Oh, hi, Fred.

I finally decided
to paint the roof.

How did you sleep
last night?


I kept thinking I saw
shadows by the window.

I just heard
over the radio

that the mangler's
still at large.

It figures.

He's going to do
everything he can

to keep
from getting caught

till he's settled
with you.

Will you
cut that out?

I can't take
much more of this.

That figures, too.

I thought
of a good idea.

Why don't you
borrow my cabin

Up at
echo rock lake?

The mangler wouldn't
find you there.

Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey.

That's a great idea.

I'll take Wilma
and Pebbles and--

Well, why don't you
come along, too,

with your family?

Well, we could
make it sort of

A combination camp-out
and hideout.

Come on, Barn.

We'll tell the girls
to start packing.

Hi, girls.
Having a good time?


It's so calm
and peaceful up here.

If only Fred
could relax

And enjoy it.

He's still worried about
the Mangler.

Why don't you
go and find him

And cheer him up,

Sure. Anything
for a pal,

But he's got nothing
to worry about.

Nobody in the world
knows he's up here.

Hiya, kids.

Still playing
with your choo-Choo?

Bamm! Bamm!
Bamm! Bamm! Bamm!


Just keep it away

from uncle Fred's feet.

Uncle Fred!
Uncle Fred!

Dada! Dada!

Hey, Fred,
where are you, pal?

Hey, Fred Flintstone!


Will you
cut that out?

What are you
trying to do?

Tell everybody in the world
we're here?

Take it easy, Fred.

There's nobody
up here but us.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Barn.

Let's take a little walk.
Maybe I can relax.

a good idea, Fred.

Nothing like
a nice, long walk

to take your mind
off your problems.

[Fred] Yeah. I'm just

I know I'm safe
up here.

Uh, Fred,

Will you stop
a minute?

Sure, barn.
What's up?

How come I'm only
throwing one shadow,

And you're
throwing two?

I don't know.

Maybe it's 'cause
I'm bigger than you.

Go like this, Fred.

Like doing

One of your shadows ain't

The Mangler!

Oh, boy.

What a couple
of ding-a-Lings.

Chief, this is
detective Shale.

I am maintaining a surveillance
on the subject.

I thought you were
keeping an eye on Flintstone.

That's what
I'm doing, chief.

Cut out
the police double-Talk

And stick close
to Flintstone.

We just got word

that the mangler
is headed this way.

I shall make
the subject

cognizant of that fact.

Chicken two signing off
to mother hen.

Over and out.

Oh, boy.

That detective shale
and his police talk.

And here's the latest news
about the Mangler.

According to police,
the Mangler was last seen

Heading for echo rock lake.

Residents in that area

Are warned to keep
their doors locked

and report
any suspicious persons.

See, Barney?
That was the Mangler.

Hey, where did
everybody go?

here I am, Fred.

I don't mind
telling you I'm scared.

Me, too.


I was just
checking to see

If the fire
was lit, Fred.

All right, everybody.

I don't blame you
for hiding,

But I'm not going to
hide anymore.

No, sir!

That Mangler's
going to find

There's one good fight
left in Fred Flintstone.

Let him come.

I'm ready for him.

I'll stand
beside you.

I'm with you, pal,
all the way.

I better let
Flintstone know

that detective Shale
is on the job.

It's the ma-Ma-Mangler!

He's here!

Hey, Flintstone,
open up, will you?

c-C-Come in, please.

Mr. Flintstone,

Quick, Barney.
Bring a rope.

Throw a tablecloth
over him, Fred,

In case he wakes up.

with that rope!

I'm hurrying.

There. That will
hold him.

Oh, Fred,
you were wonderful!

[Fred] Thanks, Wilma.

Get to a phone, Barney,
and call the police

while I lock this mug
in the closet.

Right, Fred.

I'll buzz the fuzz
from the general store.

Honestly, Fred,
I'm real proud of you.

I've never seen
a braver man.

It was nothing,

No more than any
hero would do

to protect his family.

Dada! Dada!

Choo-Choo! Whee!

[Toot toot]

See that?

Pebbles is
proud of you, too.

Yeah. She wants me
to have the choo-Choo.

[Knock on door]

Who's that?

It must be Barney
back with the cops.

[Fred] Come in.
The door's not locked.

Oh, no!

The m-M-Mangler!

I'm going to get you!

I'm going to mangle you
to little pieces.

I'm going to--


Hey! What kind of trick
is this?

[Toot toot]


Good work, Flintstone.

The Mangler won't be
bothering you anymore.

And where were you,
detective Shale?

I thought you
were supposed to be

maintaining a surveillance
on the subject.

- Well, I, uh...
- Never mind.

Officer, take the
prisoner into custody

and see that he's

What does that mean?

It means
"lock him up."

Let's go, Mangler.

Now see what
you've done, Shale?

You've got me
talking police talk.


I wish I could have
been here

to see you take care
of that mangler.

How did you do it,

Well, it was
like this.

I see him standing there
in the door,

So I walk
up to him,

and very deliberately,
I look him in the eye,

And I says,
"all right, Mangler,

This is it."

Help! Somebody stop me!


Oh, no! Not again!

Bamm-Bamm, you
shouldn't leave

your toys around

Where somebody
can step on them.

That's all right,

Ha ha ha!

As far
as I'm concerned,

Little bamm-Bamm
can leave his toys

Anywhere he wants to.

Ha ha ha!

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time