The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 5, Episode 8 - Dr. Sinister - full transcript

After watching a James Bondrock movie, Fred and Barney goes to get burgers and some buns for the dinner. However, on the way, they witness a man being kidnapped after giving them a paper with a civic address. They meet the mysterious Madame Yes but not without being abducted by henchmen, who brings them to the notorious Dr.Sinister's island. Though they claim they know nothing about what's going on, they have to go into torture in a "Pit and the Pendulum" way, not without meeting again Madame Yes, the evil Dr.Sinister himself, and some judo chops to try to escape this evil island...

Goodness, it's dark out.

Those two have been gone
almost half an hour.

Well, you know Fred
and Barney.

They're probably at
the bowling alley.

Hey, Fred,
I'm really disappointed.

I thought they served
champagne on these flights.

Barney, how can you joke
at a time like this?

We've been dive-Bombed,
beaten up, kidnapped,

and right now we're over
the middle of some ocean,

and may never see
our loved ones again.

You know, Fred,
that's your trouble.

You always look at
the dark side of things.

Rubble, you're
a nubble-- A numbskull!

Kittyhawkasaurus 1
to control tower.

Preparing to come in
for a landing.

Landing? Where?

All I can see is
that smoldering volcano.

Hey, look at that, Fred.

The volcano
is flipping its lid.



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy
of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time


Man, on tv:
take that!

And that! And that!
And that!

Boy, I love this Jay Bondrock
show. Don't you, Fred?

Yeah, Barney.

Pass me a peanut
butter sandwich.

- Here you are, Fred.
- Thanks, Barney.


Take that!

And that!

And that!

Woman: Jay Bondrock,
you're wonderful.

I know.




And now to destroy
the island

And get rid of evil
for good.

Jay Bondrock,
you're wonderful.

I know.


Come, my darlings.

We only have 7 seconds
to get off the island.

You think
he'll make it, Fred?

I don't know why not. He's
done pretty good so far.



Well, that takes care
of evil for good.

Women: Jay Bondrock,
you're wonderful.

I know.

Wowee, that Jay Bondrock
is some guy. Huh, Fred?

You said it.
A beast with the men

And a pussycat
with the ladies.

Say, did you notice
he looked a little like me?

Ohh, Fred,
you must be kidding.

No, no, I mean it. He's
a lot skinnier, of course,

But the general type.

Look at this, Barney.
You notice the resemblance?

Only the way your ears
stick out. Ha ha ha ha!

Fred, are you through
watching tv?

Watch this, Barney.

Oh, you lucky girl, you
may kiss me if you like.

What in the world?

Stop that, Fred! What's
the matter with you?

I was just demonstrating
the resemblance

Between Jay Bondrock and me.

You're pretty good,
Fred. Ha ha ha!

Oh, Jay Bondrock.

That's all you two
ever watch.

and Bamm-Bamm

Can't get near
the tv set anymore.

Fred: well,
that show isn't for kids.

That's pretty strong stuff--

Romance, intrigue,
beautiful girls,

Secret missions.

Well, if you're interested
in secret missions,

I've got one for you
right now.

The Rubbles are
staying for dinner,

So go to the market
and pick up 10 pounds

Of brontosaurus burgers
and some buns.

Alright, Wilma.
Alright. Don't shove.

And don't stop anywhere
along the line.

It's getting late,
and everybody's hungry.

Okay, okay. Come on,
fellow adventurer.

Right with you,

You know, sometimes I just
don't understand those men.

Let's face it, Wilma,

Men always wish their lives
were wild and exciting,

Like Jay Bondrock.

But if anything really exciting
ever did happen to them--

They would panic.


You know, Barney, the trouble
with today's living is,

All the adventure's
taken out of life.

too easy, too safe.

You're right, Fred.

It's just one humdrum day
after another.

Look at us right now--
2 able-Bodied red-Blooded men,

And what are we doing?

We're going
to the supermarket.

Yeah. You never see
a guy like Jay Bondrock

Going to
the supermarket.

Ha ha ha!
With all those girls,

He doesn't have time
to think about food.

Yeah. Heh heh! He leads
some life, that guy.

Watch out, Fred!
Watch out!

[Brakes screech]

It's about time
you two showed up.

Here, take this and deliver it
quick, or everything is lost.

Aren't you making
a mistake?

Here they come!
Here they come!

Go quickly
and good luck.

What the--

[Tires screech]

No! No!
No! No! No!

Gee, did you
see that, Fred?

Yeah. Suppose they were
just giving him a lift.

I don't know, but if
it was me, I'd rather walk.

The address on this thing
is 1717 stoney lane.

What do you think we
ought to do with it?

I think we ought
to forget it.

Ah, come on, Barney,
it's not far from here.

Gee, I don't know, Fred.

It's not gonna kill us

To do a guy
a small favor, is it?

Maybe you're right,

But I wonder why he didn't
just put it in the mailbox.

Matter of time,
I guess.

Yeow! Look, Fred!
Up there!



You think that was
an accident, Barney?

Gee, I don't know, Fred.
But it almost happened to us.

Hey, Fred, look!

There's another one
at 10 o'clock.

Run, Barney! It's
every man for himself!

Hit the deck,

Hit the deck!

Hey, Barn, you okay?

Yeah, Fred.
Wow, that was close.

I don't like
to frighten you, Barney,

But I think somebody
means us no good.

I think it's worse
than that, Fred.

I think somebody's
trying to kill us.

1717 Stoney Lane.

Hey, Fred,
this is the place.

Just slip the envelope
under the door.

And then what?

We run, of course.

Oh, smart idea, Fred.

What the--

Help, Fred! Help! Help!

I'm coming,
Barney, pal!

Steady, Fred.

Hello, good-Lookings.
I am madame yes.

Madame yes?

Tell me, what brings
two nice mens like you

To a place like this?

Well, uh,
I'd say stupidity.

Actually, a fella asked us
to deliver this envelope.

The plans.
You have the plans!

I have?

Oh, the stupid fool.

He put on
the wrong address.

Now, listen, take this
up the street 2 blocks,

And make a left
at the light.

Oh, no, we don't. Barney and
I got to go to the supermarket.

Yeah, that's right. Wilma and
Betty are home waiting for us.

Please. Please,
you must help me.

I'm just a poor,
helpless beauty,

And you're so big
and strong

And wonderful

Ha ha! Well, now that
you put it that way--


What's that?

at the door.

It's them.
They followed you here,

You stupid good-Lookings.

Hey, madame yes,
what's this all about?

There's no time
to explain.

Just remember,
don't tell them anything,

No matter how much
they torture you.

Fred: what?! Torture us?
Hey, wait a minute.

So long,

Hey, where
are you going?

I'm too important
to be captured.

say nothing.

Hey, don't leave us.

How about that?

[Door rattles]

Here they come, Fred.

Quick, Barney,
hold the door!

Alright, you guys.
Where are they? Talk.

Where is what?

The plans, you idiot.

Oh, the plans.

Well, there was
a very pretty lady here,

And, uh, we gave
the plans to her,

And she disappeared.

That's right. She disappeared
right into the wall.

You see, the way
it started was--

So you won't talk, eh?

Sure, we'll talk!
We've been talking. Ow!

We'll tell you anything
you want to know! Ow!

Yeah. Uh,
we've got nothing--


Shut up.
If you won't talk,

We'll take you to someone
who'll make you talk.

Listen, mac, we were
on our way to the store

To pick up some...


and some...buns.

Goodness, it's dark out.

Those two have been gone
almost half an hour.

Well, you know Fred
and Barney.

They're probably at
the bowling alley.

Hey, Fred,
I'm really disappointed.

I thought they served
champagne on these flights.

Barney, how can you joke
at a time like this?

We've been dive-Bombed,
beaten up, kidnapped,

And right now we're over
the middle of some ocean,

And may never see
our loved ones again.

Hey, you know, Fred,
that's your trouble.

You always look at
the dark side of things.

Rubble, you're
a nubble-- A numbskull!

Kittyhawkasaurus 1
to control tower.

Preparing to come in
for a landing.

Landing? Where?

All I can see is
that smoldering volcano.

Hey, look at that, Fred.

The volcano
is flipping its lid.

Hey, you up front,
where are you taking us?

Thug: heh heh heh.

Have you ever heard
of dr. Sinister?

Dr. Sinister?

Is he a doctor doctor
or a dentist doctor?

I know a dr. Finster.
Any relation?

Look, this whole thing
is ridiculous.

You must have us confused
with somebody else.

I'm Fred Flintstone,
and this is Barney Rubble.

shut them up.

Okay, boss.

And then we met
this madame yes.

and we gave her the envelope.

Hey, that's good.

He didn't have to say
"open sesame" or anything.

Get in there.

Can't we talk this over
like frightened adults?

Inside. Inside!

You know, bruce--

Yeah, boss?

When I think of what's
in store for them,

I almost want
to quit the business.

Wow, Fred, look!

How about that?

A polished marble

And I thought we were gonna
get thrown into a dungeon.

Hey, this is nicer
than the rocktilton.

I wonder why they put us
in a place like this.

What was that?

I don't know. Hey!

Barney: gee,
talk about room service.

Hello, good-Lookings.

It's me, madame yes.

Oh, no. Madame yes.

Shh! Careful
what you say.

This place
may be bugged.

Bugged? You mean they
may be listening to what we say?

Yes, like that.

Oh, then hear this--
Whoever's listening,

We got to get home
or our wives will kill us.

Listen, madame yes,
our lives are in danger.

Please, I have no time
for idle conversation.

Did you tell them

Tell them what?!
We don't know anything!

Good. Now I must go.

What about us?
We're in trouble.

Don't worry
about anything.

Look, I brought you
a little chickensaurus soup.

Eat and be well, you
handsome good-Lookings.


I'm much too important
to be captured.

Fred: well,
there she went again,

Right through the wall.

Hey, Fred, this chickensaurus
soup isn't bad at all.

Are you out of your
mind? Don't eat it!

- Why, Fred?
- It might be drugged.

You mean they could
hear me eating it?

No, no,
that's "bugged".

Rubble, how can you eat
at a time like this?

It's beyond me.

Hey, Fred, look.

Fred: oh, my gosh,
what's that?

Look at that face!
Turn him off.

Okay. Wait, I'll get
another channel.

Yeah, barn, get
the ballgame if you can.

You stupid fools!
You can't turn me off.

I am dr. Sinister.

- Dr. Sinister?
- Dr. Sinister?

I will give you
one last chance to talk.

your fate is sealed.

But, dr. Sinister, we're
perfectly willing to talk.

Barney and I were on our way
to the supermarket

To get some brontosaurus

And some buns--

So, you still refuse
to talk, eh?

Take care of them.

Uh-Oh, Barney,
here we go again.

Ooh! I'm gonna
get a headache...

if this keeps up.

Goo! Goo-Goo ga!

Where can they be,

They've been gone
over an hour.

Ooh, goo! Daddy!

Barney better have a good
excuse when he gets back.

Send them to the store,
and they get lost.

I'll bet they're
enjoying themselves.

It's getting closer,

I can see that.

Pretty soon it's gonna
cut us right in half.

I was just thinking,

It's terrible for 2 old friends
to split up like this.

Will you be quiet?

Hey, Fred, listen,

I remember Jay Bondrock was
in a situation like this once.

Yeah, yeah, how did he
get out of that?

Well, he just held up
his hands like this, see?

And the blade cut
right through the ropes.

Well, you can't believe
everything you see on tv.

I guess
you're right, Fred.

Hey, Fred!
Fred, it worked!

I'm free!

Hey, how about that,
Fred? It worked.

Well, don't
stand there gabbing!

Get me off of here!

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Come on, Barney,
let's go.

Right behind you,

Hold it, Fred.

"Secret passage.
This way out."

Don't just stand there.
Let's go!

This is it, Barney.



We got no time
to lose.

I think I see
a light up ahead, Fred.


Barney, I think we're
gonna get out of here!

Madame yes:
yoo-Hoo, boys! Boys!


What was that?

Please, good-Lookings,

You can't go off
and leave me like this.

You've got to save me.

What should we do,

Save her, I guess.

Save her, after what
she's done to us?

Please, gentlemen,
it will only take you a moment.

See, over there.
The guard has the key.


Hey, I think we ought
to save her, Fred.

After all, she's just
a helpless beautiful woman.

Okay, you get the key.
I'll cover you.

Seems to me
I heard that before.


Fred: come on. Come on.
We got to hurry.

I don't think
it's gonna be easy.

Come on, come on.


Oh, Elizabeth,
my sweet.

Hey, Fred, he thinks
I'm Elizabeth.

Kiss me, Elizabeth,
kiss me.

Hey, Fred,
what'll I do?

Kiss him
and grab the keys.


Nice work, boys,
you handsome good-Lookings.

Now, don't make any noise,
or you'll wake up the guard.


What was that?

Uh-Oh. I think
you woke him up.

Good luck, boys.

I'm too important
to be captured.

Oh, no, not again.

Madame yes: remember,
don't tell them anything.

But we don't know

I gotcha! I gotcha!

Put me down,
you big ape.

Hey, not so rough.
Don't you remember?

I'm Elizabeth.

Boys, perhaps
I've misjudged you.

You seem to be
more clever than I thought.

I have a proposition
for you.

How would you like
to become my partners?

Your partners?

Yes. Together we rule
the world equally.

60% for me
and 40% for you.

that sounds fair.

Do we get
an expense account?

Quiet, Barney.

Dr. Sinister,
what would we have to do?

Nothing much at all.

Just turn over
the plans to me,

And from then on,
it's one for all--

Hey, dr. Sinister,
what do we do with this guy?

What else?
Heh heh heh.

Throw him in
the bottomless pit.

The pit? No! No!
Not the pit!

Let's go, sam.

Not the pit!


Uh, wh-Who was that?

Oh, nobody important.

Just one of my ex-Partners.
Heh heh heh.

Now, gentlemen,
the plans.

We got to get
out of here now.


Well, dr. Sinister,
it's like this,

We don't have the plans.

We don't even know
what they're for.

We've been trying
to tell you that all along.

Besides, what do you want to
rule the world for anyway?

Yeah, it's a headache.

Look at the taxes
you have to pay.

You won't make a dime.

You're better off opening up
a little office someplace

And going into
a private practice.

Find yourself a nice girl
and get married.

Yeah, settle down,
raise a family.

Got it, Barney, let's go!


Dr. Sinister:
take them to the pit.

You're about to get
a demonstration

Of what happens to people
who cross dr. Sinister.

for the last time,

We were just going to
the store to pick up some--

Quiet, fool!

Listen to this rock.

I don't hear

Me, neither.

That's just it.

You never hear anything.
It's bottomless.

Bottomless? You mean
we just keep falling?

That's right. Forever
and ever and ever. Ha ha ha!

Look, we were just
going to the store

To pick up some
brontosaurus burgers--

And some buns.

Throw them in.

A one...

Barney, quick!

What would
Jay Bondrock do now?

Search me.

Hey, wait. I know.
Judo chops.

And a two...

judo chops?

Yeah, with the side
of the hand, like this.

And a th--

Hey, Fred, it works.

Guards, guards,
don't let them get away.


- Judo chop, chop.
- Judo chop, chop.

That's it, Barney!
Let's go!

I'm with you.

Dr. Sinister:
stop, you fools. Get them!

Don't let them get away.

Your judo chops
were great, Fred.

Yeah. I'm just a chip
off the ol' chop, eh?

Dr. Sinister:
stop them, somebody!

Judo chop,
chop, chop.

Judo chop, chop, chop.

Hey, they're
still coming, Fred.

You fools.
You can't escape me.

Hold it, boys.

This time, they've had it.


Hey, Fred, we don't seem
to be getting anyplace.

We're on a treadmill,
Barney! Hit the deck!

What the--

Quick, Barney, in here.

Hey, wait, Fred.
Read the signs--

"Do not enter."
"Top secret."

"Keep out--"
This means you.

Hey, we're liable
get into trouble.

What do you think
we're in now? Come on!

Holy cowasaurus.

What's this?


"Patent pending."


Aha, good-Lookings,
you have found me.

Fred: uh-Oh, Barney,
it's that dame again.

Help! Dr. Sinister!
Save us! Help!

You're just in time

To help me
destroy the island.

Pull that lever.

Ready or not,
here I go.

Okay, what now?

Not that one,
you stupid good-Looking.

The other one,
the other one!

I'll pull it.


Madame yes:
quick! Let us go.

You mean you're gonna
take us with you this time?

Of course, but there is
no time to lose.

The whole island will
blow up in 20 seconds.

Say, madame yes,

Who told you about that lever
to blow up the island?

Oh, that. I saw it
in a Jay Bondrock movie.

Well, here we go.

Fred: madame yes, why are
the plans so important?

Why are the plans
so important?

Please don't ask me.

We only have seconds
to get off the island.

Barney: hey, what does
the sign say, Fred?


And with the island
about to blow up...

this is a case
of emergency.

So long,

I'm too important
to blow up.

She did it again, Barney.
She did it again.

What do we do now

Blast off
before the blast.

I'm with you, Fred.

What now, Fred?

The only thing
we can do--

Swim for our lives!


It's a good thing I had
this can of tunasaurus.

Boy, when I see them,

I'm gonna give them
a piece of my mind.

Just wait
until they get home.

I hate seafood.


We're home, Barney.
We're home.

Yeah, Fred.

Wilma! Wilma, dear!
We're home.

Fred Flintstone,
do you realize

You've been gone
almost 2 1/2 hours?

And where's the
brontosaurus burgers?

And the buns?

I'll bet you didn't
even go to the store.

As a matter of fact,
we didn't.

But wait till you hear
what happened to us.

First of all, we were
attacked by a giant bird.

And then
we were knocked out

And brought to this
volcanic island.

And then there was
this mad dr. Sinister

Who was planning
to destroy the world.

And madame yes. Fred,
don't forget madame yes.


Dr. Sinister? Madame yes?

Where'd you get that from,
Jay Bondrock?

They don't
believe us, Fred.

[Knock on door]

I'll get it.


Good evening.

I wonder
if you can help me.

My car has a flat tire,
and if you can just--

Oh, no! Madame yes!

Wilma: Fred!

Fred, where are
your manners?

That poor woman
is in trouble.

Leave him alone, Wilma.
He knows what he's doing.

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred
will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out
for the night

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time